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2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32845 Activity:nil 70%like:32864
8/11    Hard fact is, Kerry froze up during the Cold War
        Kerry's senate record critiqued.
2004/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:32846 Activity:very high
8/11    If you're still awake, the Perseids are tonight.
        \_ I don't have a TV.
           \_ It a meteor shower, not a TV program.
        \_ Awesome show last night.  If you missed it, there should still
           be some tonight (12/8)  -John
        \_ Triffids!
           \_ Tetsuo!
              \_ Akane!
                 \_ Akane Ichinose!
          \_ Aadrieeennne!
           \_ Indiiiiiii!
           \_ elaine!
              \_ Elaine Chao?
                 \_ Yow!
           \_ Stellaaaaa
           \_ Kirsty!  Tiffany!
              \_ You guys are so like so k-lame for not getting my Hellraiser II
           \_ Pow!  Right in the kisser!
              \_ One of these days, Alice...
              \_ My sister! My daughter!
                 \_ Are they the same person?
                    \_ He's got a real purdy mouth on him, don't he?
                        \_ Squeals like a pig!
2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:32847 Activity:nil
8/11    I am not paranoid, but I put sensitive personal information on my
        laptop and I go everywhere with it.  Is encrypted disk image reliable
        and fast?  I googled for filevault but it is hard to find article
        with clue/analysis.  Any other suggestion is nice too.  tia.
        \_ Using Windows XP Professional?  Right-click on folder -> Properties
           -> Advanced -> Encrypt contents to secure data
           \_ Tnx. Actually I am using OS X, but I appreciate the answer about
              window and if there is something for general *nix I'd like to
              hear it too.  By the way, are such encryption really effective
              against id thieves, safe from corruptions, and fast?
2004/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:32848 Activity:nil
8/11    On a related note, it's the Sanrio(R) Doom ]|[ Hello Kitty Flashlight!
2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32849 Activity:insanely high
8/12    Why is "tabbed browsing" in Mozilla a good feature.  I've always been
        able to open new windows in NS or IE by Ctrl-N or right-clicking and
        choose "Open in new window".
        \_ All your sites stay in the same window.  Try opening 20 windows
           in IE and then 20 tabs in mozilla.  I don't understand why you
           would even use NS when it is just the mozilla code with extra bad
           and useless advertising crap and minus some of mozilla's better
           features.  Try it, you'll like it.
           \_ Ads come from web pages, not a browser, right?
              \_ Mozilla doesn't have a "SHOP" button, right next to the
                 "STOP" button, unlike IE, so no, wrong in this context.
           \_ Also, it's a lot faster to open 20 tabs than 20 windows. And
              you can have the tabs loading in the background, whereas
              new windows will steal focus from your old one.
           \_ I'm using NS 7.1 because it's been out there for a long time
              (1yr?) and I thought that means it's more stable and fewer
              security holes.  Whereas Mozilla keeps on having new releases, so
              it seems less stable.
              \_ You are sadly misguided. Netscape is basically just a
                 snapshot of Mozilla at one moment in time, and from that
                 they put in some "value-added" crap. So you could just get
                 the release of Mozilla that your Netscape is derived from.
                 Look on the about page for the build date.
                 \_ Geez.  I'm ditching NS now!  Thx.
        \_ it's a preference thing. for me, it's cleaner to have all my pages
           in one window. wanna minimize everything? you just have to minimize
           one window. not everyone needs the feature though.
        \_ I use both tabs and multiple windows; each window contains several
           tabs with related pages.  It's a lot easier to manage than the
           10+ windows I'd have open otherwise.  -tom
           \_ Yes, tabbed browsing is used most by non-degreed government
              employees, followed closely by time spent on the wall, time
              spent on the motd, then lunch, then smoke break, and somewhere
              below clock watching, work.
              \_ get a life.
                 \_ ouch!  that was stinging! what a zinger!
        \_ It's even better in Opera IMO.  Mostly because if you close Opera
           (or even if it crashes) when you start again all your pages are
           still there.
           \_ Opera: $$$.  Mozilla: no $$$.
           \_ Is there a FireFox extension that emulates this?
              \_ crash recovery - I believe there's also
                 one that autosaves/remembers on start, but I haven't used it
                 \_ Call me when it's no longer an extension.
                    \_ As if it matters.  Why do you care?  You want a giant
                       monolithic piece of crap with everything complied in?
                       Microsoft has the perfect browser for you!
                       \_ No, I'm not looking for emacs.  Opera for Win32 is a
                          whopping 3.4 MB download.  I hardly call that
                          \_ And it doesn't have the same feature set as
           \_ Also, an irritation of Mozilla is that when you close a tab, you
              get dumped into the rightmost tab.  Opera allows you to cycle
              through MRU order.  Oh, and you can move tabs around easily.  And
              if you have multiple frames, it's easy to move tabs from one
              frame to another.
                \_ I like the right tab focus.  I just read tabs right to left
                   and open them in reverse order of interest.
                \_ there are a couple nice extensions that allow you to do
                   things like this in mozilla/firefox as well...
                   \_ Call me when they're no longer extensions.
                      \_ Um... the whole POINT is that they're extensions, and
                         will never be integrated.  Make the core product fast,
                         and let users add the additions that they want...
                         \_ Great.  Will I have to download a plugin to use the
                            cursor keys to navigate a page up and down?  Sorry,
                            if you have tabbed browsing, you need some ability
                            to use those tabs effectively.  Opera is
                            light-years ahead of Mozilla on this.
