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2004/6/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30943 Activity:high
6/22    Does anyone know of any publicly available distributed file transfer
        programs? This might be a program that would, e.g., allow you to copy
        files to one machine, and have that machine copy them to n other ones,
        which copy it to n other ones, and so forth.
        \_ Bittorrent + a few torrent grabbing scripts would probably work
        \_ cron + rsync/wget/etc.
        \_ Akamai.
        \_ I had something automatic in mind that's usable in the general
           case. BT, cron + whatever, and akamai don't really fit the bill.
           I'm talking more along the lines of something like what google
           might use to push files to many many machines.
           \_ rdist.
2004/6/22 [Recreation/Food] UID:30944 Activity:very high
6/22    Is Global a decent knife? I've been looking for a good knife for a
        \_ Tac-11 is a pretty good knife.  Heh. -- ilyas
        \_ I can't believe someone erased my post about the only knife a
           man needs.  You people are cold and vicious.
        \_ Believe it or not, I'm using Miracle Blade II right now ... They
           are really sharp, really cheap and can go into the dishwasher....
           Yes, this is heresy, but try it out (cheap!):
           \_ While I haven't used that particular knife, it looks like any
              other cheap stamped blade.  These types of knives start out very
              sharp, but don't hold their edge well.  The blade is also too
              flexible.  You end up with a wobbly dull knife with a ragged
              blade; not very safe.  Any knife can go through the dishwasher,
              but the reason good knives say not to is because they will bang
              into other things and get dull faster.
              \_ Globals are not all stamped.  Its the alloy they use
                 that lets it keep its edge.
                 \_ I never said ANY Globals were stamped.  I said it looks
                    like all the "Chef Tony" knives are stamped.
                    \_ some global knives are stamped, that's why they have
                       a separate forged series that is heavier
           \_ Along those lines, how about someone telling us the scoop on
              Ron Popeil's latest infomercial set:
              I've seen that infomercial a couple times now (well bits of it,
              there's something hypnotic about that guy) and it had me ready
              to buy, but I always figure these things are scams.
              \_ It's an $870 value!  Yours today for only $39.99!
        \_ Wusthof!  Wusthof Classic is the STANDARD!
           OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way:  I've only used Global
           a little, but the ergonomic design seems quite good.  As a new knife
           it was very nice.  The big difference about Global is that their
           steel has a lot of vanadium in it.  This makes the blades harder
           (and presumably more brittle).  These knives are also honed to a
           sharper angle than most good knives.  This makes them seem sharper.
           The reason most knives are honed to a wider angle is that a wider
           wedge holds its edge longer.  Global knives, because of their
           harder alloy, can get away with the sharper honing.  This extra
           hardness and sharpness comes at a price.  These knives are very
           hard for most people to resharpen with a stone or steel.  When the
           knives eventually need resharpening, you will probably have to take
           them to a professional.
           \_ Wusthof/Solingen is totally overpriced.  They're good knives,
              but you can get equally good ones for half the money.  Want a
              tip?  Ask a chef.  The knives are often their most prized
              possessions.  -John
              \_ Agreed.  -Wusthof guy
              \_ I've known two chefs and both used Wustof knives. I use
                 them myself. I would consider Henckels. What knives are
                 equally good for 50% of the cost?
                 \_ Do you guys sharpen them yourself with a sharpening
                    stone, or have it done professionally?  And how often?
                    \_ With a steel every few months, or right before a big
                       cutting job.  The steel corrects minor dulling of the
                       blade.  A professional uses a grinder and actually
                       grinds off metal to create a new edge.   You should hone
                       reasonably often and take it to a grinder only rarely.
                       \_ do you mean truing it on a steel?  I took the knife
                          skills class at Sur La Table (very useful, btw), and
                          the chef suggested to true briefly every time you use.
                          I've heard that you can use a sharpening stone instead
                          of having it ground, but that you should do one or the
                          other yearly if you use the knife often.  I've had my
                          Henckels for a few years and never done this, and was
                          thinking I probably should, but wasn't sure which
                          option to take (tempted to try the stone, but don't
                          want to mess them up)
                 \_ There are some forged Sabatier knives that are 80% as good
                    for 30% of the cost.
        \_ They're fairly light, which might be good or bad depending
           on how you plan on using them.
