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2004/7/15 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:32291 Activity:low
7/14    East German Arcade Game:
2004/7/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32292 Activity:very high 60%like:32295
        \_ Nice OPINION & EDITORIAL link, CAPITAL LETTERS boy.
           \_ Trouble reading?  The URL is clearly from the op/ed page.
              As if this is the first time an op/ed piece has been
              posted to the motd, genius.  Some of you knuckleheads are
              posting links from blogs as 'proof' of your points!  -!op
                \_ the NYPOST editorial pages are even more retarded
                   than most blogs.
                   \_ In your opinion.  And that's what this is all about:
                      opinion.  Since the NYP has greater readership than
                        \_ i read the nyp every day, you are a moron.
                           you obviously are not familiar with the history
                           of the NYPOST, or who owns and runs it,
                           or that they have been an even bigger journalistic
                           laughingstock than normal recently.
                \_ ok i'm trying to understand the NYPOST's spin on
                   lord higgins' report, i don't fully understand it yet.
                      any blog and people actually *pay* to read it and
                      other people get paid to write it, I'll take that over
                      some random blog spew anyday.  Are you really truly
                      seriously trying to claim that blogs are anything more
                      than raw unedited spewage?
                        \_ It's still dumb.  And OP's caps lock was stuck.
        \_ So... they weren't lying... they just don't like to read?
        \_ I bet you the guy who posted this likes to slam Michael Moore, too.
           Compared to the post he's fucking gospel.
           \_ FWIW, 'gospel' means "good news".
              \_ How about scripture?  I'm having thesaurus issues today,
                 \_ writings
2004/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:32293 Activity:high
7/15    Interesting way to live:  -John
        \_ Since my favorite SF shows are Dr. Who and Red Dwarf, I'm already
           living the dream.  I find it's possible to model your life after
           Lister's on a pretty low budget.
        \_ "Interesting" isn't the word I would have chosen.
           \_ Point taken.  I should rather have said "interesting" in
              quotes.  -John
              \_ ""interesting""  ?  that doesn't seem right....
                 \_ Is that you Dave?
        \_ This guy is either a genius and/or insane.  I hope he uses LED
           lighting because it looks like he has about 10000 Watts worth
           of bulbs burning in his house.  I think I might go crazy in that
2004/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:32294 Activity:kinda low
7/15    Is comcast blocking pings to their subscribers?
        \_ It is in Oregon.
2004/7/15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:32295 Activity:very high 60%like:32292
        \_ Uhm, this is one of the more bizarre edits I've seen.  I...don't
           know what to say....
           \_ You mean you've never heard of Commander Bunnypants?!?!!!!11!
        \_ Nice OPINION & EDITORIAL link, CAPITAL LETTERS boy.
           \_ Trouble reading?  The URL is clearly from the op/ed page.
              As if this is the first time an op/ed piece has been
              posted to the motd, genius.  Some of you knuckleheads are
              posting links from blogs as 'proof' of your points!  -!op
                \_ the NYPOST editorial pages are even more retarded
                   than most blogs.
                   \_ In your opinion.  And that's what this is all about:
                      opinion.  Since the NYP has greater readership than
                        \_ i read the nyp every day, you are a moron.
                           you obviously are not familiar with the history
                           of the NYPOST, or who owns and runs it,
                           or that they have been an even bigger journalistic
                           laughingstock than normal recently.
                           \_ Which still puts them well above your blogs and
                              your rude interruption of my post.
                                \_ oh are you going to cry?  i hope so.
                                   useless unthinking republican drone troll.
                                   \_ hahhaha got nothing to say so you resort
                                      to the lowest form of attack.  would you
                                      \_ I'm not sure what's more pathetic --
                                         that fact that you got trolled by a
                                         childishly simple ploy, or that you
                                         need it pointed out to you.
                                      like to try again or just give up and
                                      go home?
                \_ ok i'm trying to understand the NYPOST's spin on
                   lord higgins' report, i don't fully understand it yet.
                      any blog and people actually *pay* to read it and
                      other people get paid to write it, I'll take that over
                      some random blog spew anyday.  Are you really truly
                      seriously trying to claim that blogs are anything more
                      than raw unedited spewage?