                            \_ Call me when Opera costs the same as Mozilla.
                            \_ I navigate with the cursor keys all the time.
                               \_ Why is that not a plugin?!  Those Moz
                                  hypocrites--integrating that as a feature
                                  instead of leaving it as a plugin.
                                  \_ Why is free-as-in-beer not a feature of
                                     Opera?  Why do they have to plug-in to my
                                     wallet to get a slightly different version
                                     of tabbed browsing?
                                     \_ I have no problem paying for superior
                                        software.  If you're happy with
                                        inferior-but-free-as-in-beer tools,
                                        more power to you.
                                        \_ Superior?  Opera is going to make
                                           my life better than Mozilla enough
                                           to pay for it?  Which stock market
                                           did you get your money in?
        \_ Tab browsing makes it easier to follow threads in mailing lists.
           You know that each of the tabs following the current on are
           replies in the thread you are reading.
        \_ I used to be annoyed by tabs; I liked Ctrl-N a lot.  Now I love
           tabs and I use Ctrl-T and middle-click all the time.  Mainly a new
           window opening up is just slower, and the saved start bar real
           estate is great.
           \_ Seconded.  Tabs wierded me out for quite a while, but they really
           \_ Seconded.  Tabs weirded me out for quite a while, but they really
              are quite convenient, for reasons of window managability, screen
              real estate, nd background loading.  On the rare occasions I want
              to compare 2 pages side-by-side, there's still Ctrl-N.
              to compare 2 pages side-by-side, there's still Ctrl-N. [spelld]
           \_ Is there a way to configure Mozilla to always open links in
              a new tab when you click (accidentailly) on a link that would
              otherwise open a new window?? I don't always want to hold down
              ctrl key when I am pressing the mouse button...
              \_ Middle mouse button.  It's in the preferences.
                 \_ Middle button always opens a new tab. I want to
                    open a new tab only if the link would open a new
                    window. Kind of override new window with new tab
                    \_ check out the tabbrowser extensions
                    \_ check about:config, browser.tabs.opentabfor.windowopen
2004/8/12 [Transportation/Car] UID:32850 Activity:moderate
8/12    Is Auto Update in XP going to install XP2 for me?  I thought Auto
        Update only downloads hot fixes but not service packs.
        \_ Well, did it auto update you or not?  SP2 (not XP2) has been out
           for a few days.
           \_ Oops.  I meant SP2.  -- OP
           \_ It's only been out as a separate download and cd order.  It's
              not on Windows Update service yet.
              \_ Then why did I get a popup yesterday from the auto update
                 service asking me if I wanted to download/install it?
                 \_ Must be another update it was asking about.
2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer] UID:32851 Activity:high
8/11    Holo-deck one step closer:
        \_ Great, then we can spend every episode in the holodeck.  Oh wait,
           we already did that.
           \_ That was only in Voyager. TNG and DS9 had lots of non-holodeck
              episodes. - STMG
              \_ Actually, TNG was the worst abuser.  How many times did the
                 holodeck computer characters gain true conciousness and try
                 to take over the ship?  The holodeck computer was their
                 greatest enemy on TNG, not the Borg.  DS9 was just boring
                 until they tried to clone the much better B5 and failed.
                 \_ 3 times that I can think of, 2 Moriority episodes and the
                    one where the ship gained consciousness and expressed
                    itself through the holodeck.
                    \_ hahahha!! I don't know what episodes you're talking about
                       so i must not be a nerd! woohoo!
2004/8/12 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:32852 Activity:moderate
8/11    Mac guy, did you end up getting the memory? Compusa and Fry's currently
        have rebates on SODIMM memory
        \_ I am the mac guy, jackass.  Mac's don't work with cable modem.  And
           where's my shirt.
2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32853 Activity:moderate
8/12    Nice.  I'll have to remember religious questions about browsers the nex
        time I'm trolling.
        \_ And so at last the beast fell and the unbelievers rejoiced. But all
           was not lost, for from the ash rose a great bird. The bird gazed
           down upon the unbelievers and cast fire and thunder upon them. For
           the beast had been reborn with its strength renewed, and the
           followers of Mammon cowered in horror.
           - from The Book of Mozilla, 7:15
        \_ At least nobody is defending IE.
           \_ IE!  IE is the standard!
              \_ For crashes, bugs, and popups.  I love MS.
2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32854 Activity:very high
8/12    For those trying to get to the bottom of the Swift Boat Vets vs. John
        Kerry issue, here's a good link which collects some info:
        The May 4 2004 press conference of the veterans is here (Real format):
        \_ Here's also Kerry's 1971 testimony:
           If you ask me, this is what's happened:
           #1:  They're pissed that John came down on the hippie, flower-power
           side when they're the ones volunteering their lives for their
           side when they were the ones volunteering their lives for their
           \_ He did alot more than just come down on the hippie side.  He
              was effectively allied with the Vietcong, fighting domestically.
              \_ Hehahhahahhahahhahhahahhahahahhahhahhahahahahahhahaha.
                 Oh wow.  Thanks for the laugh.  That was a good one.
                 Next you'll be accusing him of appearing at rallies alongside
                 Jane Fonda.
                 \_ Haven't you heard of the secret meetings with the Gen.
                    Giap where he promised the other side better negotiating
                    terms if they would hold out on signing a peace treaty
                    until after he was elected president???
