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2004/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33652 Activity:insanely high
9/21    What would we do without the true believers at dailykos?  These guys
        are just as wacky as the freepers!
        \_ I agree.  "Hunter" sounds like a freeper, but he's a liberal.
           The characteristic in common is that the typical freeper and
           Hunter here just won't acknowledge central weaknesses in their
           position.  E.g., for this dailykos guy, it's
  (the Post comparison of memos), and the Post's
           reporting that all existing Texas Air National Guard memos have
           reporting that all 100+ existing Texas Air National Guard memos have
           been in fixed-width font, except these four from Burkett.
           \_ Not to mention that the signatures on the comparison memos
              aren't even remotely similar.
        \_ This is really embarassing, and it just goes on and on!
        \_ They are just as whacky as Freepers because they point out
           that Freepers are liars and extremists? Whatever.
           \_ You don't think that "The right-wing are liars.  They have
              been liars.  They will continue to be liars.  It is part and
              parcel of modern "movement" conservatism." sounds just like
              a freeper, but with right-wing instead of left wing?  Not to
              mention such great explanations as: "Does it remain possible
              that Killian re-typed them at a later date, and that his
              inexpertise as a typist is responsible for the differences
              between those docs and official TANG docs? Certainly."  It's
              POSSIBLE, but it's pretty freakin' unlikely, don't cha
              think?  You know, on the same level of possibilty as the
              plot of "The Day After Tomorrow."
              \_ The modern right wing movement is based on extremist and
                 easily disproven religious BS like creationism and the
                 Virgin Birth. It is extremism to point out this obvious
                 fact? The guy could be more tactful, but the truth is
                 the Religious Right's entire worldview is based on
                 \_ "Easily Disproven?"  Go ahead.  Prove to me that
                     virgin birth is impossible, and creationism isn't
                     true.  Or heck, why not just go straight for it and
                     prove there is no God?
                     \_ If you continue to believe that the world was
                        created in seven days in the face of all the
                        evidence from the fields of biology, geology,
                        physics and astronomy, then there is no hope
                        for you and I will not waste my time. Take
                        a science class sometime. The existence or
                        non-existence of God is tangential to what
                        any particular sect or cult believes in. Oh,
                        I agree with you on the memos, btw.
                        \_ it was reformed in 7 days, not created
                        \_ You need to study up on your Christianity.  In
                           the Hebrew in the bible it doesn't say "7 days"
                           it says "7 periods of time" which could mean
                           ANYTHING.  People who literally believe 7 days
                           are probably idiots.  Although, if you can't
                           prove the non-existence of God, ANYTHING
                           becomes possible, and 7 day creation is just as
                           logical as anything else.  Anyway, the point
                           was that the people you're calling wackos are
                           using the same argument as the people you're
                           defending.  You mock the belifs of one and not
                           the other, although they use the same argument
                           style to back up their conclusions.  "You can't
                           prove it's NOT true!"
                           \_ that's ridiculous.  There is physical evidence
                              which supports the Big Bang and evolution.
                              There is no evidence to support the creationist
                              view except some book that some wack jobs wrote,
                              and there are portions, like the Great Flood,
                              which are directly contradicted by all the
                              physical evidence as well as simple logic.
                              Shit, I've been trolled.  -tom
                           \_ Why are they idiots? I say you're an idiot for
                              believing in your version. The early bible
                              stories are all ripoffs of old Babylonian etc.
                              mythology anyway. So you really believe the
                              Bible is some kind of elaborate metaphorical
                              construct that could mean ANYTHING? Or do you
                              simply apply that to things science disagrees
                              \_ ripoff?  nah, I would say they have the
                                 same origin.  afterall, abraham was a
                                 babylonian, being from ur.  different
                                 books of the bible are written in very
                                 different manner, so yes, parts of it
                                 could be metaphorical and other parts
                                 could be allegorical and other parts
                                 not.  Jesus used parables all the time.
                                 (ref. "dict ur")
                           \_ "7 day creation is just as logical as anything
                              else." No. It is not logical to believe something
                              in the face of overwhelming evidence to the
                              contrary. It might be conceivable, but it is
                              not logical.
                        \_ You've convinced *me* there's no God.  Would you
                           please sign your name so I'll know who to thank
                           for completely changing my world-view?
2004/9/21 [Computer/Domains] UID:33653 Activity:low
9/20    DNS question: What is the purpose of the "NS records at parent
        servers" test at <DEAD><DEAD>? Let's say my domain is
        When would this sort of query ever get run in real life. It tests
        if the NS record comes back in the ANSWER SECTION versus the
        dig @TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET. NS +norec
        \_ if I understand the question correctly (and I need sleep)
           the point is whether or not the proper glue records are there.
