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2004/9/1 [Reference/Military] UID:33266 Activity:high
8/31             What's a gun nut?  Someone who believes owning a handgun is
                 a good idea?  -- ilyas
                 \_ you can own 20 guns and not be a gun nut.  you can hunt
                    and target shoot and not be a gun nut.  You can have a
                    gun you carry at all times for protection and not be a
                    gun nut.  A gun nut is someone who *believes* in
                    gun ownership as some sort of philosophical position,
                    not just because they want to kill deer, protect
                    themselves or practice their eye-hand coordination.
                    That's a gun nut.
                    \_ Oh man, I disagree with that.  You can *believe*,
                       as a philosophical position, that gun ownership is a
                       right.  It represents a freedom in this country
                       -- one right amongst many. The notion that believing
                       in something as a philosophical position makes you a
                       'nut' is absurd and belittling to anyone with an
                       education.  While there clearly *is* a line that
                       differentiates a person exercising a constitutionally
                       given right and someone that needs clinical help, your
                       vague definition clearly falls short of the mark.  -POC
                       \_ I think the PP was perhaps a bit harsh in his
                          definition, but I'd define a gun nut as someone who
                          values owning a gun in a way that goes beyond any
                          practical or legal uses for them.  People who believe
                          owning a gun makes them superior in some vague
                          Hobbesian or machismo sense would also fall into
                          this category.
                          \_ What about people who collect guns for aesthetic
                             or historical reasons, like people might collect
                             swords or paintings?  -- ilyas
                       \_ What does POC stand for?
                          \_ Police Officer Candidate
                    \_ Wow, nicely summed up.
                       \_ As long as you don't think about it, yeah.
                    \_ I don't understand this summary.  Are the asterisks
                       somehow significant?  I believe in life, liberty, etc.
                       Does that make me a life nut or a liberty nut?  Of course
                       I believe in all the rights I think I have.  What you
                       are saying is coming across as 'anyone who tries to
                       defend a position I don't agree with is a nut.'  Well,
                       that's great, we found the nut in the conversation, and
                       it ain't me.  Or maybe you just object to people trying
                       to come up with principled justifications for what
                       they believe in, and rather the world was just a giant
                       meaningless compromise between competing interest
                       groups.  That's not nutty, that's sad and depressing.
                         -- ilyas
                \_ alan keyes is a "gun nut"
        \_ It's alarming that to some, adopting the founder's
           beliefs on the possession of guns justifies
           categorization as a 'nut'.  Tyranny is on the horizon, and
           inside every leftist is a tyrant.
2004/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:33267 Activity:nil
9/1     Photo of Kerry's good friend Jane Fonda wearing
        necklace made from a shot down B-52
        \_ Isn't JF a Born-Again Christian now?
2004/9/1 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:33268 Activity:high
9/1     I'm looking for a good solid, cheap notebook computer.  I want to
        use it to gather data through a serial port in my car.  Any suggestions?
        \_ If you're looking for new, there are some IBM base models that
           start for under $1,000
           \_ I'm thinking used, probably could do fine with 500Mhz CPU or
              maybe less.  Just has to service serial and occationally do
              a little disk I/O. I'm aiming for $500 as a budget.
              \_ then a 500MHz used laptop should be well within your budget.
                 About a year ago, I bought a Thinkpad T20 (800MHz/256MB/20GB)
                 for $500 on ebay (ok, maybe I got a little lucky..)
        \_ Look for a libretto on eBay/CL. They are small, cheap and should
           be fast enough for what you want to do.
        \_ Consider a used Thinkpad, they're quite sturdily constructed.
        \_ Used thinkpads on
        \_ Related question.  Are there good ways to mount a laptop in-car
           for use as a GPS?  There are mounts for dedicated or PDA-based
           solutions, but their screens are smallish.
           \_ What about that law passed this year that prohibits use of
              video display device(pretty much any LCD screen) in the front of
              the car?
