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2004/6/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:30620 Activity:nil
6/5     Gunman goes on armored bulldozer rampage -
        [URL fixed]
2004/6/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30621 Activity:moderate
6/4     Bush looking increasingly Nixonian:
        \_ So between complete utter bullshit and baloney, how seriously
           should I take this article?
           \_ I would guess, not very seriously. -op
        \_ If it was *anything* like that, people would be quitting left and
           right, top level advisors would all be gone and there'd be dozens
           of books out there all naming names.  In 4 years we've seen very
           little in the way of leaks compared to most administrations and
           very few resignations and very few books instead of the dozens we
           should be seeing.  I like a good ugly rumor as much as the next
           guy but there's no "there" there on this one.
2004/6/5-6 [Recreation/Media] UID:30622 Activity:insanely high
6/4     Harry Potter 3: SUCKED!!!  I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
        \_ Hell, the first 2 sucked.  why did you expect any more?
           Though, with a different director I will have to watch it.
           oh well...
        \_ while you're at it, I'll add to my list of movies that sucked
           and that I wanted $ back from, you're free to add to it:
           -The Passion
           \_ lol, you stupid, stupid moviegoer
           \_ I don't think you really understand.  However bad TP was, HP3
              was so much worse they simply don't belong on the same list.
           -Armageddon (dumb dumb dumb)
           \_ Man, I especially appreciated it when the asteroid, uhm,
              growled menacingly in every panoramic shot.  That was an AWESOME
           -Shrek 2
           \_ Did anyone else hate the first Shrek?  Am I the only one who
              found it an unenthusiastic attempt at parody steeped in treacle?
           -Tango Lesson.  Worst of all time.  -John
        \_ I'm sorry you didn't like it.  I thought the cinematography was
           excellent, the kid actors were finally being directed well, and
           that the action scenes were well done and believable (well, for
           a movie about witches and wizards).  Why did you think it sucked?
           \_ About 2-3 minutes from the end when things were wrapping up, I
              actually thought to myself in full English, "Oh! Hey, wait!  Is
              it over?  Where's the movie?"  I kept waiting for the movie to
              start.  10 minutes later while discussing it with SO, I couldn't
              recall anything from shortly after he got back to school until
              the part near the end with the killer tree.  I didn't think the
              kids acted any better but they didn't bother me in the earlier
              movies.  Actually, Malfoy was worse, Harry was about the same
              which is to say bad, and the others were the same.  I think the
              cinematography in the earlier ones gave a better sense of the
              awe and magic and mystery and all that of the magic school and
              stuff in general.  It was rather bland here with a few random
              ghosts or this and that jammed in artificially.
              \_ you remind me of the people on Amazon who write nasty reviews
                 of the 8th or 12th or whatever book of some series like the
                 Myth books as if they're somehow different from the others
                 and they're shocked.  Dude, if you read books 1-7 of the Myth
                 series, what the hell did you expect?  Personally, I like all
                 the Myth books, and all the Potter movies, and I'm man enough
                 to admit it.
                 \- the movies are made by differnt directors. i can certainly
                    see them having a differnt flavor. --psb
              \_ Well, fair enough.  Thanks for sharing.
                 \_ Yep.  You asked for a real answer so I provided.  I still
                    want my money back.  The bastards.
                    \_ Did you go ask for it back? If you did, you would
                       have gotten it back. You're just a whiner. I asked
                       for and got my money back for Matrix 2.
                       \_ Dammit, you deserved to get your money back for M2.
                       \_ How do you do that? Who do you ask? Do you have to
                          bitch and whine a lot or do they just hand it over
                          \_ if they have the impression that you are
                             dangerously insane, there will be no argument.
                          \_ I went back to the ticket window. I am sure
                             you can ask for the manager, too. You don't
                             have to explain. It's not worth it to them to
                             argue. You may get a credit rather than cash,
2004/6/5-6 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:30623 Activity:nil
        It takes a while to get funny, but then it does.
2004/6/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30624 Activity:high
6/5     Doesn't the party out of power usually have a VP chosen by this point
        or am I just delusional?  It seems odd and a bit distracting that
        Kerry doesn't have a running mate yet.  In theory, I thought the
        convention is supposed to be approving both nominees and in theory
        the VP is his own man, not the P's lackey.
        \_ i think the reason the current situation looks odd to you is that
           the presidential nominee is not generally known yet at this point.
           \_ Hmmm, possibly.  I guess they're starting the election cycle
              earlier every time.  Pretty soon they'll start campaigning more
              than 1 election in advance. :)  --op
        \_ Seems normal to me.  He's extending the drama.  And, he's finally
           making headlines with some of his criticisms WHILE not appearing
           anti-American or political AND appearing statesmanlike.
           \_ Heh.  Kerry is not statesmanlike.  Kerry is a drip.
              \_ Shrug, works for me, and even a Republican could say he
                 could be doing a LOT worse.  (Gore? Dukakis? Dean?)
