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2004/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:30713 Activity:nil
6/10    how did people survive before toilet paper was invented?
2004/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health/Women] UID:30714 Activity:insanely high
6/10    What did William Randolph Hearst, one of the most powerful man
        on earth during the early 1900s, see in Marion Davies? I mean, she's
        not particular pretty or anything, what exactly did he see in her?
        \_ One word: Rosebud.
        \_ I think she was quite beautiful.  And supposedly she was
           very funny and charming.
        \_ To judge a partner only by looks is extraordinarily shallow.
           I don't know if Hearst was -- perhaps he satisfied any need
           for "pretty" women with mistresses, common for rich men.
           \_ But MARION was the mistress, at least at first, no?
              In any case, she stayed with him long after she herself
              had become independently wealthy ... so maybe they really
              just loved each other.
        \_ lame question, but back in the 20s-40s, pre-pill era, what the
           heck did they use for birth control?
           \_ Condoms have been around for centuries.
                \_ I'd think the world's most powerful man would prefer
                   not using the condom because it feels so much better
                   \_ Syphilis URL nutcase to thread...
                   \_ I don't think he is the world's most powerful man,
                      perhaps the most powerful man in his castle.
           \_ Withdrawal.
        \_ Have you ever actually... you know... with a girl... *talked* to
           one?  And no, for-pay online sex-cam chat doesn't count.
        \_ Have you ever done the castle tour? According to the tour guides,
           they were very much in love with each other.
        \_ In the US maybe, not on earth you idiot.
                he hated Minorities and supported Hitler.
                \_ yes, which is another reason the myth of the liberal press
                   is absurd.  -tom
                   \_ I finally figured out why we let you stay here.  For the
                      humor factor.  Taken the right way you're actually a
                      really funny guy.  Sort of like the court jester or the
                      class clown, you're always there with something wildly
                      inappropriate, off topic, ridiculous, or just plain rude.
                      I hope to see you around some more.  The motd was making
                      too much sense without you for the last few months.
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Shopping, Recreation/Music] UID:30715 Activity:high
6/10    Is there some easy and nonpermanent way to mute (lower the volume)
        an acoustic guitar?  I suck and I don't want to bug my roommates.
        \_ my own solution: stuff a small rag under the strings between
           the bridge and the hole.  Works well after midnight.
        \_ Palm mute (look it up), lighter pick, loosen wrist while
           strumming (lighter touch). You can probably shove cloth/clothing
           in the guitar if that doesn't make you uncomfortable. -- jsjacob
        \_ Fill the resonant chamber with cloth.
        \_ don't play at night.  they'll still hear it.
        \_ unplugged electrical at night
2004/6/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30716 Activity:nil
6/9     When will it end?  More documented accounts of brutal and inhumane
        treatment of prisons the likes of which the world has never seen
        before!  This makes me so ashamed to be an American!
        \_ Come on, this is nothing new. To give a few examples:
           Manifest Destiny, 1800s, "give pox to Injun savages so that our
           settlers will be safe"
           Spanish War of 1812, "let's create a war for our story"
           1940s, "let's lock up all Japs because they're all spies"
           1700, "let's import niggers for the farmland"
           You still think that the Civil War was about freeing slaves?
           Think again.
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30717 Activity:very high
6/9     I am in desperate need of a Stepford Wife. I've been married for
        a while and I'm not getting any, and she's getting fat and uglier
        by the day.                                             -bmg
        \- why dont you begin to torment her. that may make you feel better
           and maybe you have nothing left to lose. --psb
        \_ if you still love her, then for better or worse (and perhaps
           a fling now and then). if not, then time to be a man and tell
           her it's over.
           \_ either, that, or it's time to take up golf!
        \_ wtf is a Stepford Wife?
             \_ oh man, this is like the in the 22nd century.
                Actually I don't know if the Stepford Wife is better or the
                Holodeck. Wait, the Holodeck is infinitely better cuz
                you can program a Harem.
                \_ you need to improve your movie knowledge foo.
                \_ This is a remake of a lame movie from the 70s.
                   \_ Lame?  Lame!  Ok, yeah, lame.
2004/6/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30718 Activity:nil
6/9 -- ilyas
2004/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30719 Activity:very high
6/10    Hoping to draw parallels between our recently departed 40th
        president and the current one, the White House today revealed that
        George W. is known fondly among the staff and cabinet as "the
        Great Communicatator."  The President was unavailable for comment.
        \_ exactly, Reagan is unavailable for comment as well.
        \_ CFR (Call For References) on this claim.  -emarkp
           \_ Are you the type who reads The Onion and tries to verify the
           \_ it's supposed to be a joke.  communicator unavailable for
              comment.  ha ha.  -tom
              \_ I guess this worked better out loud, but read it again.
                 Imagine Bush trying to say "communicator" in public.
                 Communicatator isn't a typo.
                 \_ Dear god, is it possible to kill an already dead joke all
                    over again?  Good job, motd!  Ha ha indeed.
