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2004/9/16 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33554 Activity:very high
9/15    Bush's Convention Bounce Vanishes as Race Tightens,,SB109526872487418642,00.html?mod=todays%5Ffree%5Ffeature
        \_ I think this link is what you were looking for:
                \_ electoral-vote had Kerry winning 3 days ago.  It is not
                   an authoritative source, it aggregates results which are
                   not necessarily comparable.  -tom
                   not necessarily comparable.  -
                   \_ Nothing is authoritive.  Sheesh.  On November 3rd it will
                      all be authoritive.  Until then it's just fun and games
                      and bullshit. "My poll is authoritive and yours is crap!"
                        \_ On November 3rd it may or may not be authoritive,
                           remember the 2000 election?
                           \_ It was authoritive for anyone not heavily
                              invested in the tinfoil or hatting industries.
                              \_ If Kerry wins Florida or somesuch critical
                                 state by 5,000 questionable votes, I hope
                                 you'll be honorable enough to remember this
                                 conversation and not post rabid freeper
                                 links for a month after the election.
                \_ Similar, but perhaps more professional.
                   \_ The problem with both of these is that they use results
                      from different by-state surveys conducted by different
                      organizations at different times, and they treat them as
                      if they are coherent.  They are interesting to look at,
                      but even more so than other poll results, must be taken
                      with a grain of salt.  -tom
2004/9/16 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:33555 Activity:high
9/15    Spaces or tabs?  I was almost converted to the tab true religion,
        and then I tried to actually set this up in emacs.  I find code with
        eight character wide tabs to be less readable.  This is totally a
        personal preference, if you like reading code with eight character
        wide tabs, more power to you.  Simple enough to fix, right, just:
        (setq tab-width 4)
        and, voila, my eyes stop bleeding from overexposure to white space.
        Not so fast!  Suppose you're editing in cc-mode with a style that
        sets c-basic-offset to 8.  cc-mode now inserts two tabs, which is
        definitely not the desired behavior.  See:
        for a discussion of this on the emacs-devel list.  Note RMS smacking
        the original poster down.  Thoughts, suggestions?  What do folks
        using other editors do?
        \_ never use tabs in public text files. end of story. spaces are
           always spaces, tabs are a mess.
        \_ Check out astyle.  I use 3 spaces.
           \_ Sounds similar to gnu indent.  I was kind of hoping for
              something better than configuring [ your favorite revision
              control system ] to slam everything through [ your favorite
              code reformatting tool] at checkin time.  Thanks for the input
              though. -op
        \_ "My opinion is
           that the best way to solve the technical issues is to
           mandate that the ASCII #9 TAB character never appear in
           disk files: program your editor to expand TABs to an appropriate
           number of spaces before writing the lines to disk"
        \_ I prefer pressing the TAB key goes to tab stops (whether they're
           every 8- or 4- or user-defined # of spaces), but spaces are actually
           output.  I prefer setting my editor to default to stripping all
           trailing spaces and converting all tab characters to spaces when
           saving.  Too bad jove (ancient, I know) doesn't do all this, emacs
           is too big, but my Windows editor TextPad does all this.
           Does anyone know a tight little non-GUI UNIX editor that I can
           configure to do all of this by default?
           \_ i'd be surprised if some vi/vim version can't do it.
              \_ yeah, I guess I just need to track down all the .vimrc magic
2004/9/16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33556 Activity:nil
9/16    Bash Q: in csh 'which rm' will tell me if i have rm aliased
        to something. What's the bash equivelant? Can't seem to come up
        with the magic incantation for Google. Thanks.
        \_ try 'type' instead of which.
2004/9/16 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:33557 Activity:high
9/15    So, what's the deal with stem cell research?  I'm not too big on
        killing embryos for their stem cells, that's a little creepy.
        How old are the embryos when the are harvested?  I don't know
        anything about this topic, I'm just curious.
        \_ just another form of modern cannibalism
        \_ Troll alert.
