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2004/5/25 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:30404 Activity:high
5/24    Richard Biggs (played Dr. Franklin on Babylon 5) died this week at age
        41 (unknown cause--likely a massive stroke or aneurysm).  He leaves
        behind a wife and two children.  There are auctions on eBay to go to
        memorial fund:
        Donations can be made by PayPal:
        PayPal Account:
        \_ This makes news on the motd vs. Alistair Cook's passing a couple
           months previous?
           \_ Most sodans never heard his "Letters From America" off BBC News.
           \_ A sudden death of a young person is always more news.
        \_ Why does an actor's family need donations?
           \_ Well, he's not a big time rich actor.  I suppose they aren't
              doing much better than middle class.  Although why you'd
              want to donate money for ANYONE's funeral, I don't know.
              \_ It's a Japanese tradition to contribute funds to offset the
                 costs of a funeral for a relative or close associate; It's
                 called "koden".  Not that Biggs' family is Japanese, but
                 there's precedent.  In Western funerals, people send 50-100
                 dollars of flowers, why not send money to help pay for the
                 casket instead or for the costs of burial/cremation?
2004/5/25-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:30405 Activity:high
5/25    Anybody see Van Helsing? Are they really intending the guy is the
        archangel Gabriel?
        \_ No. They throw that bit out there along with a ton of other
           stuff that they never really follow-up on.  It's still a fun
           \_ Despite myself, I have to agree. Going in with low expectations
              I'd have to say it was no more than a three beer handicap.
               -- ulysses
           \_ I ground my teeth to the bad dialogue or worse, when they stole
              lines from good movies. Excessive bad acting and dialect abuse.
              \_ Yes, exactly!  Other the top and tongue firmly in cheek!
                 My god, you didn't expect a real movie, did you?
                 \_ No, but there is bad, and then there is basic cable bad.
                    Like most flicks of this genre, they delight in special
                    effects and forget there should be a plot somewhere. And
                    introducing random new mythologies to old characters sucks.
        \_ Stick tongue in cheek.  Enjoy.  Ignore the above seeking some sort
           of Gone With The Wind quality enema.   It's summer fluff.  Fun.
           of Gone With The Wind quality cinema.   It's summer fluff.  Fun.
           \_ Worst.  Movie.  Critic.  Ever.
              \_ Thanks!  Glad you contributed so much!  It was a summer fluff
                 flick worth a matinee.  Don't like it?  Whatever, tough shit.
                 Say so and move on.
2004/5/25-26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:30406 Activity:high
        My favorite lines from movie preview:

        "How do I know so much about a movie that isn't out yet? I've seen the
        promos, and I've read and reviewed the book upon which it is based,
        The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. In
        Strieber's previous work, Communion, he explained that he was told of
        the Earth's upcoming apocalypse by aliens. And how this knowledge was
        communicated is much more the purview of an adult Web site than a
        family newspaper."
        \_ Long enough link for ya?  Geez.
        \_ It's funny-- I found myself agreeing with the first part of this
           article: The Day After Tomorrow suffers from scientific
           implausability on the same scale as, say, Battlefield Earth. Then
           Michaels started bashing Global Warming in general, and I started
           thinking, what the hell?  And then I read the bio at the bottom,
           and it all made sense:
           "Patrick J. Michaels is senior fellow in environmental studies at
            the Cato Institute...."
           \_ The Free Market will save the environment!  If people put a
              dollar amount on it, we will stop destroying the environment!
              \_ Pay a man to stop polluting, and he'll stop polluting as
                 long as you pay him.  Shoot a man for polluting, and no one
                 else will ever pollute.
                 \_ 2 polluters will take his place.  So you're in favor of
                    the death penalty?
                    \_ Sure, as long as you're 100% certain the perp did the
                       crime.  Me, I think we should make war profiteering
                       punishable by the death penalty as well, so there you
                       go. --erikred
                       \_ War is a business, too.  You think the government
                          should take over all the military related businesses
                          and run them itself at cost?  Why not just have the
                          government take over all businesses?  Capitalism is
                          evil!  Death to BushCo!  American credibility around
                          the world has been destroyed for generations!