                    \_ Yeah once tom got on here trying to 'explain' to us
                       unedjumikated plebes it was dead dead dead.  After that
                       it just didn't matter any more.
2004/6/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30720 Activity:moderate
6/9     Don't be obnoxious.
        \_ What is the airspeed velocity of a fullen laden motd?
           \_ What do you mean, motd.public or motd.official?
              \_ I don't know that... AAAAAAARGHHHHH!!!!!
                 ... How do you know so much about motds?
                 ... Well, you have to know these things when you're an alumnus
           \_ An African or a European motd?
              \_ mine was funnier
2004/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30721 Activity:insanely high
6/10    Why is Reagan credited with "winning the cold war"? Isn't it basically
        Gorbachev's doing? All Reagan did was quadruple our national debt.
        \_ He is credited with it because he did.  I laughed my ass off the
           other day when one of the complaints from some leftist blog was
           bitching that Reagan destoying the Soviet Union put an end to any
           hope for detente.  Unreal.
        \_ In Soviet Russia, Cold War wins YOU!!
        \_ Well, Gorbachev himself credits Reagan with ending the cold war:
           \_ He says "made a huge, possibly decisive, contribution to creating
              conditions for ending the Cold War". That's not the same.
              \_ Pretty close though.  Within epsilon.
                 \_ So Hitler made a huge, possibly decisive etc. for ending
                    the Third Reich, by his various blunders. The conditions
                    for ending aren't the ending.
                        \_ Hilter didn't come out and say 3rd Reich is going
                           away and I'm going to make it happen. Reagan said
                           that he was going to bring about the end of Soviet
                           communism and he put into place policies to that
                           end. That is the difference. I know YOU don't care
                           but I still felt like mentioning it.
                    \_ Wow, talk about turning reality on its head.  A good
                       rhetorical attempt at twisting words to suit your
                       agenda but silly when presented to an audience with
                       more than 1 brain cell.
        \_ When the Soviet Union collapsed, I didn't hear anybody crediting
           Reagan.  I heard credit going to the collapse of their economy.
           \_ And the entire intel community saying "Holy shit.  We didn't
              expect that..."
        \_ Two words: Zero Option. Look them up.
        \_ USSR collapsed because Gorbachev was an idiot, really. Although
           his reforms that were meant to modernize the party and the economy,
           he accidentally unleashed forces that lead to the disolution of the
           soviet union. Today he might be writing in his memoirs that this was
           his original intention, but that's complete bs.  The truth is that
           he was plain incompetent as a leader. His reforms, specially in the
           economic areas, usually didn't go beyond rhetoric.
           \_ His reforms led to greater freedom and the breakaway of the
              client states and so forth... whatever he intended, incompetent
              or not, this was basically his doing. He clearly intended moving
              towards more openness and reducing the command economy.
           \_ Well, the ussr had their own expensive vietnam going on in
              Afghanistan. They had to spend hugh sums on this war, and on
              continuing the cold war with the US increase in defense
              spending (modernizing and expanding), and SDI. The ussr
              couldn't keep up, financially - their old economy collapsed
              on itself. Reforms were the result which we all know didn't
              work out so well. So the Reagan administration's was able to
              end the cold war w/o firing a shot by outspending the ussr.
              Probably a good use of the money considering the alternative.
              \_ so why didn't China and North Korea collapse? They never kept
                 up. it's just not that simple.
                 \_ You said it yourself.  They never kept up.  The USSR was
                    attempting to keep up and couldn't play that game.  China
                    and NK haven't tried and haven't kept up either.  If China
                    or NK was to engage in an all out WWIII style blood bath
                    like the US & USSR were prepared to do for almost 50 years
                    they were be crushed like bugs before it even started.  If
                    the same thing happened with the USSR, the odds are good
                    that all human life on the planet would have been snuffed
                    out.  If China or NK tried to keep up they would collapse
                    too.  Why?  Because our system, our culture, and our
                    society are superior.
                    \_ right... so if life would have been snuffed out anyway,
                       USSR could have really cut back without any particular
                       danger to their empire. So it seems to me the real
                       difference is that under Gorby, the USSR failed to
                       keep up the autocratic iron fist. China never let up.
                       \_ no, they couldnt because eventually something like
                          star wars would have worked and other tech advances
                          would have made their land forces obsolete as well.
                          if we had continued dumping billions into SW we might
                          have a functional system today which would make their
                          nukes useless, or useless enough.  our modern land
                          forces of today would have obliterated their forces
                          of 25 years ago.  I agree with the iron fist part,
                          except: 1) the USSR had to do something, Gorby tried
                          something and lost, 2) China has not kept up and can
                          not stand up to the US today.  China is not the US
                          military equal the USSR once was.
                 \_ exactly.  liberlize economy first, but retain strong
                    political control, like what putin is doing today.
        \_ It takes Leadership to cut taxes, recognize your enemies in the face
           of nuclear war, and spend on defense.
