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2004/9/14 [Health/Women, Health/Men, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33512 Activity:kinda low
9/13    Police in Najaf have found the bodies of 200
        men, women and children in a mass grave.
2004/9/14 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:33513 Activity:kinda low
9/13    My apache server doesn't understand a url if it doesn't have a
        trailing slash. in other words it knows what to do with but not with
        how do I get it to understand url's of the second format too?
        \_ That functionality is implemented by the mod_dir module; if for
           some reason you don't have that loaded, Apache won't do the redirect
           it's supposed to do:
2004/9/14 [Science/Electric, Science] UID:33514 Activity:high
9/13    The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries!
        by former CMU professor Dr. Joseph M. Newcomer.  I would expect
                         \_ "senior scientist" is not a professor
                                \_ wow, that changes everything. !op
                                   \_ He's only an *adjunct* senior scientist.
        most here would respect his credentials.
        \_ why am i reminded of the Hitler diaries? - danh
        \_ Newcomer?  This is a joke.
           \_ Care to post your own typographical credentials?
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33515 Activity:high
        Of more than 100 records made available by the 147th Group and the
        Texas Air National Guard, none used the proportional spacing
        techniques characteristic of the CBS documents. Nor did they use a
        superscripted "th" in expressions such as "147th Group" and or
        "111th Fighter Intercept Squadron."
        [There is reasonable doubt, but the preponderance of evidence is that
        one or more memos are either fake or transcribed -- also, the
        authenticity of the memos is independent of whether the events
        described occurred or not. -liberal]
        \_ Your last sentence there is probably the most interesting.  To
           be frank, I'm pretty sure that Bush got special treatment.
           Kerry did to, so no real biggie there.  However, none of
           that justifies pathetic forgeries. -conservative
           \_ Kerry was a really smart Yale guy who leveraged that and his
              connections into becoming a swift boat captain.
           \_ Kerry was a smart, accomplished Yale guy who leveraged that and
              his connections into becoming a swift boat captain.
              Dubya was a frat president jokester at Yale with below-average
              or average grades who leveraged his connections into getting
              OUT of the war into the Texas Air National Guard.
              This should be supremely obvious to everyone, regardless of
              political viewpoint.
2004/9/14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33516 Activity:moderate 50%like:35981
9/13    How can I get grep to serach for the characters '--' or '->'
        (without the single quotes)? grep '--' * doesn't work. Thanks.
        \- egrep -e  '<expression>'  --psb
        \_ grep -- '--' *
           (the first -- indicates the end of the list of options)
2004/9/14 [Reference/Tax, Finance/Investment] UID:33517 Activity:very high
9/14    For people working for UC: Is the 457(b) a complete no brainer
        investment like the 401k/403b, i.e. everybody should max it out,
        or is it more nuanced? [I am a Bay Area renter without a mortgage
        or any debt, so this would not cause a cash flow problem ... and
        I would like to reduce my tax liability.]
        \_ My financial advisor told me to max out both 403b and 457b. So if
           you have the cash, do it.
           \_ Max out?  That's $26,000 a year!
        \_ It's not a complete no-brainer; there is a $45/year fee, and you
           can't get at the money while you still work for UC (though that's
           less restrictive than the 403b).  If you're going to use it, it
           probably makes sense to put a significant amount of money into it,
           just to reduce the fee on a percentage basis.  -tom
        \_ Plus, at least for 2004, you can only go into the uc-managed funds,
           which definitely have limitations.  Yes, you immediately profit
           (from the taxes you don't have to pay now), but to get into the
           fidelity funds you need to wait until at least July 2005.
           \_ If your salary is over $100k, the tax savings more than
              offsets the management fee, right?  Only being able to choose
              from UC managed funds does not seem like a significant limitation
              to me.  Especially siince your comparable 403b can be moved.
