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2004/7/16 [Computer/Theory] UID:32312 Activity:high
7/16    What did bh call it when you, say, calculate the factorization of 714
        and store it somewhere, rather than recompute it when you try to
        calculate the prime factorization of 3x714?  It wasn't caching, it was
        something quirky.  tia.
        \_ Memoization?
           \_ bang!  thanks.
           \_ Incidentally, a good way of understanding what dynamic
              programming is all about is to look at it as
              "dumb recursive algorithm with memoization."  That's much easier
              for me to think about than the arrays and loops and so on.
                -- ilyas
                \_ somewhat intelligent and helpful posts are not tolerated
                   on the motd. You have been warned.
        \_ Pot stickers?  Glomminess?  "I'm sorry I can't help you with that
           homework problem, we're all too busy here fighting against the
           war!"?  Must've been one of those.  It's all he ever talked about.
           \_ Bah.  Harvey is a great teacher.
              \_ I didn't learn a lot of Computer Science but I sure learned
                 a lot about life!
                 \_ Bahx2.  Your ideal teacher is probably Emacs running an
                    Eliza based algorithm.
                    \_ Were you one of the BH following pot sticker eating
                       crowd that hovered around him like moths?
                       \_ Have you stopped beating your wife lately?
                          \_ It wasn't a trick question.  The above is either
                             a BH #1 Fan or he isn't.
2004/7/16 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32313 Activity:low
7/16    The BEST bi-partisan Flash humor, EVER!
        \_ page cant be found
        \_ It's in flash.  It can't be funny.
        \_ SPeaking of bi-partisan, Jon Stewart did a good job of cutting into
           the democrats last night.
2004/7/16 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:32314 Activity:very high
7/16    I'm starting to get aqua teen hunger force.
        \_ explain it to me --aaron
           \_ I think the point is to drink/stay up late... don't question
              why the alien sounds german or is trying to replicate a milkshake
              by putting its photograph in a microwave.
              \_ Heees name ees Oglethorp!
           \_ You must be over thirty (or maybe about 25) to board this ride but
              it's not like you're missing anything. -- ulysses
              \_ I don't think it's that mature.  I think most of the humor
                 would appeal just fine to a 16-year old.
              \_ I'm 34.  I think it's just weird.
           \_ For my money, it's the stream of conciousness style and the
              willingness to "go there".  Some eps are more hit-or-miss but
              they've had a bunch where everything is just dead on.  It feels
              like a good improv group on meth.  --scotsman
        \_ "Using a key to gouge expletives on another's vehicle is a sign of
            trust... and friendship."  - Ignignokt
        \_ I've never watched a full episode but my tivo always records 3
           minutes of it after Futurama, and I think that's a perfect amount
           of the show to watch. You gotta love meatwad.
        \_ I must be over 30 (I am) because I have no idea WTF it is. This
           is a Fox show?
           \_ Almost Dadaist cartoon on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
              A box of french fries, a milkshake and a ball of meat live in
              New Jersey and sometimes attempt to solve crimes, but mostly just
              screw everything up.
              If you want to see a little, there's useually some on P2P.
2004/7/16 [Science/Space, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32315 Activity:very high
7/16    Outfoxed showing at 7pm tonight in San Francisco, Victoria Theater
        at 16th and Mission.  Q and A with director afterwards.
        \_ Q#1: Why do you hate America?
           \_ Why do you hate informative posts? [why do you keep deleting
              this response?]
              \_ He hates criticism, too.
        \_ Q#2: So it would be better if Saddam was still in power?
           \_ Because the ends justify anything else right? You know, I think
              the world would be better off if all the Jews disappeared.

           \_ A: What makes you think this movie is about Iraq?  Watch that
        \_ More information here:
2004/7/16 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:32316 Activity:very high
7/16    Could someone a little more versed in Israli politics than I am
        please explain why the hell Mossad would want to illegally infiltrate
        New Zealand?
        \_ One theory I heard is that jews with NZ passports don't arouse
           nearly as much suspicion when traveling in other countries as they
           would carrying an Israeli passport.  There was a previous incident
           with Mossad forging Canadian passports.
        \_ Maybe they're not Mossad like they insist?
        \_ We all know how much socialists hate Jews.
        \_ They're trying to steal our super-sheep technology!
           \_ That's top-sheepcret!
