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2004/7/23-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:32440 Activity:high
7/23    If anyone is thinking about getting an Airport Express, go for it.
        In addition to acting as either a standalone 802.11 base station
        or a 802.11 repeater, it also bridges ethernet to your wireless
        lan with ease. Right now I have my xbox connected to my AE and
        it automatically bridges the xbox to my lan. Now I can ftp my
        xbox and stick avi's and mp3s on there without having to run an
        ethernet cable down the stairs. - #1 Kool-Aid Drinker
        \_ Thanks for the tip, will try this.  For comparison, I have a
           Linksys WAP-54G with a hacked firmware on it which lets you almost
           quadruple the transmission wattage (nice.)  Also look at
  for some cool antennas that help
           eliminate the need for having to bridge.  -John
           \_ got a dumb question to ask you so I don't want to post it on
              the motd. What is your email address? There seems to be many
              johns on Soda. Thanks John,                       -newbie
              \_ Dumb questions are fine as long as you know it's a dumb
                 question. -!a-john
              \_ type "man finger" (and hit return (or enter, depending on your
                 keyboard))  (don't actually type the ""s (double quotes))
                 (you have to be logged in for this to work (with ssh))
                 Hey... you _said_ newbie...
                 \_ Which doesn't guarantee him getting the right 'john'.
           \_ FYI, you can configure the AE to act as a repeater/relay
              for your wap-54g.
              I've been thinking about selling my AEBS and buying a wap54-g
              instead. I need to support 802.11b clients (MacOS X/Win2k),
              802.11g (MacOS X) clients, WEP (128bit), mac addr based
              filtering and no ssid broadcast. Did you sent any of this
              up? Was it easy?
                \_ Yeah.  Dead simple.  And my address is 'john@csua...'.
                   I had a bit of trouble once getting an iBook to connect
                   to a non-Airport base station, but that was just me being
                   stupid.  If you mail me, I'll dig out the name of the
                   WAP-54g image that allows 80+ mw transmit.  -John
                   \_ 84mW --nerd
        \_ anyone ever buy from They seem to have a good
           selection and good prices. I'm thinking about providing some free
           community wireless and was looking at something like as 12-15db
           yagi or omnidirectional antenna.
           \_ doesn't have much info on them, and it's
                \_ mixed? the two reviews i read both said "very satisfied".
           \_ for purchases <$100, go to Similar product
                line but no minimum purchase, also oftentimes cheaper for
2004/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32441 Activity:insanely high
7/23    Washington Post editorial on the Sandy Berger affair
        "Whether it was a mistake or not, Mr. Berger's conduct, the subject of
        a criminal investigation by the FBI, was reprehensible, and he was
        right to resign as a Kerry adviser."
        \_ "IT'S STILL NOT clear why former national security adviser
           Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger improperly removed secret documents
           from the National Archives last year."  How 'bout waiting for
           the investigation, that's been ongoing for ALMOST A YEAR, to
           finish, instead of making allegations purely based on leaks
           from the white house.
           And if there is any doubt this is being pushed into the press:
           Mmmm... Tucker "Pull it straight from my ass" Carlson... -scotsman
           \_ The aren't leaks.  He and his attorney admitted it.
        \_ How can it be a mistake?  He repeated the behavior six times.
        \_ uh, how about "As happened so often during the Clinton
           administration, [Republicans] are treating a real but
           apparently limited case of misconduct as an opportunity to
           misuse congressional oversight powers to wage partisan
           \_ WTF Limited case of misconduct!!??? He stole documents with the
              highest security classification.
        \_ He stole documents six times - how could this possibly be
           a mistake?
           \_ If he didn't know he couldn't take documents out of the room,
              there's no reason not to do it six times.  If he knew he was
              breaking the law, might he be slick about it and only risk
              getting caught once?
              \_ There's no way he didn't know.  Do you know how
                 hard it is to get clearance to see that stuff?  It's WAY
                 higher clearance than nuclear weapons data.
        \_ "As happened so often during the Clinton administration, they
            are treating a real but apparently limited case of misconduct
            as an opportunity to misuse congressional oversight powers to
            wage partisan warfare."
