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2004/8/9 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:32773 Activity:kinda low
8/9     I am looking for tools which removes email attachments from the
        mailbox while leave the rest of the email text intact.  Does such
        thing exists?
        \_ what mail format?
        \_ command line or graphical?  you can do this with procmail
           \_ You can also do it with mutt.
        \_ procmail
           \_ standard RFC-compliant mailbox format.  I thought about
              procmail.  I would like to do the following:  change all
              HTML to text (lynx), all the WORD document into pure text.
              and... use iconv to change non latin character set to UTF8.
              Procmail wizard... show me example(s) please?  --OP
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32774 Activity:very high
8/9     Since you morons thought it was so shocking that Kerry was holding
        up an ear of corn while campaigning in Iowa, here's a picture of
        your candidate holding up an ear of corn:
        \_ But that makes sense.  It doesn't for Kerry.  And why you'd
           want to compare your guy to the other guy like that baffles me.
           \_ Um... why?  Because Bush is cornier?
              \_ Because the closet Kerry has ever been to uncooked corn
                 off the campaign trail is at 30k feet flying over it.
                 \_ And Bush had a cob broken off in his ass during his
                    Skull and Bones years. So what?
                    \_ Well, I'm given to understand the pretzel he choked on
                       had some corn oil in it, so that counts too, right?
                    \_ Hey!  Sharp reply!  With wit like that you are sure to
                       convince people and rally them to your guy!
                       \_ Reread this whole thread, brainiac.  You're both
                          coming off as idiots.
                          \_ I did.  And?  Thanks for joining us this morning.
         \_ Kerry once shot a vietnamese kid for running w/ a husk of corn
            \_ If only it had been you.
               \_ Another winning zinger!  You're on a roll today!
                  \_ Wait, you're attacking witty zingers and not utter
                     nonsense posts? Get some perspective.
                     \_ It wasn't witty.  You think "I wish you had been shot"
                        is a witty zinger?
            \_ Bush killed millions waging an unjust war for oil.
               \_ Millions?  You're a nut or a bad troll.  There were fewer
                  people killed from day 1 to now than Hussein was killing
                  of his own people every 3 months.
                  \_ By your stated rate, Iraq would have been unpeopled
                     by now.
                     \_ you're really in college?
                        \_ some people here never made it through.  i think
                           it's funny that he ignores what i said, make me
                           say something i didn't say, and then tries to make
                           me look stupid for having said what i didn't say.
                           very weak.  he should be ashmed but he isn't smart
                           enough to understand that.
                           \_ 50k people a year... post your source.
                              \_ Post your source for 50k people killed as a
                                 result of the invasion.
                                 \_ ~12k killed in the invasion.
                                    \_ 12k != 50k.  Where are your other 38k?
                                       \_ Dude, reread what was posted above.
                                          The claim is Hussein was matching
                                          our body count every 3 months.
                                          \_ Where's your other 38k?  Where are
                                             the 'millions dead' that was the
                                             original numeric claim on this
                                             \_ Bush and Cheney, especially Cheney,
                                                is no better than Hitler. Cheney
                                                will not hestitate to kill millions
                                                if it means he will gain moneyfrom
                  \_ Way to pull stuff out of your ass.
                     \_ Post your source for 'millions dead' in Iraq.
2004/8/9 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:32775 Activity:insanely high
8/9     Does the CSUA and/or the UCB nameservers cache results for
        far longer than the average nameserver?
        \_ To try to diffuse this, AFAIK the ucb nameservers use isc bind,
           and are RFC compliant.  They cache results according to the SOA
           of the domain in question.
        \_ dig
           \_ I asked a "yes" or "no" question. Do you know the answer?
              \_ The correct answer is 'dig'.  Yes, I do know.  I used dig.
                 \_ Wow, you are a delight. Why do you go out of your way
                    to be unhelpful? You assume that somebody asking about
                    name server cache does not know about the existance of
                    dig? Why not use your time to be helful?
                    \_ Because running dig to actually check the answer would
                       have been less typing than asking on the motd.
                       \_ again you assume incorrectly. I did run dig.
                          \_ In that case, could you please post what you
                             found, like "dig from soda shows a TTL
                             of three days, but dig shows
                             only a half-hour; why are they different?"
