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2004/5/18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30266 Activity:high
5/17    So, motd liberal pundits, why the uncanny silence about the Sarin gas
        in Iraq?  Was this staged by Bushco as an election year ploy?
        \_ Wasn't it just months ago that all you freepers were saying that
           it was never about the WMDs? Sheesh!! Get it straight. Which one
           is it? The WMDs? The al Queda links?
           \_ It was ... a lot of reasons ... they were given in Bush's address,
              in some order.  You do have room in that brainy head of yours for
              more than one, right?
           \_ Good dodge!  *You* were saying that no WMD meant there was no
              justification.  Now that we have the second WMD attack in 4 weeks
              *you* need to justify your reasons for leaving a butcher in
              control of Iraq.
              \_ Oh, nobody's getting butchered now that Saadam's out of power.
                 Well, nobody but 700 or so American's and thousands more
                 civilians. I'm saying that when the WMD were never found you
                 freepers conveniently changed the reason for going to war.
        \_ Which part of "left over from the Iraq-Iran War" part of the
           story didn't you get?
              \_ You want to invade on the basis of one sarin gas shell?
                 \_ Oh ho, now it's not NO WMDS IN IRAQ!, it's NOT ENOUGH WMDS
                    IN IRAQ!  You have to admit though, that last line doesn't
                    sound as good when you chant it at a peace rally.
                    \_ Nobody chanted "no wmd!" at peace rallies, you stupid
                       \_ trool!
                       \_ Of course they did, dummyhead.  I was at several of
                          the ones in SF.  They sure as hell did chant such
                          things and put it on their signs and painted it on
                          their bare sagging breasts.
              \_ we thought the WMDs were there because they were manufactured
                 by American companies and we knew exactly what they were-
                 except as it turns out they were all destroyed.  Why don't
                 you actually read the news for once, conservative stooge?
                 you aren't doing yourself a favor by parroting the deceptions
                 of BushCo- you are only hurting yourself.
                 \_ Jesus H Christ, what orifice did this come out of?
                    American made WMDs?  We knew exactly where they were?
                    What solar system are you from?
                 \_ Kofi, Kerry, Clinton, Albright, and everyone else thought
                    they were there in bulk and that it was an imminent danger.
                    We should shit can all these conservative stooges.
           Powell admits intelligence was a load of shit.
           \_ FALSE PREMISES!
        \_ Your cowardly lickspittle President cannot save himself with one
           sarin gas shell, lackey.
           \- gee, maybe the us should invade japan to save it. --psb
              \_ Um, Partha, did you miss the bulletin?  The US owns japan.
              \_ Partha, Japan is already a US satellite state, and has been
                 since 1945.
           \_ hehe if you were a conservative stooge you'd be screaming about
              Kerry's war criminal record and how GWB may have just saved us
              all, since where there's smoke there's fire.  But you're a
              liberal so you spout their talking points instead.  Can you
              think for yourself for once?
2004/5/18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30267 Activity:nil
5/17    Why aren't left-wingers and right-wingers making a big deal of the
        sarin gas find?
        Blix said this was not indicative of a WMD stockpile and he points
        out he identified 16 empty sarin shells while weapons inspector.
        Moreover, Kimitt said that he thought the insurgents DIDN'T EVEN
        KNOW they had a chemical weapons shell in their IED.
        Bush is afraid if he plays this up, he'll never find another sarin
        shell again, and people will play up that it was all about a WMD
        \_ I don't know, doesn't that make this even more creepy?  Where
           did they get the shell if there's no stockpile?  Perhaps it
           wasn't really sarin, but the instead one of the insurgents just
           farted in the shell?
           \_ Blix said it was likely a stray weapon scavenged from a dump
              and did not signify that Iraq had large stockpiles.
              However, it was definitely a chemical weapons shell, just
              like what Blix found while he was WMD.  It had two components
              which were to mix during delivery to make the sarin gas.
        \_ Didn't you just answer your own question?  It's not a big deal
           because it's left-over from the Iran-Iraq war and since nobody knows
           where all the old rounds are it's not a stockpile.  It's Garbage
           of Mass Destruction.
2004/5/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30268 Activity:very high
5/17    Sigh.  What's the point of motdedit when people forget to log out of
        their editors, thereby locking the whole thing up?
        \_ Sorry.  That was me.  My home DSL is being a bitch and I couldn't
           get back in to unlock it until I got to work. --scotsman
           \_ Thank you for copping to.  Now, can we have your pwd so's we
              can boot you out when we need to? :)
              \_ pbbbbt.  --scotsman
                 \_ That string didn't work, Ben.  Shame on you.
