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2004/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:33484 Activity:low
9/12    Ilyas probably loves the fact that misha is gay like Tchaikovsky and
        likes to listen to Rachmaninoff.
        \_ wtf? you = teh gay.
2004/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:33485 Activity:nil
9/12     [Hero thread deleted due to spoliers.  Use an external file.]
2004/9/13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33486 Activity:very high
9/12    I watched this Asian movie and it was fun and exciting (name
        of the movie deleted because of spoiler-ness). But seriously,
        is it really based on a real story? How many defeated nations in
        the history of mankind involve children trained by bitter
        adults for the rest of their lives just to assassinate the
        ruler? Would YOU train 20 years for a special skill for a one
        way death mission? I wouldn't.
        \_ sheesh, look at the middle east, it's all they do
        \_ I don't think it's a question of if YOU would train for 20
           years, I think it's more of if you would have someone else
           train for 20 years.  After all, when they start training they
           have no free will (too young) and when they're old enough they
           are thoughly indoctrinated.
        \_ Some of us train for 20 years in esoteric skills that we
           often come to despise just for a meaningless diploma and
           (sometimes) the opportunity to work in a mind-numbingly
           dull profession.
            \_ 20 years of schoolin' and they put you on the day shift...-BD
        \_ prediction for the next 20 years. Thousands of fatherless
           children of the Afghan/Iraqi war are now trained for one
           thing-- revenge. Expect a lot of shit to happen from now.
        \_ bitter adults? Let's see how bitter you will be when you get
           \_ doubtful. The homeless/fatherless Iraqi childern will be so
              hooked on McD, Burger King, Bay Watch, NBA, football, and
              beer that they'll have no motivation for revenge.
              \_ I am unaware of a foreign business doing business
                 in Iraq not directly related to the cleanup effort.
                 are you?
              \_ They already have Baywatch.  It's really popular there.
                 \_ "Hey Mom, those women can bounce two balls with no hands!"
                 \_ Son of the Beach > Baywatch
              \_ If you believe this, then you deserve to be nuked/bombed.
              \_ Why don't I go shoot your father and see if you have any
                 motivations. oh wait, you want him dead, never mind...
2004/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:33487 Activity:kinda low
9/12    Curious, what is the % of Asians in the US, and what % of that
        lives in Californa, or west coast in general?
2004/9/13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:33489 Activity:nil
9/12    I need to get a car stereo with a cassette player only (no CD).
        Back in the day, Alpine was a good brand. Is that still the case?
        Anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks.
        \_ May I ask why you want a cassete player?  If it's to take an
           external input (iPod?) there are stereos with a line-in, which works
2004/9/13 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:33490 Activity:kinda low
9/13    The 4 Stages of 9-11:  Democrat v. Republican
        \_ The four stages of Ted Rall.
           1) I am so smart
           2) Pubbies are so stupid
           3) I draw great art
           4) Profit!!!
           \_ I challenge you on 3).
        \_ My O'Reilly-watching younger brother actually mirrors the Republican
           caricature pretty well.  When I showed him the
           video of the reporter blowing up, he said:  "Is he from al-Jazeera?
           Good!"  He routinely makes "kill all of them" statements. -op
2004/9/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33491 Activity:low
9/13    Are there any off-the-shelf DRM solutions?  A friend of mine wants to
        license his motivational material such that end-users will be able to
        copy as many audio CDs as they have licenses, but will be prevented
        from making more copies. I understand that no system is perfect;
        he just wants something that will discourage less savvy users.
        \- No. He must find new ways to motivate them. --parth vader
        \_ You may remember me from such self-help videos as "Smoke Yourself
           Thin" and "Get Confident, Stupid!"
        \_ Point your friend toward non-technological tools to reduce
           unwanted copying.  Donate some of the profits to a relevant charity.
           Include a small, unobtrusive, disclaimer at the end of each album
           explaining what he does and that he supports himself this way.
           Include a bit of text that encourages sharing, "but if you like it
           please consider buying another copy as a gift for a friend."
           Remind him that most of his customers are good people and will remain
           so until he pisses them off.
2004/9/13-14 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:33492 Activity:moderate
9/13    Curious, after WW2 were there any retaliatory attempts by pissed
        off German/Japanese on Americans?
