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2004/6/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30803 Activity:high
6/14    While wall is dying, according to Kais Motd, the number of posts
        have been slowly increasing since 1998. See for yourself,
        1998(1643) | 1999(1985) | 2000(3067) | 2001(3213) | 2002(3532) |
        2003(4439). What are some factors that may contribute to this trend?
        \_ Wall was dead years ago.  I sometimes scan the logs to see if
           anyone new has showed up but as soon as they say something one of
           the king-of-the-wall assholes doesn't like they get mobbed and
           never show again.  Or worse, they get ignored as an intrusion.
        \_ Wall used to be full of assholes.  Now it's full of assholes, and
           boring to boot.
           \_ Who sometimes 'descend' upon the motd and dump their wall
              hatched plans for world conquest upon us.  Fortunately the wall
              logs let us check for that sort of thing before it goes too far
              and ruins the credibility of the wall around the world for
        \_ When I was in sk00l, I had no time to wall.  But now I'm a full-time
           sysadmin, I have all the time in the world to post to the motd!
           \_ From another full time sysadmin: kind of weird how there is
              always more than can be done to improve the system but since no
              one knows or cares as long as it isn't down, we end up with lots
              of free time and shitty systems except for the rare system outage
              which kills an hour or two.  Since no one understands or cares I
              don't bother.  Same for you?
           \_ what about ilyas? On some days the guy posts 1/2 of the
              responses and seems to have nothing to do even though he's in
              grad school
              \_ "Even" implies grads do actual work.
              \_ Hey, spy-program guy!  Didn't I tell you ALL of the motd is
                 me talking?  What's with this 1/2 stuff?  Report for your
                 reprogramming, you are clearly still malfunctioning. -- ilyas
                 \_ Bullshit.  *I* have a spy program too and ilyas has _never_
                    posted to the motd, you fraud!
                    \_ Dude, ilyas doesn't even EXIST.  OF COURSE he's never
                       posted to the motd.  *sheesh*  stupid freshman.
                       \_ Pft!  I know for a fact ilyas exists but doesn't
                          post to the motd, but my motd spy ware assures me
                          that you not only don't exist but your parents don't
                          either!  hah!  take that you figment of my delusions!
                       \_ Ilyas is John Galt.
                          \_ But who is Ilyas?
                             \_ John Galt.
2004/6/15 [Consumer/Camera] UID:30804 Activity:nil
6/14    Rolleiflex MiniDigi:
        \_ that is a cool little camera
2004/6/15 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:30805 Activity:high
6/15    The Olympic torch will be in LA tomorrow.  I still have yet to find
        anything on the web telling me when and where to go to see it. is the best I
        can find.  It only says rough neighborhoods and it doesn't say
        what time of day.  Surely the media will be covering the torch
        relay, so presumably they know about the route from some press
        release.  Where might I find such a press release?
2004/6/15 [Uncategorized] UID:30806 Activity:high
6/14    How come we don't hear anything about Kerry's wife anymore?  Did they
        finally get her stupid mouth under control?
        \_ Bwahahahahahaha!  It's not even September yet!  Don't mug yourself,
        \_ Apparently she was just in the bay area.  She was seen
           wearing a button that showed Rumsfeld and crew and said
           "asses of evil".
2004/6/15-16 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30807 Activity:high
6/14    I'm looking to purchase a firewire enclosuer online. NewEgg is
                                           \_ enclosure, or something French?
        out of stock for the one I want (Coolmax CD-309-FW). Any
        other recommendations for online hardware stores?
        \_ enclosure, or something French?
           \_ Wasn't FW invented by the French?  Maybe he wants the real thing?
        \_ 3.5" hard drive, this one is USB 2.0 and FireWire.  I got one last
           week and it works fine with my Hitachi 160 GB.  Read the user
           reviews.  90% tooless, convenient to swap HDs if you want,
           reviews.  90% tool-less, convenient to swap HDs if you want,
           light-weight, no fan, and space efficient is nice.  The one with
           the neon lights blocks the air vents.  For me the main issue is
           that it uses a power brick.
