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2004/6/7 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:30642 Activity:nil
6/5     I can't reach some sites from my company, including sameer's
        anonymizer. What are some good anonymizing sites I can use? Thanks.
        \_ I recommend setting up nph-proxy or something similar on your
           home machine.  For added yuks, run it over OpenSSL and password
           protect it.  -John
2004/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:30643 Activity:high
6/5     Somehow a spammer got the email to our bugtracking program.  Now
        one of the bugs in our program is "Make $1,000,000 with just $6."
        I find this somehow hilarious.
        \_ Status: Open
           Comment: Can anyone confirm this behavior?
        \_ probably an inside job/practical joke
        \_ Cute but really you should just block it from outside emails.
2004/6/7 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:30645 Activity:high
6/5     The virtues of gay marriage.  Poor kid...
        \_ And the idea that the kid might be messed up by two 50-ish
           parents bitterly fighting for custody never occurred to anyone.
           As you said, poor kid.
           \_ I don't know, the main feeling I got from the article is
              that everyone involved is stupid.
           \_ It says right in the article, "The boy's problems may be
              partialy due to the stress betwen his parents."  ALthough it
              doesn't state which parents.
           \_ I'm REALLY curious where he got the ideas to sexually molest
              his classmates.
              \_ How many 6 year-old kids have you been around? Kissing and
                 grabbing other people's private parts are common behavioral
                 problems for kids who are acting out. Ditto biting, kicking,
                 and punching.  The kid needs counselling, just like any kid
                 whose parents are divorced or separated.
                 \_ Admittedly, not many with divorced parents and
                    behavioral problems.  Most of my friends with kids are
                    still married.
                 \_ I thought 6 year olds running around kissing and
                    grabbing at people was par for the course.  Guess I
                    grew up with some messed up kids.  I also disagree that
                    _every_ kid who has divorced/separated parents needs
                    \_ Good point.  Let's put it this way: if your kid is
                       acting out and seems uncommunicative and the only
                       big stressor seems to be a divorce or separation,
                       consider counselling.  If your kid isn't acting out,
                       talks to you about his/her feelings, and generally
                       seems to be fine, you're probably all right.
2004/6/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30646 Activity:insanely high
6/5     Reagan's last words: "Vote for Dubya Bush"
        \_ I think we should embalm Reagan for public viewing forever.
        \_ The Mississippi River is now the Mississippi Reagan.
           \_ The "Star Wars" anti-missile laser system will be named the
              anti-missile Raygun system.
                \_ The Ronald Reagan Memorial Space Based Weapons Platform
                   (Bonus g33k points for knowing what show that was
                    featured on)
        \_ Can you at least wait until his body is in the ground before mocking
           his death?
           \_ No!  Mocking continues for the next 100 years!
           \_ I believe OP is mocking the Karl Rove and Falwell types who want
              to make GWB seem a mystical religious figure.
              \_ Was this a B5 reference?
        \_ "If you've seen one redwood, you've seen them all."
        \_ To nursing staff: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
        \_ you know, if Reagan were the president who vouched for pre-emptive
           attack on Iraq, Syria, and N Korea, you'd be fine with that.
           Presidency is all about media relationships and charisma, and as
           long as he looks good in front of the camera (Kennedy, Reagan),
           you'd believe any bullshit he has to give.
        \_ The respect that all sides are treating Reagan with is very
           interesting, and very American I think.  Its probably one of
           our traits I'm most proud of.  An English friend was contrasting
           us with his culture, where if (for instance) Margeret Thatcher
           died there would probably be a good chunk of the population
           openly celebrating.  Anyway, I'm no fan of Reagan or his policies,
           particularly his (non) response to the AIDS epidemic, but he DID
           go against a lot of nutty Republican hawks like Cheney and bargained
           with Gorby.  For that he gets a lot of credit from me.
           \_ I know too many people who lived through the results of his
              policies in Latin America to have anything but bile for this
              man.  On top of that, I remember my family struggling through
              the results of his domestic economic policies.
           \_ Gorby on Reagan:
              Having the leader of the opposing superpower write a elegy like
              this is not bad either.
              \_ All he ever wanted was the chance to be in a commercial for
                 Pizza Hut.
           \_ I think the coverage is a bit TOO reverant.  I was reading the
              Tri-Valley Herald, and amidst paragraphs lauding all the "good"
              things Reagan did was a one-line mention along the lines of
              "He was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, which was a scheme
              to funnel aid to Central-American anti-communist forces."
              Absolutely no mention of the atrocities perpetuated by the
              "friends" we helped, including Saddam Hussein.
              \_ You don't see too many people writing shit like that because
                 the man is dead.  You aren't supposed to smear someone in
                 their obituary.  Show some class even if you can't show any
                 \_ Actually that does hinge on respect. You won't see fawning
                    obituaries for Saddam.