2004/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33654 Activity:moderate
9/21    One day after I post about how Dubya is going to send more troops
        to Iraq to crush the insurgents, Paul Krugman of the NY Times expresses
        his opinion on this:
        \_ csuamotd/csuamotd doesn't work any more.
           What happen?
           \_try csuacsua/csuacsua
           \_ Some one set us up the password change.
                \_ use mine! dykewhore / dykewhore - danh
                   \_ danh must have changed the password in an attempt to
                      monopolize the free password market with his popular
                      dykewhore brand name!
                \_ I am just trying to prevent your brain be polluted with
                   liberal biased media.
2004/9/21 [Reference/Religion] UID:33655 Activity:high
9/21    Muslims rule major Swedish city
        \_ Haha!
        \_ Haha!  Sweden = pwned.
        \_ Yeah, actually I heard the same kinda stuff from one of our
           Danish exchange students.  Getting in fights with Turks at bars
           and the such like.  He didn't like muslims.
        \_ RACIST!! All countries should allow unlimited immigration to realize
           the multicultural benefits. There's not enough Turkish culture in
           Turkey or Turkmenistan you know, it needs to be part of every
           \_ And if you say "You can't walk to Turkmenistan," I say
              "Of course I can!  Screw you!"
           \_ If we're decoupling country and race/culture, why should we think
              Jews and Palestinians have the right to have their own countries?
              Just tell them to immigrate to wherever they want.
              \_ I'll take the Jews, but the Palestinians can stay home.
              \_ I'll take the Palestinian Christians.  The rest can stay home.
           \_ East Turkistein in China!
2004/9/21 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33656 Activity:high
9/21    Say, why don't the proponents of a logged motd actually hack it and
        put it in /etc/motd.logged, and let people vote with their feet?
          -- ilyas
        \_ why don't you create /etc/motd.stupid and post your crap there? -tom
           \_ Every account should have its own /etc/motd.<accountname>.
              Only you will be allowed to post to your own motd.  No one
              else will be allowed to touch it, and /etc/motd.public
              will be turned off.  This way, everyone who wants to can rant
              to the heart's content, and no one will have to worry about
              their rants being baleated.  Everyone else can just ignore
              you if they want to.  We can have special zones set up for
              those that love to argue, as well - for instance,
              /etc/motd.tomvsilyas, /etc/motd.freepernutzo,
              /etc/motd.aaronallcapsrant, and /etc/motd.mormons.  The AMC
              can have his own empty file for his motd, but it will be
              owned by root so that he can remain "anonymous."  It will
              be world readable but not writeable by anyone.
              \_ and we could call these files ".plan" files, and have a
                 special command to read these motd files called "finger."
                 \_ Well, I was trying not to belabor the point too much, but
                    then again...
              \_ you have just used the slippery slope tactic.
                 \_ And tom used a red herring AND an ad hominem in 1 line!
                    \_ uh, ilyas is the one with the red herring.  -tom
        \_ ilyas just volunteered!
2004/9/21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:33657 Activity:high
9/21    Poll, do you wear your shoes in the house?
        Yes: .
        No: ..,
        \_ Let's modify the poll.
           Has carpet and wear shoes at home         :
           Has carpet and don't wear shoes at home   : ...
           Has no carpet and war shoes at home       :
           Has no carpet and don't wear shoes at home:
           Conjugates verbs with shoes on            :
           Conjugates verbs with shoes off           :
2004/9/21 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:33658 Activity:very high
9/21    A question for everyone.  My mother is a libertarian.  She wants a
                                                 \_ Librarians are sexy
                                                    \_ Not in Hayward Pub. Lib.
        few computers in her library to only be allowed to visit certain
        webpages. (Various refernece and database pages).  Basically, she
        wants a browser with build in white listing for page viewing.  Is
        there anyway to do this?
        \_ stick them on a unrouted/private network with a firewall/proxy
           between them an the outside.  Setup access rules on the proxy
           to ONLY allow the desired sites.  Make sure it doesn't do
           any other routing.    Lock down the PC's to prevent physical access
           \_ That's the usual solution, but since it's a public library,
              we were hoping for something simpler.  What would your
              recommend as a router?  A linux box?
              \_ cheap (if you have the expertise to set it up handy)
                  linux/bsd box, running squid.
        \_ I used to work in a company that made a low-cost machine whose
           browser has built-in parental control.  But it went bankrupt three
           years ago.
        \_ Implement this with a firewall. Iptables on Linux will do it.
           I am sure Windows has a firewall software.
           \_ A firewall local to the machine, or in the gateway, or does
              it not matter?
