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2004/7/30 [Politics/Foreign] UID:32581 Activity:insanely high
7/30    Is the US allowed to open any package that enters the country
        from another country via postal mail, ship, or anything else? --OBL
        \_ "The US" isn't, but customs, the DEA, certain types of postal
           staff, and other law enforcement agencies probably are. -John
2004/7/30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:32582 Activity:moderate
7/30    What's with the slew of security updates from Gentoo/Red Hat/
        Mandrake recently?  -John
        \_ The terror alert was raised to orange.
        \_ the fat hackers decided to focus their energy on linux?
           \_ M$-sponsered hackers.
        \_ Linux security sucks because the many-eyes concept is a failure?
           \_ Linux security sucks?
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32583 Activity:nil
7/29     John Kerry will rip off your head and shit down your neck.
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32584 Activity:high
        9/11 commission report -- they don't portray the intent like this
        book does.  I have postponed reading it up to today.
        \_ The timing of this information is very suspicious...
        \_ The timing of this information is very suspicious... why on
           sysadmin appreciation day?
           \_ It's to distract us from our day with off topic propaganda.
              Clearly this is a plot by the <insert political group directly
              opposed to your agenda> to destroy Sysadmin Credibilty Around
              The World For Generations To Come!
        \_ Tenet has lost SO much credibility because of the "slam dunk"
           claim.  That statement was 90-99% bogus, based on the assessments
           at the time by the CIA
           \_ Yep.  And he's the guy the President relies on for information.
              Should Bush have jogged over to CIA HQ and started quizzing
              individual intel analysts?
              \_ "When McLaughlin concluded, there was a look on the
                 president's face of, What's this? And then a brief moment of
                 silence. ... 'Nice try,' Bush said. 'I don't think this is
                 quite -- it's not something that Joe Public would understand
                 or would gain a lot of confidence from.'"
2004/7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:32585 Activity:kinda low
7/30    Sysadmin appreciation day!  Buy cheezy Hallmark cards!
        \_ Why the fsck do I need to express appreciation for them? They
           already make enough to buy homes in the bay area. Isn't that
           appreciation enough?
        \_ I hate the concept.  Like Secretary's Day, we shouldn't need to
           have some bogus day to remind people of our importance.  This
           sort of thing makes bosses think that treating us like shit the
           rest of the year is ok because they got us a 10 pack of blank
           colored floppies on SA Day.
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:32586 Activity:very high
7/30    Er, I guess you don't have to be dead to get your own postage stamp
        in Austria. (yahoo news)
        \_ Ew, I don't want to lick Arnold.
           \_ but ax does
           \_ are there any internships in Sacramento?  my handbag line isn't
              filling up daddy's beamer -monical
        \_ Are you actually suggesting that machine might be alive?
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32587 Activity:high
7/30    Kerry Wins Endorsement from Sandinista Thug
        \_ Do you really want to bring the Contra scandal into this?
           The man's body is hardly cold.
        \_ And in other news, KKK leaders endorse Bush.
           \_ Well, no, but they did endorse Reagan.
           \_ URL?  There is none since this is not true.  It always makes me
              laugh when you respond to factual URLs with complete fabrication,
              as if your false assertions are the same as the truth.  Even if
              what you said was true, it still doesn't make the posted URL
              false or make Kerry look better.  Rhetoric 1A.
                        \_ Kerry's support of the Sandinistas is all very
                           well documented.  It is the quintessential Kerry.
                           \_ Heh.  Some credible URLs perhaps?
              \_ Newsmax? Credible? I guess I can just start my own news
                              \_ Kerry negotiates with Ortega.  The next
                                 day Ortega goes to Moscow.  Kerry is
                                 gullible like Carter:
                                 \_ Why are you so filled with hate?
                                    \_ Because he knows he's going to lose.
                                 \_ I love that the page has a poll that
                                    compares Kerry's speech to "A speech on
                                    sexual abstinence by Richard Burton. It
                                    was impressive but you know it's time
                                    to hide the nanny goat."  What the hell
                                    is that supposed to mean?  Do you see any
                                    problem with trustting a source like this?
