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2004/8/29 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:33203 Activity:nil
8/28    For those of you who are wondering why conservitives tend to
        assume liberals hate america, go down and check out the
        magazines at Berkeley Bowl.  The articles all have titles like,

        "The Evils of Capitalism" and "Why the American Empire can't
        last" etc.  They sound exactly like islamic terrorists.  You
        could do a word replace script on a statement of Bin Laden's,
        replacing [America will be destroyed because they] "Don't follow
        the teachings of Allah" with "Don't follow the teachings of
        Nature/Mother Earth/Pychology/Sociology/etc" and get an article
        for one of these mags.
        \_ Speaking of hateful rants...
        \_ Not everyone on the left is a liberal.
        \_ Smart liberals know that dumb liberals are what makes conservatives
           \_ If you listen to Herr Lakoff, what makes conservatives
              conservative is their dominant metaphor:
              If you listen to me, what makes a conservative is what makes
              anybody else -- a choice of a moral system. -- ilyas
2004/8/29-30 [Computer/SW/Unix, Reference/Religion] UID:33204 Activity:moderate
8/29    Jesus goes GNU:
        \_ Jesus is still dead.  Sorry to disappoint.
           \_ Your god plutonium will not save you.
2004/8/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Science/Biology] UID:33205 Activity:nil
8/29    The re-animator:
2004/8/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:33206 Activity:high
8/29    Sodomize ilyas!!!
        \_ I dunno, man...does ilya even like that sort of thing?
        \_ Hmmm, and then people wonder why some here prefer being sort of
           anonymous?  If getting treated the way Ilyas does is what you get
           for signing your name then I'm happy to be called anonymous coward.
           You guys are a bunch of bastards.
           \_ Serious, ilyas gets this crap, aaron insults emarkp's
              religion everytime emarkp posts, tom gets insulted for being
              a jerk...
           \_ read the damn federalist paper again.  besides, there is a
              difference between personal attack versus political statement.
              obviously, you don't know the differences
              \_ obviously?  yes, you've proven that so well.  ilyas gets
                 abused for stating what he believes in a non-inflamatory
                 way.  he's the most patient person i've seen here in a long
                 time and possibly ever.  the response?  sodomize him?  very
                 nice.  you're a bunch of bastards.  and since i'm not
                 nearly as patient as him i have no problem saying you're an
                 ass as well as a stupid bastard.  that was a political
                 statement, btw.
              \_ Sodomize ilyas is a political statement?  Someone please
                 explain THAT one to me.
2004/8/29 [Uncategorized] UID:33207 Activity:high
8/28    RIP, Laura Branigan.
        \ Ever see "Self-Control" Music video. William Fredkin directed it.
          \_ I got it off the net.  Wasn't it banned by MTV at the
             time?  It's a little dated now, but still wonderful.
             \_ Please copy it to /csua/tmp/. I'd like to see it.

[ no, bitch ]
2004/8/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election, ERROR, uid:33208, category id '18005#14.9663' has no name! , ] UID:33208 Activity:very high 50%like:13246
8/29    Don't want to vote Democrat, Republican, or Green?  here are
        some other people who are running:
        Notice that Maralyn Chambers is running for VP!  Hey, it
        beats a trial lawyer or an evil cyborg.
        \_ If you're not voting for the RepubliCrats then you should vote
           Green, the only viable second party.  --Nader'04
           \_ Are you aware of the fact that Nader isn't the Green Party
              candidate?  Are you voting green *or* are you voting
              Nader?  He has no party.
              \_ If the Dems would stop suing to keep him off the ballot
                 the Greens would have a viable second party alternative.
                 \_  Again: what party?  The greens rejected Nader
                     before the fight over ballot access began.  Face it:
                     Nader is just another lone nut, like Larouche.
                     If you want a viable third party, you have to
                     actually deal with a party, not some fucker who
                     runs even after he fails to win the nomination.
           \_ Don't vote for Nader just because he's the only viable
              third party! That's just what they want you to think, and
              you'll never see change! Just vote your conscience. Every
              year it's the same old third-party song and dance, never
              getting anywhere. Well it's time to break the Nader strangle-
              hold: I'm voting Socialist.