              \_ One thing to watch out for is the "most popular president ever"
                 meme which I've seen a lot of in the last couple of days.
                 Apparently it was actually Clinton:
        (pollkatz chart)
                 \_ The whole fatherly, reassuring presence of Reagan I think
                    is the main reason people like him. 80's children have
                    nostalgia for him. I think people liked Clinton a lot but
                    the constant noise about the sexual scandal stuff and
                    whitewater and whatever else republicans could carp about
                    eroded the "dignity of the office" and all that. But it was
                    the republicans' own dogged scandal-hunting that kept this
                    stuff in the limelight. In any case I think it's what got
                    Dubya into office.
              \_ Reagan won reelection by sweeping 49 states.  It's not a
                 surprise that many people respect him.
                 \_ By all means, respect him.  But it should also be mentioned
                    that he did some Very Bad Things.
                    \_ You had 93 years to mention the Very Bad Things he did.
                       You can give a dead guy a break for a few days until
                       after he's in the ground.
                       \_ I won't tell you that Reagan was a bad or evil
                          man, and I will absolutely agree that he did (for
                          the most part) what he thought was best for the
                          country, but we need to remember his foibles and
                          misdeeds now before the cult of Reagan becomes
                          irrevocably entrenched.  He was a man, no more, no
                          less. [edited by op to be less obnoxious, sorry]
           \_ Yeah!  I hate Margret Thatcher for saving the British
              \_ You blithering idiot.  I didn't say anything about Thatcher,
                 and neither did my friend.  For all you know, he *loves*
                 Thatcher.  However, he's not an American, so he's able to
                 consider the idea that others may have a *different* opinion
                 than him.  Sheesh.
                 \_ Ha!  Thanks, you gave a good laugh by assuming that
                    was responding to you or your friend directly.  You're
        \_ Reagan's repeal of 70% tax cut for the rich-- totally Republican.
           While I disagree with a lot of his policies, I'm ok with that
           because he's such a handsome charismatic guy. Now Bush... has
           no charisma whatsoever.
           \_ Agreed wrt Bush's charisma.
           \_ Please don't overwrite posts.  Use motdedit.
           \_ Bush has charisma.  A *lot* of charisma.  What he doesn't have
              is Reagan's speaking ability to the camera or large crowds.
              Everyone who has met him personally writes/says later how
              incredibly charming he is.  I haven't met him so I can't say
              anything about that but yes his public speaking skills are
              very weak.
                \_ sorry, either you're so uncharismatic that you actually
                   think he's charismatic, or you're just plain dumb.
              \_ Bush is charming to the citizens he meets, but charisma,
                 he lacks.
        \_ I don't get the not smearing people when they are just
           dead part.  If it is out of consideration for the family,
           I can understand.  But in principle why is it ok to
           smear people when they are alive, and not when they are
           dead.  Isn't it more important that what you said is the
           truth, or at least what you truly believe in?  I prefer
           the Zorba the Greek approach: treating living people
           as more important that dead people.
           \_  I have no problem with critizing Regan, or any other dead
               person, in context.  However, using news their death to
               tangent into cheap insults is pretty low.
               \_ Obviously a dogpile of critisism is not polite, but when it's
                  a polarizing political figure who dies, fawning praise
                  without any mention of his faults seems like little more than
                  \_ I agree.  I haven't bothered to read the articles,
                     they aren't worth my time.  (But I'm reading the
                     motd?  Nevermind.)  But really, is acting ghoulish on
                     the motd really the correct response?
2004/6/7 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:30647 Activity:nil
6/5     We have Lifetime and Spike TV, why not have a Gay network too?            Wierd.
              \_ One thing to remember is the "most popular president ever"
                 meme which I've seen a lot of in the last couple of days.
                 Apparently it was actually Clinton:
        (pollkatz chart)
2004/6/7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:30648 Activity:moderate
6/5     According to the International Association of Travel Professionals,
        the most annoying tourists are from: Nigeria, Israel, Switzerland
        (from Conde Nast).
        \_ and according all the polls around the world, the most annoying
           tourists are from US of A where their only hint of having any
           culture is eating and farting yogurt.
2004/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:30649 Activity:very high
6/5     I dare you to use niggardly in a sentence.
        \_ You mean out loud?
        \_ That is a niggardly challenge.
           \_ ob racist.
        \_ You just did.
        \_ I kicked the arse of that niggardly white ape.
        \_ The niggard Willie Brown wants to increase the cigarette tax.
2004/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:30650 Activity:nil
6/5     I wonder how many of the motd conservatives would be advocating
        quiet restraint if Carter had died?