        \_ there were minor ones from fanatical SS officers who just wouldn't
           die and go away in Germany, look up "Germany"
           "ww2" "werewolves".  they weren't very effective - danh
        \_ People back then were simpler minded.  Even if they wanted to
           retaliate, technics for mass destruction by individuals and
           media needed for the public fear effects weren't avilable.
           \_ I do believe Japanese hated Americans for the atomic bombs for
              a long time.
                \_ and yet I wonder why there hasn't been a single case of
                   Japanese suicide bombers in a major American city. I mean,
                   who could resist 99 hot azn virgins in the Heaven?
                   \_ Oh, hot azn virgins.  My pant's getting tight.
2004/9/13 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:33493 Activity:high
        fucking little bush.
        \- things like the steel trarrifs were not "flipflops" they were
           far worse. that particular case was cynical vote mongering ...
           burying principle for electorial votes. in re: flipflopping
           over changing circumstances, as JM Keynes said: "When the facts
           change, I change my mind -- What do you do, sir?" Another good
           Keynes quote: "Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite
           exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves
           of some defunct economist." --psb
           \_ Also note that changing your mind based on changing facts is
              different from denying facts while making your decision, then
              changing your mind when your polls drop.
           \_ If America shows uncertainty and weakness in this decade, the
              world will drift toward tragedy. -GW Bush
           \_ cf. letting the ban on assault weapons lapse to gain the NRA
              endorsement.  "I support the ban," the President said.
2004/9/13-14 [Computer/HW/Languages] UID:33494 Activity:low
9/13    What's the industry standard (if any) VHDL simulation program?
        ie, the photoshop for image editing.... thanks.
        \_ It really depends on what you want to do.  The short-short
           answer is don't use VHDL.  If you must, then it depends on what
           you're trying to do.  FPGA guys are big on Modeltech, I hear.
           For ASIC types, it's the usual VCS and NC.  NC used to have
           the better VHDL/verilog cosim.  Not sure what the state of
           the art is now, since I haven't shopped for simulators for
           a few years.
           \_ I need it for a class. What are some well known and easy
              to use programs for writing code in vhdl? My professor
              is using a demo version of some software from ages ago..
              \_ emacs vhdl major mode
              \_ I think modelsim comes with an editor. It's probably the
                 easiest simulator for a single user too.
2004/9/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:33495 Activity:nil
9/13    Not quite the Kenworth Pilgrimage, but close:
2004/9/13 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:33496 Activity:nil
9/12     - totally cool house!
2004/9/13 [Computer/HW/CPU, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:33497 Activity:nil
9/12    I don't play games but I want to play Beyond Good and Evil. I seek
        people's opinions as to the cheapest way to do this. I own no console
        and my computer has only the standar-issue graphics card.
        \_ What's your CPU and RAM?  Do you have an AGP slot?
           \_ 1998 HP Pavillion. 199 MHz. 128M RAM. Yes - The old
              fashioned kind.
              \_ No such thing.  The Pentium II started at 233 MHz.  Oh, and
                 there's a difference between Hertz and MegaHertz.
              \_ You'll either need to buy a console or get an all-new system.
                 6 years is long enough for an upgrade anyway.
                 \_ OK. But would it be better to buy a used PS2 or Xbox,
                     instead? That's what I'm asking, really. -OP
                    \_ If you're ONLY concern is to play the game as cheaply as
                       possible, then buy (or rent from Blockbuster) a used
                       console.  The graphical quality will be best on a PC
                       with a DirectX-9.0 video card, but that will be a lot
                       more money.  If my system was 6 years old I'd upgrade
                       for a lot of reasons, but your priorities may vary.

                       \_ Thx. It actually hadn't occurred to me that I can
                          rent consoles. That's what I'm going to soon
                          as the wife goes out for awhile.
                     \_ New ones are ~$150, aren't they?  You can also rent
                        them from some video stores.
                     \_ Why don't you just look and see? They're the same
                        price new. I'd pick based on if you think there are
                        any other games of interest. But, Xbox is capable of
                        better graphics, which might be better in BG&E.
                        \_ As above, thank you both. These were useful answers.
2004/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:33498 Activity:very high
9/12    Favorite snacking cheese?
        (This is more of a survey because I just rediscovered Fontina and am
         wondering what others I have ignored)
        \_ Sory, don't have a spaceship.
        Sharp cheddar: .
        Tillamook medium cheddar: .
        Stilton: .
        Belly-button: .
        Smoked Gouda: .
        Lunchables: .
        Baby swiss: .
        Cotswold: .