                                    \_ Its really easy:  type Kerry
                                       Sandinista is google. Are you too
                                       stupid to research this yourself?
                                       \_ And you turn up freerepublic,
                                          newsmax, nationalreview, and
                                          insightmag.  Branch out.
                                          \_ I googled it, thats what came
                                             up.  I know the history this
                                             seemed consistent.  I have
                                             no other experience with the
                                             \_ You don't know the history
                                                if you don't follow the line
                                                through to Kerry's examination
                                                of the Iran-Contra dealings.
                                          \_ Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?
                                             No such thing!
                                             \_ Uhm, yeah there is.  It's
                                                called the RNC.
                 site and call it a "credible source for news", make it
                 look like a tabloid, and people will come visit my site
                 in and reference it as "facts". It's an amazing world
                 we live in when thousands of idiots can post their
                 worthless ideas as "facts". By the way, I'm sure there
                 are Sandinista thugs who support Kerry. I'm also sure
                 there are KKK members who support Bush.
                 \_ Wow, some conservative doesn't like me linking Bush to
                    that icon of racial tolerance, Bob Jones "University"..
                 \_ Homer: See Lisa, instead of one big-shot controlling
                    all the media, now there's a thousand freaks xeroxing
                    their worthless opinions.
                    Lisa: I couldn't be prouder.
                 \_ Nice sentiments, but you're squishing other people's
              \_ Newsmax "factual?"  I guess by the Michael Moore standard of
           \_ Bush doesn't have a record of supporting terrorists,
              Kerry does have a record of vociferously supporting
              the Sandinistas.
              \_ I guess you missed the speech last night, huh?  You guys are
                 \_ While I certainly share your sentiment, I think it's much
                    too soon to say that with any certainty.
                 \_ The boring, safe, content-free speech?  I saw it.  What
                    about it?  Only the DNC base was impressed by it.  That's
                    not true.  I was impressed that he didn't speechify like
                    he usually does.  Instead he whizzed through the last half
                    in 15 minutes like some sort of coke head.  That was
                    \_ Woo hoo, you got the talking points!  Good boy.
                       Anyway, the speech kicked ass.
                       \_ I disagree. I think most of them sucked when
                          compared to Clinton's. What little of Wes Clark
                          I heard was pretty good. I guess we'll just have
                          to wait for the Republican National Conv. where
                          Bush's speech will take oratory to a new low.
              \_ Didn't Bush give millions to the Taliban before 9/11?
                 How does that not count as "supporting terrorists?"
        \_ "Scary Dude: Michael Moore" message on that page.  No wonder.
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32588 Activity:nil
7/30    Bush campaign employee overheard saying workers who don't like their
        low-wage jobs should take Prozac: (yahoo news)
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:32589 Activity:very high
7/30    Sandy Berger cleared.
        \_ Yeah.  Any bets on what page this will make?  I'm betting A13 at
        \_ But NewsMax says it isn't true! Who do you believe, NewsMax or
           the WSJ?
           \_ NewsMax is the standard!!!11!!!  Four more yeah!
           \_ I believe NewsMax.  Berger was always given photocopies, and
              never had originals.  The WSJ article merely confirms this
              widely available fact, and because of this, also goes on to say
              that Berger isn't guilty of obstructing the 9/11 commission,
              also a widely available fact.
              The NewsMax article correctly points out, though, that Berger
              did carry out photocopies, and it is also true that Berger took
              50 pages of notes, which he was supposed to provide for screening
              but did not disclose.  The Washington Post is on record as
              judging this conduct reprehensible.
              -self descrbed traitorous liberal
              \_ Plenty of cons claimed he did it to destroy evidence
                 which is now shown to be preposterous.
        \_ If you read the article carefully it says he was cleared by
           the 9/11 commission in terms of missing documents.  The criminal
           investigation is ongoing.
           \_ Has it actually been established that he probably commited a
              criminal act, and didn't simply violate archives policy?