                        \_ It's still dumb.  And OP's caps lock was stuck.
                           \_ It can be dumb.  Lots of things are dumb but
                              to bash someone for posting from the NYP when
                              others here don't get bashed the same for trying
                              to use friggin' blogs as a source of proof for
                              anything is idiotic.  Caps don't bother me enough
                              to make a whole thread about them.  If they
                              bother you that much I'd like to trade my
                              problems for yours.
                              \_ The bloggers pull directly from news outlets
                                 across the board, have no financial stake in
                                 diseminating the information, and some are
                                 remarkably intelligent.  Your ranting against
                                 them is ill-founded.
                                 \_ They pull directly from news outlets of
                                    their choice no different from Drudge. What
                                    do you think Drudge is?  He's the ultimate
                                    news puller but you don't ever have to read
                                    his personal drivel mixed in.  Just the
                       \_ wonkette, the blogger you love to hate, is paid
                          and has an editor. Many bloggers make a living
                          on their blogs by selling ads. Does this make
                          them more respectable in your eyes, or less?
                          \_ Hey, wait, the above said they don't have a
                             financial stake in blogging?  Which is it?  And
                             how does making a living off it make them any
                             better than Drudge?
                \_ ok i'm trying to understand the NYPOST's spin on
                   lord higgins' report, i don't fully understand it yet.
        \_ So... they weren't lying... they just don't like to read?
        \_ I bet you the guy who posted this likes to slam Michael Moore, too.
           Compared to the post, he's fucking Truth.
           \_ Wow, a poor editorial compared to a different poor
              editorial, and you can pick which one is THE TRUTH?  Oh, I
              see.  It's the one that agrees with your poor opinions.
              \_ So what, in your opinion, constitutes a great Opinion?  Heh.
                 \_ MY OWN!
                    \_ Your precious?
                    \_ You know what they say about opinions and assholes...
                       \_ Nothing is more important than your own?
2004/7/15 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:32296 Activity:insanely high
7/15    I am editing a binary file with some ascii in emacs.  It asks me
        which encoding to use when saving.  Should I use raw-text or
        no-conversion?  What's the difference between them anyway?
        \_ You want no-conversion.  Raw-text means it won't try to convert
           the text itself, but it will still do newline conversion -- it's
           intended for the opposite of what you have, a text file with some
           binary data in it.
           \_ ok tnx.
        \_ Use M-x hexl-mode instead.
2004/7/15-16 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:32297 Activity:high
7/15    Does anyone actually have a datahand or keybowl? I use Dvorak and
        Kinesis keyword but my fingers still hurt.
        \_ There's no scientific proof that Dvorak is any better than
           standard qwerty for either typing speeds or for reducing
           CTS. You should also give your hands a break so they can heal.
           \_ I've been heavily typing for 25 years with no pain.  Maybe all
              these CTS people just need to learn to type properly.
              \_ I agree, I keep thinking that CTS for a lot of poeple is
                 just a way to collect disability insurance. For the small
                 subset that actually does have it, I bet it's something to
                 do with their physical makeup that causes them to have it
                 and typing just triggers it.
                 \_ you're a moron.  -tom
2004/7/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32298 Activity:nil
7/15    Word association game, you can only add ONE word you associate with
        one CSUA person. I'll start, feel free to augment this list:
        \_ tom: bike
        \_ ilyas: ocaml
        \_ psb: fan, homosexual
        \_ lila: butter
        \_ shac: pegging, black
        \_ kchang: stfu gay
        \_ ax: breasts
        \_ aspolito: masturbation
        \_ jon: tiger balm
        \_ chris: love sponge
        \_ peterm:
        \_ mehlhaff: motd archive
        \_ jsl:
        \_ sodans: nerds
           \_ finger: sodans: no such user
2004/7/15-16 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:32299 Activity:high
7/15    My motorcycle's odometer only goes up to 5 digits, does that mean
        the lifetime of a motorcycle is a lot less than the car?
         \_ mine goes to 11.
         \_ yes, the average miles-lifetime of a motorcycle is a lot less
            than the average miles-lifetime of a car.
         \_ no, the average miles-lifetime of a motorcycle driver is a lot less
            than the average miles-lifetime driver of a car.