           \_ I am very happy with mine, and I coughed up the extra $3 for the
              neon lights.  Its great for mood lighting my room.
              Its true about the air vents tho it hasn't gotten THAT hot.
              I have a 250gb drive in mine, and I like it way better than
              my other enclosure with a fan because that one gets pretty loud.
              I don't think you can get around having a power brick.
              \_ no power brick:  See the pic for the coolmax.
2004/6/15-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:30808 Activity:very high 50%like:30694
6/15    Firefox 0.9 is out:
        \_ What's the revision history of the project name?
           \_ Phoenix, Firebird, Firefox.
        \_ I've read a lot of bitching about the theme, but there really are
           some problems with this release.  The new extension website isn't
           even rendering correctly; I can't get flash or shockwave installed,
           and a couple extensions I have installed (UserAgentSwitcher and
           BugMeNot) are giving me XUL problems.
           BugMeNot) are giving me XUL problems.  Also, I can't install ANY
           other themes.
           Update: I was able to install a theme by downloading the theme to
                   my desktop and then dragging it onto the theme manager.
                   I also got flash installed after deleting my profile
                   & install directory and then reinstalling.
                \_ thanks.  I'll wait for next release :p
           \_ Bitching from people using a pre-1.0 release.  The notes made
              it really fucking clear that this is a) beta software, b) that
              they had changed the system so that a lot of pre 0.9 extensions
              and themes won't work until re-written, and c) this is pre-1.0
              beta software.  Instead of bitching and telling people not to
              use it how about you do something useful like submitting a few
              nicely worded bug reports?  When you walk on the bleeding edge
              you'll get burned.  If you don't like that, then Microsoft has
              an industry standard browser available for free download.
              \_ Please simmer- I've been using this since 0.4 and I'm no
                 stranger to odd upgrade issues.  What I meant was merely that
                 this upgrade has frustrated me more than I expected-- .7 & .8
                 were *perfect* upgrades, this one has not been.  I understand
                 that this version contains some major updates to the
                 extension and theme formats, and I wiped my install and
                 profile directories to accomodate.  Just a heads-up.
              \_ I think the poster above is reasonable and kind to point out
                 that .9 may be less stable/usable than .8.  I consider this
                 a public service announcement, not flame-bait.
                 \_ Everyone using .8 *should* up to .9 and file bug reports.
                    If you're not then why are you using beta software?
                    \_ Because I don't have a day to spare right now to hack
                       on my web browser if it hoses my system in some way...

        \_ After reading this post, I decided to be foolish and upgrade as well
        \_ I downgraded to 0.9rc1 due to all the problems with 0.9. I think
           that you might still be able to grab rc1 from the servers. If anyone
           needs it I can probably stick a copy of the macosx dmg in /tmp
2004/6/15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:30809 Activity:nil
6/15    Hey cool!  Yahoo Mail just upgraded to 10MB attachments and 100MB of
        storage free...guess antipicated competition from google is having an
        affect.  Go go market forces!
        \_ Why do you hate the USSR?
        \_ effect, not affect - motd grammar daemon
           \_ affect is also a noun.
              \_ which makes even less sense here.  The noun is effect. -!mgd
              \_ But not the one you want.
2004/6/15 [ERROR, uid:30810, category id '18005#3' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30810 Activity:nil
6/14    Here's that lying scumbag Drudge, of all people, trying to accuse
        the LAT of biased polling.  Of course their poll had a lot more
        Democrats than Republicans.  There are more of them around.
2004/6/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:30811 Activity:insanely high
6/14    Even better than ketchup as vegetable, USDA declares that french fries
        are a vegetable!  Or is that Freedom Vegetables? (yahoo news)
        \_ it's like the Ents took a long time to decide something obvious
        \_ Ketchup isn't a vegetable, it's a fruit.
