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2004/7/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:31217 Activity:high
7/8     Anyone have recommendations for a CF or PCMCIA GPS unit for under
        $200?  I want to be able to connect an external antenna, and WAAS
        would be nice (this is for a Linux/XP laptop.)  I'm not too informed
        about GPS--is there anything particular to watch out for in terms
        of reception or standards?  Should I bother with a USB or bluetooth
        receiver?  This is mainly for auto navigation and rooting out rogue
        wireless APs.  -John
        \_ I got a bluetooth/standalone combo in the mail this week:
           \_ Kewl, any good?
        \_ Check
        \_ What is the cold/hot start time on these things?  It used to be
           MINUTES before it locked on any of the sattelites.
           \_ It really depends on which one you get, but generally...
              < 1 minute for cold and < 10 seconds for hot.
2004/7/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:31218 Activity:moderate
7/8     The July Surprise?
        "...a White House aide told ul-Haq last spring that 'it would be best
        if the arrest or killing of [any] HVT were announced on twenty-six,
        twenty-seven, or twenty-eight July'--the first three days of the
        Democratic National Convention in Boston."
        \_ If only the liberal media would follow this up!
           \_ They're too busy cheer leading Kerry and Edwards.
              \_ Bzzt!  Tom Ridge just announced another nonexistent Al Qaida
                 \_ this is a precurser to declaring martial law in nyc
                    during the RNC in August.  just wait and see.
        \_ Is it a surprise if everyone knows?
           \_ You expect anyone to actually pay attention to the inside
2004/7/8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:31219 Activity:moderate
7/8     Post editorial:
        ".. Chinese hero -- that of a conscientious scholarly official who
        puts himself on the line to tell the corrupt emperor the truth for
        the sake of the people and is ordered punished"
        \_ The Motherland shall crush your splittist treasoners!
2004/7/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:31220 Activity:very high
7/8     Read transcripts of conversations by enron employees gleefully
        discussing fucking the state of califorinia and the great prospects
        for having a president who's number one contributor is enron: (
        why are you fuckers loyal to these people?
        \- see also
        why are you fuckers loyal to these people?
        \_ Let's see, we threw out the Governor that allowed Enron to get
           away with it, and now that Bush is in office, Enron is getting
           convicted...  Wait, who's loyal to who again?  I'm lost.
           \_ Bush sat on his ass until California was almost bankrupt.  If
              the right thing is to wait so long until it becomes so blatantly
              obvious Enron is breaking the law what would the wrong thing have
                \_ the Federal government doesn't do squat for California.
           \_ Wilson stuck us with the deregulation system that let Enron
                do this, Davis got stuck trying to clean up the mess.
        \_ RRRiiiighhhhttt.  From the article:
           In their August conversation, Matt and Tom discussed their hope
           that George W. Bush, then the Texas governor, would win the
           2000 presidential race because he opposed price caps. But
           unfortunately for Enron, Mr. Bush's picks for the Federal
           Energy Regulatory Commission, Patrick Wood III and Nora
           Brownell, moved quickly to impose price caps throughout the
           Western United States after they took office in summer 2001, a
           move that helped break the back of the power crisis.
                So.. What do you have against Bush?  He apparently agrees
                with you.
           \_ The FERC repeatedly dragged their feet on price caps,
              costing California billions. Cheney said it was all
              California's fault, remember?
              \_ I'll repeat myself again in case you're having trouble
                 remembering: anything a democrat does, evil.  Anything
                 a republican does, good!
              \_ So first you say Bush was opposed to price caps, anti-CA and
                 pro-Enron.  That's proven false by reality so then you say
                 "yes he acted but he waited too long".  There's just no
                 pleasing some people.  When people will bitch and moan and
                 cry no matter what you do for them and hate you for it, you
                 have no incentive to help them in the future.  You're lucky
                 they bothered to do anything at all.  You'd be just as bitter
                 and hateful if that were the case.
                 \_ I think he's just jealous because Bush did the right
                    thing despite a heafy campaign contribution from
                    Enron, where as Davis took bribes like crazy.
                    \_ Bush did the right thing?  Did you miss the part where
                       his FERC royally screwed us?  I'm calling you out as
                       a California fifth columnist.
                 \_ "Proven false by reality"??? Where you even here during
                    that time? Bush and Cheney both opposed price caps.
                    The FERC imposed them over their objections after
                    spending a long time studying the issue. Cheney met
                    with Enron to help develop their nationwide and
                    California energy policy and still suing to keep
                    the transcripts of those meeting secret.
        \_ hahaha, stupid californians getting screwed by bush, cheney
           and enron ... and some are even loving it.  I'm sure glad I'm
           not a stupid californian.