           #2:  The hippie, flower-power side is right, insofar as what Kerry
           said in his speech.  (I doubt they can deny the substance of what
           he said -- if they really read major parts of the testimony, instead
           of isolated quotes.)
           #3:  Kerry genuinely laid blame on the Administration rather than
           the soldiers.
           #4:  Kerry wishes he could have made this distinction clearer,
           perhaps by talking more about the soldier's plight -- it's not
           a soldier's place to question where their President sends them --
           and regrets missing the chance back then.
           #5:  The talk about Kerry wavering in combat is garbage.  This is
           just stuff made up to justify point #1, and just not liking the man
           because of it.  Most of his crewmembers support him, and that's
           what says it all as far as combat.
           Here's your homework:  Quotes from the swift vets for truth
           Compare to Kerry's 1971 testimony from the previous URL.  Judge
           for yourself.
           \_ Nice effort, but it will go ignored.  The only people that
              care about these Swift Boat turds are some Freeper nuts on the
              Internet, and they won't listen to a word you're saying.
              \_ it was a weak effort.  i'll reply later.  its lunch time now.
              \_ You're right.  People will make their choice between
                 re-electing president McCain and Kerry based on their
                 *merrits* not on the basis of some rightwing smear
                 campaign...Oh, wait a minute...There *is* no President
                 McCain because those fuckers' tactics actually work.
                 \_ no, McCain had my vote until he turned into a big crybaby
                    during the primaries.  i don't want some unstable whack
                    job as president.  if ya can't take the heat during a
                    primary, you're not fit for command.
           \_ I didn't ask you.  I just posted the link.  I think your #'d
              items are assertions without basis.
2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32855 Activity:nil
8/12    Do csh or tcsh have a way to redirect stdout and stderr to seperate
        \_ (myCommand myArgs > myStdout.file) >& myStderr.file  --- yuen
2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32856 Activity:high
8/12    What's the difference between Mozilla and Firefox?  Is Mozilla
        identical to Firefox plus chat plus e-mail plus other apps? -mgates
        \_ Just DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY.  Firefox is < 5 megs.  I'm sure you can
           swing that.  Find out what you like, and quit this inane chatter.
           It's a web browser, not a lifestyle choice.
           \_ Thanks!  That's what I need.
        \_ Mozilla has more features. Firefox is still in beta, it is a
           different browser written from the ground up. I use Mozilla
           because it has features that FireFox don't have. Eventually
           Firefox will catchup to Mozilla in terms of feature, then I'll
           switch. I do use IE for windows update.
           \_ It is not written from the ground up. Firefox shares a hell
              of a lot of code with Mozilla. The main difference is the
              front end.
2004/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32857 Activity:high
8/12    Is there a way to combine two files without writing?  I mean
        unlinking the 2nd file but instead of freeing its blocks, adding them
        to the end of the 1st file.  Suppose gap is not an issue.
        \_ Instead of asking for an answer to some obscure no-details technical
           question, how about you ask us what you're actually really trying to
           do and maybe we can then help you solve the real problem?
           \_ Well, I want to make some kind of revision control except I
              don't want to do diffs (suppose it's binary) and just want to
              keep copies of old files up to a certain number (sort of like
              what VMS did).  As such, I don't want to read and write the
              files but just chain old copies together with some control info
              recorded separately.  If you have a better solution I would like
              to hear it, but my original question is quite well specified.
              \_ How about moving the files into a special directory?  I know
                 it's boring, but it would be easy, portable, and work.
              \_ You're describing tar.  Rename the old file and move it into
                 a tar file you've created for this purpose.  Tar will append,
                 allow searching, has control info, allow extracting by file
                 name, etc, etc.  Don't re-invent the wheel.
                 \_ Yeah it is like tar, but tar actually has to read the file
                    and then copy it bit by bit to another file.  I want to
                    just append the list of data blocks of the 2nd file to
                    that of the 1st file before unlinking it.
                    \_ Why?
                       \_ More efficient?????  You don't have to read and write
                          1000 50 MB files if you are not changing them.
2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:32858 Activity:very high
8/12    Same sex marriage nullified, yeah!!
        \_ Why is this even a surprise. Newsome himself knew this would
           happen. He carried out the marriages because:
           1) he wanted to shed his image as a prviliged yuppie by breakin'
              the law
           2) he was pandering
           \_ Do you honestly believe that being a pimp helps you get
              votes in San Francisco? Or do you mean pander in the more
              general "this guy is appealing to a group I don't like"
              lazy incorrect fashion that some politicians like to use?
              \_ Wow, like this isn't even a good troll.
           3) increased revenue from all the licenses
              \_ Now I know you're joking. SF collected $200k from the
                 4000 couples. Compare that to the city budget of $5B.
                 Less than 4/1000s of a percent.
           4) increased tax revenue from all the rings and wedding cakes and
           If he really cared about the issue, he would have challenged this
           through the courts.
           \_ You think he handed out gay marriage licenses to get increased
              revenue from the the licenses and wedding cake sales?  You're
              friggin nuts.  I don't agree with the pro gay marriage thing,
              but I think you're even nuttier.
              \_ No, I think the primary reason (the one which I listed first
                 for a reason and the one you didn't comment on) was to
                 project an image of a rebel, since Gonzales made it a closer
                 election than anyone expected. I think the increased revenue
                 from gay tourists flocking to the City was just icing.
           \_ Can't agree more.  I'm not against gay marriage, but I'm against
              breaking the law, especially while representating a govt body.