            Whaaa...?  Since when is stealing classified documents from
            the national archives and destroying evidence needed in
            reviews of National Security limited misconduct?  You people
            realize this is worse than Watergate, right?  You know, what
            Nixon got impeached for?  He was just stealing the other
            party, this guy was doing the same with the FREAKING NATIONAL
            ARCHIVES!  No liberal Bias in the media my %$@.
            \_ I don't know, I think spying on your political opponents and
               organizing burglaries and covering it up is a bit more serious
               than what basically amounts to misshandling library materials.
               \_ Wow, you have no idea what you're talking about.  If I
                  work at a national labratory, and I take out nuclear
                  weapons data and give to to Al-Queada, am I
                  "misshandling library materials?"  Please. This is
                  stealing from a highly secure government site, not
                  accidentally dropping a library book in the toilet.
                  \_ That's stretching a bit don't you think?  Was any harm
                     actually caused by taking the materials out of the
                     \_ How would we know?  Some documents just seem to
                        have dissappeared.  Do you know what they said or
                        where they went?  The point is, once they're out,
                        you don't know.  I doubt they were really
                        dangerous, but you can't rate the crime on how
                        dangeous the documents are once they're gone.
                        That's something you do before they're gone and
                        assign them a classification.
        \_ It's a BushCo frame job.  I know because when I heard the story
           on KCBS, the reporter just mentioned in passing the Republicans
           think it's a big deal, then the Democrats rated a 5 sentence
           quote on why it's all just a dirty political trick.
2004/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32442 Activity:nil
7/22    Former Sen. Bob Kerry confrontation with protesters at capitol.
        Expletives included.
2004/7/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:32443 Activity:moderate
7/23    Peasants Quest:
        \_ This is soo funny.  Thanks!
2004/7/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:32444 Activity:high
7/23    For the conservative in all of us, Michael Ramirez political cartoons
        \_ Oh those about Kerry/Edwards being rich are real clever.
        \_ Look, it's like the Freepers/Fox News have their own cartoonist!
           And he's got an Hispanic name, so the lefties can't touch him!
           \_ The left has no problem bashing blacks, hispanics or anyone else
              on the right.  In fact, conservative minorities have been
              smashed by many on the left in public forums with terms like
              Uncle Tom and "not really black", etc.  Because, hey, being a
              minority means being a leftist is in your genes, right?  Any
              brown people who don't stick to the party line must be
              ostracized and expelled from the race!
              \_ Shut up, white boy.
                 \_ Bwahahahhahahaa!!
2004/7/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32445 Activity:very high
7/23    P Diddy launches election crusade:
        \_ Can P Diddy read?  Oh yeah, that's not required to vote anymore.
           \_ Are you kidding?  It's not even required for presidency.
              \_ Are you going to post that photoshopped "upside down book"
                 pic with GWB now?
        \_ Why does his name sound like a word a child would use in place
           of "to urinate?"
           \_ He's a big admirer of R. Kelly
2004/7/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:32446 Activity:insanely high
7/23    I wonder which "domestic terror" group they could be talking about?
        Have the Freepers formed their own militia? (yahoo news)
        \_ yes.
        \_ There have been domestic terrorists practically forever.  Just off
           the top of my head I can name, the KKK, 1900's anarchists, the SLA
           and abortion clinic bombers.  Domestic terrorists are
           left or right wing fringe elements who believe violent means are
           justified in persuit of their goal.
           \_ Don't forget ELF and the various militias in the central north.
              \_ I'm sure I've forgotten a dozen groups, but I'm just saying
                 there's all kinds of terrorists.
              \_ Has the ELF actually injured/killed anyone?
                         \_ a.out
                 \_ You think Hummers don't feel pain?
                    \_ Idiot.  Look up "tree spiking" and why it can kill.
                      \_ Fatass. Look up why yermom is so fat that she
                         could kill somone if she sat down on them. But
                         she hasn't yet, so we don't call her a murderer,
                         just a fat ugly skanky Hummer driving hobag.