        \_ I'd keep an eye on the legal landscape regarding video displays
           in the front seats if you are planning to view your data as
           you drive.  I'd also consider a PDA or handheld PC if all you
           need is serial port capture rates.
2004/9/1 [Reference/Military] UID:33269 Activity:insanely high
9/1     So the answer to the question that started all this is "yes, there are
        gun nuts on the motd."
        \_ what?! doesnt everyone have at least 3 pieces : one on you, one
           for your car, and one for your home?
           \_ All you need is one in your hands at all times.  Then you won't
              have to fumble around in your car or house when you really need
              that gun to shoot somebody.
              \_ one? one? liberal pinko fag.
           \_ that wouldn't make you a gun nut.  there was a nice little
              discussion about it earlier this morning,  but it was nuked
              by a petulant gun nut.
              \_ How about if you can tell every gun error made in the movies
                 and ID the pieces in a sec and you DO NOT play CS because
                 killing someone for fun isnt is as fun as if it were real.
                 \_ I can ID the pieces in movies pretty fast most of the time.
                    *looks down*.  Of course half the time they aren't even
                    real production models, like they would glue something on
                    top of something else because it 'looks cool.'
                    I don't play CS because I think FPS games are boring and
                    lame and all the same really (except graphics get better
                    with time).  The CS crowd is ... not a point in favor of
                    CS either.  Also, comparing FPS games to shooting an
                    actual firearm is like comparing leisure suit larry to
                    sex.  You are all sex nuts. -- ilyas
                    \_ ilyas got pwn3d! w00t!
              \_ I'm not petulant.  YOU'RE petulant!!!
           \_ Just b/c someone wants the *RIGHT* to do something doesn't
              mean that they necessarily want to exercise that *RIGHT*.
              \_ No way.  All pro-second amendment people are raging assholes
                 and psychotic and evil republicans who want to wield tripod
                 mounted machine guns on their hummers to clear traffic.  None
                 would be someone like me who has never owned a gun but can
                 read the second amendment without putting a unique and wacky
                 interpretation on it.  The anti-second amendment people should
                 try to legally change it through the constitutional processes
                 created for that purpose, not through activist courts.  The
                 same goes for either party trying to invent other new rights
                 not in the constitution or remove ones that are clearly there.
                 \_ You just say that because you aren't forward
                    thinking enough.  Everything that supports my glorious
                    vision is good, anything that impedes it is bad.
        \_ Is it really that difficult for people to hold differing thoughts
           in their brains?  I respect the right of the average American to
           own a gun, AND I think trigger locks, lengthy background checks,
           and a ban on assault weapons is reasonable.  Why does it have to be
           \_ We need to ban thoughts of mass destruction.
           \_ Have to present a false dichotomy or they'll take my presciousss.
        \_ Speaking of guns, kinda, what kind of guns do they use in the
           Olympics? (Mainichi Daily News photo)
           \_ They use 'racing guns' i.e. guns unreasonably optimized for
              accuracy at the expense of everything else (aesthetics,
              reliability, etc.)  On a slightly unrelated note, I think it's
              really lame that some sports (skiing, shooting, polevaulting)
              don't standardize on equipment, which means richer country teams
              come with a bigger advantage simply because they can afford state
              of the art equipment. -- ilyas
              \_ c.f. NASCAR which is essentially a race to see who has the
                 richest family to support a team.
                 \_ no, you're thinking of science fair.
              \_ Communist!
              \_ Why are you advocating an authority-based system of equipment
                 selection?  Is it not best to let the free market decide the
                 best equipment?
                 \_ He wants athletes to be forced *at gunpoint* to use
                    Official Halliburton equipment!  -meyers
              \_ Is that one-handed thing part of the rules? Stuff for normal
                 guns I've seen always recommend a two-hand grip.
                 \_ yermom prefers the two-hand grip
        \_ The level of dumbassery in this thread is truly astounding.
2004/9/1 [Health/Eyes] UID:33270 Activity:high
        Implantable contact lenses "within days".
        \_ Can't wait to see how this affects the divorce rate among geeks!
           "How the hell did I marry a troll like you?"