              \_ When the documents are classified, you may be in trouble.
2004/7/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32590 Activity:high
7/30    All those stories about US soldiers stealing from Iraqis can't possibly
        be true!!! Oh wait... (yahoo news)
        \_ GODDAMITT
        \_ Best line in this article: 'In his mind there was nothing wrong with
           doing it,' Williams' civilian defense attorney, Bernard Casey,
        \_ At least Saddam could buy his own SUVs.
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:32591 Activity:high
7/30    Mmmm... record deficits...  where have we heard that before?
        \_ Ray-gun!
           \_ Do not mock St. Ronald.
              \_ Mao the Pun!
           \_ Did his son speak at a Democratic convention?
        \_ Republican: when economy is good, tax cut, when economy is
           bad, more tax cut. Tax cut is the solution to every
           problem. When the rich have more money to spend, everybody
           would be ok! Who cares about the deficit because they don't
           have to pay it back anyway, it's the tax payer's problem.
           How can you people vote for republicans and sleep at night?
           \_ Democrats: when economy is good, raise tax, when economy is bad,
              raise more tax.  Blah blah blah ......
              \_ Mmmm, someone obviously DIDN'T get the talking points.  "Tax
                 and spend liberal" is old hat, now you have to talk about
                 "fighting terrorism."
                 Fifty-Eight percent of registered voters feel reducing the
                 deficit is more important than cutting taxes...refer to the
                 poll numbers at the bottom of this column:
                 \_ We ought to be able to do both.  Look at how much taxes
                    have gone up in the last 100 years.  If we don't slow down
                    soon we will be living under communism.
                    \_ what's wrong with communism?
                    \_ But how much more money are we spending now on welfare,
                       stupid lawsuits, prisons for death-roll immates, and
                       providing services to the illegal immirgrants?
                       \_ Don't forget the much-larger military budget and
                          service on the debt.
                       \_ Kudos for hitting all the hard right hot buttons
                          simultaneously, but all of those are miniscule
                          in comparison to the military budget, Social
                          Security, and a lot of other thing.  As far as
                          death row inmates go, the only way to save real
                          money on prisons is to decriminalize all drugs.
                          \_ anyone got any link as to the percentage of the
                             federal spending? What percentage is the military?
                             the prisons, education, etc?
                             \_ Most prison spending is at the state level, and
                                though the feds to provide some money for
                                education, a lot of that is also state and
                                local taxes.
                                \_ Yah, there are really very few federal
                                   prisons.  The majority of correctional
                                   facilitiies are county jails, though I'm a
                                   little unclear whether the state gives any
                                   money for those.
2004/7/30 [Industry/Jobs] UID:32592 Activity:high
7/30    What's a good site to search and price-compare used and perhaps out-of-
        print technical/professional but Non-CS books.
        \_ They're out-of-print and you still want to compare prices?  Just buy
           it as soon as you see one.
           \_ Not everybody's dad is a banker.
2004/7/30 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32593 Activity:high
7/30    Ack!  Too much politics!  I have a technical question:
        I have some files described by *.out and I want a nice scripty way to
        trim the last line off of each of them.  What's a good way to do this?
        \_ sed. $d
           \_ It would seem I'd need a pattern defining the last line for that
              to be helpful.
              \_ Erm.  try it out.  "sed '$d' filename"
                 \_ Thanks.
        \_ foreach i ( `ls` )
                mv $i `echo $i | sed s:.out::g`
           Warning, this only works in csh.
           \_ in that case, just do foreach i (*.out).
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32594 Activity:high
7/30    Kerry's Disloyal Nicaraguan Journey
        \_ Kerry's not even loyal to his own Military servicemen,
           in fact, he is a war criminal by his own words
           \_ Why are you so filled with hate?
              \_ That's all they have: hate and fear.
           \_ I don't think 'fact' means what you think it means.
              \_ "I committed atrocities!" - kerry
        \_ I love watching right wingers drool all over themselves.