                         \_ When my mom spikes a tree, I'll let you know.  When
                            your idiotic 'heroes of the environment' stop
                            trying to kill people and destroy property, let
                            us know.
                            \_ "There is something slightly absurd about a
                                scenario in which those who want to destroy
                                a forest can accuse those of trying to perserve
                                it of property damage..." -Maines
                                \_ I was referring to the number of autos that
                                   were burned or spray painted, not trees
                                   spiked.  Re: "ugly skanky Hummer driving
                                   \_ and what about all the pedestrians
                                      killed by  drivers of monster suv's
                                      who can't see over the dash?  what
                                      about all the asthma deaths associated
                                      with excessive driving in urban and
                                      suburban areas?  When one persons
                                      actions lead to the death of another
                                      and that death is preventable, i call
                                      that violence.
                                      \_ Sue GM, Ford, etc.  RIDE BIKE!  Yeah,
                                         whatever.  Troll, troll, troll.  Not
                                         even a good troll.  Only ilyas
                                         bothered to respond.
                                      \_ You need to become familiar with a
                                         legal concept of 'main cause.'
                                           -- ilyas
                \_ most tree spikers (YES I KNOW NOT 100 PERCENT BUT FUCKING
                   CLOSE) make the tree with paint to let everyone know
                   they spiked it.
                   \_ so only some loggers are likely to get injured or die and
                      those who don't check for paint?
                      \_ I would say a small number of loggers have a slight
                         chance of being injured if they are dumb enough not
                         to LOOK AT THE DAMN TREE THEY'RE CUTTING.
                         \_ Does that include the ones where they glued bark
                            over the hole, or painted the nail so it wouldn't
                            shine and is harder to see?  How about they file
                            some lawsuits or vote or do something within the
                            legal bounds of society instead of forcing their
                            views on others through violence?
                 \_ Injured, yes.  Dead?  Not that I know of but only due to
                    luck.  Their stunts could easily have killed someone.
                    \_ FWIW, Earth First! disavowed tree spiking and never took
                       responsibility for any of it officially.  Their MO was
                       more blocking logging operations and camping out in
                       trees.  That's not to say their extremist rhetoric
                       couldn't have inspired others to do such things.
                       \_ EF != ELF.  Anyway, they're all shadowy .orgs with
                          no real official structure anyway.   Killing people
                          is killing people and *someone* was spiking trees,
                          whichever terrorist .org they belonged to.
                          \_ Tree spiking has not hurt or killed anyone,
                             in spite of logging company propaganda. And I
                             agree with you, killing people is killing people,
                             but tree spiking never killed anyone. Blaming
                             EF for tree spiking is almost as dumb as blaming
                             Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing.
                             \_ Well, it hurt this guy:
                                \_ That doesn't count!  He's white!
                                \_ Okay, I take it back. One minor injury.
                                   \_ You're an asshole: "This happened in
                                      California in 1987, where the operator's
                                      jaw was broken and several teeth were
                                      knocked out".
                                      \_ Yawn. Minor injury.
                                         \_ *laugh*  Now, I _know_ you're a
                                            troll.  Sub thread is now dead.
        \_ So are all these guys seriously trying to claim that ELF is
           the terrorist org that the FBI says is planning to kill journalists
           at the Democratic convention? Somehow, I kind of doubt it...
           \_ Earth Liberation Front.  I have no idea which ELF you're talking
              about and if the FBI says they're planning to kill anyone.
              \_ You really think it is the Earth Liberation Front that is
                 going to go after the Democratic convention eh? You are
                 battier that I had even thought, I and I thought you were
                 pretty batty. Did you come up with that one on your own,
                 or do you have some kind of source for it?
                 \_ 1) the person you're replying to (me) didn't state anything
                    about ELF attacking the DNC convention except to say I
                    hadn't heard anything about what the other poster claimed
                    about the FBI.  2) learn to read.  3)  given #1, there is
                    no need for #3.  See #2.
2004/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:32447 Activity:high
        "Why do you hate America?" has made it to the comics.
