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2004/8/7 [Uncategorized] UID:32755 Activity:nil
8/6     Apache Guru question:  will a mod rewrite take precedence over a
        <Location> setting?  I have a <Location=/mylocation/> but I would
        like to override that for <Location=/mylocation/images/> to just
        serve images and not be parsed like /mylocation/.  I tried to create
        a prior <Location=/mylocation/images/> but it didn't take.
        \_ Try it and you'll find out.  Report back how it went.  Thanks!
2004/8/7-8 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:32756 Activity:nil
8/7     More fun with bluetooth:,1848,64463,00.html
2004/8/7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:32757 Activity:nil
8/7     I have a FreeBSD box serving Samba, NFS, DHCP and DNS (as a
        forwarder behind a firewall and for a few "internal" boxes.)  It's
        creaky and old, and about to go, and it gets too hot.  Can someone
        give me a tip as to whether there are smaller devices that can do
        all this (like some sort of low-cost NAS with all the above
        functionality) so I don't have to have a PC running in a poorly-
        ventilated room anymore?  -John
        \_ Some options that come to mind:
           1) If you don't mind running debian, get an old cobalt raq3/4,
              wipe the drive and install debain. These boxes can be had
              for $100-$200 on ebay. They can take two 120 gb hd's and
              can be passively cooled (K6-2's don't put out much heat).
              My intern has his sitting under his bed and has been using
              it as a file server for more than a year. If you really
              want to stick to BSD, older cobalt boxes can be coaxed
              into running NetBSD.
           2) Replace the motherboard with a via c3 based mb. You can
              usually replace the tiny cpu fan with a chipset heat sink
              and run the board with passive cooling.
           3) Get a mini-pc with a celeron or an underclocked Athlon
              mobile. Shuttle makes some reasonable quiet ones with
              good ventilation.
        \_ I took an old 1U server box, loud as hell, built it out with the
           loudest, fastest shit I could find, dropped it in a closet and
           forgot about it.  The closet isn't hot, the server isnt hot, the
           room isn't loud.  The case it off, btw because I needed to use a
           card that wouldn't fit sideways.  No problem.
2004/8/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/911, Reference/Military] UID:32758 Activity:insanely high
8/7     Anyone know this guy?
        \_ Hopefully no one will know this loser.
            \_Loser or not, I think it's rather instructive on how
              terrorism works. Terrorism would've never worked before
              there was a popular press and technology has made
              terrorism that much more effective as a propoganda tool.
              Now anybody with a webcam can become a jihadist.
              \_ it worked in spain quite recently.
              \_ terrorism never worked?  Terrorism has been around
                 for centries.  check out the word "assassin" and find out
                 where is that word from.
              \_ Using terror as a weapon works quite well.  Genghis Khan and
                 his ilk noticed this a long time ago.  Back in the old days
                 a lot of battle armor designs were meant to intimidate the
                 opponents.  The Picts fought naked as an intimidation
                 measure, the Mongols made piles of human heads, etc. etc.
                 Modern 'terrorism' is a nasty and irrationally collectivist
                 version of the old warriorship idea that attacking the mind
                 is more effective than attacking the body.  ('Irrationally
                 collectivist' because modern terrorists attack societies as
                 a whole, and that is counterproductive in settings other than
                 total war).  -- ilyas
              \_ it worked in spain quite recently.
                       \- well ignorning the first law of internet warfare,
                          "never get into an argument with someone in grad
                          school; they have more free time than you" ...
                          i dont see the relevance of most of your historical
                          examples. terrorism isnt just using psychological
                          intimidation techniques. i'd suggest it is a
                          combination of attacking civilian morale and
                          avoiding direct military confrontation. when the
                          roman army in 146 bc "salted the earth" at carthage
                          and sold off much of the population of corinth into
                          slavery, these flowed from direct military conflicts.
                          when a group avoid *direct* military conflict but
                          engages in indirect fighting, that is better
                          described as guerilla warfare than terrorism.
                          spain bombing: terrorism, clearly. i dont think
                          it's productive to call the viking raiders or
                          g. khan terrorists. they were more looters
                          and thugs. if an IRA "terrorist" assassinated a
                          british military person, that is probably guerilla
                          warfare. if he put a bomb in the london underground,
                          that is terrorism. if he shoots a bar owner in
                          belfast for serving british troops, that's murder.
                          \_ My thesis is 'terrorism is an old phenomenon.'  It
                             still holds if we take your definition.  It's as
                             old as fighting empires, where direct military
                             confrontation is infeasible. -- ilyas
                             confrontation is infeasible.  Also, I think there
                             is a definite connection between 'terrorism' and
                             'looters and thugs.'  Also, I am having a hard time
                     'looters and thugs.'  Also, I am having a hard time
                             seeing the line you see between guerilla warfare
                             and terrorism, especially if the former targets
                             civilians (and it often does).  Is terrorism just
                             'guerilla warfare with bombs?' -- ilyas
                             \- no, it has to do with target selection.
                                shoot/snipe and run [vietcong, american
                                revolutionaries etc] is guerella tactics
                                when aiming at military-related targets.