                    \_ man dig
                       \_ Uh, of course I already did that. I'll buy a bind
                          book cause your answers aren't.  By the way, your
                          "answers" still doesn't answer the original
                          question, which requires experience and knowledge
                          of the "average" nameserver.  reading a man page
                          would not help with that.
                          \_ your question doesn't say you don't have
                             knowledge about the "average" nameserver.
                             you should ask something like "how long
                             does the average name server cache
                             results, and does soda cache longer that
                             that?"  if you don't know how to pose
                             a question, stop bitching when people
                             didn't give the answer you wanted.
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32776 Activity:high
8/9     Poignant critique of John Kerry:
        -- liberal dem
        \_ Radical muckracking critique is more like it.  It makes charges
           without giving evidence.  Look, I'm sorry that Ralph doesn't have
           a chance in hell of winning the election, but trashing Kerry as a
           Bush clone serves no one's interests but Bush.
           \_ This is what Cockburn does. A certain class of leftist thinks
              he's the shit. I guess it's useful to have somebody keeping
              tabs on the minutiae of people's leftist cred and that's about
              the nicest thing I can think of to say about him. -- ulysses
        \_ Which points do you feel are unfair?
           - Appointing antiabortion judges
             \_ urlP
                \_ #t
                \_ Bitch type in "Appointing antiabortion judges" in google.
                   and hit "I'm feeling lucky"
           - More cops => increasing the war on drugs
           - Stay in Iraq longer, more troops
             \_ I thought he announced today or yesterday that as President he
                would set a hard deadline to get out of Iraq?
           - Environment "drill everywhere else like never before"
             \_ urlP
                \_ #t
           I have issues with the complaints of:
           - Attacking the deficit instead of focusing on job recovery
           - Raising minimum wage to "only" $7/hr by 2007
           - Reconstruction of worldwide alliances
             \_ Doesn't this just mean bribing everyone with even more tax
                payer dollars?
                \_ No it means saying "France, je t'aime"
        \_ What's w/ this urlP bullshit? Cockburn isn't that sloppy of a
           journalist, he doesn't just put shit in quotes randomly (he didn't
           quote the source, which he probably should have). You can disagree
           w/ his arrogance or style, but I'd like to see some URLs countering
           what he has to say. I hate you liberal bush-haters. --liberal
           \_ Fuck you, bush-fellater.
        \_ Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
2004/8/9 [Finance/Investment] UID:32777 Activity:moderate
8/9     My goofle fu is weak.  What is the stock ticker symbol for the
        Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell theatre in SF?  Yes, they had one.
        \_ you mean google, and they didn't.  but you might be thinking
           of Boy's Toys.
2004/8/9 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:32778 Activity:nil
8/9     bool urlP(string s) {
          if (s is of the form "<DEAD>blahblah"<DEAD> return #t
          else return #f
2004/8/9 [Computer/Rants, Computer/SW/Security] UID:32779 Activity:high
8/9     On IT outsourcing failures.
        \_ What I don't understand about this is the accusatory undertone
           towards the outsources.  It's commonly known that Accidenture, EDS
           and their ilk have screwed up projects big-time (just look up
           "national police computer" for a good example.)  However, they're
           just trying to make money.  What I object to is that people rarely
           take a long, hard look at who makes the decisions to hire these
           people.  "Nobody ever got fired for hiring HP/IBM/whoever"" is a
           bit too deeply ingrained in a lot of management thinking.  -John
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic] UID:32780 Activity:high
8/9     Any one used's budget shipping? how long does it take
        to ship the item? It's about 10 days and it still says "Sent to
        Warehouse"... Damn them. no phone number either.
        \_ they are usually pretty fast, except for once when I ordered
           a barbeque tool set for $12, and they ran out of stock.  I
           decided not to cancel the order, and they finally shipped
           it to me after about 2 months.
           \_ Pricegrabber confirmed they are bad at updating the actual
              order status. Next time I'll order from
        \_ I've had them send me a $20 tripod after about 6 weeks and
           another time they simply cancelled my order for an N64 game
           after about 6 weeks.
           \_ I finally got a phone # and called them. They said the
              manufacturer has a delay in the order. Do they ship the item
              to me or the manufacturer ships the item to me?
2004/8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:32781 Activity:nil
8/9     Where do I get those University Movers boxes on campus to empty out
        my desk?