                          \_ War should not be a business.  Making weapons and
                             defense systems is a business, but it is wrong
                             and immoral to attempt to stir up more demand for
                             this product a la Coke and Pepsi.  Understand
                             that there is more to living on this planet than
                             making a buck.
                             \_ no one needs to stir up the war business.
                                people have been doing that just fine on their
                                own since one guy figured out how to whack
                                another guy with a stick or a rock or his bare
                                fist.  modern weapons just make it more
              \_ If you make him pay to pollute at all, all you have to do is
                 make sure the pollution rights are expensive enough.
                 There was a study which suggested that the "environmental
                 services" of the Earth would cost $100-trillion per year if
                 replaced by industry.
                 \_ Good plan.  Let's replace the earth.  I didn't like this
                    one anyway.
        \_ It's great that Art Bell has come so far into the mainstream.
        \_ dunno about you, but I'm watching this movie becuase I would like
           the next Ice Age to happen, and I don't particularly care about how
           it happens.  Comet, Nuke Winter, whatever.
        \_ The previews lost me when they showed a wave hitting New York and
           none of the buildings collapsed. Good thing water has no mass....
           \_ But its still not as bad as the Worst. Movie. Physics. Ever.
              found in The Core.  For more ratings go here to Insultingly
              Stupid Movie Physics:
              \_ Also good is the Bad Astronomy page (movies too)
                 \_ This guy's preamble on Armageddon made my day.
2004/5/25-26 [Recreation/Music] UID:30407 Activity:high 57%like:30416
5/23    Most of the people who listen to rap music will listen to it real
        loud to let others know on the street what they're listening is
        total coolness. It's really funny to see White people listen to
        rap music because a lot of rap music says awful stuff about
        White people in general. It's also real funny knowing that many
        White people who listen to this music come from Upper Middle
        Class/Rich homes. Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa,
        the person with the bigger drums get more respect. That's the Black
        way, loud and obnoxious. I hate rap culture. On some nights
        when those rap listeners drive by or stop a block down making
        lots of noise, I wish I had a sniper rifle and shoot the
        inconsiderate son of a bitch and make him pay for noise pollution.
        And if you nuke this one more time, I will start my retaliatory
        2 day total nuke campaign.              -rap hater, not black hater
        \_ They do it to annoy idiots like you.
        \_ Your statements "Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa",
           "That's the Black way, loud and obnoxious." and "I wish I had a
           sniper rifle and shoot the inconsiderate son of a bitch" seem to
           contradict your byline "-rap hater, not black hater".
        \_ Loud Harleys with modified pipes also suck.  I hate those things
           - !op (and (non-Harley) motorcycle rider)
           \_ The sniper rifle line is racism free.  Nothing at all wrong
              with wanting to shoot some loud selfish bastard.
2004/5/25 [Uncategorized] UID:30408 Activity:moderate
5/25    Snoop Dogg is getting a divizzle.
        \_ Life ain't nothing but bitches and money.
        \_ fuck rap.
        \_ fuck hindi.
        \_ So what you found you a ho that you like
           But ya can't make a ho a housewife.
        \_ Ho I know you a ho, bitch you a ho could I told you so.
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30409 Activity:nil 55%like:30417
5/25    Sex predator to go free in Mexico, judge says
2004/5/25-26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30410 Activity:high
5/25    Phish to break up.  YAY!
        \_ But think of the poor acid dealers!
           \_ There's always more users.  No one ever OD'd on acid.
2004/5/25-26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:30411 Activity:very high
5/25    Oh ilyas (and other zelda peepz):
        although the psp looks cooler than anything nintendough put out..
        that thing has usb and 802.11 on it - will it boot netbsd or linux?