                                random/civilian targetting for a political
                                goal is closer to terrorism. i suppose there
                                has to be some element or organization and
                                some threashold goal ... i wouldnt call the
                                unabomber or the washington sniper pair
                                terrorists. maybe the weather underground,
                                but they were pretty stupid and incompetent.
                \_ The Czars and their cossacks were very capable terrorists.
      \_ As an aside, I heard a great story about one of Genghis Khan's
         battle tactics.  His army surrounded a city and said that if
         the citizens delivered 10,000 cats to the army along with some
         gold and other treasure, they would move on and not attack.  The
         citizens complied.  Genghis Khan then had his army tie rags to
         the tails of the cats, light them on fire and release the cats.
         The cats fled back to their homes in the city and the entire
         city started to burn.  In the ensuing chaos, Khan's army easily
         conquered the city.
                   \- there are lots of stories like this. see e.g.
                      ~psb/MOTD/SultanTughlak. However if you think this
                      or the tzarist repression is terrorism, you misuse/
                      misunderstand the word. tyranny != terrorism. --psb
         \_ KAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!
         \_ Now that's psych-warfare.
2004/8/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32759 Activity:insanely high Edit_by:auto
8/7     Drudge busts leftist media and Kerry campaign in blatant lie.
        Globe/Kerry lying:
        [restored and will keep getting restored until it is not censored for
         as long as any other random thread]
        \_ Get over yourself.  This was probably deleted because you fail
           to understand the basics of rows/columns.  As for the link, it's
           pretty feeble.  -John
2004/8/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/HateGroups] UID:32760 Activity:high 60%like:32768
        No free speech for fascists!  w00t!
        \_  Note the date.  In other news, any retard with an internet
            connection can make a billion dollars by saying the words
            "dotcom" and "e-business" and the world as we know it will
            end in 2000 with that "y2k" bug.
2004/8/7-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election, ERROR, uid:32761, category id '18005#14.3125' has no name! , ] UID:32761 Activity:very high
8/7     News flash:  Nader has failed to get enough signatures to be on CA
        ballot.  Nader claims that his signature collectors were verbally
        abused and so they quit.  And people complain that Bush is the one
        preventing opposing voices?
        \_ Damn!  You know what else?  I'm not going to make it on the
           california ballot for president either.  And since I have not been
           endorsed by *any* political party, including my own, have no
           relevant experience, and tend to piss people off, I have a lot
           in common with Nader.  Unqualified assholes with no base of support
           unite!!! Of course, there is *one* difference...I'm not claiming
           to be running a presidential campaign.
        \_ No free speech for fascists!
           \_ If you still vote for Bush after seeing F911 you are a raging
              \_ If you believe anything in F911 you are a mindless tool.
                 \_ But, I read that on the csua wall so it must be true!
                    I think you're one of those raging assholes who is going
                    to vote for Bush after seeing F911!
                    \_ Nope, I'm going to vote for Bush and I haven't seen
                       F911.  Heh.
                       \_ Ignorant AND close-minded! You must be proud.
                          \_ Unwilling to give money to Michael Moore actually.
                             I've read enough reviews/criticisms/apologetics to
                             know what the factual errors are, TYVM.
                 \_ right back at ya babe
                 \_ "Who are you going to believe, me or your LYING EYES?"
        \_ Wow, you mean I can't criticize Bush for misusing his office
           unless powerless yahoos in CA are nice to Nader employees?
           Thanks for setting me straight. --aaron
           \_ WTF are you talking about?  Are you ok?
              \_ I've gone nuts! --aaron
2004/8/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:32762 Activity:nil
8/7     How do I run php scripts on csua?tia
        \_ man www
2004/8/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32763 Activity:insanely high
8/7     Drudge busts leftist media and Kerry campaign in blatant lie.
        Globe/Kerry lying: [Boston Globe online]
        \_ Oh, you mean a guy with no credibility who has been caught
           making false claims REPEATEDLY is crowing about "gotcha?"
           I'll wait until this gets debunked just like the cranks of SBVAK.
        Globe/Kerry lying:
        \_ Ever heard of
              \_ This is the most horriable miscarriage ever!
        \_ Can someone explain what all this is about?
        \_ I think kchang wrote a NewsMax bot - danh
        [restored and will keep getting restored until it is not censored for
         as long as any other random thread]
        \_ Get over yourself.  This was probably deleted because you fail
           to understand the basics of rows/columns.  As for the link, it's
           pretty feeble.  -John
           \_ feeble? as far as i can tell, the first one is broken, the
              second one is bogus, and the third i just a link to an ad
              for a book.  What the fuck?  Yeah, people tend to delete
              unexplained dead links.  It's not censoship.
              \_ No free speech for facists!
              \_ The links were to a google cache of the promo for the
                 Kerry/Edwards book which mentioned an introduction by the
                 Globe columnist who claimed one of the swift boat veterans had
                 retracted his story.  The non-google-cached version doesn't
                 say the introduction is by the reporter.
                 \_ the links were broken, badly explained, and directly
                    off of this weeks Republican Talking Points list.
                    Personally, I don't censor any links, and hate any
                    censorship of any political link ever.  However
                    when a link is broken, it's just useless. I got tired
                    of seeing your idiocy on the motd, so i just went to
                    drudgereport and got the link to  put in
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