        \_ It's like dog-years.  Your odometer actually goes up to 700,000
           \_ *laugh*  this is funny shit
2004/7/15-16 [Consumer/Audio] UID:32300 Activity:high
7/15    Any difference between iriver 700 series and 800 series other than
        the shape? They all look very similar...
        \_ ipod/itunes is the best.             -ditched iriver for ipod
           \_ ipod mini hard to find, and no FM, battery replacement $100.
                                          \_ Not true:
                        Or do you mean FM radio? Who listens to the radio
                        \_ FM radio. Sometimes I get sick of listening to
                           CD/MP3s and just want some normal radio.
                                \_ Are there any good radio stations
                                   left in the bay area?
                        \_ 40 hours battery life on one AA. Try that with
                           your ipod. ;)
                           \_ Actually, I don't have an iPod. I used to
                              but then I sold it because my new car only
                              has a six disc changer and no line in or
                              cassette player.
                              I agree that the battery life on the iPod
                              isn't that good. I used to be into MD and
                              my MD player could go for weeks on a single
                              AA battery. I would still be using MD if
                              Sony made it easier to use with computers
                              (NetMD sucked).
              \_ FM = iTrip.  Mini is overrated anyway - 4 gig capacity?
                 Sheesh!  For $40 more you can get a 15 gig regular iPod.
                 Yup, I'm drinkin' Koolaid...
                 \_ The minis are targeted at people who have less than 4GB of
                    music and prize small size and pretty colors over tech
                    specs.  Most sodans probably don't fall into this category.
                 \_ The mini can be used while jogging, &c. The regular one
                    can't (the toshiba hd can't handle it).
2004/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:32301 Activity:moderate
7/15    I have a FireWire IDE enclosure. If I have static on my body and touch
        the enclosure while it is running (zap), it resets the drive
        (click), and causes linux kernel panic. I assume that data would be
        lost in such a sitation.  Is this normal behavior for an
        \_ Is your power supply connected to a true ground?  Or one of those
           screw-on plugs for older outlets without a ground?
           \_ The computer is plugged into a three prong power strip, which
              is plugged into a 3 prong recepticle in the wall.  I assumed
              that the wall plug was grounded (I will test it).  The power
              supply for the firewire enclosure only has 2 prongs.  I think
              that the enclosure is grounded via the FW cable.  Also, the
              aluminium housing of the enclosure is in direct contact with
              the metal on top of the disk drive.  Does static arc between
              a charged human and a grounded metal? This is the enclosure:
              \_ Static will arc between any 2 objects that have a different
                 charge level.  Since 'grounded' is defined as having no charge
                 you can spark on grounded metal if you build up any charge.
                 Ideally, your enclosure should be grounded.  If it is not
                 grounded and you spark on it, the current will flow into any
                 parts connected to the case, including delicate electronics.
                 \_ It's worth pointing out that the human body can have
                    multiple kilovolts on it pretty easily, particularly
                    in dry weather.
2004/7/15-16 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:32302 Activity:low
7/15    Pioneer announces the A08:,1558,1622910,00.asp
        \_ The 12x Plextor is actually faster than this "16x" Pioneer, due
           to different write strategies.
2004/7/15-16 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display] UID:32303 Activity:high
7/15    How long are monitors supposed to last? Is it unreasonable that I'm
        asking for a new monitor to replace my 5 year old one? It's got a few
        more pounds, that's about it. The truth is, I just want one of the
        new LCD Monitors we got that are only for "people who need them".
        \_ Is your old monitor a CRT or LCD?
           \_ "It's got a few more pounds..." probably not a CRT
           \_ "It's got a few dead pixels..." probably not a CRT
        \_ A monitor *can* last a decade. I have some that have under
           regular use. Five years is reasonable. We replace monitors
           every 3 years and that's a bit wasteful. Why don't you just ask
           for a new monitor and stop being a chickenshit about it?
        \_ Best.  Edit.  Ever!
           \_ Restored.
        \_ Well what's better about the new LCDs that anyone "needs" them?
