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2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/Election, ERROR, uid:33002, category id '18005#10.2812' has no name! , ] UID:33002 Activity:kinda low 50%like:33071
8/18    Every vote must count!  Unless you want to vote for Nader of course:
        \_ "With reports that Republicans are bankrolling and gathering
           signatures for Nader in at least 10 states ..."
           \_ So what?  Let people vote.
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33003 Activity:nil
8/18    Hey, Obsessive Swiftboat Troll.  This link is fer YOU!
        \_ Actually if you read it and understand the allegations of
           the Swift Vets the title belies the content, and further
           substantiates the Vets.  Thanks!
           Now, about Cambodia, Paris, and the Senator assassinations...
           I have a better link for you:
           ABC, CBS & NBC Gave 75 Stories to Bush AWOL Charge, 9 to Claims
           Kerry Embellished War Record
           \_ The guy who was rescued said he came under fire.  He kept
              diving to avoid it.  His word is better than any.  The last
              time he came up, Kerry was there to pull him up.
           \_ It doesn't substantiate the swift vets. All it says is that the
              military records support the claim of Kerry being under fire,
              which this swift vet guy disputes.
           \_ Well, maybe because Kerry's crewmates support his story, and
              guys who weren't even on his boat have an obvious grudge
              against him for testifying on war crimes, and boy, they are
              *extremely* negative in the ad.  As for Dubya, you couldn't
              find anyone to vouch that they remember him being there at
              that time.
              \_ Sorry you guys don't understand the allegations.
                 "For much of the episode, Kerry was not in a position
                  to know firsthand what was happening on Thurlow's boat,
                  as Kerry's boat had sped down the river after the mine
                  exploded under another boat. He later returned to provide
                  assistance to the stricken boat.
                  Two other Swift boat skippers who were direct participants
                  in the March 13, 1969, mine explosion on the Bay
                  Hap, Jack Chenoweth and Richard Pees, have said they
                  do not remember coming under "enemy fire."
                  Thurow did not write the citation, nor did he write
                  the request.  The quotes above contradict Kerry's
                  version of the events.   LOL Kerry and his band can't
                  even keep straight which boat Rassman was on. One
                  thing is certain Kerry's was the only boat to flee
                  the scene, the other's stayed to protect PFC 3.
                  \_ Since you didn't seem to see this the first time I'll
                     The guy who was rescued said he came under fire.  He
                     kept diving to avoid it.  His word is better than any.
                     The last time he came up, Kerry was there to pull him up.
                     Also, Kerry's crewmates said his boat was under fire.
                     Perhaps other boats didn't hear the crack of the rifles,
                     but Kerry's people were probably the targets and best
                     to judge if there was enemy fire.
                     I also dispute that Kerry's was the "only boat to flee
                     the scene, the other's stayed to protect PFC 3".  This
                     is an assertion by one of the Swift Boat Vets, and I
                     would argue that all left when the two mines exploded.
                     \_ You don't understand the line of events.  So a
                        guy underneath the water the entire time, knocked
                        off the boat by a mine has better view of
                        events then 1) Kerry who fled the scene 2) the
                        other boats and their commanders who stayed to
                        protect PFC 3? Rassman was eating a cookie
                        before he was knocked off - in a firefight????
                        \_ He was getting shot at, that's why he kept diving.
                           The person getting shot at is the best person
                           to say whether someone is shooting at him or not.
                           This is painfully obvious.
                           See also my revised post on "fleeing the scene".
                           Here, I'll leave this for you to chew on:
                           "When I surfaced, all the swift boats had left, and
                           I was alone taking fire from both banks. To avoid
                           the incoming fire I repeatedly swam under water as
                           long as I could hold my breath, attempting to make
                           it to the north bank of the river. I thought I
                           would die right there. The odds were against me
                           avoiding the incoming fire and, even if I made it
                           out of the river, I thought I thought I'd be
                           captured and executed. ... John, already wounded by
                           the explosion that threw me off his boat, came out
                           onto the bow, exposing himself to the fire directed
                           at us from the jungle, and pulled me aboard."