           \_ Will they still be usable if I stab a guy in the head with them?
              \_ yes, you can still cut thru an aluminum can with it
                 \_ o.O  The guy's head can cut thru an aluminum can?  Whoa.
        \_ I _love_ my global knives.  I have owned and used Wusthof, Henkel,
           and Chicago Cutlery previously.  Global kicks their butts.  Global
           is fairly light, very sharp (I hear they have a special edge on
           them).  They are an excellent value, imho.  --chris
           \_ Just curious how one owns knives "previously"? They should
              last a lifetime. I bought my Wustof knives and I will never
              buy another knife again because there is no need. If they do
              break (possible, but unlikely) you can get them replaced
              for free. How have you gone through so many knives?!
              \_ One per skull?  I don't think they're designed to penetrate
                 solid bone like that and the replacement policy won't cover
                 fraud or felonious use of device.
                 \_ That actually brings up a good point -- once you've got
                    the knife firmly lodged in a guy's skull, what's the best
                    way to get it back out?  Twisting or pulling?  Or do you
                    rock it out?  Which way do you rock?
                    \_ You brace your foot against his neck/shoulder and pull
                       back with both hands if the knife handle is large enough
                       or just one hand with smaller knives.
           \_  There are other companies also using the same alloy as
               Global without the contemporary one piece look.
           \_ I really like Global, but they're pretty light and some people
              like a knife that feels more solid when they hold it. - mikeym
        \_ I bought a block set of Henckel's Professional S.  They look nice
           and work great.  They've also held their edge well for a few years
           without needing sharpening (fairly light use).  Individually,
           any good knife is pricey; in a set they're not too bad.  The best
           piece of advice I've heard is: the best knife is the one you use.
           One that feels good in someone else's hand won't necessarily feel
           good in yours.  Beyond that, Wusthoff, Henckels, and Global are
           all good bets.
           \_ Based on advice from the knife skills class and the book
              "kitchen confidential", I found that I only needed a very small
              subset of the "full block."  Specifically, a good chef's knife,
              a good paring knife (I got two, a long and a short), and a
              z-offset serrated knife.  The latter is *great* for cutting
              lots of misc items (tomato, bread, ...), more practical than
              a normal bread knife.  Oh, and a truing steel, of course.
              \_ My block came with: 6" extra-tall chef's, 8" chef's,
                 long slicer, paring, steel, 6 steak knives, block, bread
                 knife, "utility" (short serrated), and a 6" slicer.
                 I used every single one routinely except the utility.
                 I could certainly get by w/ fewer, but I like having them.
2004/6/22 [Consumer/Audio] UID:30945 Activity:insanely high
6/22    Mp3 players...opinions?  iPod?  iRiver?  Rio?  WHAT IS THE STANDARD?
        \_ If you own a recent BMW or MINI, get an iPod. They work with
           your steering wheel controls now.
           \_ Thanks, this is awesome! --aaron
           \_ Hey that is pretty cool. I'll go buy a BMW now.
              \_ Unfortunately, it only works with bare-bones BMWs...if you have
                 a nav system or premium audio (in some models) you are SOL.
                 \_ You're not missing out on much without a Nav. Honda has
                    some of the best Nav systems out there and even they
                    have some ways to go.
              \_ This may be cool, but it's probably not worth getting
                 a BMW for it. What I really want, and I see it happen
                 in a few years, is audio dashboards that can take
                 mass storage compliant devices such as CF, Memory
                 stick, USB, etc. I can then just connect my ipod, or
                 a CF card, and use it just like a CD from the
                 dashboard. That'll be cool. Heck, even a DVD player that
                 can read MP3 files stored on a DVD will be nice. 4.7GB
                 per disk. Who needs ipod in the car?
                 \_ Anyone with a nontrivial commute.  All I want is a
                    radio with a line-in jack; I'll hook up my ipod that
                    \_ BMW offers a line-in jack in their 3-series. But
                       I'm not sure I want to be navigating through an
                       iPod menu while I'm driving. That's worse than
                       sipping coffee and talking on your cell phone.
                    \_ I agree, a standard line-in jack would be so nice.