              \_ You tried the first, now try the worst!  Vote Socialist!
2004/8/29-30 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:33209 Activity:high
8/29    So, what processor would you recommend for a desktop PC?  What's
        got the best Bang-for-your- buck right now?
        \_ I'd say an AMD Athlon XP. Exact model/speed depends on how much
           buck you have, and how much bang you need. If you live in the
           bay area, go to Central Computer in Hayward.
           \_ What about the AMD 64 processors?  Is there any value in
              running in long mode yet?  Linux 64 maybe?
        \_ Depends on what you're doing with it.  Games/no-games?  Just
           surfing and email?  For mozilla and no games you can get a nice
           machine from Dell for under $500.
2004/8/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:33210 Activity:kinda low
8/29    The man of the East cannot take Americans seriously because
        they have never undergone the experiences that teach men how
        relative their judgement and thinking habits are.
        Their resultant lack of imagination is appalling.
        \_ Excuse me, but WTF?
           \_ Just an out-of-context quote.
        \_ W00t!
        \_ Europeans?
           \_ Because they were born and raised in a given social order
              and in a given system of values, they believe that any other
              order must be "unnatural", and that it cannot last because
              it is incompatible with human nature.  But even they may
              one day know fire, hunger, and sword.
                 \_ In all probability this is what will occur;
                    for it is hard to believe that when one half of the world
                    is living through terrible disasters, the other half
                    can continue a nineteenth-century mode of life,
                    learning about the distress of its distant fellowmen
                    only from movies and newspapers.  Recent examples
                    teach us that this cannot be.
                    \_  RESPECT THE BADGE!
                        HE EARNED IT WITH HIS BLOOD!
                        FEAR THE GUN!
                        YOUR SENTENCE MAY BE DEATH BECAUSE
                        I AM THE LAW!!!!!
2004/8/29-31 [Uncategorized] UID:33211 Activity:low
8/30    Can anyone tell me where I can find out how to change the format
        of the Gallery album pages?
        \_ Use the change_format button.
                \_ where is that button? I can't see any such button.
2004/8/29-31 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:33212 Activity:high
8/30    To the guy who was looking for a light, robust laptop:  IBM X series.
        I have had two, compared to small Vaios/Toshibas it's perfect. -John
        \_ second that. X-series are much more robust than Sony/Toshibas.
           I personally find X-31 has better performance than X-40 series.
           But X-31 is about half-inch thicker.
           \_ I have an X31 and it rocks.  Bluetooh/Wifi/IR work reasonably
              well with non-Windows OS (I have run Debian, FreeBSD and XP)
              and it will PXEBoot just fine.  -John
              \_ I've been very happy with my X-21 that I bought off bem
                 a couple years back when he got Ibook envy.
                 At Usenix security or other conferences like that where
                 people are SERIOUS about their notebooks, it is almost
                 exclusively IBM Thinkpads and Apple Powerbooks. -nweaver
        \_ Hate those 12" screens.  Fujitsu S7010(D), 14" screen, 4.2 lbs.
        \_ I am on my second used X20 bought off EBay. I love em. -ausman
           \_ what happened to your first one?
              \_ I left it on Caltrain by mistake. -ausman
           \_ err... I found pentium3 X20 a bit too slow for my taste
              even when I am running Linux.  don't you have performance issue
              with that?
              \_ Nah, I don't expect much of anything out of it except
                 a wireless web browser. It has 192MB of RAM in it, you
                 might want even more. For real computing, I use my
                 desktop. The only thing you might not like about it
                 is that the keyboard is small, probably 3/4 size. If you
                 have big hands, you might have a tough time with it.
2004/8/29-30 [Consumer/TV] UID:33213 Activity:moderate
8/29    A friend of mine just got a stand-alone Tivo box (not a DirecTivo).
        He plugged it in and it just worked. He didn't even pay the
        subscription. Is there any reason why he has to pay? He seems to
        have all of the same features that I have on my DirecTivo unit.
        \_ I know nothing about Tivo.  I'm guessing that it'll stop working
           after some 30 or 60 day trial period and go into lamer/demo mode.