                 \_ "John F. Kerry.  He could be a LOT worse."
                    \_ He would need to be that bad to be worse than Dubya.
                 \_ It would be hard to be doing worse.  He *should* be ahead
                    by 10-15 points in all those so-called battle ground states
                    but is break-even at best.  The economy is improving, the
                    Iraqi situation is calming down, and if there's another
                    serious terrorist act on US soil, Kerry is forced to either
                    'support the President' or get accused of turning a serious
                    security situation into election year politics.  Hosed.
                    \_ If you saw the CBS poll numbers, the Democrats have
                       stayed at 80% support of Kerry for the last couple
                       months.  Republicans supported Bush at 91%, and dropped
                       to 84% in one month.  The small shifts have been from
                       Bush losing Republican support, and the relatively fewer
                       independent voters going with Kerry.  I would have to
                       disagree with you on Kerry's prospects too.  The CIA
                       director just resigned, and there are SCATHING reports
                       coming out about WMD.  Bush will not have this go away
                       by election day.  Iraq situation calming down?  That's
                       a fair opinion, but Rumsfeld also just warned of
                       increased attacks near and after the handover.
                       Terrorist attack handing it to Bush?  Actually, my
                       scenario is Kerry supports the President.  Americans
                       think, "If Bush can't stop terrorism, when this is
                       the only thing the majority of Americans support him
                       for today, then why not give Kerry a chance with a
                       less bull-headed approach to international conflicts?"
                       since, you know, the U.S. only has the UK as a real
                       friend right now.  People might remember when we had a
                       lot of friends like Gulf War I or around 9/11.  People
                       might remember that the majority of Americans only
                       supported attacking Iraq if Bush could get UN support.
           \_ Drama?  There isn't any drama in it.  There aren't even any real
                       \_ If it's the same poll I saw that was registered
                          voters, not likely voters.  Polls at this point are
                          just amusement anyway.  It's a good thing Tenet was
                          forced out.  That allows the admin to say they are
                          fixing the intel problem and takes care of those
                          up-coming scathing reports which is why he resigned
                          anyway.  WMD doesn't have to go anywhere.  If people
                          cared about WMD Bush's numbers would be way lower.
                          They keep finding just enough stuff to hint that
                          there is more there.  Rumfeld warning us in advance
                          that we expect more violence around June 30 helps the
                          admin if there is and helps if there isn't.  If there
                          is, they just say, "see?  we said the desperate
                          terrorists would try to stop a free iraq!" and if
                          nothing happens they will claim the terrorists have
                          been so weakened by the successful campaign to free
                          iraq that they can't do anything to stop it.  I
                          think people understand that terrorism can't be
                          stopped that easily.  Many countries around the
                          world, including the US, have been victims of
                          terrorism for decades and it has been getting worse.
                          The answer for many will be, "Bush kept them from
                          attacking us since 9/11 until now almost 3 years
                          later.  It would've been worse with the other guy!"
                          Look at how many Gore supporters wrote post-9/11
                          they were glad Bush won instead of Gore.  And last
                          on this sub-topic, most Americans don't see our
                          foreign policy as bullheaded, IMO.  This country is
                          full of people with a kick-ass attitude, especially
                          if it isn't their foot that has to go do it and like
                          seeing us blow up other people.  'They all hate us,
                          we know it, we send them all lots of money, they
                          still hate us, fuck em, bomb em'.  People won't
                          remember or care about GW1.  That's for political
                          hacks and dirt diggers doing oppo-research to make
                          hay.  The typical American doesn't think well of the
                          Europeans, the UN, or anything else.  This is an
                          isolationist country at heart.  People are just as
                          likely to remember, or not, that the UN did come to
                          Iraq after we took over and left the moment they lost
                          a few people in one bombing.  That was a UN security
                          foul-up btw.  They ignored their own security people.
                          \_ "Polls at this point are just amusement anyway."
                             You're the one who brought up polls in the first
                             place ("He *should* be ahead ...").  Hello?
                             Tenet's out, but I think the damage will still
                             be significant up to election day.
                             And I remind you again:  The majority of Americans
                             supported an attack only if we could get UN
                             support.  This has been shown poll after poll.
                             You haven't disputed this.
                             \_ I love how people on the motd always
                                assume followup posts that agree with
                                this op on some point must be the op.
                             \_ There's a difference between supporting the
                                attack 18 months ago with(out) UN support and
                                seeing the UN dilly dally about and then being
                                where we are now or will be in 6 months during
                                an election.  Current polls are roughly even
                                as to how well Iraq is going and if it was a
                                good idea or not.  In fact, current polls run
                                at about the same level as likely voters from
                                each party, so really all the pro/con Iraq
                                polls are showing is party support for each
                                candidate.  As far as polls themselves go, they
                                *are* only for amusement at this point *but* we
                                have nothing else to use to judge across the
                                nation how each is doing.  It's just mental
                                masturbation but it feels oh so good!