           \_ Look, a fruit bat!
              \_ Eric the fruit bat?
        \_ The USDA never said ketchup was a vegetable but it's up there with
           Al Gore Invented The Internet jokes.
           \_ They were considering classifying it as a vegetable for school
              lunches. The fact that they even considered it is enough...
              \_ 'They' consider all sorts of stupid things.  I'll bet you
                 there are war plans on a dusty shelf in the pentagon somewhere
                 for what to do when Britain turns against us, invades Florida
                 and nukes the New York and Washington.  Just because it was
                 considered doesn't mean anything.  You take your government
                 way too seriously, IMO.
                 \_ Uh, the point was/is that governments suffer from
                    dilbertesque idiocy and lack common sense. I don't
                    see how you could grok that I "take government too
                    seriously" from that. Perhaps you are projecting...
                    I think it's rather sad that our tax money is being
                    wasted on studies such as "should ketchup be classified
                    as a vegetable." Apparently you don't. Perhaps you'd
                    like to pay for my share in all stupid studies, because
                    I'd certainly like a refund on my tax dollar.
                    \_ I think it's worse than sad.  I think government is too
                       big and too stupid.  I think our taxes should be 10% at
                       most and all the stupid programs, welfare, etc, should
                       go away.  I also think it's a hopeless cause.
                 \_ read the cia's own account of the government conspiracy
                    to conceal the existence of extraterrestrials--even
                    in the absence  of any such ETs existence:
                    \_ Ok...?  But what has this to do with ketchup, the
                       USDA and Al Gore's inventions?
                       \_  It's an example of government idiocy which may
                           appear somewhat sinister, but is really just
                           plain old idiocy.   hence it supports what the post
                           one level up was saying, which was why i posted it.
                           \_ Ah, ok.  Thanks.  I'll check out the link when
                              I get home.
           \_  But he DID!!!! Remember the information super-highway???
               \_ Remember the Alamo!
           \_ Wrong. The Reagan administation did propose classifying ketchup
              as a vegetable until public outcry forced them to back down:
              \_ Why do you hate America?
              \_ Yes yes some idiot always has to bring up some bullshit.
                 Move along.  I was there.  You were in diapers.
                 \_ obBothWaysUpHillThroughTheSnow
                        \_ Off topic, eh?  I said you were ignorant, not that
                           my life was harder.
                        \_ wimp. we had to fight sabertooth tigers
                           for our lunch and access to the modem
                           pool. This being before fire, clubs or
                           \_ tigers?  you had tigers?!  jeez, what kind of
                              goddamn wet behind the ears punks are they letting
                              in these days, anyway?
                 \_ This is accepted fact.  Stop with your blatant attempts
                    at mythologizing.
                    \_ Accepted fact among your "thank god he's dead, I'm
                       going to rent Taxi Driver to celebrate" friends.  The
                       rest of us remember the truth.
                       \_ Wow.  You are truly deranged.
                          \_  uh huh.
                       \_ Wrong. Of course, this is the "liberal
                          Washington Post" so I am sure you will
                          discount it:
                          \_ Discount it?  Yes, but that's better than simply
                             deleting it instantly which is what you do when
                             I post links to back my statements.
2004/6/15 [Recreation/Food] UID:30812 Activity:high
6/14    How much does Noah's Bagel charge for a tiny portion of cream cheese
        nowadays? $3? $4? How about bagels? Still 50 cents?
        \_ Why do you hate capitalism?  Buy your cheese somewhere else.
2004/6/15-16 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:30813 Activity:nil
        Korean dumpling is rotten. This reminds me of the time when I bought
        a bottled Korean Ginseng drink and got a huge headache and bloody
        red eyes. I don't trust Korean made food anymore.
        \_ Try fresh ramen or the rice.  That shit is really good.
           Also the quality of their tofu is excellent. Pulmone brand is my
           favorite.  You can actually smell the freshness when you open
           the packaging.