                           \_ But depending on the day of the week, Rassman
                              was on Kerry's boat or PFC 3?  Which is it??
                              And Kerry's wound was a 'contusion', fancy
                              word for bruise.  Are you now saying the
                              Wash Po is lying when they say Kerry fled?
                              Why was no body shot and why were there no
                              bullet holes anywhere?
                              \_ If you read the article, you would find that
                                 Rassmann says he was blown off Kerry's boat.
                                 Second, why does it matter?  It's not like
                                 he and all others in the engagement imagined
                                 Rassmann got blown into the water, even
                                 if he were blown off another boat.
                                 Show me the URL where you have non-swift
                                 boat vets saying "no bullet holes anywhere";
                                 and it could be just Kerry's boat that has
                                 bullet holes, since he was closest to Rassmann.
                                 As for the Post article on the boat fleeing,
                                 show me where the author (not a swift boat
                                 vet) says "fled".  It also does not clearly
                                 identify the sequence of events.  To me, two
                                 mines exploded, everyone bolted, Thurlow's
                                 boat came back, Kerry's boat came back, they
                                 all left again, Kerry came back for Rassmann,
                                 Rassmann was getting shot at by snipers,
                                 Kerry rescues Rassmann.
                     \_ And Thurlow's own Bronze Star citation mentions enemy
                        fire. Does he really want to go down the road of
                        exploring the possible meanings of that?
                        \_ Well, Thurlow says Kerry wrote it, and he thought
                           he got the medal for coming back for the disabled
                           boat, even though the small arms fire was fabricated
                           \_ Right, as if Thurlow never saw his own citation?
                              And if he thinks he deserved a medal for just
                              "coming to the rescue of the boat that was mined"
                              then Kerry logically deserves it too.
2004/8/19 [Uncategorized] UID:33004 Activity:nil
8/18    Need a hug?

        And only herald to the gaudy spring,
        On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
        And the moonlight flowing over all.
2004/8/19 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33005 Activity:moderate 77%like:33018
8/18    Anyone have any experience getting a bootable .iso onto a USB
        memory key (yes, it is bootable and has enough space).  -John
        \_ I just did this recently.  I haven't found a way to get a .iso
           directly on, but here's what I did:
           1) Format the USB storage
           2) use mkbt to get the boot sector from the .iso and then put it on
              the USB storage.  (Get mkbt at:
           3) copy files from .iso to memory key
           I used daemon-tools to mount the .iso to rip the boot sector.
           Oh, and if you want to use Ghost's boot disk creator, you can use a
           virtual floppy drive so you don't have to use a physical floppy:
           \_ There's not even a readme for this. What exactly does it do?
              \_ Readme for which?  vfd is a virtual floppy.  Install it and
                 you've got a virtual floppy drive.  mkbt extracts boot sectors
                 and writes them.
           \_ Oh, and this is where I got most of my help on this:
                \_ Many thanks, swami.  *bows*  -John
2004/8/19 [Health, Reference/Law/Court] UID:33006 Activity:very high
8/18    More evidence US healthcare system is broken:
        "Rising Cost of Health Benefits Cited as Factor in Slump of Jobs"
        \_ login: csuatroll
           pw: csuasucks
        \_ Can someone please fix csuamotd's password?
        \_ I recently saw some additional evidence that California's
           educational system is broken and that the earth is round.
           Is anyone arguing these points? -phuqm
        \_ Yep.  Trail lawyers destroyed it, and now people want to elect
           one to fix it.  THAT makes sense...
           \_ It's been shown that rising HMO and drug company profits (and
              marketing expenditures) have a lot more to do with it than rising
              malpractice insurance.  Also, FWIW, malpractice premiums are
              rising faster than the volume of jury awards.  Perhaps you should
              be blaming greedy corporations in stead.