        \_ I am a zelda people? -- ilyas
        \_ I am a Zelda people?  The last time I played Zelda was in the
           CSUA office like 5 years ago, amusing those present by killing
           Link's twin with a hammer: "What's that?  The twin can't mimic
           the hammer?  Well that's just too bad!" -- ilyas
           \_ You really liked the zelda line, iirc.
              \_ Hey, what else do I like, unbiased stranger? -- ilyas
2004/5/25-26 [Consumer/Camera] UID:30412 Activity:insanely high
5/25    If her name is Masuimi, why does the tatoo on her arm say "Masumi"?
        Was she improperly credited on her first film and it was just never
        corrected or something? Inquiring minds want to know.
        (Not Work Safe, if hadn't guessed)
        \_ Since both are real names, I'll just trust the tattoo more than
           a credits list.
        \_ What kind of film are you talking about, a porn film?
          \_ Actually, I figured it out I think. I think it has to do with
             making oneself easily web-locatable when you are only using
             one name, as most porn stars do.
        \_ I think you need a hobby.
           \_ I think Woody Allen covered the response to that line.
              \_ By fucking his own step daughter?
        \_  her dad named her that.  the chars represent
           the pronunciation as her dad meant for it to be pronounced, though
           it should be katakana.  but then, she's not Japanese.
2004/5/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:30413 Activity:insanely high
5/25    Fabricating a Statistic in the Immigration Debate
        questionable ethics by LATimes
        \_ Don't hide that it's a freeper link and we won't delete it.
           \_ 2 wrongs don't make a right.
              \_ insert hilarious racist Asian joke here
                 \_ RAPIST!
                    \_ RACIST!
           \_ Why do you care that it's from freerepublic?  It's an excerpt for
              an LA Times article, which can be found here:
              (registration required)
                        \_ actually there are responses from various parties
                           not on LA's site.  Thats the point!
              \_ I care because Freeper doesn't always post the entire article,
                 and anything they do post is accompanied by pages of debate
                 that I don't care to read.
                 \_ ^debate^invective
                 \_ I hate the spewage at the freerepublic more than you and
                    wish the freeperguy would post the original links without
                    the freeper crap in it.  there was a time (a looong time
                    ago) that (very briefly) the free republic was a decent
                    conservative site but the spewing morons quickly took over
                    and all thinking people left.  the morons at the freerep
                    make the rest of us look bad.  i've managed to start any
                    number of good conversations and debates here posting
                    original links without linking through some crap site like
                    the freerepublic.   --real conservative
        \_ why do you hate immigrants?
           \_ why do you hate white people?
2004/5/25-26 [Industry/Jobs] UID:30414 Activity:very high
5/25    Let's say I have a day job which brings in $Y/hour.  I have
        been asked to do consulting for another company on the side.
        What should I charge?  $(1.5*Y)? $(2*Y)?  Any suggestions on
        places to look for finding how to set this rate?  Thanks.
        \_ ((ln e) * Y) / i)
        \_ supply & demand.  You can't charge more than what the
           other company willing to pay.
           \_ Do you work at Microsoft Technical Support?  That was a
              perfect completely true but totally worthless answer!
              \_ just to answer a stupid question.   You can charge 2x or 10x
                 if you want to.  It all matters to what the company willing
                 to pay for your work.  If the company don't think it can find
                 someone reliable or capable, heck, they're willing to pay
                 2x, 3x or 5x.  The key is to do your market research and
                 find out what you're worth.  To say that you're worth 1.5x
                 is so bogus.
        \_ The full-benefits cost of an employee, including overhead, is about
           2x salary.  If you're not using their facilities, you could probably
           argue 2x, but if you're at the office and using their equipment
           (which means you're not a contractor in the strictest sense of the
           word), then 1.5x is more appropriate, since you're only saving them
           benefits, not overhead.
        \_ On-the-side jobs are a lot of work.  How much is your spare time
           worth to you?  If it's not enough money, you won't be motivated to
           finish it.