           \_ I had a 3-year-old Samsung 15" 151S, which was supposed to
              be pretty good back then.  I tried using it six months ago; the
              ghosting, non-uniform lighting, and fuzziness from the analog
              input gave me a headache.  On the other hand, I'm using an
              NEC 16ms 17" LCD and it's great.
              \_ Well *I* just got dual 19" Dell LCD's setup! I have one analog
                 and one digital connector. I can almost sort of barely not
                 really notice any difference. Both kick the crap out of the
                 old fuzzy CRT.
           \_ Ever tried to get the convergence right on a big CRT?  Even the
              good ones become impossible after a while, so one corner is
              always slightly blurry.  Not with an LCD.  Also, subpixel
              rendering (ClearType on winXP) works sooo much better on an LCD,
              that reading text is much easier on the eyes.
              \_ I was asking the guy specifically, since he seemed to already
                 have an LCD. Also, I have yet to see the case for anyone
                 really *needing* one more than anyone else needs one. Although
                 yeah, to get mine I had to say I needed it. What BS.
                 \_ The reason someone would *need* a LCD is RF interference.
                    This actually came up on the motd recently, when some guy
                    with a desk near a transformer asked about why his
                    monitor was getting fucked up.  His co-workders with LCD's
                    did not have the problem.  In a lab with sensitive
                    electronics, you need an LCD for the opposite reason:
                    CRT's are noisy as hell, and annoying to filter out.
                    \_ Oh, good point. But at my co. it was made apparent to
                       me that the "need" being bandied about was of the health
                       sort. But if the company acknowledges LCD superiority
                       then it seems to me they're obligated to give one to
                       everybody who asks or risk some vision-related lawsuits.
        \_ You big baby.  Most of the computer using world has an old CRT, much
           older than your LCD.  Most of the real world has never touched a
           computer and wouldn't know the power switch from their asshole.  You
           have an LCD because someone thought you were important.  If you're
           really important you'll get a new one every year without asking.  If
           you're still using an old one because they forgot you or worse yet
           they deny you a new one upon request, then you shouldn't have had
           one in the first place because you're a nobody.  So the world turns.
           \_ CRT's? actual cathode ray tubes? fuck, man.  take the silver
              enema out of your ass. I sit around dreaming about replacing
              my incandescent lamp binary display with LED's.  CRT's.  shit.
              \_ You big baby.  If you can't even get LEDs you're definitely
                 not CRT quality material.  Go back to the basement and
                 recount the punch cards.
2004/7/15-16 [Transportation/Airplane, Reference/Law/Court, Reference/Military] UID:32304 Activity:low
7/15    Help, I just bought an 8 year old Cherokee Archer and now AOPA
        wouldn't stop spamming me (snail mail and email) unless I joined their
        organization. I called them up to get it stopped but it's not
        working. What should I do?
        \_ Autoforward all their email back to one of their own addresses
           with a rewritten header telling them to stop sending this stuff to
           you.  Whether or not they stop won't matter since you won't see the
           email.  Snail mail you burn.  It's free firewood.
        \_ Send a certified letter demanding they cease all postal and email
           contact or you will sue for harassment.
           \_ Does that work? Under what conditions can you sue for harassment
              based on annoying letter and email spam?  How hard is it to
              actually win something like this?
              \_ While it would be a PITA to sue them, thet'd probably take the
        \_ That's a $140K airplane. How often do you use it to justify the
           \_ And that's any of your business because...?  Maybe one flight
              was enough to justify it to him.  There IS a wider world outside
              your own head, you know.
              \_ I am just curious. Maybe *I* want to buy a plane, too.
                 It's none of your business to ask why I want to know.
                 \_ *shrug*  fair enough.
           \_ And do you have a Middle Eastern last name?  Get the DHS on this
              one stat!
           \_ EIGHT year old plane costs $140K? How about a new one?
              \_ $205K + options, which can reach $235K+
                 \_ Options?  Can you get dubs on an airplane?  Preferably with
                    spinners?  How about custom exhaust?
                        \_ Don't forget random Azn characters. Each one
                           adds hp +5.
                           \_ How much for an NO2 sticker?
                              \_ And a clear case with neon lights?!  I want
                                 plane m0dz!
2004/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:32305 Activity:nil
7/14    RMA'ed the card. Thanks for the suggestions.