                 \_ Audio dashboard? Well, this BMW thing lets you a) power
                    the ipod b) use the same ipod in your car and portable,
                    no need to have a fancy car hard-disk system that only
                    stays there c) just plain beats mp3s-on-cds, that are
                    limited, bulkier, and don't have the playlist stuff.
                    There are other ways to set this up, and obviously this
                    isn't reason to buy a $30k car, but it's cool and uses
                    the cd-changer interface. There are mp3-playing cd
                    changers also but get with the program man.
                    \_ I'd rather take a DVD than an IPOD to my car. Much
                       lighter and easier to replace. The playlist can be
                       and should be configured on the dash, much like radio,
                       or burned on to the DVD. Ipod is like going through the
                       tape interface to listen to CD in cars.
                       \_ I'd rather not burn DVDs and replace them when I want
                          to change playlists or add more stuff or swap dvds
                          or configure stuff on the dash, or have discs
                          cluttering the car. It may appear inelegant at first,
                          but a hard drive system synced using a PC is the
                          best and the ipod fits this perfectly. It's stupid
                          that it can't be independent of sat. radio and nav.
                          A DVD would be actually be fine for me too though.
        \_ Tape Walkman is the STANDARD!
           \_ Go away, proletarian pig dog.
              \_ Oh yeah, you're too cool for a walkman.
           \_ No.  A 200W portable stereo on the shoulder is the standard.
              \_ VICTROLA!  VICTROLA is the STANDARD!
        \_ E450 is the standard Enterprise class mp3 player. See the url
           from yesterday.
           \_ Dunno, that struck me more as a "my dick is bigger" type project.
        \_ One of the reason to go with iRiver before was with how often they
           used to release updated firmwares with new features.  But they've
           been pretty bad updating firmwares.  I'm still waiting for unmanaged
           version with OGG support on my iFP395 that was supposed to come out
           back in January.  I probably won't buy another iRiver again.
           \_ I won't necessarily count this as an advantage. Company that
              releases firmware every other week are usually pretty buggy,
              like the linksys crap. My Garmin/Netgear has far fewer firmware
              releases and is a much better product.
              \_ Most of iRiver's firmwares are fairly stable and bug-free with
                 the exception of recording noise bug introduced in the USB-HD
                 version of iFP players.
              \_ Why is rapid firmware updating a good thing in a consumer
                 device?  Why can't they get it right the first time?  No one
                 wants to update their CED every 2 weeks.  I don't update my
                 toaster, my TV, my alarm clock, fridge or BBQ grill.
2004/6/22 [Uncategorized] UID:30946 Activity:nil
6/22    Yermom's ping time: (penny arcade)
2004/6/22 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30947 Activity:nil
6/22    What's gmail's tech support email? I cannot log in for more than 16
        hours now, this is unacceptable. Thanks.
        Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and
        could not complete your request.  Please try again in 30
        \_ erase all google-related cookies. purge cache. retry. worked for me.
           \_ and if that fails:
              \_ I tried erasing all cookies/cache, and still happens on both
                 mozilla/ie. I can't even visit the support page, because it
                 requires a login, and I can't login. Shit. any ideas?
                 \_ was this just after creating an account? try the above
                    steps again, but also change your password (with the Forgot
                    Your Password? link). i couldn't log in either all
                    yesterday until i did this.
        \_ yes. that's very unacceptable for a service still in beta.
           \_ Fine, don't accept it.  Go back to Hotmail.
2004/6/22 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/Security] UID:30948 Activity:high
6/22    Does anyone here know anything about San Francisco Mercedes-Benz,
        specifically their service department?  I've heard really bad things
        about the service guys at SFBMW, so I'm wondering if I should take
        my car to a dealer in another town.
        \_ You heard bad things so obviously you should take your car there!
           \_ No no.  I heard bad things about SF BMW - really bad things from
              someone that worked at their service department, stuff involving
              forged service documentation etc... SF M-B might be wonderful
              but it got me thinking, so I thought I'd ask...
              \_ What do the two have in common other than being in SF?!
                 \_ Nothing.  He's just stoned or something.
2004/6/22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30949 Activity:high
6/22    Simple mail question: How do I set up .forward to only forward mail
        that has passed my spamassassin filter?  (I want a copy of my mail to
        go to my yahoo account)
        \_ Read up on procmail
        \_ set up procmail to stick all email flagged as spam in your spam
           folder on soda (or stick it in /dev/null) and have your last
           procmail rule be 'forward your mail to your yahoo account'
           \_ Got it, thanks!  Procmail is sweet.
