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2004/5/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30220 Activity:nil
5/12    Saddam had their hands cut off. America gave them new ones.
        \_ Neat!  Thanks for posting that.
        \_ Yay!  We aren't as bad as Saddam!  We should be so proud!
           "America!  Not as bad as a third world dictatorship!" could be
           the new national motto!
           \_ Did you even read the story???
              \_ Of course not.  It's much harder to be smug and
                 self-righteous when you know actualy FACTS....
                 \_ Actually I did, it seems pretty obvious to me the point
                    of the story was "Look!  look how much worse the prisons
                    were when Saddam was in power."
                    \_ I dunno, man -- it looks like 90% straight human
                       interest story with very, very little focus on the
                       current events surrounding the prison.
2004/5/14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Transportation/Car] UID:30221 Activity:nil 53%like:30210
5/13 (
        Price of gasoline a little high for California?
        \_ "Price of gas at a station in Santa Barbara, Calif. Tuesday morning
            May 11, 2004, was $3.11 for full service, 91 octane. It was later
            changed to $3.13."
            Who buys _full service_ gas anywhere?  Premium yes, but full
            \_ Old people and others who have trouble standing up and walking.
                \_ oregon won't let you pump your own gas
                   \_ OMG, another reason why Oregon sux0rs.
                      \_ And yet they pay less for gas than we do...
                         \_ We should totally invade Oregon and steal all their
                            cheap gas.  Oh wait...
                            \_ w00t!
                   \_ Not a terrible thing in a rainy state.
                      \_ full service in a rainy state is not terrible...
                         *forcing* people to pay for full service is *always*
                         \_ It's different from full service, it's called mini
                            service. And Oregonians can alway vote to repeal.
               \_ Should these people be trusted behind the wheels?  Don't get
                  hit by them when you're on the sidwalk!
            \_ It's a luxury. People who couldn't give a damn about how much
               it costs to fill the H2 can spend the extra bucks to have
               someone making minimum wage to check their oil, wash their
               windows, and check their tires. Such places exist...
2004/5/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30222 Activity:insanely high
5/13  Kerry shafts the unemployeed:
      \_ you're reaching, troll.
           \_ How precisely is this a troll?  And why are there so many
              polemical attacks on anything criticizing Kerry? -emarkp
        \_ it sure sounds like the republicans tried to frame
           kerry for this.  what do you think emarkp?
            \_ It's easier to just scream "troll!" and walk away then
               actually say anything intelligent to defend the undefendable.
                 \_ I'll defend Kerry:  It's better for him to be out
                    campaigning than for him to be tied up in the senate by
                    political games.
                    \_ Then he should resign his senate seat and let someone do
                       the job instead of getting paid not to be there, and in
                       this case letting legislation that he's ostensibly for
                       fail. -emarkp
                  \_ When you're a manager and a guy who works for you is
                     out interviewing instead of doing his job, you'll be
                     ok with that?  Please ping me when you become a
                \_ the american people are gwbush's manager, do we
                   call for his head every time he appears at a NASCAR
                   game?  ok i do but i am an extreme case.
                       \_ if he's applying for a higher-level position in the
                          same organization?  Of course you support it.  Or
                          do you think the job of a manager is to make sure
                          his staff never advances?  -tom
                          \_ what?  what topic are you replying to?  if this
                             the fucked up motdedit merge 'feature' gone awry?
                             \_ I'm replying to "When you're a manager...".
                                "the american people..." put his post in
                                between.  -tom
                          \_ Sure you can interview for another position in
                             the same organization, but not if it impairs
                             your ability to do the job you're currently
                              \_ The difference is, if one of my employees
                                were interviewing for another job in the
                                organization, I would take that into account
                                in terms of scheduling tasks for him, rather
                                than using the opportunity to play cheap,
                                disingenuous political games.  -tom
                                \_ Do you have proof of "cheap, disingenuous
                                   political games", or is it just a
                                   conspiracy theory?
                                   \_ The Democrats had been pushing for a
                                      vote for weeks, and the Republicans
                                      bring it to a vote when Kerry has a
                                      scheduled campaign stop.  It's not proof
                                      but it's pretty fishy.  Don't make me
                                      dig up the congressional record to
                                      show the Dems tried to get a vote, it's
                                      reasonably well-documented in the news.
