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2004/5/26 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:30427 Activity:high
5/25    What should I do to remedy this?
        % df
        Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
        /dev/sda3            -1022690446876         1         0  33% /
        /dev/sda1            -16257820653         1         0  10% /boot
        /dev/hda1            -5279228168420         1         0  72% /var
        /dev/hda2            -7918895146583         1         0   3% /home/sunny
        \_ most likely have to reboot
        \_ df | tr -d -
        \_ get fstat to return unsigned values.
        \_ reboot!
        \_ Treat your linux box like the windows box it really is when it comes
           to reliability and stability.  Reboot.  Get a real OS built by
           professionals so it won't ever happen again.
           \_ USE LINUX!
2004/5/26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW] UID:30428 Activity:moderate
5/25    If I have 2 webservers being load balanced behind a virtual IP,
        I only need one SSL cert that I can put on both of the "real"
        servers.  right?
        \_ 1 per FQDN
        \_ Do you own any verisign stock?
            \_ boy that sounds like a no.
               \_ I think it's more like, if it's not your money, and you hold
                  stock, buy two.  otherwise...
        \_ SSLs are not IP locked, yes, you need just one.
        \_ Depends on purchasing terms.  For example, GeoTrust charges per
           server, so you would need 1 certificate, but unless you paid for
           both, you couldn't lawfully put it on two.
2004/5/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30429 Activity:high
5/26    Thanks for those who responded to my salary question yesterday and
        thanks to KAIS MOTD ( for
        keeping the responses even though they got pushed off the motd. -emin
        \_ shut the fuck up, kchang
                \_ why do you hate kchang?
                        \_ Be psb asian lila, and immigrants god to boot.
                   \_ because he's fucking annoying.
                        \_ lots of people are annoying.  is that all it takes
                           for you to hate them?  buckle up, kid, life is going
                           to really suck for you.
        \_ wow, all the motd archives do the same thing.
                \_ they're all indexed and searcheable? amazing!
                   \_ stop treating "kais motd" like it's the best thing
                      since sliced bread.  less finds me what I want out of
                      the motd rcs files.
                        \_ dude, CHILL! It's not another editor/browser
                           piss off match. I'll use my favorite program
                           and you'll use yours and let's just leave it at
                           \_ then stop the shameless self-promotion
                                \_ I didn't write it            -kchang
                                   \_ then I apologize.  then stop the stupid
                                      advertising then.
                                      \_ kchang was not logged in when that
                                         was posted.
        \_ kchang might be a major twink, but damn, i'm pretty impressed with
           his motd archive. it's hierarchical and so the guy who talks about
           "less + rcs works for me" seems like the year is 1995 and someone is
           hating on Yahoo. "gopher RULEZ!"
        \_ Where is this socalled salary question? I can't find it on kchang's
        \_ damn you kchang lover, you are as guilty as him by association!
          \_ I hate jealous people.  they don't have much and yet they demand
             some kinda recognition.  kchang did a good job, people praise him
             why don't you show some real work first if you want to be praised.
        \_ someone on that threat mentioned charging no less than $100/hr for
           a real IT work.  How much would one charge for a real programming
           work? (c/c++, java, c#)  On, the median for a software
           engineer III is 87k
           \_ If hourly wage = annual salary / 2000, and contract rate =
              2x salaried rate, then $87/hr.
              \_ For a median-quality  job.
                 \_ Bingo!  No one wants a medium quality contractor, do they?
                    So they need to be willing to pay more to get the job done
                    right.  That's why I said $100/hr at an absolute minimum
                    for any skilled tech work, SA, programming, dba, etc.
        \_ emin, this is the Xth time I've tried to delete this message but
           you keep putting it back. Why do you insist on trolling and why
           are you supporting kchang?             -coalition against kchang
           \_ we support kchang too, and will help emin in this endeavor.
                                        - axis of evil kchang supporters
           \_ Tom and Kchang are both putzes, but at least kchang is a
              good programmer.