        Parmesan with balsamic vinegar: . .
        Laughing Cow triangular shaped cheese: .
        \_ Do you mean the one from France?  That tastes good.
        \_ The lite ones are awesome.  Never tasted a better 35 calories.
        Brie: .
        Cambozola: --psb
2004/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:33499 Activity:high
9/13    Anyone find images of the suspicious N.Korea cloud?
        \_ That Li'l John guy said it was a hydroelectric cloud.  That's good
           enough for me.  There's no reason to suspect he might have weapons.
           Let's give him more time.  -W
2004/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:33500 Activity:high
9/13    This might be the very definition of futility, but can anybody name
        that male standup comic with long hippy hair, sunglasses like Hyde from
        That 70s Show, and weird, stoned-to-deadpan delivery?
        \_ Steven Wright?
           \_ No, this is a young guy, with straight blondish/ginger hair.
        \_ Ah... it's Mitch Hedberg.
           "I used to do drugs - I still do, but I used to as well." - op
2004/9/13 [Health] UID:33501 Activity:high
9/13    NYT: "Canada Looks for Ways to Fix Its Health Care System"
        \_ One patient who went to the emergency ward recently, Crystal
           Bentley, 22, complained of cysts behind her ears. She said she
           would prefer to see her family doctor but would have to wait
           in his office for hours. She said she went to the hospital
           because the emergency room was faster.
           "Seeing a doctor and not having to pay is phenomenal," she said.
           Shessh.  And they wonder why the doctors are overworked.
           Tragety of the Commons anyone?
           \_ the idea is not to have universal health care but
              universal health INSURANCE, with high deductibles and
              copay until a significantly high limit is reached.
              This would reduce abuse.
              \_ Hey, I'd *love* that personally right now.  Problem is, I
                 can't buy a plan like that.
                 \_ Why not? They are available for sale.
              \_ Limit it to a percentage of estimated yearly income.
              \_ I understand this basic priciple.  I curious, do you
                 think there should still be private insurance companies
                 in that system?  And if you belonged to a private
                 insurance company, you wouldn't pay for the government
                 one?  How does this stack up against the great money hole
                 that is MediCare?
                 \_ Mostly, I am just thinking in terms of what should
                    be done if we want universal health insurance.  The
                    important thing is to make it such that market
                    forces still play a role for the patients, the doctors,
                    hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, etc.
                    Generally speaking, I think there should still be
                    private insurance companies providing additional
                    benefits at additional costs, but I haven't
                    thought through the details yet.
        \_ "...elective surgery like hip replacements."
        \_ Has anybody else tried a plan like Lumenos?  They basically put $1000
           per year into my account (which rolls over year to year) which I
           can use or save as I see fit.  If I ever deplete my account,
           there's an $800 "bridge" for which I'm responsible, and then the plan
           functions much like a PPO, mostly 80%/20%, up to $2500/year.  I can
           choose any doctor I want, even chiropractors, no copays or anything
           like that.  My company seems to like it, as they're increasing
           the incentives to switch to this plan.  The front office nurses never
           seem to know about it, but one even exclaimed "no shit?" in front of
           her boss because she liked the idea.
        \_ The Canadian system is still better than the American system
           on every measurable deliverable. They spend 2/3 as much as a
           percentage of GDP and get better or comparable results. The
           problems mentioned in that article are all more severe in
           the United States: rural doctor shortages, long lines at
           ERs and drop in clinics and a shortage of primary care
           \_ You need to acknowledge that the U.S. does not have Canadian-
              style taxation.  You get what you pay for.  (Everyone pays for
              universal health care in Canada; the problem is long waits and
              lack of family doctors in small-town areas.  In the U.S., people
              pay less taxes; the problem is lots of poor and middle-income
              people who can't afford any health care.) -liberal
              \_ There are doctor shortages in rural US areas too.
              \_ "Liberal"?
                 \_ There, I expanded my post for you.  Basically, if you say
                    "The Canadian health care system is great!", you need
                    to say, "It will cost you", too.
                    \_ The Canadian system will cost you less than the US
                       system.  The difference is the canadisn system is paid
                       for by taxes, not by HMO premiums.
                 \_ He meant to say "libertarian" but misspelled it.
           \_ I have no personal experience with the Canadian.  Say I am a
              random Joe working some average office job with health insurance
              at an HMO.  How would the Canadian system serve me better?