           \_ drama?  There isn't any drama in it.  There aren't even any real
              names floating around.  I think the above is correct that
              election cycles are starting/ending sooner than I'm used to. --op
              \_ If he picks a boring VP candidate now, he'll look stale.
                 He's waiting for the right time where a VP candidate
                 selection would bring the most press, whatever situation
                 that might be.
2004/6/5-6 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:30625 Activity:kinda low
6/5     Happy D-Day Normandy Omaha Beach Carnage Landing Day! Do you
        personally know of anyone (grandpa, great grandpa, etc) who
        participated on D-Day?
        \_ It was roughly 7,000 dead on the first day alone.
        \_ No, but I visited all the battlefields in Normandy a few years
           ago.  It's absolutely horrific--you stand on the bluffs above
           Omaha and wonder who could survive that.  At Point du Hoc there's
           a huge pit you can go down into (ca. 15-20 feet deep) before you
           realize it's from a single 16" shell.  None of the documentaries
           I've seen do it justice.  -John
           \_ thanks for sharing this with us. Can you tell us more? Do you
              have a personal blog/picture/documentary you can share with
              us online? Thanks.
2004/6/5-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:30626 Activity:moderate
6/5     Fire Fox browser question from new ff user: Mozilla has a 'stay in
        memory' fast load option.  I can't find it in FF.  Does it exist?
        \_ Nope.  One of the many things I like better about full Moz.  The
           argument (I believe) is the FF startup is fast enough so you don't
           need it...  But I like instant, not just faster.
           \_ Too bad FF has the stupid feature of paging everything out of
              memory if you leave it minimized for too long.  Ugh.
              \_ Talk to your OS vendor.
              \_ Moz on Windows does this too.  I've waited 45 seconds+ for
                 my window to become responsive again, particularly after
                 playing a movie or running some random java apps.  I really
                 need more memory.
2004/6/5-6 [Computer/SW] UID:30627 Activity:nil
6/5     I'm trying to convert a text file to a pbm (for sending as a fax)
        I want to use a big font. For the font file, pbmtext needs either
        a BDF font or a PBM file. Anybody know where I can get a BDF font?
2004/6/5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30628 Activity:high
6/5     Ronald Reagan dead at 93.  RIP.
        \_ Only the good die young.
                \_ dumbass.
           \_ Only the young die young.
        \_ rude comments deleted.  he's an ex-president.  show some respect.
           he's dead.  let him rip.
2004/6/5-6 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer] UID:30629 Activity:high
6/5     What's wrong with me? I went to /. and clicked on the ThinkGeek link,
        and almost everything on that page I wanted to buy.
                                        /- that's not what she said!
        \_ You've been measured and found wanting.  You're a geek and they've
           got your number.  It all looks like completely useless crap to me.
            \_ oh come on, you know you want a binary Clock.  And yeah, the
               swiss memory USB stick looks like crap but as soon as they
               come out with a leatherman one, i'm there. -jk
               \_ ok you got me, i was drooling over the binary clock.
                  \_ I must be a nerd's nerd, because the way their binary
                     clock displays the time seems really stupid to me.  I mean
                     you read time as "twelve fifty-seven" not
                     "one two five seven", so why'd they make 4 banks of
                     displays for the digits?  why not two with more bits?
                     \_ back in my day, we had one bit binary clocks that
                        rolled over once a year, and we liked it.
                     \_ also, I prefer reading binaries from left to right.
                     \_ agreed.  the binary clock is dumb.
2004/6/5 [Reference/Military] UID:30630 Activity:nil 55%like:30640
6/5     Live Free Or Die: How Many More Carl Dregas?
        and more on the bull dozer guy in Co.
2004/6/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:30631 Activity:nil
6/5     RIP Ronald Reagan
        \_ It's bedtime for Bonzo.
           \__ Oh smart comment. And what have you done in your life up
               until this point?  Help throw down communist regimes? Or
               trying to build a new one here?
               \_ Been in a movie with a chimp.  At this rate, I'll be
                  President in no time.  How about you?
                  \_ Heh, you are a credit to your political wing. -- ilyas
        \_ When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd,
           And the great star early droop'd in the western sky in the night,
           I mourn'd, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring.
2004/6/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:30632 Activity:high
        This jsut gets better and better.  Min Ji, the S. Korean who is
        quoted as saying "Something like that would never happen in S.
        Korea" claims she was misquoted!  (Check the comments below)
        \_ she's not bad looking...
        \_ That's funny and a little sad.  The J-press has been known to
           misquote, however, so it's not that surprising. Then again,
           is it just me or is her English a lot more natural in her
           comments?  Hmmmm.
           \_ it's not just u.  I noticed it too.
           \_ Only the Japanese press misquotes?
              \_ Of course not.  Don't be silly.  The J-press is just rather
                 more notorious for it.
           \_ From the page: "We (readers) have to remember that these
              are not the words of the respondants, but translations (or
              mistranslations), and context may also be missing. The
              accuracy is now in serious question, and not just for Min Ji.
2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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