              \_ It's easier to do it once in the gateway, but you can
                 implement it on each host locally just as well. I just
                 recalled that we use 'Sygate' for Windows.
        \_ You want an easy and fast way to do this?  Buy one of those wireless
           router things for $50 and turn off wireless.  Then use the Parental
           Control feature to deny access to all domains except those you
           enter.  I have a D-Link DI-614+ and DI-624 and they both do this.
           Admin access is by username/password and you can add/delete domains.
           \_ The eminently hackable Linux-running Linksys WRT54G also has this
        \_ Mozilla extention: Weblock
          \_ I would NOT recommend trussting any access control in PC's that
             end-users will have access to.
             \_ Really, it just doesn't matter that much.  There are other
                completely open computers in the library.  If someone
                really wants to use a access controlled computer to
                access other stuff, it's not really going to matter much,
                and eventually someone will notice and kick them off.
                In general the idea is to have some computers that will
                be generally open to people actually doing research. -op
                \_ they should whitelist as well as the database
                   searches.  I often use amazon when I'm using a library
                   to figure out more information  about a book than
                   is available in library databases.
2004/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33659 Activity:high
9/21    CBS Arranged Meeting (For Burkett) With Lockhart.
        So the Kerry campaign was in on the fraud as well.
        \_ CBS News called Bush's camp, too. Obviously they were in on it, too.
           \_ What you have is the NYT, LAT, Boston Globe and Kerry campaign
              colluding with 60 minutes to launch fraudulent anti-Bush
              campaigns in an attempt to influence the pres. election.
              \_ Tinfoil hats anyone?
              \_ Yeah, I think it's just CBS News that really screwed the pooch
        \_ Oh Jesus, go away TalkingPointsTroll.  Or are you SwiftBoatGuy
           \_ You have a major media outlet perpetrating fraud in an attempt
              to influence Pres. election and your response is to castigate
              those upset.  You're a petulant disgraceful twit.
              \_ Or you have a greatly respected journalist who didn't check
                 his source well enough.  The president's military record
                 questions have hung around because they are valid,
                 unanswered, and continually dodged.
              \_ But when our president misled us into an unwinnable war in
                 Iraq, you told me to shut up when I complained.  Don't
                 get upset when the same happens to you.  Oh, and did I mention
                 that you're drawing conclusions based on paranoid conspiracy
                 theories?  I bet you're one of those folks that think Clinton
                 pinned the Oklahoma Federal Building bombings on those law
                 abiding citizens from Michigan to avoid having to go to war
                 with the Muslims that really did it.
                 \_ No Straw Men please. -Bush basher
        \_ No, that's not what that story says. It says that Lockhart
           called Burkett at CBS's request, but that they did not talk
           about the memos at all. Did you fail English 101?
           \_ Initially Lockhart and the Kerry campaign maintained they
              knew nothing about the memos or who created them.  Now this
              revelation.  Why should I believe them or CBS now?
              \_ What part of "did not talk about the memos at all" did you
                 not understand?
                 \_ Why would Lockhart randomly call Burkett at the
                    request of Mapes, a producer at CBS.  It's your
                    contention that CBS, ABC, and NBC news producers
                    broker calls between campaign chairs and their
                    sources on a regular basis?  Bizarre.
                    \_ You bet your sweet patootie that if a CBS news
                       director told a campaign manager (from any
                       campaign anytime) to call a certain person
                       that they would do it. Wouldn't you?
2004/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33660 Activity:low
9/21    Burkett explains how he obtained memos:
        After he received the documents in Houston, Burkett said, he drove
        home, stopping on the way at a Kinko's shop in Waco to copy the six
        memos. In the parking lot outside, he said, he burned the ones he had
        been given and the envelope they were in. Ramirez was worried about
        leaving forensic evidence on them that might lead back to her, Burkett
        said, acknowledging that the story sounded fantastic. "This is going
        to sound like some damn sci-fi movie," he said. -USA Today
        Another story: (Post)
        \_ Sci-fi movie?  Shouldn't he have said suspense movie if that's
           really his recollection?
        \_ Never fear, the kosers are now searching Texas for Lucy Ramirezes,
           and they've even found a few.  This proves that a Lucy Ramirez does
           exist, and therefore the memos are legit.
2004/9/21 [Computer/Rants, Computer/HW, Computer/HW/Display] UID:33661 Activity:moderate
9/21    What's an inexpensive way to add usb 2.0 to a computer?
        \_ USB 2.0 PCI card.  What you're deciding is which brand and how
           many ports and whether you want FireWire with the card or not.
           Browse through or CompUSA / Best Buy.
           \_ Agreed, although unless you have a good reason, son't spend more
              than $15-20.