              \_ One problem is how much the health insurance is costing
                 the companies, and the cost continues to rise fast.
                 recently someone posted a link to an article saying
                 that many companies are curtailing hiring because of
                 the high cost of health insurance.  it could also
                 potentially make US companies less competitive.
                 Personally, I also find dealing with HMOs, etc.,
                 being forced to switch insurance (and doctors) when
                 changing jobs, dealing with the HMO bureacracy (not
                 paying my doctor for a few months, for instance), etc.
                 a big pain.
2004/9/13 [Science, Science/Electric] UID:33502 Activity:nil
9/13    Superscript and kerning from an "expert".  Notice the cute "I don't
        like Bush" "disclaimer" to excuse this packet of lies...
        \_ You don't need to even read that URL.  Just see the blog entry
           three threads down.  At least one memo is probably fake.
           Don't be a dumb liberal!
2004/9/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:33503 Activity:low
9/13    Not sure if this is old, but here is W singing Sunday Bloody
        \_ You might enjoy Read My Lips:
           (There's a more complete list somewhere, but I can't find it) -John
2004/9/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33504 Activity:high
9/13    Won't a terrorist attack backfire?  It may unite the country
        behind the current administration
        \_ i'd rather vote Kerry and let the United Nations take care of us
           \_ Poster is incredibly stupid.
        \_ but it will make Osama look /<-rad!
        \_ If Osama and co had an opinion, they would WANT 4 more years
           of Bush.  "The one indespensible ally for Osama bin Laden is
           US Foreign policy."  From _Imperial Hubris_.
           \_ Yes. Things have gone so well for Al Qaeda since 9/11.
              \_ Have you been asleep?  Sure, they lost an ally in the Taliban,
                 but they now have unrivalled support in Iraq, they're making
                 headway back into Afghanistan, and they're swamped with new
                 recruits. Oh, and the US pulled out of Saudi Arabia. Things
                 are looking pretty sweet for AQ these days.
              \_ Read the 9/11 report.  AQ is no longer an organization as
                 such, but a philosophy and an inspiration.  We are
                 k-screwed, even if we do kill Bin Ladin.
2004/9/13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, ERROR, uid:33505, category id '18005#7.99559' has no name! , ] UID:33505 Activity:nil
9/13    At least one of the memos is MS Word generated.  Look here: (blog, and downloadable Word doc)
        You will find the Word doc was created using all the default settings,
        with word wrapping occurring precisely where they do in the CBS News
        documents.  Don't be a dumb liberal. -smart liberal
        \_ Don't be a tool:
           At least one of them could not have been generated by
           a computer, with the funny "e"s moving up and
           down the middle of various words. -real liberal, not fake "liberal"
           \_ You need to acknowledge that at least one document (the one
              discussed in the URL) is probably fake.
        \_ In the original CBS document, some letters "float" above or
           below the baseline. For example, in the original document,
           lowercase 'e' is very frequently -- but not always -- above the
           baseline. Look at the word "interference", or even "me".
           Typewriters do this; computers don't. Granted, if you are
           comparing a lowercase 'e' that is only 10 or 12 pixels high
           with another lowercase 'e' that is only 10 or 12 pixels high,
           you're not going to see such subtleties. That doesn't prove the
           differences aren't there; it just proves you're an idiot, for
           making them each 12 pixels high and then saying "see, they
           almost match!"
           \_ Are you saying that the specific memo talked about in the URL
              is not fake?
              \_ That is correct. If you create a document using a font
                 with a typewriter and then reproduce it 30 years later
                 using a computer, they should look very much alike.
                 That is the whole point of having a font.
                 \_ I will only believe this if someone can come up with
                    a 1972 typewriter that outputs MS Word Times New Roman 12pt
                    exactly as in 19-May-1972.doc.
                    Please provide URL when you find evidence of this, and
                    exactly this.
                    Or ... if you can find a verified National Guard-related
                    document also from 1972 that shows the same style as
2004/9/13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33506 Activity:nil
9/13    This is incredible.  The press is now fabricating anti-Bush
        stories repeatedly.  First false "Clinton booing" at a rally,
        then the blatantly fake CBS documents, now this.
        AP stands by its story about anti-Bush SEAL
        \_ Well, not to meantion that's just a stupid think to print in
           the first place.
        \_ Your "blatantly fake" claim about the CBS documents isn't any more
           true the more you say it.  We have no way of knowing, and to claim
           you do is foolish.  As for the Clinton booing, the reporter made
           the report.  The recording of the speech doesn't have the booing.
