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2004/5/24 [Consumer/TV] UID:30384 Activity:moderate
5/24    I'm starting to look at projectors (for movies, games, whatnot.)
        Can someone make any recommendations about good review sites, models,
        mfgrs, or share their own experiences?  -John
        \_ has forum discussions, and
           has reviews. DLP projectors at 800x600 is king at the sub-$1K
           range, while pricier LCD projectors offer native HD resolutions.
           watch for reviews of the forthcoming InFocus 4805 DLP. -- jwang
           \_ Cool, thanks.  My main question is:  what would one need HDTV
              resolution for?  Do you gain anything with it when playing
              say, a DVD?  -John
              \_ not for DVD, but HDTV is available in many US areas, and
                 for some even the limited programming is worth the premium.
                 i'm actually pretty content with a 800x600 InFocus X1 which
                 does an excellent job of downscaling Comcast HDTV content.
                 parting thoughts:
                 o DLP image has more "punch", LCD image is more film-like
                 o poorer brightness and contrast than tube in daylight
                 o demands complete home theater receiver/speakers setup
                 o requires projector & screen mounting labor
              \_ I'm not getting HDTV until HDTV broadcast is mandatory in '06.
                 By then I'll get a better hdtv for less and not sit at home
                 looking at my near-useless hdtv wondering why I paid so much
                 for so little.
2004/5/24 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30385 Activity:very high
5/24    Very Presidential, but it was "off the record" so it's ok:
        \_ you freepers are really reaching for shit now.
                \_ nice imagery, really!
           \_ The more of this silliness they post, the better I feel about
              Kerry's chances of kicking W's ass this November.
              \_ As if I don't hear enough "Bush is a dumb" propoganda
                 from the left.  Guys, this post is dumb, but it's no
                 worse than what I've been hearing from you for the last 4
                 \_ "did the training wheels fall off?" is reasonably clever
                    if he came up with it on the spot--dubya would need a
                    committee of speechwriters
                    \_ Are you trying to prove my point?
                       \_ "Did the training wheels fall off?" is a direct
                          reference to Bush's speech a few days before about
                          the Iraq handover.  Printing this without that context
                          is pretty damn disingenuous.  Or perhaps just stupid.
                          \_ Ok, I'm not familiar with the speech, so
                             maybe the joke was fairly clever.  Basically,
                             the point still stands. That is, this article
                             is stupid, and so is all the propaganda I
                             hear from the left.  All dumb.
                             \_ on Thrusday Bush made a major speech saying
                                it was times for Iraq to take off the training
                                wheels and have a go at democracy or something.
                             \_ You think this article is propaganda from the
                                left?  Talk about stupid.
                                \_ Hello?  Can you read english?  What
                                   language should I write in so you have
                                   a hope of parsing a simple sentence?
                                   \_ Okay, I'll explain slowly.  Reporting
                                      a comment like this out of context paints
                                      Kerry as petty and mean.  In context, yes
                                      it's still petty, but it makes sense as
                                      a witty political joke and not an off-
                                      hand comment.
                                      For yet more context, check the final
                                      line at
                                      \_ Dude, READ WHAT WAS WRITTEN!
                                         Above I say: "That is, this
                                         article is stupid, and so is all
                                         the propaganda I hear from the
                                         left."  The response is: "You
                                         think this article is propaganda
                                         from the left?"  If you can read
                                         english it is obvious that I felt
                                         this was stupid right-wing
                                         propaganda much LIKE the
                                         propaganda I hear from the left.
                                         That response to my comment MAKES
                                         NO SENSE.  Your further response
                                         AGAIN has NOTHING to do with my
                                         comment. What the CRAP do you
                                         think you're responding to?
                                         \_ Ah, so what we have here is
                                            failure to c'municate.  Your
                                            composition leaves much to be
                                            desired. "just as" instead of
                                            "and so" would have made your
                                            statement much clearer.
                                            \_ Umm.. right.  Your reading
                                               comprehension could use
                                               some work too.
                                               \_ English discussions are as
                                                  boring as freeper links.
                                                  However, that plank there
                                                  is preventing you from seeing
                                                  my cornea.
                                                  \_ Just keep thinking
                                                     whatever makes you
                                                     feel the most
                                                     self-rightous pally.
2004/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:30386 Activity:kinda low
5/24    Helo, has anyone rafted down Cherry Creek nr Ymte? Do you recommend
        this or is this evolutionarily unwise? --psb
        \_ wtf does "evolutionarily unwise" mean?
           \_ Something that would put you in competition for a Darwin Award.