2004/7/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:32306 Activity:insanely high
7/15    I'm not the same poster as below.  Today must be "Telling the Truth
        about Michael Moore" Day.
        \_ Damn you, right wing zealot, damn you all to hell!! Michael
           Moore is the messiah and he is going to lead us to the
           promised land! How dare you prove us wrong!
           \_ this type of 100% sarcastic post is... retarded.
              \_ it isn't any worse than "Why do you hate America?"
        \_ Gawd, Condi is stupid.  I'd almost think Moore expected people
           to find the full quote, and discover for themselves how much
           crack Condi was smoking.
           \_ How did you get "Condi is stupid" from Michael Moore
              misquoting the hell out of her?  This is what we call
              "blaming the victim".
              \_ he got "Condi is stupid" from her full quote.
        \_ I don't get Rice's full quote.  So we attacked Iraq because it
           was a cesspool of Islamic fundamentalism?  Sounds like BS to me.
        \_ Bush repeatedly linked the 9/11 attacks in Iraq. It is not
           deceptive to imply that, even though that one quote is
           perhaps a bit deceptive on its face. The Bush Administration
           really tried to convince America that Iraq had something
           to do with the 9/11 attacks and they were so successful
           that many people still believe that, in spite of
           overwhelming evidence to the contrary and a public
           disavowal from Bush recently.
           \_ Uhm, the point is that Moore is being deceptive with his
              use of editing, like what he did in his previous movie.
              I don't know about you, but Moore is the Leni Reifenstahl
              of the modern era. It's propoganda, and I think we can do
              better than propoganda. The film does nothing to convince
              us of its merits. I don't see how it really helps the left.
              \_ You're comparing a guy who doesn't like Bush to a woman
                 that helped justify a regime that murdered millions of
                 people?  Hyperbole anyone?
                 \_ He is comparing the means, not the ends.  You are right,
                    though, Moore is not in a particularly reassuing
                    company. -- ilyas
                    \_ Moore is attacking those in power, Leni is
                       glorifying those in power and their ideology.
                       That, to me, is a fundamental difference.
                    \_ Moore is attacking those in power in a country
                       with freedom of speech, Leni is glorifying those
                       in power and their ideology in a country where
                       there is no freedom of speech.  These, to me,
                       are fundamental differences.
                       \_ Feh.  Both used propaganda to achieve a political
                          goal.  No highground for Moore.
                          \_ If by propaganda, you mean Moore is promoting
                             a cause, sure.  Bush's State of the Union
                             address is also propaganda then.  shrug.
                             \_ I understand 'propaganda' to be the kind of
                                message which appeals to the same part of
                                the brain which likes the 'circuses' (from
                                'bread and circuses').  There is this element
                                to propaganda where you are only really
                                deceived if you want to be deceived (or you
                                are really really dumb).  Someone who thinks
                                he is being a friend to the cause by using
                                these kinds of techniques to 'promote' it is
                                not a real good friend. -- ilyas
                                \_ I can say the same for bush's state of the
                                   union address, and all the propaganda
                                   about Iraq's link with 911.  Lots of
                                   people got deceived nevertheless.
                                   shrug.  If one wants to equate Moore
                                   with Leni, one might as well equate
                                   bush with hitler.  Also, by your
                                   reasoning, I guess the Germans of WWII
                                   just naturally really want to kill Jews,
                                   or they are just really really dumb.
                                   \_ So you defend Michael Moore's blatant
                                      misquote by saying it's ok because the
                                      President gives a speech every year?
                                   \_ I call Godwin.  You apparently don't
                                      comprehend 'means vs ends' at all.
                                      Best to stop this. -- ilyas
                                      \_ I understand it perfectly.
                                         Both Bush and Hitler uses
                                         propaganda.  That doesn't mean
                                         I would associate the two.  To
                                         call Moore the "Leni Reifenstahl
                                         of the modern era" is stupid.
                                         Besides, the quote of
                                         Condi was fair enough.  She is
                                         deceptively trying to associate
                                         Iraq with 911 using BS like
                                         "ideologies of hatred".