        \_ get this, it's reversible, unlike Lasik -bitter lasik fucked up guy
           \_ Cataracts are questionably reversible
        \_ side affect is cataracts
2004/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:33271 Activity:high
9/1     Trollio!  Trollio!  Wherefore art thou, Trollio?
        \_ Is Trollio related to Cornholio?
        \_ with yermom
           \_ Note to Philistines: "wherefore" means "why", not "where". She
              asks "Why are you Romeo?". And there's no comma.
2004/9/1 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33272 Activity:high
9/1     Securely destroy your CD/DVDs:
        \_ Don't CDs often have stuff you aren't supposed to breathe in
        \_ nuke it in the microwave.
        \_ Do people really need this?  If I just break a CD in half, can
           someone else still repair it for reading?  I thought one scratch is
           enough to render a CD unreadable, let alone a crack repaired with
           \_ CDs have a lot of error-correcting bits.  If the crack does not
              damage too much data on any given track it might be recoverable.
              If you want to experiment, take a CD you don't care about and
              make one long scratch radially.  There's a good chance of still
              reading the data.
           \_ It depends what you mean by "unreadable".  A CD broken in two
              will not be readable by sticking it into your CD drive, but if
              it contains interesting data, someone could optically scan
              the surface and reconstruct it.  -tom
              \_ If you can very cleanly epoxy the 2 halves together, it might
                 read in a normal drive.
              \_ This conversation reminds me of a story my mom told me.
                 While she was working at the high school library, some
                 kid came up to her and complained that the CD drive on a
                 particular computer wasn't working. She went over, and
                 found an AOL disk in the drive that had been run over by
                 a car and broken into five or six pieces.  The kid had
                 taped it all back together with scotch tape, and just
                 couldn't understand why his CD wouldn't work.  Maybe
                 someone should've explained error correcting bits to
2004/9/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33273 Activity:insanely high
9/1     Anyone else catch Arnie praising Nixon?  High-larious!
        \_ yeah so you were all alive back in 1968 and wanted Humphrey
           don't you know anything about history, I'm talking the complete
           story not just Watergate.
        \_ In the draft of the speech, it was Hitler, but they softened it
           a bit in the rewrite.
           \_ I guess you are part of the 30% who disapprove of Arnold
              in this state.
        \_ Of course.  He didn't slip it in secretly.  And the talking heads
           commented on it afterwards.  What about it?  What Nixon did would
           not even get mention today.  What happens commonly today and is
           dismissed by the media and public would yield prison terms during
           Nixon's era.
           \_ You mean it wouldn't matter if a Republican did it. Or have you
              forgotten that a blowjob in the Oval Office seems to be more
              impeachable than leaking the identity of a CIA agent?
              \_ Um, no.  Perjury and suborning perjury.  Not a blowjob.
                 \_ Yeah wow, lets have THIS argument again.  Woohoo.  You've
                    heard of the Nixon tape where he tells Chuck Colson to
                    BLOW PEOPLE UP, right?
                    \_ I'm not the above poster, but what does blowing
                       people up have to do with blowing people in the
                       oval office?
                 \_ Lying about getting a blowjob ... How many politicians
                    tell the truth about affairs unless confronted directly
                    with incontravertable evidence?
                    \_ Sheesh.  This is such a lame attempt at
                       justification.  He was under oath in front of a
                       grand jury.  Lying to a grand jury is not ok no
                       matter who you are.
                       \_ Note that it appears to be ok to lie to Congress
                          (Reagan, Bush Sr), the SEC (Bush Jr), and to fuck
                          your employees even if you're married (Gingrich).
                          Don't be a democrat.
                       \_ And the earth is round and the sky is blue. All
                          true, but not the issue.  The man should not have
                          been questioned about an infidelity in front of a
                          Grand Jury to begin with.
                          \_ The case was a SEXUAL HARRASSMENT CASE.
                             \_ which was THROWN OUT for being MERITLESS
                             \_ Nope. Sorry. It was in the context of the
                                Whitewater probe, remember?