              \_ The malpractice insurance market wouldn't be able to bear
                 the rising cost if not for the trail lawyers.  The fact
                 that someone with a false claim and an evil lawyer can,
                 with little cost to themselves, potentially destroy a
                 doctor's whole life, tends to make doctors a bit nervous.
                 Hence the rising rates.  Would you like some nice
                 stories about doctor's getting screwed?
                 \_ I'm saying the insurance companies are raising rates more
                    than they have to to reap extra profits.  Would you like
                    some nice stories about patients getting screwed?
                    \_ Ummm.. duh.  Ever hear of economics?  Charge what
                       the market will bear?  That's a fact of business.
                       I'm saying that we've created a legal enviornment
                       that breeds legalized extortion, which results in
                       a legalized protection racket.  Making laws to
                       fight the symptoms isn't going to fix the problem.
                       It's not good for doctors OR patients.
                       \_ Surely you realize the necessity of the possibility
                          of large court judgements to curtail the rate of
                          doctor error.  If court judgments are not large
                          enough to make a lawyer want to take the case,
                          there's not much incentive for a doctor to do a
                          competant job.
                          \_ I was concentrating on the "little cost to
                             themselves" problem.  What does it cost
                             someone to make false accusations?  What
                             is the cost of losing to the accusor?  And
                             are you arguing that the lawyer fees in these
                             cases AREN'T excessive?
                             \_ The lawyer fee comes out of the judgement and
                                is between the lawyer and their client.  If
                                they bring a clearly meritless claim, the
                                doctor (or their insurance company) can sue for
                                *their* lawyer fees.  The patient has no
                                disincentive to bring a possibly-meritorius
                                case, but they still have to convince a lawyer
                                that is has some chance of winning.
                                Answer this question:  What would the ideal
                                legal system be for this case.  You have an
                                indigent patient who had an unsatisfactory
                                outcome to their treatment.  They think their
                                doctor screwed up, but it is a matter of
                                debate.  What would they have to do before they
                                can sue?  If they win, should they recieve just
                                compensatory damages, or enough to make it
                                worthwhile for their lawyer.  If they lose,
                                who should have to pay either party's legal
                                \_ I'm not sure what you mean by this:
                                If they win, should they recieve just
                                compensatory damages, or enough to make it
                                worthwhile for their lawyer.
                                \_ Say, $5,000 for being out of work a few
                                   months (which is not enough damages to make
                                   a lawyer interested), or $50,000 for pain
                                   and suffering or punitive damages, which
                                   is enough that the case can procede.
                                   \_ Can't the plantiff sue for Medical
                                      damages, being out of work, and
                                      legal fees?
                                      \_ Well the question is what kind of
                                         damages *should* we let people sue for
                                         should there be a cap, and should
                                         there be another disincentive to sue
                                         too readily.
                                \_ Ok, niether.  All legal fees must be
                                   predifined.  Loser automatically pays
                                   legal fees for both parties. Plantiffs
                                   and Defendants must have this
                                   explained to them before any fees are
                                   charged to the "case account." For that
                                   \_ Alright, that might be a sane system, if
                                      contingency lawyers start agree to cover
                                      the fees in the event of a loss.  The
                                      current proposed solutions "make it very
                                      hard to sue" and "make the damages small"
                                      ignore the side effect that doctors
                                      would be able to get away with being
                                      major fuckups.
                                      \_ I certainly agree with you there.
              \_ Malpractice insurance costs are rising rapidly. My
                 neighbor is doctor. His insurance went up 5% last year
                 and just about every year. He can't charge his patients
                 more, because he has a contracted rate with the HMO/PPO
                 plan he is a member of. What does he do? See more
                 patients? Take a 5% cut in salary every year?
                 \_ Some people blame the lawyers.  I think they're a necessary
                    evil and blame the malpractice insurers and the HMOs.
                    If we went to a NHS system we wouldn't have malpractice
                    insurers because the 'defendant' would be the NHS, and we'd
                    still have buearocrats (sp?) making decsions about levels
                    of care, but at least they wouldn't be motivated by a
                    profit motive.