                    \_ Ilya, when did you stop signing your posts?
            \_ what is more important, motd or your job? really...
               \_ The motd *is* my job.  The CIA pays me to read the motd
                  all day to get all the latest intelligence and analysis.
               \_ duh.  motd.
        \_ That's why I recommend not using motdedit. -emarkp
           \_ me is the best approach I've seen so far, even given it's
              problems. What is your suggested alternative? -- ulysses
           \_ You just keep your poly-editing preferences to yourself, Utah.
              \_ people still smash the motd so what good is it?
              \_ "Not being a jerk" seems sufficient.  -emarkp
                \_ android et al started working on me precisely because "not
                   being a jerk" wasn't (and isn't) sufficient. -- ulysses
                   \_ No, "not being a jerk" *is* sufficient.  Problem is,
                      people are being jerks.  Unfortunately, no automated
                      solution will prevent people from being jerks. -emarkp
                      \_ No, the problem is, different people defing "being
                         a jerk" differently. And you refuse to consider
                         that anyone's definition but yours is valid.
                         \_ Welcome to Christianity.  Enjoy your stay!
        \_ Let's propose overly-elaborate ways to solve the problem!
           \_ Kill Ben!
              \_ Ben, the two of us need look no more
                 We both found what we were looking for
                 With a friend to call my own
                 I'll never be alone
                 And you my friend will see
                 You've got a friend in me
        \_ You know there's a reason for the -n switch for motdedit
           \_ Is all this shit documented somewhere?
              \_ *gasp*
                 > /csua/bin/motdedit -h
2004/5/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30269 Activity:nil
5/17    Can some chemical engineering major tell me if these are real or some
        sort of elaborate joke?
        Molecules with Silly Names
        \_ I know Buckminster Fullerene, Unununium and Apatite exist, and I've
           heard of Cadaverine before. -!ChemE
           \_ But Cummingtonite?!
              \_ There is also benitoite, found in Benito, CA. -- ilyas
              \_ A mineral discovered near Cummington... plausible.
2004/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:30270 Activity:nil 57%like:34280
5/17    [ See, if you delete out of order, this happens. ]
2004/5/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:30271 Activity:insanely high
5/18    A friend who lives in a developing country is concerned with the
        quality of milk there (hormone, anti-biotics and other additives)
        and asks me if whey powder produced in the US is a good substitute for
        both adult and child.  I googled and found only sales pitches but no
        study/advice from any medical establishment.  What does the wisdom of
        motd say?  tnx.
        \_ US brands have the same shit in them. buy organic, it's the
           only way to be sure.
           \_ Why do you hate America?
           \_ There are non organic brands that don't have any of that stuff
           \_ It can be much worse in other countries with loose regulation.
              Anyway, what about whey as a substitute for normal milk?
              \_ Why do you hate capitalism?
        \_ Milk is bad for you anyway.  Children should be breastfed until they
           can walk and then not drink milk.  Adults should never drink milk.
           \_ troll
        \_ there's wisdom on the motd?
        \_ I wouldn't be surpirised to find out that milk and meat produced
           in most developing countries are whole lot healthier than what's
           being sold in the US. I have overheard a farmer from central
           America once claim than their pigs are fed nothing but grass.
           Compare that to what they feed pigs in the US at most industrial
           (non-organic) farms.
        \_ Why not just use powdered milk?
           \_ Powdered milk is unhealthy, I heard, because the procedure
              involves heating the milk to rather high temperature and hence
              creating nasty things.  I don't know if whey powder suffers
                             \_ As opposed to Pasteurization?
              from the same problem but can't find authoritive info. on this.
        \_ Milk is bad for you.  Adults and children of walking age or older
           should not be drinking milk.  Why did someone censor this warning?
           \_ Actually, it's probably even worse for children not of walking
              \_ Oh please.  The front page has the following graphics:
                 Risks of low-carb high-protein diets
                 Cruelty at the March of Dimes (about animal experiments)
                 Why is the American Cancer Society PUSHING BEEF?
                 Dissection alternatives
                 Super Size Me
                 Is something FISHY on Federal Dietary Committee?
                 Can you say: in bed with PETA?  I knew you could.
                 \_ Isn't this the organization that claimed Atkins died
                    because of his diet?
           \_ and tiger penises good for virility right?