        \_ Won't somebody PLEASE think of the SHIN RAMYUN!
        \_ Isn't all Korean food basically rotten?  I thought that was part
           of the process (letting it ferment).
           \_ Bad troll, no kimchee.
2004/6/15-16 [Consumer/Camera] UID:30814 Activity:high
6/12    To whoever posted about the digital Rollei camera, my Dad:
        "what were they thinking of?  That us old geezers have so much
         money we can't stand to keep any of it?  The old Rollie's were
         good for a lot of things, but not particularly for portraits.
         It's like a little kid taking pictures of adults; lots of
         pictures of looking up nostrils.
         For a selling point, they missed a good one.  The picture of the
         flag raising at IwoJima was taken with a Rollei."
        \_ I agree w/ your father. I think that it is strange that Rollei
           (of all companies) would come out with a "cute" camera. A
           decent digital camera w/ a CMOS sensor would be more what I
           would expect from them.
           Long live Kais Motd!                         -kais motd #2 fan
2004/6/15-16 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:30815 Activity:very high
6/12    What is the difference between VIA6306 / VIA6307  1394 chipsets?
        \_ 1
           \_ haha. What's the difference in capabilities or specification.
        \_ doesn't matter.  You should get a Texas Instruments 1394 chipset
           \_ any recommendation for a pci card that works with linux.
2004/6/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:30816 Activity:high
6/12    Do we have a CNET login?
           \_ yeah now that it was splashed everywhere bugmenot is just going
              to turn into a clearing house for accounts that *dont* work.
2004/6/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30817 Activity:insanely high
6/12    Fox News gives positive review to "Fahrenheit 9/11."  Damn liberal
        \_ Damn liberal movie critics!  Damn liberal movie goers! Damn liberal
           movie renters!  Who else did I miss?
           \_ Damn liberal movie directors! Damn liberal movie distributors!
              Damn liberal people in damn liberal documentaries!
              \_ "Damn hippies" -S. Crothers. You forgot that. -- ulysses
        \_ It's called "Fair & Balanced".  Fox isn't a conservative news
           outlet.  They do shit like this all the time, you just ignore it
           in favor of the other stuff you don't agree with.
           \_ Sorry, I call bullshit.  Editorial policy drives bias no matter
              how much is done to prevent it - hence rightward tilt in WSJ
              articles or leftward tilt in NYTimes articles.  Truly
              "objective" reporting is an impossible fantasy, and striving
              for it usually does more to obscure the truth than to reveal
              it (i.e. "White House reports sky is green; some Democrats
              disagree").  Fox reporting oozes bias.
              \_ objective "reporting" a fantasy? ok, sure.  reporting is
                 crap anyway.  the only media model i'll accept is a combination
                 of original source material, like cspan, with a moderated
                 comment forum, like slashdot.  until we go to that model,
                 the press will continue to undermine, not bolster our
                 \_ HAHAHA! moderated comment forum! jeezus. And CSPAN isn't
                    original source material, it's politicians blabbing.
              \_ Let me guess, you think CNN, MSNBC, ABC,CBS, LAT, are
                 all centrist sources of information?
                 \_ They are corporate sources of information.  They will
                    print whatever they thinks makes money.  Let me guess,
                    you buy into the "liberal media" myth?
                    \_ LAT, NYT, WP do not apply -- these newspapers are
                       driven at least equally by personalities as well as
                       corporate profit.  TV stations, it's debatable either
                    \_ Let me guess, you buy into your own "corporate media"
                       myth?  The newsrooms and editors are predominately
                       liberal.  Why is that so hard to understand?
                       \_ well, they are (1) corporations and (2) media,
                          therefore: corporate media.  What, you think they
                          do this for free?
                          \_ Since they control all information and they're
                             mostly liberal, there is no competition so they
                             can charge for their own version of the news.