           That doesn't mean there weren't people booing away from the mics...
           I'm not saying anybody booed, but i'd be surprised if no one did.
           Now I'll look for your new outrage on something OTHER than world
           net daily.
           \_ A cursory glance at the evidence concerning the memos shows
              they are false.  I can recreate the memos with Microsoft
              Word, overlay them, and they match perfectly.
              Your media sources have now resorted to fabricating lies in
              order to win a political campaign.  What a pathetic disgrace.
              \_ And you can do the same with a late 60's model IBM Selectric
                 Typewriter.  And CBS has not shown itself in any way as anti-
                 \_ No, it's theorized that you could, with a lot of work,
                    produce something kinda similar to what Word does
                    automatically.  Getting that that type of letter
                    spacing out of a seletric involved pulling a
                    little lever everytime you wanted the letters closer
                    together.  Almost no one ever did this.  It also
                    probably wouldn't be in the Word font either.
                    And what about the super scripts?  They're DEFINATLY
                    done Word style.  And what about the lack of page
                    indentations from the typewriter head and the
                    lack of cloth fibers from the Selectric's cloth
                    ribbon?  Have you ever used a typewriter?  You don't
                    seem to know anything about them.
                    \_ Some of the lines in the Killian memo were centered,
                       right?  I learned to type on an old typewriter, and
                       it's a pain to center a line.  And that's with a fixed
                       width font.  I imagine it's pretty painful trying to
                       center a proportional-spaced line on a typewriter.
                       In fact, how *do* you do that?  Does the alleged
                       typewriter have some special lever or switch to do it?
                       \_ I haven't seen the one with the centered line.
                          \_ for example,
                 \_ Has anyone done this experiment?  Get the correct period
                    typewriter (I assume there must a functional one some-
                    where) and try to reproduce the letter?  It'd be
                    instructive to see how much of a task it would be.
                    \_ There is one thing about the memos that a period
                       typewriter at all, and that is to make the super-
                       script 'th' in 4th:
                       Also as the article says, Times New Roman was not
                       licensed for use by anyone other than the Times of
                       London till the 80s so it is not possible for a
                       60s era typewriter to produce the memo in question.
                       \_ False. IBM was using it since the 50s.
                          \_ URL please.
        \_ You are right, it is "incredible." Your source has no
           credibility, neither do you.
        \_ Courier's vanquisher was Times New Roman, designed in
           1931 by Stanley Morison, Typographical Advisor to the
           Monotype Corporation, with the assistance of draughtsman
           Victor Lardent... (Ironically, at the same time
           IBM invited Frutiger to adapt Univers for the Selectric
           Typewriter, they asked Morison to do the same with Times New Roman.)
           [edited to retain point but remove unnecessary verbosity]
2004/9/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, ERROR, uid:33507, category id '18005#26.1328' has no name! , ] UID:33507 Activity:high
9/13 (
        fucking little bush.
        \- things like the steel trarrifs were not "flipflops" they were
           far worse. that particular case was cynical vote mongering ...
           burying principle for electorial votes. in re: flipflopping
           over changing circumstances, as JM Keynes said: "When the facts
           change, I change my mind -- What do you do, sir?" Another good
           Keynes quote: "Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite
           exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves
           of some defunct economist." --psb
           \_ Also note that changing your mind based on changing facts is
              different from denying facts while making your decision, then
              changing your mind when your polls drop.
           \_ If America shows uncertainty and weakness in this decade, the
              world will drift toward tragedy. -GW Bush
           \_ cf. letting the ban on assault weapons lapse to gain the NRA
              endorsement.  "I support the ban," the President said.
              \_ "I would sign it if Congress passes it" is not the same
                 as "I support it."
                 \_ (NYTimes article, abstract.)
                    He vowed to support the ban on assault weapons.
                    \_ yes, he vowed that, and then he didn't do anything to
                       support it.  Do you think Tom Delay would be saying
                       "it'll never come up for a vote" if Bush supported the
                       ban?  Don't be obtuse. -tom
                       \_ Speaking of obtuse, tom, my point is that GWB vowed
                          to support the ban on asssault weapons, has not
                          publicly reversed himself on that position, and yet
                          still won't push his fellow repubs to bring the
                          matter to a vote.  In other words, he's pimping
                          for votes.