           \_ It sounded like a troll.  It is anyway a stretch to say milk
              is bad in such general terms.  It is always good to have a
              balanced diet.
        \_ I'd post my britney spears url pic here but i'm too lazy.
           \_ non sequitor
2004/5/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30272 Activity:high
5/18    I have an ATA raid (5), but linux insists on trying to detect each
        of the 4 drives individually upon startup, which takes a while since
        it isn't really successful.  How do i stop it from doing that?  Is
        that what the -nodma startup option is for?    thanks.
        \_ obGetRealOS.... ok... which distribution?
           \_ happens on both RedHat and Suse.  Am running SuSE 9.1
              \_ Is this during kernel bootup or during rc.d/* execution?
        \_ Are you doing hardware or software raid?  If hardware, which
           \_ By the way, has anyone successfully used vinum with +1TB
              filesystems on FreeBSD 5.2.1?  I have trouble newfsing
              big filesystems.
              \_ i had trouble with freebsd 5 correctly recognizing the disk
                 geometry of all the disks, so i switched to freebsd 4 and
                 it works.  i am unable to get it to successfully boot
                 off of a vinum / partition. - danh
              \_ I was jumping for joy when I finally got pf installed *and*
                 setup as the first program just after the NICs are initialized
                 but before the gateway is set.  Now you want >1TB partitions
                 too?  :-)  I'll share the pf 'secrets' if you need that.
                 \_ Um.  is this really all that hard?
                    \_ Yes.  Have you done it?  Were you already FreeBSD Guru
                       #1 before doing so?  This isn't enough:
                        (cd /usr/ports/security/pf && make install)
                       You need to build a new kernel with the right options,
                       change rc.conf, and rewrite the they
                       provide.  About 2/3rds of the changes are documented.
                 \_ Please do share.  I'm a linux guy who's currently playing
                    around with setting up a freebsd machine.
2004/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:30273 Activity:nil
5/18    This motd cleaned for you by....
2004/5/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:30274 Activity:very high
5/18    Military starting to call up inactive reservists.  One step away from
        conscription, woo-hoo!,13319,FL_irs_051804,00.html
        \_ As an aside to this, there are indications that the Army is
           planning to deploy some of its OPFOR training units to active
           duty in the Middle East.
        \_ Just out of curiosity, what does the gov't do if say, Joe
           Reservist makes $100k per year and has $40k of mortgage per year?
           And his gov't pay is only about $50k/year?
           Must he lose his house to serve his country?  --PeterM
           \_ Why do you hate America?
           \_ Yup.  Especially since you're in the inactive reserves for
              quite some time after you finish active service.  You've gotten
              your life together, gotten married, probably had kids and bought
              a house, etc. etc. etc...
           \_ Your country helped you out when you needed it.  When your
              country needs you, you go.  It's part of the price you pay later
              for the help you got earlier.  Would you have that $100k job if
              it wasn't for the rest of us paying for your education?
        \_ I was almost called up for the 1st gulf war while on the IRR. I
           got my postcard from the gov't...
           \_ You too? Who are you? -ausman
        \_ Since it was nuked: "What will you do when the draft starts?
           Sign up?  Move to Canada? Claim conscientious objector?"
           \_ Why would Canada or Germany or any other country want to take in
              the lazy assholes who won't serve their own country?  What good
              would you be to their country if you're no good to your own?  So
              just where does a "Citizen Of The World" hide when the shooting
              starts?  Maybe Kofi will take you in.  He can certainly afford it
              after ripping off the Oil for Bribes program in Iraq.
           \_ What's the drafting age here?
              \_ According to, 18 to 25.
                 \_ yes! I'm 26. Go draft!
                 \_ Good.  I'm 33.
                 \_ I was of age during the Reagan and Bush I years.  I have
                    little sympathy for those of age during the Clinton/Bush II
                    years.  No one is getting drafted.  It's ridiculous.
           \_ CO status is notoriously hard to prove, and I believe Canada
              now has an extradition treaty with the US specifically related
              to draft-dodgers.
              \_ Okay, how 'bout Germany.
                 \_ You *do* know they have 1 year of mandatory military
                    service, right?
                    \_ not for everyone. I think that like Sweden and some
                       other places there's a lottery of some sort and only
                       those people have to serve.
                    \_ No EU country is going to take you in.  You're useless.
                       Your beloved pacifist countries have closed border
             \_ And most COs end up assigned as medics. The job of a medic
                is even more dangerous than infantryman.