              \_ I used to think the same thing, but then my $15 USB 2.0
                 card broke one of its 4 sockets.
                 \_ My $15 USB card is just fine, and since both $15 and $40
                    cards are made in China by probably the same company, I'd
                    expect the $40 one to break too.
                    \_ You're right about them all being made in China, but
                       it's reasonable to assume they differ in quality, and
                       you can pick good ones.  I recommend op check
                       and look for highly rated USB 2.0 PCI cards.  I see
                       one there now for $13.50, but it's out of stock.
        \_ If you're upgrading a system, don't overlook firewire if your
           device supports it.  It's specced slower but generally performs
           better in real life.
           \_ I am looking for possibily a usb 2.0 and firewire combo card.
              any specific recommendations? I guess I can also swap out my
              dell motherboard with an ASUS one that has USB 2.0 and firewire
              for around $100, but it seems troublesome... -op
              \_ I'd just get the $22 one and if it sucks get another brand:
2004/9/21 [Recreation/Humor] UID:33662 Activity:kinda low
9/21    Creepiest Laffy Taffy Joke:
        How does a boy know when he has become a man?
        When he can data a Shirley Temple instead of drinking one.
        \_ What kind of data? temperature data? pressure?  salinity?
           \_ Humidity?  Friction (how slippery)?
2004/9/21 [ERROR, uid:33663, category id '18005#8.6025' has no name! , ] UID:33663 Activity:nil
9/21    Zogby has Libertarian candidate Badnarik polling almost even with
        Ralph Nader.
        So, are these people who would otherwise vote Republican, Democrat,
        or just stay home and bitch?
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33664 Activity:kinda low
9/21    What is your favorite registrar for .net that supports glue records?
        \_ Just an aside, but don't *all* registrars offer com|net|org ?
           \_ yeah probably..
           \_ yeah, but few registrars support glue.
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33665 Activity:nil
9/21    what's the etymology for "touch base" and "heads up"?
        are they from baseball?
        \_ 'Touch base' almost certainly is, as in "don't get too far ahead and
            get tagged out."  'Heads up' could come from a sports context, or
            maybe from warfare.
2004/9/21 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33666 Activity:kinda low
9/21    Missing signature mars launch of war on hunger
        U.N. Global Tax
        \_ login?
           \_ csuamotd csuamotd (newly made)
        \_ UN: We want more of your money to pour into our pockets.
                \_ Kofi Annan's son's friends pockets, actually. -John
                   \_ And you think Kofi Annan and son did not receive any
                      kick backs?  How naive you are then.
                        \_ For god's sake, "subtlety" for you must be
                           a fucking sledge hammer.  Ever heard of
                           "implying something"?  -John
2004/9/21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:33667 Activity:insanely high
9/21    So Iran today started to enrich uranium, from a stock sufficient for
        several nukes.  I read that it will be about a year before Iran can
        build nukes without outside help.  I don't understand this; I believe
        they can do it by themselves today if they kicked the inspectors out.
        Isn't this accurate?  Granted it would be 3-12 months before a
        successful nuke test. -liberal
        (For all you wankers who think I'm a crazed freeper since I'm talking
        about Iran, here's an anti-Bush carrot for you:
        \_ Obviously you are a nuclear arms expert and intelligence agent
           rolled into one so I believe you.
           \_ I took Muller's Physics 7B class and read what he wrote about
              calutrons.  I think that, reading Sum Of All Fears, knowing
              what happened with Pakistan / India, and having some clue is
              enough to make my assertion.  I am asking whether it's accurate,
              after all.
              Muller:  "separation is the hard part; the weapon design is easy"
              \_ I saw 'Red Dawn' and took Physics 7ABC and I think you
                 are a troll.
                 \_ Have you read Sum Of All Fears (no, watching the movie
                    definitely doesn't count)?  Have you read Muller's article?
                    Repeat after me:
                    "separation is the hard part; the weapon design is easy"
                    Muller:  "... can employ the simple, reliable gun method.
                    ... the Hiroshima bomb ... was considered so reliable that
                    it was never tested before it was used."
                    \_ Repeat after me: troll.
                          \_ That's because he's an idiot.  He has however
                             discovered that one of the best ways to troll
                             is calling serious posters trolls.
                             \_ The best way to troll is to arm yourself
                                with a little bit of knowledge and act like
                                you know something. This guy is hilarious!
                                Physics 7B!!! I am going to bust a gut!
                                \_ With Muller.  If you took his class, you'd
                                   know what I meant.
