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2004/6/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30915 Activity:insanely high
6/18    Kais Motd BETA now covers entries from 1993-1997 though it's very very
        spotty. I'll merge into the main line if I don't get any complaint for
        a week. If you know where a more comprehensive collection is please
        email me. You can find beta entries here:
        Just add .beta at the end of the url                        -kchang
        \_ It's nice that you're archiving history and all but I don't see
           why you care so much.  Is this some compensation response to
           getting your account restored after so long away?  I just don't
           get it.  It's only the motd.
           \_ Considering he's blocking people arbitrarily for perceived
              slights, he's rendered himself useless. --scotsman
              \_ It's his site.  He can do what he wants with it, including
                 blocking you or redirecting you to  You have
                 absolutely no right to access his website nor whine when
                 he restricts you from it.
                 \_ Except that it renders the archive completely
                    untrustworthy, and thus nearly worthless.  Public services
                    such as this one rely on reputation, and if Kevin's going
                    to be petty and vindictive (if that's the case) the archive
                    should just be forgotten. -!scotsman
                    \_ You actually trust anything on the net?  I sometimes
                       don't even trust the servers *I* run.  I always
                       assume the servers run by others are untrustworthy
                       in every sense.  How is his archive different from the
                       rcs archives a few people run here and make publicly
                       readable as far as trustworthy goes?  They could
                       easily edit things, change what people said or didn't
                       say, etc.  How would you know?  And all of this
                       becomes moot when you consider the source of kchang's
                       data is the motd which is a publicly writable, and
                       mostly pseudo-anonymous file.  Why are you so
                       concerned about the trustworthiness of the archiving
                       of an untrustworthy shared text file?  GIGO.  Write
                       your own and put it on the net if it bugs you so
                       much.  It's his hobby.  No one is paying him to do
                       any of this.  I don't know the guy, I don't know why
                       he got squished or why he was restored.  The whole
                       kchang motd archive is being taken way too seriously,
           \_ Coding is my hobby. Costs me $0.
           \_ He wants to demonstrate he is a better programmer than Holub,
              of Twink Point fame. ~tom/bin/twink++.csh
              \_ twink++ is perl.  twink.  -tom
              \_ since when is tom a programmer?
2004/6/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:30916 Activity:very high
6/18    Rhiannon Alabano is a cutie in today's Chronicle/! Wish
        I went to the antioch costco. ok, back to reality.
        \_ Was there a url for this?
        \_ ???
           \_ I'm not the OP, but go to, and see the article
              where there is a picture of this lady.  That is Rhiannon.
              article is about median price of homes in the bay area.
              \_ Uh ok, I see an average looking skinny Asian chick in
                 sloppy clothing and white socks in her kitchen unpacking
                 glassware.  OP needs to get out more.
                 \_ She is positively below average.  I regret wasting 10 secs.
                    \_ Yeah but check out those socks!
                    \_ I won't mind to fuck her at all!!
                       \_ Yes, something is often better than nothing.
                          \_ In this case, I'd take nothing.
2004/6/19-20 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:30917 Activity:nil
6/18 w00t!
        (Ask Japan speaks about human trafficking)
2004/6/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30918 Activity:very high
6/18    Stuff like this always confuses me.  Why do activists always
        preach to the choir?  Shouldn't liberals demonstrate and put of
        flyers in, say, Bakersfield?  Where they might actually be able
        to find people who don't agree with them?  (And therefore convert
        \_ ok, now i'm confused.  I thought you morons believed that
           liberals control all the media.  doesn't that mean we have a
           *much* better way of telling the world about our evil agenda,
           which we force on the world every day?
           \_ hi troll!  people in bakersfield don't read your newspapers
              or watch your tv news anchors.  mostly, they either ignore it,
              shake their fists at it, or laugh at it.  so, if you want to
              preach to the unconverted you have to go to them.  bye troll!
              \_ so they don't watch any tv news or read any newspapers
                 in your world?  well, if that's true, why are you so
                 concerned about the Liberal Media Conspiracy?  What harm
                 is it doing if no one ouside of the Evil Liberal cities
                 like Jew York actualy watch the Commie News Network?
