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2004/7/26 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW] UID:32476 Activity:very high
7/25    I got whole bunch WMV/MOV files.  In the past, I simply convert
        them into MPEG-1 format.  However, WMV/MOV has much higher compression
        ratio than MPEG-1, so, the file size tend to increase by 4 folds when
        I convert to MPEG-1.
        I would like to encode these propeitary formats to a royalty-free,
        patent-free MPEG4s.  Does such codec exists?
        \_ XviD?
           \_ sorry that I didn't make it clear.  XviD is the closest thing
              I've encountered so far, but XviD is essentially an AVI file,
              which means that it can not be streamed.  (MPEG-1 and even
              MPEG-2 has no such limitation).           --OP
              \_ that's because the index is at the end... you can have
                 xvid asf's that stream just fine.
        \_ 1. WMV and (Sorenson-compressed) MOV files, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 are
              all lossy.  They will be however big you want them to be.
           2. MPEG4 is not royalty nor patent-free.  Maybe you're thinking of
              Ogg Theora.
           3. XVID is not AVI.  AVI is a container; XVID is a codec.
           4. You care about streaming because...?  If you want streaming,
              leave them as WMV or MOV.  Or you can make standard MP4 files,
              but support for those is a bit more limited. (MP4 is basically
              the QuickTime MOV container anyway.) --jameslin
              \_ thanks, James.
2004/7/26 [Industry/Startup] UID:32477 Activity:very high
7/25    GOOG IPO share price $108-$135:
        \_ Yermom is much cheaper.
        \_ BHAHHAHAHA.
        \_ FWIW that would lead to roughly a P/E ratio of 50
           \_ I read it was a P/E of about 110.  Either way is too high.
              \_ Still might be a good company to own *after* the stock tanks.
           \_ Projected market cap at that price is $29-36 billion.
              Earnings for the first six months of 2004 were $143 million;
              if yearly earnings are $280 million, you're definitely looking
              at a P/E over 100.  Probably unwarranted.  -tom
2004/7/26 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Scanner] UID:32478 Activity:high
7/25    I want to run AV filtering on my mail server. Has anyone used ClamAV?
        Also, I am not sure if my server has enough juice to run ClamAV, so I've
        been looking at Procmail Sanitizer. Anyone have success with this? It
        looks hairy.
        \_ yes, clamav generally works pretty well, and doesn't require that
           much cpu.
        \_ Adult Video filter?
2004/7/26 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:32479 Activity:high
7/25    To the person who said Google was giving them a 403, it seems the new
        MyDoom virus is overworking google, causing an accidental DOS.
        Google seems to be blocking some types of queries related to email
        addresses, as well as some IP ranges.
        \_ any connection between this thread that the thread below is
           purely coincidental.  move along.  nothing to see here.
        \_ Thanks. Using for now.
2004/7/26 [Reference/Military] UID:32480 Activity:kinda low
7/26    This is a followup to thanks to everyone
        who replied. Anyways, we had a really good time in Marin
        Headlands. It was surprisingly not crowded at all like some
        other places and the weather was perfect (not too hot & the
        humidity perfect). In addition it was really close to Sausalito
        where we hung out. I'd say the best part was going up to Battery
        129 overlooking Golden Gate Bridge and the city, where it looked
        like it was sitting on the cloud. The scenery was breathtaking
        and unforgettable. The next best thing was going into the
        old artillery/battery/bunker/defensive buildings. They looked
        *exactly* like the ones I saw in Battlefield 1942/Medal of
        Honor, except without the guns. I never realized how massize
        those naval artillery guns were and how heavy the shells were
        (2100 pounds each!!!) until I went into one of those places.
        It was an awsome experience. Again thanks motd hikers!
        \_ Is this the battery the one where to reach it, you go under
           the freeway and up the hill after crossing GGB?
2004/7/26 [Recreation/Pets] UID:32481 Activity:insanely high
7/26    Bush's cat India gets Indians enraged:
        \_ "Oh look!  India's licking its asshole again!"
        \_ Huh?