              \_ How can you have unix based email and not use procmail?
                \_ Was using it but had cut and paste a recipe together,
                   finally took the time to read up on it some more
                   \_ Excellent.  The motd is a good place for procmail help
                      if you're not asking RTFM questions.
2004/6/22 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:30950 Activity:nil
6/22    Back in the day NVidia released a new revision to the 45.x (or 46.x?)
        series drivers and some people said to keep the old version for some
        reason.  Is there any reason to not upgrade to the 56.x series now?
        \_ Oh my god!  You're not running the latest alpha drivers?
2004/6/22 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:30951 Activity:very high
6/22    Who the FUCK deleted my gmail question?
        \_ It was probably a retaliatory nuke to irritate whatever cocksucker
           has been censoring all the politics today.
        \_ probably a yahoo employee
        \_ Why take the effort to post this without recapping the q? --aaron
        \_ 1) it was answered by many people, 2) enough with gmail.  this
           isn't the gmail chat forum or support site.
           \_ The motd isn't many thing, but are all discussed here.
              \_ When half the motd is about gmail, it's too much.  This isn't
                 the gmail support center.  They should go host their own
                 message boards or make an easier to find email link.
2004/6/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30952 Activity:high
6/22    Is it possible for a girl to be 38DD (real) and not fat?  How big
        is 38DD?  Is that extraordinarily big, or just somewhat big?
        \_ 38" inches around is on the big side but if she wears it right or
           is just on the tall end of the scale she isn't necessary fat or
           even overweight looking.  Here's a random page about Marylin
           Monroe with the studio numbers and her dress maker's numbers:
    You decide.  DD means she's
           got big breasts on top of that 38 inch frame.  If they're real
           they'll sag, if they're fake, well, no one wants fake once her bra
           comes off and you're looking a rock hard weirdola breast thing.
        \_ Ok i am clueless, can someone explain to me what all these
           number means??
        \_ 38DD is really big.  Reasonable to expect that 38DD chicks are
           either fat or are "packing."
                \_ What do you mean "packing"?
                   \_ enhanced.
        \_ I found a fairly thin 34DD without to much effort:
           \_ Username and password please?
        \_ I think it's possible with some great genes.  Someone can be 6'2"
           with 38DD and not fat.  If I recall correctly, US cup sizes go by
           AA, A, B, C, D, DD, ...  So 38DD should be 38 inches measuring at
           the nipples and 32 inches (38 - 6) at just below the breasts.  Don't
           know how 38DD real breasts look like, but here are some porn stars
           with DD real (supposedly) breasts: Mary Carey, Aria Giovanni (34DD),
           Jun Kusanagi (37DD).
           \_ No, the 38 is measured below the breasts.  38 means
              (38"+5") below the breasts, which means that's fat no
              matter what.
              \_ Really?  Can you describe how the US measurements work?  TIA.
                 \_ Measure under breasts. That's the number (38, 34, etc).
                    Then measure around across the nipples. The inches
                    difference between two numbers = letter (I forget exactly
                    what the scale is... something like 1" = A, 2" = B, etc)
                    \_ Yep. The number has more to do with how big the
                       girl is. The letter with how much larger the
                       breasts are. 32D is bigger around than 38B.
        \_ Here we go:
           \_ Only your breasts can save the motd!
        \_ I looooooooove boobies
2004/6/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30953 Activity:nil
6/22    This motd really deserves to be nuked - completely dour, geeky, and
        nothing the least bit funny.
        \_ Won't you please save us from ourselves!!!
           \_ Exhibit 1A of dour idiocy.
              \_ Why do you hate the CSUA?
        \_ We're not here for your amusement.  Piss off.
        \_ I second that.  Came to look for some entertainment but today's
           motd is more boring than work.
           \_ Then browse for pr0n and STFU.
              \_ you seem bored too.  let's have hot gay sex together.
                 \_ Is that you, kchang?
                    \_ It's not very clever despite the author's pretensions:
                        I'd say the odds are good.
        \_ Why don't you add something funny?
        \_ Why don't you nuke it then huh? TOO CHICKEN??!!
