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2004/5/27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30442 Activity:very high
5/26    Best side scroller game... EVER.
        - pst
        \_ w00t!
        \_ Did you miss the link yesterday about hate and politics?
        \_ not work-safe.
        \_ Wow.  A Bush bashing link on the motd.  What a shock.
           \_ Here's a nickle kid. Buy yourself a sense of humor.
        \_ Quite similar to the movie comming out today in this respect:
           goes to extremes making stuff up in order to bash right wing
           \_ Was the game ALSO written by Art Bell?
           \_ See now, why don't you put up a website listing all of the
              made-up stuff instead of just whining about it?
              \_ obGoogle.  It's all over and you wouldn't care anyway.
                 \_ Funny, this is what I found:
                    \_ Ok, and?
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30443 Activity:nil
5/26    how come fstat always shows motd.public being loaded with "r" status
        when it's obviously locked for write?
        \_ That's just another aspect of the VRWC to censor your motd edit
           rights and freedoms.
           \_ those bastards!
2004/5/27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30444 Activity:very high
5/26    Politically motivated threat warnings?
        "' ... There's no real new intelligence, and a lot of this has been
        out there already,' said one administration official who spoke on
        the condition of anonymity."
        \_ Yet another BushCo conspiracy to destroy American credibility around
           the world for generations to come!  So, if something blew up and
           10,000 people got killed would you be the first one here screaming
           that they didn't warn us?  And then next you'll say they warn us
           too much and you're 'terrorist alert weary'.
           \_ General warnings count for shit, even if something does happen.
              What matters is that they take the right precautions to keep
              security tight.  If they know of a specific threat, then by all
              means warn us and take precautions, but just saying "something
              bad might happen" is no better than fear-mongering.
              \_ Rice got smashed for the last time when they had non specific
                 warnings and they didn't tell the world.  Now they tell the
                 world about non-specific warnings and you bitch about it.
           \_ Well, there's no new information.  They haven't raised the
              threat level.  Why all the sudden warnings?  Don't be such a
              \_ Because Memorial Day is traditionally the kickoff for the
                 summer vacation season.  And the suspicion is that there might
                 be an attack during the summer vacation season.  Didn't you
                 see how Condi Rice got hammered for not doing anything after
                 the memo a month before 9/11 with no new or specific
                 information? -emarkp
                 \_ But are they doing anything that they wouldn't be doing
                    anyway, besides trying to make big headlines that
                    essentially say, "WATCH OUT!  BAD MUSLIMS!  FEAR!"
                    The Condi threat memo is a nice attempt at a dodge, but
                    doesn't relate to this case at all.
                    \_ Uh, if they were doing anything different, you probably
                       wouldn't know about it.  And how is the threat memo a
                       dodge?  As I read it, the administration is getting
                       criticized for saying anything now, but would get
                       criticized later if they didn't say anything now.
                       \_ It's just the "I hate Bush no matter what" contingent
                          on the prowl.  There's no point in talking with them.
                          \_ Read the polls lately?  Looked around?  Bush isn't
                             exactly Mr. Popularity these days.
                             \_ Are you the same person who was whining about
                                lack of substance above?  Either you're here
                                to disucss things seriously or you're here to
                                fuck around, make noise, and tell us all
                                (again) how much you hate Bush.  You can't have
                                it both ways.  And you totally ducked what
                                emarkp had to say.
        \_ Bush's strongest support comes from anti-terrorism.  If there's
           a successful attack and he didn't sound some warning, that will
           take away from his #1 strength.  Can't let that happen.  Wouldn't
           be prudent.
           Raising the terror threat level costs money.  If there's no
           attack, or god-forbid the attack occurs after the threat level
           is lowered, then this again takes away from his #1 strength.
           \_ I have credible evidence that the Administration will attack
              John Kerry in the near future.
              \_ You think they'll send Ashcroft out with a bat to a Kerry
                 campaign stop and whack in his knees?
                 \_ They outsource that type of thing.
                 \_ I have no details of where or when they intend to attack,
                    but I think it's important that the American public be
                    reminded of how serious this is.
                    \_ That ice skater chick survived to get a silver medal.
                       John Kerry will ski again!
2004/5/27 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:30445 Activity:high
5/26    Does anyone know anything about the Unbreakable Autolock? It's like a
        Club that fits on your brake pedal. I can't find any user reviews
        online (like on amazon, epinions, etc). Thanks.
        \_ If you have a car that's so expensive that you're worried about
           it being stolen then it's probably already got some kind of
           immobilizer chip built in.
