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2004/7/29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32558 Activity:high
7/238   my apache server running on unix serves pages from users
        in public_html.  I also have https running.  what can i put
        in my .htaccess so that when someone tries to get to a page
        via the http server, they are either denied or redirected
        to the https version?  thanks.
        \_ Globally?  Have SSL answer on both 80 and 443.
           \_ what if i don't have root.  not an option.
              \- well then it isnt "your" apapche server, it is someone
                \_ ok you pedantic fuck, i have root, but i don't
                        want to alter things as root.  eat shit.
2004/7/29 [Recreation/Humor] UID:32559 Activity:very high Cat_by:auto
7/28    EtherKiller:  -John
        \_ so...this is more clever than just running around the office with
           a hammer breaking shit because it shows you can use a soldering iron?
        \_ isn't this more of a tool for pissed off users than IT?
        \_ Thank you, sehnen sich deutscher lebhaftJohn! HEIL!
2004/7/29 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32560 Activity:insanely high
7/29    'Hanoi John' Gets Unwelcome Reception From Veterans
        \_ it's my buddies at the MRC!
        \_ Do you mean 'cbsnews'?  Is it the part of the article where
           it talks about Kerry going sailing with his Vietnam buddies?
           Or is it the part of your link that you failed to wrap around
           correctly?  A secret code, Lassie?  Tell us!  Give us your
           insight, mighty Socrates!  -John
           \_ somebody deleted the shortened URL.  Its ok.
        \_ you deleted the fact i pointed out the Media Research Council
           is behind this link, fucking coward.
           \_ I think you overestimate your importance.  The whole thread
              was deleted so I reposted the link.
        \_ Hmm, some veterans don't like Kerry, but some do.  It's not too
           hard to find groups of vets who don't like 'Riyadh George',
2004/7/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:32561 Activity:high
7/29    Does increasing the swap file/partition size encourage the OS to swap
        stuff out more?  I'm asking for both WinXP and Linux.
        \_ Are you trying to limit how much swapping your machine does?  There
           are a limited number of cases where more swap is a bad thing.
           \_ I know more swap is better, but I'd rather stuff doesn't get
              swapped until physical memory gets full.
              \_ You don't seem to understand swapping.
              \_ WHY?! You won't gain performance-wise, if that's what you
                 think. Run the machine without swap on and see.
                 \_ I *rarely* fill physical memory, but the OS insists on
                    swapping stuff out, which it just need to swap back in
                    \_ So turn swap off. What the OS is doing is buffering
                       the pages.
                       \_ I guess we all have to learn the hard way....
2004/7/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32562 Activity:high
7/29    If I use my own personal notebook at a company, airport, etc. or at
        someone's house going through their networks, how
        easy/hard/cheap/expensive for someone to monitor and capture my
        passwords, URLs, IM messages, etc. if these are not encrypted nor going
        through HTTPS and/or SSL?  I have both Winblows 2000 and XP.  I am just
        wondering if it's possible for them to have some specialized routers
        and such that can sniff my network traffic.
        \_ if you don't encrypt end-to-end, it's completely trivial for anyone
           in antenna range, or the antenna owner, to capture all your
           traffic.  -tom
           \_ To that add 'anyone with accesss to an intermediate network'.
           \_ Trivial?  How would I do that?
              \_ Google 'promiscuous mode' and 'packet sniffing'.
        \_ Pi - ka - chuuu!!!1!
           \_ Tamagotchi.  Doraemon.
2004/7/29 [Uncategorized] UID:32563 Activity:very high
7/29    Are Republican really that amused by clean rooms and surgical
        gowns? Don't they get ER in Texas and Oklahoma?
        \_ Who says they are?  What are you blabbing about?
        \_ Have you ever worn a bunny suit?  They're hilarious.
           \_ They're not hilarious if you have to wear one 13 hours a day
              for several weeks.
              \_ Been there, done that.  I still think they're hilarious.
                 Of course, it helped that I was billing at the time.
                 \_ I'll admit they're funny if someone else is wearing
                    them.  I was wearing them in grad school where your hourly
                    wage goes down with each hour you work, and where the
                    ventilation in the cleanroom was broken so it was hot
                    as hell.