2004/6/22 [Industry/Jobs] UID:30954 Activity:nil
6/22    How's the job market looking these days?  software engineers.
        \_ The job market has been white hot since January of this year for
           anyone who a) already has a job and b) has some skills.  My last
           unemployed friend finally got a job last week after 2 years of
           fucking around not really looking.
2004/6/22 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:30955 Activity:very high
6/22    Why aren't hate crime law considered anti-free speech?
        \_ Because you're convicted of the thing you did, and being punished
           for why you did it.
        \_ Because beating someone to death is still murder.  If you did it
           while wearing a swastika and yelling Zieg Heil, then you get an
           extra dose of punishment for being an asshole.  It's still murder.
           All speech is not free.  You may not yell "fire!" in a crowded
           theatre, as you well know.  I hope this wasn't a troll attempt.
           \_ or "bomb!" anywhere in crowded place especially airport.
              \_ shit!  now you've done it!  the black helicopters should be
                 at your place right aboNO CARRIER~~!@~((~
        \_ Assault as speech? If you're talking about the "why" being
           important, mens rea (your state of mind when committing a crime)
           is a long-established factor. For example, the "why" determines
           what kind of charge you get for a homicide. --aaron
        \_ Some people do consider them anti-free speech.
           \_ Insert white power website URL here.
              \_ Yeah, cuz only KKK folk don't agree with tha law...
              \_ No.  It is too easy to knee jerk around and say hate speech
                 should be a crime.  The white power guys have the right to
                 say hateful and racist and whatever things about other people.
                 They do *not* have the right to say those things while they
                 engage in other criminal activity.  Free speech must be
                 carefully tended.  It must be provided to those with whom we
                 disagree or find utterly vile and contemptible.  Who needs
                 free speech more than those who don't have power?  As long
                 as the stupid, the vicious, the mean, the ugly, and the racist
                 haters have free speech, the rest of us are ok.  Once they
                 lose the right to express their hatred of others, watch out!
                 Your rights will be next.
                 \_ you're begging the question.  -tom
                    \_ No, he's not. Some "hate crime" laws regulate only
                       \_ He's begging the question because his assertion
                          (that the most utterly vile and contemptible speech
                          must be protected or else they'll come for you next!)
                          is both unsupported by any argument and at odds with
                          reality.  -tom
                          \_ I don't think that means what you think it means.
                 \_ Sure, they can say whatever they like, as long they don't
                    kill or maim someone because of their hate.  See above in
                    reference to "your state of mind when committing a crime."
                    \- on a related note, you may wish to read about the
                       notion of "group libel". the case to start with is
                       beauharnais v. illinois. on hate speech, see RAV v.
                       St. Paul [a more recent case and probably more relevant
                       today and to this thread than B'harnais.]. In re: the
                       KKK, see the Skokie march incident. I dont remember
                       the name of the case. I seem to remember a lot of Jews
                       "burned their ACLU card" over the ACLU position in that
                       case. --psb
              \_ So rather than discuss the ACLU URL I posted, you simply
                 delete it. On a discussion regarding free speech. Incredible.
2004/6/22 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:30956 Activity:high
6/22    What's the prupose of running for legged animals?  Does walking very
        fast achieve the same purpose while avoiding the kinetic energy needed
        to jerk the body upward at every running step?
        \_ avoids getting eaten alive?
        \_ When legged animals run, they actually jump, i.e. propel themselves
           forward with every step.  This is a much more efficient than walking
           quickly. -- ilyas
           \_ It's faster; I doubt it's more efficient in terms of long
              distance energy consumption. Especially carrying a load.
              \_ I believe it's both.  You have to move your limbs much faster
                 to match the running speed.  Try it.  See how quickly you
                 get tired.  You probably will not even be able to do it.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm not talking about speed but just efficiency... I
                    could more easily walk with a pack across distance X
                    than run, for large enough X. At least it seems that way,
                    I know I feel pretty pooped after running but walking
                    doesn't take much.
                    \_ Running is mainly for two things: catching food and
                       not getting caught.  doesn't need to be efficient.
                       How many animals have you seen run wherever they go?
                       \_ read ilyas' post... although of course, it's more
                          efficient to run quickly than try to walk at high
                          speed. So this discussion is pointless.