                \_ Yep.  Don't generally even have a real rifle to shoot back
                   with and mostly near the front where people are getting
                   shot to shit.  Go COs/sniper finders!
          \_ I'm pretty sure you're all already signed up for the draft.
             \_ no, not if you're over 25, and almost no one here is *under*
                25, which is why this thread is a little silly.
                \_ For what it's worth, you can be called up to your 26th
                   \_ You can be called at any age.
                \_ I heard on the radio that the Selective Service was doing
                   the ground work on extending eligibility to 35.
                    -- ulysses
                   \_ True.  They call from youngest to oldest, though.
                     \_ Does that mean they actually expect to run out of
                        people < 26? That doesn't seem likely to me.
                         -- ulysses
                        \_ I don't think that's the point of the draft.  The
                           point of the draft is to exert power over citizens,
                           by confiscating their labor (which is what a draft
                           is). -- evil libertarian
                           \_ Gotcha. Now does anybody else feel like trying to
                              answer the question - the question I asked, that
                           \_ That's pretty amusing considering most
                              Libertarians consider national defense one of the
                              few legitimate functions of government.  How
                              should the government raise troop strength if the
                              market isn't sufficient?  Just give up?
                              \_ Libertarians think the market is always
                                 sufficient. Just raise salaries for soldiers
                                 until you attract enough of them. Of course
                                 this will also entail raising taxes, but
                                 raising taxes is ok as long as they're being
                                 used for approved purposes like protecting
                                 our property rights by sodomizing brown people.
                                 \_ Straw men aside, I would expect one's life
                                    to be a rather inflexible resource.  The
                                    Libertarian's property won't be worth much
                                    if it's glowing.  I see plenty of room for
                                    debate among realy Libs.
                                 \_ Mod +5 Funny!
                                 \_ But my property rights could be protected
                                    much more cheaply and efficiently by a
                                    private army!  Why should I be taxed to
                                    pay for a wasteful public army when a
                                    private-sector army could do a better job
                                    for less money?
                                    \_ Cf. Abu Ghraib prison scandal, private
                                       military contractors.
                                       \_ True, but a real Libertarian wouldn't
                                          want his army in a foreign country to
                                          begin with.
                                          \_ Unless the foreign country was
                                             threatening his property.
                                    \_ Protecting collective assets
                                       (infrastructure and stable gov't for
                                       instance) requires a collective army.
        \_ There are an awful lot of inactive reservists to call up before
           they have to start a draft.
        \_ I thought they are bringing in troops from S. Korea.  Those
           aren't enough?
           \_ Not even close. The big problem is the literal size of the US
              standing army, the time it takes to retrain units (both regular
              army and Guard), and how long they can stay in the field. The
              US troops coming in from SK will be able to provide some relief,
              but is nowhere near enough for the long term.
           \_ We've been needing to decrease troop size ing SK for a while.
              But last I heard, only about 3-4k troops were relocating.  Which
              is only 1-2% of the troops in the ME.
              \_ You mean like since Carter?  That's what he thought, and
                 it almost ended up causing a second Korean war.  (Ok
                 actually I agree with you, but I wanted to throw that out
                 because Carter is an idiot.)
                 \_ CARTER IS AN IDIOT.
                    CLINTON IS AN IDIOT.
                    CARTER HATES AMERICA
                    CLINTON IS A BIG FAT LOSER.
                    CARTER WAS THE REASON WHY 9/11 HAPPENED
                    CLINTON SOLD NUKES TO IRAQ
                    AL GORE INVENTED HIV AND AIDS.
                    AL GORE INVENTED CANCER.
                    GEORGE W BUSH IS THE NEXT MESSIAH.
                 \_ All right, you've ranted about Carter enough times that
                    you're getting a name.  CarterTroll!  Right up there in
                    the hallowed ground with ChiCom Troll and Freeper!  Yay!
                    \_ It isn't a troll if it's true.  Should we just call you
                       \_ Truth is in the eye of the beholder.  Besides which,
                          maybe you should worry about the idiots that are
                          currently in office rather than the idiots that
                          haven't been in office in quite some time?
                          \_ Ninja poster strikes! He throws up a mindless
                             phrase to distract his enemies, then quickly
                             attempts the change the subject!
                             \_ DON'T CONCENTRATE ON THE FINGER OR YOU WILL
                                MISS ALL THE HEAVENLY GLORY!!!
2004/5/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30275 Activity:high
        hey ranty conservative poster:  you described this as "Just another
        partisan rant, full of wild assumptions and faulty conclusions."