2004/8/9 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:32782 Activity:moderate
8/9     Does Mac memory ever get any cool rebates or specials like you'd find
        on slickdeals / dealnews, or are we forced to just take whatever price
        they show on macmall?  My friend's ordering an ibook, and wants to know
        if she should add the pricy 512M now or buy it aftermarket and have me
        install it- the best I saw was $134 on MacMall vs $180 at
        \_ but most Macs use standard PC memory anyway.
           \_ For example, the macmall memory I was looking at was PC2100
              266Mhz SODIMM.  The last deal I saw on slickdeals was for PC3100
              400Mhz DIMM.  Compatible?
        \_ you should always make sure to buy and have a professional install
           the most expensive parts for your mac.  this is a work of art, not
           some ugly beige box!
        \_ $150 w/ student rebate at any apple store or online.
        \_ $150 w/ student discount at any apple store or online.
           make sure your friend gets the ipod rebate and teh free hp printer
           as well. btw, memory is REALLY easy to upgrade on an ibook.
           \_ I think the $180 was after the discount.
              \_ You're right, I was looking at memory for my iMac, not iBook.
2004/8/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32783 Activity:high
8/9     Funny.  XP SP2 doesn't allow me to download the MS update ActiveX
        \_ I'd wait a week before installing SP2.  Let someone else find all
           the problems.
           \_ Oh, I'm planning to wait 2 weeks before anything serious.  This
              was a test on a vmware machine.
              \_ Good plan.  Except if you don't install right away, that
                 delays when I can install it.  :-)
              \_ What's the point? They are not gonna change the sp2 binary.
                 \_ Unless they release sp2a.  And I'm happy to let others
                    figure out the workarounds for MS stupidity rather than
                    tear my own hair out.
                 \_ The point, dear lad, is that if it turns out to be very
                    fucked like many MS patches in the not so distant past
                    then they *will* change the binary and the smart people
                    will download XP SP2-a while you're in tears wondering
                    how you'll get your system back from what XP SP2 did to it.
        \_ The MIS dept at my work is warning people not to install it until
           they've tested it against our environment.
           \_ Mine has done the same. I wonder if we work for the same co. ;)
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32784 Activity:nil
8/9     So the motd censors couldn't allow a single attempt at non-partisan
        political discussion?  It's sad really.
        \_ Nah, I don't think it was censors, I think it wasn't very active
           and didn't really cover much new ground.  *shrug*
        \_ do you mean that drudge crap?
           \_ No.  The one that started "in an effort to rise above the
              partisan bickering".
              \_ I liked that post, but it's kinda old already.
                 \_ It wasn't even 24 hours old. -op for other thread.
                    \_ It was pretty stale -- not much activity.
           \_ what drudge crap?  the one where druge busts the boston globe
              on their lies about who wrote the kerry book, that guy who
              misquoted the anti-kerry vet?
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32785 Activity:high
8/9     In my opinion, the President retains the final authority, and ultimate
        responsibility, of taking the country to war.  Congress is just there
        to provide him the money, and legal authorization in case he wants to.
        (Let's exclude the short < 90-day engagements the President can
        send off without authorization.)
        On the opposing side, one can say that Congress shares significant
        responsibility for authorizing a war.
        What do you think?
        \_ Your opinion is stupid. Apparently you were napping in US Gov't
           101. It's called "checks and balances." Perhaps you should readup
           on the Federalist Papers.
           \_ 50 years ago you might have been right.  The War Powers Act
              has allowed Congress to adbicate its obligation to declare
              war.  They've kept their funding authorization responsibility,
              but there are no watchdogs left on the matter..
              \_ A) The War Powers Act (enacted in 1973, so you're confused)
                 sought to limit the Executive branch from so-called "police"
                 actions such as Vietnam and Korea.
                 B) The War Powers Act was an attempt to clearly dilineate
                    what the Executive could or could not do in times of
                    crisis in committing US Military (either abroad or
                 C) The War Powers Act puts a specific time limit of 60 days
                    which can only be extended by Congress on any military
                 D) It requires the executive to report to Congress any
                    military action taken by US Forces.
                 Before you go off spouting nonsense again, try to actually
                 read the War Powers Act.
           \_ What's the right answer?
              \_ The right answer is that there is no "right answer"
                 because the dynamic between the executive and the
                 legislative is constantly changing. Also, the executive
                 and the legislative are obviously incestious, so the only
                 "real" right answer is that responsibility falls upon
                 government. Since we are supposed to be a representative
                 government the ultimate responsibility falls upon the
                 people as a whole. Obviously reality is a bit more complex
                 than this.