2004/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:30651 Activity:high
6/7     Hey, has a neat Flash map where you can click on states
        to assign electoral votes to Bush/Kerry.  It looks like if Kerry loses
        Florida, he won't have a chance.  If he wins Florida, he can't lose
        too many battleground states.  Click on the map on the bottom right.
        It plays music when you hit 270 votes, though, so turn off your sound.
        I actually got it to 269-269, and something interesting pops up.
        \_ Ah, Florida, where election reform has gone... nowhere.
           \_ Sure it has!  The Florida legislature banned recounts!  Oh...
        \_ Kerry could win with Ohio, too.
           \_ True, I didn't notice all the undecideds in Ohio.
           \_ You guys dont have a clue about OH. It's gun country, thus Bush's.
              \_ They can dream.  Don't take that away from them.  They have
                 so little else.
        \_ Lets face it, its all gonna end up in front of the Supreme Court
           again anyway...
           \_ What, before or after Dubya takes California in a landslide?
              \_ Its thinking like yours that will destabilize California for
                 years to come!
                 \_ Why do you hate California?
              \_ They said the recall campaign would never get enough names.
                 Then they said the recall campaign would never kick out
                 Davis.  Then they said even if Davis gets kicked out, a
                 Republican wouldn't win, especially with 2 big names splitting
                 the Republican vote.  Then they said even if the Republicans
                 do win, it won't be Arnold, he's an actor, a Nazi, and not
                 very smart.
                 \_ The stupidity of the California Bush-landslide guy speaks
                    for itself.
                    \_ It does?  I'm too dense to see it.  Please explain in a
                       few sentences using short words so a moron like me can
                       understand why it is impossible and as you say stupid
                       to think Bush can win CA.  Thanks in advance for
                       supplying any data, URLs, or facts to explain to me and
                       others who might question your profound logic.
                       \_ Point 1:
                          "CA Bush-landslide guy" != "Bush-wins-CA guy".
                          First guy == moron
                          Second guy == optimistic (??)
                          \_ Nah, they are both delusional. Bush is behind
                             behind by 12 points in the latest Field Poll
                             (including Nader on the ticket) and his
                             popularity is at an all time low and falling.
                             Why do you bother arguing with an obvious
                             \_ Because polls go up and down and every which
                                way.  You would have been insane to bet a buck
                                that Kerry was going to be the Dem candidate
                                before his *surprise* win in Iowa.  If you have
                                nothing to say except the other guy is an
                                obvious nutter then say nothing because you're
                                still saying nothing this way, but you're also
                                wasting precious bits.
                       \_ It's not impossible. For example, following the
                          democratic convention, Kerry could start publicly
                          expressing a sexual attraction to prepubescent boys,
                          or an admiration for Osama bin Laden. But,
                          realistically, Gore won california by a huge margin,
                          Kerry leads in the polls here by a huge margin, lots
                          of people are bitter about the energy crisis, and
                          given all of the above Bush will probably spend only
                          a token amount of his time and money campaigning here
                          (as he did in 2000).
                          If you are willing to bet on Bush at odds of less than
                          10 to 1, I'm sure you will find plenty of takers.
                          \_ tradebetx, which provides an online forum for
                             betting on these things has Bush at 8:1 odds
                             in California. For comparison Kerry is at 5:1 in
                             Virginia and North Carolina and 8:1 in Georgia.
                          \_ The only thing that matter is who shows up to the
                             polls.  Bush won't spend any time or money here
                             but neither will Kerry.  CA is just an ATM machine
                             for both parties.  How's it feel to get sucked dry
                             no matter which side of the aisle you're on?
                          \_ Bush I somehow won CA. Not to mention Reagan,
                             Deukmejian, Pete Wilson twice, and Arnold govs.
                             \_ If you can't see how California has changed
                                since Wilson, you aren't paying attention.
                                Arnold is a liberal, married to a Kennedy.
           \_ I think that one side or the other will win decisively enough
              that this will not happen.
              that this will not happen.  This is a Pro Bush website and he
              projects the electoral vote to be Kerry 330, Bush 200:
              \_ Nononononononononono!
                 You can't say Bush/Kerry will win a state based on job
                 approval ratings ("Is the country headed in the right
                 direction?").  You must ONLY use "Who would you vote for
                 today?" data; and if you want, you can use job approval
                 ratings on undecided votes.  This projection is FUCKING LAME.
              \_ Sigh... I read your link, I'm not sure why, and no it doesn't
                 say 330:200 but if it makes you feel better to pull random
                 numbers (which you got wrong) out of context from 2 weeks ago
                 then sure.  He also says Bush has done worse in the numbers
                 than he is now and he's done better than he is now.  It's a
                 long way from here to November.  The dude can't even figure
                 out how to use PayPal and you think he's got the election
                 all figured out.  Ok, whatever.