2004/9/13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33508 Activity:nil
9/13    Amazing.  Iraq is completely gone to shit and all we can talk
        about is Swift Boat and fake memos.  This country deserves its shit
        media and its shit government. (
        \_ This is Karl Rove desperately trying to change the subject.
           \_ Yeah, Karl Rove made Mr. Rather stick his own foot into his
              mouth (next to Satan's dick)...
              \_ Lovely debate tactic, but this isn't  Come
                 back when you're ready to act like an adult.
                  \_ If that was a requirement for a soda account this would
                     be a lonely place.
        \_ Dubya actually said that Iraq being a shithole for U.S. troops
           is a good thing, since the enemy is preoccupied with us there and
           not busy blowing up the U.S.
           As for Swift Boat, a whole bunch of veterans who say Kerry is a liar
           is going to do something.
        \_ Why doesn't the media disclose the civilian body count in Iraq?
           Or in Afghanistan? If "freedom" means being bombed into the
           stone age, maybe living under the Saddam regime wasn't so bad
           after all.
2004/9/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33509 Activity:very high
9/13    Right Wing Nutjob Bloggers schooled by dailykos:
        \_ You know, I think both candidates are pretty much poor in this
           election, and I'd really like to think of myself as neutral in
           all the mudslinging. But Kerry supporters trying to pass this off
           as a legit memo is just irrational. Through this fantastic series
           of coincidences - some backwater base buys this super expensive
           typewriter to write memos, and some guy whose family says he could
           barely type uses proportional spacing in his memos, and the word
           wrapping and font just happen to be identical to what MS Word does
           on the default settings, etc. etc. ... sheesh. It's fake. Deal with
           it. Save your breath for an issue where you might have some
           \_ Yeah, go back to your hole, ya left-wing bleeding heart wannabe
              independent. If the memo was real you'd be all over it like a
              dog in heat trying to hump a dead tree stump. Fact is that the
              memo was from the Kerry campaign. Fact is that it was a blatant
              attempt by the Kerry folks to retaliate to swiftboat. Fact is
              that they failed miserably and now CBS and the Kerry boys have
              egg over all their collective faces because Kerry doesn't know
              how to hide his trail.
              \_ Speaking of slimy political maneuvering:
              \_ Did you read the article?  They refute every argument against
                 the memo's legitimacy.  Better get in a few more quick "just
                 give it up"s before your whole argument falls apart.
                 \_ Like I said, save your breath. "Falls apart". Hah. Would
                    you be willing to bet a Kerry presidency on those memos
                    being legitimate?
           \_ While the line wrapping is exact, the font is not, according
              to that URL.
              Also, the consensus now seems to be the IBM
              Executive typewriter, not the Selectric Composer.  The former
              is common; the latter is expensive and not.
     people are trying to get their hands on an
              Executive now.
              \_ Anyone know, how did line wrapping work on these electric
                 typewriters? Did people just guess where to hit the
                 carriage return or was there some better indication to avoid
                 going over the margin?
                 \_ I owned one a selectric--you could set mechanical tabs
                    which would either stop the carriage and not let you type
                    any more, or on some models do a CR/LF for you.  -John
                 The spacing is the most suspicious, including the centered
                 header on another memo (although it is actually not centered
                 but shifted over to the right by 1 tab).
        \_ This link unsatifactorily addresses two, yes only two, of
           the inconsistencies found in the memo.  The blog contains
           only information found earlier on the 'right wing nutjob'
           websites.  Another example, one of the Gen. referred to
           had retired 18 months prior to the memo.  There are 10
           or 15 more discrepancies.  So, try again.
        \_ As ex-Army, should realize that the abbreviations
           used in the memos reveal they were written by someone who was
           never in the military. He should know what a Form 180 is, and
           which candidates have and have NOT signed it.
2004/9/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:33510 Activity:nil
9/13    What is the deal with redhat using local7 for the boot.log ?
        I thought localX was supposed to be for me to use, not the system.
       (I've hardware that will only log to to local7 and it is annoying to
        have the boot stuff mixed up in there).  If i change initlog.conf
        to say local6, that will do the trick right?   Can I make that
        take effect without rebooting?
2004/9/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:33511 Activity:nil
9/13    Can someone find the education vs. party line correlation/statistic
        again? I lost it and can't find it on google. Thanks.

[ lib masturbatory fest gone ]
\_ so here we have proof that freepers are the ones censoring based on content.
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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