           \_ Sheesh, it's not a troll.  I was out of the country when all
              that stuff went down.  Since when is asking for information
              considered a troll? -op
              \_ 1) Its an incredibly inflammatory topic, and very
                    emotionally charged.  So its already a questionable
                    topic of debate here or in any other internet
                 2) Its not currently in the news or under active
                    debate.  The US banned federal funding for it
                    and effectively ended active research.  Other
                    countries are going ahead and will likely
                    beat us on any effective treatments.  This
                    is not likely to change.
                    \_ I read a little about the Bush/Kerry stances on a
                       link off of slashdot.  I KNOW it's not in the news
                       NOW. That's why I don't know anything about it!
                 3) Your opinion that its a little "creepy" is
                    pure trollbait.  Throwing around loaded
                    adjectives like that without any opinion
                    of substance is just asking to be flamed.
                    \_ I don't have an opinion of substance because the
                       only response I'm getting to question on the
                       subject is "Troll alert!"  I thought MAYBE someone
                       in the CSUA might know something, but I guess not.
                       \_ Have you tried...Google?  Use the force, Luke!
                 4) Dangit, I think I've just been trolled.
        \_ OK, on the off chance you aren't trolling:  The embryos are usually
           harvested at the blastocyst stage, which is when they are a ball of
           several hundred cells.  I consider this to be such a far cry from
           being a baby that it's more like reproductive tissue.  Now, when
           women have abortions, some chose to donate the embryo for research
           purposes.  These embryos would be aborted anyway, so it's not like
           we're killing babies for medical research.  Prohibiting research on
           donated embryos to me seems like prohibiting organ donation from
           car crash victims on the grounds that you're benefiting from
           people's deaths.
           \_ Is using aborted embryos currently illegal?  That's seems
              silly to me as well.  On the other hand, I also read a bunch
              of stuff about the ethics of using Nazi spine research.
              Some people didn't like the idea of using research done by
              Nazis. (There's more to that story, but it's OT )
              \_ Not illegal, but there's no funding, so the effect is the
                 same: aborted embryos go to the trash.
              \_ Starting a troll topic on the motd: $5
                 Replying to your own troll topic: $100
                 Godwin'ing your own troll thread: Priceless.
                 \_ Best thing on the motd all week.
           \_ That's how these things always start, then a few years after
              it's legal you see ads "$1,000 for your fetus", then women
              getting pregnant just to donate their unborn children.  I would
              ask anyone to argue this is a good direction for society.
              \_ There are already laws against selling body parts.  Why not
                 ban organ donation because someone might commit murder to sell
                 their victim's parts?
        \_ Ron Reagan was talking about EMBRYONIC stem cells.  These are
           harvested from embryos that would be discarded anyway from a woman
           on fertility treatment.
           FETAL stem cells are from aborted fetal tissue, and is not what
           Ron Reagan was talking about.  Soda l05Er sez:  "when women have
           abortions, some chose to donate the embyro ..." -- that's "fetal
           \_ What's the difference if it's getting aborted anyway?
              \_ Pro-life people don't want to have anything to do with
                 abortion.  Embryonic stem cells are much farther removed from
                 abortion than fetal stem cells.  "Duh."
                 \_ Well if you're a serious pro-life person, a discarded
                    embryo from a fertility treatment is just as much a
                    "dead baby" as an aborted fetus.
                    \_ You will figure out the difference on your own.
                       \_ Oh, I see the difference in intent, but I don't see
                          much difference in outcome if you really believe
                          the 'soul' begins at conception.
2004/9/16 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33558 Activity:high
9/15    One of my DVD's is scratched up and I can't copy the VOB file to
        my PC. What are some recovery programs I can use? Thanks.
        \_ Some brands of DVD drive (eg. Plextor, Pioneer) are better than
           others at recovering errors.
        \_ Did you try reading using your DVD burner yet?
           Also, I had a similar problem.  I think I fooled around with yermom.
           I mean, the read options in DVD Decrypter.
        \_ DVD-backup related question: I've got a VOB file but I don't
           know what the DVD's original name was (i.e., DVD_THE_MOVIE).