2004/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:30387 Activity:nil
5/24    (Why does someone keep deleting this?)
        \_ because it is like a url without explanation so it deserves
           deletion. Comment your url and or stupid text or else it'll get
           deleted.                                     -motd cop
           \_ If you don't get it, you either not paying attention, or you're
              an idiot.
2004/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:30388 Activity:moderate
5/24    ilyas, tell us how good/bad USSR is!
        "...lovely USSR than people here in inner cities?  You don't know
         what bad is. -- ilyas"
        \_ People in inner cities become murderers. ilyas became a
           libertarian. That's how bad it is.
2004/5/24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30389 Activity:high
5/24    If Mlocal is configured to use procmail, it will use my .procmailrc
        file without explicitly piping to procmail via .forward, right?
        \_ It's sort of the wrong question (You don't configure Mlocal to
           use procmail.  You add Mprocmail.) but yes.
2004/5/24 [Consumer/Camera] UID:30390 Activity:high
        GoogleWar.  Your mom vs my mom.
        \_ csuawar, psb vs. tom. Who wins?
           \_ psb: 915. tom: 1128. tom wins.
              \_ is that really 'winning'?
                 \_ Hey, I just calls 'em, I don't qualify them.
2004/5/24-27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30391 Activity:high
5/24    I'm baaaack.  I'm doing recruiting for the summer.  At Taos, no less!
        UNIX SysAdmins who're interested in contract jobs, feel free to
        contact me (chris@csua or  There's a particularly
        cool one working at Apple open immediately.
                                                            \- there is no
                                                               less --psb
        Stop interrupt other people's lines Partha Banerjee     ---/
        \_ What's the going rate these days?
           \_ From what I've witnessed, it's all over the map.  You're at the
              whim at whatever companies are willing to pay, and however
              desperate they are.  Since the market's turning around, some
              companies see the light and are paying better (I'm saying
              $50ish/hour for mid-Sr. level SA)...other companies are
              still in denial and are offering ridiculously low rates ($20/hr
              for a mid-level SA which I think is horrible).  Developers are
              getting measurably better rates than SAs, as are DBAs.   --chris
              \_ Are they "Still Sleazy after all these years?"
                 \_ It's the nature of the business.
              \_ Are they *finding* people at $20/hour?!
                 \_ Well, for entry-level (read right out of high school), this
                    is fine.
        \_ It makes him feel important or something to screw up other people's
           posts.  Or maybe he thinks we're all too stupid to know what he's
           talking about if he puts his comments after the person he's
           replying to.  Either way it's pretty god damned rude and makes it
           more difficult to follow a thread.
           \_ You're locked in your traditions, young motder.  psb transcends
              your formatting to show you that any body of text is just a
              body of text.  Do not attempt to format the psb; that would be
2004/5/24-25 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:30392 Activity:low
5/24    Any laptops other than Dell offering 1920x1200 resolution screens?
        \_ 320x200 is the most anyone should ever need!
        \_ Toshiba had one.  I can't find it on their web page
           though, so it may be EOL.  -ax
2004/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:30393 Activity:moderate
5/24    Perl question:
        I have a match m/foo(.*?)bar(.*?)baz/;
        I want to format that into an output like "output $0,$1\n";
        But I also want it generic for different patterns, so I can say:
        $pattern = "m/foo(.*?)bar(.*?)baz/";
        $output = 'output $0,$1\n';
        while ($input =~ m/$pattern/ig)
          #put use current $0,$1 in $output here somehow
        What's a good way to do this?
        \_ Not sure if this is what you want, but it's an idea:
        $input2 = $input; # make a copy
        while ($input2 =~ s/$pattern/$0:$1/ig) { # extract $0 & $1
          ($var1, $var2) = split($input2, ":");
          sprintf($output, $formatString, $var1, $var2);
        \_ while ( $input =~ m/"$pattern"/ig)
           # will get perl to expand $pattern before using it in the test
           \_ The matching is working fine.  That's not the question. -op
           \_ You don't need ""s
        \_ This modifies $input2 on the first pass, and with multiple matches
           in the string (note the /g option) this will return wonkey results.