           (And defined in this way, as many Americans do, Democrats don't
           have Leadership.)
           \_ JFK? Reagan increased the total tax burden on the middle class
              btw. He cut income taxes and raised payroll taxes, shifting
              the overall tax burden down. Overall collections as a percentage
              of GDP changed only very slightly.
              \_ You need an unbiased URL to prove the first two sentences, and
                 not from an opinion column.
                 \_ Reagan DID lower income and corporate taxes but raise
                    payroll taxes.  It shoudlnt' be too hard for you to find a
                    URL. -second opinion
                    \_ Then find one.  Your opinion is worth the bits it takes
                       to print them.  Probably less.
                 \_ Look, I am not going to do your research for you. Taxes
                    as a percentage of GDP is a prety easily obtained stat.
                    Is the WSJ unbiased enough for you?
                    \_ Dumbass.  Yes, you, dumbass:
                       First two sentences.  That does not include "JFK?".
                       The person who makes the unconventional claim must
                       back it up.
                       \_ The only reason it is "unconventional" to you
                          is that you are economically uneducated. I do
                          not have the time to educate you, that is something
                          you have to do yourself. Here is more data:
                          Look at Federal tax burden as a percentage of GDP
                          in 1980 and 1989.
                          \_ Are you JUST NOT FUCKING UNDERSTANDING?
                             "First two sentences."
                             \_ Okay, I see the confusion. You should have
                                said second and third sentences. I will
                                research this and get back to you. I am
                                busy at work right now.
                             \_ It is in this book:
                                Look at the source of federal revenue through
                                out the Reagan Era. The percentage amount from
                                payroll taxes increases and from income
                                decreases. Reagan raised payroll taxes
                                numerous times. Here are CBO numbers:
                                Income tax dropped from 8.9 to 8.0
                                while Social Security went from 5.8 to 6.7,
                                perfectedly offsetting the decrease.
                       \_ and the ad hominem begins. conservatives lose!
                          \_ Actually, I'm a Democrat, and I'm not thinking
                             of switching.  I just can't stand it when
                             some liberal makes a claim far out of left
                             field without some backup.  Republicans think
                             we're all idiots, and I'm not going to help them
                             with that myth.
                             \_ No, we don't think you're all idiots.  If that
                                were so we would've destroyed your entire
                                movement decades ago.  We think that many of
                                you are well meaning but either confused or
                                simply wrong and the rest are simply selfish to
                                the point of being evil.  I do appreciate you
                                coming forward and trying to bring the level of
                                debate above the usual "yoo teh suk!" that we
                                see on the motd from the fringes and the echo
                                chamber.  --conservative
           \_ It takes Intelligence not to waste trillions on nukes and star
              wars and tax cuts while promising balanced budgets and accruing
              massive debts. Defined in this way, Republicans don't have
              \_ The same Americans would say that if we had Carter in there,
                 we wouldn't have spent as much, the Soviets wouldn't have
                 spent as much, and the Evil Empire would still be there.
                 The same Americans would say the deficit-spending was money
                 well spent, and without big government too.
                 \_ Reagan also passed some of the biggest tax _increases_
                    of any President.
                    \_ Do I have to continue this?
                       The same Americans would say that raising taxes was
                       necessary to support defense spending in the arms race
                       with the Soviets, to keep Social Security solvent,
                       and to not let the deficit go wildly out of countrol
                       and to not let the deficit go wildly out of control
                       (and it was wild) -- all worthwhile causes.
                       \_ But wait, so its okay to raise taxes to pay for
                          war and control the deficit?!  Why can't we do that
                          \_ Because tax cuts stimulate the economy.  Lowering
                             taxes asctaually increases revenue!
                             taxes actaually increases revenue!
                             -- voodoo economist
                             \_ Hehe, ok so you're saying that raising taxes
                                stimulates the economy?  That high taxes will
                                increase revenue *over a period of time* and
                                not just initially?  That high taxes create
                                private sector jobs?  Okey, dokey!
                                \_ Of course it is more complicated than
                                   that. Taxes spent in economically useful
                                   activity tends to grow the economy faster
                                   than when that activity doesn't happen
                                   or only happens at the whims of the
                                   market. Universal public education, paid
                                   for by taxpayers, has been shown to be
                                   a win by many diverse economies. I think
                                   universal healthcare is too, as
                                   demonstrated by countries like Canada,
                                   where they spend less as a percentage of
                                   GDP (by far) but get similar results. Tax
                                   money wasted stupidly or in fraud is
                                   always a drain on the economy. Compare
                                   The Netherlands vs USA economic growth
                                   rates over time to see that higher tax
                                   rates do not always strangle the economy.