           I think I will forward this to all the undecided voters
           I know so they can see the naked face of Right Wing hate.
2004/7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:32595 Activity:nil
7/30    THis is a good resource:
        Everything from resignation letters to letters to Santa.
2004/7/30-31 [Consumer/Audio] UID:32596 Activity:high
7/30    So apple is unhappy about RealNetwork's move to have its music
        play on the iPod, this sounds like, Sony is unhappy because
        their Discman plays CDs from other labels!! Does this sounds
        stupid or do they have real control over what can be played on
        the ipod?
        \_ you can put mp3's on it w/o complaints from apple, but they dont
           want you hacking their drm.
           \_ I can see not wanting people to hack their DRM to take the DRM
              off of songs you bought at the iTunes store, but Real made it
              so you can put songs *into* their DRM system.  To continue the
              Sony analogy, it would be like other movie studios helping you
              convert your VHS tapes to play on a Beta VCR.
              \_ All which will help the sales of the BetaVCR, so I don't see
                 what the big deal is. Just when I start to like Apple, they
                 try to patent GUI again. :)
                 \_ The problem is the iPod is the top-dog of mp3 players, so
                    by making it only work with ITMS they can prop-up the
                    barely-profitable, highly competitive online music sales
                    part of the company with the highly-profitable, market
                    dominating music player.  If the iPod plays songs from any
                    store, it'll sell more iPods, but it just became a lot
                    easier for any other music store to beat ITMS.
                    \_ But Apple has admitted that iTunes is a loss leader
                       designed to sell iPods.
                       \_ ITMS is actually slightly profitable now.  I can
                          see why Apple wants to own the dominant music store
                          and not let say, Microsoft own the market.  When the
                          online music market has a shakeout, and it will, the
                          dominant company will be in a better position to
                          negotiate with record companies.  At that point I can
                          see Apple flexing their muscle a bit.
                          If Apple has determined that the iPod not supporting
                          other stores does minimal damage to iPod sales, then
                          why would you want a slight boost to one product at
                          the expense of massive losses in another?
                          \_ They might not like it, but by threatening legal
                             action they look like assholes, and at least in
                             the right world, would lose.
                             \_ two cases: m$ and sco. the former uses this
                                method and often wins (the battle if not the
                                trial) while the latter seems to be loosing
                                with this tactic. it will be interesting to
                                see how various courts rule on this (if it
                                gets that far.
                                \_ You are loosing a battle too.  A battle with
                                   \_ i fight battles worth fighting. for this
                                      one i accepted a truce - i spell check
                                      when need be.
        \_ On a separate note, my iPod does not play some mp3 files without
           any explanation, I am suspecting it having something to do with the
           mp3 being DRMd. Is there any freeware/software that removes those
           stuff and make it to be a plain mp3 file? thx.
           \_ Test if a plain-old mp3-player proram can play them, eg. XMMS or
              Winamp.  If they can, it's a iPod problem, if they can't you're
              Winamp.  If they can, it's an iPod problem, if they can't you're
              going to have to find out what kind of DRM they're wrapped in.
              \_ Yes, winamp can play it, so does WMP. So I guess it's an ipod
                 problem, damn it.
                 \_ There's a slight possibility Winamp is detecting the DRM
                    passing it through to some WMP DRM library.  Can you try to
                    play it in some minimalist player program?
           \_ Eh?  MP3s don't have DRM, unless you're using mp3pro or some
              other variant.  Maybe the iPod just doesn't like the bitrate or
              sampling rate of those files.
              \_ He seems to think he might have some DRM'd file named as MP3.
                 FWIW I've seen un-DRMed AAC named MP3, but Winamp freaked out.
2004/7/30 [Reference/Religion] UID:32597 Activity:very high
7/30    RIP Francis Crick:
        \_ too bad Watson is still around
           \_ Why?  Is he evil or something?
              \_ Nah, but he's a big dickhead apparently.
              \_ Rosalind Franklin did all the work, and he took
                 all the credit and passed it off as his own. He
                 also had an affair with Crick's wife and has
                 done lots of other less than honorable stuff.