           \_ This works:
              $pattern = 'foo(.*?)bar(.*?)baz'
              $text = "foo1bar2baz\nfoo3bar4baz\nfoo5bar6baz\n"
              while ($text =~m/$pattern/ig) { print "$1, $2\n"}

              Part of your problem might be that $n references starts at 1, not
              0. --scotsman
              \_ Oops.  I screwed up when typing it up in the motd.  In my
                 original code it's $1 and $2, not $0 and $1.  I've corrected
                 it above.  But the point is I want the output string formatted
                 as well.  Like:
                 $output = 'The $1 is a result of $2.';
                 $output = 'I won't $1 before $2 o'clock.';
                 \_ okay then, replace "print" with "$output=".  Wait.  I'm
                    misreading.  Gimme a sec.  Ah. sprintf will do what
                    you want.  --scotsman
                    \_ No it won't, at least not if I don't know the number of
                       matches ahead of time.  This DOES work though:
                       $output = eval qq{sprintf qq{$format}; };
                       \_ And there ya go.
                          \_ Thanks for the suggestions BTW. The sprintf turns
                             out to be superfluous.  This works too:
                             $output = eval qq{ qq{$format}; };
2004/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:30394 Activity:nil
5/24    Anyone out there ever set up a VPN on a netscreen 100?
        It is kicking my ass and the docs i have found don't match what I am
        staring at.  If unwilling to do it out of the goodness of your heart,
        I would be glad to pay someone for a couple hour tutorial. -crebbs
        \_ I've done it on a 204.  There's some silliness, but not too much.
           Mail me.  --scotsman
2004/5/24-25 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:30395 Activity:kinda low
5/24    Slashdot reports on Iter, the fusion-reactor project:
        BBC article at:
        Story says the 1kg of fusion fuel could produce "the same amount of
        energy as 10,000,000 kg of fossil fuel." How much energy is required
        to get that reaction?
        \_ This post badly misinterprets the articles. Read them.
           \_ Does this fix satisfy you?
        \_ 1kg of fusion fuel, obviously.
2004/5/24 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:30396 Activity:high
5/24    More news on the bombed-out Iraqi border town the US says was a
        terrorist safe-house, and which the locals say was a wedding.  There's
        a videotaps of the festivities showing bride arriving and the men
        having a party.  There's film of the wedding singer, who is apparently
        semi-famous, and there's film of him being buried the next day in the
        same clothes he sang in. See it at:
        \_ don't they mix and match different events? like how do I know which
           things happened when and where?
           \_ Let's see.... are you seriously suggesting that the evildoers
              found a random wedding tape, then massacred the attendees,
              including children and the wedding singer, then drug the
              bodies over to the bombing site all in order to make the US
              look bad?
              \_ Why do you hate America?
              \_ No, but why is it impossible to believe that they hired
                 him for their wedding? Terrorists get married, too.
2004/5/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:30397 Activity:high
5/24    Why does idiotic argument over the precise meaning of a dangling
        participle get left, while ongoing mostly civil dicussion over
        poverty in America get censored?
        \_ Why do you hate the motd?
        \_ Why do you hate white people?
        \_ there was a discussion about dangling particples?  and I missed it?
2004/5/24 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30398 Activity:nil
5/24    Hahah.  Beautiful.
        "It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," the spokesman
        said. "You know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it
        to say he wasn't whistling show tunes."
        So, the weather in Crawford has been in the 80s and bone dry for
        weeks.  What's so hard about just saying "He fell off his bike."
        \_ Why do you hate America?
        \_ He was riding 17 MILES and he fell at the last one!  I'd like
           to see Kerry do that!
           \_ 17 miles is nothing on a bike in Texas.  -tom
           \- kerry is in pretty good shape. he'd done some long windsurfing
              trips for example --psb
           \_ How totally irrelevent.  It wasn't raining.  Why say it was?
           \_ No, what you'd really like to see is Kerry fall after the
              first mile.  If you're gonna hate, be honest about it.
           \_ Kerry is a stud - I wish he would inseminate my sister.
        \_ Kerry has already fallen off of his bike twice in the past
           month and a half.  He has also had shoulder surgery in the
           past after falling off of a bike.
           \_ clutz
2004/5/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30399 Activity:insanely high
5/24    I love meat but I'm afraid of mad cow disease. Which one of the
        followings is the safest/most dangerous?
        hot dog:
        Philly cheese steak:
        Omaha steak:
        \_ Do these dots mean safe or dangerous?  Boshintang is dog meat.
           Will you get mad cow if you eat a dog that ate mad cow beef?
           \_ I was going for safe.  Most boshintang dogs are fed on rice
              and other wierd !meat crap.  Cow is too expensive in Korea
              to waste on eatin' dogs.  Although there is no regulation
              about what the dog should be fed...