        \_ Except this is being used exactly the opposite of the motd poster.
           \_ Nah, I would say that is being used in exactly the same way.
              \_ You would say that but you'd be wrong.
                 \_ You are stupid. Sorry to say this, but someone has to.
                    When someone uses the phrase "Why do you hate America?"
                    on the motd, it is used as a stock phrase to rebutt
                    any strong attack on the Bush Administation. It is
                    used to make fun of the right wing tendency to grab
                    for the flag whenever they are attacked. This comic
                    is doing the exact same thing, pretending to use
                    a patriotic defense in order to make fun of those
                    who do it. Too bad you are too dumb to realize this.
                    \_ Do you really believe all that?  Wow.  I didn't think
                       anyone was really that blindly stupid.  You went to Cal?
                       \_ Yep, I really believe all that. What do you believe
                          smart guy?
                          \_ I believe you're taking yourself and a silly
                             phrase way too seriously.  YHBT.
2004/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:32448 Activity:nil
7/23    Woman With Possible Terror Ties Arrested
        (smuggled thru our southern boarder)
        Doing the jobs Americans won't do....
2004/7/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32449 Activity:high
7/23    More on shooting criminals.  If someone's trying to rape you but he's
        saying "I'm not going to kill you." and he's not suffocating you or
        anything, can you legally shoot him?
        \_ If you can prove that you were in fear for your life, then yes: you
           can legally use lethal force regardless of the gender of the
           attacker/attackee.  Of course, if the attacker is running away or is
           lying face-down on the ground, you'll have a much harder case.
                                   -Peace Officer Candidate
           \_ What does "in fear of your life" mean?  Does the standard
              change from whether you're a man or a woman?
              change from whether you're a man or a woman?  Is it easier
              to convince the authorities you're "in fear of your life"
              if you're a man or a woman?
              \_ It means that you're afraid you're going to be killed, maimed,
                 or severely injured.  It's a mindset that you have show you
                 were in.  In principle, no -- there's no difference, but
                 it's going to be harder to prove that you're in fear for
                 your life if you're a 260 lb male being attacked by an unarmed
                 105lb female.   -POC
                 \_ Trollish, but true.  If you're getting raped and you need
                    to shoot, you'd better hope you're a woman.
                    \_ Not trollish -- you see this shit often.  The bias is
                       there, but it's not as extreme as you think.
                       Ultimately, it's going to come down to whether you can
                       prove to the DA or the jury that you were genuinely
                       afraid and based on the information that you had, this
                       is a reasonable person's reaction.  -POC
             \_ Aside form all the noise, can a woman rape a man?  How?
                \_ Come on use your imagination... "If you don't fuck me, I'll
                   cut your throat."
        \_ Yes, iff the rapee is a female and the rapist is a male.  Females
           are an oppressed minority group, and they are entitled to extra
           legal protection when they feel threatened.
           \_ go away troll
           \_ I see.  So if the rapee is a male or the rapist is a female,
              it's illegal to shoot then?
              \_ settroll=ignore.  Rapee is entitled to shoot rapist if rapee
                 cannot otherwise escape/disable rapist, no matter the gender
                 of either party.
                 \_ What is rape?  What if it's your husband and you have a
                    headache?  Your boyfriend?  What if you're drunk and you
                    \_ If you can escape, you can't shoot. This is called
                       reasonable use of force.
                    suddenly find this guy on top of you?  What if you've
                    been doped with with drug de jour?
                    \_ I think all these cases are considered rape.
                    \_ If you can escape, you can't shoot. This is called
                       reasonable use of force.
                    \_ I think all these cases are legally considered rape.
                       \_ I know.  Does that mean you can shoot your way out
                          of all these situations?
                       \_ There are many states where a husband can not legally
                          rape his wife.
                 \_ Oh, so "only when your life is in danger" is actually "only
                    when your life is in danger or you're about to be raped and
                    can't escape."  I feel a little more relieved.  But I hope
                    it is extended to robbery as well.
                    it is extended to "robbery and can't escape" as well.