                                   I don't see you disputing any of the
                                   evidence provided, and again, the original
                                   post was "please show me I'm wrong". -op
                                   \_ Let's start with your first
                                      sentence: "Iran today started to
                                      enrich uranium." You follow this
                                      with: "I believe they can do it by
                                      themselves today." You think they
                                      can process two tons of ore in a
                                      day? This is where the year comes
                                      \_ You really have a tough time with
                                         English comprehension. The, "...
                                         can do it today" part obviously
                                         refers to the build a bomb without
                                         outside help. In fact, the whole
                                         construct makes no sense otherwise.
                                         Why you would take an ambiguous
                                         phrase and interpret it in the way
                                         that makes it senselessness is
                                         beyond me. Is English your native
                                         language? -!op
                                         \_ No, its the motd.  He just wants
                                            to start a fight. --also !op
        \_ Yep, I think this is about the time the Isreali special forces
           show up and blow the crap out of it.
        \_ Whatever.  Israel, Bush, Kerry, Europe, Russia -- they all know
           the score, I just want sodans to know too when something goes down,
           whatever that may be. -op
2004/9/21 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33668 Activity:high
9/21    Has anyone tried DVDs from or similar sites?  I was
        wondering since VCD is the prevailing format in Asia, do these Asian
        DVDs actually hav DVD-quality video or do they only have VCD-quality
        video converted to DVD format?  Thanks.
        \_ It varies, a lot.  Some of them are shitty pirated VHS/VCD transfers,
           some of them are full DVD quality with extras.  It varies by
        \_ It varies, a lot.  Some of them are shitty pirated VHS/VCD transfers,\
           some of them are full DVD quality with extras.  It varies by
           publisher and even by movie within a particular company.
           Read review sites if you are looking for a particular one. --oj
        \_ where to get Churasan DVD's with english subtitles?
2004/9/21-22 [Computer/HW/Drives, Recreation/Media] UID:33669 Activity:high
9/21    Must kill Lucas. Waited at 1201AM at Tower to buy it. Knowing the
        bastardizations. It is worst than I thought. There are new BG lines,
        changes in the style of FX, bloopers still left in!
        \_ of course, ALL these changes have been documented for weeks. Just
           had to go to any website (, and you'd know.
        \_ Are you kidding?  You waited at tower till 12:01 to pay too
           much for some DVDs you knew would suck? Wha?
           \_ Ha, ha, laserDICS. Anyway I got one of these and was all
              excited. Then I watched a couple scenes on my PC to check it
              out and realized how childish it is and how I seem to have
              outgrown it. Maybe the prequels and all the analysis and hype
              killed the magic for me. When Vader speaks I have an image of
              fat James Earl Jones in my mind.
              \_ Er, maybe its just that after the 20 MILLIONTH TIME, it
                 isn't all that exciting anymore.  People need to stop giving
                 Lucas money.
        \_ This totally reminds me of the Conan O'Brian where Triumph visits
           the line for the episode I premiere.
           Here's the video in question:
            \_ this is 95% true for me  -op
        \_ Has there been a change in the end of ROTJ, where the apparitions
           appear? Natalie Portman isn't in there, is she?
           \_ Anakin's ghost is now Hayden.
        \_ Get a life - William Shatner
           \_ Learn how to act - Fans
           \_ Stop appearing in ads for the Ramada.
              \_ Priceline.
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33670 Activity:nil
9/21    What's a word similar to "balkanized" but not quite, I think it
        might be an "*ification" word. It means something like divided into
        factions, competing camps, etc. It's at the edge of my mind...
        \_ balkanization
2004/9/21 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33671 Activity:very high
9/21    Here's another question:  Is it possible to lock a CD or DVD drive
        so that the disk cannot be removed by a member of the thieving
        public, but it can still be opened by someone authorized?
        \_ I think you want to put the drive on a server somewhere and mount
           it as a directory.  Or just get a big harddrive...
        \_ Disk:  No.  PC case:  sometimes.  You'll notice that a lot of
           cases have locks on the back, or loops for padlocks.  These will
           not dissuade anyone seriously motivated, though.  For laptops,
           Kensington locks.  -John
           \_ Kensington locks,hehehe.
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33672 Activity:insanely high
9/21    [stop deleting posts]
        \_ format, damn it.
2004/9/21 [Health/Dental] UID:33673 Activity:moderate 50%like:35520
9/21    How can I find out if a dentist is good? I have a long list of
        dentists approved by my dental PPO, but I'd like to base my
        choice on a good recommendation. Thanks.
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33674 Activity:very high
9/21    In Sims 2 how do you get engaged?
        \_ High lifetime score (the lower bar).  You can propose marriage, even
           the relationship had been purely platonic.
           if the relationship had been purely platonic.  But in this case they
           usually reject me and show a thought bubble of some other sim with
           low Niceness, and you get a bad memory and you lose a lot of
           friendship points.  I don't understand.