              I dont understand the "Max out?" comment. -op
2004/9/14 [Computer/SW, Academia/GradSchool, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:33518 Activity:high
9/14    I've tried to contact a grad student about some of his work, but my
        email hasn't been responded to.  Anyone know Jordan Smith?  I'm
        interested in his work here:
        If he's got a paper out on this or source code available I'd love to
        see it.  Anyone know him?
2004/9/14 [Uncategorized] UID:33519 Activity:nil
9/14    Gee, lots of hurricanes this year.  Climate change, anyone?
        \_ Gee, predict trends from small data sample often?
           \_ I predict he does it all the time. -!op
2004/9/14 [Politics/Foreign] UID:33520 Activity:nil
9/14    From the Irony is Dead department,
        Powell concerned by Putin's political changes for terror fight:
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33521 Activity:high
9/14    So, could the guy who forged the Bush memos go to jail?  Is there
        any indication that Kerry was involved?
        \_ Go to jail?  For what?
           \_ That's what I'm curious about.  He forged a guys signature,
              and faked military documents.  I that a crime, or is it just
              considered a hoax?
        \_ Wait, do you have any proof they were forged?
              DITTO DITTO DITTO!!!
        \_ I give it even odds they were forged or not.
           I give it even odds some freeper did it instead of a lefty wacko.
2004/9/14-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:33522 Activity:nil
9/14    What's the episode of ATHF where Meatwad is watching a TV show that has
        a song: "This is you left and that's your left.  This is your right and
        that's your right.  You're gonna die!"
        \_ Sounds like Video Ouija. Tell me more and I can ID it --aaron
        \_ The Cloning
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/911, Reference/Military] UID:33523 Activity:nil
9/14    I like this quote from the dailycal (About the assualt weapon ban:
        "The 10-year-old law, a major achievement of Sen. Dianne
         Feinstein, D-Calif., outlawed the types of weapons used in the
         2000 Columbine High School shooting." 2000 < 10 years ago...
        \_ were the weapons used in the columbine high school
           shootings legally obtained or not?
           \_ Or... maybe they were >10 years old.
        \_ Next on CNN: Sen. Feinstein (D) proposes to prevent another
           9/11-style terrorist attack by outlawing airplanes.
           \_ When airplanes are outlawed, only outlaws will have airplanes.
        \_ We should get right to the heart of the matter and outlaw all
           criminal behavior.  Then only criminals will commit crimes.
        \_ Are you trying to suggest the ban is a bad idea because it did not
           prevent all of the banned weapons from being used?  People are still
           being murdered, maybe we should repeal murder laws.
        \_ It's kind of like stopping terrorism.  You don't really notice how
           many terrorist acts have been preempted from happening.  Similarly,
           you don't notice how many Columbine like incidents have been
           prevented by the "assault" weapon ban.
                \_ it's like sysadm. You don't know how good the sysadms are
                   until your machines crash.   -underappreciated sysadm
        \_ The pubbies are letting the assault weapons ban lapse so that
           "If America shows uncertainty and weakness in this decade, the
           world will drift toward tragedy." -GW Bush
           (nevermind you will need to go out of CA state to get some ...)
2004/9/14 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:33524 Activity:nil
9/14    Someone's selectively pruning.  Stop that.
        \_ Stop nuking, asshole. -!pruner
        \_ Stop being an asshole, pruner.
        \_ Prunes are tasty.
           \_ Assholes are a relevant topic then.
              \_ Dead threads were pruned.  What is your problem other than
                 having a 4.77mhz brain?
                 \_ Bad command or file name.
              \_ You like stuffing prunes into your asshole?  What wild sex!
        \_ blame ilyas and tom
2004/9/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:33525 Activity:moderate
9/14    What do you think about the Ren Faire?
        \_ I would love to hit an SCA person with a sword.  But I wouldn't want
           to have to join SCA to do it.
        \_ I think it is silly, harmless fun. Why, what do you
           you think about the Ren Faire?
           \_ Too many fat people. -!op
              \_ all the non-fat people are shagging each other.