        \_ "A centerpiece of Mr. Kerry's plan would be to reduce health
            insurance premiums by having the federal government pick up 75
            percent of the cost of catastrophic medical care. That would
            reduce the cost to employers and employees about 10 percent,
            or $1,000 a year, according to campaign officials."
           How the heck does this make any sense at all?  Where do people
           think government money comes from?  Money Mines?  It's freakin'
           taxes!  The Employees and Employers will still be paying for
           the care, it will just get a percentage taken off by some
           bearucrats first!  And we all know bearucrats make things
           cheaper, right?
           \_ And he has said already where he would get that tax revenue
              from, and unless you're considerably better off than me, you
              won't be touched.
              \_ Soak the rich!  Oh wait, Kerry IS the rich.  Something's
              \_ Except when I lose my job because Kerry took my venture
                 capitalist's money.
                 \_ But what if your venture capitalist is no longer paying
                    out the ass for HMOs for employees at the companies
                    he invests in?
                    \_ Ummm, whatever.  You've never been close to venture
                       funding, have you?
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:33007 Activity:nil
8/19    Useful trail maps in the Bay Area, great for hiking, camping, and
        what not:
2004/8/19 [Uncategorized] UID:33008 Activity:high
8/19    So I'm pretty happy using Thunderbird as a windows email client.  Then
        I stumbled onto highlighting my response email and clicking "Insert
        HTML".  Wow.  Now if only I could open it in a different editor instead
        of having to copy/paste.
        \_ Please don't tell me that you are using HTML in e-mail.
2004/8/19 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:33009 Activity:nil
8/19    When I run "emacs -nw", the menu bar is still displayed.  How do I use
        it?  Thx.
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33010 Activity:nil
8/18    Military Records of Kerry's Critic Contradict His Version of Events (yahoo! news)
        \_ Welcome back, Swiftie!
           \_ I'm not Swiftie.  If you'd actually bothered to read the link,
              you would would see that it pretty much demolishes Mr. Swiftie's
              entire argument.  The "His" pronoun above refers to the Swift
              Boat guy, not Kerry.  Please read before trolling.  Ok tnx.  --op
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:33011 Activity:very high
8/19    Can't explain...just read...too funny to explain adequately. (yahoo! news)
        \_ The written article is fine, but I demand more from the
           \_ How about "videojournalist"?
     - gal3.html
        \_ yermom wears army boots
        \_ yermom wears army boobs
        \_ This is the third time, recently, i've heard of people complaining
          about this.  And it is such a non-issue.  Army surgeons get almost
          no training in plastic surgery during peace time and there is a huge
          demand for it during war.  Therefor the army makes plactic surgery
          a covered benefit.  the cost of the silicon is damn trivial compared
          to the cost of the Surgeons and Hospital staff that are already there
          \_ And for the implants you have to pay for the parts yourself.
             \_ But the Big Evil Government is taking your money AT GUNPOINT
                to pay to give criminals like Pvt England bigger boots!!
                \_ YOUR BOOBS ARE SO BIG AND TAX FREE!
        \_ Stuff like this is why I love to read the motd.
2004/8/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:33012 Activity:kinda low
8/19    Did someone hate Douglas J. Feith?  Column he submitted to Post ystrdy:
        \- wow, he's the clarence thomas of the defense dept. --psb
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:33013 Activity:insanely high
8/19    Huge casino proposed in San Pablo.  More to come near Ukiah and Ione.
        Are there similarly-sized casinos planned for SoCal?  Or is this some
        kind of NorCal bias?
        \_ Hints for one in Garden Grove.
        \_ Hints for one in Garden Grove. But not nearly as large.
        \_ They just ruled against this sort of thing (tribe buying land
           in the middle of an urban area, declaring it part of the reservation
           then building a casino) so don't count on it getting done.
           Probably anyone with the money to hire a lawyer can block it.