                             Only very recently has more centrist news been
                             available which in the last ~5 years has over
                             taken their leftist competitors in TV viewship,
                             and radio listenership.  AFAIK the newspapers are
                             still left controlled.  I'm not aware of any mass
                             market printed news that isn't left biased.
                       \_ It's not hard to understand, it's just untrue.
                          \_ Uh, whatever.  That's been checked a few times
                             over the years.  You're simply ignorant or lying.
                             Don't bother coming here with one liner bullshit.
                             \_ I bow to your superior 3-liner lying ignorance.
                       \_ Sure, most reporters are liberal. Most owners
                          are conservative. They kind of balance each
                          other out, but when push comes to shove the
                          owner fires the liberal reporter.
                          \_ Reporters don't get fired unless they fake stories
                             and even then it takes dozens of stories and years
                             to come out.  The owners are not vetting stories
                             and you know it.  The editors who are mostly on
                             the left do it.  How far do you think a reporter
                             would get in the typical newsroom if he was known
                             to be a registered Republican?  His career would
                             be dead and you know it.  It does not balance out
                             in any way in the general case.
           \_ "Fox isn't a conservative news outlet."
              So if you compare Fox to CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, would you
              say Fox is the "least liberal" of the aforementioned stations?
              \_ Good try.  I would say CNN and the others are losing ratings
                 share to Fox because they cater to the left, not the center
                 where most people, by definition, live.
                 \_ Are you insane?  Are we watching the same stations?
                    The same CNN that ran like a gajillion fawning non-news
                    reports about Reagan last week?  THAT is a liberal media
                    outlet?  I'd like some of what you're smoking, if you don't
                    \_ Reagan is not a good example.  Every station wanted
                       to out-do the other in pro-Reagan coverage; now he's
                       dead, the liberals don't want to appear as if they
                       are dancing on his grave.
                       \_ Nice dodge.  I suppose the coverage of the run-up
                          to the Iraq war isn't a good example either, or
                          anything else substantial?  Nope, the boogeyman of
                          the Liberal Media is still out there, never to be
                          \_ Hey, all I said was that Reagan was not a good
                          \_ Pre-war, everyone but whatshername in Ber/Oak was
                             in favor of it.  We didn't instantly find 100 tons
                             of WMD (until it recently started showing up in
                             other countries) so that makes them sycophants?
                             How many times have you seen Kerry described as
                             "arch-liberal, John Kerry, jr. Senator from Mass,
                             under Ted Kennedy"?  Never.  How many times have
                             you seen, "arch-conservative so-n-so, Senator from
                             xyz"?  All the fucking time because anyone who
                             isn't a Democrat has a 50/50 chance of being
                             tagged as an arch conservative.  Or better yet,
                             extreme or ultra conservative.  You will *never*
                             see an extreme ultra arch leftist like Kerry
                             described that way.
                 \_ You are confusing cause and effect.  Fox *is* a
                    conservative news outlet -- whether the cause is corporate
                    profit, a vast right-wing conspiracy, the little green
                    men in your pants, or all of the above -- the effect
                    is still the same.
                    \_ Fox provides left, right and center.  You only see the
                       right because you're blinded to how left the left
                       really is.  Left looks normal to you so only the right
                       stands out for you.
                       \_ Wow, you really need to look in the mirror and think
                          about this statement. The center, as defined in this
                          country is somewhere between the democrats and the
                          republicans, and most mainstream media outlets run
                          stories that give voice to both of the major parties.
                          Those newspapers that endorse candidates endorse both
                          republicans and democrats. In other words, they are
                          centrist, at least to those not blinded by their
                          right-wing prejudice. Fox news aligns itself with
                          the extreme right wing of the republican party, and
                          doesn't give any voice to the opposition. They only
                          look "normal" to extremists like you.
           \_ Once William Hung's CD sold 100k copies, everything, including
              this, is possible. -- Coming soon -- flying pigs and hell
              freezing over.