                                   \_ So you're saying the command economy is
                                      better than the demand economy.  I think
                                      the failure of the Soviet Union and now
                                      China moving to a demand economy buries
                                      that idea.  Money siphoned off to the
                                      government can never be spent as
                                      efficiently as money spent directly in
                                      the private sector.  What the government
                                      can do that the private sector can not
                                      is big public works projects that benefit
                                      everyone such as building/maintaing the
                                      highways, defense, dams, and other large
                                      projects that are unlikely to yield
                                      direct monetary benefit or are impossible
                                      for the private sector to deal with.
                                      Re: Netherlands.  Uhm, yeah, let's
                                      compare a homogenous highly controlled
                                      tiny country that doesn't have a military
                                      or any of the other problems the US has
                                      as a large nation and only super power to
                                      the Netherlands(???).  It isn't even
                                      worth discussing.  How about you compare
                                      the US to some other country or group of
                                      high tax countries that can almost equal
                                      the US in some way?  You know, the apples
                                      to apples thing?  Try Germany, France,
                                      Britain, etc. combined.   Netherlands?
                                      That's laughable.  The mouse that roared.
                                      \_ Heh.  In my current game of Victoria,
                                         I am playing as Netherlands.  It's
                                         1850s, I still control Indonesia, and
                                         I am rivalling the US for the #2
                                         world power status (Britain is #1).
                                         Netherlands used to be powerful back
                                         in the days.  Didn't they make Japan
                                         a satellite state at one point?
                                           -- ilyas
                          \_ Those in favor of the war should pay more taxes.
                             \_ That would be great!  We could all choose
                                what government services we want to pay
                                for.  I have no kids, so screw education!
                                I also have no need for social security,
                                medicare, or welfare, so I'm not paying
                                for them either! I think you should run
                                for office on that ticket.
                                \_ Amen, brother!  I'm totally in favor of us
                                   each only contributing as much as we take
                                   out!  My taxes would drop from a total
                                   burden of just over 50% (fed, state, etc) to
                                   about 5%.
                                \_ Sure. Make sure to vote for me.  I'll
                                   be running as CSUA party in '08.
                                \_ You're using CSUA account...that's part
                                   of education.  As for social security,
                                   you'll need it unless you plan to
                                   die before 67.
                                   \_ I don't need the CSUA account, I'm
                                      paying way more in taxes for
                                      education than the value of a CSUA
                                      account. Do you really think you'll
                                      get back even a fraction of the
                                      money you put into social security
                                      now?  Here's a hint: save money.
                                      \_ No but it's more for helping out
                                         those who need it.  How do you like
                                         seeing those senior citizens sleeping
                                         out on your streets if there's no
                                         social security?  Here's my hint:
                                         MAX out your 401k.  Save money is
                                         not getting you anywhere.
                                         Same goes with welfare.  No welfare
                                         means more bums in yoour neighborhood.
                                         or maybe you pay extra tax to have
                                         govt to deport them somewhere else
                                         or pay extra to move to richer place.
                                         It's totally your choice.
                                         \_ No welfare means fewer crack heads
                                            after they either get jobs or
                                            starve to death.  I'll pay an extra
                                            1% for funeral costs for the first
                                            year or two it takes to shake the
                                            garbage people out of the country.
                                            \_ But what if the crackheads
                                               decide to start burglarizing
                                               your house and carjacking you
                                               so they can afford to eat?
                                               Now you've been robbed and
                                               possibly shot and you then have
                                               to help pay the $50K per year
                                               to keep them in prison.
                                               \_ Prison?  No, 2nd amendment.
                                                  Anyway I think more highly of
                                                  people than you do.  Most
                                                  will work if forced to.
                                               \_ It doesn't take much
                                                  carjacking to eat. drug
                                                  adicts rob to pay for their
                                                  habit, not their dinner.
                                                  (yet another legalization
                                                   arg.) -phuqm
                                      \_ I have to disagree whether you
                                         need education or not.  In someway
                                         you used the education fund already
                                         by having gone to public schools and
                                         UCB.  Just because you don't need
                                         it now doesn't mean you got ripped off
                                         by the govt.  Without this education
                                         fund, your parents would have paid
                                         a premium to get you educated.
                                         \_ Very little of your education costs
                                            go to teaching students.  If this
                                            was a pure undergrad school most of
                                            us could easily afford it with a
                                            part time job.
                                      \_ I think you pay education not solely
                                         for yourself, but for a better
                                         society.  Just imagine what's like
                                         to live in state with no public
                                         education.  You'll end with so many
                                         kids on the streets doing random
                                         \_ Duh, that's what the second
                                            amendment is for.
                                            \_ Yeah, that is working out
                                               real well in places like
                                               Afghanistan and Congo.
                                               \_ They don't have the other
                                                  body of laws or culture to
                                                  support a non violent pro-gun
                                                  culture.  The Congo?  Yes,
                                                  when barbarians get weapons
                                                  they kill each other.  Big
                                \_ You'll never know if you need welfare.
                                   \_ I'm hungry and cold.  Send me your money.