        \_ I think yer contradicting yourself. And yer dumb.
        \_ War Powers Act
           \_ I can spend the 15 minutes to google for stuff I thought I knew
              in high school and college -- can you summarize your
              interpretation anyway?  Thanks.
        \_ Opinion?  It's simple law you can find a copy of on the net.  Your
           opinion, nor anyone else's here, has anything to do with it.  In
           my opinion the penalty for shooting stupid people should be a free
           dinner at a nice restaurant.  The law says I go to jail for a long
           time.  I prefer my opinion but we follow the law.
           \_ Can you summarize your interpretation of the law for me?  Thanks.
              \_ My summary: I'm not on the United States Supreme Court, so my
                 interpretation is academic at best.  Why do you care about
                 my or any layman's useless interpretation or opinion?
                 \_ You seemed to have a good grasp of what the law meant
                    ("It's [a] simple law ...").  Then you implied that you
                    needed to be on the Supreme Court to understand it ("I'm
                    not on the United States Supreme Court ...")
                    It sounds like you're flip-flopping to me.
2004/8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:32786 Activity:nil
4/1     Squish tom, revive kchang!!!      -coalition of anti-tom & pro-kchang
2004/8/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:32787 Activity:high
8/9     old sun ray's are cheap on ebay (<$50). do you need special sw to use
        them or will they work w/ a properly installed solaris installation?
        \_ is it really worth $50?
           \_ what's a cheap altenrative? btw, <$50 includes one i saw for
              $10.50. w/ monitor = $75.
        \_ You need sunray server software, free download
2004/8/9 [Consumer/PDA] UID:32788 Activity:high
8/9     I am still using a Palm Vx, is that the reason I don't have a gf?
        Should I upgrade to a Treo?
        \_ If you are happy with your Palm, you don't need a gf.
2004/8/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32789 Activity:high
8/9     Does the CSUA outsource the motd to india?
        \_ *laugh*
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:32790 Activity:very high
8/9     Wow, the FBI really does need reforming. If this is all true,
        they should just tear the whole thing down and start over
        from scratch:
        \_Reminds me of the story where Israeli translators fluent in
          Arabic were shunned because they were Jewish, and it
          wouldn't look right.
        \_ Must be Clinton-appointed people, or at least inspired by him.
              I HATE THAT MANLY THROBBING CLENIS. --Typical Freeper
        \_ Well, the FBI said she was fired because of her disruptive behavior.
           While I have no way to know who is lying (maybe both?), there are
           those paranoid people who run around doing no work but making
           accusations until they are fired and then make an even bigger fuss.
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:32791 Activity:very high
8/9     Sometimes you just forget how far out Texas really is:
        \_ If you want to tell yourself that these shitheads only exist in
           Texas and the south, fine, but you're wrong.  They're right here
           on the motd.  What do you think this country would look like if
           the Mormons ever succeeded their stated goal of converting the
           U.S. into a Mormon state?  The fundamentalist enemy is all around
           \_ w00t! Way to turn an unrelated story into an attack on a
              denomination you know nothing about!
           \_ Surely you'll now be able to document our "stated goal" right?
                \_ just wondering, as a mormon what do you think of said law?
                   \_ As a /citizen/ I think communities should be able to
                      establish and enforce obscenity laws.  It's unclear from
                      the article whether the case is prosecutable under the
                      local laws or not.  I really don't know what my being
                      Mormon has anything to do with it. -emarkp
                      \_  As a *citizen* I see you and your obscenity laws
                          as a direct threat to my freedom, and to this
                          country.   Thank you for proving my point.
                          If you delete this again, I'll nuke everything
                          below the original anti-mormon rant.  Fuck you.
                          \_ I didn't delete anything in the thread, and I
                             assume you didn't just delete my reply.  Grow up.
                             And sign your name.  Freedoms are all limited, and
                             we decide collectively where those limits are.
                             You aren't free to yell "fire" in a crowded
                             theater either. -emarkp
                \_ Joseph Smith is a false prophet, therefore the whole church
                   is a sham.  Also, not one shred of archaelogical evidence
                   for the Book of Mormon.
                   \_ Learn to format aaron.