                \_ Not at all. It's a low-price car, one that's very easy
                   to break into. I know all these anti-theft devices
                   can be broken, but I just want a cheap, easy deterrent.
           \_ Um, not only expensive cars get stolen. Hondas, especially in
              California, are among the most cars stolen.
           \_ Camrys and Tauruses are in the top 5 or 10 most frequently stolen
              cars.  I don't think the OP's concerns are unreasonable.
              \_ They are in the top 5 most numerous cars, which is why
                 they are most stolen.
                 \_ I think it has more to do with ease of entry, etc.  These
                    cars are pretty renowned for being very easy to break
                    into.  I don't think this contradicts my earlier point,
                    None of these are particularly 'expensive' or likely to
                    have elaborate anti-theft electronics.
                 \_ I think the statistics is how many stolen per 1000 cars.
                    \_ No. If you want those statistics then look here:
                       Camry doesn't even make the list.
              \_ Tauruses?  No fucking way.  I've parked mine in the worst
                 neighrborhoods and industrial back alleys for 7 years and
                 the worst thing that happened is some dipshit used it for a
                 shelf and scratched the hood in a campus parking lot.  I
                 *wish* someone would have stolen it when the replacement
                 value was higher.
                 \_ See above link.
                    \_ Reading the link didn't help me get my Taurus stolen
                       about 4 years ago.  I considered leaving the keys in
                       and walking away but I'm not that unethical.
                       \_ There's a wider world outside your skull and limited
                          experience, you know.
                          \_ you're an idiot.  i just wanted my car stolen.
        \_ AutoLock - about $60 (pro version), the older version is about $30
           I think somewhere someone was still able to break it, however it
           is very hard to.  Get it at Kragen.
                \_  thanks. -op
2004/5/27-28 [Health/Sleeping] UID:30446 Activity:very high
5/27    Hey MOTD, I was thinking about buying a mattress for my apartment,
        but I don't know anything about them.  Anyone have any useful advice
        for me?  Anyone ever heard of Stearns&Foster?  TIA.
        \_ I have no idea about how healthy/bad they are for you, but try a
           good quality futon--I love mine.  -John
        \_ Unless your back is exceptionally snooty or sensitive, mattress
           selection isn't as important as commercials make it out to be. Just
           go based on price, since big-name (e.g. Sealy) mattresses can
           get expensive. As a starting point look at what mattress you're
           sleeping on right now and look into buying another. I'm actually
           using an Ikea mattress, which was very inexpensive, and surprisingly
           good quality. And comfortable.
        \_ I'm happy sleeping on the floor, a hard bench, a couch or yermom's
           lap but getting the right matress is critical to good long term
           sleep.  Try it in ths store.  Snuggle up, enjoy it.  Make sure it
           feels really good because you'll be sleeping on it for a few years
           and so will your lover(s).
        \_ The Tempurpedic matresses are really nice.  I just can't see
           spending the (what is it, $3,000, $5,000?) money for it.
           \_ What's life long chronic back pain worth to you?
              \_ As a $500 mattress does the job almost as well, the
                 question is moot.
                 \_ That's what I thought until I got a real matress.  The
                    question is neither moot not moo.  Get a good matress and
                    avoid mad cows.
                    \_ Moo?  WTF?
                       \_ Yes.  Moo.  What about it?
                          \_  ______
                             < Moo. >
                                     \   ^__^
                                      \  (oo)\_______
                                         (__)\       )\/\
                                             ||----w |
                                             ||     ||
                                          \_ See how happy this cow is?  He
                                             has a quality matress.
                                             \_ Is she your wife?  Is your
                                                wife a happy cow?
                                                \_ Yermom's lap.
2004/5/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:30447 Activity:insanely high
5/27    Is there any way to get around the WinXP registration requirement,
        besides re-installing every now and then?  Has anyone tried this: set
        the CMOS date to Year 2010 or so, install XP, then set the date back to
        today.  Would that work?
        \_ Why don't you just get the corp edition and enter in a volume
           license key?
           \_ Won't that eat up one license count from my company?  How does
              volume licensing work?
              \_ So download a license generator and generate new keys.
        \_ There are real bona-fide cracks, but this is not the place for them
        \_ Install XP inside a vm, take a snapshot after the install, then
           revert when necessary (assumes you just want for testing purposes;
           if you actually want to use XP as your base OS, consider buying it).
           \_ Any free vm out there that runs on top of NT?  If I install XP
              inside a vm on top of NT, will the XP apps be able to use USB
              ports?  The reason I want to switch to XP is that I can't use the
              USB ports on my NT machine.