                    \_ Lawsuit.
                       \_ huh?
                    \_ Hey, slavery sucks, bunny suit or not.  In my case,
                       my marathon became the down payment for my first house.
2004/7/29 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:32564 Activity:very high
        A house in Tokyo now costs less than half what it did in 1991, after
        a now legendary property-price bubble in the late 1980s.
        They also include a chart which indicates that home prices have fallen
        20% in Japan and 13% in Germany in real terms, from 1995-2002.
        Prices fell in Tokyo 32% during that period.
        Most of the world, of course, rose in the period, some of it very
        \_ Does it still take three generations to pay off the mortgage of a
           house in Japan?
        \_ Is that chart ferreal?  Average home price is lower in Japan than
           in the U.S.?  (I suppose the house sizes are different.)
           \_ You can't compare markets like that.  You can't get most
              American houses with associated land in Japan at any price any
              normal person could earn in a lifetime.  It doesn't even
              work from place to place in the US or even within the same
              county or town many times.
              \_ Work with me here:  Let's compare a U.S. home priced at the
                 average, and a house in Japan priced at the average.  Now,
                 average, and a house in Japan priced at the average.  First,
                 let's identify what these are, and then talk about how they're
2004/7/29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Finance/Investment] UID:32565 Activity:very high
7/29    Jobless claims up, consumer spending down.  Wages drop 9.2% from
        2000 to 2002.  First time since 1953 that wages have dropped.
        \_ What does "wages" mean?  Average?  Cumulative?
           \_ Sorry, wrong word.  overall income:
        \_ It appears income rose for all people making under $200k and fell
                      \_ Where do you get this?
                         \_ Click on the chart to the right on that page
                            (and my bad, $1-$25k went down 1.4%); actually
                            the right column there is a better metric, which
                            says income per taxpayer went down for $100K and
                            up but not for $0-100K.
           for people with larger incomes, which makes total sense given the
           large stock gains in 2000.
           \_ No, actually the opposite has happened, at least with take
              home pay.
        \_ The bubble created in the Clinton era had bursted before he left
           office in 2001.
           \_ don't forget the Twin Towers also bursted.
              \_ and we know that's dubya's fault because he sent the jews
                 there to blow them up so he could invade iraq to get the
                 free oil for halliburton.
                 \_ You make Michael Moore look like an intellectual.
              \_ That's what they want you to think.  The whole "attack"
                 took place in a soundstage in Japan, where they used to
                 make the Godzilla films.
        \_ It's 2004 now, son.
           \_ but perhaps they only have data up to tax year 2002, daddy?
              \_ probably but so what?  why are old numbers from the worst
                 part of the recession being hashed around now in the middle
                 of an election?  suspicious.
                 \_ It must be the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.
                 \_ It's true, the IRS is run by liberals who hate America.
2004/7/29 [Computer/SW/Editors] UID:32566 Activity:high
7/29    Someone is using a motd-editor that replaces tabs with spaces.  While
        I think spaceing is better than tabbing, you're munging up motd
        comparing and archiving scripts.
        \_ comparing scripts should ignore whitespace
           \_ they should but it wasn't that hard for me to convert to
              retaining tabs.  there are tabs in the file and the editor
              should retain them.
2004/7/29 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32567 Activity:high
7/29    What was wrong with the links about the anti Kerry vets and
        the failure of diplomacy in the Iran nukes thing?  Please restore
        what you destroyed for no reason.
        \_ eat shit, wiseass
        \_ Criticisms of our New Fearless Leader will not be tolerated.
2004/7/29 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32568 Activity:nil
7/29 CNN, the "evil liberal network," immediately followed up
        Edwards speech with 15 minutes of Ralph Reed basically saying whatever
        he felt like.  How likely do you think it is that they'll give us 15
        minutes of Howard Dean after Cheney's speech during the RNC...I'm not
        laying any bets...
        \_ You get hours every night.  15 minutes?  Pshaw!  If only we
           could get 15 free minutes a month instead of each 4 years.