           \_ I've never been to one.  that's why I am asking. -op
              \_ It's worth trying at least once.  Try to go with people who
                 have gone before or, better yet, regulars.

9/-1    Is
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:33526 Activity:high
9/14    "Is Israel 'Swing State' That Could Tip U.S. Election?" (Yahoo! News)
        "Many say their choice will be guided more by whether they think Bush
        or Kerry will best serve Israel's interests than by the candidates'
        stand on taxes and other domestic issues."  I think any citizens who
        put another country/region's interests (be it Israel, Palestine, China,
        Taiwan, ...) before US interest should have their citizenship stripped.
        \_ Go back to China, troll.
           \_ HUH? Where the hell have you been in the past 50 years?
              Do you think you'll get ANYWHERE politically if you dare
              to challenge Israel? No one will be the president of the
              United States unless they support what Israel does, period.
              Wake up idiot.
              \_ No president in the past 30-50 years has ever dared to say
                 anything seriously bad about Israel. All they ever do is
                 "Oh please don't do that".
                 \_ After they whacked Kennedy for his ultimatum on
                    Israel's nuke program, would you say boo? We're
                    they're bitches.
                 \_ J00s 0wn0rz j00!
                 \_ So rather than calling Israel the 51st US State, we
                    should really call US the 7th Israeli District.  And Sharon
                    is actually not Dubya's son, but father.
                    \- hello you may wish to read:
                       which is a book on the israeli lobby in the US by
                       fmr congressman. --psb
2004/9/14 [Reference/Military] UID:33527 Activity:insanely high
9/14    Is America becoming more like Texas since Bush came to power?
        Except Californians should have stylish, never-fired full-auto
        weapons in a hidden pop-up mount above the driver's side door of
        their Lexus SUVs -- not rusty hunting rifles and pump shotguns on a
        gauche gun rack of a 20-year-old pickup truck.  The Bay Area
        syadmins can have .50 cal desert eagles with laser sight and scope
        on a holster in their cube.  What do you think?
        \_ Desert eagle = teh suk.
           \_ I don't know that I'd got that far, but there are certainly
              better guns out there.
           \_ They do indeed suck. - *owned* one. Only liked Golden Sabre
              not it's own IMI JHP.
           \_ I like it in Max Payne
        \_ If my sysadmin brought a gun to work, I'd have him escorted
           out by the police.
           \_ Why do you hate the 2nd amendment?
              \_ I'm not the pp, but I've worked with armed people who
                 were *really* into guns, and have no problem with it;
                 none of them were sysadmins.  If a *sysadmin* showed up
                 with a gun I'd call the police or get my own gun.
           \_ unless you own the business or are charged with such duties
              by your employer, you should really stfu.
                \_ why should he?  what glorious place to do you work
                   at where it is acceptable to show up armed? - danh
                   \_ Don't quote me on this, but I believe anyone with
                      a CCW (CA grants them) can take a gun to work,
                      unless there are explicit building prohibitions
                      (or its a federal building).  So the answer is:
                      almost any place where people work, probably
                      including where you work. -- ilyas
                      \_ While technically this may be true, most companies
                         have strict policy against this.  They may not be
                         able to prosecute you criminally, but they can still
                         fire your ass and have you escorted from the premises.
                      \_ you "work" at UCLA don't you?  so you lose.
                         \_ And, unlike Diane Feinstein, I don't have
                            a CCW. -- ilyas
                \_ if my coworker or boss had been armed at my last job,
                   someone definitely would have died. - danh
                \_ An armed employee without license to carry said arms
                   is in violation of the law in most states.  As such,
                   it would be obstruction of justice not to report the
                   psycho and have him removed.
                   \_ where did "without license" come into play here?
                      \_ Sorry, so you're suggesting a scenario based on
                         the heretofore nonexistent premise that anyone can
                         carry/display a gun outside of one's own home?