           \_ You are mistaken in this case. The tribe owns the land already
              and it has been declared their reservation. There is a card club
              there already (oddly enough called the San Pablo Casino). All
              they really needed to do is make a compact with the Gov to be
              official, and even then, there's not much the Gov can do besides
              limit the size of the casino. Current fed and state laws and regs
              are fairly broad about what the tribe can do with the land.
              \_ we need a Bunny Ranch equivalent near the campus for us
                 virginal pale white minions in Soda Hall
                 vaginal pale white minions in Soda Hall
                 \_ Sigh. If you need to go to Nevada and pay the 50% house
                    add-on rate for paid sex, you don't deserve to get laid.
                    \_  what?  are you seriously claiming that the rates
                        in the legalized nevada houses are 50%  higher than
                        equivalent services in the illegal market? bullshit.
                        \_ PLEASE have a flamewar about prostitute prices.
                           The motd is SO in need of spicing up.
                           \_ I can't believe this hasn't blown up into a
                              flame war already.  The relative prices of
                              goods and services that are illegal vs. legal
                              is one of the things that the libertarians
                              are always talking about.
                              \_ You were humiliated once in a motd argument
                                 over government and its use of force.  But
                                 that was a while ago.  Obsessing over it
                                 isn't healthy.  It's time to let go.
              \_ Interesting. How long has this tiny piece of land officially
                 been a "reservation"?
                 \_ John Conner sent a soldier back in time to establish it
                    as Indian land so that the Terminator could build a Casino
           \_ whoever has the better lawyer wins. Case in point OJ
              \_ I've dealt personally with some of the lawyers who represent
                 the casino tribes. They didn't strike me as particularly
                 crackerjack in terms of the law but they had a great talent
                 for using huge amounts of cash to fubar what any opposition
                 might be doing. There's a tribe in Death Valley that is still
                 recovering from when the casino people found them a few years
                 ago. -- ulysses
                 \_ Which tribe? What happened to them?
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33014 Activity:nil
8/19    Washington Post gave oral sex to Kerry:
        \_ Pretty ugh-ly, but I'm sure you can find similar puff pieces written
           about every candidate that's ever run for the office of the
        \_ But everyone knows both the Post and the NY Times swallowed for
           Dubya, until they found out he had no WMD in that spunk.
2004/8/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:33015 Activity:high
8/20    I have a socket protocol that sends each message as a header packet
        + 1 or more data packets, and I'd like to collapse this into a single
        packet for small messages by copying them into a stack-allocated buffer
        and then just sending that.  Any ideas about what sort of cutoff to
        use?  I don't really have the time or need to obsessively optimize
        it, just curious.  Thanks.
            \- Hello, so you are not going to send *anything* unless the
               "cut off" is reached? What if it isnt reached for a "long time"?
               This may be ok in some cases, but say this is a control channel
               of some kind, that delay may not be acceptable. Naive buffering
               can lead to some weird problems. Here is an example on the flip
               side, reading from the network: a process using a packet
               filter may not return to user level until the BPF buffer fills.
               Normally on a busy link this isnt a signficant issue. But on
               totally dead network ... say a LAN at home with one machine ...
               this may be a long long time and can lead to weird problems
               [liek dealing with signals]. So either you have to add some
               timeout code or doin a polling [select] read rather than read-
               ing directly, i.e. not do things the naive way. I assume
               you have already determined Nagling wont solve the problem
               for you? If you do something, I'd be curious to hear if it
               make any measurable difference at all. Ok tnx. --psb
              \_ No, it's more like this:
                  xyzSend(msg) {
                    if (length(msg) < CUTOFF) {
                      msg = makeHeader(msg) + msg
                    else {
                90% of the messages are 4 bytes long, so squeezing those is a
                no brainer and the network usage is cut by half.  The rest vary
                in length and most are << 1500 bytes.  I figure a cutoff of
                1024 is reasonable.
                \_ Do you know what the Nagle Algorithm is?
        \_ Try to fit the whole TCP/IP packet size into a single ethernet
           MTU (1500 bytes).