                    \_ It is.   -POC
              \_ Males are by definition oppressive in this society and
                 their actions require extra scrutiny.
                 \_ I hope you're being sarcastic.
        \_ "Look out! It's heading right for us!"
        \_ "or anything"?  What's "trying to rape you" count as if not a
           violent act with intent to do harm?
           \_ If "intent to do harm" is the same as "intent to kill",
              everything is fine.  But I don't know what the law says.
2004/7/23-24 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:32450 Activity:high
7/23    scamming the scammer. a powerbook eBay prank. hilarious
        \_ Old but still f-f-f-funny
        \_ I had not seen this. It is damn funny, the response from ebay had
           me rolling because I have gotten analogous letters when reporting
           specific problems to companies.  (of course it pissed me off like
           mad at the time, but it is funny when it happens to others!) -phuqm
        \_ so what happened to Jeff? Did he get killed by the computer
2004/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32451 Activity:very high
7/23    I'm not anti-Republican.  I'm anti-Bush.  McCain 2004 write in.
        Who's with me on this?
        \_ i am!!  - democrat
        \_ Alright! a Nader for the republicans! yeah, go vote McCain all you
           republican scum.
        \_ i am!!  - demoRAT
        \_ i'll be anti-Bush after he finishes off Iran, Syria, N. Korea
        \_ Sorry, no dice.  I don't like McCain on abortion and gun control.
            \_ I don't like him on these issues either.  But I think he'd
               be the best leader in terms of foreign policy, which is
               very important right now.  -op
        \_ Are you trying to create some sort of Nader-like movement on the
           other side?  You're holding your nose and voting for Kerry.
           \_ This is a troll, like all the rest of political rant.  Sodans
              don't even vote.  They sit glued to a pc and write to motd.
              \_ I see.  I wasn't sure if it was a troll or propaganda attempt.
                \_ Not a troll.  -op
              \_ You don't seriously believe this, do you?
2004/7/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:32452 Activity:low
7/23    When I debug a multi-thread C app in Visual Studio, is there a way to
        tell it to stop all threads immediately when one thread hits a failed
        ASSERT() statement, instead of letting the other thread continue to
        run?  Thanks.
2004/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32453 Activity:insanely high
7/23    Average number of lightning deaths in US each year: 67.
        Number in 2003 due to increased angelic activity: 44.
        Bush saved an additional 23 people from lightning strikes last year!
        \_ Imagine how many lives we could save with a Catholic president!
           \_ JFK.
              \_ he died for our sins.
                 \_ He was the holiest man ever to slap iron!
                    He killed for your sins.
                 \_ he died for his own sins.
                    \_ He's killed by the same people who killed Marilyn.
                 \_ He died to appease the malevolent Yahweh. We need to throw
                    some maidens into a volcano soon though, with all the shit
                    going on the Gods must be getting antsy. Human sacrifice
                    levels must be at an all-time low.
                    \_ That's not true.  There're a lot of sacrificed humans
                       these days.  It's just that they aren't very appealing
                       to the gods.
                       \_ They're sacrificed on the altar of greed, not God. We
                          don't even sacrifice animals. Sure we kill a lot of
                          them, but for our own greedy consumption, not as
                          sacrifices. The smell is pleasing you know. When did
                          burnt offerings stop anyway?
                          \_ When we left the bronze age.
2004/7/23-25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:32454 Activity:high
7/23    A friend of mine is coming to N Cal for 2 days. What's a good place
        to hike? I'm thinking of either Chabot Lake (close to Berkeley,
        and it's a lake) or the Big Basin. What about other places, like
        Mount Diablo? What are the pros/cons of these places? ok thx
        \_ For serious hills and a beautiful hike , Mt Tam down to Stinson
           or vice versa.
        \_ I'd vote for the Marin headlands.  There's flat parts and hills,
           beaches, scrubland and forests.  There's ususally a strong wind so
           it's never too hot, and there are some awesome views.  Also, it's
           kind of neat to have a picnic lunch in a WW2 anti-aircraft gun
        \_ Go to Muir Woods but hike from the beach to summit parking lot.