              \_ Tom knows everything about Linux, biking, IT, Programming,
                 Globabl Warming, US Politics, Foreign Affairs, US & World
                 History, and every other topic that has ever shown up on the
                 wall or motd.  You can ask Tom anything.  He always has the
                 right answer!  --tom #1 Fan
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30430 Activity:insanely high
5/26    Terrorists Have No Geneva Rights,filter.all/news_detail.asp
        \_ This whole thing is very academic to me.  All I really care about
           is did the various abuses the prisoners underwent result in new
           intelligence that saved lives or did it not?  If it saved lives
           then whatever if some dude was naked in front of some chick or
           had to wear panties on his head.
           \_ saved whose lives?  every darn torturer would claim that their
              torturing is for some greater cause.
              \_ Saved American lives.  I don't care about any others if it
                 means a dead American.  And no, some torture is pure sadism.
                 Some is to get information.
                 \_ If you don't care about Iraqi lives, why are you in Iraq?
                    For the oil?
                    \_ American lives >> Iraqi lives >> terrorist rights not
                       to wear panties on head.  Oil is a dead energy source.
                       The amount being pumped from major sources around the
                       world has been shrinking the last few years and it's
                       getting harder and harder to get what's left.  They're
                       pushing the fields too hard and damaging some of them
                       as we speak and going back 3-5 years in some places.
                       Fighting for oil is stupid.  If that was all it was
                       about, the money was better spent doing fusion research
                       and building nuclear power plants.  If enriching GWB's
                       friends was the point, the money was better spent on
                       research and nuke plants and it would've made for better
                       polling numbers, too.  When I'm elected, that's the way
                       it'll be.  And yes, we'll continue spending money on
                       space exploration in a big way, too.  Lack of progress
                       in science = death.
        \_ Also on this site: Democrats cause cancer.
           \_ Is that why they hate America?
              \_ Why do you hate white people?
        \_ There are so many deceptions, errors of reason and outright
           falsehoods in this article that it is hard to decide where to
           begin, but I will start by saying the Geneva Convention applies
           to the signers no matter what the "other" side does. There is
           no provision for being released from it if the other side
           violates some provision of it, for reasons that should be
           violates some part of it, for reasons that should be
           obvious if you think about it for half a second.
           \_ Wrong! Have you even read the Convention, or are you
              paraphrasing a article?
              \_ Is it so hard for you to just post the relevant sections or
                 a link?
                 "In addition to the provisions which shall be implemented in
                  peace time, the present Convention shall apply to all cases
                  of declared war or of any other armed conflict which may
                  arise between two or more of the High Contracting Parties,
                  even if the state of war is not recognized by one of them.

                  The Convention shall also apply to all cases of partial or
                  total occupation of the territory of a High Contracting
                  Party, even if the said occupation meets with no armed

                  Although one of the Powers in conflict may not be a party
                  to the present Convention, the Powers who are parties
                  thereto shall remain bound by it in their mutual relations.
                  They shall furthermore be bound by the Convention in
                  relation to the said Power, if the latter accepts and
                  applies the provisions thereof."
                 The second-to-the-last sentence is ambiguous and sets in
                 motion the debate as to whether a signer is obliged to abide
                 by the conventions when not in conflict with another signer.
                 \_ And if you bothered to continue to article 4 you
                    would instantly recognize you are a complete moron.
                    Why do I bother arguing with someone who hasn't
                    even read the thing????
                    \_ Show me what part of article 4 applies. Quote
                       the specific passage. Article 4 just defines
                       what a Prisoner Of War is. It does not deal
                       with being released from the provisions of
                       the GC. I think you are reaching.
                       \_ You haven't figured out that this was whole
                          point of Yoo's article?  Let me spell it out
                          very simply: the Geneva Convention applies
                          to POWs, classification as a POW requires
                          that the individual satisfy several
                          preconditions articulated in article 4.  Why
                          do you think every subsequent part and section
                          begins with some reference to "prisoner of
                          war"?  The title of the the document is
                          "Geneva Convention (III) Relative to the
                          Treatment of PRISONERS OF WAR"
                          Is this a troll - are you feigning
                          \_ Doesn't GC cover non-combatants as well?