                 \_ Franklin did the initial x-ray crystallography showing
                    something strange, but she didn't see the double helix.
                    The Nature issue back then had a paper from Watson and
                    Crick, and the supporting paper by Franklin and Wilkins.
                    When the Nobel Prize was awarded, Franklin was dead,
                    and you can't award the prize posthumously -- Watson,
                    Crick, and Wilkins were awarded.
                    Crick's wife?  urlP.
                    When the Nobel Prize was awarded, Franklin was dead from
                    radiation poisoning, and you can't award the prize
                    posthumously -- Watson, Crick, and Wilkins were awarded.
                    Crick's wife?  Please provide URL.
                \_ Waston is hated by know-nonthing cuz he is more out-spoken.
        \_ Now this unrepentant atheist will discover the Truth.
           \_ yermom showed me the true meaning of the "double helix"
              \_ yermom won the Ho-bel prize for her work on recombinant TnA.
                 \_ Why do religious nuts hate science so much?  Superstition,
                    not religion, conflicts with science.  Oh, wait, most
                    religious people are really just superstitious nuts
                    pretending to be religious.  So never mind.
                    \_ Here's your christian science: "Thy will be done"
                       What's left to study?  Anything that deviates from
                       what isn't explicitly stated in the Bible is Satan
                       trying to tempt you!
                       \_ Did God tell you Bible reflects his views?  Don't
                          confuse the master work of God, which is the nature
                          around us, from double helix to super nova, with the
                          confused words of a few clueless hacks.
                          \_ The one thing I've never understood (OK, one of
                             the things) is how people believe that the Bible
                             is The Word of God.  They say it was written by
                             men who had God speak through them, but there's
                             no shred of evidence to suggest that they weren't
                             self-important people pushing their own
                             agendas, or maybe just spent a little too much
                             time out in the hot desert sun.
                             Ok, The Bible is the foundation of your faith.
                             But what's the foundation of your faith in The
                             Bible?  [moved]
                             \_ there are tons of direct quotes of God
                                \_ No, there are tons of things written by
                                   unknown men thousands of years ago that
                                   said God spoke to them.  Is there any
                                   evidence God spoke to these people?  A lot
                                   of people think God speaks to them, but
                                   that doesn't make it true.  I mean Jim Jones
                                   probably thought God told him to make
                                   everyone drink the Kool-aid.
                                   \_ Actually you don't know whether Jones
                                      actually think so.  Just his followers
                                      think so.  Similarly, Christians are not
                                      people who believe in god.  They are just
                                      people who believe Bible contains "direct
                                      quotes" because, well, some human being
                                      told them so.  They don't really believe
                                      in God.
                                      \_ This religious troll thread is a nice
                                         change of pace from politics, but it's
                                         not getting any bites. Not enough
                                         evangelical Christians or Muslims on
                                         the motd. Or else they're happy to
                                         give up on saving our souls. Nice try
                                   \_ Some parts of the bible are about
                                      events where there were thousands of
                                      witnesses.  Can we say that if the
                                      old testament is a big hoax, the
                                      Jewish people are all idiots?
                                      \_ There were many witnesses to UFO,
                                         ghosts, vampires, and Rev. Moon
                                         levitate himself.
                          \_ PI IS EXACTLY 3!
                             \_ I have isolated the chemical which is emitted
                                by every geek, dork, and four-eyes.  I call
                                it "poindextrose".
                             \_ Also, the Sun revolves around the earth, and
                                the earth is flat.
           \_ That the failthfuls will go to hell?
2004/7/30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32598 Activity:high
7/30    Washington Post book review on the 9/11 commision report
        Clinton did something before 9/11; Bush didn't.
        \_ You don't call taking a month-long vacation doing something?
        \_ They were, they were trying to figure out how to pick a
           fight with China so they can spend all the tax payer's money
           to make themselves rich, until Bin Ladin shitted on their
           face. It's amazing people have such short memory.