2004/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:33675 Activity:high
9/21    Don't get Tim Noah mad at you.
        \_ it's pretty amazing how quickly the dittohead machine gets the
           public discourse away from the core issues. (See below discussion)
        \_ ^Tim Noah^Geddes
           \_ Both.  Is public examination of your life worse than getting
              \_ (original source article)
                 If you think the right to privacy exceeds the newsworthiness,
                 then more power to you.
                 \_ Yep, I know.  Just make sure you don't get Tim Noah mad
                    at you, or he'd drag your life out in electronic print.
                 \_ I'm struggling to find the newsworthiness in Tim Noah's
                    expose of Geddes' life.
                    \_ The "expose of Geddes' life" seems to be restricted to
                       his political beliefs in direct relation to why he
                       fired the lady.  Again, if you think the right to
                       privacy exceeds the newsworthiness, then more power to
                       \_ Yes, I am sure Geddes' work as a standing trustee
                          has much to do with the firing.  And certainly the
                          examination on how he got the standing trustee job
                          has much to do with the firing.  In fact, the whole
                          point of the article seems to be that there's no
                          news here.
                          \_ Okay, that part is outside the firing.
                             As for "no news here", it was news to me -- thanks
                             for the URL.
                             \_ Just eyeballing it, but that part is probably
                                2/3 of the article.  Like I said, don't get
                                Noah mad at you.
                                \_ IMO, an employer firing someone for having
                                   a Kerry bumper sticker is something one
                                   can get legitimately mad about.
                                   \_ Sure, get mad.  But publish an "expose"
                                      of Geddes as a standing trustee?  This
                                      is just Noah flexing his power to punish
                                      \_ I believe you were the person
                                         who used the term "expose".  IMO,
                                         the publicity is deserved.
                                         BTW, do you know you overwrite posts?
                                         \_ Sorry if I overwrote your post,
                                            though I did try to merge in my
                                            changes.  To be honest, with all
                                            the automerging that is going on,
                                            it's hard to tell who's overwriting
                                            whom in conversations like this.
                                         \_ We place different value on privacy
                                            then.  If you care about your
                                            privacy, don't get Noah mad at
                                            you, because he has a mouthpiece,
                                            and he's going to use it to punish
                                            \_ The publicity is deserved, IMO.
                                               \_ I think we can all agree that
                                                  Geddes is a jerk.  So you
                                                  think it's ok to talk about
                                                  his other work as a standing
                                                  trustee, even though it has
                                                  nothing to do with the firing.
                                                  What else would be ok to
                                                  talk about?  Can Noah publish
                                                  his past traffic violations?
                                                  Any other criminal record of
                                                  Geddes'?  How about what books
                                                  he borrowed from the library?
                                                  Or what tapes he rented from
                                                  the video store?  Or where
                                                  he web surfed?  Do you have
                                                  a privacy threshold?
                                                  \_ I believe I already wrote
                                                     that this was outside
                                                     the firing, and I won't
                                                     spend time defending
                                                     that.  This is where
                                                     you say "no news here",
                                                     and this is where I say,
                                                     "thanks for the URL,
                                                     \_ Ah.  I thought you were
                                                        also the guy who said
                                                        the publicity is
                                                        deserved, and I was
                                                        responding to that.
                                                        Hard to tell on the
                                                        \_ I'm the same guy.
                                                           Basically I'm for
                                                           publicity on
                                                           the firing, but I'm
                                                           not sure about
                                                           publicity on his
                                                           The latter is much
                                                           more arguable.
                                                           \_ Ah, then we
                                                              agree then.  I
                                                              also have no
                                                              trouble with
                                                              publicizing the
                                                              firing, but I
                                                              find the bulk of
                                                              the Noah article
                                     I don't find it disturbing. If you _/
                                     Do something political and newsworthy
                                     then media will analyze you for juicy
                                     tidbits in search of a story. Noah
                                     here got a story: that this guy profits
                                     from people having economic troubles.
        \_ Tough shit. This is politics. This is how the world works. If
           you act like an ass, you might have someone act like an ass
           back to you.  This is why we have a free press.
           \_ So every facet of Geddes' life is open to inspection?  Or
              is there a privacy threshold?
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33676 Activity:very high
9/21    What's a word similar to "balkanize" but not quite. It means something
        like that, but not really at a nation level. Something like when a
        unified group gets split into factions. Or like a big monopoly is
        split into a bunch of little competing groups.
        \_ Factionalize?  Segregate?  Try  -John
        \_ Polarize?  Balkanification?