                                \_ And you remember this?
                                   "Having an affair with an intern is not a
                                   federal crime, but lying about it, or asking
                                   others to do so, is. And that's why
                                   Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth
                                   Starr's inquiry has expanded to include it.
                                   Allegations so far involve possible perjury,
                                   suborning perjury and obstruction of
                        \_ and then there's lying in front of grand jury
                           compared to lying about WMD's infrot of everyone.WTG!
        \_ Nixon was an effective president, a crook, but a pretty good
            president.          -liberal
           \_ So its okay to be a criminal, as long as you are an effective
              \_ Isn't that what all the Clinton lovers taught us?
                 \_ If lying under oath about your infidelity is wrong, I don't
                    want to be right!
                    \_ So you think infidelity is ok?  Does your wife/gf know
                       you think that way?
           \_ Nixon started out with great intentions and fell into paranoia
              and dirty tricks.  By the end, he was up to his neck in ethical
              and legal violations, and the only thing he could think about
              was trying to save his own ass.
                \_ if Nixon rose from the dead, I'd vote for him
                   instead of gwbush.
                   \_ Oh no!  Zombie Nixon!
        \_ yeah so you were all alive back in 1968 and wanted Humphrey
           don't you know anything about history, I'm talking the complete
           story not just Watergate.
           \_ Put your drivel at the bottom like everybody else.  Ok tnx.
        \_ In the draft of the speech, it was Hitler, but they softened it
           a bit in the rewrite.
           \_ I guess you are part of the 30% who disapprove of Arnold
              in this state.
              \_ I haven't taken part in this thread at all yet, but while
                 I had once approved of Ah-nold prior to his speech, I now
                 disapprove and this probably won't change.  "If you still
                 support George W. Bush, you're still stupid."
              \_ Sheesh, just trying to inject a bit of humor into this
                 landmine filled motd "debate"
           \_ Put your drivel at the bottom like everybody else.  Ok tnx.
           \_ Yeah because you can win any debate by just comparing the other
              guy to Hitler.  This is brilliant!  Now I have the key to
              winning any debate on any topic!  Thank you motd!
        \_ What did Ah-nold actually say?
           \_ "I finally arrived here in 1968. I had empty pockets, but I was
              full of dreams. The presidential campaign was in full swing. I
              remember watching the Nixon and Humphrey presidential race on
              TV. A friend who spoke German and English, translated for me. I
              heard Humphrey saying things that sounded like socialism which
              is what I had just left. But then I heard Nixon speak. He was
              talking about free enterprise, getting government off your back,
              lowering taxes, and strengthening the military. Listening to
              Nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air."
              \_ What's really great is that Nixon NEVER DEBATED Humphrey...
                 \_ Ah-nold never said he watched them debate.
                    \_ He has in the past, and it's what he implied.  Listen
                       to the speech rather than just reading the transcript.
              \_ See, I don't see what's so bad about this.  I probably
                 wouldn't have said it, but saying he liked what Nixon
                 said about economics in his campaign speech is hardly a
                 big deal to me.
                 \- also see:
                    \_ so, how is Nixon different from Dubya and friends, other
                       than getting caught? -lame troll #69
2004/9/1 [Computer] UID:33274 Activity:moderate
9/1     What is the etymology of 'bit'?  Is it from the use as "something
        small" or maybe a contraction of Binary unIT?
        \_ binary digit.
        \_ Coined by Tha Man himself, John Tukey.
2004/9/1 [Computer/SW] UID:33275 Activity:moderate
9/1     Create your own software empire in 30 minutes!!!!!
        \_ It says Ross Perot made his fortune from software.  Did he?
2004/9/1 [Health/Eyes] UID:33276 Activity:moderate
9/1     Dear hard contact lens wearer: I'm on my second day now and
        it's actually not too bad. The secret to wearing it, I think,
        is to not get any tear in it. Otherwise, it'll bounce crazy.