        \_ Did he name the cat India after he was president? or is this an old
           cat.  If he named it since becoming pres, he really is a dumb SOB
           Of course, the Indians are lame for getting all bent out of shape
           over it, but Damn. [update:  Bush has owned cat for 10 years and it
           is named after some sports person, so it seems that these Indians
           are just lame.] -phuqm,,2-1343-1347_1552060,00.html
           \_ The namesake is supposedly Ruben "El Indio" Sierra, and the
              cat is 10 years old, according to
              "Indio" is a term for a dark skinned Mexican, and ranges
              from derogatory to affectionate.  Okay.  That was really
              hasty.  For a wider perspective, "indios" are those who
              have more native-american features, as opposed to Spanish/
              European features.  This is a very deep racial divide in
              Mexico, with its own Jim Crow type attitudes (however unspoken/
              unwritten).  In the US, this word has been reclaimed by the
              Chicano movement as a term of pride.  To name a cat "India"
              would seem to be insensitive to Mexican Americans rather than
              Indians.  --scotsman
              \_ I named my cat Shiva.  I bet it's much more insensitive to
                 Indians than 'India' is to Mexicans.  You are stretching,
                 dude. -- ilyas
                 \_ Sorry, I wasn't clear.  The last sentence should have read
                    "...would seem to be _more_ insensitive..."  I personally
                    think getting in a huff over a cat's name is insanely
                    silly.  With the previous post, I was just trying to
                    disect what was behind the name.  --scotsman
        \_ I am going to rechristen my dog Frog.
        \_ There's a singer named India Arie.
        \_ a friend named his cats tcsh and perl.
           \_ How do you pronounce tcsh? "tee see ess aich"? "tee seesh"?
              "tuksh"? I'm gonna name my cats Yahweh and Lucifer (Lucy).
              \_ "teesh", duh.
                 \_ Excuse me but THERE IS A MOTHERFUCKING "C" IN THERE!@!!!
                    \_ Do you pronounce the t in "listen"?
                       \_ so?  man tcsh is authoritative.  some random link
                          about bloody cockatiels is not.
                          \_ Um... what tcsh man page are you looking at?
                 \_ tee seesh.  teesh is the trusted shell.
2004/7/26 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:32482 Activity:very high
7/26    r0x0r, d00d.  I just put together my Athlon 64 3200+ (Newcastle) with
        an Asus K8V SE Deluxe with an AMS gMono $50 case and Enlight $32
        EN-8361934A1 power supply, Lite-On DVD 166S reader and 812S writer
        (flashed to 832S VS08), and it runs quiet (didn't need the
        Zalman cooler) -- all gotten at -- and it only uses 67
        watts at idle because it downclocks to 1 GHz from the maximum 2.2 GHz
        it can run when there's nothing running !!!1!111  radeon 9600 xt!
        d00m ]|[ here I cumm!!!!51@%^4$
        \_ rad!
        \_ On a more serious note, I just upgraded to a 10kRPM SATA HDD and
           it's pretty nice.
           \_ 37GB / 74GB raptor?
              \_ Yes, 74, very fast.
                 \_ any noise issue? I originally planned to get one of those
                    but then on balance it seemed silly. my 7200 rpm drive is
                    silent and I never wait on it. Hope you have >= 1GB RAM.
                    The money would have been better spent on a faster vidcard.
                    \_ I can hear it, but it's much quieter than the old drive
                       I already have 768MB RAM and a GeForceFx 5600 -PP,!OP
                       I'd say it's quieter than my 7200RPM W.D. and it a lot
                       quieter than my CPU and case fans.
                       \_ A 5600 non-ultra is kinda crappy. 1GB RAM really
                          makes things snappy for me, since I never have to
                          page to disk no matter how much stuff I run. I think
                          avoiding disk is more important than faster disk.
                          For videocards, this ranking is pretty accurate:
                          Good deals seem to be: 256bit ATI 9800SE $150
                                                 9600 XT ~$150
                                                 9800 Pro ~$200 (oem)
                          If you don't really care about games then whatever.
                          I guess that HDD will load levels bitchin' fast.
                          \_ The video card it about a year old, when it was
                             fairly hot shit.
                \_ 74 GIG only? My IDE has 250Gig...
                   \_ Try finding a 10K RPM IDE drive.
                   \_ I have ~500GB on other drives, but none of them have a
                      4.5ms average seek time.
        \_ so basically you might be able to run D3 @ medium quality :)
           \_ Do I look like I'm made of money?