        Now I'm curious.  What are the wild assumptions?        -!op
        \_ which rant are we supposed to read,
           "You fat fucking fucks need to stop eating so much fatty catby stuff
            You are fat because you don't like baby jesus. Fuck you. That's
            baby jesus says. Fuck you. Also, you fat donut eaters need to keep\
            eating donuts but must learn to shut up. Fuck you,"
            LOSE FAT AMERICAN!"?
            I just don't know where to start.
        \_ How about the first sentence.
           \_ Yeah, that'd be one of the wild assumptions. -evil conservative
        \_ Phew. I'm a lefty and think the post is farily off mark. -evil lefty
        \_ Phew. I'm a lefty and think the post is fairly off mark. -evil lefty
2004/5/18 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:30276 Activity:nil
        Women in Computer Science, sponsored by Google.
2004/5/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30277 Activity:high
5/18    Is there any Windows backup program which (1) Let's you do a full
        backup, (2) Monitors all filesystem changes as they occur, then (3)
        Does an incremental backup on only changed files?  I don't want it to
        have to scan my entire notebook data-partition for changes; changed
        files should already be flagged for backup by the monitoring daemon.
        I don't want some hacky program that only runs file listings on
        specific directories every couple minutes and checks file sizes/dates;
        I want something which hooks into the Windows filesystem and is aware
        of all writes as they happen.  Basically, this strategy minimizes hard
        drive wear, and should be faster.  Thanks.
        \_ Um, RAID + tape?
           \_ Notebook hard drive.  Sorry, should have been clearer.
              \_ You've got to be kidding.  You want all this and on a laptop
                 too?  How about a 24" screen that can fit in your pocket while
                 you're at it.
                 \_ The "hard" step is hooking into the Windows filesystem.
                    Apparently Sysinternals Filemon does this, but it doesn't
                    do backup.
        \_ If you buy an external Maxtor drive with "One Touch", it comes with
           a license for Dantz Retrospective Backup. The drive+sw is <$200.
           \_ Does Restrospect hook into the Windows filesystem like I
        \_ Eh, screw it.  I lookd up Restrospect Professional, and it lets
           you make a "Disaster Recovery CD", which you can boot on a hosed
           system and restore all the files (rather than a complete re-install
           of the OS and all the apps).  This to me is worth more than the
           low-level file monitoring.  FYI, the one that comes with the
           external hard drives is "Retrospect Express".  I'll let motd know
           how it is in several weeks. -op
           \_ hell, you could just use ghost images then
              \_ I didn't fully explain how the feature is neat.  Okay, with
                 Ghost, you gotta do the whole freakin partition every time.
                 Wih Retrospect, you can do incremental backups to your
                 heart's content.  Each incremental backup is fast.  If
                 your disk gets hosed, then *after* it got hosed, you can
                 create the CD.  The disk gets restored to when you last
                 incremented.  Get it?
        \_ You want a program that hooks deeply into windows and keeps a db of
           files *as they change* and then copies them to something else?  I
           wouldn't want anything hooked that deeply into windows.  Note how
           intrusive the anti-virus programs are.  That's what you're talking
           about but worse.
           \_ That sounds like a slightly modified log-based fs.  Not that
              evil a thing, really.  I think there's a freebsd implementation
              floating around, yes? -- ilyas
              \_ Not evil per se as a concept but look at how the perform in
                 the real world.  I really wouldn't want anything hooking that
                 deeply into a windows system if it wasn't absolutely required.
           \_ If it came out, I'd buy it ... if Windows were still fast.
              Assuming you always back up the registry, all the monitoring
              process is doing is collecting a list of all
              new/changed/deleted/moved files since the last incremental
              backup.  The copy step occurs daily. -op
        \_ Put your data on a linux box and mount the samba share from windows.
           THen, use rsync and snapshot backups.
2004/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:30278 Activity:nil
5/18    The motd is too boring. How the hell am I suppose
        to stay awake at work??!!
        \_ Blame Toma bin Holub, the censor/terrorist.
        \_ masturbate
           \_ I thought it was unhealthy and will do bad things to you.
              \_ only if you like do it way too much and become a
                 malnourished zombie recluse.
        \_ sexually harrass the marketing staff?
           \_ he usually complains to boss after that.
        \_ Walk up to the hot receptionist from behind.  Pretend to ask her
           about something on the screen, and stare down into her blouse.
           Remember to keep your genitals away from her elbows.