              \_ I have to admit that I bought 99,998 of them.  He bought one
                 for his mom and this drunk dude picked up the other copy.
                 \_ thank you, NERFAMC
2004/6/15 [Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:30818 Activity:nil
6/15    William Hung sells 100k copies, to launch 2nd album,1002,271|88767|1|,00.html
        \_ In other news, mysterious black hooded figure on white horse seen
           sowing death and destruction across the land.
           \_ The Death of of Tastebuds?
2004/6/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30819 Activity:insanely high
6/12    Ronald Reagan Started a War That Rages Today
        ...explains today's political landscape
        \_ blue M&M, red M&M, they all wind up the same color in the end
        \_ You mean the money he gave to Saddam, or the money he gave to Osama?
           \_ I am a no fan of Reagan, but I want to point out that he is not
              the only person whose short-sighted policy has costed us.
              Example.  USA's policy to lure USSR to declare war with Japan
              in WW2.  We allowed USSR to occupy northeastern part of China
              (major arm factory, which they in turn arm the communist in
               China), as well as half of Korea.  USSR declared war with
              Japan for *ONE DAY* without firing a single shot.
              \_ The USSR was far scarier than any terrorists around today.
                 The mistake was not nabbing bin Laden in the 90s when he was
                 right there for the taking and we didn't accept the offer.
                 \_ In retrospect, the red scare was a hype.
                    \_ In retrospect you either weren't there or you are
                       simply blinded by your own agenda.  Or perhaps you're
                       one of the few people upset that the Soviet Union is
                       no more.  Did you shed a bitter tear the day the Wall
                       came down?  Were you happy the Clinton administration
                       didn't pick up bin Laden when he was offered to them on
                       a silver platter a few times?
                    \_ I guess this is proof that hindsight isn't always
                       \_ it is sad that you haven't learned your lesson
                          from history.  Communism wasn't all that scary
                          because there are two types of communism.
                          There is the Soviet style communism expansion,
                          and there is a chunk of countries choose communism
                          over western european's imperialism.  Of course
                          you being a white imperalist never see this.
                          But for your information, communism in Cuba,
                          Vietnam, Korea, hosts of Southeastern Asian nations,
                          and China in great extend, all belong to latter.
                          Tragically, many policy makers in USA were as simple
                          minded as you are, lump all communist country into
                          one gigantic group.  If you bothered with each
                          nation's history and analyze the root of communism
                          individually, there is no reason to panic as the
                          way we did.
                          \_ I vote this 'dumbass post of the week.' -- ilyas
                             \- it's up there. --psb
                          \_ They're all dictatorships. The USSR installed
                             communism in eastern europe and effectively
                             they were puppet states. Those people didn't
                             want to be behind the "iron curtain". But that's
                             what communism gets you, just dictatorship. You
                             think North Korea's is in any way at all
                             representative of the people there? Then there's
                             China, see how it stagnated for decades until
                             they started embracing the imperialist capitalist
                             running dog economics. The power structure there
                             currently lets China function in a reasonable way
                             but it's corrupt and unrepresentative and keeps
                             control of the press etc. just like any other
                             self-serving dictator like Saddam would, comrade.
                          \_ The other guy may or may not have learned any
                             lessons from history, but goddamn -- you're
                             almost completely ignorant of it...and severely
                             prejudiced too.  Thank you for your infusion of
                             humor into the motd, chicom troll!
                          \_ Ah yes, the old variation on the "there is more
                             than one kind of communism and we're the 'good'
                             kind" nonsense.  It makes me just laugh when you
                             put China in the non-expansionist column.  I'm
                             really not in the mood to get into it with chicom
                             troll this late at night but anyone who passed a
                             grade school history class should know better
                             than your drivel.  In any event, you're also off
                             topic since it was a terrorism vs USSR comparison.
                             No one gives a damn about China.