        \_ Whew!  That's good, 'cause I was about to start smokin' pole any
        \_ Libertarians to thread...
           \_ I think the libertarian position on gay marriage is that
              marriage is between two people or two people and their church,
              and government shouldn't have anything to do with it one way
              or the other.  Is that about right?
              \_ I doubt that's right--there are legal aspects around things
                 like inheritance which can't be decided by the church.
                 \_ Sure they can.  The old Church said you should give
                    everything to them to avoid going to Hell.
              \_ Probably, but some of the local Libertarians go through some
                 amazing contortions to toe the Republican party line...
                 \_ The government is the recording authority.  Beyond that, it
                    should get out of the business of deciding who or what can
                    marry and leave that up the the individuals involved.  Is
                    that the Republican line?
                    \_ no, it isn't.
                 \_ As a (R) the last thing I want is Libertarians at my party.
        \_ More to the point, Same-sex marriages illegally performed in CA were
           nullified.  Everyone should be glad about this, or any Mayor could
           start changing state law any way he or she pleased.
           start changing state law any way he or she pleased.  (this was the
           original text of the comment below)
           \_ Agreed.  If you don't like the law, change it, don't break it.
              Especially don't make a City break the law.
        \_ More to the point, Same-sex marriages illegally performed in CA were
           nullified.  Everyone should be glad about this, or any man could
           start marrying any dog or box turtle he pleases,
           \_ By reading this post, why do I feel like I've gone back in time
              50 years?
              \_ Because you've missed the point. The courts ruled that the
                 marriages were carried out illegally. Rather than challenging
                 the definition of marriage through the courts, Newsom took
                 the law into his own hands. The above poster is basically
                 saying he's glad any other mayor cannot now just take the law
                 into his own hands to marry whatever to whomever. You probably
                 also thinkthat Clinton got impeached for receiving a bj.
                 \_ lol.  I can't believe you fucking guys.  All we ever hear
                    from you is the evils of "activist judges" legislating
                    from the bench, and now you want it challeneged through
                    the courts?  man, this would be hilarious if i didn't
                    have to share a country with you fuckers.
                    \_ Please tell me this is some kind of troll.  No one here
                       could really be THIS dumb, could they?
                       \_ It's pretty dumb.  Please read my response below:
                    \_ These judges are enforcing existing law; if they were
                       "activist", they would leave the marriages legal.
                       That's what you get from the first look at it.
                       On a second look, any conscientious judge would feel
                       ashamed 50 years from now to take part in enforcing
                       the no-gay-marriage law, as it is clearly a "separate
                       but equal" issue; and "separate but equal" has been
                       shown to violate the Constitution.
                       \_ What "no-gay-marriage" law?
                          \_ The federal DOMA as well as the California state
                             initiative.  Everyone knows these laws are
                             unconstitutional - why do you think there's a
                             rush to desecrate^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hamend the
                             constitution before the Supremes take a look at
                             \_ Nonono, you got it all wrong:  Gay marriage
                                desecrates the sanctity of Marriage!
                                \_ Sanctity is a religious concept.  Here in the
                                   USA, we have a secular government.  Religion
                                   is a private matter.  Why is this so hard for
                                   some people to understand?  If you really
                                   want to live in a theocracy, move to Iran.
                                   \_ Inasmuch as Jefferson wrote volumes on
                                      separation of church and state, he is
                                      only one guy, and there is a good
                                      argument that the U.S. was founded on
                                      Christian values and the belief in God.
                                      Between having a government where
                                      mentioning religion in a public place
                                      is illegal, and the "establishment of
                                      religion" clause, there is a lot of room.
                                      \_ It clearly was not "founded on
                                         Christian values". The republican
                                         concepts were lifted from classical
                                         (pagan) philosophy. Christian values
                                         involve strong church authority. They
                                         don't mention anything Christian,
                                         but merely the generic "God" and
                                         "creator" which signify nothing.
                                         \_ They do?  What about Protestants?
                                            The whole issue with Protestants was
                                            rebellion against Church authority.
                                            You are spouting, my friend.
                                              -- ilyas
                                         \_ If it is so clear to you, please
                                            show me evidence that this country
                                            was founded on classical (pagan)
                                            philosophy without regard to
                                            the dominant Protestantism at
                                            the time.  I also think this
                                            sentence is flat out wrong:
                                            "Christian values involve strong
                                            church authority."  C'mon.  We
                                            have Christian values throughout
                                            the U.S. today, and there is no
                                            strong church authority.
                       \_ BZZT!  Homosexuals have the same right to marriage
                          as any straight person.  They have the legal right to
                          marry someone of the opposite sex.  The law does not
                          care about love or personal taste or desire.  The
                          law is only about strict factual concepts like your
                          gender, age, and race in regards to equality issues.
                          \_ Sexual orientation is, for the vast majority of
                             cases, something someone is born with.  Over time,
                             it will be more concretely established in U.S.
                             law that it deserves the same level of protection
                             as gender, race, and age -- because it is
                             something someone is born with.
                             \_ Url on the statistics on that?  Or is this just
                                a liberal article of faith?
                 \_ actually, I think it was the part about the dog and box
                \_ Its possible to both support Newsom's actions and the actions
                   of the court.  You may wish to look up the definition of
                   "civil disobedience."
                    \_ You may wish to take English 1A again. Box-turtle guy
                       explains why he thinks this is good news. Critic calls
                       box-turtle guy intolerant slut. All I said was that
                       box-turtle guy's statement doesn't have anything to do
                       with intolerance and everything to do with following
                       legal procedures.
