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2004/7/3-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:31150 Activity:very high
7/2     So, those sarin and mustard shells...  They dated from the 80s.
        2 of the 18 contained cylosarin.  The rest contained nothing.

          Rumsfeld said the Polish defense minister told him this
          week "that his troops in Iraq had recently come across
          -- I've forgotten the number, but something like 16 or
          17 -- warheads that contained sarin and mustard gas."

          Rumsfeld added: "I have not seen them and I have not
          tested them, but they believe that they are correct that
          these, in fact, were undeclared chemical weapons."

        Watch that spin!
        \_ So the cumulative total that we know about is: 2 cyclosarin,
           2 sarin IED, 1 mustard gas, various nuclear reactor
           components, missile technology.
           \_ Two sarin IED? Mustard? Didn't the lab tests come up
              negative on those? "Various nuclear reactor components"
              you are kidding, right? You mean the parts buried in some
              guys garden back in 1991 and forgotten about? You are
              really reaching here. Just as I thought, googling indicated
              that the mustard had decayed over time and was inert.
              \_ Googling?  You found an anti-Bush blog?  I didn't need
                 Google to find that.
                 \_ Where are the references to your mustard, then? All
                    the stuff I can find was tested as inert.
           \_ Let's not forget the timestamps on each.  All are from 1980-
              1988.  How's that reprocessing coming along in NK?
                \_ Pretty good I imagine considering they started in
                   the early '90s.
                   \_ Oh look, it's a liberal masturbation session on the
                      \_ what are you going to do with North Korea and
                         Pakistein, then?  *NOTHING*
                         \_ Well, we're not going to turn a blind eye through
                            the entire 1990's while NK built up their nukes.
              \_ What does the date matter?
                 \_ date matters because we knew about Saddam's chemical
                    and biological weapon back in the 1980s, and we gave
                    the blessing to use them against Iranians.  Our
                    original excuse to invade Iraq was that he made more
                    WMD and capable of use them in 45 minutes.
                    \_ Capable of use them?  Are you for real?
                    \_ Um, no.  Saddam had to declare or show proof that he
                       disposed of the weapons.  No age was specified.
                       \_ Purpose of the weapons inspections was to determine
                          if he had developed WMD since containment began.
                          If the shells date pre-containment, then we have
                          reason to believe that containment was working,
                          and therefore WMD was not a legit reason to invade.
                          \_ Um, no.   He was supposed to declare everything he
                             had, not everything he was making.
                             \_ Read between the lines.  Look at the purpose,
                                not the letter.  Look up from the trees some
                                time and see the forest.
                                \_ So it was ok if he had a few thousand tons
                                   of old WMD hanging out as long as we knew
                                   about them?  You need to *find* the forest
                                   before you start worrying about the trees.
                                   \_ Intel directly after the first war
                                      said that he had been more advanced than
                                      they thought, but that the bombing
                                      campaign had returned him to insigni-
                                      ficant threat level for R&D and
                                      production.  Pre-2nd war inspections
                                      were looking for evidence of further
                                      developments.  None were found. Also,
                                      if he has/had 1k+ tons of WMD, that
                                      would be significant; David Kay and
                                      crew told us they did not.
                                      \_ Intel?  The same intel told us from
                                         multiple countries that he had lots
                                         this time around.
2004/7/3-5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:31151 Activity:insanely high
7/2     Bush stoops to yet another new low. Hits up churches for names,
        money, and votes:
        \- if you think this is a new low, you need to check your
        \_ How is this any different than the DNC swapping donor
           lists with unions and NPR?
           \_ Unions pay taxes, churches do not.
           \_ how about separation of church and state? unions have
              always been political. NPR probably has an axe to grind
              for republicans trying to silence an independent point-of-
              view. Just shows how low Bush will go to be the prez.
              \_ There is no such notion of 'separation of church in
                 state' in the Constitution.  It is a contrivance of
                 leftist judges during the first half of the 20th
                 century.  NPR receives federal funding, exclusive
                 of other news organizations.
                 \_ Duh, like the founders had things all figured out.
                    Take some civics lessons to know that the constitution
                    is a living document that can add rights and protections,
                    though, the "right" wants to abuse even the constitution
