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2004/5/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:30246 Activity:nil
5/15    what's the easiest way for me to install (from source) every
        package that i need to install a given debian source package?
2004/5/16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/Networking, Computer/Domains] UID:30247 Activity:high
5/16    SNL Last Night:  Why the hell didn't the Olsen twins do a sketch
        pointing out how creepy it is that 40-something guys make up their
        lead internet fan demographic?  Pure comedy gold, I tells ya!
        \_ see, this is why I don't watch that show anymore.  I have no
           idea who or what you're talking about.
        \_ their last words were "we're legal in 4 weeks".  i think
           that's creepy enough.
                \_ are you serious? I fell asleep before it ended,
                   and now I'm glad I am.
                        \_ yes
                    \_ I never watch SNL anymore, but now I (30 something)
                       am sad i missed it.  "legal in 4 weeks" rad.
           \_ I read a slightly more innocuous reading of that phase on
              the internet.  They seemed to think that they were
              referring to being legal to take over their company.
              \_ umm, yeah, sure.  I doubt their all that brilliant but
                 they sure in hell aren't that stupid/naive.  Someone in
                 their Org just decided it was better for them to hold on
                 to their innocence.  Plausible deniablity is enough.
        \_ the whole thing was just good bye Jimmy Fallon week.
           I watch that show decently often, and all I can bring myself
           to say is: "It's like they're not even trying."
           \_ Then maybe you can tell me why that stupid show is still on
              the air?
              \_ Is there anything remotely better to replace it Saturdays
                 @ 11:30pm?
                 \_ Umm.. I would hope so.  Although I suppose it does
                    fill in well for that "Loney Drunken Frat-boy on a
                    Saturday Night" demographic.
2004/5/16-17 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30248 Activity:very high
5/16    poll time:  comments also appreciated:

         \_ It is really annoying that SUSE doesn't make ISO images available.
            \_ Maybe someone has .torrents of them?
                \_ yeah, i'm downloading a torrent now, but it is very slow
                   going, and there are 5 (!!!) CDs.  How does a linux distro
                   need 5 CDs??
                   \_ Latest versions of a lot of programs.  How many thousands
                      of open-source programs exist and are legacy or at least
                      semi-commonly used?  I agree that if they only included
                      'the basics' they could fit it on 1 CD easily.
         \_ check out <DEAD><DEAD> as a whitebox alternative
        \_ poll about what?  what's the question?  what's good?  what sucks?
           \_jeesus christ are you daft man?
             yeah, favorite, best, most likely to be around in 10 years if
             that's what you want to vote for but basically i am looking for
             people's favorite.
             \_ favorite what?
                 \_ favorite linux distro.  Are you trolling me?
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