                 Why not come up with a self-consistent set of paranoid
                 \_ You score 2 points for selectively choosing which part
                    of my post to reply to and at the same time putting words
                    in my mouth.  I never said they don't witness your
                    media's drivel.  Go re-read what I said and respond to
                    that and we can try again, troll.
                 \_ The great thing about the Liberal Media Conspiracy is
                    that it provides a convenient bogeyman that can never
                    be voted out of office.
                    \_ So I went over to today to check out the
                       apparently rather vicious review of Bill Clinton's new
                       book.  And what do I see on their site if not an advert
                       from the Kerry campaign asking for 50 bucks.  I've never
                       seen any republican campaigns advertise there.  Why do
                       you suppose that would be? -- ilyas
                       \_ We know that anyone who might donate to Bush is
                          obviously either evil or stupid and all those
                          red necks and hicks can't read anyway so it would
                          be stupid to advertise in the NYT.  The Republicans
                          only collect money during Church services I'm told.
        \_ Because if liberals actually did that they'd realize how futile
           and naive their "cause" is. Reality bites.
           \_ Yeah, right.  It's obviously soooo much better to be an apathetic
              cynical 'realist' like you.  Get serious.
        \_ For the same reason they scream and protest when some knuckle
           draggers take some silly pictures of naked Iraqi dudes but don't
           say a peep about honest to god genocide in other countries.
2004/6/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30919 Activity:very high
6/18    scotsman, you seem to be pretty pissed about something. Is it because
        you can't see Kais Motd, or is it because you don't like
        If it's the latter, email me and I'll change it to a porn site
        of ***your choice***                                    -kchang
        \_ kchang.  He is petty and vindictive so the CSUA doesn't have to be.
        \_ scotsman, maybe kchang is indeed a hypocrit or just
           plain weird, but look at it this way. No one is paying him
           anything and most people haven't even thanked him.
           By pointing out why he is a total jerkass in public, you're
           also making a big ass outa yourself. Even more importantly,
           by doing so you've closed all opportunities to get off of
           his blacklist. I was on the blacklist too but instead
           of making a big deal in public I emailed him nicely and
           and both of us got what we wanted. Now that opportunity is
           gone, just accept it and move on and go to another site.
           No one else is forcing you to see his site and no one is
           bitching about this.
           \_ Dude, you (or someone else) has posted this message half a
              dozen times now.  If he didn't change his ways after the
              second or third time, I doubt a lengthier iteration #8 is going
              to make much difference.  Accept this and stop wasting bits.
        \_ what kind of whacknut uses the motd to communicate one on
           one?  just send a fucking email.
              I think scotsman started it.
        \_ Kevin, it simply pains me to see someone who doesn't learn how
           to interact with people graciously as they move through life.
           You're a remarkably petty person, as far as your interactions
           with this group are concerned.  I wish you well. --scotsman
           \_ No one is complaining about Kais Motd except you. Stop being
              a sourpuss and just accept that sometimes, people just don't
              like you.
           \_ life lesson #1, if you want something from someone, insults
              won't work. I wish you well as well.
                   - motd spectator
                   \_ Hey, you asshole. If you're going to selectively
                      delete people's posts, at least delete the ENTIRE
           \_ Hey kchang, you don't have to listen to this guy.  However,
              you do need to evaluate how you got to the point in your life
              where you would be making the post that you just did.  I mean,
              c'mon, it's a little weird.
              \_ I'm not sure if I should censure you as a hippocryte, I
                 mean, ANYONE who posts on the motd is gonna be pretty
                 wierd, or be frightened by the fact that kchang is even
                 wierder than the average motd dinizen.  On the other
                 hand, I like Kais motd, it pretty much rocks, even if I
                 can't understand his modivation.  -jrleek
                 \_ Posting on the motd is very slightly less weird than
                    blogging which is so mainstream now it's cliche. -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm pretty well-adjusted on average.  I like posting
                    to motd because I like arguing anonymously with a whole
                    bunch of people of above average intelligence.  I don't
                    want to argue politics with friends.
                    Anyway, the bottom line is that I hope kchang gets
        \_ Do you archive all the posts that show how pathetic you are, or
           do you censor those, kchang?
           \_ his FAQ says something about censorship. Oh wait, you can't
              see his site. Too bad.
              \- you could still see his site using lynx.
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