           Is there a generic name I can assign the DVD when I burn it?
           Arbitrary names don't work.
           \_ I usually see DVD_VIDEO as the generic volume label.
2004/9/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33559 Activity:kinda low
9/15    You know, it's funny. Whenever I want to nuke the motd, I do so
        by signing as ilyas. It's like being a Godfather and telling my
        minions to do the dirty work.                           -!ilyas
        \_ Hey I wonder if you can be squished for violating the
           "don't be a hoser" clause. -- ilyas
           \_ Well, you're still here.
              \_ Ok, wanna test it out?  Just keep doing what you are doing.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ No. I'm the real ilyas!
                    \_ Will the real ilyas please stand up?
2004/9/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:33560 Activity:low
9/15    Are there any opensource website management systems that will let
        you create a site similar to ? PHPNuke and Slashcode might
        be able to work but doesn't seem to be quite right.
        \_ PHP: Midgard:
           Perl: Mason:
        \_ Sorry, I used the wrong term. I'm not looking for a CMS. I'm
           looking for a tool/app? that let's me create nice frontend templates
           can nicely display entries from either flat files or possibly,
           a CMS. midgard and mason both seem like a good start though. tnx.
2004/9/16 [Transportation/Airplane, Recreation/Food] UID:33561 Activity:high
9/16    How does Hooters manage to hire only chicks with hot boobs as
        waitresses and yet avoid discrimination lawsuits?
        \_ It's legal to discriminate on physical appearance if it is necessary
           to the performance of the job.  Being hot is not a requirement to
           be a waitress.  However, being hot is a requirement to perform the
           Hooters waitress job, and looking presentable is a requirement for
           most customer service jobs.
           \_ uh, what if you're a racist and you open up a steak house and
              decide to hire only white chicks to preserve the tradition?
           \_ Uhm, no. Hooters was sued by a number of men and they settled
              out of court. The EEOC investigated the matter for four years,
              but they dropped the matter since nobody really cared. So
              it's still undecided (since none of the cases made it to
              court) on whether or not Hooters really can get away with
              this sort of thing. They can basically discriminate until
              someone else files a suit against them and it actuallly makes
              it to court. Please refrain on commenting on things you don't
              know anything about.
              \_ An employer can discriminate based on appearance. This
                 has been upheld many times from beards at Disneyland to
                 tattoos and piercings. The policy needs to be applied
                 consistently and comply with EEO guidelines with regards
                 to race, sex, religion, etc. Even discriminating by age
                 is acceptable in some instances.
                 \_ Again, no. You are being overly general. An employer
                    may or may not discriminate based on appearance depending
                    on what jurisdiction the business is in and what type of
                    business it is. It varies from
                    state to state and the Federal Government has been
                    unclear about this issue. There hasn't been a big enough
                    case to go to the courts to determine this issue once and
                    for all since most of the suits are settled out of court.
                    Since most likely no employer is going to overtly say
                    that they didn't hire so-and-so because of their looks
                    (they would be really stupid to do so) it's also a
                    somewhat difficult case to litigate, and there aren't
                    any real federal statutes on this yet.
                    \_ People have been fired (or threatened to be fired)
                       based on appearance. Again, an example was beards
                       at Disneyland. This is allowed. Go look at the EEO
                       web site to see what kinds of discrimination are
                       allowed and in what instances.
                 \_ At Disneyland, you're hired as an actor for a part.
                    \_ Exactly. This is a perfect example of being able to
                       discriminate based on appearance. The women at
                       Hooter's are not hired for their waitressing
                       skills. However, if one is fired for being Muslim
                       then she has a case.
                       \_ The burka might pose a problem for working at
           \_ I've never been to Hooters.  Do the waitress actually do more
              with their bodies than merely walking around and showing off?
              And I thought even the showing-off part is just unwritten mutual
              understanding between the waitress and the employer, not written
              \_ Depends a lot on the location, but quite honestly, Hooters
                 is just the right speed for married guys who don't want to
                 cheat, but want to act "bad" for a while. Some Hooters had
                 waitresses play Twister, and it works for some, others not.