                             When did we declare the entire population
                             enemy combatants?  How does a democracy of
                             combatants work?
                             \_ GCIV covers non-combatants.  Resume Fight!
                             \_ GCIV covers non-combatants.
                                GCIII covers POWs.  Resume fight! *ding*
                                \_ So when the red cross reports that 70-90%
                                   of those held were not combatants, did
                                   nothing requiring detainment, how the hell
                                   does that jive wth the GCs?  Also, see
                             \_ Most of the world doesn't even accept the
                                whole "enemy combatant" designation as
                                a valid category:
                    \_ Motd. It's like Usenet, but more so.
              \_ I have obviously read and understood more of it than you.
        \_ John Yoo, Boalt professor, sponsor of both the Patriot Act
           and non-GC treatment in Afghanistan.  Clerked under Thomas.
           Descriptions of what counts as "torture" under federal law.  Yay!
           "It's fair to say that Berkeley is liberal and Boalt Hall is a very
           liberal law school. I wouldn't say I've ever had any problems with
           my colleagues. Almost all of them disagree with me, but are
           respectful of my ideas. They're more interested in debating rather
           than disregarding my beliefs."
           \_ impressive pedigree but unfortunately he is a statist.
              \_ Just goes to show that no matter how much of a right-wing
                 extremist you are, there is always someone worse.
                 \_ Right wing, bad!  Left wing, center!  Good!  Yes!  W00t!
                    AARRRRARRRARRRARAAARRRRGGHGHHHG!!!!  -- your guy last fall
                    \_ Again, when the right reaches for stuff this weak, you
                       know they know their boy's in trouble this November.
2004/5/26-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:30431 Activity:kinda low
5/26    Any suggestions for a shared whiteboard app?  That can run multicast
        on Windows or with Windows as a viewer?  From behind a NAT?  We have a
        Linux server that we can use to host it if that helps.
        \_ NetMeeting?
           \_ Oops.  Forgot that it's behind a NAT.  NM doesn't work.
              \_ Opens up a bunch of random high-number ports.  If can work
                 behind NAT if you are "calling" someone not NAT'ed.
                 I think there is some way of making it use a proxy.
        \_ I've used the whiteboard in MSN Messenger 6.x, and also in Yahoo!
           Messenger, but there may have been a Hello Kitty background.
           No idea about ports.
        \_ Virage makes something that does this. It costs big bucks.
        \_ eBeam,
        \_ Just as followup, I used a free implementation--drawboard:
           It's a bit rough, but was good enough.
2004/5/26 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30432 Activity:nil
5/26    How does one see just the end of a file in Unix/Linux?  Say I have
        2 gigs of text log, and I just want to see the last page.
        \_ tail
           \_ Thanks!
        \_ check out the -f option from the man pages.
2004/5/26 [Uncategorized] UID:30433 Activity:high
5/26    A little old, but good.  End of the Grateful Dead and Phish hiatus
        leads to the near complete end of LSD distribution:
        \_ They're right...
        \_ You know, if I were a serious columnist, I'd just take April 1
           off every year.  It's just an unfortunate date to publish on.
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/California, ERROR, uid:30434, category id '18005#8.995' has no name! , ] UID:30434 Activity:high
        "My prediction: Bush will win California on the way to a landslide
         victory." Thanks for the laughs, Bush worshippers. Still
        willing to stick with that "prediction"?
        \_ The Requested URL /y/7gg was not found on this server.
           \_ URL fixed. op slapped.
              \_ Umm. Thanks.
        \_ w00t!
        \_ I didn't make that prediction but the election is really going to
           come down to two things: 1) is there a major attack on American
           soil between now and then (and how do people respond to it) and
           2) how each candidate comes across in the 3 debates in October.
           Everything going on now is fluff.
           \_ how about 3) will OBL be caught before the election?
              \_ Maybe they already have him in Cheney's Dungeon.
                 \_ Cheney's DUngeon?  What level is it?  I've got this great
                    4th level Warrior that I want to use....