2004/9/21 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:33677 Activity:nil
9/21    [re-posted with various changes]
        So Iran today started to create uranium hexafluoride gas.  They have
        nuclear centrifuges already built to enrich this to nuclear plant fuel,
        but can easily continue to weapons-grade concentrations.  Their stock
        of yellowcake is sufficient for several nukes.  So, I read that it will
        be about a year before Iran can build nukes without outside help.  I
        don't understand this; I believe that IF Iran kicked out the inspectors
        today and IF they wanted to and IF no one did anything, they could have
        a nuke between 6-24 months from now without outside assistance.  Isn't
        this accurate?
        The difficult step in creating a nuke is obtaining weapons-grade
        concentrations of uranium, while the weapon design is easy, and Iran
        already has the centrifuges I believe. -liberal
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33678 Activity:nil
9/21    [re-posted with various changes]
        \_ don't kill everyone's comments.
           \_ You didn't see this last post before the change:
                                            \_ I see the misunderstanding now.
                                               I will update the post to
                                               more accurately reflect my
                                               thinking. -op
2004/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:33679 Activity:high
9/21    If I want to find machines that are NIS master or slave servers
        is looking for "ypserv" in the portmapper dump a good way to
        determine this from the net?  Or is there a better signature?
2004/9/21 [Science/Physics] UID:33680 Activity:nil
9/21    [Iran nuke thread restored, completely]
        Hi, I'm a completely unqualified dolt who has taken physics 7C and
        I think Iran will have nuclear weapons in 24 months. What do you
        guys think?
        \_ I mean so what? We have nukes too. It's not like we are telling
           them, oh, you can't have it because no one have it. We invented
           WMD, we have the MOST WMD on earth, but sorry, you just can't have
           it because we are the big boss.
           \_ I think everybody should have nukes, this way, little Bush
              can't go around fuck other countries. Go NK.
          \_(Sarcastically) Oh, yeah, you are much smarter and wiser than
            sanctioned members of the inspection team, therefore even though
            they say it's gonna be one year you're completely right.
             \_yeah, but I took 7C with professor Blugerblat, and he said
               that it wasn't making a nuke that was a problem, it was
               refining the stuff in it.
               \_ Oh, you don't mean THE professor Blugerblat, do you? Oh my,
                  you MUST be an expert.
                  \_Well, I am, because A) I'm a liberal, B) I took physics 7C,
                    and C) I'm a disciple of Blugerblat. And the Hiroshima
                    bomb was never tested, nevermind that a bunch of existing
                    and future nobel laureates spent a couple years on
                    project Manhattan to develop the first atomic bomb,
                    because, goddamnit, I'm an expert because I took physics
                    7C. Did I mention I was a liberal and I took physics 7C?
        \_ We've used up all our credibility on Iraq, that we can't do
           anything to North Korea and Iran... and Pakistein (for helping out
           Iran/N.Korea to develop nukes).  Furthermore, this pre-emptive
           strike doctrine really need some revision.  United Nations just
           released a report saying that 40 countries has the capability of
           making nukes.  The thought of invading more than 4-5 coutries
           at the time is beyond my imagination.
              40 COUNTRIES AT ONCE!!!
2004/9/21-22 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:33681 Activity:insanely high
9/21    So "liberal" guy, what do you think the US should do about
        Iran's incipient nuclear program?
        \_ I think we should violently rape and kill all non-US citizens.
           Only then can we be SURE we won't be attacked!
        \_ I don't have the whole answer, but this is part of it:
  (Yahoo! News)
           Step 1:  Elect Kerry (Bush is bad at coalitions)
                                  \_ And he's good at what exactly? Looking
                                     smug and stupid?
                \_ Does step 1 include the "International tax" the UN wants
                   and GWB would never allow in a million years?  Why did
                   Schroeder make a speech that essentially said, "Wait til
                   November because our boy Kerry will do it!"?
           Step 2:  Get Russia and Europe all on the same page
                    (Do you really want Iran to have nukes?)
                    \_ WTF does this mean?  Get them?  How?  Why not just
                       say the answer to Iran's nuke program is "Get the
                       Iranians to stop having a nuke program"?
           Step 3:  Help Iran build nuclear power plants, but completely
                    restrict enriching uranium, even for peaceful purposes.
                    Russia can supply fuel for the power plants.
                    It doesn't matter if the NPT says Iran can enrich uranium
                    for peaceful purposes.
                    \_ There has been an open offer of help for years that
                       is even less restrictive than this but the Iranians
                       aren't interested.  Now what?  Please read a newspaper
                       every so often before deciding you have all the
           You can still do 2 and 3 without 1, but I can't help but feel
           Dubya will fuck it up again. -liberal
           \_ what the hell do they need nuclear power for?  What about oil?