                 \_ Cf. Coyote Ugly Saloon in NYC. You can look, but you know
                    you can't touch. Very relaxing, really.
        \_ How much do Hooters waitresses get paid?
           \_ I don't know, but most waitress jobs get shit for salary and make
              their living off tips.  I'd assume tips are even more important
              at a place like that.
              \_ Which is exactly why Hooters doesn't have to worry too much
                 about guys applying. They'll get no tips. Go Capitalism!
                 \_ Cf. Chippendale's.
        \_ I know that airline stewardess have gotten uglier and uglier by
           the generation. Either it's the junk food or the system.
           \_ It used to be a very glamorous job. Flying was such a
              luxury. Now you are stuck serving soda to a family from Des
              Moines. I assume that salaries are also lower now,
              contributing to cheaper tickets.
              \_ It seems just from observation that what young cuties there
                 are are stuck flying crappy domestic routes, and old
                 battleaxes get the "glamorous" international routes.
                 Sometimes you find someone hot with language skills on
                 international flights.  First/business stewardesses tend to
                 be more attractive too.
                 \_ It must be that stewardess get to choose the routes based
                    on seniority.
                    \_ Yep, I assume so.  Damn unions.
           \_ That's only US airlines.  Try Singapore Airline or JAL, where
              discrimination against ugly applicants are still legal.
              \_ Emirates Air has by far the best eye candy.  The Singapore
                 girls are also very nice.  I once flew Air NZ with some
                 significantly cute attendants, and one Auda flight had
                 a model-quality attendant.  Small sample size on those
              \_ I agree, Singapore Air ladies are nice to look at.  The
                 uniforms are pretty cool too.
              \_ Yes, it's only the US airlines. Damn those unions.
2004/9/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:33562 Activity:very high
        From cryptogram, ex-CIA on interrogation
        \_ Cool article, thanks for sharing.  -John
        \_ Excellent, well written, makes some very good points. Thank you.
           \_ Jeez, I'm beaming like I wrote it myself. -op
        \_ good article.  I think this article, as well as the September 1st
           school incident in Russia brought a bigger issue:  What is a
           "terrorist?"  Terrorist are defined by the tactic they use, not
           ideology they believe in.  While this is relatively clear to most
           people in case of Vietnamese nationalist and Chechen rebel, I
           don't think USA has learn that our "terrorist enemy" are the result
           of our past 40 years of foreign policy in the middle east, from
           religious support of creation of Israel at the expense of Palestine,
           to overthrown of popular government in Iran.  Without drastic
           change in our foreign policy, we will not able to end the reluntless
           attack from Islamic extremist.       kngharv
           \_ Terrorists will attack us regardless of our foreign policy.
              They don't like the US for what it is -- a free and prosperous
              place not following Sharia law.  If you want to make an
              argument for a change in US foreign policy, using islamic
              terrorists is not a good way to go. -- ilyas
              \_ You're saying they hate us because they hate our freedom?
                 Utter nonsense.  Our freedom and prosperity might get some
                 two-bit mullah worked up, maybe he'll convince some young,
                 impressionable losers to do a minor attack; but convincing
                 a man to orphan his children, a normal young guy to give up
                 his chance with that pretty girl at the market takes a lot
                 more than "this old book says that freedom is bad".  Even the
                 WTC bombers were normal men once.  You can't just call them
                 crazy without wondering what got them there.
                 \_ ob40Virgins
                    \_ there was an interesting Kristof column recently which
                       said  that some modern scholars think this is a mis-
                       translation, and that they really get white grapes,
                       not virgins.
