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2004/6/13-14 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30774 Activity:high
6/12    "It was the team's success in designing a rudimentary word processing
        system using Unix on the PDP-7 that allowed them to get the funds for
        a PDP-11. The word processor proved enourmously useful to Bell Lab's
        patent division." --from an E'ist article on DMR && Bell Labs.
        It's funny how some things stay the same [in terms of who you have
        to make happy for $$$] and the image of lawyers using some precursor
        to ed/troff. ObEdIsStandard. --psb
        \_ Considering that their other choice at the time would have been
           dictating to an army of secretaries with high school educations....
           What do you think they should have done to earn funding?  They
           should have just got money because they were cool?
           \- i think you are missing the spirit in which this was intended.
              i dont suppose you have ever used a line editor.
              \_ I have used a line editor before, having used both ED and
                 EDLIN (in dos).  I wrote most of my school papers using vi
                 and troff, so yes I'm familar with both concepts.  Maybe you
                 can explain 'the spirit' to a low grade moron such as myself?
                 \_ If you'd read the rest of this week's issue, you'd note
                    the Economist is pushing the philosophical idea of open
                    source rather heavily-- both for software development and
                    biological research.  It's funny, then, that Unix, which
                    has been the core focus of the movement, might have been
                    stillborn except for a legal department clamoring for its
                    word processor.  As for line editors, have you used them
                    for legal documents?  It's just odd.  That's all. -!psb
                    \- Mr. LGMoron: First, if you were in a bar at Friday
                       Happy Hour and somebody said "well there goes another
                       weeks of my life working for The Man" would you then
                       week of my life working for The Man" would you then
                       respond "well it is better than being unemployed".
                       Second, it is just funny to think about lawyers
                       using SCCS to collaborate, maintianing their briefs
                       via Makefiles calling tbl | eqn | troff etc. Finally,
                       as I "didnt say" above, given the history of AT&T
                       Unix litigation, it's somewhat ironic they were
                       internally greasing the wheels. --psb
                   \_  Man, you need to get laid or something. If you didn't
                       find the Dilbertesque situation of this historical
                       factoid funny and you used vi/troff to do your homework
                       you must still be a virgin. --williamc
2004/6/13-14 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:30775 Activity:very high
6/12    "A Bridge Too Far", Operation Garden, WW2, good movie, on A&E now.
        Unlike Band of Brothers it's got REAL German speakers and authentic
        \_ BDG, is that you?
           \_ sorry, but what does this have to do with marriage?
              \_ He probably ment Bridge not Bride. It is common knowledge
                 that by the time a woman becomes a bride, it has gone too
                 far. To me German snipers and machine-gun nests are far
                 more inviting than the arms of blushing bride.
                 \_ Dumbass. -- ilyas
                 \_ Have you ever seen a machine gun, tiger? -- ilyas
                    \_ Have you ever been with a woman?
                       \_ Come now, BDG, you should be able to sense
                          WomanDoom <tm> a mile away without asking. -- ilyas
        \_ yes I typed bridge. In fact I simply pasted from the web site.
           Whoever changed bridge to bride, do you actually think it is
           funny? I think you're just immature                  -op
        \_ Whoever changed the spelling has no sense of humor.  Restored.  That
           sort of thing simply isn't funny.  Restored.  -!op
2004/6/13-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:30776 Activity:very high
6/12    I'm thinking about buying a md recorder to record my lectures next
        semester. Has anyone used an md recorder for this purpose before?
        Any alternatives? (I also want to make mp3s from the recording,
        which seems to be possible with the new 1gb md recorders).
        \_ why not just get an mp3 player that can do voice recording...
           \_ iPod + Griffin attachment works great.
        \_ you might want to look into the iHP-120.
        \_ out of curiosity, is this so you can keep the lectures for some
           personal reason, or do you just want to re-listen to the lectures
           \_ I often miss things in class because I'm too busy trying to
              take notes so I want to be able to record the lecture and
              then listen to it later so that I can get a better handle
              on the things that I missed. I don't really plan on keeping
              the lectures for the rest of my life, though I want to hang
              on to them while I'm still in school.
        \_ Get a $5 tape recorder from radio shack.