           \_ Go for less than that, I'd shoot for aroud 1400 bytes or so
              to make sure your TCP/IP headers aren't pushing you above 1500.
              If you want to be anal you'd probably want to do smallest MTU
              to host detection as well, not that hard.  Generally if you
              are caring about shit like this you should pick up the Stevens
              networking book and read the pertinant chapters.  It is a pretty
              easy read and you will be much better at this sort of stuff.
              \_ That's what I said.  1500 including the TCP/IP headers.
        \_ Use writev or sendto or sendmsg, then there is no copying.
2004/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:33016 Activity:nil
8/20    Where can I get Photoshop filters that simulate halo, glare, ghosting,
        and others? I'm looking for FREE filters, but if you have
        recommendations on commercial ones please post as well, thanks.
        \_ warez are free.
2004/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:33017 Activity:nil
8/20    I am retarded and chose the wrong partition when reinstalling XP.
        I see there are some inexpensive tools ($50) and insanely expensive
        tools (small used car) that promise to recover files.  I'd appreciate
        hearing about your success/failures with any of these tools. --gabriel
        \_ GetDataBack for NTFS is superb.  On the other hand you may want
           to consider booting a Knoppix CD, which has also worked for me.
           There are various Linux boot floppies or even Windows-based
           live-filesystem rescue disks (start at that will
           bring you further.  Alternately, if you have a friend who does
           computer forensics (don't laugh) ask him if he has a copy of
           Guidance EnCase you could borrow--this is pretty good, although
           it doesn't stack up to GetDataBack for things like blown away
           boot partitions, etc.  Mail me if you have specific problems. -John
2004/8/19 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33018 Activity:nil 77%like:33005
8/18    Anyone have any experience getting a boobable .iso onto a USB
        memory key (yes, it is boobable and has enough space).  -John
        \_ I just did this recently.  I haven't found a way to get a .iso
           directly on, but here's what I did:
           1) Format the USB storage
           2) use mkbt to get the boob sector from the .iso and then put it on
              the USB storage.  (Get mkbt at:
           3) copy files from .iso to memory key
           I used daemon-tools to mount the .iso to rip the boob sector.
           Oh, and if you want to use Ghost's boob disk creator, you can use a
           virtual floppy drive so you don't have to use a physical floppy:
           \_ There's not even a readme for this. What exactly does it do?
              \_ Readme for which?  vfd is a virtual floppy.  Install it and
                 you've got a virtual floppy drive.  mkbt extracts boob sectors
                 and writes them.
           \_ Oh, and this is where I got most of my help on this:
                \_ Many thanks, swami.  *bows*  -John
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33019 Activity:moderate
8/19    Look, nerds! Woman for you:
        \_ it's only for white bois
        \_ How desperate would you have to be?
        \_ A woman already in a relationship. Perfect.
        \_ ew. some old, smoking, slutty goth freak
        \_ When I was 18, I would have thrown myself on her mercy. God I was
2004/8/19 [Uncategorized] UID:33020 Activity:nil
8/19    Why am I living in Thursday when everyone else is on Friday?
        \_ Timezones.  But mostly people posting here don't know today's date.
        \_ I told you: I'm retarded.
2004/8/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33021 Activity:nil
8/20    Why the hell was the Mary Carey/military breast implant thread
        deleted?  Grow a sense of humor lately?
        \_ This the best thing on the motd in weeks!
           \_ So it was deleted because the motd is supposed to be 100% total
              shite now?  God the CSUA is lame.
              \_ You got that right.
        \_ In response to some post in the deleted thread, why do Army surgeons
           need peace time plastic surgery training via free breast implants?
           There's a huge demand for breast implant surgery during war time?
           Shouldn't they instead be getting training via fixing up car
           accident victims for free, for example?
           \_ Reconstructive surgery (war and peacetime) and no malpractice
2004/8/19 [Uncategorized] UID:33022 Activity:nil
8/20    [No links without summary.]
        \_ hello ilyas!