                    to limit certain people's rights - not even taken in
                    account the un-patriotic patriot act. sheesh.
                    \_ The document is not *living*.  It says what it says and
                       has provisions for change.  This is not the same as
                       *living* which really means "we make it say what we
                       want it to say".
                    \_ You are an idiot.   I say this without malice, I just
                       think you should know.     -cuhdz
                       \_ I think you are a cock-sucker. I think you already
                          know. Probably from spending too much time down
                          there in the "Bush"-es.
                    \_ Yes there is provision to change to Constitution.  Its
                                                                    It's _/
                       called an Amendment, and there are 17 of them.  And
                       guess what else - judges were not designed as part
                       of the Amendment process, contrary to
                       what you see today.
              \_ You mean like the dems' political rallies IN CHURCHES?
                 \_ thank you.  jesus fucking christ this is a dumb thread.
                    it makes me ashamed to call myself a democrat.  of
                    course democrats campaign in churches all the time.
                    Didn't anyone notice that one of the candidates in the
                    primary race was a reverend? hello?
                     \_ Dems=good, republicans=EEEVIIILL, everything repubs
                        do is bad.  You are not being a good little CA dem.
                        if you think further than this.
                        \_ well, I don't live in California, so maybe that's
                           my problem.  Where I live, the parties actually
                           get things done together from time to time.
                           \_ !!!! WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!  I WANT TO GO THERE!
                              SEND HELP!   --CA resident
                              \_ so. you want to move to a state with less
                                 retarted politics, huh?  ok, i'll give you
                                 directions.  get out a compas.  go any
                                 direction other than south or west, and you'll
                                 be there.
                                 \_ Can't your state just invade and bring
                                    democracy to California?  The weather is
                                    so nice here.  Democracy is the only thing
                                    we're missing.
                                    \_ California suffers from excess of
                                       democracy, among other things. -- ilyas
2004/7/3 [Uncategorized] UID:31152 Activity:very high
7/2     How do people pronounce C++'s "operator()"?
        \_????? Do you mean you are overloading the empty constructor?
           \_ Hi.  You are stupid.
              \_ Hi dickwad, how's how's life going being a constant
                 asshole? Anyway, I found the answer, it's called a
                 "function call operator" if OP meant foo(a,b). Since
                 OP was somewhat ambigious it could also refer to overloading
                 the cast operator.
                 \_ Actually, it couldn't. Unless OP didn't know what he
                    was talking about, of course. There seems to be a lot
                    of that going around.
                    \_ Agreed, since it would require the casting rvalue
                       notation in front of it to be overloading casting.
                       However, given the attitude of people on MOTD these
                       days they could've said "oh, well, what I meant
                       was..." and wiggle their way out of it. Anyway,
                       I certainly hope OP isn't overloading () on a regular
                       basis. Thanks for reminding me what a dog the
                       language of C++ is.
                       \_ Correction, /rvalue/type.
2004/7/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:31153 Activity:very high
7/3     Does Soda's spamd check against Razor and DCC? On my own server, I was
        getting 20-30 spams per day and when I added DNS/RBL checks, now I get
        about 2/week. I rarely get Spam on soda, so I'm guessing the answer is
        \_ read the spamassassin score. the answer is there.
2004/7/3-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:31154 Activity:moderate
7/3     Frame Injection Vulnerability:
        NOTE: Not just windows. Linux, MacOS X and others are
        affected. Only Firefox 0.9 (including rc1) and Mozilla
        1.7 are not vulnerable. yaGoodReasonToSwitchToFireFox.
        \_ Good reasons to switch to mozilla 1.7.  FF is still beta.
2004/7/3 [Uncategorized] UID:31155 Activity:nil
        1.7 are not vulnerable. yaGoodReasonToSwitchToFireFox.
2004/7/3-5 [Finance, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31156 Activity:nil
7/3     I'm reviewing my credit report, and they mention a geographical code
        (e.g, 0-49362310- 1-5335, some #s changed for privacy).  What sort of
        information does this encode?  There's one for each of my addresses.
2004/7/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:31157 Activity:very high
7/3     Where can I find the video of Colin Powell's YMCA song performance
        at the ASEAN security meeting in Jakarta on July 2nd?
        \- google for ""
           \_ nothing comes up.
              \- IAJS;YSTL:
                 \_ Dude, wtf?
        \_ Powell >>>> Gore.  If you ever see the footage of Gore "dancing"
        it's pretty bad.  I didn't see anything wrong with what Powell was
        doing, he was just having a good time in front of a crowd of Asians,
        who have probably spent plenty of time in Karaoke bars ...
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