              \_ yes, I am irritated that my CPU dropped $52 in < 1 wk. :( -op
2004/7/26 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Rants, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:32483 Activity:nil
7/26    what do you think about good "viruses" that spread to
        people's computer but do scientific computations to
        help mankind, only runs when computer is not being used?
        \_ Still bad.  Are you sure you have no programming errors that
           eat CPU when the computer is being used or abuse bandwidth
           looking for other hosts to infect?  What gives you the right
           to decide how my CPU is used or to keep it active instead of
           going into low power mode when idle?  Are you going to pay for
           the increase in my power bill?  Are you sure it's not really
           monitoring a critical piece of equipment that it needs to
           respond quickly to when an interrupt comes in?
2004/7/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32484 Activity:nil
7/26    Does anyone have a link about Dubya's best 10k time? This
        recent article has his marathon and 5k times. It's
        difficult to google his 10k time.
2004/7/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:32485 Activity:insanely high
7/26    Okay, drudgereport is talking about an Ann Coulter article on the
        convention being spiked (usatoday says it's postponed since they
        asked her to make some changes), but the link is jammed.  Here's
        the full text:
        "Here at the Spawn of Satan convention in Boston, conservatives are
        deploying a series of covert signals to identify one another, much
        like gay men do. ..."
        \_ "corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing,
           hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons they call "women"

           at the Democratic National Convention." Wow.  that's  clever.
           I guess now I'll have to vote republican, join a baptist church,
           and start listening to Rush.  She sure makes a convincing arguement.
           And I can see why you assholes compare her to Moore.  Accusing a
           president of decieving  the American people about a WMD intelligence
           is really a lot like accusing people who dissagree with you of being
        \_ Your dick is so large and tax free!
        \_ So did you post Ann's "insights" for edification purposes or so that
           we could mock her?  Or are you just trolling as usual?
           \_ I posted because information wants to be free.  ... and they
              have Moore covering the Republican convention.
              \_ Best take ever on the RNC was from Chris Rock back in '96.
                 "I'm at the Republican National Convention...There's a lot of
                 white people here!"
                 \_ "Hey Lois, look, it's the two symbols of the
                    Republican party!  An elephant, and a big fat
                    white guy who's afraid of change!" -Peter Griffin
                    \_ I ll take an elephant over an ass any day.
                       \_ You will look odd with an elephant instead of an ass.
        \_ How do you know this is actually what Coulter wrote?  Don't we
           routinely trash freepers here?
           \_ Ah, answering my own post, it's the same text at
                \_ crashed my browser.  She writes viruses!
                   Evil /<-r@d republica h4xxx0r b1tch!  -John
        \_ This is worse even than Michael Moore. And that is saying something.
           \_ Moore, in his movie, presents cherry-picked facts and videotape,
              exaggerating them to a money- and power-driven conspiracy, which
              defies common sense.
              Coulter, in her article, takes stereotypes and ridicules people
              with them, i.e., she posts like a freeper.
              \_ Oliver Stone does a much better job of this.  I still think
                 that Joe Pesci should have played Dick Cheney.  Now *that*
                 would have been worth watching.
              \_ Coulter is a Repub lickin' (haha!) cheerleader. She knows few
                 actual facts and attacks using "talking point" material. She
                 resorts to personal attacks as a general rule. I don't really
                 feel any particular hatred or anything I just find it kinda
                 funny. I saw her on some panel on CSPAN and when she resorted
                 to personal attacks everyone in the room just kinda stared at
                 her. It only works when she's controlling the discourse.
                 \_ As opposed to Hannity or O'Reilly, who just interrupt
                    anyone who disagrees with them.
            \_ Coulter is an idiot, like your favorite Al Franken.
                \_ al franken's last book was pretty well researched
                   and managged to often be amusing.  coulter's book
                   was just a big box of unenjoyable uninformative slime.
                   i'll take al.
                   \_ Did you listen to his radio show?  Talk about unenjoyable
                      slime... sheesh.
2004/7/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:32486 Activity:high
7/26    Has anyone ever successfully dealt with a stink toilet?  I didn't know
        they existed- and to think I never found one in Berkeley, but I have
        one at my nice new place.  It stinks.  I clean it, and then it smells
        like cleanser for about 2 days.  Then it stinks.  I haven't changed
        my diet, so I don't think it's ... that.  The toilet itself stinks.
        Please help.