                 \_ They hate the products of our freedom.  They are envious
                    of our obvious prosperity, they are made insecure by the
                    inroads our "culture" makes into theirs (viz. blue jeans
                    and rock & roll helping bring down the Soviet Union), they
                    (in the case of the islamists) have issues with our lack
                    of restrictions on women, music, clothing, whatever, and
                    to some degree they feel left behind by economic
                    development.  Consider that the "Arab world" has never
                    undergone a sweeping renaissance or an enlightenment or
                    an industrial revolution, combined with the fact that many
                    countries spawning "terror" have a tremendous percentage
                    of unemployed youth, susceptible to demagoguery.  So yes,
                    they hate our freedom.  -John
                    \_ If it wasn't for GWB, they would love our blue jeans and
                       music and McDonald's and our freedom for women!  GWB has
                       ruined American credibility around the world for
                 \_ Well, they don't say 'freedom is bad.'  To them following
                    Sharia is freedom, while our kind of freedom is demonic
                    depravity and corruption.  We call this 'extremism,' but
                    this was a normal train of thought a couple of hundred
                    years ago in Europe.  They are not exactly crazy in a sense
                    of being mentally ill, they are just experiencing an
                    'outside context problem' (Ian Banks term), and are living
                    in a world we can't understand very well.  I am not
                    excusing what they do -- they are of course wrong, and
                    are doing evil.  -- ilyas
                    \_ (Responding to John and ilyas)
                       Who are "they"?  If "blue jeans and rock & roll"
                       brought down the Soviet Union, why don't we send
                       these instead of an invasion force?  And if it's
                       Islamic fundamentalism we are fighting, why did
                       we invade Iraq, one of the more secular middle
                       eastern states.  And why are we sending billions
                       of dollars to some of the most fundamentalist
                       countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?  Perhaps
                       nationalism and belief in self determination
                       have more to do with the resistance we faced in
                       Vietnam and are facing in Iraq than you would like
                       to believe?  Did the Vietnamese conduct any
                       terrorist act on us after kicking us out?
                       \_ Because Soviet Union wasn't stuck in a feudal
                          mentality.  You can't expect 'blue jeans' to work
                          if it's unclear to someone that jeans are a good
                          thing.  A typical russian wasn't fooled by the
                          propaganda.  -- ilyas
                          propaganda.  As for the Vietnamese, they have no
                          fundamental ideological problem with the West,
                          whereas the muslims do. -- ilyas
                       \_ Nice try to transition to Vietnam=Iraq but no dice.
                          Please provide a URL for us *sending billions of
                          dollars* to Suadi Arabia and Kuwait.  We won
                          militarily in Vietnam, despite being the most
                          stupidly fought war in history.  We lost Vietnam
                          at home with people like Jane Fonda and John Kerry
                          telling the American soldiers and people lies about
                          our troops and the war.  If self determination is
                          the cause of resistence in Iraq then why are there
                          foreign fighters there?  Why didn't these self-
                          determined people do anything at all for themselves
                          during Hussein's reign of death?
                          \_ Lies?  Are you denying that soldiers didn't kill
                             civilians and didn't commit atrocities?
                          \_ They tried after the '91 war after Bush I promised
                             support but then basically helped Saddam crush
                             the insurgents. Have you ever led a military
                             revolt? I'm sure if they had you around Saddam
                             would have been toast. Moron.
                          \_ The Vietnamese had been fighting against foreign
                             colonizers for over 100 years, 400 if you count
                             periodic Chinese incursions. We would never have
                             "won" Vietnam, though we could still have troops
                             fighting and dying there, if we really had the
                             will. It might even be down to 1000/yr by now.
                             Why would we possibly want to do that???
                 \_ ob40Virgins
                    \_ there was an interesting Kristof column recently which
                       said  that some modern scholars think this is a mis-
                       translation, and that they really get white grapes,
                       not virgins.
           \_ Terrorists kill civilians (on purpose).
              \_ But I thought that's why we went to iraq.  So they could kill
                 our soldiers instead of our civilians...
                 \_ Yeah, Iraq is a big honeypot. People complain about the
                    dead soldiers but if we hadn't gone there we'd have
                    HUNDREDS of thousands of civilian deaths! If the stream
                    of terrorists starts to trickle out, we should bomb some
                    villages in Syria and other likely places to flush out
                    more terrorists, like fleas from beating a rug. Eventually
                    the terrorists will run out and we can go home!