              \_ Free?  You pirated XP, why don't you pirate the VM, too?
                 \_ Because I don't have access to a legit copy of vm.
                    \_ Uh yeah... so why not pirate that, too?  You're already
                       asking how to violate the MS license.  Why not violate
                       the VM one as well?
           \_ And if you did buy XP Pro and don't want the hassle of
              activation, go the Corporate Ed. route.
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30448 Activity:nil
5/26    Favorite classical composer?
        \_ Chopin
        \_ Bach
        \_ Vivaldi
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30449 Activity:nil
5/26    How much of a carcinogen is Red 40?
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30450 Activity:nil
5/26    Theories as to why psb interrupts other posts:
        boosts up his ego: .
        thinks people are stupid: .
        inherited from his rude Bengali genes:
        needs to know 'what is cheeseboard': .
2004/5/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30451 Activity:insanely high 75%like:30462
5/27    how many people are using motdedit2 now?
        using    : .
        not using: ......
        \_ better question, why are you/are you not using motdedit2?
        \_ I predict motdedit2 will win in a landslide!
2004/5/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30452 Activity:insanely high
5/27    New evidence of a link between Iraq and al Qaeda.
        \_ Mommy, why does the WSJ want me to reigister?
        \_ As if the WSJ editorial page had any fucking credibility.
           \_ Thank you.
           \_ Funny, I find that nothing that disagrees with me has any
              credibility either.
              \_ The WSJ has really gone downhill since Jan or so. Remember
                 the whole Kerry intern disinformation campaign? WSJ was
                 part of it. In general, they have become very partisan.
                 Read The Economist if you want pro Free Market opinions
                 without the Republican Party slant.
                 \_ Yeah.  Anyone remember Vince Foster's suicide note?
                 \_ Kerry was fucking some hot chick.  Nothing wrong with that.
                    He has a life long history of womanizing.  It didn't hurt
                    Clinton any.  Women voted for him in droves.  Kerry should
                    revel in it.  It makes him much more human than his endless
                    drumbeat about his very short Vietnam stay and his endless
                    speachifying.  It isn't disinformation if it's true.  I
                    think it can only help his campaign.
                 \_ Is there any way to get the LA or NY Times w/o the
                    democaratic party slant?
                    \_ Easy: Don't just read the LA/NY Times.  Try BBC, CBC,
                       and some of the east Asian online mags.
                       \_ East asian magizines?  The Korean newspapers I
                          read have plenty of party slant... -jrleek
                    \_ Not really.  Read lots of stuff, read between lines.
                       Apply brain.  Most importantly look for what they
                       *don't* say because that's where they hide their a lot
                       of their bias.  For example, are we still losing 2-5
                       soldiers per day in Iraq?  Is the power and water
                       situation stable?  Are kids going to school?  Are people
                       eating?  How many people there are looking forward to
                       their first real vote in their entire lives?  How many
                       of Sadr's men were killed by anti-Sadr Iraqis?  If
                       Sadr and friends have 10,000 people total, doesn't that
                       mean there are still ~26 million others who haven't
                       taken up arms against us?  Why hasn't the Shia/Sunni
                       war broken out?  Why haven't the Kurds broken away from
                       Turkey?  Why does nothing good ever seem to get reported
                       about anything going on in Iraq?  Is it true that there
                       is nothing at all good happening there?  If it bleeds,
                       it leads.  Welcome to American 'journalism'.
                       \_ Americans want news about how we'll be leaving
                          a nice democracy in Iraq, and no more American
                          deaths.  Americans also want to hear any news about
                          why this won't be coming soon.
                    \_ Christian Science Monitor is a great source, without
                       any discernable partisanship. There is probably no
                       replacement for the Washington Post, alas. The Week
                       is good if you only have time to spend two hrs/week
                       on news. Yeah, if you have time, read everything and
                       make up your own mind, but I don't have time for that.
                       \_ The CSM?  It's run by evil Xtians!  And the WAPO is
                          run by the Moonies!
                          \_ No, the washington post is a decent paper. The
                             washington times is run by the moonies, and it's
                             a total rag.
        \_ If Bush or Condi say something about it, maybe I'll start paying
           attention.  In the mean time, it's just Republican catnip.
           \_ Catnip?  Yes, all registered (R)'s get a free subscription to
              the WSJ.  It's a better written paper than the NYT which has a
              rather poor track record for clean reporting these last few
              years and those are just the ones we know about.