        \_ did walking very fast prevent your ancestors from being chased
           down and eaten by other legged animals?
           \_ I know it didn't.  I'm trying to find an explanation.
              \_ since running != walking very fast, then obviously walking
                 very fast doesn't achieve the same purpose.
                 \_ case closed. thread marked for garbage collection.
                    \_ who died and made you garbage man.
                 \_ Why doesn't walking very fast achieve the same purpose
                    \_ It costs more energy and you just don't have the muscles
                        for it.  Try walking 18MPH sometime.
        \_ Isn't this basically the same tradeoff between performance
           and efficiency that we have with cars?
        \_ There have been tests (horses and dogs on a treadmill) that map
           O2 consumption to gait, and at each transition (walk->trot,
           trot->lope, lope->gallop) there's a sharp decrease.  Anybody have
           a URL for this?
           \_ . google. use it.
              \_ The proxy server's down, and I don't like using google with
                 \_ get w3m
                    \_ w3m has tabs and google search bar?
                       \_ w3m has tabs. -dwc
                       \_ you don't need tabs and a google search bar to do a
                          simple google searhch and read one article.  Stop
                          being pissing on your shoes.  Kids are such sissies
                          today.  In my day, we telnet $host 80 and GET /.
        \_ Wondering how your dates are getting away from you?
           \_ In that case walking very fast *does* achieve the same purpose.
        \_ Ever seen the 'race walking' or 'speed walking' or whatever they
           call it in the Olympics?  Watch that for 10 seconds and you'll
           \_ In the Olympics?  I thought only China has that as a sport event.
              \_ I think it's an Olympic event.  I know it is a competitive
                 event internationally.
2004/6/22 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:30957 Activity:nil
6/22    GCC macro question: If I create a macro that contains, say, __LINE__,
        will __LINE__ be set to the line at which my macro is used or the line
        at which it is #defined?
        \_ I think it'll be the line at which it is #defined.  Oops, I just
           tried it out and it's actually the line it's used.  Maybe the K&R
           book says something about this.  I don't have one here.
2004/6/22 [Uncategorized] UID:30958 Activity:nil
6/22    Idle threads purged.
        \_ Thanks
2004/6/22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30959 Activity:high
6/22    Bush says he is above the law in wartime: (yahoo news)
        \_ Should I even read this obvious troll from an unnamed site?
           \_ Basically, Bush said the Justice Department said that Al Qaeda/
              Taliban don't legally qualify for Geneva Conventions protections,
              but he doesn't want to use this loophole.  He also says that
              treatment should be "consistent with the principles of Geneva".
        \_ This "war on terror" is the most comfortable war the US has
           ever fought. We out gun the enemy and we out number the
           enemy. We kill 100 of them for every one of us that died.
           Yet, we think we need to bypass the Geneva Conventions to
           use torture. It makes me wonder what we will do when we
           have a real war. Yeah, we are always great at telling
           others to do things that we can't follow, BECAUSE WE GOT
           BIGGER GUNS, HAHA.
           \_ You know, if you listen to the constant whining of the press,
              it really doesn't seem like it's the most comfortable war.
2004/6/22 [Uncategorized] UID:30960 Activity:nil
6/22    BOOBIES!!! BOOBIES!!!
        (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.)
         \_ 34C       \_ 36D
        \_ ( . )  ( . )
           \_ yermom?
2004/6/22-23 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30961 Activity:nil
6/22    How do I get rid of the header of a message in procmail?  I want
        to take only the body of a message and save it to a file/folder.
        \_ Use ":0 b" at the beginning of the rule instead of just ":0".
2004/6/22 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:30962 Activity:nil
6/22    Toxic Pollution rose 5 Percent in 2002, first time since 1997.
2004/6/22 [Uncategorized] UID:30963 Activity:nil
6/22    Unfairenheit 9/11:
        \_ Ahh yes, the Hitchens hatchet-job.  You can practically hear the
           spittle flying as he wrote this.
        \_ Unintentional self-parody has a certain humor value.
        \_ I am not trying to dissuade anyone from reading Hitchens, but
           he is a very interesting man: a hybrid of neo-Marxist and neo-
           \_ The original Neocons were all lapsed Trotskyites. He is
              following in a long and well traveled path.
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