        \_ I did an on the sire job for a few weeks at 1x.  It was a huge pain
        \_ I did an on the site job for a few weeks at 1x.  It was a huge pain
           in the ass and totally not worth it so I dropped it.  At 2x it might
           have almost been worth it.  At 4x I would've been happy.  Remember
           that people think you're worth what they're paying you.  That's not
           as trite as it seems.  I mean it literally.  Whatever you do, you
           should not charge under $100/hr for real IT work.  If you're just
           installing windows patches in some office, then less is ok.  Nothing
           with skills for less than $100.  Remember, it costs them a shitload
           more to hire fulltime to do it and they don't have to pay your
           benefits, etc.  Your current salary is only an amusing tidbit and
           shouldn't have much effect on what you charge since it's likely
           you're underpaid right now.  When did you get a raise?  How much
           would someone with your skills make today in the open market?
           Probably a lot more than you think.  The CSUA salaries I've seen
           posted over the years are always pathetically low.
2004/5/25 [Uncategorized] UID:30415 Activity:nil
5/25    Do you use a bike helmet?  (while biking)
        \_ No, I have a padded headboard. (Now you say...)
        \_ Yup, although noone else in town (Davis) seems to except
           \_ Professors have more valuable brains.
             \_ Maybe.  What's amazing/annoying is the number of students
                talking on the phone while biking (both slow and all over
                the place...)
                \_ better than talking on a phone while driving.  -tom
                   \_ true, less dangerous - but equally annoying!
        \_ Yep.  With rear-view mirror.  -emarkp
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Humor] UID:30416 Activity:nil 57%like:30407
5/23    Most uh de sucka's who listen t'hindi beat gots'ta listen t'it real
        loud t'let oders know on de street whut dey're listenin' be
        total coolness. It be really funny t'see White sucka's listen t'
        hindi beat cuz' a lot uh hindi beat says awful stuff about
        White sucka's in general. It be also real funny knowin' dat many
        White sucka's who listen t'dis beat mosey on down from Uppuh' Middle
        Class/Rich plantations. Shit mama, it be likes some tribal system in
        Africa, de sucka' wid de big-assga' drums git mo'e respect. Dat's de
        Black way, loud and obnoxious. ah' hate hindi culture.  What it is,
        Mama! On some nights when dose hindi listeners roll by o' stop some
        block waaay down makin' lots uh noise, ah' wish ah' had some snipuh'
        rifle and shoot da damn inconsiderate son uh a bitch and make him pay
        fo' noise pollushun. And if ya' nuke dis one mo'e time, ah' gots'ta
        start mah' retaliato'y 2 day total nuke campaign.
        'S coo', bro.              -hindi hater, not brother hater
        \_ Three words: "sound seeking missle"
        \_ They do it to annoy idiots like you.
        \_ Your statements "Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa",
           "That's the Black way, loud and obnoxious." and "I wish I had a
           sniper rifle and shoot the inconsiderate son of a bitch" seem to
           contradict your byline "-hindi hater, not black hater".
        \_ Loud Harleys with modified pipes also suck.  I hate those things
           - !op (and (non-Harley) motorcycle rider)
           \_ Also known as a crotch/rice rocket or donor cycle.
              \_ Harley != crotch/rice rocket
              \_ crotch rockets are the high speed (usually) japanese
                 racing sport bikes.  These are usually fairly quite.  The
                 loud bikes are usually cruiser style American/British
                 bikes (or Japanese bikes made to copy that style.)
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30417 Activity:nil 55%like:30409
5/25    Sex predator to go free in Mexico, judge says (Chicago Trib, csuamotd/csuamotd)
2004/5/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:30418 Activity:nil
5/25    Q. What's the name of the pirate themed horizontal shooter you
        A. Arrr-type.
2004/5/25-26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30419 Activity:very high
5/25    Has anyone noticed spamassassin missing quite a few recently?
        \_ yes, many.  Been gathering them to train the bayesian filter,
           hope that will help.  It's been quite a while since the last
        \_ Just installed the most recent yesterday and it's 20/20 correct and
           no false positives of about 75 in.
           \_ do you mean 2.63, or is 3.0 out?