                      \_ Wasn't me. --aaron
                   \_ Nice work documenting your claim. -emarkp
              \_ Well, it's just known that you're in cahoots with the Jews,
                 the Xtian religious right wing, the necons, the KKK, the
                 North Dakota militiamen, the North German Neo Nazi movement,
                 the toxic waste dumpers, and the mad scientists to control
                 the orbital mind control lasers, in order to reverse the
                 alignment of the boy sprouts and thus achieve global
                 domination!  Only the far liberal left aka the socialists,
                 once known as the communists can protect our freedom to party!
        \_ And California is perfectly normal and centrist.
           \_ Yes, we do have our own eccentricities, but at least we don't
              waste the police's time by infiltrating people's private
              dildo selling parties.
              \_ Don't like a law?  Change it.  It's called 'community
                 standards'.  When you bring your dildo party to places that
                 don't like them, you expect shit will happen.
                 \_ And we don't like those places, or more specifically, the
                    "prominent citizens" of that place.
                    \_ Whatever.  Have you added anything to this thread with
                       a comment like that?  Does your liking or not liking
                       people from other places have anything to do with dildo
                       parties in Texas getting busted by the local cops?  No.
                       \_ Actually, my comment more clearly states the essence
                          of the first post in this thread:
                          We hate prominent citizens that sic the local cops
                          on people below them breaking a law that shouldn't
                          be a law.
                          \_ People below them?  WTF country are you in?  In
                             *this* country, you're a citizen or you're not.
                             STFU with your class warfare bullshit.  As far
                             as "breaking a law that shouldn't be a law" goes,
                             if you don't like a law, get it changed.  If you
                             can't get it changed because not enough others
                             agree with you, then tough shit.  It's a community
                             standards issue, not a matter of life and death or
                             freedom.  The Constitution does not guarantee the
                             right to have sex toy parties.
                             \_ I don't think I ever mentioned "class warfare",
                                nor do I know what you're talking about
                                exactly.  We all know changing a law takes
                                time and trouble, and it helps to be well
                                connected and have free time to do it.
                                What I say still holds:
                                No one likes it when prominent citizens sic the
                                local cops on people below them breaking a law
                                that shouldn't be a law.
                             \_ Different people have different levels of
                                power, money and authority in this country.
                                It is not "class warfare" to acknowledge
                                this fact.
                 \_ Those are some seriously warped "community standards."
                    I am not going to waste my time trying to change some
                    redneck Texas rural communities laws, just be thankful
                    every day I live in a more sane and tolerant place.
                    \_ They have their laws.  You have yours.  The people who
                       *do* live there have chosen to accept them.  If they
                       don't like them they can try to change them or leave.
                       They do not have the a-ok to break them and whine about
                       it because they are applying your leftist liberal
                       California standards to a very socially conservative
                       Texan town.  That's just stupid.
                       \_ By your standards, those Muslim women who object
                          to being forced to wear a burqa and being kept
                          out of school should just STFU and accept their
                          community standards or leave.
                          \_ That's ridiculous--when it's not a democratic
                             society obviously they can't try to change their
                             local laws. -emarkp
                             \_ Technically, Nigeria is a democracy.  yet
                                they have some of the most egregious
                                rights violations by religious nuts
                                in the world.  Is that the fault of the
                                victims also?
                             \_ Once upon a time germany had a democratic
                                society that decided communists, gays, jews,
                                and gypsies were not upto its community
                                standard, and neither was challenge to the
              \_ MEN WITH GUNS took that woman from her STUFF!!  Where's
                 the libertarian outcry??
           \_ Dude, SF is Middle America.  We're about as liberal as
              Dayton, OH.
              \_ Link unread.  Either it points to goatsex, tub lady, or you're
                 serious and not worth replying to.
                 \_ It's worse than goatsex...hint: it's "fair and ballanced..."
2004/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32792 Activity:high
8/9     All right, all right, Mr. Kerry.  You are young.  We get the picture.  (Yahoo News, Kerry balancing on train tracks)
        \_ I think that if athleticism were all you wanted from a president,
           you'd be pretty happy with both choices in this election.
           \_ I think the goal is to find pictures that make Mr. Kerry look
              \_ So how does this make Kerry look silly?