                                         \_ then why not use the full quote
                                            if it means the same thing?  why
                                            chop it up to make her look even
                                            more stupid if the full quote does
                                            that and Moore doesn't end up
                                            looking like a scumbag?
                                            \_ why make her look stupid?
                                               the quote Moore gave is
                                               exactly what she said.
                                               Moore is under no obligation
                                               to elaborate on everything
                                               everyone said.  That will
                                               make a 5 hour movie.
                             \_ I don't recall Bush using dubious editing
                                techniques on other people to make it look
                                like they said something they didn't in
                                the State of the Union address.  Could you
                                post a link? Thx.
                                \_ presenting information that is biased
                                   and deceptive for a political cause =>
                                   propaganda.  shrug.  Like I said, the
                                   context is very important.  Besides,
                                   as presented in the link above, Moore's
                                   quote of Rice wasn't unfair.  She
                                   has herself to blame for trying to
                                   deceptively link Iraq and 911 with such
                                   wishy washy BS like "ideologies of
                                   hatred". Bah!
                                   \_ perhaps you missed the numerous reports
                                      from both the US Senate oversight
                                      committee and various foreign intel
                                      agencies that have all recently agreed
                                      that there was a link and that Iraq
                                      really was seeking nukes?  Moore is
                                      being smashed for misquoting someone.
                                      He should have given the full quote and
                                      allowed the audience to decide if it
                                      was deceptive or not.  He made her say
                                      something she didn't by eliminating the
                                      \_ he quoted her fairly.  she is the
                                         one who is trying to be deceptive.
                                         If she doesn't know any link, she
                                         should say so, and not give bS
                                         like "ideologies of hatred".
                                         \_ If I was kchang, I would file
                                            all this guy's responses under
                                            "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
                                            LA LA LA LA!" (On the Kais
                                            motd, of course)
                        kchang doesn't file manually -kchang -/
            \_ Nah, Lee Atwater is the "Leni Reifenstahl of the modern era."
               How soon we forget.
2004/7/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:32307 Activity:high
7/15    Michael Moore is even more of a scumbag than I thought:
        \_ Best. Nutty ring wing rant.  Evah!
           \_ Rant?  It isn't a rant.  It says the family is pissed off
              because Moore used their son's death for his propaganda and
              didn't even tell them much less give them the humanly decent
              option to say "no, thanks".
              \_ When you have a public event in a public place, you
                 open yourself up to reporting of that event. That is
                 called freedom of the press in America. I hope
                 the family does sue. They will lose.
                 \_ Who said it was public?  Was it public?  Who filmed it?
                    Why does he lack the common human decency to at least
                    inform the family it will be there.  How sickening to
                    show up at a movie and see yourself at your son's
                    funeral.  If you think this is a-ok, you're just a sick
                    bastard and not a human being.
                    \_ Arlington Cemetary == public space. Perhaps you
                       really didn't know that. I think the First Amendment
                       is a-ok and that it is really sad that you are
                       against it.
                 \_ Guess you missed this.  From the article: "The family
                    does not know how Moore obtained the video..."
                    I assume, therefore, it was not a public event.
                    \_ Do you assume that Yosemite Park is not a public
                       space as well? There is no presumption to privacy
                       in a public space. So if you are walking down the
                       trail in Yosemite and I take your picture, I can
                       publish it. That is the foundation of our free
                       press, that people are allowed to report on events
                       that occur in public.
        \_ Ohhh... that's why he's such a fat turd.  I hear human flesh is
           quite fattening.
2004/7/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32308 Activity:nil
7/15    A series of amusing anti-Bush quotes
        \_ Man you can do this for anything.  Would you like to see some
           choie Anne Coulter moments?
           \_ Sure.  I just thought they were funny. Let the ants out of
              your pants man.  Some people think Bushisms are endlessly
              hilarious, I thought this was amusing.
           \_ But Anne Coulter is *hot*!
        \_ It is pretty amusing that the guys who spent 8 years literally
           going through Cliton's underwear are suddenly surprised and
           shocked by the coarseness of the debate.
           \_ They weren't course enough with a man who has literally
              destroyed the lives of so many who have come into contact with
              him over the course of his career.  But I think my all time
              favorite is Hillary making money by selling the homes out from
              old folks after they made a single late payment on their houses.