              \_ 2.63.  I briefly considered 3.0alpha/beta but I prefer that
                 it just work.
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Music] UID:30420 Activity:nil
        2 DAY TODAL NUKE CAMPA1GN!              -HINDI H8R, NOT BLACK H8R
        \_ Three words: "sound seeking missle"
        \_ They do it to annoy idiots like you.
        \_ Your statements "Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa",
           "That's the Black way, loud and obnoxious." and "I wish I had a
           sniper rifle and shoot the inconsiderate son of a bitch" seem to
           contradict your byline "-hindi hater, not black hater".
        \_ Loud Harleys with modified pipes also suck.  I hate those things
           - !op (and (non-Harley) motorcycle rider)
           \_ Also known as a crotch/rice rocket or donor cycle.
              \_ Harley != crotch/rice rocket
                 \_ He said non-Harley bike. So it is a crotch/rice rocket.
              \_ crotch rockets are the high speed (usually) japanese
                 racing sport bikes.  These are usually fairly quite.  The
                 loud bikes are usually cruiser style American/British
                 bikes (or Japanese bikes made to copy that style.)
                 \_ He said non-Harley bike. So it is a crotch/rice rocket.
                    \_ Oh, we thought the response was to the comment, not
                       the poster's sig.  Also, there are bikes that are
                       niether Harley nor crotch rocket.  Two examples:
                       standards, and dual sport bikes.
2004/5/25-26 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS] UID:30421 Activity:very high
5/25    I want to get gigabit ethernet for our network. We are currently
        running 100/10. If I upgrade my servers to run gigabit, is there a
        way to multiplex it out to 100/10 clients? Do I have to replace my
        \_ If you want to go gigabit speeds, you will need to replace your
           switch (unless it is already 1000/100/10).  Your switch should
           then be able to multiplex a higher rate feed from your server
           to your clients.
           \_ I don't want to replace the switches since we have
              about 50 clients, but instead can I
              do the following, get a gigabit switch with say 5-10 ports,
              hook two of them to servers, and connect the rest to my
              100/10 switch? Would that at least multiplex out to N
              number of connections from the gigabit to the 100/10? I know
              I won't get optimal speeds, but at least I can get a speed boost.
              (My 100/10 switch has all RTX autodetect on all ports).
              \_ WTF are you thinking?  If you *need* GigE, you can afford to
                 get GigE.  If you can't afford it, you don't need it.  Do you
                 have some stupid cheapass PHB who wants to save a fucking
                 dime up front and pay out the ass later when this hokey shit
                 falls apart and some slave spends 30 hours debugging it while
                 half the net is down?
                 \_ I concur. If you're going to use gigabit right, get a
                    gigabit switch. It'll help you out later if you choose
                    to expand and makes dealing with possible network problems
                    much easier for everyone involved.
              \_ If you connect 1 5-10 port GigE switch to N 10/100 switches
                 the maximum bandwidth is N*100Mbit, and you will only achieve
                 that if you have a transacting client on each 10/100 switch.
                 Given that large GigE switches cost $$$, what you could do
                 is buy a 5-port GigE switch, and hook it up to some 8-16-24
                 port 10/100 switches that have a GigE uplink.  That way you
                 don't get capped by the link from the GigE switch and the
                 larger slower switches.
2004/5/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30422 Activity:very high
5/25    US soldiers are thieves:
        \_ Yes.  All American soldiers and by extension all Americans are
        \_ I don't think US soldiers are thieves, however what they are
           doing seems a lot like what happens here where suspected drug
           dealers have all of their property confiscated, guilty until
           proven innocent ... I'm sure the constitution has something to
           say about that.
           \_ What constitution?  Paul Bremer's diary?
           \_ no, you're looking for the military code of conduct.
        \_ duh? It's a war, and a tradition that goes back to Valley Forge.
           \_ VF?  Goes way to the dawn of time.
2004/5/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:30423 Activity:high
5/25    Don't believe it could happen?