                         \_ Pansy liberal. Once you own a gun, you'll
                            understand. You'll want to carry it everywhere
                            to maximize your investment, and feel its cool,
                            reassuring metal against your skin. Make sure
                            everyone knows you have the gun, otherwise they
                            won't give you the respect you deserve.
                            \_ I love this comment. Thank you MOTD! --aaron
                            \_ Cue SLEDGE HAMMER! theme.
                            \_ You already get the respect you deserve, you
                               pathetic worm.  A gun's not going to make a
                               man out of you.  Your mother should have
                               drowned you at birth.  Your father was right
                               to say you'll never amount to anything. Prove
                               me wrong, pussy! I'll be waiting for you on
                               lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC.
                               I'll be the one getting out of the helicopter.
                                \_ Boy, you're almost as eloquent as the
                                   genius who said he'd get me "kicked out of
                                   the city" if I lived in his neighborhood,
                                   because I stood by the fact that I tend
                                   to speed.  By the way, I'm going shooting
                                   tomorrow afternoon.  -John
                                   \_ Absolutely capital, John.  Try not to
                                      shoot your sense of humor off-- oh,
                                      wait, you don't _have_ a sense of
                \_ that's nice.  do you bring your gun to work?  no you
                   do not.  now fuck off.
                                   \_ I think you've been trolled.
                                        \_ And it was worth every penny -John
                   \_ ahem.. jkh.. ahem..
                \_ I'm not sure where to inject some sense into this
                   mess, but I think the point being made is that carrying
                   of firearms (except on school campuses) in a business
                   (or a private home for that matter) is up to the owner
                   of said home of business.  But far be it from me to
                   know the minds of others -Jon
                   \_ In a few jobs, it is reasonable to carry a gun to
                      work: Dude ranch guide, wildcatter, back country
                      guide, even 7-11 clerk. But if you carry a gun to
                      your white collar office job, you are going to be
                      seen as a dangerous maniac by your co-workers.
                      \_ again, a matter for your employer to decide.
                         granted, you shouldn't make the decision for
                         your employer by bringing it without discussion.
                         where is your brain?
2004/9/14 [Recreation/Media, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33528 Activity:nil
9/14    WaPo defends CBS and Killian memo.  Not.
2004/9/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:33529 Activity:high
        And you thought the US was bad
        China executes 4 for bank fraud
        \_ So? There are a lot of people here that I think should
           get executed. Go China! One less scumbag to worry about.
           \_ Execute the Enron guys!
        \_ Scumbags needs to be executed, just like all those fuckers
           in Oakland that shots people on the street. Before you
           start loud mouthing about China executing people, I challenge
           you to go to ANY major city in the US at the middle of the
           night, and then do the same in China.
           \_ Don't be absurd -- I've been out at the wee hours in many us
              cities and have never been shot at or mugged.  I'm sorry Mr
              Chicom Troll, but your hatred of the us hasn't made our urban
              areas into war zones.
                \_ yea, we know kokomo, indiana is safe at night.
                   \_ And that's relevant, how?  -4 hp for poor reading
                      comprehension and analytical skills, grasshopper.  Train
                      \_ NOOO!  It's INT, not HP!!!
                         \_ The point isn't to make him stupider; it's about
                            cleaning up the genepool.
                         \_ He's already got a low enough INT.
                            \_ while the challenge is kind of dumb, the
                               poster does make a point.
                               \_ No he doesn't.  He creates a strawman with
                                  a specious example applied with no context.
                               \_ is the INT low enough that he's a moron,
                                  an imbecile, or an idiot?
                                  \_ Yes.
           \_ I am not afraid to go out at night, I have my AK47 now!!
           \_ I accept the challenge.  I was in Beijing one night and a
              cab driver tried to take advantage of my gf and I by driving
              through unbelievably sketchy, unpaved back alleys.  Only
              when he realized I was about to hit him in the back of the
              head did he "suddenly" find a major road and we got out.