        \_ As the previous poster said, TiVo has a trial period.  It would be
           stupid for them not to provide one.
        \_ Once the free trial runs out, it will stop downloading program
           guide data, so will allow you to program to record specified
           time periods like an old-fashioned VCR, but won't have the cool
           features like recording shows by name no matter what time they
           are or recording suggestions based on programs you've rated
2004/8/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33214 Activity:very high
8/29    John Ashcroft, censoring quotes from the Supreme Court: (The Memory Hole)
        \_ Citizen!  You will be added to President Ashcroft's Official
           Post-Coup Blacklist!
        \_ What don't you protest against Osama?
        \_ What don't you protest against Osama?  Civil liberties
           are unequivocally the most extensive that they have ever been
           in this country.
           \_ Osama is against BushCo and so am I.  Kerry in 2004!
              \_ What evidence do you have for Osama being against BushCo?
                 \_ Freak.  It was sarcasm.
           \_ Repeat after me: it is possible to see that BOTH Osama and
              Ashcroft are separately and simultaneously dangerous to our
              health and safety.
           \_ Unequivocally? There's a secret travel blacklist that prevents
              some citizens from travelling without being subjected to
              humiliating searches and questioning, and the FBI has been
              questioning people on what they've been seen reading in public.
              See, I seem to remember not having this situation in, say, 1994.
           \_ I'm pretty sure you're trolling, but your suggestion that civil
              liberties are more extensive than they've ever been is laughable.
              1.  Uncontestable secret access to you book-buying and library
              2.  Terrorism suspects denied lawyers on the grounds that the
                  lawyer could be told secret information by the suspect.
              3.  Terrorism suspects denied exculpatory evidence and subject
                  to hearsay testimony.
              4.  Shopper escorted out of a mall for wearing a 'Peace' T-shirt.
              5.  Quarter-million person protest denied a permit to protest
                  because it would HURT THE GRASS.
              Why don't you ask the civil liberties watchdogs before mouthing
              off about how free we are.
              \_ #4 is hilarious because it has nothing to do with civil
                 liberties.  A store is a private place that can remove you
                 for any reason at all.  #5 you're leaving out the part that
                 they spent roughly $8 million to fix/replace the grass about
                 7 years ago and the $8 million is too high a price to pay
                 so you can stomp around yelling about no blood for oil or
                 whatever this year's kewl protest statement is.
                 \_ Look at you. You're pathetic. You just got fucking
                    owned. This is the best you can do? Get bent. --aaron
                    \_ owned?  uhm ok, whenever you stop smoking, let us know.
                       i tore apart the 2 easy items so i got owned? whatever.
                    \_ Hi bigot!
                       \_ Hi brownshirt!
        \_ Um, that's a letter FROM the ACLU *to* the court.
           \_ Yes, but the relevant quote is from the Supreme Court (US vs.
              US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan)
              \_ Was it really from the court or was it a summary?  I don't
                 have the original to compare it.
                 \_ Direct quote.  Here's the original (from FindLaw):
        \_ When you show weakness, terrorists win! -dubya
           \_ Please tell me, how is this not true? In life as
              well as war. Boy has living in Berkeley made you
              into a beatnik.
2004/8/29-30 [ERROR, uid:33215, category id '18005#8.21625' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33215 Activity:very high
8/29    Dan Rather, corporate media whore, boosting GWB:
        \_ Damn liberal media.
           \_ so, that makes General Electric a liberal company?
              \_ Well, they own a media company, don't they? Must be liberal!
           \_ what mainstream media are consider "conservative" then?
              \_ Fox News
        \_ Sorry but what idiot reads Dan Rather's opinion
           pieces?  Stick to the colored pie charts in USA Today.
           \_ Dude, Dan Rather rocks!  I still remember how he called
              California the 'Big Burrito' on live coverage of the 2000
              elections.  A guy that dumb had to do a LOT of sexual favors
              for Satan to make it this big. -- ilyas
              \_ what about his "bush is storming through the south and
                 midwest like a tornado through a trailer park" line?
                 that at least made me snicker.
              \_ Dan Rather, sucking dick for Satan.  Thank you, ilyas, I
                 think we have a new bumper sticker.
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