        \_ it?  what it?  fucking trolls.  im not going to read your zero
           content teaser link.  that's almost as bad as a cock tease.  get off
           the motd you link tease.
           \_ It's not like it's a disguised freeper link.
              \_ It might as well be.  Why can't OP just say what "it" is?
                 Link tease!
                 \_ Operation Northwoods
                    \_ Which means what?  "Don't believe Operation Northwoods
                       could happen?  <url here>"  Ok, so what?
2004/5/25-26 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30424 Activity:very high
5/25    I just installed a dedicated Linux software RAID server with five ATA
        133 drives. It seems to run decently. I expect to get heavier usage
        as people start using it (It's a CVS repository for our office).
        Will I get much more out of a hardware RAID and/or switching to
        SATA? I also plan to migrate people into the box with NFS/automount
        for home directories. Also, what's a good backup system for a
        a terrabyte RAID? DVD-RWs? 8 gig tapes?
        \_ SATA: not really.
           Hardware raid: possibly because its nice to have all those XORs done
                for you in hw but 3ware is the major ide raid hw card maker and
                3ware sucks.
           Hardware raid: possibly because it's nice to have all those XORs
           done for you in hw but 3ware is the major ide raid hw card maker
           and 3ware sucks.
           Backup system?  These days multi-TB systems aren't backed up unless
                the owner has big bucks.  Tapes are almost as expensive as
                getting a second unit and mirroring across systems.  DVDRW?
           the owner has big bucks.  Tapes are almost as expensive as getting
           a second unit and mirroring across systems.  DVDRW?
           Do you really want each backup to take 3 dozen or more dvds?
           What slave is doing that job?
           \_ that's ridiculous; anyone who has important data backs it up.
              Mirroring doesn't help you if a file is corrupted or accidentally
              deleted.  Yes, tapes are expensive, but so what?  -tom
                \_ Ah yes, we once again hear from the loud but ignorant and
                   illiterate as well.  There are lots of small companies that
                   have >1tb of data that can not afford to back it up.  They
                   do not get funding from tax payer dollars.  They do not make
                   grant proposals for the perfect system which is then paid
                   for by someone else.  When you have some real world
                   experience with budgets and risk come back to the motd and
                   we'll talk about your childish notion of "tapes are
                   expensive, so what?" idiocy.  If the guy had infinite money
                   from the tax payers he'd be doing 1+0 on all his data, have
                   an offsite location to copy snapshots at internet2 speeds,
                   and do full backups at both sites everyday.  But he doesn't
                   'work' for the university and isn't sucking off the tax
                   payer's teat, like some ignoramouses around here.
                   \_ gee, the university has such infinite money that half
                      of the network infrastructure is still shared 10 megabit!
                      In the Math department they still have 50 Sparc 2s in
                      service.  Let me know where I can go to run these
                      "perfect systems".  -tom
                      \_ I see, so how does a poor person afford all of these
                         tbs worth of tapes and where did a poor uni worker
                         like yourself get the idea that money is no object
                         when it comes to data intregrity?  Which way is it?
                         \_ Presumably if you have data, it's worth something.
                            For anyone with important data, the cost of
                            losing the data is less than the cost of tapes.
                            MTBF on human errors is much smaller than on
                            disks--the majority of requests we get for
                            file restores are due to user error, not disk
                            failure.  Unless your data are read-only, you
                            need tape backup.  And it's really not that
                            expensive.  -tom
                            \_ You're missing out on cost/risk.  Not all data
                               is worth 100% reliability on backups.  If some
                               student loses their homework answers is it
                               really worth adding 80% of your costs to your
                               file system purchase to recover their hw from
                               last week for them?  Only to the student who
                               isn't paying for it.  Also, tapes *are*
                               expensive if you're doing enough backups to make
                               them worth doing.  Tapes wear and break.  Drives
                               do also but quality drives get a 3 year
                               warrantee and even crap drives get a 1 year so
                               you're ok with DOAs and early deaths.  And the
                               thing you keep ignoring is doing tape backups on
                               multi terabyte systems takes a fucking long
                               time, restores are even more painful, and you
                               need some *very* expensive robots and software
                               to keep track of all that.  This isn't your
                               grand daddy's world of dump/restore anymore.