                    \_ You forgot to capitalize "thousands"
                       Please tell me you're continuing the sarcasm and don't
                       actually believe this...
              \_ So the Commander of The Allied bombing campaign in Europe
                 during WWII was a terrorist? Dresden was known to be full
                 of civilians.
                 of civilians and had no legitimate military value. The
                 firebombing was undertaken to break the "will" of the
                 Germans to fight. Is that terrorism in your book?
                 \_ If you kill civilians on purpose as a military leader
                    and with a strategic purpose in mind, people start saying
                    you are a war criminal.  But it sticks less if you're on
                    the winning side and the winning side is a democracy.
                    Terrorists do it from a position of little power.
                    War criminals do it from a position of great power.
                    It's similar to "why is it racist when white people make
                    fun of black people, but not so in reverse?"
                 \_ Terrorism performed by national militaries isn't
                    called terrorism. It is terrorism in fact though, and
                    so was Hiroshima. There's no getting around it.
                    (the key is deliberate vs. accidental civilian killing).
                    \_ The U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, killing
                       80,000 civilians outright, to end the war early.
                       This is a war crime under the current accepted
                       Because it ended the war early, and may have saved
                       hundreds of thousands of American lives, and because
                       Japan had attacked first -- many would argue it wasn't
                       a war crime, or at least the definition should be
                       refined so it excludes the 80,000 dead innocents in
                       Hiroshima being a war crime.
                       \_ Victor writes the history. Duh!
2004/9/16 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33563 Activity:very high
9/16 (SF Chronicle)
        Police escorted Sue Niederer of Hopewell, N.J., from a rally ... after
        she demanded to know why her son, Army 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin, 24, was
        killed in Iraq. Dvorin died in February while trying to disarm a bomb.
        As shouts of "Four More Years" subsided, Niederer, standing in the
        middle of a crowd of some 700, continued to shout about the killing of
        her son. Secret Service and local police escorted her out of the
        event, handcuffed her and placed her in the back of a police van. The
        first lady continued speaking, touting her husband's record on the
        economy, health care and the war on terror ...
        [Cue "Two Americas" footage]
        \_ Posted by someone who never served. Never understands why good
           people die. And most of all, looks very short-term.
           \_ you only read news written and posted by veterans?
              how many vets are there on soda?  like 5?  - danh
           \_ Please justify why 1024 Americans have died and between 7000
              and 17,000 (not including civilians) have been wounded in Iraq.
              Also please justify Iraqi deaths.  Thanks.
           \_ Also caused by someone who never served.  Never understands how
              needless war can be.  And most of all, is the president of
              \_ war is needless? That's like saying humans don't need to eat.
                 \_ "CAN BE".  Retard.
                 \_ Some wars are needless. Are you trying to say that
                    all wars are a good idea?
                    \_ I am saying war is as inevitable as you are alive.
           \_ He died for our oil and for war profiteers. Bless him. He
              certainly didn't die defending anything. (aside: Soda seems
              really damn slow lately. It's interfering with my trolling.)
           \_ Would you die for your country during WW2, or in Iraq?
              I think everyone agrees dying in WW2 would be worth it.
              Apparently this mother feels Iraq wasn't worth it.
              Maybe she should shut the hell up and salute the flag, since
              dying in Iraq is worth it, too.
                \_ if the Axis had won then this world would be full of
                   hot blonde women and hot azn women           -troll
                   \- and dubya would be the center of attention in a
                      bukkake circle! -liberal troll
                   \_ My history fu is weak.  Why was Nazi against Jews but not
                      Japanese?  I thought back then Europeans considered all
                      Asians inferior.
                      \_ Simple answer: strategy.  Hitler tried to rationalize
                         it to the public by saying that the Japanese were the
                         most 'Aryan' of the Asians.
                         \_ who would have won between Japan and Germany
                            if they fought each other one-on-one?
                            \_ Everyone else, really, but the real answer is
                               more complex.  At what point? With what
                               \_ Not to meantion, where?  Japan and
                                  Germany aren't all that close to each
                                  other you know.  And their militaries
                                  were specialized in different areas.