              \_ I doubt there's *any* regulations in Korea regarding dog
                 feeds.  I was just asking from scientific/technical aspect
                 out of curiosity.  But I wouldn't rule out the dogs being
                 fed left over oxtail soups and such.  Man, now I want some
                 dog meat!
        Philly cheese steak:
        Omaha steak:
        \_ this is actually the wrong approach. if you want "safe" meat,
           then you need to get your meat from a ranch that has a closed
           herd, doesn't feed their cows cow-meat, etc. The closer to organic,
           the better. But free-range, no hormones, no antibiotices is
           pretty good, too. try as an
           example (they have a booth at the Ferry Bldg in SF, but under
           another name). The best meats are at a premium price, but
           you're worth it. Whole Foods is also a good place to buy
           meats (not organic, but closed herds from Oregon, no hormones,
           no antibiotics).
           \_ Well, also they said mad cow.  Avoid spinal material (brains,
              pre-ground beef, etc)  Steaks are going to be generally OK.
              \_ Well, one of the reasons that mad cow goes around is that
                 in other herds, the cows are fed ground up cows which
                 contain the infected spinal material (brains, etc). This
                 is not a problem if you take the precautions listed above.
                 You can have as much good cow (any parts) that you want.
                 Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a LONG
                 incubation period for mad cow, even if you don't show
                 symptoms, you can pass the disease to others. The gov't is
                 certainly not protecting you, having refused to allow
                 additional testing so that one can prove that their herd
                 is safe. It's good to know that there are ranches like
                 prather ranch that has total control of their product:
                 grass fed, open range, closed herd. Total documented herds
                 and quality control that goes way above and beyond the
                 safeguards mandated (if you can call it that) by the gov't.
                 \_ Where are the defenders of capitalism??  I suppose you
                    also want the govt to hold your hand when you cross the
                    street, and wipe your tears when you cry like a little
                    girl.  If people really wanted to pay for safe meat,
                    there'd be a market for it and you hear about mad cow.
                    But people don't care, at least not enough to pay for
                    a better quality product.
                    \_ . . . did you pay attention to this thread at all?
                    \_ uhm hello? there already is a market for better meat and
                       enough people are willing to pay for it to create and
                       sustain that market without government interference.
                       your capitalism is right there if only you'd stop
                       trolling long enough to go get a nice steak.
                    \_ Jeez, they are already doing this. There are gov't
                       functions/services that are essential for our
                       society. Defense, and safe food and drug supply, just
                       to name a handful. Why someone would have blind faith
                       in capitalism to protect our health is beyond
                       comprehension. With Bush starving these agencies so
                       that they can't do their job, I can only hope that you
                       choke on some mad cow spine. I'd love to see you babble
                       and cry "like a little girl" - Bitch.
                       \_ and wtf are you talking about also?  capitalism *is*
                          working.  there is a market for higher quality meat.
                          it costs more to raise that way so it costs more at
                          the store.  those who don't care or don't believe in
                          mad cow can pay less for the lesser meat.  its not a
                          big secret that there is probably more infected meat
                          in the system.  its also probably not a whole lot.
                          only about 130 people died in britain over the last
                          umpteen years over it.  even if 10x that many are
                          infected but don't know it yet, 1500 total deaths
                          over a period of years wouldn't normally even show
                          on the radar.  did you or anyone else care when
                          saddam was killing about 1500 of his own people every
                          month?  nope.
                          \_ from steaks to saddam. what a moron. no, wait,
                             that's your neo-conservative rush limbaugh-esque
                             talk show radio technique that you've been dying
                             to use. bravo for you.
                          \_ Read "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins to
                             see what your wonderful American capitalism has
                             done to the meat industry.  It turned me into
                             a vegetarian ...
                             \_ Like anything else, if you want quality then
                                you have to pay for it. I eat beef much less
                                often, but pay more for it when I do. Prime,
                                aged, organic, free-range with no hormones.
                                This only exists because of capitalism, but
                                you won't get it on a bun for $0.99.
                                \_ The meat industry has little to do with
                                   true capitalism.  Massively subsidized
                                   in every which way, if the true costs
                                   were included a hamburger would probably
                                   cost $50.
                                   \_ The existence of cuts of meat like
                                      Kobe steak is because of true
                                      capitalism. You would never have
                                      seen such meat in Soviet Russia.
                                      \_ In Soviet Russia, steak cuts YOU!
                \_ You're slightly wrong. Cows are not being fed reprocessed
                   remrants of other cows in the US any more although they're
                   still fed reprocessed remrants of other animals.
        \_ Steaks should be safe and anything that doesn't contain brains or
           nervous system tissue. Burgers are the least safe since you
           generally don't know how much they have put ground beef in there
           and how much fat and other junk.