                               In short, you just don't know what you're
                               talking about which is understandable since you
                               don't have to do real budgeting or cost/benefit
                               analysis or risk assessment.  Finally, all data
                               is not necessarily worth backing up.  Some data
                               is your entire life and must be, other data
                               should be but it's worth the risk or doing some
                               kludge, and other data can be recreated or it's
                               ok to lose it.
                   \_ Dude, if you can't figure out why tape backups are a
                      good thing, get out of the business. Or your CTO will
                      just kick your ass out for being an idiot.
                      \_ I know all about tape backups.  Can you figure out why
                         you'd spend precious money on tapes when they cost
                         almost as much as drives and it could take days or
                         even weeks to do a tape restore?  Have you ever dealt
                         with multiple tb of data before?  If you had you
                         wouldn't see tapes as some backup panacea.  They have
                         high cost and other issues on large data sets since
                         hard drive sizes and speeds have grown by leaps and
                         bounds while tapes have done very little relatively
                         speaking in the last 20 years.
                   \_ I remember, just a couple of years ago, when it was
                      the VC backed firms that blew all their cash on
                      over engineered systems. How the worm turns.
                      \_ Over engineered?  Naw, it all went to salaries for
                         stupid useless people on sales and marketing so they
                         could keep up their coke habits.
                \_ Indeed.  Just clone the box and backup to that.
                   \_ Why would I use this instead of rsync? What are the
                      \_ It's basically an incremental rsync.  All the
                         advantages of rsync with the ability to keep a
                         week's worth of changes in just a bit more space.
                         I think it even uses rsync internally.
                         \- hey does anybody know if rsync or some other
                            tool can make sort of an "incremental blob" ...
                            say i rsync from A to B at t0. i would
                            like to compute the "incremental" at t1 and
                            store that to some "blob" C, which could
                            be "applied" to B [say via tar or some rsync
                            merge option] to turn B into a an image of
                            A at t1. basically like a patch diff. so this
                            way you could say rsync A->B on sunday and then
                            just store the "diff blobs" for mon, tue etc.--psb
        \_ It depends on your cpu power and usage.  linux software raid does
           use up sufficient amount of cpu.  But unless you're running some
           cpu intensive services as well on some older hardware, you'll be
           fine with software raid.  Just a few years back, the fastest IDE
           RAID performance you can get was out of a software RAID.  As the
           above has mentioned, 3ware sucks ass, especially in linux.  I've
           wasted a lot of time on drives dropping out and data corruption
           on a 3ware, but have yet to have any problem with any of the
           software RAIDs I've done.  To make sure you get maximum disk
           bandwidth, make sure each IDE channel has only one drive attached
           to it.
        \_ You should be able to get 20-30 GB tapes running off a robot. For
           1TB, you may need multiple tape drives to streamline backups. How
           big are your filesystems? How vital is the data in each FS? What is
           your data turnover (how much is altered daily)? What is your network
           like? The answers will help you analyze your backup needs.
           \_ What's a 128 tape multi drive tape robot go for these days?
2004/5/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30425 Activity:insanely high
5/25    CNN: "Sources: Major terror attack possible this summer"
        Should I change my summer plans?
        \_ yes. they're on to you.
        \_ flee before the motd reports you to the fbi
        \_ It'll be fun to watch Rummy say how terrorists will try to
           influence the November election ala Spain. Vote Bush or the
           terrorists will win!
           \_ You've been alive for at least 6 months, right?  2 seconds after
              the Spanish bombings, *everyone* was saying they'd try to do the
              same thing here.  Where the hell have you been sleeping?
              \_ You misunderstood the remark. I want to hear the Republicans
                 state outright "Vote for Kerry and the terrorists win." There
                 has been lots of talk of the terrorists attacks influencing
                 the election, but no one big has yet politicized them to this
                 point. Fun! Fun! Fun! Feel the dark side!