                       \_ The fact that you don't think there's anything
                          intolerant about comparing an expression of love
                          between two human beings to an expression of "love"
                          between a man and a turtle is quite revealing.
                          \_ Love has nothing to do with marriage.  Marriage
                             is a legal state that all people have equal access
                             to.  All people have the legal right to marry
                             someone of the opposite sex.  There is no equal
                             rights issue here.
                             \_ Love has nothing to do with marriage?  Boy,
                                I REALLY hope you're not married.
                       \_ Actually, all I said was that the dog and turtle
                          part sounded like it came from a stodgy old guy
                          from 50 years ago with the thick-rimmed glasses.
                          \_ It actually came from a guy who's covered in
                             KY and feces.
                             \_ Actually, it came from some jerkoff (pun
                                intended) who change my original post.
                    \_ Civil disobedience isn't an elected official ignoring
                       the law.  It's private citizens disobeying the law.  A
                       Mayor's job is to enforce the law, and if he's unwilling
                       to enforce it, he should step aside and act as a private
                       \_ This is a stretch when we are talking about San
                          Francisco, and I think you know it.
                          \_ Just because San Francisco is full of wackos
                             doesn't mean it's elected officials shouldn't be
                             held to their oaths.
                             \_ I think you're stretching, and I still think
                                you know it ...
                                \_ I'm not the above person who thinks SF is
                                   full of whackos, but he does have a point.
                                   Consider racist southern sheriffs who would
                                   refuse to enforce the law against whites
                                   who attacked and murdered blacks.
                                   \_ What about an activist sherriff before
                                      emancipation who refused to track down
                                      escaped slaves, or refused to prosecute
                                      the people who helped slaves escape?
                                      \_ Slavery is a way of making people
                                         unequal and is thus a violation of
                                         the Constitution's equal rights
                                         sections.  Allowing marriage only
                                         between those of the opposite sex is
                                         not a violation.  All adults are
                                         allowed to marry someone of the
                                         opposite sex and not marry someone of
                                         the same sex.  This law is applied
                                         equally to all people.  No issue here.
                                         \_ "The law, in its majestic equality,
                                             forbids the rich as well as the
                                             poor to sleep under bridges, to
                                             beg in the streets, and to steal
                                             bread."  --Anatole France
                                         \_ Scuse me, Junior Scalia, but I think
                                            your legal analysis is a wee bit
                                            lacking here.  But thanks for
                                            posting it three times, repetition
                                            definitely increases the
                                            effectiveness of your arguments.
                             \_ Not to be too weasely or anything but he took
                                an oath to uphold the law, and made a
                                calculated judgement that the (dominant)
                                equal-protection clause contradicted with the
                                no-gay-marriage law.  Elected officials have to
                                interpret the law all the time, but courts have
                                the final say on interpretation of law.
2004/8/12-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:32859 Activity:high
8/12    besides craigslist, what is a good place to find duplexes to rent?
        \_ you know what city or area you are looking for would help...
          \_ oops.. campbell , san jose, thanks
        \_ How is the rental market now? Is it easy to find rooms to rent?
           \_ Obvious troll.
              \_ No, I am trying to decide if I should rent out my rooms.
                 Last time I did it it was quite difficult to get tenants.
2004/8/12 [Consumer/Audio] UID:32860 Activity:kinda low
8/12    Heh.  iPod vs. Cassette tape:
        \_ HAHAHA!  So much for technology advancement.
        \_ How about iPod vs. microcassette?
2004/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:32861 Activity:nil
8/12    Non-politically speaking, who's doing a better campaigning job.
        Who has the better strategy?
2004/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:32862 Activity:nil
8/12    Say I have some directories in a CVS tree containing source for
        related libraries. Some of these libraries have dependencies on
        other libraries. If I want to be able to retrieve a particular
        version of a library, along with the correct versions of the other
        libraries it's dependent on, how should I organize things? I was
        thinking of tagging the library and its dependencies with the
        same tag, like libfoo-1-1-0 or something, and then doing a
        cvs update -f -r libfoo-1-1-0, but this has some drawbacks. Does
        anyone know of better methods? Thanks.
        \_ What drawbacks?  This would be the correct method.  tag the group
           or trees (with the desired versions) under an umbrella tag.
2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32863 Activity:high
8/12    So can anyone tell me where the political wingnuts on the motd came
        from?  I don't remember anyone so nutty when I was involved
        in the CSUA (97-01).
        \_ I think we somehow gave an account to a pissed off
           re-entry veteran student. - danh
        \_ Young people are generally apathetic about politics. My theory
           is that as the posters to the motd grew older, they became
           more interested in politics. As to why they are so nutty,
           your theory is as good as mine.
        \_ I think the nutty stuff is mostly trolls from people who have
           boring jobs with nothing to do most of the day- and the recent
           increase is just from post-dot-com-bust-shitty-job-market. From
           97-01, people had too much to do. From 01-02, nobody was employed.
           Now, people are employed, but don't do anything.
           \_ two words: graduate school.
           \_ So you think Freeperguy just keeps track of the latest freeps
              so that he can troll the rest of us?
        \_  Fox News.  Not really liking poor people.
           That's all you need to create a right-wing "wingnut".
           Liberal media.  Michael Moore.  Not really liking rich people.
           That's all you need to create a left-wing "wingnut".