                \_ yea, my beijing ex-roommate and best buddy says
                   beijing is pretty bad these days.  otoh, stealing
                   people's money is bad, and without a safety net
                   like in the US, poverty can make life very difficult
                   or even impossible.
                \_ What's wrong for taking a short cut?
            \_ nothing wrong with the cabbies in Beijing, unless you
               are from shanghai... I'm in Beijing now - have been
               here several times - never had an issue with the
               drivers.  Had one start chatting to me about Taiwan and
               all, but nothing offensive.  Perhaps it would behoove
               you to carry a map of Beijing and learn a tad of
               mandarin next time you come?
2004/9/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:33530 Activity:low
9/14    Election trolls are boring, let's talk about Israel!
        What will happen to the settler movement if they
        pull off their threat to assassinate Sharon?
        \_ why not talk about the election AND Israel...
           see "Is Israel a swing state" link below...
        \_ I read somewhere that there are about 2000 families basically
           holding the rest of the country hostage.  A lot of Israelis I've
           spoken to expressed a great deal of anger and frustration with the
           militant fringe and with the orthodox population at large--while
           in favor of securing the country against mad bombers, they didn't
           like having the nutcases speak for them.  If the settlers did
           whack Sharon, I wouldn't be surprised to see a certain wall
           suddenly take small detours, putting various settlements on the
           Palestinian side... -John
2004/9/14-15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:33531 Activity:nil
9/14    Why are there a crapload of sendmail processes?  Is someone using
        soda to send spam?
        \_ Just a WAG, but hundreds of users having mail forwarded?
2004/9/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:33532 Activity:moderate
9/14    Another day, another critical Windows vulnerability:
        Buffer overflow in JPEG reading code could lead to arbitrary code
        execution, crying baby Jesus.,aid,117776,00.asp
        \_ Don't worry, the attacker would have to persuade the user to
           open a jpg!  How likely is that?
           \_ email worm in 3, 2, 1...
        \_ if only they would hire more permanent engineers instead
        of contractors who dont give a rats ass...

9/e     Shit
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33533 Activity:nil
9/14    Killian's secretary talks to DRUDGE
        "I typed memos that had this information in them, but I did not type
        these memos. ... The information in these memos is correct." ...
        Knox speculated as to how she thought the forgeries were created
        saying, "My guess is that someone in the outfit got hold of the real
        ones and discussed it with a former Army person." ...
        Knox told the DRUDGE REPORT that she did not vote for Bush in 2000
        because he is 'unqualified' for the job, and does not intend to vote
        for him in 2004, either. ...
        "Bush was not the only person of privilege who had a spot in the Guard.
        Senator [Lloyd] Bensen's nephew was in headquarters. There was a big
        jewelery store, Gordons. Their son was in the Guard. The owner of
        Batelstein's, a posh department store in the area, his son was in.
        The other kids couldn't get in like that. Hugh Roy Cullen's grandson
        was also in. He was a big oil man."
        Knox, however, did have some kind words about then Lt. Bush. "[Bush]
        was always pleasant and gentlemanly to me," she said. "I never noticed
        him not being respectful. I thought he was a nice young man and that he
        must have had very nice parents to produce a son as nice as he seemed
        to be." ...
        Ms. Knox states emphatically that she is not acting for political
        motives, and has no formal relationship with any political party. She
        says she just wants to set the record straight.
        \_ I don't think I buy that some Army person got ahold of the
           originals are rewrote them.  That doesn't really make sense.
           Seems more likely to me that some Kerry supporters just wrote
           them, and since the info was true, the forgeries loosely
           corrospond with what she actually wrote 30 yrs ago.
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33534 Activity:nil
9/14    AP Uses Fake SEAL to Back Kerry, Slam Bush
        MSM caught lying again.,50
        \_ See, there's no point in censoring you when you post laughable
           crap from  Let me see if I can find a Mother
           Jones link to keep you similarly entertained.