              \_ naw, they're just afraid of getting lamb-pooned in the
                 media if it doesn't work.
              \_ I know a little German.  He's right over there.
                 \_ Do you have a little German in you?
           \_ Yup, the top-secret NZ sheep-cloning technology that has existed
              for decades which made their sheep-rearing industry so
              successful.  The New Zealanders laughed at Dolly the Sheep.
              \_ Dolly was ugly. If you're gonna clone, clone the pretty ones.
                 \_ All sheep look the same to me.
                    \_ We're not talking about the rear view here.
                    \_ RACIST!
                    \_ SHEEPIST!
                    \_ In the dark, they all look alike.
2004/7/16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:32317 Activity:high
7/16    American hero against communism, chess genius, and freedom player,
        arrested in Japan for deportation to U.S.:
        \_ Talented nutjob caught using revoked passport, will be returned
           to face charges for violating a different law.
           \_ "talented" is quite an understatement. He may or may not face charges
              for playing in YugoSlavia when they were under sanction.  Probably
              will, but it sucks if so.  They should leave him alone.  -phuqm
        \_ Hey, don't forget anti-Semite!
           \_"Of course I am not anti-Semitic. The Arabs are Semites, and I
              am certainly not anti-Arab" --Bobby Fisher
           \_ Hey, don't forget Jew!
              \_ Hey!  It's another self-hating jew!
2004/7/16 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:32318 Activity:high
7/16    From time to time I have food particle stuck at the end of my tongue,
        where it is is too narrow and too near the throat for finger to reach.
        It creates annoying discomfort as well as bad breath but take a long
        time to decay.  Is there a way to get it out without going to a
        \_ USE TOOTHBRUSH!
        \_ Stop deep-throating for cash.
           \_ Pubic hair is not food particle.
        \_ gargle something warm to break it up?
           \_ At least in people who had an incomplete tosillectomy, there
              can be dead ends there that trap certain food.
              \_ Wow that sucks. I'd probably see a doctor about that problem.
        \_ try puking and see if it comes out.
2004/7/16-18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32319 Activity:insanely high
7/16    Bush campaign focusing on the issues that matter most to the
        voters, Cuban prostitutes:
        \_ how to tell the difference between a Cuban and a Dominican
           \_ Preguntales sobre la machina capitalisma.
        \_ Given that we have a system in which florida voters are worth
           hundreds of times more to a president than voters from almost
           any state, this is not suprising.
        \_ "Addressing a conference on human trafficking, Bush quoted
           Castro as saying that prostitutes in Havana were the cleanest
           and best educated in the world.
           Bush said that comment was evidence that Havana was encouraging
           sex tourism. Castro praised Cuban prostitutes for having a
           college education in a documentary interview by the U.S.
           filmmaker Oliver Stone. "  Well, thank Goodness I can finally
           get a well educated prositute.  You know, when I'm banging up a
           prostitute I want her to know full well that I'm employing my
           chavanistic male power over her.
           \_ I dunno, sex with smart girls is more fun than sex with stupid
              girls.  -John
              \_ sodans are not picky.  they take whatever they can get.
           \_ You're missing the point. Cuba keeps the smart ones. It's the
              stupid who are "trafficked" to the US. You know, like yermom.
              \_ If Bush is against trafficking of Cuban prostitutes, then
                 I'm for it.
                 \_ Bush is against suicide.  Are you for that?
                    \_ Why yes, I am all for Bush commiting suicide.
        \_ o| | Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera...
           \_ La LaLa LaLa - | - - -Fa LaFa | So LaMe SoSo - | - - - -
           \_ This is quite appropriate and clever. Thanks!
        \_ Everyone missing the point: if Cuban women with college degrees have
           to prostitute themselves then there's something very fucked about
           \_ Certainly, very fucked. Get it? *fucked*???
              \_ No, could you please explain it?
           \_ Aren't there American college girls who do the same?
                \_ You have it backwards.  Saying some college girls are
                   hooking is not the same as saying all the hookers have
                   4 year degrees.
                \_ urlP. and saying "#t" is not the answer I'm looking for.
                      \_ #t
                         \_ jerk.
                            \_ #f
                   When someone asks "Do you have the time?" only a jerk
                   responds "Yes." When someone writes "urlP" they are asking
                   "do you have a URL?"
                   \_ urlP is a stupid way to ask a question.
                      \_ ilyas might think otherwise.