           It's a beautiful rainforest.  Make sure you take the trail on the
                \_ how far is this from Sausalito?
           \_ Can you drive to the beach?  Havn't been there for ages.
        \_ Lake Chabot's busy in parts, secluded in others.  If you do the hike
           around the lake, it's about 8.3 miles, probably about 0.75 mile
           of it decent uphill.  There are good places to picnic and it's
           fairly nice.  Shade varies depending on the section; not sure how
           pleasant it would be on a hot, cloudless day.
           \- yosemite valley --psb
            \_ prefer <1.5 hr drive...
               \- you can get to ymte pretty fast if you go at the right
                  time. and a lot of the drive is fairly nice. ymte valley
                  is a world class sight and i think it is worth the extra
                  say 2hrs each way ... it's a lot nicer than pt reyes or
                  mt diablo. --psb
        \_ Berkeley Aquatic part late at night!
           \_ Get mugged?
        \_ Hiking?  RIDE BIKE!
        \_ Just got back from Big Basin.  There are some magnificent trails
           and a couple of very nice waterfalls (no swimming, though).  It
           takes a while to get there, though, and the road (236) is winding.
           If you're in Berkeley/Oakland, Chabot Regional park is no more
           than 15 minutes away, and there are over 27 miles of trails out
           there (it goes all the way down to Castro Valley).
        \_ Redwoods Park (in the Oakland hillsish area) is actually quite
           beautiful, and surprising for being as close as it is.
2004/7/23-24 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:32455 Activity:kinda low
7/23    Cool game
        \_ Godamn it this has the same addictiveness as globulos. Anyways,
           I'm stuck on level 22. Literally. The screen says "loading..."
           and it just wouldn't load level 22. Anyone else have this problem?
2004/7/23-24 [Industry/Jobs] UID:32456 Activity:high
7/23    I really like Rammstein, but I'd like to find some similar bands.  The
        problem is when a website says "You may also like..." it always
        reccomends bands that are all screaming without the songwriting skills
        of Rammstein.  Can someone reccomend an industrial band with a good
        songwriter or some compositional skills?
        \_ Skyforger
           \_ It says 403 Forbidden
              Apparently I'm not worthy...
        \_ Laibach, Old Lady Drivers, dISEMBOWELMENT
2004/7/23-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:32457 Activity:insanely high
7/23    Just got back from Bourne Supremacy. All in all a decent movie.
        Lots of action (hand to hand, gun play, car chases, &c.) coupled
        with a minor amount of intrigue. The action sequences are harder to
        follow than in the first one (the camera shakes too much) though.
        It is different from the book. Hope they make another one. B+
                 \_ Was the Stepford Wives any good?  I heard it was funny.
                     -- ilyas
                   \_ Whenever Hollywood steals one of their own ancient
                      but very good movies, expect them to fuck it up.  Can
                      anyone here think of any modern remake of a decades
                      old film that was worth watching?  I know there aren't
                      any where the remake was better or even close to as
                      good as the originals.
                      \_ The remake of The Thing with Kurt Russell
                         pretty much rocked.
                      \_ The remake of "No Way Out" with kevin costner is
                         awesome - danh
                      \_ Bourne Identity :-)
                         I thought that Thomas Crown was a decent remake as
                         well. I'm told that Oceans 11 is decent as well
                         (haven't seen it yet, still waiting for a flight
                         without any good HK action movies) - STMG
                   \_ it sucked. The original was better. It wasn't
                      particularly funny, which is what i was hoping for to
                      redeem the expected (and realized) lack of creapiness,
                      it had its funny moments but wasn't worth seeing. -phuqm
                   \_ don't see it for the movie, see it for what the modern
                      lack and what they could learn from the Stepford Wives.
                      (e.g. If you wanna keep your husband, work hard, get
                      your fat ugly ass moving!)
                   \_ The trailer looked like a typical Hollywood comedy.
                      Tasteless, unfunny, and predictable.
        \_ ... deleted by poster ...
           \_ I did not delete your post. BTW, I'm not AMMC, I'm Star
              Trek Movie Guy. I have a simple mind and no taste.