              \_ (1) "The New York Times publicly took itself to task for its
                 pre-Iraq war coverage, admitting it was taken in by spurious
                 information from Iraqi exiles with their own agenda to oust
                 Saddam Hussein." - May 26
                 (2) The WSJ published the name of a juror in the trial
                 against the Tyco exec.  I've read about WSJ's excuse.
                 (3) Republican catnip.  Circumstantial evidence is what
                 circumstantial does.  Look what it did to Bush.  The
                 weight of credibility lies on him now.  I'm going to wait
                 for him to support the next claim, since everyone is now
                 watching him carefully, since he has no one left to blame
                 (already blamed the CIA, already blamed Chalabi, who's left?).
                 \_ Is this that whole thing from the wall about repeating the
                    "American credibility is destroyed for generations!" until
                    it becomes 'truth' Soviet style?  You need to be more
                    consistent if you're going to put over the Big Lie on
                    everyone.  You don't post that crap nearly enough to get
                    the rest of your audience repeating it.
                    \_ Do you have any idea how bad the image of America is
                       overseas right now? Do you ever leave the country?
                       Read polls? I dunno about the generations bit, but
                       Bush has destroyed American credibility overseas.
                       \_ Given that America is as powerful as the next 20
                          countries put together, perhaps a better question is,
                          what credibility do the overseas have with us?
                          \_ Wow, talk about missing the point.
                       \_ Nuke the rest of the world and we won't have any
                          credibility problems.  Fuck the foreigners!
                    \_ Alas, no, I am not the person who posted about
                       credibility earlier.  I am still waiting for you to
                       dispute my points.
2004/5/27 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30453 Activity:very high
5/27    Track Kerry's Position on Iraq
        \_ They really need something like this for Bush:
           Mission Accomplished!  Mission not accomplished!
           Baathists out.  Baathists in.
           Will significantly reduce troops in a year.  More troops longer.
           WMD.  WMD program.  No WMD or WMD program.
           Chalabi's the next president.  Chalabi is a crook.
           Eliminate all militias.  Negotiate with Sadr militia.
           Gitmoize Iraq.  Iraq is not Gitmo.
           There is an al Qaeda link (Dick).
           - There is no al Qaeda link (George).
           - Well, now they're all here anyway.
              \_ Shut the fuck up you piece of shit!
                 \_ With debate skills like yours, Bush will win California
                    in a landslide!
                    \_ Why do you hate America?
                       \_ Why do you hate white people?
           \_ w00t!
        \_ I find it humorous that with all of Bush's faults, the best dirt
           that they can come up with is that he *gasp* flip-flops!
           \_ I find it humorous that with all of ______'s faults, the best
              dirt that they come up with is that he *gasp* flip-flops!
              \_ If ____ were Kerry his faults would be more than mere flip
                 floppery but that's the easiest and most amusing charge to
                 level.  I voted for flip flopping before I voted against
                 flip flopping!
                 \_ Right, why argue policy or substantive issues when you
                    can just make up easy shit?
                    \_ "I HATE BUSHCO BECUZ DEYRE EEEVVVIILL!!"  When you're
                       ready to keep your personal hatred to yourself and
                       argue those substantive issues I'm here. -real consrvtv
                       \_ Nice strawman.  The only one frothing here is you.
                          [restored, censors and smashers can go fuck off]
                          \_ I never froth.  I'm just voting for things before
                             I vote against them.  You have *never* seen the
                             word "hate" come out of my keyboard unless it was
                             referring to someone else's use or state of
                             emotion.  There are very few things in the world
                             worthy of true hatred.  Politicians aren't worth
                             the energy it would take to hate them especially
                             since all you can really do about them in the end
                             is vote against them and that's not enough to
                             satisfy the deep hatred I've seen others express.
                             Have a nice day!  :-)
                             \_ You have a limited understanding of politics
                                if you believe that all you can do is vote.
                                I have helped put laws on the ballot that
                                were then passed, raised thousands of dollars
                                for my favored candidates, lobbied my
                                legislators and changed at least a few other
                                voters minds on the way. Don't diminish
                                your own power like that.
2004/5/27-28 [Industry/Jobs] UID:30454 Activity:very high
5/27    For that $70k coder who was going to ask for a raise.  Did you do it?
        how did it go?
        \_ got outsourced!
          \_LOL, you sob!
        \_ did it, but review is delayed until end of 4th quarter.
          put my resume out and got quite a few responses so far
          sticking at job until i find something, they will counter
          offer only when I will leave, not giving notice because
          they fire tons of people without notice.