           Here you go:
           Repubs gerrymander San Diego district! pimp for Military-
           Industrial Complex!  All liars and crooks!
           \_ Well freerepublic broke the false ANG story.  Authentiseal
              says this guys muslim name and original name do not
              exist in their database.  Believe what you want, the guy
              or AP author lied.  SEALs take frauds very seriously.
                \_ so why haven't they beaten up jesse ventura? - danh
                   \_ visit their sites.
        \_ So, the guy may or may not be a SEAL, but, the evidence is
           inconclusive.  He claims to have changed his name since he
           served, and as it says in the SEAL response, if he's changed
           his name the search is meaningless.  -motd conservitive
2004/9/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33535 Activity:insanely high
9/14    How anonymous is motd? I'm asking because I'd like to post a few
        deep secrets but I don't want to be exposed. Thanks.    -newbie
        \_ there are various ways to spy on the motd, but they are all
           demonstrably unreliable.  someone may jump up and down and claim
           they know who you are, but they are probably full of shit and
           everyone knows it.
        \_ Your anonymity is virtually guaranteed!
           Now out with it.
        \_ 1) Don't use motdedit
           2) Launch an editor
           3) Open motd from inside editor (not as a command line argument to
              your editor).
           4) Write your change to the motd and leave your editor open--but do
              not background the editor for several minutes.
           \_ This works, but would put you in the relatively small group of
              active (non-idle) users at the time of the change.  Another way
              is to logout and scp the changes over- your scp session will show
              up in a ps for a very brief period of time, but if nobody catches
              that you're not even a suspect.  A third method is to constantly
              keep an editor open and semi active (use screen), which gives you
              plausible deniability.
        \_ It is fairly trivial to track MOTD edits with a high degree of
           \_ That's NOT the way to get him/her to spill the beans!
              What's the matter with you?!
           \_ Hasn't been my experience-- unless you're hacking in at the
              filesystem level, it's difficult to tie the file-write to a list
              of likely suspects: those that have the file open for writing (fstat)
              active users (ps), etc.  You can probably narrow it down to < 20
              users, but not down to 1, not for every commit.
              of likely suspects: those that have the file open for writing
              (fstat) active users (ps), etc.  You can probably narrow it
              down to < 20 users, but not down to 1, not for every commit.
              \_ Out of every 20 posts people accuse me of making, I maybe
                 actually make 1.  -- ilyas
                 \_ Hi ilyas!...oh wait...damn.
        \_ thanks for the response. My secret is this. Karen the
           current csua pres is hot... skinny body, clean face, and
           nice knockers [for an engineering Asian girl]. She is
           pretty much the only reason for living, for going to Soda
           hall.           Whew, what a relief              -newbie
           \_ Hell, what's the big deal?  A little wordsmithing and you
              could say that (essentially) right to her face.  You could
              have walled this:  "Hey, the current CSUA pres is really
              beautiful.  Clear complexion, slender, well-proportioned."
              Even if it got back to her, with your name attached, I think
              you'd have been all right.
           \_ That's no secret.  Everyone whose been at the CSUA in the
              last 2 years knows that.
              \_ So, was all of this thread a ploy to bust the next politburo
                 meeting attendance?
           \_ Any pix? --remote alum too far from Berkeley
              \_ I second that.
                 \_ Me third.  PIX PLEASE!!
           \_ No idea who she is, but I'm glad she's keeping the soda geeks
              entertained.  I am somewhat surprised that the karen login has
              been unclaimed for so many years.
              \_ Maybe it was reassigned by presidential order. But I'm
                 sure she gets a ton of spam.
                 \_ No, that's been her address since she joined.  It was
                    just open.  Evidence of how many girls we have in the
                    CSUA I suppose.
                      \_ WTH, there are GIRLS in the CSUA now???
        \_ Hey newbie, how did you come to know of the motd?  They no
           longer have it display automatically on login for new users.  I
           assumed this was killing the influx of newbies.
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