              \_ Iran will bewt the inspectors if we don't give em Step 3.
                 Europe and Russia will say they can live with Step 3;
                 but if the U.S. doesn't agree, then we're not using force
                 as the last possible option.  We'll just look like warmongers
                 \_ Huh?  The US has offered the Iranians an even better
                    version of your "step 3" for several years.  They are
                    not interested.  Now what?
           \_ Why does Iran need nuclear power??? It is sitting on massive
              petroleum and natural gas reserves.  A gallon of gas in Iran
              is something like 0.30$.  As for Europe, the Germans and
              French were the same countries that sold Iran the illicit
              refining equipment to begin with.  It is Russia who is
              is / has been building Iran's nuclear infrastructure.
              Haven't you figured out appeasement does not work.
              Iran's foreign policy is not coexistence with the West,
              it is elimination of the West.  Iran has been the largest
              state sponsor of terror over the last 30 years.
              \_ Then why the hell did we invade IRAQ?  "Oops, one letter typo"
              \_ iran will probably misuse a nuclear arsenal. but it is
                 well accepted that its oil reserves will not produce enough
                 oil within 50 years.
                 \_ Well accepted?  By whom?  Do you have a source for this
                    \_ It is a geological fact for every country producing
                       oil.  Many countries are now "post peak" and are
                       producing less oil every year, the US being a prime
                \_ "Iran will probably misuse a nuclear arsenal" ... Pakistan
                   has nukes and hasn't misused them.  The only country to
                   use nukes so far is us.
              \_ Of course Iran wants nukes; only a moron would think they
                 were only interested in nuclear power.  No one tries to
                 squish a country with nukes without hestitating.
                 No one also doubts that they are at the top of list for
                 state sponsors of terror -- but it's also true we don't have
                 smoking gun evidence of an al Qaeda link.
                 Also, please provide a URL showing that Germany and France
                 sold "[nuclear] refining equipment" to Iran.  I believe
                 Pakistan sold centrifuge equipment to Iran.
                 Also, WW2 showed that giving up a country to an invading
                 country doesn't work.  This was the example of WW2, Korea,
                 and Kuwait.  However, Vietnam and Iraq have been different
                 stories, and it might be again with Iran.
                 So, do we have enough people to invade Iran ...?
                 I told you what I'd do.  Now what would you? -op
                 \_ He answered.  He'd appease.
                    \-semi-tangential comment: while this doenst rise to
                      a "clash of civilizations" there are some instances
                      where it is hard to put yourself in the other guys
                      shoes ...
                      [continuation moved to ~psb/MOTD/AmericanDoubleStandards]
                        \_ When you're a super power there are no double
                           standards.  You do what you want and make the rules
                           for everyone.  That's what being a super power is
                           all about.  The US is a rather benign super power
                           as these things go.  What other country with this
                           kind of power would do so little with it?
                           \_ US is rather benign, but it's not because of
                              the current administration.
        \_ I think a fair solution would be to allow Iran to use the nuclear
           technologies for peaceful purposes, including the dual-use
           technologies, as long as they allow UN's international atomic agency
           to fully monitor their nuclear activities without any exceptions.
           Iran's government has been working a lot in the recent times to
           develop domestic manufacturing (including auto, aerospace) and IT
           industries. Their nuclear ambitions might be viewed simply as yet
           another step on the way to joining the "technologically advanced
           nation" club. They also argue that meeting domestic energy needs
           using solely fossil fuels will have a serious environmental impact.
           Neither they have enough power generating capacity to meet energy
           needs for future. This is probably why they have just started
           building a gas pipeline to Armenia. They say they intend to export
           gas to Armenia and import electricity produced there. I am not
           saying that everything is well in Iran. They were definitely caught
           red-handed handed with their undisclosed uranium enrichment
           facilities but I would allow them to keep their reactors as long
           as they agree to play by the rules.
        \_ Wait a minute.  Isn't our invasion of Iraq supposed to scare
           countries like Iran and N. Korea into abandoning their WMD
2004/9/21-22 [Consumer/TV] UID:33682 Activity:high
9/21    Children's program from the 70's.  There was less restriction on
        TV then...
        \_ BEST.  VIDEO.  EVAR!!!!!!1!!
        \_ This is disturbing on so many levels. Is it legit?
        \_ Rainbow was a fairly respected children's program (think Sesame
           Street for the UK) in the 1970s.  This is one of (I think) two
           episodes that the cast did "off the record", for fun.  -John
2004/9/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:33683 Activity:nil
9/21    Pac-Man poetry
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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