           \_ Heh.  You haven't watched any of the convention coverage have
              you?  CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the lot have been an
              embarrassment.  C-SPAN is the standard.  Now here's the part
              where you call C-SPAN an evilllllll socialist plot, or perhaps
              a tool of the international Jewish conspiracy.
2004/7/29 [ERROR, uid:32569, category id '18005#17.83' has no name! , ] UID:32569 Activity:nil
        "Mark my words," Burke added. "See how much national news
        coverage this protest gets. These guys are all veterans, they
        know his record, and they're all against him. Yet the mainstream
        media will probably ignore this rally so it becomes a non-event."
        Is there a term for what this guy is trying to do?  It used to be
        "the government doesn't want you to know this", now every soccer
        mom is claiming bias in the "mainstream/liberal media" because
        her son's birthday picnic isn't being filmed.
        \_ Media Whore.
           \_ ?
        \_ Well, how well was this covered by mainstream media?  Was the
           coverage (or lack thereof) reasonable?
        \_ Baby killers.
2004/7/29 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:32570 Activity:nil
7/29    You gotta be impressed with Karl Rove's timing:
        \_ Your lack of enthusiasm suggests to me that you hate America.
        \_ Wonder who it is, and why the Pakistani government is being
           cagey about it.
        \_ Those Pakistanis should have waited till after the convention to
           arrest the guy.
           \_ Yeah, they totally jumped the shark on the October Surprise!
              Invade Pakistan!
              \_ I don't think you know what jumping the shark means.
2004/7/29 [Uncategorized] UID:32571 Activity:nil
7/29    Moore or pig? You decide!
        \_ "He's FAT!  He MUST be bad!"
           \_ Need to see if <DEAD><DEAD> is registered...
2004/7/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32572 Activity:high
7/29    Can we squish someone for being a h0z3r with the motd yet?
        \_ First pick a scapegoat, we must.
           \_ Well, no.  We need clear evidence.  I don't think anyone was
              ever squished on soda without that.  Sure, many squishings
              came with an agenda, but they also had evidence of wrongdoing.
              I tell you, whoever is hosing the motd is an enemy of freedom.
              That's why I am announcing the creation of the Motd Security
              Department.  We will be welcomed in the XCF office with
              cheering crowds and rose petals.  Bring 'em on!!
              \_ Well, I suppose it isn't possible to control all the media
                 ...unless, of course, you're Rupert Murdoch. He is one
                 beautiful man.
        \_ if you want a precise minute by minute motd log, you can track
           the exact changes, etc here (it's NOT Kais Motd):
           \_ I want one millisecond by millisecond.  Oh wait, I already
              have that with the associated user profiling scripts... nvm.
                \_ second by second is gonna be quite a CPU hog...
                   \_ use the source, luke.  it's not.  increase your fu.
2004/7/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32573 Activity:kinda low
7/29    The July 7 New Republic article on pressure on Pakistan to announce
        squishage of high-value targets during the Democratic convention
        \_ Only the left expresses compunction over the
           capture of Eastasian operatives.
           \_ Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.
              \_ Spaceballs rule!
2004/7/29-30 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:32574 Activity:moderate
7/29    How do I describe scope in C?  Is it outer/inner scope?  Higher/lower
        scope?  Parent/child scope?  I forgot.  Thanks.
        \_ "Trivial C Question Troll", I love you!
        \_ you're thinking in OO terms. C has "local" and "global" scope.
           \_ C99 has more than two levels of scope.  For instance, each for
              loop has its own scope.  Also, gcc lets you define functions
              inside other functions, as a (non-standard) extension. -- ilyas
              \_ Hasn't it always been the case that each pair of {} has its
                 own scope, even before C99?
                 \_ Yeah you are right. -- ilyas
                 \_ Yes.
           \_ I was going to say that, but was afraid the OP might be more leet
              than me.
           \_ What I'm thinking is something like:
                void foo(void) {
                  ... code 1 ...
                    int i;
                    ... code 2 ...
                      ... code 3 ...
              So "i" is defined in code 2 and 3, but not in code 1.  How do I
              describe this?
              \_ The scope in C is really simple, it's based on block scoping
                 where the blocks are defined by curly braces.