                 \_ I see.  My misreading.  Nevermind.  Are you also waiting
                    for the Dems to say, "See?  If Kerry/Gore was in office,
                    these things would have never happened because the UN would
                    have been involved!"?
                    \_ Try googling
                       "would have never happened" "UN involvement"
                       and nothing turns up. Of course, I'm sure you feepers
                       and the Office of Information Manipulation will put
                       up a fake Dem website that says "If Kerry/Gore was
                       in office, these things would have never happened
                       because the UN would have been involved!"
                       \_ You understand the difference between the past which
                          would be a google search and the future which is what
                          the word "waiting" means, right?  Now go back and
                          try again after going to instead of
                 and typing "waiting" into the box.
                    \_ You lose. Everyone already says that. Even Neocons will
                       state, if Gore were in office, Saddam Hussein would
                       still be in power, implying no war on Iraq, therefore
                       no mess in Iraq. Of course, Bush is now pushing the
                       terrorists / Al Quada == Iraq which is now true thanks
                       to the war. Ah, I love self fulfilling prophecies. It
                       makes me feel more an Evangelical Christian!
                       \_ Iraq?  We're talking about terrorism in the USA.  If
                          you were remotely on topic I might lose but since
                          you're off in babble land your post is bit-waste.
2004/5/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:30426 Activity:high
5/25    Wanna learn a new language to pick up chicks in Europe. What should
        I learn? German (uhhh), French (too snobby), Italian (yes?),
        Spanish (si?)? Which language will get you the most women? ok thx.
        \_ Germany is horrible.  Germans are horrible.  Learn Spanish and
           French, the food's better and it's warmer and their tourists are
           far less obnoxious.  And you can get by in Italy with decent
           Spanish.  -John (really wish I spoke Spanish instead of German)
           \_ How do you konw that John? I found that even with my mediocre
              Spanish, I was able to more or less get by in Italy. It also
              make learning Italian a snap. -ausman
           \_ Somewhat related to the question.  It's hard to compete
              with Italian and Spanish guys.  They take the initiative,
              and they look girls straight in the eye when they talk to them.
              Especially the Italian guys.  German guys are meat.  So says
              a friend of mine who is into these things (picking up chicks
              in European bars, not Italian/Spanish/German guys).  How that
              affect your linguistic choice is your call.
              \_ Uh, that's what Americans do who want to get laid, also.  It's
                 not a big secret that women like the self confident guys.
        \_ What's wrong with American women?
           \_ Have you seen "Sex in the City?"  'nuff said.
                \_ ^Sex in the City^lila
                   \_ Who is Lila and why do you pick on her all the time?
        \_ Python
        \_ Germany has the largest population in Europe, so learn German.
                \_ how come, is it because of Hitler's initiative to create
                   lots of babies
                   \_ uhm yeah sure.
           \_ Spoken like a true sodan, quantity >>> quality!
           \_ Yeah, dude, german girls are either fat and dumb, or thin
              and very cold and evil.
              \_ Nobody who speaks German could be evil.
              \_ You're nuts.  German girls rock and they're easy and do
                 things American girls haven't even thought of.
        \_ Spaniards like to have a lot of sex, but you can get the most
           women by finding out which country best suits you... if you have
           dark skin, head north to Denmark/Sweden. If you have fair skin,
           head south to the Mediterranean. In either case, you can hope to
           get some tail on the "I'm exotic" route.
        \_ Go to Brazil if you just want to get laid a lot by beautiful
           women.  No need to learn anything.
           \_ AND fill up on STD's! w00t!
              \_ same story anywhere.  use a condom.  you shouldn't be
                 fucking random bar girls in any country without a condom.
                 if std's are your concern, find a church going virgin and
                 marry her.
        \_ Learn Spanish. It will still be usefull for you (and get you
           laid) when you come back to the US.
        \_ Have you considered Russian, Ukrainian, or Lithuanian?
           \_ Lonely Russian babes want to meet you!
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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