2004/6/15-16 [Recreation/Sports, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30820 Activity:insanely high
6/12    My old HS history teacher used to tell us that the Roman Colliseums
        were built to detract citizens from real issues so that they will
        be content and not overthrow the emperor. Now that I'm grown up and
        know better, I think that is really stupid. I mean, we have football
        and basketball today but people are still pretty pissed about Bush
        and his policies. What do you guys think?
        \_ You are lacking one vital component in your reasoning, the
           shows at the Coliseum were free. Football and basketball are
           not free, and even TV broadcasts are increasingly not free
           (i.e. advent of PPV). Also, the shows at the coliseum were
           state sponsored, the NBA and NFL are privately sponsored.
           \_  The stadiums are usually locally sponsored.
        \_ you are a minority.  Majority of people still think Iraq has
           helped the September 11th attack, and invading Iraq has everything
           to do with WMD and terrorism.
               \- hello, roman entertainment for the masses was motivated
                  by expedient reasons and took the form of public games,
                  subsidies drama, mime [mime was big] etc. while officially
                  run by the aediles who were public officials, the $ was
                  augmented by wealthy individuals [as opposed to now, when
                  the public subsidizes the stadiums for the wealthy].
                  however after the fall of the republic, there was less
                  reason for individuals to pretend to be public spirited.
                                         \- actually looking at some material
                                            this appears more complicated.
                                            i wont bore the "senate and the
                                            people of soda" but i wanted to
                                            leave a note for full disclosure
                                            and can discuss via email if anyone
                                            is interested. --psb
                  it wouldnt get you elelcted consul and more power in the
                  senate was not worth much. so later on, some of the
                  events in the colosium did have a ticket system and women
                  had to sit in the nosebleed seats. so you cannot generize
                  between 2nd century b.c. and say the spectacles of the
                  Neronic age. also outside rome, differnet parts of the
                  empire were "into" different events ... like i think
                  gladitorial games were more popular in the west than the
                  eastern parts of the empire. it is sort of interesting that
                  individuals figures in costests did develop reputations and
                  the sort of had non-georgraphic teams and fans ... like
                  these celebrities would appear on "sports merchandise". --psb
        \_ Your history teacher was pretty much correct.
           \_ you have never heard the expression "bread and circuses"
              [panem et circenses]? this is a troll, clearly. --psb
              \_ And Mr. Latin phrase arrives on schedule.
                 \_ i resisted a discussion of the tribune of the people
                    and roman land reform law with you plebians. --psb
                    \_ your little roman era sports speech above was lengthy
                       but lacked any serious detail that might show you have
                       done more than watch a history channel episode.  would
                       you do a better job with roman land reform?
                       \- One is speaking to a History Channel Audience here.
                          It's reasonable to say something here is wrong.
                          To say it is incomplete is silly. The large topic
                          of the relations between the govt, the patrician
                          class, and the urban underclass, the rural population
                          etc is obviously something that changes over time
                          as rome grows from a "city on the tiber" to
                          "the ruler of the known world" and then changes
                          form into an empire from a republic and cant possible
                          addressed in depth here. if you want citations
                          they can be provided via email. if anything is
                          incomplete, it is your criticism which is largely
                          content-free. --psb
        \_ TROOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!
        \_ Yeah, I built a cathedral in all my major cities and I have the
           Colosseum, but my cities are still all in disorder.
           \_ Build the "war on terrorism" minor wonder. People will be
           \_ Build the "war on terror" minor wonder. People will be
              forced to support the government no matter what.
              \_ I changed the government type to "Shadow" and it all worked
                 itself out. If I get a riot, that population disappears.
                 \_ Iain Banks' thriller _Complicity_ features a Civ-like
                    game where you can "discover" the drug trade and get your
                    counsellors hooked so they stop bugging you for reforms.
                 \_ If you changed it to communist, it would have the same
                    \_ Kinda:  all of the dissidents would be rounded up and
                       then shipped out in equal numbers to all of your
                       cities.  It's kind of like congressional redistricting.