                 \_ It's too obvious what he's trying to achieve with this
                    pose.  He should instead arrange something more subtle like
                    being caught unexpectedly by reporters while jogging.  --OP
                 \_ First, you must assume the mindset of a freeper, as
                    illustrated by op above.
        \_ the photo shows him talking to two park rangers
           \_ click next (i believe that's what OP was referring to)
        \_ All right, all right, Dubya.  We know you couldn't find WMDs in the
           lake, either.
  (Yahoo News, the President fishing)
2004/8/9 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:32793 Activity:nil
8/9     I am about to proceed to check-out on and suddenly I got
        "The specified module could not be found." after entering the password.
        Is this a problem with my browser or the site?
2004/8/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/Rants] UID:32794 Activity:nil
        \_ couldn't happen to a more ridiculous band.  -tom
        What is it, stupid texans day?
        \_ my older brother's notebook was stolen out of his rental car
           trunk last week in San Antonio while he was having lunch.  no
           broken windows, it just had an iffy trunk latch, and there was
           a high school nearby.  he hadn't backed up in a year.  oops!!
           (stupid californian day)
2004/8/9-10 [Health/Eyes] UID:32795 Activity:very high
8/9     If your eyes are over -7.00, DO NOT get Lasik. The technology is just
        not there yet                           -bitter Lasik fucked up guy
        \_ my 2 cents as geek who doesn't know much about it:
           the technology of cutting eyes with lasers to fix them will
           *never* be "there."  materials science will progress to the point
           where all optical problems can be solved with something that
           resembles a contact lense in form, but is very much more
           advanced. If I had to guess, I'd say about 25 years from now
           there'll be good technology for this sort thing, and it won't
           look anything like lasik.
           \_ I agree. I will never let a computer cut my eyes via laser either.
              I think in the distant future, we may figure out a way for our
              eyes to regenerate or change form by applying some external
              influences... As for right now, I am happy waring glasses.
        \_ by "over," do you mean "better than" or "worse than?"
        \_ I am sorry to hear about you being messed up, but can you share a
           little more about your situation?  I have been pressured (and have
           been brushing them aside) to get Lasik and the likes.  I am about
           \_ What do these number mean? I know I am about 400 from the eye
           \_ if you can't get Wavefront, don't do it. Look up "higher order
              aberrations" and "complication" on Google. The technology is
              improving, but for people with high myopia, the rate at which
              your eyes heal is still a big unknown factor (no machine can
              precisely tell you what your "regression" rate will be), so
              you could end up over-corrected by +1-2. I'm hyperoptic now
              by about +2.00. Lasik technology is just not there yet. -op
              \_ Is being hyperoptic good or do your eyes feel strained
                 all of the time?
           \_ Why should anyone pressure you?  Your eyes are yours ....
        \_ so i should Lasik in one eye (r: 8.75, l: 5.00) =)
        \_ When did you get your Lasik?  I hear that technology has been
           improving leaps and bounds year-by-year (wavefront, etc.).
           \_ Yeah it's like computers. Wait if you can. Anyways, tayq,
              2 years ago with traditional Lasik. Then a touch-up (total fuck
              up) this year. TOTAL FUCK UP.     -op, bitter and depressed
              \_ fuck up as in doctor / machine error? or fuck up as in
                 technology error?
                \_ doctor looks at my age, medical history, current
                   prescription, then plugs into his equation. I was X,
                   and he corrected me X-1, where the 1 was the estimated
                   regression (overcorrection) in 3 months. I never really
                   healed. After getting 2nd and 3rd opinion from different
                   places, I've come to realize that NO DOCTOR will ever
                   know the regression rate. Lasik is like an art, not
                   science. The technology is just not there.           -op
        \_ Please check out the followings, I have them -op:
       (cool sites)
        \_ yes there is risk, yes technology will improve, but life
           is short.  I noticed I am getting more hot chicks after
           I got lasik.  also, I play lots of contact sports.  much
           more convenient now.
           \_ Maybe you're actually picking up butt-ugly chicks, but can't
              tell because of your screwed up operations?
        \_ I didn't know those fools uses spheric approximation when they
           performs Lasik.  This is so fucked up.   My friend's eyes suffered
           abberration of some sort (not sure if it's a chromatic abberation,
           cuz he doesn't have a clue).  His vision at night sucks... etc.