        \_ We PRC Chinese made the USSR collapse.  We kicked them out of the
           house and cozied up with Uncle Sam.  Then we did a punitive
           expedition against Vietnam, after which the USSR sent huge amounts
           of money to their Vietnam lackey.  USSR also had to deploy many
           divisions along the world longest land border.  Not long after
           we punished the Vietnamese for being traitors, the USSR invaded
           Afghanistan in part to surround China, and got their butt kicked
           there.  In conclusion, it is us who brought down the USSR.  We
           \_ Kind of true. If a large country was supporting Afghanistan/Iraq,
              I am sure the outcome would be different. Too bad the Soviet
              is too chicken to do what the US did to them in Afghanistan!
              \_ The Soviet?  What is the Soviet?  Whatever it is there isn't
                 a the Soviet anymore.  Perhaps that is why the Soviet didn't
                 do anything about Iraq?
           \_ The USSR invaded Afghanistan for oil and a warm water port.  Why
              would they want an even longer border with China?  Not only is
              this not even "kind of true", it isn't even internally
              \_ Really? Then how come Afghanistan has neither a port or oil?
                 They have invaded Afghanistan just to put another satelite
                 country under their belt. I think that was the main point,
                 though most Russians themslves don't know what was the point
                 of this war.  I have read somewhere that it was mostly
                 Brezhnev's idea who after having recieved lots of literary
                 awards for his WWII trilogy "Malaya Zemlia" imagined himself
                 to be the world's greatest military commander and ordered the
                 Afghanistan invasion right before his death.
              \_ Warm water port to a river?  What for?
                 \_ Uh, you're kidding right?  Russia and then as the USSR
                    has been trying to get a warm water port for _hundreds_
                    of years.
                    \_ I just don't see how a river port is worth invading a
                    \_ Yes, but their goal was to reach Mediterranean Sea,
                       not the Indian Ocean. They were actually pretty close
                       to reaching the Mediterranean but were prevented
                       by the British and other allies of the Ottoman empire.
              \_ Why would they want a longer border?  No, it's not that
                 they want a longer border, it's just that the USSR likes to
                 threaten and bully.  That's what the USSR is about.  Until
                 it fell apart.  Warm water port is just part of the whole
                 picture.  Mostly USSR wants to dominate the region, with
                 help from friendlies like India and Iran.
                 \_ So they conducted a 10 year war in Afghanistan just because
                    they're mean?  And a warm water port and a shitload of oil
                    was secondary?  Ok, yeah, that makes lots of sense.
                    \_ they thought it's gonna be just a few months.
                       countries that sent most aid to the mujahadeens:
                       us, china, saudi arabia.  china was poor and
                       stingy.  why would it send aid in this case?
                       and no, there is no oil in afghanistan. ussr
                       has plenty of oil, they don't need more oil.
2004/6/10 [Uncategorized] UID:30722 Activity:high
6/10    Best Aphex Twin album?
        \_ Arguable.  A lot of people would say the "Richard D. James" album or
           maybe "I Care Because You Do."  My vote is for "Selected Ambient
           Works 85-92", but its a little dated sounding.  "Selected Ambient
           Works II" is rewarding but extremely difficult to get into if you're
           not familiar with minimalist composers like Arvo Part or Steve
           Reich.  An album that a lot of people miss out on is "Classics,"
           which is a collection of his early EPs and is really great if you're
           interested in his spastic hardcore techno roots (e.g. "Didgredoo")
           Also "26 Mixes For Cash" is great if you want to hear him do crazy
           shit to other people's pop music.
           \_ I don't like PM-drt much but I do like Glass.  I've heard some
           \_ I don't like Part much but I do like Glass.  I've heard some
                           \_ name edited because people's editors were
                              mangling the umlaut.
              of SAW and liked it.
              \_ Only SAW II is minimalist - the first SAW album is light
                 "ambient" techno that has a very particular sound and vibe.
                 The only thing that comes close to it in sound is Boards of
           \_ I forgot to mention, the Polygon Window album on Warp is
              excellent and some of his best work.  Right up there with
              SAW 85-92.
2004/6/10 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:30723 Activity:nil 53%like:29972
6/10    What's a good place to buy the digital rebel body only? Can I get
        it for around $700?
        \_ Special mentioned on says OneCall is selling the kit
           with 18-35mm lens for $826 eith free 3-day FedEx shipping.
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:30724 Activity:very high
6/10    Good lord.  They are making a Dukes of Hazzard movie, starring
        Jessica Simpson.  What's next, an A-Team movie?
        \_ Standard.  They always go back to the previous generation to get
           movie ideas.  It'll make a few bucks on nostalgia.  Most of the
           A-Team crew is dead.  It wouldn't be the same.
           \_ Dirk Benedict, dwight schultz, and mr. T are all alive.
                Not sure about George Peppard. So what are you talking about?
                \_ I thought Schultz was dead.  Mr. T. wasn't in very good
                   health the last I knew.  I'm pretty sure Peppard is dead.