        \_ Cut down on the Mexican food.  And be glad you don't have one
           of those French toilets with the poo shelf.  And clean under the
           rim.  -John
        \_ when you actually solve it, could you post what worked to the motd,
        \_ Are you cleaning all over?  Make sure you're getting under the rim
           as well as around the outside and base.
           \- you will need to nuke it from orbit
              \_ It's the only way to be sure.
        \_ try cleaning the tank.
        \_ Might be a bad gasket at the base, or it's not filling correctly
           after the flush.  The water in the bowl is what keeps odors down.
           If you're renting, tell the landlord.  They should fix it.
        \_ the gasket at the base between the toilet and the sewage line is
           called a 'wax ring', because, well, it's basically soft gooey wax,
           and they can easily fail, especially if the toilet isn't securely
           mounted to the floor.   Other possiblity is the water in the toilet
           isn't blocking gas fromthe sewer line.   Either task isn't a clean
           or easy fix.
        \_ the problem probably lies upon the gasket, or the wax ring as
           the above said.  My recommendation is that since you are going to
           lift up the tolet anyway, you might as well spend $150 to get a
           new one.
           \_ A new "toilet," I presume you mean.  Wax rings cost about $5.
              Again, if it's in an apartment, they should do all this for you.
2004/7/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:32487 Activity:high
7/26    Why the hell are my iRobot posts being deleted?
        \_ Some motd'er is probably spoiler-averse.
           \_ Spoilers suck.
              \_ Especially when you put em on a front-wheel drive rice rocket.
                 \_ But mine has an R-Type sticker so it goes faster.
                    \_ For only $200 I can add speed holes to you windshield.
                       I gaurantee it will add at least 5HP.
2004/7/26-27 [Science/Battery, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:32488 Activity:moderate
7/26    I'm looking at Dell Latitudes, and there's an option for a 65W AC
        adapter vs. a 90W adapter which is $19 more. It doesn't give any
        explanation for what the higher wattage would be good for. The only
        thing I can think of that seems reasonable is if you want your
        laptop to power large USB devices or something. Can someone clue me
        in? Thanks.
        \_ The USB spec only allows something liek 5W of power to be sent over
           any single link of the bus.  The 90W adapter it probably so you can
           charge your battery faster, or run your laptop at full power and
           still charge the battery at full speed.
        \_ You might replace your HD with a faster/more power consuming one
           later, etc.
           \_ For thermal reasons you might not want to do that in a laptop.
           65W doesn't work with Latitude D800, but the 90W works for all.
        \_ I would urge you to look at the size of these things, and choose
           the one which is lighter and smaller, ignore the wattage
2004/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:32489 Activity:nil
7/26    Use ass!
2004/7/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:32490 Activity:high
7/26    It is very annoying that I am charged for some 510 calls and not
        others (and ditto 415 numbers).  Is there some way to check in advance
        which numbers are going to cost me?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Local prefixes are listed in your phone book.
           \_ at least in San Jose (pacbell), they took this out a couple years
              ago... the only way is to call the operator (at least it's a free
              call!) -dwc
        \_ Generally speaking, locations outside a 12 mile radius will cost
           you. BTW, for anyone interested, this place apparently gives
           free LD phone calls.
           I'm not sure what the catch is, but they asked for my phone number
           and email address, so I assume they'll sell it to a bunch of
           people or something. I gave them a fake phone number and an email
           I don't check much, so whatever. I tried it from a payphone the
           other day and it worked...
                \_ WARNING WARNING: useful, non-denigrating, non-tom-holub
                   styled posts are in violation of motd policy. This
                   thread will be censored in 10 minutes.
                   \_ It was *anonymous* and therefore could not possibly
                      have any value.  He must be ridiculed and mocked!
2004/7/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32491 Activity:insanely high 50%like:33071
7/26    motd poll: If you had to vote today, who would you vote for?
        George/Dick: ...
        John/John: ........
        \_ How many of the Kerry voters are voting *for* Kerry and _not_
           merely *against* Bush?
           \_ are you confused "what the meaning of 'is' is"?
              \_ no, but I did not have sex with that woman (enough times to
                 get bored of her)!  when did you stop not inhaling?
        \_ The neighborhood's going down the tubes.  -John
        \_ Dems - no voting if you are dead, a felon, an illegal or a pet,
           and no voting twice.