          \_ yep look around, lots of oppertunities out there now.  I also went
          and talked to my VP of Eng, it is delayed until mid next month.  I
          think I'll put my resume out as well because if he's sincere, he
          should at least give me a good faith offer.
          \_ You should give notice but not until you find a new job.  Why
             would you let them know you were looking before you actually got
             a new job?  My God, are Cal people really this unprepared for
             life in the real world?  Cal needs a class on how to get by in
             the real world.  Notice means, "I already have a new job, I'm not
             interested in your counter offer, I hate your guts but I'm giving
             you two worthless weeks of slacking and short hours so you can't
             ruin my good name by saying I walked out with no notice".
             \_ hahah, I like that. better yet, just give a day notice because
                I ain't coming back. when I got laid off, I didn't get two
                weeks of pay. it sucks to be the last one to be laid off.
                people got laid off during the first round got six month of
                paid. Even the guy that was fired also got some severance. in
                the real world, you'll just know how to whine and complain to
                the the money. :)
                \_ No matter how your job sucks, exercise noblesse oblige and
                                                          \-you have an odd
                                                            notion of noblesse
                                                            oblige --psb, exer-
                                                            cising dictionary
                   don't burn bridges.  Word gets around, and the world is
                   small--and even if 9/10 of your colleagues are shit, you
                   may find yourself working with the tenth someday, and want
                   to leave him with a good impression.  Just give notice,
                   smile, say thank you, and leave.  -John
             \_ Maybe he actually wanted to stay at the current job as long as
                his pay is raised.  So he threatened to leave by giving the
                notice that he's looking for a job elsewhere.
                \_ Good managers know that once someone gives notice they're
                   gone.  A raise granted under those conditions won't keep
                   the employee around for more than 6 months.  If he wants a
                   raise he should ask for a raise and then when he doesn't
                   get one they have no reason to waste his time with a fake
                   counter.  There's also the risk that they'll give him the
                   raise he wants and then replace his ass 3 weeks later since
                   they know he's going to quit in 6 months anyway *and* that
                   other job is now gone so he's fucked.  Get new job, quit
                   old job, move on like a professional, forget about them.
             \_ I didnt tell them I am looking. i told them I'll wait
                for the review to come. In the meantime I will look for
                a job and when I do find one, leave without 2 weeks
                \_ Give the 2 weeks.  I just quit the worst job I ever had but
                   I gave the 2 weeks.  I slacked off, got paid for it, and
                   they can't tell their manager buddies in other companies
                   that I walked without notice.  It's a very small industry.
                   Do yourself a favor.  No matter how much you hate them,
                   give the two weeks.  Slack off, come in late, leave early,
                   take long lunches, accomplish nothing, but get those two
                   weeks officially on the books.
                   \_ will do, going fishing during lunch
                      \_ As long as you were officially there on the books and
                         didn't walk out in a no-notice huff, fishing, fucking,
                         or anything else during your 3 hour lunch is the way
                         to go.
                   \_ If the alternative is doing violence to your boss,
                      walk out in a huff. Better to be known as someone
                      who quits without giving notice that someone who
                      assaults his supervisors.
                      \_ How about, returning to your desk calmly, writing
                         a two-weeks-notice letter, and giving that to him
                         the next day?
                         \_ That would be too mature a response for some motd
                            people.  ;-)  I agree with you in concept but I
                            still think there's no reason to walk in a huff.
                            If things are *that* bad you have a lawsuit.
                            \_ Yeah, but you *really* don't want to get
                               a reputation as a guy who sues his employer.
                               \_ Nope, take the two weeks and walk.
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30455 Activity:nil
5/27    I hereby declare that all pro-kchang and pro-rap/hip-hop posts
        are trolls and will be treated accordingly.             -motd cop
        \_ Yo that's whack!
        \_ W0W UR S0 K00l!
2004/5/27-28 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30456 Activity:moderate
5/27    Spammer sentenced to 3.5 to 7 years.
        \_ Yay!  Does he get a free ass raping?  Maybe he needs some
           m'ed'is(in3 40r mak-in(g h}i{s pe-ep&pee bi^gg$er!
        \_ Wasn't that the idiot who couldn't even make any money off his
           crappy identity theft/spamming scheme?
        \_ perhaps a better sentence would be to make them stay in jail until
           they've read every single email they ever sent out.
           \_ that's not harsh enough.
2004/5/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:30457 Activity:high
5/27    Someone made a comment about the current U.S. death rate in Iraq.