        \_ Gah, I also see they are making a Pink Panther remake with has been
           Steve Martin as Clouseau and Beyonce Knowles in a supporting role.
           Nothing is sacred.  *barf*
2004/6/10 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:30725 Activity:very high
6/10    As time goes on I get more and more invitation tickets on
        and I'm beginning to understand what they're doing. Their entire
        mail system is going to be based on referrals in order to keep track
        of user dependency graph and spammers, and if one guy invites too
        many spammers that guy will be taken off. Simple, yet brilliant.
        \_ so basically all the folks ebaying their invites may get screwed.
        \_ Why would spammers send spam through gmail?  They have plenty of
           open relays at their disposal.
        \_ Damn you are a paranoid freak.
2004/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30726 Activity:very high
6/10    This keeps getting deleted, but nevermind.  Global terrorism report
        being revised by State Department after Administration meddling.
        Revisions will show terrorism at highest level in 20 years, rather
        than lowest level in 34 years as originally stated. (latimes via yahoo news)
        \_ Piffle.  An LA Times story with unnamed sources critical of the Bush
           administratioN?  What a surprise.  Wait until the facts come out and
           then post it again.
           \_ You are way, way understating this.  The poster, IMO, overstated
              somewhat.  Let's just call it what it is.  They are revising
              the report ... upward.
              And, a Washington Post story today:
              This is where you say, "Liberal media ... bad!"
              \_ Its only true if Rush Limbaugh says so.
                 \_ Rush never said you're an idiot, but it's still true.
                 \_ I always laugh when people attack radio, tv, newspaper or
                    other public figures they've never listened to, seen, read,
              \_ I didn't cry "libural media"--I was criticizing a single
                 paper.  I don't trust the LA Times or the NY Times unless it's
                 corroborated.  And I don't trust unnamed sources.  Oh, and I
                 don't listen to Rush.
        \_ revise the report to go back to 900 AD and see how much terrorism
           the muslim world produced
           \_ RACIST!
           \_ Why do you hate history?
           \_ Include the Crusades then too.
                \_ Crusades was dark ages version of "War on Terror"
2004/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30727 Activity:very high
6/10    Ray Charles, RIP.  Something tells me that he isn't going to get the
        travelling corpse treatment.
        \_ Why would you expect the "travelling corpse treatment"?
           \_ Just in comparison to another recently deceased famous person.
              \_ You mean "former president" -- not just famous.
        \_ Elvin Jones and Steve Lacy have also recently passed away. :(
           \_ And (sadly) 99% of the world has never even heard of them.
           \_ who?
        \_ Which President was he? Slot machines?
        \_ Ronald Reagan, former two term President of the United States of
           America vs. Ray Charles.  Hmm.  I'll bet Ray doesn't get a marine
           drum roll, a ride of air force 1, a 21 gun salute or a state burial
           either.  It must be Republikkkan racism.
           \_ Come on.  The Reagan-mania over the last week has just been
              ridiculous.  They're acting like a Saint died, or something.
2004/6/10 [Reference/History, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30728 Activity:nil 66%like:30735
6/10    Hey Bush-haters:  Go rent Spartan.  The first 75% is pretty good.
        -Fellow Bush-hater
        \_ Is it better than Trojan?
2004/6/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30729 Activity:high
        Avoid Yahoo Dating service at all cost please.
        \_ reasons?
         \_ read the reviews
                   \_ what reviews?
              \_ what point are you trying to make with this particular ad?
           \_ Try craigslist instead.
2004/6/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:30730 Activity:insanely high
6/10    Dear CSUA, newbies I invite you to join an elite forum called WALL.
        To enable it, just type "wall y".                       -wall God
        \_ And to contribute your own worthless effluvia, type "wallall"
        \_ If you were a god of anything, you'd know how to use a fucking
        \_ Or, in a session type:
           tail -100 -f /csua/wall_log
        \_ Elite?  You're kidding right?
        \_ The only thing the wall is good for is to give a few knuckleheads
           a place to blow off steam without mushing up the motd.  The wall
           logs reveal the most bored people on the planet.  Get jobs.
           \_ I think most of the people walling HAVE jobs and are at them.
              \_ Then they need to start earning their pay.  Or are they on
                 wall getting paid to chat so they can stick it to The Man?
           \_ No.  Wall is for partha to give live play-by-play of cricket
              matches being held halfway around the world.
                \_ Or meaningless sports banter of any kind.
        \_ ~dbushong/bin/wallchat -h for the non-l33t.  Be nice and use \
2004/6/10-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:30731 Activity:moderate
6/10    Cal football games to be broadcast on the radio in SoCal.
              \_ Not free. Not on Yahoo Sports, anyway. If you know of
                 a way to get it for free, let me know.
        \_ It's about time.
           \_ You can listen to the games over the Internet, though. It
              used to be free. It might still be.
              \_ Might be hard to do while you're stuck on the 405.
                 \_ Satellite.