                      \_ it's called "shorthand".  it's also a motd convention.
                         get used it to.
                         \_ Uhm, no it's not a motd convention.  It never has
                            been.  Only idiots like yourself that don't
                            understand what it means (and stubbornly refuse to
                            admit being ignorant) repeatedly keep trying to
                            use it that way.  (you know, predicate?  boolean?
                            lisp?  cs61a?)
                            \_ maybe it's stupid, but you can't blame it
                               on the motd:
                            \_ i agree. if there's any convention, it's used
                               as it would be in Scheme, so #t/#f is expected.
                               if you want an english answer use english.
                               \_ Dear lord, in scheme they use ?, like
                                  atom?, number?, eq?, etc.  Were you
                                  paying attention in 61a?
                                  \_ I was taught that P (short for predicate)
                                     was the way to indicate boolean funcs.
                                     I suspect there's a slight conventional
                                     difference between lisp and scheme, but
                                     that's highly dependant on the instructor.
                         \_ No it isn't. If it was, it would have been in
                            the motd README. But people like you deriving
                            pleasure out of needlessly obfuscating things
                            for the sole purpose of limiting who understands
                            you. Needless to say, I think people who post
                            questions in the form of urlP are social
                            retards. The world doesn't revolve around lisp.
                   \_ Sorry, I have no URL for you, you will just have to take
                      my word for it. I know a couple of college educated
                      prostitutes personally.
                   \_ If you are not too lazy, you can STFW.  If you have
                      memory, you would remember the controversy a while a ago
                      of a Berkeley high school teacher who is also a
                      professional woman, of the ancient kind.  She has a
                      college degree, maybe more than one..  And if you circles
                      of friends were wide engouh, you would even know one.
2004/7/16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32320 Activity:insanely high
        God, what are we doing.
        \_ Meet the new Saddam, same as the old Saddam.
           \_ Oh please, call us back when he's lowering political enemies into
              \_ Now who's the moral relativist?
           \_ Woohoo!  More back seat driving by people who nothing about
              the situation, people, or cutures involved!  w00t!
              \_ So was the invasion back seat driving?
                 \_ Well, Bush is a backseat driver, but it's hard to call
                    an invasion "Back Seat Driving."  It's even worse when
                    it's a bunch of jerkoff's on the motd who have no clue
                    outside of what they read on the internet though.
                    \_ I guess I should have said the "current justification
                       for the invasion," which seems to be "bringing democracy
                       and freedom to Iraq."  Seems to fall into your backseat
                       driving definition fairly well.  In general I agree with
                       you about motd jerkoffs.
                    \_ Worse? Bush appears to know nothing other than what his
                       advisors tell him.
                       \_ Oh?  You're better informed than the CIA, FBI,
                          and military on the ground in Iraq?  Do tell!
                          \_ pp is not President, and probably never has and
                             never will have anything to do with actual policy
                             making.  maybe he's a bad guy because he's sloppy
                             in his coding or doesn't back up his data often
                             enough...who knows?  but i expect a lot more from
                             a president than from some random sysadmin on the
                             motd, and so far I haven't seen it from this
                             \_ Fine, I appreciate your right to not like
                                the president, but it has nothing to do
                                with what you're responding to.  I was
                                making fun of the poster because what
                                they said was DUMB.  Regaurless of what
                                they or I may think about the president.
                          \_ My.  Pet.  Goat.
                             \_ What. The. Heck?
                                \_ You know, the "My Pet Goat" conspiracy
                                   about the President knowing beforehand of
                                   the attack on the WTC? He plotted it with
                                   the Bin Ladins in order to boost his ratings
                                   and allow him to invade Iraq thus
                                   consolidating the Saudi and Carlyle Group's
                                   power grip over OPEC and oil reserves?
                                   Russia bought into it after finding proof
                                   of it but kept it quiet so Putin could
                                   crack down on the Russian oil "oligarchs?"
                                   It's based on why there is no such book
                                   called "My Pet Goat" anywhere. You see, the
                                   WTC crash happened earlier than was
                                   expected. When Bush is sitting in the
                                   classroom, he's waiting for the signal to
                                   act "presidential." The aide that walked in
                                   was actually whispering for Bush to "act
                                   naturally." So as an ad-lib he grabs a book
                                   and starts glancing through it. But it was
                                   just a prop put there by Presidential site
                                   stagers. So it's a fake, with a fake name.