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:33023 Activity:nil
8/20    Carly Patterson is cute, I wanna date her.
        \_ even though she's practically a midget?
        Speaking of olympics, is it just me or it seems like the US team
        really sucks this year? First the basketball debacle and then
        all the other crap that followed it?
        \_ We are an Empire in decline. Get used to it.
           \_ Hey are you the same 'nuanced' liberal guy who thought 90% of
              stuff going on in the 'real world' is personal shit and vendettas?
              I applaud you! -- nuanced guy #1 fan
        \_ Of course, she's only 16 years old...
           \_ Mmm, statuatory rape...
              \_ Maybe the OP is 16 also.  We're all undergrads here, right?
                 \_ Actually, you can be 18. The Romeo-Juliet laws in CA allow
                    for two years difference for it not to be statuatory rape.
                 \_ Well, aside from tom, many of us have graduated, but remain
                    active on the motd.
                    \_ "many of us have graduated?!" Dude, I was being
                       sarcastic. Is *anyone* here under 25 at all?
                       \_ I'm 23. -jrleek
                          \_ That's 12 in Mormon-years.
                             \_ Huh?
              \_ Hey, you!  Move to Japan!
                 \_ What's the law in Japan regarding this?  Thx.
                    \_ Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure the "age of
                       consent" is 14. If you're really interested, I'm
                       sure you could find it online.
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/Election, ERROR, uid:33024, category id '18005#4.375' has no name! , ] UID:33024 Activity:nil
8/20    The Ralph Nader national convention:
        \_ Better if he was handed his nomination by Bush.
           \_ That's literally what's happening right now.
2004/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:33025 Activity:moderate
8/19    Please suggest a good web hosting site.  Ideally with
        php/shell/sql/cgi-bin support.  TIA
        \_ is a good search engine for what you want.
        \_ -- starting at $4/year
           \_ I pay $2/yr.
           \_ that doesn't have shell does it?
        \_ thanks for your help - op
2004/8/19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:33026 Activity:high
8/19    US isolated and ignored, while the world party with N. Korea
        Read second page on how NK is changing for the better already.
        Is it time to go flip flop flip flop flip flop?  - kimchi troll
                                                                \_ lol!
        \_ Kim Jong Il is flip-flopping!  Let's vote to turn him out!
        \_ Bush should fly his brother there on a 'diplomatic' music mission
           like WJC did.  That would really help!
           \_ Well, they weren't reprocessing fuel rods then...
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33027 Activity:high
8/19    Tapes would be sent from the United States to North Vietnam to
        broadcast over Radio Hanoi to get U.S. servicemen to stop fighting in
        \_ "I wish we would stop opening wounds from a war of more than 30
           years ago and talk about the war we're fighting now," McCain told
           The AP. "I believe [both Kerry and Bush] served honorably."
           \_ So you do exactly what McCain tells you?
              \_ No, it just means, gosh, you're really really stretching, and
                 McCain's quote is just for you.
                 \_ Fine go ahead and vote for a traitor.  It will fit you
                    \_ The problem is you haven't shown Kerry is a "traitor".
                       In fact, the vast majority of Americans would not say
                       Kerry is a "traitor", otherwise there would be "Is
                       Kerry a traitor?" Gallup polls.  You just sound very,
                       very partisan, i.e., like a freeper.
                       \_ to a tee.  Oooh you invoked the 'freeper' word.
                          Go join Al Qaeda, this way you can parallel
                          Kerry's career.
                          \_ I agree, you do sound quite partisan, and like
                             a freeper to a tee!  Your second sentence doesn't
                             make sense though.
                             \_ Yep I am one of those evil oppessors who
                                believes in the Constitution, self-
                                responsibility, and limited government.
                                I'll complete the analogy.  Kerry effectively
                                fought for the NVA, so you too can fight
                                for Al Qaeda.  Go for it!
                       \_ "You are either with us, or you are with the
                           terrorists!" You sound suspiciously like a
                           a traitor to me, citizen!