2004/7/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32599 Activity:high
7/30    Coverup of Iraqi Bridge tossing admitted (yahoo news)
        \_ You don't seriously think we should let terrorists use the bridges,
           do you?
2004/7/30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:32600 Activity:nil
7/30    I can't stop browsing and spend too much money,
        what should i do??
        \_ I love! bitch!
           \_ I'M RICK JAMES!
              \_ It wasn't funny the fiftieth time, either.
        \_ why not?
        \_ advertise what? people advertise all the time. They advertise how
           they hate Bush, Cheney, the Liberals, the Hippies, etc.
           \_ You are all strung out on dorkasterone.
        \_ You call that advertise? Geez you need to get out more. In the mean
           time, I am off to browse for more gadgets and spend more $$$.
        \_ For every piece of crap you're thinking of buying, divide it's price
           by your hourly take-home pay.  This will tell you how many hours
           you will spend working to buy the thing.  Maybe that'll make you
           think twice.
           (Hint: Hourly take-home ~= (Annual_Salary)*(1.0-Total_Tax_Rate)/2000
           \_ What does this have to do with templates?
              \_ It was about someone who can't control their spending, but
                 that thread got nuked and there was a mis-merge.
           \_ Cool, the ipod is only a few days salary!!
              \_ Keep in mind that a whole lot of your work time has to go to
                 housing, car, retirement, and maybe kids.
                 Perhaps 35 hours a week are going to things you really
                 shouldn't skimp on...
                 If only 10% of your income is disposable, then you really
                 should use 10% of your take-home pay as the divisor number.
                 \_ it's just $5.7/h, OUCH!! time to get those roommates back
                    to fuel my gadget buying...
2004/7/30-31 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:32601 Activity:very high
7/30    How do you try to save money?
        \_ The big things are obvious.  It's the little things that add up
           real fast.  My big pet peeve is credit cards and debt in general.
           I have never had a CC that had any sort of monthly/yearly/etc fees
           associated with simply holding it unused.  I pay off my entire
           bill every month so I don't pay interest.  I things I need.  I buy
           very little crap that I merely want.  A new ipod, cell phone, mega
           digital camera, faster computer, etc doesn't bring happiness.  And
           lastly, the first thing my wife and I did after getting jobs was to
           immediately put all extra cash into paying off school loans and now
           we try to put extra cash against the mortgage which is our only
           remaining debt.
        \_ Eat out less!  Including lunch.  That's the biggest one for me.
           Get a copy of quicken or something and really keep a budget for
           a month or two.  It sucks, but stick at it.  Really look at what
           you are spending.  Then you can try to devise a budget that trims
           some stuff that is excessive.  If you are a gadget freak think about
           cutting down on your gadget budget, or having a gadget budget
           if you currently just sort of buy when you like.  Oh and yeah,
           get a fixed amount from the bank every few days and try to pay
           for things in cash.  It really does make you pay attention to
           how much you are spending on crap.
        \_ fuck money!  money's a tool of the Man to keep us tied down to
           jobs we hate and toys we don't really need!  we should tear down
           the banks and credit card agencies and revert to direct trade of
           goods and services.
           \_ Hi Paolo!
              \_  hey!  that was me!  -sax
        \_ Calculate your monthly expenses. Autodeposit this to your checking.
           Autodeposit some other amount into a Mutual Fund/Brokerage account
           where you don't see it and won't spend it. The rest is yours to spend
        \_ Make most purchases with cash, withdraw a fixed amount from the
           ATM once a week.  Have to make the cash last the week.
           \_ sounds like it worked for you.  did you have to cut back
              on expenses?  what did you cut?
              \_ Eat out less at expensive places.  When I get the craving, I
                 cook something really nice for myself.  Also, fewer impulse
                 purchases and you start to thing of the credit card as only
                 for major purchases so you don't just whip it out for some
                 new shiny toy.
                 Oh, and stay off online shopping sites, especially eBay.
        \_ direct deposit some money to a special account.
        \_ housing is ~1/2-1/3 of your salary. Once you've figured out how to
           reduce that cost, you've saved a lot.
