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2004/7/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:31158 Activity:insanely high
7/4     Happy 4th! In other news, the Dutch are the tallest ppl in the
        world, and have overtaken the americans big time. Interesting
        reasons why like uneven distribution of wealth, lack of health
        care, and the richest country in the world not investing enough
        in it's children:
        \_ is this the etymology of "flying Dutchman"?
        \_ two contradictory facts in the article: "rich people are taller"
           and "Bruintjes is a Dutch, 7'4", and works as a security
           \_ "rich" in a global context--his kids have access to good
              healthcare, well thought-out nutrition, and a not too shabby
              public education (his idiotic taxes notwithstanding.)  -John
        \_ No, because we take in more people from poor countries who came
           here underfed.  If you only checked height and other factors
           starting with 3rd generation citizens the numbers would be
           remarkably different.  How many immigrants do the Dutch take in
           every year?
           \_ You are wrong. Read The Economist on the same subject.
              \_ I'm wrong?  Ok, so the US isn't taking in poor people from
                 all over?  Perhaps you could elaborate instead of making a
                 blanket accusation of wrongness with a vague reference to
                 TE as your only backing?
                 \_ Yep, you're wrong. And you don't read The Economist,
                    or you wouldn't be. And no, I won't tell you my password.
                    But the study authors already accounted for the influx
                    of immigrants.
           \_ Holland takes in tons of immigrants, in fact the whole country
              is getting pretty full since it is so tiny.  I don't know
              what the relative rates are compared to the USA.
              \_ Relative percentages count when you're doing country vs.
                 country comparisons.  Comparing Holland to the US on just
                 about anything is just plain silly but if you're going to
                 do so at least get the right numbers.
        \_ Obviously this is Bush and Reagan's fault.
           \_ Vote for Balkenende, he's TALLER.
           \_ BushCo!!!!  EEEEVVVVVIIIILLLL and shorter than the average
2004/7/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:31159 Activity:low
7/4     Is there any script which can split a multi-page pdf to multiple
        single pages pdf?
2004/7/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:31160 Activity:very high
7/3     Have a nice and safe Linear Independence Day.
        \_ You have no basis to say that.
        \_ ah, where would we be without linear independence?
        \_ We're finally free from nonliearity!  Free at last!  Free at last!
           Thank God Almighty!  Free at last!
2004/7/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:31161 Activity:very high
7/4     How much did the government spend on Reagan's funeral?
        \_ Newsweek says "just under 10 million" - danh
        \_ about this much:
        \_ Don't be stupid.  We take care of our Presidents, dead or alive.
           No one but a dumbshit questions how much money was spent on their
           funerals or their 24x7 secret service detail while they're alive.
           It isn't even a rounding error in the Federal budget.
           \_ If I were a president I would appreciate all the perks while
              alive but a huge and expensive funeral just seems a waste.
              \_ It isn't for the President.  It is for the rest of the
                 country.  Obviously, dead people don't care.
                 \_ Why do people care about a dead body?
2004/7/4-5 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:31162 Activity:very high
7/4     Poll, how long did your last few cars last? Include cars that you
        grew up with as well, I'll start:
        dad's 83 Pontiac: 0-85K, total piece of shit, wouldn't start, engine
                died in U turns (something about turning the wheels),
        86 Honda Accord: 0-170K, transmission rebuilt at 150K. Still
                running but decided to sell it
        mom's 88 Toyota Camry: 0-110K, needed a lot of repairs, total piece
                of shit, already needs new transmission.
        98 Honda Accord: 0-120K, still running like a bunny.
        \_ 89 Olds Cutlass Supreme: 0-225k, still going.  Only routine
        \_ This is actually kind of interesting, but will get way too long.
           How about moving it to /csua/tmp/carsurvey or something? -John
                \_ HEIL John, the native German speaker. Have you ever driven
                   on the Autobahn and what is it like there?