           \_ This kind of Red-State/Blue-State thinking is the whole problem.
              Reducing people to abstractions doesn't teach you anything about
              them.  The computer science solution to problems is not always
              the correct one.
              \_ agreed.  i think the average "red state" or "blue state"
                 person would be horrified by most of the socialist/communist
                 lefists and ayn rand rightwingers that prevail on both
                 sides of the political spectrum among geeks.
              \_ Hey, someone asked how wingnuts came about, I gave an answer.
                 Of course there are a lot of non-wingnut left and
                 right-wingers.  Hell, my "I will kill Michael Moore if I
                 ever see him" younger brother who watches O'Reilly all the
                 time managed to get his hands on my copy of Starship Troopers
                 (book not movie):  He nows says he's joining the Army as
                 long as Kerry isn't elected.
                 \_ Your brother sounds like he really needs a CSUA account.
                 \_ Rent him the DVD. See if he gets the satire.
                    \_ He saw that movie 10-20 times already.  Apparently
                       he likes both.
        \_ Politics have gotten far more acrimonious since the 2000 Election.
           This election cycle has simply built upon that.
        \_ Labelling people as a wingnut if they don't agree with you.
           \_ Ha.  No.
2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32864 Activity:nil 70%like:32845
8/12    Hard fact is, Kerry froze up during the Cold War
        \_ Um, being against deficit spending is not dumb.  And Reagan ==
           Iran-Contra.  And well, Dubya ain't no Reagan.
           \_ So ceding central america to the Soviets was a good idea?  The
              Soviets were pouring hundrends of millions into Nicaragua.
              Why don't you condemn Carter in Afghanistan?
2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:32865 Activity:nil
8/12    Whoa.  The governor of NJ just outed himself as gay.  I bet CNN wasn't
        expecting THAT, HAHAHA.
        \_ He's sacrificing his wife's face for political gain.  He'd better
           run for president before Newsom gains enough momentum some day.
           \_ What the hell are you smoking?
           \_ Please give me a hit on that crack pipe.  He admitted he was
              gay, he admitted he had an affair, he resigned, and now he is
              free to pay the personal consequences with his wife, family, and
              friends.  I think you would only be satisfied if he condemned
              homosexuals and became born again.
        \_ It would have been sweet had he been a Republican.
           \_ Yeah it would be sweet if scumbags like that were Republican.
              They are Democrat though.  Democrats have a firm grasp on
              sexual misconduct in this country.
              \_ Sexual misconduct?  He didn't molest a kid (or a box turtle,
                 sigh), he's gay.
                 \_ Hello!?  Affair?  HELLO?  ANYONE UP THERE IN YOUR HEAD?
                    And to the guy below, going to a sex club is not misconduct.
                    \_ You're a dumbass.  If you had referred to the sexual
                       harassment suit against him, you might have something
                       to stand on.
                    \_ Uh, it is not "going to a sex club" that was the big
                       deal -- c'mon, don't tell me that's what you truly
                       thought was the worst of what he did?
                       But the previous poster was an idiot -- the sexual
                       misconduct is not in being gay, but in having sex with
                       someone else while married.  Being gay makes it only
                       a tiny bit less bad.
                       \_ The sexual misconduct that has any bearing on his
                          holding office is getting his lover a security
                          position which he didn't have clearance for.  If
                          he made a personal decision that the affair itself
                          affected his ability to govern, then that's his
                          call.  Not yours.
              \_ Google "Jack Ryan" Illinois
              \_ Yeah, I think Jack Ryan (wife is Seven of Nine) and Bill
                 Clinton are the champs right now, as far as combining
                 fame and the offensiveness of the deed(s).
              \_ Let's not forget about convicted pedophile Barney Frank
                 and his predecessor.
                 \_ Huh?  Got any URLs for this one?
2004/8/12 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:32866 Activity:very high
8/12    Cringely has a short, excellent, non-techie article up.
        \_ Key phrase: "My view is that they went ahead because they were more
           interested in punishment than deterrence."  I agree.  I am more
           interested in punishment than deterrence, also.  What about you?
           Would you let a known criminal off the hook if it would prevent
           crime?  I wouldn't.  -- ilyas
        \_ obWhyDoYouHateAmerica?
        \_ My question is, What kind of punishment did the study recommend for
           poor people in the ghetto?
           \_ Err, hopefully it would have only been those that had committed
              a crime first that were punished, but then again this is the
        \_ Excellent?  It's a rambling mess.
           \_ All of Cringely's columns are about the same thing: What a
              clever little monkey I am. After reading the article do you
              actually understand anything new? There are a bunch of
              assertions made, he mentions he knowns one of the principles,
              he has his little twist at the end ... but is there a cite
              or link to the brilliant article? Is the thesis actually
              explained [the thesis isnt "the govt is wrong" but should
              explain the deterrence failure]. Cringely is a guy who doesnt
              understand social science, economics and politics writing for
              people who dont understand social science, economics or
        \_ Key phrase: "My view is that they went ahead because they were more
           interested in punishment than deterrence."  I agree.  I am more
           interested in punishment than deterrence, also.  What about you?
           Would you let a known criminal off the hook if it would prevent
           crime?  I wouldn't.  -- ilyas
2004/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32867 Activity:moderate
8/12    So anyone got SP2, any problems? Issues?
        \_ I couldn't resist, installed it a couple days ago. I have a "volume
           license key" (corporate) copy and changed my key as a precaution but
           I haven't heard of any problems in that area. No problems. I
           immediately shut off their new security center thing and their
           firewall. I heard there may be some problem with Divx video.