           For those who are thinking about it, here is what I got from
           an opthmaligist who is a ritna specialist and doesn't do
           eye surgery herself (thus, no conflict of interest):
           1. Believe me or not, there are benefits of using a Diamond Blade
           . Believe me or not, there are benefits of using a Diamond Blade
           over laser.  Two important factors include a. less painful, and b.
           wounds are much easier to heal.
           2. If you are at age of 30, you need to think really hard about
           this, as your cornea is going to go bad at around age of 36-37
           anyway.  By then, you probably need reading glasses regardless.
           Would 6-7 years of perfect vision worth the risk and price?
           3. Eye doctors dont like cornea to be weaken for any reason.
           Most people will get cataract when they are old. Doctors simply
           don't know how would a cornea weaken by Lasik perform when it
           needs to be weakened further by the cataract surgery.
           \-just out of curiosity, why do the pillsbury doughboys among
             you especially object to wearing glasses? i mean i can understand
             if you are doing a lot of scuba diving, or using a microscope,
             but what is the problems for you pentium and xbox jockeys?
        \_ My uncle is an ophthalmologist. He as a saying regarding
           lasik, rk, &.c: "If the optometrist gives you a bad pair of
           glasses, you can get another pair. If the surgeon gives you
           a bad pair of eyes, you can't get another pair".
        \_ Duh.  It isn't a technology problem.  It is a surgical procedure and
           like *all* surgical procedures it carries risks.  The technology, as
           you say, will never be there by your standards.  It is a personal
           decision.  It is the right thing for some people.  It is the wrong
           thing for others.  Research the procedure, the potential negative
           after effects, and your doctor.  Ask questions.  It is not a miracle
           cure-all like the op seems to have mistakenly believed before
           undergoing a surgical procedure.
                --never had lasik, has common sense op lacks
2004/8/9-10 [Consumer/Audio] UID:32796 Activity:high
8/9     I wonder why they don't make a walkman thing for XM Radio, these
        things looks tiny and if I can take it everywhere I might justify
        the price of the monthly subscription. Also, why none of it has
        digital output?
        \_ You'll never fool us you lousy pirate!  We know that if you can
           walk around with it you'll walk STRAIGHT to your computer and
           hit record! -- RIAA
           \_ That's exactly what I am thinking. Actually, being able to wire
              it up to my recevier via digital input would be a good
              improvement over FM. If I cannot record, then I won't waste $10
              a month for what I get over FM.
           \_ Let me repeat, FUCK RIAA, FUCK RIAA, FUCK RIAA!
           \_ Argg! Ye found me out! Belay boarding parties! Cut the grapple
              lines! Hard alee! I'll be seeing you again RIAA! Somewhere on
              on the wine-dark seas I'll rake you stem to stern and laugh as
              blood runs out your scuppers!
        \_ You can get digital output of Sirius with the right combination of
           Dishnetwork equipment.
2004/8/9-10 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:32797 Activity:moderate Edit_by:auto
8/9     How do you rip DVDs using Windowz XP? Why delete this????
        \_ dvd decrypter (rip) -> dvdshrink (shrink to 4.7GB) -> Nero (burn)
           \_ What's the program to copy a DVD movie as is to 2 DVDs?
              I forgot the name. It allows you to split and can provide
              different graphics for insert 2nd disc...
              \_ dvdshrink lets you do that too.  anyways, the feature is
                 prevalent in much software.
        \_ OMGWTFFOB!!!~~@@1111!!
           Reduces 7.4gig CD, then makes an image
2004/8/9-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:32798 Activity:moderate
8/9     [If you want to selectively delete posts from the thread, you might
        as well delete the whole thread.]
        \_ Don't take it personally, it happens to me all the time. Some
           people use scp to change the motd, so as to preserve their
           privacy, nuking recent changes. Yeah, I think they are kind
           of paranoid assholes too, but they have their reasons and
           they will not change.
           \_ Why would using scp protect privacy?  People can see motd.public
              on your commmand line.
              \_ BoxAtHome% scp foo
                 BoxAtHome% vi foo
                 BoxAtHome% scp foo
                 \_ soda% ps -aux | fgrep motd
                    ....        scp  ...  /etc/motd.public
                    One can write a script to check process data regularly,
                    and root can check lastcomm.  So unless you have a program
                    running on soda that mirros motd, you will still be
2004/8/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:32799 Activity:nil
8/9     [ all threads up to most recently deleted nuked. ]
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