        \_ Most interesting link:
           \_ Yeah, I don't understand.  Casualities have fallen, so why
              is Bush's leadership being unfairly attacked? -strawman (?)
              \_ going way up, and then going down some, is not "falling".
                 unless you mean like how losing 2 million jobs and then
                 adding 300K is "adding jobs"
2004/5/27 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:30458 Activity:high
5/27    MacOS X Mail complains about soda's certificate when connecting over
        SSL.  Is there a way to silence it?  Is there a public x509 certificate
        around here?  The stuff in /etc/ssl/certs isn't readable by anyone but
        root.   -jeffwong
        \_ There's a way to get Mail to suppress the warning... sorry, but I
           don't remember what it is off the top of my head.
        \_ public part of the cert is always  obtainable.  -dwc
           use openssl s_client -connect hostname:port
        \_ What is the complaint it gives?
        \_ when complains , go to the "option" button.  You will
           see a little icon looking like a certificate.  Control-drag
           the certificate icon out to the Deskto(or other file location).
           Install the certificate in  (I suppose OS X looks
           through the KeyChain if the CA can't be found).  It is all
           in -tyf
2004/5/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30459 Activity:high
5/27    Not that it will probably work out that way, but a hypothetical
        Kerry/McCain presidential ticket beats Bush 54-39% in polls.
        \_ Bush is burnt toast, but please don't tell the motd freepers that:
           they might get disheartened and stop posting, which would make my
           days that much less amusing.
           \_ Uhm yeah.  Everyone who doesn't agree with you is a freeper.
              I'm sure you find it easier to smear the opposition with labels
              instead of engage in anything resembling honest debate.  Or you
              can just keep up the smear campaign and preach to the choir.
           \_ d00d, 91% of Republicans supported Bush a month ago.  Now
              only 84% of Republicans support Bush.  You won't be running
              out of Republicans anytime soon.
              \_ In a close race, losing 7% of your constituents in a single
                 month is pretty bad.
              \_ I'm so freaking out!  I need to go back to the freeper site
                 to get a dose!  Or I'll have to visit Rush's site and see
                 him on the 24x7 cam to assure myself I'm ok!  Or I could just
                 chill like the rest of the 'red states' and laugh at how
                 Kerry is *supposed to be up 15 points in all those battle
                 ground states but is either tied or losing.
                 \_ Not according to Zogby.
        \_ Bush/Powell 2004 - Powell/Rice 2008
        \_ Powell + (anybody *other* than Bush/Cheney) would win easily.
        \_ What's all this Powell stuff?  I thought we decided Powell was just
           the token minority on the Bush team and sold out his principles
           when he outright lied to the UN about WMD?  I'm confused.  Who are
           we supposed to hate today?
           \_ Who's smearing the oppostition with labels and not engaging
              in honest debate now?
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30460 Activity:nil
5/27    Why was the Hunter Thompson thing and the Racial Slur dictionary
        erased?  F*** censorship!
        \_ Did it have anything to do with linux or bike riding?
2004/5/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:30461 Activity:nil
5/27    For simpsons nerds:
2004/5/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30462 Activity:nil 75%like:30451
5/27    how many people are using motdedit2 now?
        using    : .
        not using: .......
        \_ better question, why are you/are you not using motdedit2?
           \_ Because emacs already warns me when I'm about to overwrite
              someone else's post.
              \_ Same for vi.
              \_ ok, so what do you do, back out and try again?
                 \_ I don't do this, but it's easy to yank the change + reload
                 \_ Yes. (emacs guy)
                 \_ yes. (other editor guy)
        \_ I predict motdedit2 will win in a landslide!
        \_ Where is this mythical software located?
2004/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:30463 Activity:nil
5/27    Can't I go through one fucking day without hearing everyone at
        work talk about last night's American Idol results.
        \_ I'm not a fan of the show, but she *is* talanted.
        \_ How many times did you call?  I couldn't get in!
        \_ I didn't hear anyone at my workplace talking about it.
        \_ hear hear
        \_ How do they work out voting with different time zones?
2004/5/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Military] UID:30464 Activity:high
5/27    vote to lift the Assault weapons ban
        \_ Or, alternately, to extend it.
           \_ Why extend it?  In what way does it help? -- ilyas
              \_ I think poster is pointing that it could go either way.
                 half-empty versus half-full.
                 \_ I was just curious what the arguments are for extending the
                    ban, now that it's been in effect for a while, and we are
                    in a position to see how well it did. -- ilyas
2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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