                           \_ Right, so let's give the government all of
                              our guns.  Contradictory twit.
                              \_ There is so much sarcasm I'm confused.
        \_ (LA Times)
           Kerry recalled his opposition to VVAW leaders meeting with North
           Vietnamese officials. "I thought that would be disastrous to the
           credibility of the organization," he said, "to the people we were
           trying to convince about the war."
           Kerry soon left VVAW, which he thought had lost its focus.
           \_ Kerry met with them twice.
              \_ When and why?
                 \_ Because he is a traitor - from the Congressional
                    But this is forgery right?
                    \_ "Because he is a traitor" is not an answer.
                        \_ Just for starters... after the meeting
                           Kerry assiduously advocated the NVA
                           terms for truce.  For example,
                           watch Kerry do exactly this in his
                           debate with O'Neill (yes of SBVFT) in
                           1971 on CSPAN.  It's one thing to
                           protest against the war, but Kerry
                           was an effusive, vocal (maybe unwitting?)
                           advocate for the enemy, repeatedly.
                           \_ From my reading, he met with both sides, and
                              he advocated for a truce on terms negotiated by
                              both sides.  He also was attempting to get
                              our POWs back.  What is wrong with this?
                              It's not like the President has to honor whatever
                              Kerry comes back with (and the President never
                              did, anyway).  What about any of this makes him a
                              "traitor"?  Selling arms to the enemy, giving
                              vital military information, or defecting is what
                              a traitor does.  Being anti-war and attempting
                              to negotiate a truce, regardless of which side
                              you talk to, may show disunity on your side and
                              is illegal for a private citizen to do, but is
                              nowhere on the same level as being a "traitor".
                              Finally, remember, this is not WW2, where Japan
                              preemptively attacked Pearl Harbor; this is
                              Vietnam, where the U.S. carpet bombed and
                              4 million civilians died to 1 million enemy
                              soldiers, and where we were wrong in the Tonkin
                              \_ And let's not forget that this war was
                                 immensely unpopular back at home.
             \_ Reagan met with the communists several times, the traitor.
                \_ But he was President at the time.  Kerry was talking
                   with the enemy as a citizen.
2004/8/19 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:33028 Activity:nil
8/19    Pakistan does it right:  Torture is all these killers deserve!
2004/8/19 [Uncategorized] UID:33029 Activity:nil
8/19    $8.8B in Iraq ware funds missing.
2004/8/19-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33030 Activity:high
8/19    So, can someone explain Posix to me?
        \- POSIX IS THE STANDARD --psb
        \_ I usually hear about it with respect to POSIX threads.  Writing
           threaded programs can be a mess if the API for each architecture
           is different.  So, every architecture supports POSIX threads.
           Write once, run everywhere (with lots of #ifdefs).  Win32 does
           not support POSIX threads, though there are DLL shims.
        \_ I'm sure the quality of information you get here will be WAY
           better than a google search on "posix standard". You lazy bitch.
                \_ actually KAIS MOTD is better than Google. Search for
                   posix there, you'll be surprised     -kchang #2 fan
                   \_ Not to detract from KAIS MOTD or anything, but part of
                      the problem here is that google is TERRIBLE for searching
                      for specific technical questions.  I am not entirely
                      sure why. -- ilyas
                   \_ I don't know what crack you're smoking.  I'd rather
                      have no kais motd than no google.
                      \_ You are an idiot.  Read again what the guy you are
                         responding to actually said.  My god your idiocy
                         makes me sick.
                         \_ Actually, I did read what he said.  And I did a
                            posix search on both, and the information on
                            kai's motd was both out of date, and largely
                            irrelevant. -dwc
           \_ Yeah, because if I asked about C++ pointing me to the C++
              standard would be really helpful.  I'm trying to get a summary
              and a pointer maybe to an introduction.  I'm capable of using
              \_ Apparently you aren't. "standard" was an example, I'm sure
                 there are many better ways to refine your query to get the
                 sort of thing you want.
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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