2004/6/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:30777 Activity:insanely high
6/12    Is it possiable to get app_get for Linux distributions other than
        Debian?  Can I get an RPM for fedora, or mandrake?
        \_ does urpmi count?
           \_ Pretty cool.  Thanks.
        \_ Take a look at: The dependency
           checker in apt4rpm is really cool.
        \_ Yes. Go to and grab their apt package for your
           distribution. In addition to the apt program, it comes with a sources
           files that points to an apt-ifed mirror of RH/Fedora/etc distribution
           and updates.
           distribution. In addition to the apt program, it comes with a
            source files that points to an apt-ifed mirror of RH/Fedora/etc
            distribution and updates.
        \_ Thank god for the ports collection in *bsd.
        \_ I think you mean "apt-get"
2004/6/13-14 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30778 Activity:insanely high
6/13    RIAA doesn't want you copying songs from the radio: (
        \_ nothing new.  RIAA/MPAA are already public enemy number one
           \_ public enemy?  hardly.  if you're using a p2p net to steal
              music you'll hate them.  i've never downloaded a p2p client.
              the riaa/mpaa activities mean absolutely nothing to me.  i laugh
              when the motd/slashdot crowd whines about their freedom to
              steal and their 'rights' being taken away.  you noted that
              they didn't sue anyone before p2p networks or napster existed,
              \_ what if you just hate them because all the music for the last
                 ten years sucks?
                 \_ That's not their fault.  All possible good music has already
                    been created.
                 \_ That's not their fault.  All possible good music has
                    already been created.
           \_ I hate them because they are too greedy.
              \_ I second that. Regional coding, SCMS, all these fucked up shit
                 that doesn't prevent shit but prevents me from watching legid
                 DVDs from other countries. Fuck the RIAA, even though they
                 have nothing to do with DVD, but fuck them none the less!
                 \_ all optical data storage technology sucks ass anyway.
                    I firmly believe that people have only been suckered by
                    the lie of optical data storage media by brainwashing.
                    i have tapes from the 1980's that have been dropped,
                    kicked, left out on the ground, left in a hot car
                    and carried around the world in a grubby shoulder bag
                    that still play fine, and cds that are less than four
                    years old that are totally busted. fuck cds and fuck
2004/6/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:30779 Activity:very high
6/13    How does one tell a linux box to use the company mail server, thus
        keeping me from having to run a mail server on my boy.  I think it is
        a relay tag somewhere, but I don't remember.  I used to know.
        \_ I thought you could set up your mail program to just use the
           server of your choice?  (It's been a long time since I've done
           \_ You can with many, but not all, mail programs. For the general
              case, look into something like esmtp or ssmtp.
        \_ Linux is only a kernel.  There is no such thing as "telling a linux
           box to use the company mail server".  To answer your question, we
           would need to know your mail client which isn't a part of 'linux'.
           \_ there's a set of 5 patches to do this in the kernel, which need
              to be applied by hand, with some hand editing because they
              conflict in few places.
              \_ uh yeah that seems worth it.
           \_ look if you know the answer for ANY linux box. then i am
              interested.  The vast majority of people here are using either
              sendmail or postfix to "sendmail" in linux and the solution for
              either would have been perfect, the solution for qmail would be
              interesting.  I almost added "Sendmail or postfix" to the post
              but, as i said, i'd be interested in qmail, or even EXIM or...
              and i thought that by specifying the OS, people would realize
              i was asking about system level and not about individual mail
              client level.  Clearly I was mistaken. -top
              \_ ok ya big baby... it goes like this: the easiest thing to do
                 so all your mail clients just work is to setup any mail server
                 to only collect mail locally and set the smart host to be your
                 ISP's mail server.  For sendmail you want the DS line in the
         In procmail, I forget the exact method but the
        and are very well self documenting.  I think
                 it's in  And qmail has Yet Another Stupid Dinky
                 Pointless Single Line Config File for this which has some
                 stupid djb syntax you don't want to learn.  I've done it in
                 qmail but it was far to painful to bother for anything I'm
                 qmail but it was far too painful to bother for anything I'm
                 not getting paid to do.
                 \_SMART host, that's what i couldn't remember.  tnx, and
                   gaga googoo.
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