              \_ nah, capturing hussein didn't do a damned thing for the poll
                 \_ He got a ~ 6% jump in approval rating, but it dropped
                    soon after:
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30435 Activity:high
5/26    Here's one for all of you politically active haters out there.
        Mayor Daley has a message for you.
        \_ Do you denounce Savage, Coulter, Limbaugh and all the other
           assorted "haters" on the Right? If not, shut up.
           \_ Yes, and you now have my permission to shup up.
           \_ It's a message for the left and the right.  Where do you see
              anything in the motd post or the link that says this is aimed
              at the left -or- the right?  Are you self identifying as a hater
              from the left?  I'm neither.  I'm just tired of all the mindless
              and irrational hatred from everyone.
              \_ I hate Bush. And I don't think it is irrational. I love
                 my country and I hate what Bush has done to it. I have
                 never hated anyone or anything before. Maybe "hate" is
                 too strong a word, since I don't dislike everything
                 Bush has done, so I am not so blinded by it that I
                 cannot see that. Extreme dislike and disagreement combined
                 with a strong personal revulsion? Nah.. I will stick with
                 hate, thank you.
        \_ Mayor "Vote Early, Vote Often!" Daley.  I love the number of
           ellipses in that quote.
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30436 Activity:high
5/26    - UN Convention Against Torture and implications, Cliffs Notes -
        Definition of torture:
          "severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental"
        What this means:
          Everything up to this is fine for those without protection of the
          Geneva Conventions.
        Bush's case:
          GC protects Iraq, but it's okay in Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan.
          \_ This is disputed. To put it mildly.
             \_ Undersecretary Cambone and Taguba both agree that GC protects
                Iraq, but not Gitmo.
                \_ And almost everyone else in the world disagrees with
                   them. Including the US Supreme Court, I will hazard to
                   guess, as soon as they start ruling on this.
                   \_ You include the SC but then say it's well maybe your
                      guess you think they might sorta maybe agree with you.
          Dogs are fine, simulated drowning, sexual humiliation, forced
          positions, days-long sleep deprivation with no clothes and with no
          light, blows while hooded -- Moderate pain and suffering.
        Obvious big problem:
          Non-GC treatment in Iraq.
        Big problem:
          If you are incarcerated in Gitmo or Afghanistan and you turn out to
          be innocent.
        Another big problem:
          Public relations ("They aren't convered by GC!  It isn't 'torture'!
          Everyone in there is an enemy of freedom!").
2004/5/26-27 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:30437 Activity:very high
5/26    Have any of you ever gotten a ticket for riding your bike on
        campus?  I just entered a plea of not guilty at Berk. Traffic
        Court and want to hear anyone's stories.  If you know someone
        who got one, please have them email me, or give me their
        address.   -maxmcc
        \_ where on campus were you riding?
        \_ had come from Lower Sproul, was parked at bike rack in front
           of Wheeler.  -maxmcc
        \_ Q. Are you guilty?
           \_ I was stationary with my bike lock in hand when he rolled
              up.  -maxmcc
              \_ Since this is not a court of law, I'll take your evasive
                 non-response as a "yes."
                 \_ Actual guilt has nothing to do with whether or not someone
                    gets punished.  This is true in any legal system.
              \_ I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.
              \_ I am more or less trying to figure out the following,
                 given that I plead not guilty:
                 1) if the cop shows up, how the fuck is he going to
                    remember a ticket he wrote last October, and what
                    is the practical upshot of that?
                 2) let's say the judge returns guilty verdict: am I
                    going to end up paying more than what the fine ended
                    up at after I avoided paying it and shit?
                 3) wtf goes on when the guy who gave you the ticket
                    shows up anyways?  what if he doesn't show up?
                    \_ I know the officer can simply submit an affadavit.
                        \_ An affadavit saying what?  This was last
                           October, and I can't imagine he would have
                           taken notes that he has lying around detailing
                           what happened...
                           \_ Most cops actually do take notes specifically
                              for situations like this.  Your odds of beating
                              the rap this way are fair, but don't get too
                              hopeful about his lack of notes.
                                \_ so I wonder how I can find out when
                                   exactly the DISMOUNT ZONE laws came
                                   into being...