              \_ Ahh.  That explains everything!  In that case, I retract
                 my post.  Go on with your bad self! -- star trek movie guy
                 #1 fan
              \_ The MMC hasn't seen anything lately worthy of a full review.
                        --The MMC
                 \_ dear MMC, does it bother you at all that people hate your
                    reviews and thing you're a pompous dick?
                    \_ erm, fwiw I don't hate them. the style is silly but that
                       sort of thing is more interesting than political drivel.
        \_ Yeah, it was pretty good.  I only drop it to a B- because:
           1) one too many car chases IMO.. they were pretty good, but got
           2) not enough spy stuff... too much Chase Scene: The Movie (see 1)
           3) The big one: ttttoooo mmmmmuuuccchhh jjjjerrrkkkyyycccaaammmm
              Seriously.  It ruined most of the fight scenes for me.  --dbushong
        \_ Was the Stepford Wives any good?  I heard it was funny.
            -- ilyas
           \_ Whenever Hollywood steals one of their own ancient
              but very good movies, expect them to fuck it up.  Can
              anyone here think of any modern remake of a decades
              old film that was worth watching?  I know there aren't
              any where the remake was better or even close to as
              good as the originals.
              \_ The remake of The Thing with Kurt Russell
                 pretty much rocked.
              \_ The remake of "No Way Out" with kevin costner is
                 awesome - danh
              \_ Bourne Identity :-)
                 I thought that Thomas Crown was a decent remake as
                 well. I'm told that Oceans 11 is decent as well
                 (haven't seen it yet, still waiting for a flight
                 without any good HK action movies) - STMG
           \_ it sucked. The original was better. It wasn't
              particularly funny, which is what i was hoping for to
              redeem the expected (and realized) lack of creapiness,
              it had its funny moments but wasn't worth seeing. -phuqm
           \_ don't see it for the movie, see it for what the modern
              lack and what they could learn from the Stepford Wives.
              (e.g. If you wanna keep your husband, work hard, get
              your fat ugly ass moving!)
                      \_ Obviously, I have a lot to learn if I am to keep my
                         husband. -- ilyas
                         \_ Are you for gay marriage?
        \_ Scheiss!
           \_ The trailer looked like a typical Hollywood comedy.
              Tasteless, unfunny, and predictable.
              \_ i don't understand the obsession with car chases.  maybe
                 because the people who make american movies live in LA?
                 one of the best chase scenes ever was the bike chase in
                 E.T.  RIDE BIKE!!!!!
                 \_ The obsession with car chases is easy to understand.
                    A good percentage of Hollywood producers view films
                    simply as product, and like any other corporation producing
                    a product they want to maximize profit and minimize risk.
                    Car chases please a certain valuable, mostly young and male,
                    moviegoing demographic...Put enough of them in a film and
                    you're guaranteed some good opening box office, which is
                    all that they really care about.  Whether or not the film
                    is any good is secondary at best.  Exhibit 1A: The "Matrix"
                    \_ I'm skeptical.  Let's take a look at who made the most
                       money this year.  Shrek 2: how many car chases?
                       The Passion of Christ?  no car chases.  Were there
                       any car chases in spiderman 2?  the music industry
                       is supposedly profit driven as well, but every year
                       they crank out shittier and shittier music that even
                       the kids don't really care about.  I'm pretty sure
                       ET was far more popular than Bourne Identity or Ronin
                       or Matrix 2.
                       \_ My guess is that music sucking the past few years is
                          a results of massive merger mania - particularly
                          since the consolidatin has been both vertical and
                          since the consolidation has been both vertical and
                          horizontal. The situation is ripe for something to
                          come out of left field and I'm just wondering what it
                          will be. -- ulysses
                       \_ Yes but Shrek2 was soooo funny.  -John
                       \_ ET had chases.
                          \_ And walkie-talkies.
                             \_ HAN SHOOTS FIRST!