2004/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:32181 Activity:nil
2004/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:32182 Activity:kinda low
7/8     Is Jedi Academy worth playing? I enjoyed JK2 until the yavin swamp
        level or so and I was thinking about playing the sequel. tia.
        \- see
        \_ The sequel takes place entirely in the yavin swamp level.
2004/7/8 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:32183 Activity:very high
7/8     I looked in the archives but can't find all those computer-related
        euphemisms for taking a crap... anyone have the list the motd came
        up with?
           You're welcome.
        \_ where's the archive?
        \_ The train has left the station.
        \_ The log has been dumped.
        \_ Not geekish, but "dropping a deuce" has recently become popular.
        \_ Going number 10
           \_ I turn the toilet flusher strength up to 11.
              \_ You don't get it.  This one goes to 1011.
        \_ beaming down an away team-
        \_ Nuking the motd.
        \_ flushing my cache
2004/7/8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32184 Activity:high
7/8     Another reason to vote for Kerry:
        \_ Edwards's idea sounds like a good one to me.
           \_ Yup, it sure does. After all, the Democratic party is all
              about institutionalized domestic spying. I mean, the Reps
              and their crap about Homeland Security, they're just too
              damn lenient. Oh wait....
        \_ Damn, Isikoff gets around...
        \_ There's a reason to vote for Kerry?  Really?  Other than amusement?
2004/7/8-9 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:32185 Activity:very high
7/8      I have a big C++ program that uses tons of memory. What tools would
                 for some reason I read that as mercury _/
         be useful to figure out where that memory is going?  What I'm
         imagining is something that works like Quantify, except instead of
         time for function & time for function + descendants, I want memory
         for structure & memory for structure + descendants. Context would also
         be useful (i.e. the call stack when the structure was first created).
         Any thoughts? Currently platform-agnostic.
                                 \_ turns out it's for MSVC++ 6 ... thoughts?
                                    \_ YUO = TEH SCREWED!
         \_ gprof (gcc) will tell you which constructors are being called
            frequently, which helped me track down mem usage.  If you're
            willing to try it on KDE/Linux, check out valgrind-- I've heard
            it's really good for this sort of thing.  (Both are free).
        \_ Does Purify do this?
           \_ Don't think so. It keeps track of leaks etc. but I don't think
              it does usage.
        \_ valgrind?
           \_ Linux only, and though cool, doesn't match too well with what I
        \_ If you can use Mac OS X there are a number of good tools. man
           malloc(3) for starters. Also look at and the
           other tools under /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/
2004/7/8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:32186 Activity:very high
7/8     Why is this taking up so much time? It's just irc:
                                                 vvvvvv ???
35992 jon             2   0  2120K   868K select 497:44  1.66%  1.66% epic-EPIC
10150 jon             2   0  2148K   964K select 558:12  1.03%  1.03% epic-EPIC
        \_ Constantly updating the screen.
                \_ doubtful. Considering the size and the frequency at which
                   it executes sys calls, it's doing kqueue and kevent to
                   spy on people
                   \_ What are you talking about?  It's an IRC client, not
                      \_ Some people are probably convinced that I have some
                         binary that plays with argv[] to look like epic.
                         Whatever.  If you knew how to use ps(1), you'd also
                         notice that my epic processes have been running since
                         late April of this year.  Gee, maybe that's how they
                         have accumulated so much CPU time.  BTW, that is 559
                         (or 498) minutes of CPU time.  --Jon
                         \_ Too many people around here know just enough unix
                            to be dangerous.  Then they start tossing
                            accusations around like this thinking they're
                            clever and discovered something when in fact they
                            have only just put their first foot on the path.
                            Ignore them and you'll be happier.
jon      10150  1.2  0.2  2148 1180  AU  S+   23Apr04 559:16.56 epic jk . (epic-EPIC4-1.0.1)
jon      35992  1.2  0.1  2120  976  AV  S+   30Apr04 498:49.89 epic (epic-EPIC4-1.0.1)
                            \_ I like the guy who accuses me of writing half
                               of the stuff on the motd. -- ilyas
                                \_ ilyas U !ilyas = the universe of CSUA
                            \_ and some of us like to help shove it farther
                               down the twink's throat.
2004/7/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:32187 Activity:very high
        Does this hit close to home for anyone else?
        \_ nope. i get more pissed every day.  right now i'm about on
           red fucking alert, man.
        \_ Tom Tomorrow covered this ground in the first few months of the
        \_ I sure wish you all would shut the freak up.
        \_ I sure wish you all would shut the FUCK up.