                                   \_ I am pretty sure they came into being
                                      in 1989. Want me to ask a few other
                                      old timers to make sure?
                                        \_ that would be wicked. -maxmcc
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30438 Activity:high
5/26    What Did The President Know And When Did He Know It? (USA Today)
        \_ The resident is an imbecile.
           \_ I think he still doesn't really know.  Ahhhbb... Abuuu...
        \_ The stupider Bush appears, the more appealing his is. All that
           evil sciencey crap, who needs it! Evolution and stem cells and
           abortion, that's all it gets ya. Best support our plaintalkin'
           Christian president who cuts our taxes and kicks Arab ass.
           Be proud dubya drank and and got a C average in school instead of
           becoming some damn liberul.
           \_ Name something Bush has done wrong.  Then I'll give you the
              Republican line.  Let's play! :D
              \_ Appologized to China when our plane was knocked out of the
                 sky by a hot-rodding Chinese fighter pilot.
                 \_ Our aim was to bring home the detained pilots as soon
                    as possible.  We only said we were sorry about the death
                    of their pilot, and that we landed without clearance.
              \_ Failed to attend a *single* funeral of a US soldier killed in
              \_ He called Iran part of an "axis of evil" when they elected
                 their most western-friendly president ever.  This radicalizing
                 comment gave fresh ammunition to the die-hard mullahs.
              \_ Gave the bin Laden family special permission to fly out of the
                 country before being questioned by the FBI.
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30439 Activity:high
5/26    The point:  Bush, his press secretary, his cabinet members, party
        faithful, and military leaders rely on canned answers during press
        conferences -- noticably more so than in previous administrations.
        Such answers stress loyalty, unity, and strength above independent
        thinking.  Critical thinking is actually present in printed, online,
        and broadcast right-wing media.
        \_ Yeah? When?
           \_ You can have critical thinking and still be wrong.
              \_ You can disagree with the conservative point of view, be a
                 critical thinker and still be wrong.  As far as the quotes
                 go, those aren't policy statements or debate points.  They're
                 sound bites.  It's a strawman to use sound bites meant for
                 headlines as answers to serious debate questions.  Have some
                 more respect for yourself and your philosophical opposition.
                 If we were really that stupid, you would have crushed and
                 destroyed our movement a long time ago unless you're equally
                 \_ If "we" = Democrats, then your "unless" clause holds
                    tremendous weight, and I'll just add, "Who's we,
                    white man?"
2004/5/26-27 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30440 Activity:very high
5/26    Just curious... Are people supposed to be running their own
        drug store off soda's website?  I assume it's commercial.
        \_ definitely a violation of soda and university policy.  -tom
        \_ Only if they're offering discount v1agkra
        \_ No.  Mail root with the location and it will be taken
           care of.
        \_ URL please?  Just curious.
        \_ ~chrchan/public_html last I saw it.  I saw the raw files, but did
           not point a browser at it.  Not my call.  I don't have root, access
           to read logs, etc.  "Someone" should politely ask him about it in
           case it is just for practice or for somewhere else.
           \_ What made you think he was running a drug store instead of just
              trying out some ecommerce code?  And how the hell did you stumble
              across this?  Were you really bored enough to just be randomly
              searching soda?
              \_ I said I didn't check it in detail, duh.  That he might just
                 be testing something, duh.  That a polite query was in order
                 IMHO and nothing more at this point, duh.  You, duh.  Duh.
                 \_ No, that is not yellowcake in his directory.
           \_ I think it's a false alarm.  Most of the code isn't even
              world readable.
2004/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30441 Activity:nil
5/26    I assume you've all heard or seen headlines about a coming threat
        on American soil this summer or whenever "soon".  If something were
        to happen and (picking random number from thin air) 50,000 people
        were to get killed who would you blame for this?  No one?  Bush?
        Ashcroft?  Cheney?  Rumsfeld?  The admin in general?  Previous admins?
        \_ Depends on circumstances and methods used.  If it's something
           the Admin's been telling us they've planned for, damn skippy
           I'll blame them.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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