                       \_ I actually agree with everything you're saying, but
                          that doesn't change what I said.  Look where I said
                          "minimize risk."  A lot of studios or producers want
                          "guaranteed" profit so they can at least have some
                          idea of how much money they'll make.  Making movies
                          is a notorious financial risk.  If you're actually
                          willing to _take_ a risk and make something out of
                          left field that catches on, your potential return is
                          far greater, but you also risk losing your shirt
                          and with it your reputation...which is all that people
                          have to go on when looking for work down there.
                          "ET" and "Passion" and even the original "Matrix"
                          are perfect examples of huge gambles that paid off.
                 \_ Best chase scene EVAR is the Enterprise's escape from
                    Starbase in Search for Spock, esp. the bit where it
                    comes to light that Scotty has "hacked" the Excelsior.
                    Second best might be Vader vs. Luke in New Hope or
                    maybe Mustang + Steve McQueen in Bullit.
                        \_ Bullitt and Raiders of the Lost Ark had excellent
                           chase scenes, but Blues Brothers and French
                           Connection were better.  Also, not a movie, but
                           for pure adrenaline, I'd recommend playing Call of
                           Duty--there's a couple of _awesome_ car chases
                           in there.  -John
                           \_ I thought Blues Brothers was overdone.
                              Best car chase scene ever: The Road Warrior. -tom
                              \_ In interviews, John Landis said the car chase
                                 in BB was his attempt to kill The Car Chase or
                                 so I recall... -- ulysses
                                 \_ BB chase was a spoof.  It was still
                                    excellent.  -John
                    \- punch it baby
                       \- best chase scene ever is somemthing from
                          raiders of the lost ark ... maybe the scene
                          with the giant ball or when he is running
                          from the hovetos. --psb
        \- everyone i talked to has commented on the jerky-camera-zoom-in
           fight scenes. why do directors love that shit? here is a movie W/
                                           \_ I blame Wong Kar Wai -phuqm
           real fight scenes:
           \_ This movie is called Ong Bak everywhere else, and it is
              indeed pretty cool. I watched it without the benefit of
              subtitles, so I didn't have too much of a clue of what exactly
              was going on, but the fights are really the only reason to
              watch a film like this, right?
              \_ The plot would look ridiculous if the Thi boxer had enough
                 brain cells undamaged to exhibit intelligence.
2004/7/23-25 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS] UID:32458 Activity:moderate
7/23    What's involved in upgrading from Bind 8.x to Bind 9.x? If I have
        a relatively simple subdomain setup, can I just drop in the config
        files that used to work with Bind 8.x into Bind 9.x /etc directory
        and expect it to work? Also is it worth upgrading to 9.x or should
        I just stay with 8.x (presumambly for safety since it has been around
        for such a long time..)
        \_ use djbdns.  yes i am an ass but that is my honest suggestion.
           \_ I thought djbdns does not support some parts of DNS spec
              that have to do with zone transfers and I need to do transfers
              both ways from and to the servers that run bind and which are
              out of my control.
              \_ Do not encourage djb by giving him any more downloads.
        \_ I would recommend upgrading to 9. Both security and reliability
           are greatly enhanced in BIND9. I think that you may have to make
           minor changes to your config files, but all in all the upgrade
           wasn't that bad.
           I disagree with the above poster about moving to djbdns. While
           it may be very secure, it is was a pita to deploy and maintain.
           It also had problems with certain types of client queries that
           it felt were "improper". Just stick with BIND9. It works as is
           pretty secure.
        \_ I did the 8->9 upgrade many months ago.  I expected a nightmare,
           but the config file differences were so minor I can't honestly
           recall what they are.  If you're capable of setting up subbing
           and the rest in the first place you'll find the upgrade very
           easy.  Sendmail, openssh, postfix, and many other typical
           server apps are much more annoying to install and upgrade than
           going from bind 8 to 9.
        \_ how complex is your dns? if you are worried, set up 9 somewhere
           and do the upgrade. use tools like dnswalk to check your work.
           when you upgrade the production servers, you'll have the config
           files at the ready. as for djbdns, last i checked it doesn't do
           delegation-only which if your running a caching namesever is less
           then ideal.
2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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