              \_ Not free. Not on Yahoo Sports, anyway. If you know of
                 a way to get it for free, let me know.
2004/6/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:30732 Activity:very high
6/10    Hi, what is "volatile function" in C (or is it C++)?  Thanks.
        \_ They're used when writing vaporware.
        \_ I imagine it's a method that operates on a volatile object (?)
           \_ Uhm, no... that wouldn't make much sense, now, would it?
              I've never used or see someone use "volatile" in all the
              years that I've been coding C (it's been 15+ years now).
              According to K&R the volatile modifier is used only
              variables that supposedly could be modified outside of
              the executing program. In the years since the original
              K&R during ANSI meetings there has been some debate over
              what "volatile" actually means and there hasn't been
              a satisfactory answer. I've never heard of anyone using
              "volatile" on declaring a function, I'm not even sure
              if that would pass the compiler...
              \_ Wow, way to look like a fucking dumbass again. "Just
                 because I've never seen volatile used means it, like,
                 doesn't make sense, or something!" Here's a snippet
                 from the C++ standard:
                 "[Note: volatile is a hint to the implementation to
                  avoid aggressive optimization involving the object
                  because the value of the object might be changed by
                  means undetectable by an implementation... In general,
                  the semantics of volatile are intended to be the same
                  in C++ as they are in C."
                 And in C, the volatile type specifier generally denotes
                 something like a memory-mapped IO address, so it's not
                 some totally abstract theoretical thing.
                        \_ Or a variable modified by a signal handler.
        \_ Google says that they are functions that can return control
           to some point other than where they were called from.
           \_ Uhm, that would be highly problematic.... -williamc
              \_ Uhm, you are an idiot.  This is about as problematic as
                 exceptions (that's exactly what they are designed to do).
                 Now I am sure volatile isn't implementing exceptions in C,
                 but your comment's ignorant regardless.
                 \_ Actually, it would be highly problematic in a C program,
                    because C doesn't implement exception handling.
                    It's apparent that YOU have never done any C
                    programming (no, this is not Java, and C++ exception
                    handling is still pretty broken). In addition,
                    you appear to fail to understand how exception
                    handling is implemented in general. -williamc
                    \_ Ok, let me try small words.  Poster: "functions that
                       can return control to some point other than where
                       they were called from."  You: "That [returning control
                       in this way] would be highly problematic."  Except
                       this is NOT highly problematic because that's exactly
                       what exceptions do.  You are a moron.
                       \_ It is nice to see people get hot and bothered and
                          make fools out of themselves by flaming on a topic
                          other than politics. Sir, I salute you for caring
                          so much about typecast functions.
                          \_ (Why) I oughta (knock) your block++ off;{!!;}
                    \_ You've never heard of setjmp and longjmp?
                 \_ youse guys are all cracka's!
                 \_ have any of you ever kissed a girl?!?
2004/6/10-11 [ERROR, uid:30733, category id '18005#11.77' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30733 Activity:very high
6/10    Hmm.  No Reagan bump for GWB in the polls.  Not really surpsised,
        actually, since he only suffers by the comparison.,2933,122378,00.html
        \_ It's sick that you would even consider such a thing.
        \_ It must really burn the Right Wing Hate Machine to see
           Clinton tied in popularity with Bush.
           \_ As part of the VRWHMC, I assure you I don't care in the least
              about Clinton now that he's done.  History will soon forget
              about him and that'll be that.
              \_ We'll see. I bet you'll care again when he is First Husband.
                 \_ HAHHAHAHHAHAA!!!  The most divisive woman in the country
                    elected President?  Is there a place I can bet money
                    against that?
                    \_ Actually, I bet there are some sodans who will bet you
                       some hard cash.  What odds are you willing to take?
                       What do you say, guys/gals?
                       \_ I would still put it at 2:1, but a distinct
                       \_ Lay out some ground rules start with by what year and
                          being VP and killing the P to get a promotion doesn't
              \_ You need to turn off your blinders, right-wing conspiracy man.
                 \_ Uhm ok that was really witty.  Perhaps you'd like to
                    explain where I've gone blind and what about BC will make
                    him some rememberable historical figure?  What exactly is
                    his legacy that he'll be remembered for in 50 years or even
                    in 15?
                    \_ Mr. Charisma Rhodes Scholar with the dot-com boom in
                       one hand and a cigar with Monica in the other.  Hardly
                    \_ 8 years of peace and prosperity make for a pretty
                       good legacy. I would guess he will be in the good
                       but not great tier of presidents.
                       \_ There are other Presidents who lead in quiet times.
                          Can you name any of them?  For good or bad, BC is
                          soon to be forgotten.  He has no legacy.  He solved
                          no problems.  He advanced nothing.  He believed in
                          nothing.  The country didn't change, improve, win,
                          lose, or really do much of anything during his
                          tenure.  I guess we had a boom/bust cycle, NASA
                          continued to fall apart, Islamic terrorists hit the
                          US on US soil for the first time, and a bunch of
                          people's 401k's got demolished.  Still, none of that
                          is particularly note worthy in the historical sense.