2004/7/15 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:32309 Activity:nil
7/15    The Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage was defeated in the
        Senate by a 48-50 vote.  It needed 60 votes to pass.
        \_ We're here, we're queer, we don't want anymore bears.
        \_ "It's a net loss for Republicans politically," said one prominent
           Republican in Washington who works closely with the White House.
           "It does nothing for our base, because they're grumpy about not
           having it, and it energized a significant portion of their base. I
           guarantee you that the gay community will give twice as much money
           and work harder for Kerry now, not so much because they care about
           marriage per se, but because this effort plays to their fears that
                     \_ Just go to Orange County, California, you will find
                        that Bush is a lot more popular than you think :p
           we're homophobic."
                \_ so? California is still the minority state. It'll be one
                   of the very few states that'll vote against Bush. The
                   fact of the matter is that Bush is still popular and
                   will most likely win again.
                   \_ Popular?  Read any polls lately?  Less than 50% approval
                      is not "popular."  And also note that gay marriage has
                      been gaining more and more acceptance in polls as time
                      goes on.
                      \_ Everyone I have talked to at my church is voting
                         for Bush. So is my entire family back in Oklahoma.
                         I think you Bay Area liberals are going to be in
                         for a surprise come November.
                                \_ Same here. My hometown is TN.
                                \_ Bush is polling well in North Carolina, too.
                                   I recall last time that if Gore had managed
                                   to win his own home state....
                      \_ Gay marriage: yet another "law" created by judges,
                         not our elected "law making" officials.
                   \_ You have seriously drank the electoral college kool aid.
                   \_ Why are you arguing with a fellow Republican?
                      He probably already agrees with everything you wrote.
                      \_ He isn't arguing.  He's discussing.  Everything
                         doesn't have to be a big fight or shit fest.
        \_ Sigh. Don't they teach US Gov in HS anymore? The bill needed 67
           votes to pass as a constitutional amendment. What the Senate voted
           on whether or not to officially vote on the "Ban Gay Marriage"
           bill. There's a difference.
           \_ The vote was for cloture.
              \_ Mr. Government Studies Scholar doesn't know what that means.
        \_ I really love Cheney for this.  He once said that this issue
           should best leave the state to decide.  Then, as soon as Boston
           try to legalize it, then, he suddently become "defender of
           marriage."  This is typical of Bush-Cheney ideology: "We respect
           your freedom and choice, as long as you agree with me."
           \_ Boston is a city, dumbass, not a state. The problem with
              the whole gay marriage thing is that cities like SF are
              deciding that gay marriage is legal while the state says
              it's not. Again, if you are going to allow gay marriage, pass
              a damn law that says so. These legal shenanigans are going
              to create a major problem over the interpretation of the law.
2004/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32310 Activity:high
7/15    Is there a way to configure Mozilla to always open links in
        a tab instead of a new window, unless I explicitly open it in
        a new window?
        \_ Are you talking external links?  Like from Yahoo IM or something?
           If links within mozilla, you can set it to use a new tab with
           middle-click --scotsman
        \_ firefox has an extension called all-in-one-window or something like
           \_ Firefox's Tabbrowser Extensions does it too.
        \_ Under Edit-Preferences there's a 'tabbed browsing' thing. -John
        \_ I think you meant something else.  You need to edit MIME type
           and put an arguement after firefox.  I'll post it on motd
           on Sunday night.
        \_ What I meant is, if the web page has a link that will normally open
           a new window, have it open in a new tab in mozilla instead. I already
           enabled tabbed browsing, and I know I can do the same if I hold the
           ctrl key. What I want to know is if there's an automated way to do it
           without me having to press a key. myie2 does it.
           \_ Middle mouse button. --scotsman
2004/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:32311 Activity:low
7/15    In emacs20, how do I set indent-tabs-mode to nil using ~/.emacs such
        that emacs will use spaces instead of tabs to indent in all my C files?
        I tried "(setq indent-tabs-mode nil)", but the value is still t.
        --- yuen
        \_ use setq-default, or look up hooks in the emacs manual.
           \_ I see.  Now c-mode-common-hook does the trick.  Thx.  -- yuen
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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