                 If it's at the beginning of a curly, it's scope is anything
                 between the curlys, ergo the term "block." Some people call
                 it "area scoping" defined by the "area" of code defined by
                 the braces. Some others call it "brace" scoping.
              \_ If code 3 is not a function called from code 2, you just
                 answered your own question.
                 \_ You can't define a function inside another function in C.
                    \_ Duh.  But code 3 could be a function call that needs 'i'
                    \_ Huh?  I thought the op is talking about nested inner
                       blocks.  Who said anything about functions?
              \_ i is in scope in code 2 and 3, but not in scope in code 1.
        \_ Although this isn't the example you are giving are you thinking
           about lexical vs dynamic scope?
           \_ The original question is just that which pair of adjectives to
              use to describe the scopes in the same file.
              \_ Nested.  Inner.  Take your pick.
2004/7/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:32575 Activity:nil
7/29    Linux picnic 8/7.
        \_ Linux panic!?!
        \_ Penguin sandwiches!  -John
2004/7/29 [Uncategorized] UID:32576 Activity:nil
7/29    Anyone in Cory/Soda Hall sometime tonight (around 10pm) who could
        let me into Cory so I can power on my server? Pls email. Thx! - jthoms
2004/7/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32577 Activity:high
7/29    I get it now ... If you sided with the President by voting for the
        war in Iraq, and complain about it now, you are said to be using
        revisionist history.  If you didn't side with the President on the
        vote, then you are French.  If you sided with the President and
        don't complain, you are not a patriot, but a responsible adult.
        \_ If you got the same info as Bush as a 19 year Senator serving on
           the Senate's intel committe and made numerous public statements
           that Iraq had WMD and had to be invaded now, you are a sack of shit
           when a year later you turn around and bash the President for doing
           exactly what you said he should do when given the same intel.
        \_ No.  If you don't complain about the lies you were given, then
           you're an ignorant pig.
           \_ what is the lie and who gave it?
              \_ I think this is the part where someone says Bush and the UK
                 claimed WMD evidence was conclusive, but the UN and other
                 intelligence agencies said it wasn't.
                 Blix on U.S. and UK spin on WMD:
                 \_ SHIT! he played on our fears!!! mommy!
2004/7/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:32578 Activity:high
7/29    In the day of background checks; are you still able to omit jobs
        where things did not work out with a boss and you were fired ? There
        was no misconduct involved; just a personality clash with a manager.
        \_ Omit anything you want.  Just don't lie and say you were working
           elsewhere or add education you don't have, etc.  I don't give
           out contact info for shitty bosses.  Just because there's a
           blank on a form doesn't mean they need the info.  The only place
           that ever checked anything anyway was a financial place and a
           high security government lab.
           \_ I'd never had references checked until this current job search
              and now everyone is actually checking my references, from
              startups to big big companies.  I suspect it is an economy
              changing thing.  Anyway, yeah you don't have to give a reference
              for a company where things went bad, but if every reference you
              had was for jobs from 6 years ago they are going to wonder why.
              Do you not have any friends at your previous jobs?  Coworkers
              are valid references. -aspo
              \_ Maybe it's just you since you look like a terrorist.  My
                 references still don't get checked.
              \_ Odd.  I've always had my references checked, and I've
                 provided reference for numerous people through the years.
              \_ I give coworkers from more recent jobs.  I don't pretend I
                 wasn't at a shitty place.  If I don't have a reference from
                 my most recent job, tough shit.
        \_ I would say it depends on how long you were at the job. Three
           weeks, yeah sure omit it. Three years? Probably not.
2004/7/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:32579 Activity:high
7/29    This is cool, let's use it:
        \_ I thought CSUA was the only organization that used their motd as
           a publicly writable bulletin board.
           \_ I see. I did not think that. We are different, you and I.
        \_ yah! more php+mysql crap.
2004/7/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32580 Activity:low
7/29    Old news, but, this is where Tenet says it's a "slam dunk" case,
        as excerpted from the Bush-blessed book _Plan of Attack_:
        By the way, I strongly recommend you go read this as your primary
        source.  All the other books, the newspapers, the magazines, the
2018/11/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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