            \_ Stop using your Mech. Inf. to fight partisans and put them back
               in your cities where they can suppress unrest.
2004/6/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30821 Activity:very high
6/12    Since when did aaron become bitter about US, foreign policy, and
        everything associated with politics?            -aaron #1 fan
        \_ why isnt everyone? too busy playing everquest? --psb
           \_ Progressquest >>> everquest!  -- ilyas
           \_ why should they be?  is it a big shock that not everyone shares
              your political philosophy and agenda?  i guess its because we're
              all just stupid since you have so clearly articulated the loss
              of american credibility around the world for generations to come.
              stalin would be proud.
              \- just out of curiosity, what would it take for you to not
                 supprt bush? i mean say he got a law passed saying all
                 income above $1m year was not to be taxed? or say he decided
                 to try disallow anybody from any muslim majority country
                 to visit/immigrate to the US? or how about if he req'd
                 a loyalty oath for any govt employee or said he would apply
                 a juducal limits test on abortion for all fed jud appointtees.
                 of how about if in the next 4 months 5000k us service people
                 get killed in iraq. i dont think any of these will happen,
                 but if any of these did happen, would you still support
                 bush? btw, is there a single bush suppert who will sign
                 his name? i'm not saying this invalidates you point, but
                 it does seem odd. --psb
                 \_ Sure, I ll sign my name.  Obviously, I am not a Republican.
                    I am not the guy you are replying to.  -- ilyas
        \_ I've never seen him *not* bitter.  Who cares anyway?
        \_ When Bush was (s)elected.
           \_ Bwahahaha!  You are *still* bitter you got crushed in the
              recounts?   All of them?  Get over it.
2004/6/15-16 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/IO, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30822 Activity:high
6/15    Related question.  Is there any harddrive enclosure that is powered
        by USB (so I don't need to drag an extra power cable)?
        \_ I have one for a laptop drive, but I suspect the power demands for a
           standard 3.5" drive are too high.
        \_ For a 2.5" notebook HDD, sure, almost all of them should do it.
           For a 3.5" HDD, no, USB doesn't provide enough power.  Firewire
           can do it, but Wiebetech is the only manufacturer I know of who
           makes such enclosures, and they're very pricey.
           \_ That's not necessarily true. Certain USB ports on certain
              computers don't supply enough power to the USB port to run
              even a 2.5" hdd. This is the reasn why they include a
              keyboard adapter (draws power from the mouse/keyboard ps2
              port). YMMV. Also, powered Firewire is only standard on
              Macs, on PCs it's hit/miss.
           \_ who makes 2.5" enclosure?
              \_ there are literally a dozen different ones that you can
                 pickup at Fry's. I would guess there's at least 50
                 different manufacturers.
              \_, search "2.5 enclosure usb", or find the category
2004/6/15-16 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30823 Activity:insanely high
6/15    Diplomats / Senior military officers calls for a New Administration.
        \_ Why do diplomats / senior military official hate America?
        \_ NPR?  You might as well post from the or
           the freepers.  No one is going to eat this bait.
           \_ NPR != KPFA.  NPR keeps getting pegged as some sort of leftist
              think-tank, but they do a damned good job of keeping the bias
              to a minimum on both sides.
              \_ Said the far-left liberal.
                 \_ Sorry, you want my cousin, Lefty McLeft.  I'm a moderate.
                    \_ Really?  Ever voted for anyone who wasn't a Democrat?
                    \_ Certainly not your brother, Tighty Righty
                       \_ Anything you and my brother do in the privacy of
                          your own home is your business.
              \_ I find it really weird how all my ultra lefty friends who
                 think the Chronicle is part of the VRWC all listen religiously
                 to NPR as the source of all truth.  It must be their lack of
                 bias matching NPRs lack of bias I guess.
                 \_ I think I'm what you might call a far-left liberal, and I
                    think NPR is horribly biassed shit, mixed in with awful
        \_ national palestinian radio
2018/11/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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