           \_ The motd has previously established that owning real estate is
              A Good Thing; although you shouldn't buy more space than you need
              \_ just wait till the bubble pops...
                 \_ Then what? I'll have a fixed rent I can afford and a
                    house that falls all the way back down in value to what
                    I paid for it - except my interest rate is lower now
                    than it was then. How scary is that?
                    \_ Uh, there's a thing called "property tax" that's
                       based on the worth of the house, moron. People
                       keep forgetting to factor the cost of that in.
                       \_ when the bubble pops, you get a
                          reappraisal and your prop. tax goes down...
                          \_ Don't try to argue with the bitter renters.
                             \_ Hey, if it makes you feel better about your
                                shitty investments to think that all renters
                                are bitter, then hey!  Go for it!
                       \_ You think you're reminding a homeowner about
                          property tax? Writing those massive checks twice
                          per year is a pretty good reminder, I think.
        \_ Don't have family, don't have a car, share your appartment/house
           with other roommates.
           \_ that worked 1 year after we graduated. But then my roomate got
              a gf. She told him to move out, and move out he did. Then they
              got married. Bought a house. Had a kid. Doesn't play computer
              games and doesn't hang out with his buddies. Does laundry and
              lawn and backyard work every weekend. Me? I'm still paying a
              shitload of rent in my apartment. At least no one bosses me
              around. Oh well.                          -getting old
              \_ Why don't you get a new roomate?
                \_ I went through a few, but they either moved out, got a gf,
                   or both. Getting old.        -getting old, 30 something
                   \_ On average, how much of your time does it take to get a
                      new roomate?  And on average how much money do they end
                      up paying you before they move out?  How much is your
                      time really worth?  You must 'make' hundreds per hour
                      when looking for a roomate!
                        \_ But you can't run around naked when you have a
                           roommate!  And when having sex on the kitchen
                           counter you gotta always keep one ear on the
                           front door.
                           \_ that's why it's good to have your roommate be
                              the person you have sex with on the kitchen
                              counter.  then you can save money *and* listen
                              to motorhead while having sex on the kitchen
        \_ A car should last 10 years easily.  Buy a 2-3 year old car, take
           good care of it and drive it into the ground.  You only need a new
           car if your job depends on your image, and if you're a Sodan it
           probably doesn't.
           \_ I don't think that has much to do with sodans -- I think that's
              just generally true.  CSUA is a surpisingly diverse crowd -- it's
              too bad that, as a group, we've all allowed the 9-5 suit types
              and ex-fratboys to define our self-image.  I'm not sure what's
              worse: that we've bought into the stereotype of computer
              tech people as overweight, socially clueless, stinky people - or
              the type of people that we're bought into that image from.
              \_ The peole who's jobs depend on having a new car are people
              \_ The peole whose jobs depend on having a new car are people
                 like car dealers, real estate agents and plastic surgeons.
                 \_ you left out drug dealers, pimps, and lawyers.
              \_ I get lots of h0t aZn ch1x with my new car.
                 \_ You get Ac-ur-Uh Integ-rah hah?!!!!1!
              \_ Why do you let other people define you?  Either you're a
                 smelly geek with no social skills or you're not.  If you are
                 then someone else calling you that is just the truth.  Deal.
                 If you're not, then who gives a shit what they say?
        \_ Maxing out my 401(k) and ESPP.  Making extra payments to my mortgage
           principal when my bank account has a high balance.
           \_ don't make extra mortgage payments if your interest rate is
              low.  You could make more income with your extra money.
              \_ yea, after tax deductions a 30-year 6% interest becomes
                 like 4%.  Not that hard to beat it by investing.
        \_ Just play the stock market and earn big bucks like me.
        \_ Get married.  It worked for me.
           \- you know i think prior to everything else is to "profile"
              your spending. if you spend $50/week on drinks in bars, that's
              better place to optimize than "dont buy the da vinci code,
              get it at the library" if you amazon budget is $300/yr --psb
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