           \_ Just tell them to go fuck themselves.  It needs to be said,
              it's long overdue, and you'll feel better. -Dick Cheney
              \_ We need that motd conservative guy that always calls people
                 that swear at him children, and to talk to him when they
                 "grow up" and "join the adult world."  We need him to talk
                 to Cheney.
                 \_ If "Fuck you!" is good enough for Cheney it is good
                    enough for me.  You need to stop being so naive.
                    \_ Oh, go fuck yourself.
                       \_ No, that's what yermom is for.
2004/7/8-9 [Industry/Jobs] UID:32188 Activity:high
7/8     Does your internship pay for health insurance? Mine doesn't  -intel
        \_ be glad your internship actaully pays!
        \_ None of mine ever did.  SHIP.
        \_ When I interned at Apple they provided health care. --twohey
2004/7/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32189 Activity:insanely high
7/8     Kerry getting big monetary support from the little people he's going
        to help as President.  So, do you really think all these big shots are
        spending (not giving since they're buying a Senator and possible
        President) what they're spending on Kerry and don't expect personal
        benefit for their money?
        \_ you'd rather have a president who's on Kenneth Lay's payroll?
           \_ WJC isn't running.
        \_ what's your point?  Bush has far more large contributors than
           Kerry.  -tom
           \_ BZZZT!  Please back up random off the cuff fact free statement
              with URL.  Thanks.  And toss in numbers while you're
              at it.
              \_ Total Receipts: Bush $215M, Kerry: $148M
                 # of $2000+ contributors: Bush 56K, 55% of all contributors
                                           Kerry 23K, 37% of all contributors.
                 Now will you go away?  -tom
                 \_ See?  Tom isn't so bad.
              \_ It's a well known fact that Bush's campaign has more money,
                 and a larger percentage of $2K contributors, as tom has
                 pointed out.
                 \_ Motd Axiom #5: All assertions not accompanied by an URL
                    from an acceptable and reasonably unbiased source, no
                    matter how obvious, are assumed false.  Example:
                        The sky is blue.
                        \_ Proof?  Url please.
           \_ Everyone knows that Texas energy executives are much more
              ethical and honest than Hollywood movie stars...
        \_ This site is pretty cool.
2004/7/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:32190 Activity:high
7/8     Joseph Stalin and Osama Bin Laden more popular than Bush!
        \_ Sounds like a stupidity test.
        \_ Probably because everyone that Stalin and Bin Laden didn't like got
           killed, whereas Bush isn't rounding up and executing leftists by
           the millions.  Maybe he should be.
           \_ You are saying that you love both Stalin and Bin Laden?
                        \_ In Soviet Russia, Party hates YOU!
              \_ I'm saying you should take a reading comprehension class.
                 \_ How will this make you a clear and informative poster?
2004/7/8-9 [Finance/Investment] UID:32191 Activity:insanely high
7/8     Kind of hard to find good places to invest money these days.
        Where do y'all put your money?
        \_ I like the California Golden State Tobacco backed bonds, paying about
           7.5% tax free. I still think Japan has a ways to go, so I have
           about 10% of my portfolio in EWJ. Calpine is overleveraged, hence
           the CCC bond rating, but I have a bit in 2008 8.5% Calpine bonds,
           trading at 67c/dollar so paying 21%/yr total if they don't go
           bankrupt and probably about even if they do. The rest is sitting
           in WFC and ETFs that are up so I don't want to sell and pay taxes
           and I am mostly happy with them.
        \_ 1. build moneybin 2. buy gold 3. swim in the gold 4. profit!
        \_ Under my matress and some more under my pillow because you don't
           want to invest everything in the same place.  Diversify your
           portfolio like me and you can't go wrong!
           \_ this joke would have been much more effective if about
              half as long
              \_ Timing, son.  Sheesh.  The first reply was 4 times longer but
                 there's only so much to be said about a pillow.  Next time,
                 I'll just throw a pie and say, "NYARK! NYARK!" 3 stooges
                 style for you.
                 \_ FOAD. -!pp
                    \_ NYARK! NYARK!  *slaps pie in your face*
                       Wow!  You're right!  Your idea of funny is uhm.... yeah!
                       \_ WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!
                          \_ Exactly.  Thanks.
        \_ $200k equity in a $400k house, $100k equity in a $460k house, $200k
           in 401(k), $30k in one pharmacy stock. $30k in money market and
           checking acct.  This is my wife and I combined.
           \_ Awful lot in the one stock. I'd suggest diversifing. But you seem
              to be doing fine, so what do I know.
              \_ Yeah, I know it's too much in one stock.  But I'm just too
                 lazy to "re-balance" or "re-distribute" or whatever the pros
                 call it.
                 \_ Just call your broker and say "Move $X-thousand from
                    DrugCo into an S&P500 index fund."
           \_ What is your 401k money in?
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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