        \_ No issues.  Installed it on Athlon 64 3200+ desktop with recent
           WinXP install; then on WinXP notebook which hasn't gotten an
           OS re-install in 2 years.  The uninstall backup is required, and
           will take ~ 450MB more wherever you save it.
           will take ~ 450MB more wherever you save it.  No product key issues
           (and I would have one if there were something there).
           After it installed, I did turn off the WinXP firewall.
           \_ Is MS going to release something similar for Win2K?
                \_ Unlikely.
2004/8/12-13 [Science/Space] UID:32868 Activity:low
8/12    Bio Q: you overdose on brownies and cake and you'd like to stave off th
        sugar rush and eventual diabetes.  Does drinking a few glasses of water
        dilute the sugar (and thus delay absorption) or does it simply
        pre-dissolve the sugar (and speed it up)?
        \_ Are you related to the 480 pound woman in the URL below?
        \_ Drink water, go jogging/cycling, repeat.
        \_ Sun basketball, Tue dance, Wed basketball + badminton,
           Fri tennis, Sat swim, repeat weekly
           \_ What happens on Thursday?
              \_ And on Thursday, God went shopping, and there were sales.  And
                 the sales were good.  And God was pleased.  And there was much
        \_ A combination of both.
2004/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:32869 Activity:nil
8/12    For those who missed it and are playing Doom:
        The Sanrio(R) Doom ]|[ Hello Kitty Flashlight(TM)!  (only shotty and machine gun tho)
2004/8/12 [Science/Biology, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32870 Activity:high
8/12    On a related note, how to turn lazy, procrastinating soda users
        into productive people: (longer LA Times article)
        \_ Great. Tack that onto my speed habit and I might as well be
           surgically grafted into my office chair.
           \_ Speed habit?  Did sky and muchandr suddenly relapse?
        \_ That just makes confirms that laziness is a sign of higher brain
2004/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:32871 Activity:high
8/12    What fraction of programmers take speed?
        \_ *I* don't take speed, but my nose does, so say 1/3000th?
2004/8/12 [Health/Skin, Health/Disease/General] UID:32872 Activity:nil
8/12    Oh.  My.  God.
        \_ This is something I don't mind being purged (no pun, please god).
        \_ That's vile.  Someone been reading the cruel site of the day?  (It
           is, however, safe for work.)
        \_ Longer article, w/ quotes:
        \_ I guess some people wait until someone's almost dead before calling
           emergency services. Reminds me of the case of that guy whose head
           was rotting away and maggots were crawling on his brain and stuff.
2004/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:32873 Activity:nil
8/12    So let the purge finger-pointing begin!
2004/8/12 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:32874 Activity:nil
8/12    Oh great, google auction to begin on Friday the 13th, haha.
        \_ not funny, I'm being forced to file tomorrow :P (summer filing
2004/8/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32875 Activity:nil
8/12    what happened to kchang? why'd he get squished?
2004/8/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32876 Activity:very high
        \_ somewhat unrelated: was Jello Biafra's "Holiday in Cambodia"
           song somehow related to this?
           \_ unlikely.
           \_ True, all sarcasm aside.
           \_ You'd prefer a "thoughtful and sensitive war" against the
              terrorists, as Kerry has proposed?
              \_ Thoughtful is a good thing in the conduct of a war.
                 Sensitive to our allies & potential allies, also a good
                 thing.  Called "diplomacy".  Saved more lives and won more
                 conflicts throughout history than all guns & bombs
                 combined.  Remember your von Clausewitz?  War is an extension
                 of politics by other means?  Think about it.  -John
                 \_ Diplomacy?  Please enumerate the number of lives saved and
                    which conflicts were won through diplomacy throughout
                    history.  Like how post-WWI and pre-WWII diplomacy
                    resulted in a lasting peace in our time with honor and
                    all that?
                    \_ cold "war".  Lives saved: 5 billion
              \_ Do you want me to post the quote from Bush saying the same
                 thing? --scotsman
                 \_ We've seen enough out of context quotes from you.  No.
                    \_ Actually, it wouldn't be out of context, and really,
                       would you rather see out of context quotes from me on
                       wall or from Cheney in stump speeches? --scotsman
                       \_ I prefer to not see any more out of context rants
                          from you or anyone else on wall or motd or
                          anywhere else, thanks.
                          \_ why do you read the motd at all? - danh
                             \_ Because he likes having a venue for tossing
                                out baseless accusations without any
                                consequence. Go reiffin! --scotsman
                                \_ The motd is pseudo anonymous.  Do you feel
                                   big now?  Has naming someone strengthened
                                   your point in any way?  If I cared about
                                   it that much, I wouldn't post.  Anyone who
                                   cares can dig through the archives of either
                                   the wall or motd for your previous quotes.
                                   I don't care that much and I doubt anyone
                                   else does either.
                             \_ Because sometimes there are interesting and
                                useful threads.  The rantings and out of
                                context quotes are neither interesting nor
                                useful but they don't ruin the rest of it.
                    \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                       "Precisely because America is powerful, we must be
                       sensitive about expressing our power and influence.
                       Our goal is to patiently build the momentum of freedom,
                       not create resentment for America itself." -GW Bush
                       Clearly from reading George W. Bush's entire quote he
                       means building coalitions of the willing who recognize
                       that showing weakness will only aid terror.  After
                       reading John Kerry's entire quote, when it comes to
                       differences between the Republican and Democratic
                       tickets on the Iraq war, Kerry's "more sensitive"
                       remark wraps it all up in a bow!