2004/6/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:30734 Activity:nil
6/10    Has anyone tried SCons?  (  It's a newish build
        tool, looks pretty good.  Opinions?
2004/6/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30735 Activity:very high 66%like:30728
6/10    Hey Bush-haters:  Go rent Spartan.  The first 75% is pretty good.
        Oh right, it's not out until next Tuesday.  Sorry. -Fellow Bush-hater
        \_ Put your money where your mouth is, just go shoot him.  You'll
           almost certainly be caught and put in the looney bin for 15 years
           but isn't one man's short term sacrifice worth it to save the rest
           of the country and our credibility around the world for generations
           to come?
           \_ Sorry, I misinterpreted your msg originally, but suggesting
              assassination of POTUS, even jokingly, is bad news.
              No fuzz, pls.
              \_ Coward.  The net is covered with rants about it.  I've seen
                 it on bumper stickers.  If you *really* hated him and *really*
                 thought he was going to destroy the world or at least this
                 country, the only sane thing to do is kill him.
                 \_ Two words: "president Cheney"
                    \_ Oh please, y'all have been saying since day 1 that GWB
                       is the greatest threat to world peace.  Go do the right
                       thing.  So you don't like Cheney?  So two of you will
                       have to sacrifice yourselves.  BFD.
2004/6/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:30736 Activity:insanely high
6/10    Is anyone else getting a considerable packet loss when logging
        into soda today?
        \_ No.
        \_ Yes, earlier. Not now.
2004/6/10-11 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:30737 Activity:high
6/10    There been a lot of advancement in automobile safety in the past 50
        years, including safety glass, collapsible steering column, hard
        core soft shell design (Volve), 1 point seat belt, 3 point seat belt,
        airbag, side airbag, etc. How about motorcycles, what kind of
        motorcycle devices are available today?
        \_ Better helmets, synthetic water-proof clothing....  Doesn't
           make up for the growth of cars into land-tanks piloted by
           cell-phone-gabbers oblivious to the world :(
           \_ if you got the chance, go to Asia.  Motorcycle riders *ARE*
              safety hazard themselves.
                \_ that's because of the absense of cars due to heavy
                   city traffic and lack of parking             -Taiwanese
                   \_ no.  It is the obscure traffic law.  Car driver has
                      "moral obgligation" to pay for damages/pain and suffering
                      of motorcycle riders regardless whose fault is it.
                      Thus, motorcycle riders has no incentive to obey traffic
                        \_ your logic assumes that most people are willing
                           to trade in pain and suffering, perhaps for life,
                           for money. your logic is flawed.
                   \_ I thought that it was because of the women in the
                      juice stands distracting all of the drivers? (do
                      they still have those?  I remember seeing them back
                      in 2000)
                      \_ not juice, betal nuts:
        \_ maybe they have those Robotech-like hard shell foam suits?
           Or airbags attached to the race suit? Do they have those? I
           actually wouldn't mind spending a forture on those.
        \_ Several motorcycle jacket manufacturers are offering integrated
           airbags into the jackets.  Not mainstream yet, but probably
           where auto airbags were in the 80s:
2004/6/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30738 Activity:insanely high
6/10    Why no one mentioned the fact that Reagan dump 10 billion dollars
        to support Islamic Extremist in Afghanstan, and GWB is now eating
        the bitter fruit?
                \_ carter started it
        \_ Why no one mention you have bad grammar like FOB?
        \_ because corporate media is utterly corrupted.
        \_ Because the first is not the direct cause of the second.  You just
           skipped 12 years of history to make that leap of logic.
        \_ And FDR dumped 100 billion to help the Soviets.  Why no one
           mention eating bitter fruit?
        \_ Becuase throughout our history we've almost never considered the
           long term consequences of almost any of our policy.
           \_ Yeah it would be better if the USSR was still around than a few
              rinky dink sand eaters.  I grew up while the USSR was still very
              strong and I had a lot more fear of nuclear death than I do now
              of terrorism.  I honestly didn't expect to live to see my 20th
              birthday when I was 10.  I'm much older than that now.
        \_ Because given the choice between the big and the little evil,
           intelligent people go with the little one.
2004/6/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:30739 Activity:high
6/10    RIP Ray Charles.
        (The man deserves to last on the motd for more than six hours.)
        \_ What for?  Did he advance the cause of liberalism?  Did he advance
           the cause of USE LINUX?  Did he advance the cause of RIDE BIKE? No.
           Fox did a lengthy piece on him tonight praising him as a patriot
           so we know he's an asshole.
           \_ WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?
        \_ You know, 1-2 people die every second. And 2-3 babies pop out every
           second. I don't know how many folks are fucking every second but
           it's got to be a lot.
           \_ how many were conceived to Mr. Charles' tunes?
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