           \_ What if your name sounds like a dead person's?
              \_ Then you're allowed to vote twice in Penn. and three times
                 in Chicago.
           \_ Felons: If you've served your time and are no longer on parole
              you can be reinstated to the voter rolls.
              \_ Not in all states.
        Ralph! ..
        \_ Yes!  I am not alone!  Since most of you are in CA which is going
           to Kerry anyway, you should do the right thing and vote Nader.
           Your CA vote doesn't mean anything anyway, so you should give it
           value, purpose and meaning.  Send a message!  -Nader'04
           \_ unless of course you actually hate nader *more* than bush, and
              think he would destroy the nation in two years with his moronic
              trade policy...have any of you idiots considered what would
              actually happen if he won?
              \_ Yeah.  I'd vote Green if they had a candidate other than
              \_ If you really honestly just don't like Nader, I'm ok with
                 that.  Everyone should vote for the candidate that would have
                 the policies you-the-voter would want.  But for the rest of
                 us who would normally vote for Nader but are now voting
                 against Bush, if you're in CA, please reconsider since your
                 CA vote doesn't matter anyway.  Help send a message! Thank
                 you.  -Nader'04
                 \_ So NaderGuy, doesn't it bother you that your "compatriot"
                    is probably in fact ilyas?  Do you know anything about
                    ilyas' politics?
                    \_ Why should it?  And only what I've read here which is
                       the same mix of "I agree" and "Don't agree" that I
                       have with other motd posters.
                       \_ Ha, you really don't get it, do you?
           \_ don't fuck around.
              \_ do you really honestly believe Kerry won't win CA by a huge
                 margin?  and why would you want Kerry anyway?  -Nader'04
                 \_ Nader royally screwed the country last time around and is
                    too damn self-important to admit he might do it a second
                    time.  Even if he might have better policies than Kerry,
                    why should I encourage someone who cares more about his own
                    political advancement than the real-world outcomes on
                    issues he says he cares about?
                    \_ That's DNC propaganda.  How could he or anyone else have
                       possibly known a few votes in one state where the RNC
                       governor's brother was in charge would make the
                       difference?  Nader cares about the people.  Kerry cares
                       about his wife's money.  Bush cares about Cheney's oil.
                       It's an easy vote for a Californian.  -Nader'04
                       \_ The Bush/Gore margin was close enough in several
                          states that a couple percent for Nader probably
                          flipped it.  People were warning about Nader costing
                          Gore the election and the response from the Nader
                          camp was "Maybe, but there's no difference between
                          Bush and Gore anyway, so so what?"  Well there's a
                          big difference and if you can't see it, maybe you
                          should poke you nose out of the Green Party
                          headquarters for a little while.
                          \_ There really isn't but I'm not going to argue
                             with you about it.  I've learned from the motd
                             responses that there really are people who
                             think the Democrats are different in some
                             meaningful way from the Republicans and I'm ok
                             with that.  I respect your decision to be a
                             Democrat.  You can respect mine to be progressive.
                             \_ I respect your right to believe what you want,
                                but I do not respect your stated right to
                                ignore reality. Gore would not have invaded
                                Iraq; Gore would not have brought Enron in on
                                shaping energy policies; and Gore would not
                                have pursued outdated and demonstrably
                                harmful Reagan-era economic policies. Those
                                are huge differences.
                                \_ You don't know what Gore would have done.
                                   Hindsight is magic.  -Nader'04
                \_ are you a troll, or have you not noticed the RNC's
                   local efforts to raise money for the Nader campaign?
                   do you honestly believe 4000 more years of Bush is
                   worth your vanity vote?  I don't get it.
                             \_ I condiser myself progressive, but more than
                                that I am a pragmatist, not an idealist.  The
                                net effect of supporting Nader is to help
                                elect Bush, and to me that is anathema.
                                \_ Not as a CA voter.  -Nader'04
                   \_ It isn't a vanity vote.  Your CA vote doesn't matter
                      anyway.  That's what I was told when I last brought
                      this up.  Since that's true I don't see why progressives
                      in a place like CA would vote for anyone but Nader. -N04
                      \_ Uhm, because he's a self-important nitwit with no
                         political savvy and stooopid ideas about government?
           \_ The only message I want to send Nader was best said by Cheney to
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