                                  If it was a fight in the middle of
                                  Russia (which seems the most likely
                                  place) I think Germany would probably
                                  trounce Japan.  In SE Asia, well...
                      \_ Nazis featured racist ideology, but it wasn't the
                         basis for their actions except with regard to fighting
                         a) Bolsheviks and b) Jews, perceived as having an
                         inferior, polluting culture and controlling business
                         and politics, and importantly being seen as communist
                         allies. It was also a rationalization for conquering
                         Slavic lands for lebensraum. The book "The
                         International Jew" was published in the 20's by
                         Henry Ford's publishing company. The inferiority or
                         not of Asians was pretty much irrelevant (except as
                         it brings into question the other racist ideas).
                         Ironically, Hitler's paranoia about communists had
                         basis in reality as Stalin spelled out a plan of
                         making all of Europe into Soviet states.
        \_ With all due respect what are they supposed to do?  Let her
           scream, yell and disrupt the rally?
2004/9/16 [Uncategorized] UID:33564 Activity:nil
9/16    May I have your attention please?
        May I have your attention please?
        Will the real Slim ilyas please stand up?
        I repeat, will the real Slim ilyas please stand up?
2004/9/16-17 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:33565 Activity:very high
9/16    Kryptonite U locks compromised with a Bic pen:
                \_ Do the <>s add anything exceptfor making the URL harder
                   to cut and paste?
                   \_ It's meant to separate a URL from other possible
                      punctuation, e.g. so you can avoid a spurious '.'
                      on a URL at the end of a sentence.
                      \_ It also makes URLs with spaces work.
                         \_ It also makes URLs not show up under Mozilla
                            when you read the motd with the cgi finger.  So
                            Please don't do it.  It's pointless chaff and
                            you're not demonstrating any '1337 motd url
                            posting standards compliance with it.  Nice link,
                            though.  -John
        \_ Nice!
        \_ I hope someone doesn't go on campus, pick all the locks of this
           kind, swap them among the unlocked bikes, and lock them again.
           Especially not during the Finals week.
           \_ Why bother swapping?  Just buy some cheap locks and put them on
              other people's bikes.
              \_ I'm too cheap to spend $10 on each bike to mess with.
              \_ I'm too cheap to spend $10 on each bike I want to mess with.
           "was first described in a British bicycle magazine in 1992"
           "the Bic-opening method applies to many tubular cylinder u-locks"
           \_ So Kryptonite knew about the problem in 1992 but didn't fix it
              until 2000?
              \_ Yeah, they just stopped offering the "If your bike gets
                 stolen while you were using a Kryptonite lock, we'll
                 replace it" gaurantee.
                 \_ If this were a Bush policy initiative, it would be called
                    the "Defend America's Bicycles" plan
                    \_ why do you hate bicycles?
           \_ I spent the 15 minutes reading the forum URL.
              Basically any cylinder lock (not only from Kryptonite) is
              vulnerable to a pen that fits into the cylinder.
              Basically many cylinder locks (not only from Kryptonite) are
              vulnerable to a pen that fits snugly into the cylinder.
           \_ The Kryptonite Co. released this info on the news to create
              panic and increase sales for their new line, otherwise
              people would have kept their "reliable locks" and have no need
              to by the "new high-tech" ones.  Nice coincidence that their new
              product-line can be made available within a few weeks of this
              "discovery" that existed in 1992. Great Marketing Strategy!
2004/9/16 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:33566 Activity:high
9/16    Hitler biopic stirs up controversy (BBC)
        \_ posted before,
2004/9/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:33567 Activity:nil
9/16    In emacs how do you say "I want to kill all of the buffers that end
        with hello.log", in cases where you have multiple */hello.log files?