                                   The title is an insider's joke reference to
                                   minding the "Goat," an allusion to Satan.
                                   See, GW Bush, is really the true Antichrist
                                   in his mortal form. <Ominous music here>
                                   in his mortal form.
                                   \_ You are truly deranged.  You need to untie
                                      your panties.
                                   \_ Umm... YMWTS
                                      But far be it from me to throw cold water
                                      on your little rant.
                                      \_ Oops. Nevermind...
                    \_ Well, you know, that is what a democracy is. A bunch
                       of no nothing voters getting together and trying to
                       decide what our foreign policy should be. I trust
                       the average dude who gets his info from reading the
                       internet way more than I trust your average American
                       voter. And I trust both of them more than you, who
                       seems to have an autocratic streak a mile wide. Let me
                       guess, you are still bitter that a couple of jerkoffs
                       on the motd, using nothing more than Google and their
                       critical thinking, were proven right about their
                       suspicions on Bush's WMD claims about Iraq. It just
                       goes to show you, critical thinking and intelligence
                       are a lot rarer at places like the CIA and the White
                       House than you believe.
                       \_ don't worry, the CIA will get it right by learning
                          from the fucking geniuses at mossad who got busted
                          for trying to infiltrate new zealand (see below.)
                          military intelligence=oxymoron
                       \_ nicely put, but you didn't indent right.
        \_ Reintroducing the concept of a swift trial?
        \_ Did anyone actually bother to check if this was true before mouthing
           off? -- ilyas
           \_ Here's more information:
              I give it a 50/50 shot (pun!) that it's true from all available
              information currently.
              It's true:  He got tired of innocent Iraqis getting blown up.
              It's fake:  Rumor-mongering by ex-Baathists to discredit him.
              \_ Its hard to say.  I'm sure most of you will dismiss this out
                 of hand, but the jury is still out.  Remember rumors and
                 unconfirmed reports of Abu Ghraib were circulating for almost
                 a year in Iraq before the story ever really "broke."
                 \_ You know, even if it were true, Republicans would say they
                    got what they deserved, Iraqis are finally learning how to
                    take care of their own country, etc.  In fact, I bet that's
                    what's being posted in the freeper boards right now.
              \_  Looks like there'll be no way to find out:
                  MAXINE McKEW: Your sources of course will be sought out by
                  other news agencies after tonight.
                  Will they stand up to scrutiny?
                  PAUL McGEOUGH: Well I don't know whether others will find
                  them or not.
                  I won't be making them available to anyone.
                  \_ Gee, I am convinced. -- ilyas
                     \_ Um, you don't think he might want to protect the lives
                        of his sources?  Come on ilya, you're smarter than that
                        \_ Sure, it's reasonable.  Just not very convincing.
                             -- ilyas
                           \_ FWIW, here's a transcript that the quote above was
                              pulled from:
                              There are some other links regarding Allawi's
                              former ties to the CIA and as an operative for
                              Saddam and the Baath party in the late '70s.
2004/7/16 [Science/Electric, Computer/Theory] UID:32321 Activity:nil
7/16    Haha:  Ebert mentions Wikipedia and criticizes MS Word in the same
        story! (review of "I, Robot")
        \_ It's wikipedia #1 fan!  We love you!
2004/7/16 [Uncategorized] UID:32322 Activity:high
7/16    Guys guys, ***please*** conform to 80 columns. Here is your guide:
0        1         2         3         4         5         6         7
        Please conform to this, thanks.
        \_ it might be more persuasive if you explained the rationale for that
        \_ it might be more persuasive if you explained the rationale for
           that requirement.
           \_ Most terminals default to 80 columns.  Longer lines cause an ugly
              word-wrap that's hard to read and screws up for formatting of
              replies.  Also, some editors don't work too well with long lines.
              \_ Re-fucking up the formatting is not *that* funny.
2004/7/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32323 Activity:moderate
7/16    So, I just turned on psacct on my box and lastcomm is showing wildly
        incorrect dates.  That is it lists recent commands but the date does
        not come close to matching the system date.  Any idea what is wrong
        or how to fix it?
        \_ timezone set correctly?
            \_ It thinks it is Oct 21st.  the "Date" command gives me the
                correct date.  Is lastcomm looking at a bios clock maybe?
                Also, the date/times from 'last' are correct.