        It's kind of anti-intuitive. The more uncomfortable it is,
        the more tear you get, but the more tear you get, the more
        uncomfortable you get. You just have to learn to control it
        subconsciously I think.
        \_ hey, your contact may not been fit correctly. May be you should
           get a slightly bigger lens?
           \_ what are some figures I should get from my doctor? I didn't
                get the prescription from him.                  -op
           \_ i agree. contacts should NOT be bouncing around like crazy.
              maybe a slight movement up and down when blinking, if anything.
              \_ Have you worn hard contacts? I used to wear gas permeable
                 semi-rigids and what he describes was exactly what I
        \_ what brands do you guys wear? I wean Menicon Plateau, but maybe
           ZWave should've been better...
2004/9/1 [Health] UID:33277 Activity:nil
9/1     I just started to work out trying to gain muscle.  Someone once told
        me that the right workout plan is something like this: (Let's say
        machines 1,2,3 exercise the same muscles.)

        Machine 1, weight=31, 10 reps.  Rest 32 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=50,  8 reps.  Rest 36 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=73,  6 reps.  Rest 49 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=40, 10 reps.  Rest 34 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=80,  8 reps.  Rest 30 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=118, 6 reps.  Rest 42 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=32, 12 reps.  Rest 31 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=65,  8 reps.  Rest 35 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=90,  6 reps.  Rest 40 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=29, 14 reps.  Rest 30 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=50,  8 reps.  Rest 36 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=70,  5 reps.  Rest 41 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=40, 10 reps.  Rest 37 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=78,  8 reps.  Rest 30 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=120, 6 reps.  Rest 48 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=26,  2 reps.  Rest 52 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=60,  8 reps.  Rest 25 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=84,  7 reps.  Rest 82 seconds
        (Then *immediately* move on to machines 4,5,6 for a different muscle.
        And then you're done for the day.)
        Is anything wrong with the above plan?  Thanks for any info.
        \_ Yeah, machine 3 should be switched with machine 1 and machine
           5 with 6. Also, iteration 6 should contain 4 reps instead of 10.
           (Who the fuck posts shit like this anyway? Get a fucking trainer).
        \_ All that on one muscle group? I think that's far too much shit. I
           think it would be more effective to do higher weights, fewer sets,
           and wait longer between sets. I think that takes too long also.
           \_ Yes, more weight and fewer reps will produce better results
              in addition to taking less time. You want to tax the muscle.
              Lots of reps of low weight doesn't help as much.
              \_ I see.  So does three rounds of 10+8+6 reps instead of six
                 rounds sound correct?
                 \_ If you're just starting out, spend a little cash and hire
                    a professional trainer for a few sessions.  You learn much
                    useful information that way, and minimize the possibility
                    of injury.
        \_ In addition, you need some steroids
2004/9/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:33278 Activity:high
9/1     Cadillac Night Vision is about $2000. If I buy off shelf components,
        what exactly would I need to get, from where, and for how much?
        I like Night Vision but I don't like Cadillacs.
        \_ Yet another distracting gimic. I would rather spend a fraction of
           that money to buy Xenon headlights instead. It turns night into
           \_ I don't want it to see where I'm going.  I want one for my
              twin 40mm Mk19 autocannon popup turret so I can sneak up on
              cocksuckers in their SUVs and make smoking road pancake without
              them ever knowing what hit them.  -John
           \_ Generally I'd agree, although for anyone without autodim mirrors,
              Xenons on other drivers can be very annoying to have in your
              \_ I thought the same thing too. But then I took a closer
                 look at a Xenon at night compared to a standard halogen
                 and it wasn't anymore blinding. I get more pissed of at
                 large SUVs on the road using their halogens than people
                 with Xenons. And Xenons are more projected than diffuse
                 so you get a more precise aim (and cutoff). The problem
                 with some cheapo Xenons are the lack of auto-leveling
                 which most decent Xenons nowdays should have.
                 \_ I dunno, when I see xenon lights on the other side of
                    the freeway, I get pissed.
                    \_ You must be a very angry man.
                 \_ I want to kill both.  SUV lighting sucks.  Xenon sucks.