           \_ well, have you ever wondered why they pump cows full of
              antibiotics and hormones and shit like that? it's because they
              are packed together living like sardines. one sick cow can
              infect a whole herd. yes, yer eating sick cows, and cow meat
              full of antibiotics and hormones. it's assembly-line meat
              productio. yum, yum. it ends up in milk, too. and kids drink
              a lot of milk and eat lots of happy meals. then they grow up
              to be morons at Cal, especially on the motd.
              \_ Go Bears!
           \_ It was recently shown that properly-processed lamb meat DOES
              contain scrapie protein (probably due to nerves in muscle tissue)
              Though this research does not prove mad cows have BSE proteins
              in their muscle, it does throw some water on the theory that
              steaks are safe.
2004/5/24-25 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:30400 Activity:high
5/24    John the Native German Speaker, teach us German please. Teach us
        a few words, like "You look beautiful today" or "I like your dress."
        Heil John! Heil!
        \_ ?
        \_ Just learn some Yiddish.
2004/5/24-25 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:30401 Activity:moderate
        I noticed that Nazi propaganda prints like to use this sharp,
        peculiar looking font. What font is that called?
        \_ Times Third-Reich
        \_ Bush = Hitler!
           \_ Why do you hate white people?
           \_ Don't be silly. Hitler was nowhere close to evil as Bush.
                  \_ Hitler bang?
                  \_ Why do you hate Hitler??
        \_ Zapf Vergeltungswaffebats
2004/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:30402 Activity:very high
5/24    I'd like to create a small (2 page) weekly newsletter that will be
        online and also printed out and distributed as PDF. Does anyone have
        recommendations for good-quality software that can achieve either or
        both of these goals? The only requirements are that it is easy to
        add/archive documents, and that it is converted to PDF without much
        effort. Thanks.
        \_ openoffice
                \_ I'd prefer something that didn't depend on a unix platform.
                   Thinking of the long term (~2 years from now), people that
                   take over publishing this newsletter probably won't know
                   anything but Windows or Mac. -op
                   \_ It runs on Windows. Actually I use it regularly and don't
                      have MS Office installed on any of my machines. When
                      sending at doc to one of my Office using coworkers I just
                      tell it to save as an Office file...
                   \_ Can't make PDF for free on windows, AFAIK. But you can
                      on OS X I hear. Acrobat can be, uh, acquired for Win.
                      Actually nevermind there is OpenOffice for Windows.
                      \_ WRONG, it does make PDF files on Windows without
                         installing anything else.
                         \_ you people are weird, I said "nevermind there is
                            openoffice for windows" and like 3 people after
                            that feel thay have to assert this fact.
                      \_ OS X has "Save as PDF" integrated into most editors.
                         Doesn't work too well with Open Office, however. Grr.
                   \_ Uh, there's OpenOffice for Windows too.  And as for
                      free PDF solutions on Windows... hello, GhostScript?
                      \_ I remember trying that GS thing before, it was pretty
                         crappy. Just a PITA. Maybe it's better now.
                         chindipy. Just a PITA. Maybe it's better now.
                         heh, i just saw this site:
                         \_ there isn't much to GhostScript.
                            1. Install a PostScript printer driver (e.g. the
                               free PostScript driver from Adobe)
                            2. Run GhostScript's ps2pdf script.
                            3. There is no step 3.
                            \_ PROFIT!
                            \_ I think I had to fiddle with some fonts and
                               that postscript driver shit and printing
                               to files is annoying. Obviously not a huge deal.
        \_ Do it in HTML and have Mozilla print to PDF.
        \_ -dwc
        \_ OS X can print to PDF with ease. You said you wanted Mac or PC, and
           it's trivial with a Mac. File > Print > Save to PDF.
        \_ In the windows world there are much cheaper PDF deistillers than
           Adobe (like around 30 bucks).  They may not be quite as full
           featured, but for a small newsletter you don't need all those
           odds and ends.  You might wanna bite the bullet and spend the
           cash, it will be a lot easier for non geeks to use.
2004/5/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:30403 Activity:low
5/24    Someone was asking whether the solution to my last question was posted.
        It was not.  I received one correct answer, however, and with that
        person's help went on to learn something new about the problem.
        The problem (along with all others I asked, and some others) are on
        my problems page, if anyone is interested.  -- ilyas
        \_ Okay, I got a 75% solution for the hat problem.  Care to post
           solutions to the other problems?
           \_ Email me. -- ilyas
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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