                \_ There was a bug with certain versions of lastcomm on
                   RH that were fixed. I don't know what you're running
                   it on, (Linux, Solaris, etc), so I can't help you out
                   \_RH it is.  Glad to know there is a bug, i was beginning
                     to be worried.  Think I have the latest rpm though :(
2004/7/16-18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:32324 Activity:moderate
7/16    Is there anyway to tell what service USED to have open a given port?
        the port was open 15 minutes ago but not now, so i can't use lsof to
        look and see.
        \_ if you had ippl running and logging this information, or some
           other process accounting/logging
            \_ I think ippl only tells you what ports are being connected to
               and what the /etc/services entry for that port is, not what
               process is actually listening there.
               \_ oops, yes you are right.  I misremembered.
2004/7/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32325 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/7/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:32326 Activity:nil
7/16    In case you might be interested,  the CS homepage has links to
        webcast lectures for the CS Division's 30th Birthday plus
        this year EECS research symposium.  --jeffwong
2004/7/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:32327 Activity:moderate
7/16    [ partial thread deletes suck.  thread nuked.  have a nice day. ]
        \_ Don't tell me what kind of day to have.
        \_ Thanks, but I have other plans.
2004/7/16-18 [Reference/Military] UID:32328 Activity:very high
7/16    I have a question for the motd gun enthusiasts.  Do you find the
        account of Lee Harvey Oswald's shooting skills with that rifle
        from the Warren Report to be plausible?
        scroll down to "Oswald's rifle capability."
        \_ According to Full Metal Jacket, he learned it in the Marines.
           \_ I don't think anyone debates that he learned to shoot in the
              Marines.  The question is whether or not that particular
              shot is possible with that particular rifle, even for a
              good marksman.  In the Warren report, several experts testify
              that it is, but some people claim that is not true.  I want to
              hear what the motd shooters think.
                \_ Of course it's possible.  Any shot is possible.  It's
                   possible to purposely hit someone at 10,000 yards in a
                   crosswind, repeatedly.  The odds are against it, but why
                   not?  A gun just makes a bullet go real fast in a wide
                   arc, and maybe someone in the world has a form of
                   autism that lets him figure out exactly what all the
                   wind, amount of propellant, solar rays, whatever, will make
                   the bullet do.  The "he couldn't have made those shots,
                   it's impossible" argument is stupid.  -John
        \_ As a hunter and military vet, I think it would be easy for me
           to hit a slowly moving target in the neck at 100 yds. I don't
           know what the effect of being elevated like that would be, but
           on a level surface, I am sure I could make that shot.
           \_ that's the sort of answer i was looking for. thanks.s
              \_ You are welcome. The balllistics on that bullet after
                 hitting the target are kind of screwy though. It supposedly
                 hit Kennedy in the neck, came out his shoulder, hit that
                 Texas Governor in the head and then came back and hit
                 Kennedy again, right? I am not saying that is not
                 possible, but it seems pretty unlikely to me.
                 \_ My grandfather was shot in the neck by a crazy man during
                    a court case in the 1950s.  The bullet went in through his
                    carotid artery (interesting side note, he was one of the
                    first recipients of an artificial artery) and zig-zagged,
                    missing his spine, and came out at some goofy spot.  Once
                    a bullet hits stuff, it can do weird things.  -John
                 \_ yeah, I don't know much about the magic bullet thing,
                    but I'm curious.  Obviously if the Oliver Stone version
                    is based on accurate ballistics, there's a seroius problem
                    in the warren report, but I would want to know exactly
                    what the state of the art for ballistics was in 1963 to
                    make that judgement.
                    \_ I remembered the details wrong. These guys seem to
                       think it is possible:
        \_ The Republicans killed JFK!!!
        \_ I read a Marine Sniper training manual a few years ago, and
           the author (a decorated sniper) made a pretty convincing
           argument that it was quite possible for one man to pull off.
           And in fact, offered some pretty good explanations for things
           like why people heard shots from another direction.
        \_ A guy modeled the JFK assassination to scale on a 3D physics
           modelling program and was able to reproduce the shot.  It was
           on The Discovery channel or similar.  Very convincing.  -ax
        \_ What does any of this have to do with the mafia shooting him over
           Marilyn Monroe?
           \_ obItWasTheCIAInRetaliationForBayOfPigs
        \_ Oswald was a fag. -Michael McManus
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