                    I don't want to be blinded by either one.
                    \_ Agreed.  I really have doubts how much is utility, and
                       how much is trendy-suv-starbucks-pink-is-the-new-orange
                       \_ You obviously don't own a car with xenon lights.
                          The difference is huge and I would never own a
                          car without them again. As for blinding, my car
                          has a self-dimming rear-view mirror so it's not
                          a problem.
                          \_ Fair enough.
                          \_ *Your* car does.  The *other* drivers you're
                             fucking *BLINDING!* do not!
        \_ FYI, you should check out the Cadillac CTS-V.  Might just change your
           mind - it rivals the BMW M5.  5.7 liter V8, 400 horses, 0-60 in
           4.7 seconds, 395 ft lb. of torque, track-capable handling,
           huge brakes.  Admittedly it doesn't have the beemer's steering
           feel and compromises the handling a little bit for comfort, but
           its still a monster.
           \_ Wow, great marketspeak!  Did you get paid to post that?
           \_ Speaking of which, E60 M5 on Nurburgring:
           \_ Is it made in Germany by big-breasted blonde Aryan women?
           \_ Too ugly. And expensive. Why would I want something that merely
              "rivals" the real thing?
              \_ To be fair, I'd give GM credit for recently reinventing
                 Cadillac into a sport/luxury car vendor that _indeed_ rivals
                 BMW, Lexus, etc. I thought this brand was going to be a toast
                 three years ago. Most pre-pension age people would hate to be
                 found dead in one of their cars. Now, GM is talking about
                 exporting Cadillacs into Europe again. This is a sign that
                 they started making cars that people would like to buy.
2004/9/1-2 [Finance/Investment] UID:33279 Activity:high
9/1     Finance question: How do 'after-hours' trades work?  Is someone running
        a secondary market?  Is that legal?  Why not leave the market open 24/7
        since computers actually execute the trades?
        \_ People who know how markets work don't read motd.
           \_ I bought 5,000 shares of Pepsi last year on advice from the wall.
              That's where it's at, baby!
2004/9/1 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:33280 Activity:nil
9/1     Knock Knock
        \_ OB: Who's there?
           \_ Doctor
              \_ OB: Doctor Who?
                 \_ The Time Lord!
                 \_ That's right.
                 \_ Dalek Voice: Exterminate!
           \_ Pizza?
              \_ OB: Pizza who?
                 \_ Come out here a get a pizza me!
                    \_ You want me to piss at you?  Sure.
                 \_ Pizza to meet you!
           \_ Yermom
              \_ Yermom who?
                 \_ Your own mother!  Now open the door.
           \_ Control freak.  Now you say "Control freak who?"
2004/9/1-2 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:33281 Activity:very high
9/1     Kobe's statement to the court:  "I want to apologize to her for my
        behavior that night and for the consequences she has suffered in the
        past year. ... Although I truly believe this encounter between us
        was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view
        this incident the same way I did."
        \_ GUILTY!!
           \_ those fans of Kobe's who think what happened in court means
              he's innocent are fooling themselves -- have you read about
              the blood evidence?
              \_ More URL now! ty.
              \_ The case was dismissed b/c the woman didn't want to
                 participate right?
                 Anyway, based on what I've read Kobe would have been
                 found guilty of rape since his conduct satisfied all
                 four criteria for rape.
           \_ He's accused of rape right? Rape is a general intent crime
              in CA, so some mens rea must be shown. Claiming that you
              believed that there was consent is an effective defense.
              \_ her mouth said no, but her body said YES!
                 \_ was there an actual refusal on her part?
                    \_ They say she said no twice. Read the very end:
                       \_ ic. Kobe would have lost if that last
                          paragraph is true.
                       \_ In the preliminary hearings, the investigating
                          detective who interviewed her said under oath
                          that she told him she never at any point said
                          \_ Hearsay.  There should be an official record and
                             transcript with recordings of what she said.