                   \_ That's about as funny as you look, and yes, and it's
                      a lot of fun except that the (at least the ones in
                      a lot of fun except that krauts (at least the ones in
                      cheap cars) are crappy drivers.  -John
                   \_ I spoke no German but I did drive there for a few days.
                      I always stayed in the slow lane because my car wasn't
                      up to the task and Krauts seemed all crazy.  It was
                      like a rock in a rapid.
        97 Cavalier: 0-100k, replaced fucked up engine with a 50k one.  50k
                     miles later, it died every now and then if i step on the
                     brakes after i've started the engine and started to move.
        \_ mom's last few Ford Escorts needed major repairs at around 100K.
           I'm having a very hard time convincing her to buy Japanese. She's
           kind of old fashioned and patriotic. Anyone have this problem?
           \_ yeah, yermom is only putting out for the white guys.  she won't
              do asians and they're a major part of the market!
        \_ 84 Volvo 760 GLE 107-147K mi, was okay until the timer belt
                belt broke
           87 Nissan Maxima, 55K-70K mi, was okay until the transmission
           96 Toytoa Corrola, 0-60K mi, great car had it till early 2003.
                I drove it to cal for 2 yrs, 1 yr to work, my brother
                drove it 4 yrs to cal, 1 yr to work.
           96 Lincoln Continental, 22K-55K mi, another great car. Lots of
                power (220+ hp v8), perfect for passing riced civis w/ n0z.
                Dealer was very nice, would fix every little thing for free.
                Favorite quote about my car: "Shet, you can fit NINE dead
                Russians in trunk". Sold it in 2003 because I got tired of
                paying for 91 octane gas (esp. since the car got 16 mpg)
           03 Subaru Outback, 0-13k mi (to date). best car I've owned.
                Plus points: good gas mileage (22.5 mpg), AWD, lots of storage
                space for my mtb and stuff. Minus points: no cassette player
                (can't drink Kool-aid, err..., use an iPod in the car). Will
                hold on to this one for a while. Trying to convince my mom
                that she needs an 05 w/ turbo's :-)
                \_ Have you considered getting an FM transmitter for your
                   iPod? They are cheap.
                        \_ I tried the iRock, the Belkin and the iTrip.
                           None of them work very well in the s. bay.
                           This is a $80 FM transmitter that is sort
                           of illegal that works well but I don't want
                           to get stopped by a cop on 101. I'm waiting
                           till my warranty runs out so that I can repl.
                           the head unit.
        \_ 89 Honda Civic 235K miles - Pretty much indestructable, almost
                totalled it at one point, was repaired just fine.  Traded it
                in for a luxury car during dot com boom.
        \_ American cars made during the 60's and early 70's were truly great,
           indestructible (but consumes lots of gas).  After that they became
           like crap.  What's the reason?
           \_ After that OPEC happened and the whole auto industry took a
              nosedive. Cars just became unsellable and people wanted smaller,
              low mpg vehicles. When that happened Toyota and VW bugs became
                \_ high?
              exceedingly popular. Detroit scrambled but were not used to
              building cars like this, hence the cars went to crap. This
              tradition is still evident today, where American companies like
              GE are basically selling trucks in the form of SUVs and
              passenger cars are basically the domain of the Japanese.
                \_ it is clear that you hippy tree-hugging liberals have
                   never been to Texas
                   \- hello i have a 91 honda civic @118k which seems to be
                      doing ok although the power seems to have gotten
                      even lower but i am pretty hard on the car like driving
                      down third ave really fast over the construction bumps
                      after mumbling "punch it baby" and humming the theme
                      to the streets of san francisco.
2004/7/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:31163 Activity:kinda low
7/4     Look, Neocons can feel bad about their mistakes. Too bad he doesn't
        feel bad for calling the Geneva Convention "quaint" just for the
        political fallout:
        \_ sorry, it'll take more than that to bait anyone.
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