2004/5/18 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:30279 Activity:nil
5/18    is tere a generic csua account to view contracostatimes articles?
        \_ I think we should make this list of username/passwd a public
           file that everyone could edit (like motd). It can't all be
           csuamotd/csuamotd because each site as different password rules.
        \_ csuamotd/csuamotd doesn't work?
           \_ it wanted an email. i went ahead and created
       / csuamotd
2004/5/18 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:30280 Activity:nil
5/18    On the draft:  There are *no rules* for the draft.  Each is unique.
        Just because they did XYZ in Vietnam or ABC in WWII doesn't mean they
        will do the same thing again in any future drafts.  A future draft
        could cover any age range, could be in any order, could have any list
        of exemptions or none at all.  *IF* there is a draft, they will
        determine the rules at the time.  Anyone who tells you before that
        time that you are or are not draftable doesn't know what they're
        talking about.
        \_ You are right, they could start out by drafting 80 year old
           widows, but they probably won't.
        \_ All you future draft dodgers don't need to worry.  Planning is
           being done so the U.S. has something in its back pocket in the
           event of a serious threat to national security:  e.g., North Korea
           starts nuking, we end up in a war with China, Iran starts a
           conventional war with threat of nukes, Pakistan-India blows up,
           an oil-rich country is nuked, there is a coup which leads to any
           of these things, etc.  If any of the above happens, conscription
           will be the least of your worries.
           \_ I'd love to believe our country is this strong.  But considering
              that it only takes two small third-world countries, whose govts
              have already been toppled, to strain our military resources so
              badly, I wouldn't believe in this.
2004/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:30281 Activity:nil
5/18    Army curbed Red Cross acess after abuse complaints.
           \_ FALSE PREMISES!  NO WMDS!
2004/5/18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:30282 Activity:nil
5/18    And the shit keeps hitting the fan.  Intel Seargent Samuel
        Provance alleges cover-up at Abu-Ghraib (ABC News link)
2004/5/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30283 Activity:insanely high
5/18    Sick and tired of people writing over your file? Now motdedit2
        is available at ~kchang/bin/motdedit2. It does aggressive append
        merge where no lines are deleted. In addition, there is a flag to use
        to "restore&merge" your last change. For example, if someone nukes
        a portion of the motd after 30 min, you can still "restore&merge"
        your previous editted file and the current file by typing
        "~kchang/bin/motdedit2 -r".  Any bug report to me.
                        \_ man you guys are picky. I've changed it so that
                           it'll keep the work file in $HOME/.motd.$$
        \_ that is kept for restore&merge operation. If you delete that file
           you will not be able to use this feature. I'll move it to the
           home directory later when it's proven and QAed.
                        \_ man you guys are picky. I've changed it so that
                           it'll keep the work file in $HOME/.motd.$$
        \_ How did you get your account back?
        \_ Sweet!  Now instead of people directly writing over the motd with
           their favorite editor and their own motd copy, they can do it
           through motedit2 and their favorite editor and their own motd copy.
           Why do so many of you seem to think that whatever drivel you have
           to say is so much more important than the drivel of others that it
           is worth *replacing* one set of drivel with another set of drivel?
           The rest of us have managed for years without any motd destroying
           scripts at all.  Just kick tom off soda and the motd will survive
           brutal censorship much longer.  Of all the censors he's the only
           one I've seen who has the time and the anal retentive nature
           required to "win" at motd deletion who will keep checking every
           30 seconds and re-destroying the motd until everyone else gives up.
           He's not the only censor but he is the biggest asshat about it.
           \_ Tomasa bin Holub must be captured before the next Politburo
           \_ Why don't root-type people make it so that you can only use
              motdedit (or another program they deem effective) to edit
              the motd. Is that even possible to do?
              \_ if anyone ever does that i give the motd about a month to live
                 before everyone looses interest and stops reading/posting.
                 \_ where "everyone" is the set [cowardly anonymous trolls].
                    \_ The set of anonymous cowardly trolls adds more value to
                       the csua and motd than *you* do.
           \_ no, the whole point of "restore&merge" is that NOTHING is ever
              deleted. NOTHING. You can restore your old post while keeping
              other people's post. You can "restore&merge" multiple times,
              but it'll NEVER delete new posts because of the merge
              operation. Your reading comprehension is weak.
              \_ No, my patience with frothing babblers is low.  I didn't
                 bother to read your froth carefully after the first line or
                 two.  Why should I?
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2004:May:18 Tuesday <Monday, Wednesday>