2004/9/1 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33282 Activity:nil 80%like:34064
9/1     Swift Boat Flashback:
        \_ Eye witness Rear Adm. Schachte is a liar?  Maybe Kerry
           hasn't called them liars because he knows they are
           \_ DUMB-ASS:  No one has called Schachte a liar.  He is not a
              member of SBVFT, nor did he appear in their commercials.
              Schachte's and Kerry's versions of the story are the same.
              I have called the SBVFTs in the first TV commercial liars.
              I now expect you sometime next week to post:
              "Eye witness Rear Adm. Schachte is a liar?".
              \_ Sorry.  I didn't make this post very clear.  The post you
                 are responding to was from a couple weeks ago.  The comments
                 below are based on a wapo article.
        Maybe he's not lying, but 1) he's a top lobbyist for a defense
        contractor that recently won a $40 million grant from the Bush
        administration, and 2) the chairman of the Republican National
        convention is a board member of same defense contractor.
        \_ My goodness, a Rear Adm. / former JAG as a lobbyist for a defense
           contractor... what is the world coming to?
           \_ "There is no connection of any kind whatsoever..."
2004/9/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:33283 Activity:high
9/1     Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans:
        On the Clinton recession and the early stages of Bush prosperity --
        "This president inherited a Clinton recession and turned it into the
        early stages of Bush prosperity ... When you look at all of the
        economic data collectively, you can't do anything but conclude that
        this is a very strong economy, it continues to get stronger, it's a
        resilient recovery we have under way, we're in the early stages of
        Bush prosperity. But, yes, there's always more work to do, because
        you want to make sure that everybody in America that wants a job has
        a job. The president will talk about more work to do. He will talk
        about making the tax cuts permanent. He will talk about an ownership
        \_ We've turned the corner! Re-elect Hoover in '32! Four more years!
        \_ Please don't troll the csua socialists.  A frothing socialist is
           not pretty.  They do that enough on their own without you baiting
           them with how well the economy is recovering from the excess of
           the Clinton years.
           \_ Hey, bub, didn't you get the message?  The motd is
              republican-landia, there are no socialists here.
        \_ Yep, everything's fine:
2004/9/1-2 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:33284 Activity:low
9/1     One of my housemates started printing from Win2K to our LaserJet
        4MPlus-PS (JetDirect ethernet port) while the printer was turned
        off. Housemate then went to the printer and turned it on.  The
        output came out corrupted and garbage-ish. Now the printer seems to
        be broken and it screws up the network when it gets turned on. Has
        anybody every heard of this sort of problem? Any suggested fixes?
        Can I reset the firmware or something?
        \_ Sounds like an ugly coincedence.  Queueing to a downed printer
           shouldn't ever cause a problem like that.
2004/9/1-2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33285 Activity:moderate
9/1     Three Killed in Rush for IKEA Vouchers:
        \_ Stampedes are fun.
           \_  -John

>>>>>>> Your Changes Above
2004/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:33286 Activity:nil
9/1     "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."
        - Charles Darwin
        \_ wtf? begets isn't a word. quit trying to make up words, fuckface.
           \_ Please tell me you're kidding?  Right?
2004/9/1-2 [Politics] UID:33287 Activity:high
8/23    Father of the Pride is RACIST! What is it about the white lions
        (the white race) telling the pandas (the 'other' race) that
        pandas should only date pandas? And what is it about the meek
        geeky insecure unattractive panda that happily takes order from the
        white lion? BOYCOTT THIS SHOW!!!
        \_ what the fuck are you talking about?
          \_ I know this is hard to recognize as humor, but there it is.
        \_ come on troll, you can do better than this.  you do know what it
           means to be a species, right?
        \_ FP is just boring and stupid.  Who cares if it's racist?  It'll be
           off the air after a few more bad episodes.
        \_ cuz Pandas are rare and their species would die off if they
         dont mate? so maybe you are the racist?
2004/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:33288 Activity:nil
9/1     Oldie but goodie: (Mad Magazine poster)
        "The Success Of This Military Action Has Not Yet Been Rated."
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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