        \_ Here's a way with keyboard macros that takes no thought:
           C-x C-b C-x C-o C-x ( C-s .log RET d C-x ) C-u 100 C-x e x
        \_ Here's a way with lisp programming which forced me to whip out
           some documentation:
              (defun remove-if-log (buf)
                (if (string-match "\\.log$" (buffer-name buf))
                    (kill-buffer buf)))
              (defun kill-log-bufs ()
                (mapcar (function remove-if-log) (buffer-list)))
2004/9/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:33568 Activity:nil
9/16    RIP Johnny Ramone
2004/9/16-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:33569 Activity:nil
9/16    For you motorcyclists:$287
        \_ Awesome.  Also a good reason to wear leathers.
        \_ nice story, but clearly apocryphal
           \_ Unlikely, perhaps, but not impossible -- it's a big world
              where crazy shit sometimes happens.
              \_ yeah, like the JATO unit.  It's made up.  Maybe a squirrel
                 jumped at him or something.  -tom
2004/9/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33570 Activity:kinda low
9/16    Soda question:  I have a file index.php in one of my public_html
        subdirectories, but when I http to ~me/foo/ the PHP isn't getting
        processed, though ~me/public_html/foo/index.php is getting served up.
        What am I doing wrong?
        \_ Do this "ln -s index.php index.html".  I had to do the same thing
           for my index.htm.
           \_ Doesn't help. It loads the file but does not process it.
           \_ why not mv index.htm index.html
              \_ It was automatically generated, and I didn't want to rename it
                 every time it's generated.
                 \_ who was automatically generating it?
                    \_ Photoshop.
        \_ Ah, I think what I'm looking for is for the line in httpd.conf
           #AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
           to be uncommented, but barring that, I can deal. -op
           Did a workarouns with a dummy index.html and the meta tag
           \_ Never use meta refresh. It breaks the back button.
        \_ I just added index.php to DirectoryIndex in httpd.conf so
           it should work correctly now. -brett
              \_ meta refresh works client side when you can't change the
                 server config... I don't think we have mod rewrite access
                 on (based on quick scan of the httpd.conf)
                 \_ on soda you can put this in your .htaccess:
                    Redirect /~user/foo/old.html <DEAD>new.url/whatever<DEAD>
                    Meta refresh sucks. Don't use Meta refresh.
        \_ Great question. index.php has just been added to DirectoryIndex.
2004/9/16-10/27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:33571 Activity:nil
9/16    PHP scripts are now processed by the php4 module, and
        index.php has been added to Apache's DirectoryIndex directive.
2004/9/16 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33572 Activity:nil
9/16    Poor Kerry - his speech to the National Guard was a
        complete embarrassment.  Actually he deserved it.
        Watch on CSPAN.
2004/9/16 [Uncategorized] UID:33573 Activity:nil
9/16    Put the fucking lotion in the basket!
2004/9/16-17 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:33574 Activity:kinda low
9/16    I want to compile a simple Windows console app, are there any
        gnu/free compilers for windows that would do it? I'd rather not
        install visual studio and all its crap... my app is in C and calls
        windows APIs.. thanks.
        \_ I'd say Cygwin but it probably doesn't support your Windows calls.
           Just out of curiosity, what sort of console app could you write
           that uses the Windows (as opposed to POSIX or something) API?
           \_ I have calls that access the windows registry...
           \_ Cygwin supports all standard Win32 calls.  --sky
        \_ MS's C++ compiler is free now.  If you want free as in speech,
           you can look into mingw (which is better than cygwin in that the
           produced binaries don't require the cygwin DLL). --jameslin
           \_ LPTSTR, LPCTSTR is not defined?? geez, I have to define them
              manually? Seems like a lot of windows constants are not defined
              ie, windows.h, etc...
              \_ In my SDK installation both are defined in WinNT.h.
        \_ borland has free older compilers, but I'm not sure if they
           support the window api's.
2004/9/16 [Uncategorized] UID:33575 Activity:nil
9/17    Damn the RINO Ah-nold! He signed to ban .50BMG rifles. As if any
        criminal has used that or can afford that.
2004/9/16 [Uncategorized] UID:33576 Activity:nil
9/18    Home defibrillator approved for purchase w/o prescription:
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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