                 \_ Did you see where he says Electoral Votes:
                    Bush 201, Kerry 337? It is right at the top.
                    Here is a Pro Kerry site that has it at 332:226
                    If it makes you feel any better, here is another
                    that has Bush winning:
                    I personally think that it is "too early to tell."
                 \_ Yes, that is what it says and you are an idiot who
                    is unable to comprehend even simple English. Go to that
                    URL. Look at the top of the page. See where it says
                    Kerry 337 Bush 201? That is the projected electoral
                    outcome. I rounded to the nearest 10 for morons like you.
                    Nice job deleting the rest of my links.
2004/6/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:30652 Activity:kinda low
6/7     What's the origin of the "babe@csua"? (from the CSUA encyclopedia)
        \_ email them and ask.
2004/6/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:30653 Activity:high
6/7     What does it take to get an A- or better on History 7B during
        summer? I am trying to decide whether it's worth it to enroll
        in this class with a letter grade option.
        \_ Wow a real soda undergrad.
           \_ Don't startle him - he's out of his natural environment.
           \_ yeah, this is nifty.
        \_ I took that, uh, 17 years ago?  Remember 1066.  I didn't.
2004/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30654 Activity:insanely high
6/7     Was Starship Troopers 2 even in the theatres?
        \_ No, and it had a budget of roughly $6 million compared to the
           original's $100 mil.
           \_ Can't make it any worse.
           \_ Wow, it says the original oly made $65 mil.  (So it lost
              about $35 mil)  There IS some justice in the world.
              \_ enough justice to warrant a sequel.
              \_ Was that just theater tickets, or overall?
              \_ If the original had tried to be anything like the book it
                 might have made money.  They stole the title and the
                 character names.  The rest was bullshit.
                 \_ Best review of original ever:
                 \_ it took a somewhat interesting book that had something
                    interesting to say for its time, discarded the stuff
                    which is no longer relevant for its shock value and filled
                    it in with other stuff which is actually relevant to our
                    current political climate.  What is bullshit about that?
                    \_ They took Heinlein's politics, turned it upside down
                       and made a bad joke of it, and then fucked up the only
                       other cool thing by ruining combat by turing the super
                       nuke and flame thrower wielding heavy infantry into sub
                       machine gun toting light infantry bug food who
                       shouldn't have stood a hope in hell of surviving 2
                       minutes on any bug planet much less actually winning
                       against them.  Bullshit.  Shall I go on?  I'd have to
                       dig up my copy to give you specific details but it's
                       more of the same.  Oh yeah, they also completely
                       skipped the Skinnies.  How long ago did you read the
                       book?  I re-read it a few months ago.
                       \_ Best review of movie ever:
                 (independent review, humorous)
                       \_ Heinlein's politics ARE a joke. His stories are
                          1950's sci-fi fanboy fantasies. They're fun if you
                          are in your teens, but hardly great shakes. The only
                          real disappointment of Starship Troopers was that
                          Denise Richards didn't go topless. Now THAT is
                          something Heinlien would have pushed for.
                          \_ Hmm, service to one's country is a good thing...
                             joke... with rights come resposibilities... joke
                             earn voting rights by serving country... ok, yeah
                             you're right, it's just a joke, we're doing so
                             much better today with people selling their votes
                             and corrupt money burdened politics.  You should
                             go re-read your Heinlein.  It sounds like you read
                             him in your teens and missed out on what he was
                             really saying.  You also completely ignored my
                             point about the movie's silly version of combat
                             and the complete loss of the Skinnies.  Or maybe
                             you're just a troll and never read his stuff at
                             all and you're just taking the silly movie as
                             what Heinlein really had to say and what his
                             stories were like.
                             \_ That goverment model has a name, fascism. The
                                Italians tried this when WWI vets felt that
                                only they deserved to run the government. In
                                Heinlein, everyone puts out, women doubly so.
                                Pure fanboy. Tossing mini-nukes around makes
                                friendly fire so much more interesting. And
                                irradiating planets where you hope to inhabit?
                                Just a bad idea. The movie was tripe, feeding
                                off Heinlien's good name and an entertaining
                                read. But never confuse Heinlien with reality.
2004/6/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30655 Activity:high
6/7     ilyas, do you enjoy posting motd and writing responses to the very
        same thread? How long have you been doing this, and why?
                                        -caught ilyas doing just that
        \_ Yer smokin the crack...
        \_ hi crebbs!
           \_ really? I thought it was kchang
        \_ Uh, we all post to the motd and then response on the very same
           thread.  Did you think posters were required by some phantom law
           to remain silent after posting?
2004/6/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:30656 Activity:moderate
6/7     Es Liebe Deutschland!
        \_ what are you trying to say? That doesn't parse quite right.
          \_ John, is that you? Which john are you on Soda?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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