                       Why does it feel I'm writing Tom Tomorrow lines?
                       \_ Sarcasm?  That wasn't sarcasm.  That was you trying
                          to defend the undefendable Kerry again.  Tell us
                          again how Kerry is somehow different from GWB?  He
                          said only a few days ago that knowing what we know
                          now he would have invaded Iraq.  The only difference
                          is he would have sent ~2.5x as many troops and they
                          would have been more 'sensitive'.  And oh yeah, our
                          pseudo allies would have magically joined up and
                          freely given up the billions of dollars they were
                          making off Iraq just because John is a thoughtful,
                          nuanced and sensitive guy.  Riiiiight.
                          \_ who are you voting for?
                             \_ Nader.  Who'd you think?  I'll write him in
                                if I have to.
              \_ "I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful,
                 more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror
                 that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our
                 side." -John Kerry
                 Cheney is being disingenuous, to say the least.  And then
                 here's his wife, Lynne Cheney:
                 "With all due respect to the senator, it just sounded so
                 foolish ... This is the kind of left-wing foolishness that
                 certainly isn't appropriate for someone who would seek to
                 be commander-in-chief."
                 \_ no. no. no.  you can't apply context to right wing
                    talking point sound bites.  now the thread will be
                    \_ The full quote says the same thing.  Sensitive to
                       whom, Iran?
                       \_ Sensitive to our allies (not alienating them), and
                          not pulling on Iraqis' genitalia while in our jails.
                          \_ Well if its not clear to you why Russia, France
                             and China acted they way they did you are
                             naive or stupid, maybe both.  Please name
                             an era in our's or anyone's history where a
                             "thoughtful and sensitive" foreign policy existed.
                             \_ Point 1:  Powell's UN presentation was
                                pathetic.  The "Intelligence Community's"
                                findings, which Powell presented, were clearly
                                not supported by the available intelligence,
                                as concluded by the 9/11 Commission.  Powell's
                                presentation was treated coldly, and for
                                good reason!  I strongly urge you to refrain
                                from labeling people naive or stupid
                                on this point, as it makes you look naive
                                and/or stupid.
                                Point 2:  "Thoughtful and sensitive" is
                                Cheney's, or perhaps your quote.  Don't
                                quote out of context, and even worse, DON'T
                                REARRANGE WORDS AND PUT DOUBLE QUOTES AROUND
                                THE REARRANGED PHRASE.  Continuing on, the
                                entire, unmodified statement means what I
                                said it meant:  sensitive to our allies
                                (not alienating them), and not damaging
                                our credibility by sexually abusing
                                those under our authority.
                                You should be very glad you are not signing
                                your name, since what you said would stick
                                with you in a lot of people's memories. -jctwu
                                \_ Please refer to the last five words of
                                   the first sentence for reaffirmation.
                                \_ Point this, point that, whatever.  Go back
                                   and read the full quote.  No matter how you
                                   want to arrange the words, they still mean
                                   the same thing.  Stop defending the
                                   undefendable and you'll be less stressed
                                   out.  Bush has fucked up a number of things
                                   and that's unfortunate and he's not the
                                   greatest President the country has had but
                                   he's doing ok and he's doing a hell of a
                                   lot better than a psycho like Gore or a
                                   man with no vision like Kerry would do.
                                   \_ You have several problems.  Your
                                      characterization ("stop defending the
                                      undefendable") is inaccurate.  You made
                                      a mistake with the quote and you know it.
                                      Finally, the last few posts by me
                                      indicate that I have read the whole quote,
                                      and it is clear to me it does not mean the
                                      same as your three-word phrase which Kerry
                                      never spoke, and in my opinion Cheney
                                      and you wish to mislead with.  I do
                                      approve of your not signing your
                                      name, and I say that without sarcasm.
                                      \_ This is now he-said, she-said.  There
                                         was no 'mistake' made with Kerry's
                                         quote.  He's a flip flopping weakling
                                         with no vision.  I think it's terribly
                                         funny that one anonymous person would
                                         insult another anonymous person for
                                         being anonymous.  I don't care at all
                                         either way usually but since you
                                         brought it up....  And I say that
                                         without sarcasm.  Hah!
                                         \_ Yup Kerry is a weakling like all
                                            the others who VOLUNTEERED to go
                                            to Vietnam.  Real men, like Bush,
                                            Cheney and Clinton made sure they
                                            didn't have to go serve there.
                                            And Bush doesn't have any
                                            "flip-flops", unless it's about
                                            gay marriage, or Department of
                                            Homeland Security, or nation
                                            building, or the assualt weapons
                                            ban, or steel tariffs, or tax
                                            credits for hybrid cars, or
                                            creation of the 9/11 commission ...
                                            Bush is guaranteed to stick to his
                                            ideologically driven positions
                                            unless reality forces him to change
                                            his position.
                                            \_ Heh, ok let's go with your line
                                               line.  Both men are either flip
                                               floppers or have nuance.  Which
                                               term do you prefer?  Since you
                                               won't accept Bush having any
                                               nuance and they both change
                                               positions, they must both be
                                               flip floppers.  Yet, wait, you
                                               say Kerry isn't a flip flopper.
                                               He has nuance.  I'm confused!
                                               \_ but only one has low IQ.
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