                                      \_ In other words, no proof and just a
                                         conspiracy theory.
                                         \_ The proof is prima facie.  -tom
                    \_ the american people are gwbush's manager, do we
                       call for his head every time he appears at a NASCAR
                       game?  ok i do but i am an extreme case.
               \_ It IS kinda trollish.  That title doesn't match the
                 article very well.  A better one would be: "Kerry
                 ironically continues to igonre his senatorial duties,
                 even when his vote is vital to the issues he claims to
                 care about" or some such. -jrleek
              \_ It's a troll because the vote was staged.  The Republicans had
                 plenty of votes to make the bill go down, and Bush had
                 threatened to veto it.  When the GOP leadership learned Kerry
                 would not be present for the vote, they arranged to have some
                 R-senators change their vote so that it would fail by 1 vote.
                 Even if Kerry had magically apeared at the last minute, Bush
                 would still have vetoed it.  A more fair title would be:
                 "Kerry humiliated by staged vote."
                 \_ URL proving this was staged?
                 \_ Ding ding ding. We have a winner.
                    \_ Not until he backs up his bold assertions.
                   \_ It's impossible to prove that the GOP conspired to rig
                      the vote, but the fact that the vote has been put off for
                      weeks and then was suddenly announced just the night
                      before, while Kerry was away, looks a little suspicous.
                      No one can dispute the fact that if Bush vetoed it,
                      Kerry's vote would note have mattered.  Some URLs below:
    Newsday columnist: GOP stacks the vote to make Kerry a loser
    CNN: Senate rejects jobless benefits extension

                        \_ So you can't prove a god damned thing.  This is
                           just more "I HATE BUSHCO!" conspiracy theory.
                           Thanks for clarifying that.
                 \_ Wow!  didn't know republicans are so childish.
                    \_ Amazing that you believe this crap without so much as
                       a misquote from some public figure.  No URL.  No
                       nothing.  Oh well.  The moon is made of cheese, too.
               \_ If the Senate had done this and Bush had done that, then
                  it wouldn't have mattered if Kerry voted or not.  If
                  Nasdaq stayed 5000, I would have been rich.  I'm not
                  rich, and the vote lost by 1, Kerry's.
2004/5/14-15 [Industry/Jobs] UID:30223 Activity:high
5/13    Has anyone ever had 1/3 of their dev group leave within the
        span of a week? How did you deal with the short term effects?
        Three guys in my group gave notice within the span of a couple
        of days and now I'm stuck trying to figure out who will cover
        for them and its driving me nuts since we are already under
        staffed as it is.
        \_ the easiest way to deal with the short-term effects is to
           make it 4 guys giving notice.
           \_ I'm going back to school in the fall (my manager has
              known about this for a year, so its not going to be a
              surprise to anyone). I want to work till august or so
              to save up more cash. I also want to retain a good
              relationship with my mgr in case I need a reference
              (or a job) in the future.
                \_ what school? if you're going to academia, references from
                   the industry will mean very very very little. my advisor
                   says he never reads recommendations from industry unless
                   they're from famous research labs. professors tend to
                   look down on industry experience because they're most
                   likely not "interesting"             -grad student
                   \_ That professors tend to look down on industry experience
                      or even academic experience outside of their narrow little
                      field is a simple empirical fact.  However, I think
                      this speaks more to the personality defects of
                      academics than to the value or interest of anthing.
                      -cynical grad student
        \_ I was on a project that had 3/4rs of the team leave one year into
           a two year release cycle.  Unless you managers are making it clear
           they understand they are going to need to push deadlines way back
           in order to not destroy everyone who stuck around my advice is
           don't deal with the short term effects, just coast.  They won't
           fire you or even think less of you, they are too busy running around
           panicing to even notice.  And it just isn't worth it to try to
           do the work of four people, which is the other option.
        \_ You're not the manager?  Don't worry about it.  Do what you're
           assigned to do by your manager.  If you were a manager then it
           would be your problem.  Why are you even thinking about this much
           less worried by it since you're leaving soon anyway?
        \_ Tell them you can recruit your brother and/or sisters who will
           work for low wages, and you can vouch for them 'cause they're
           family.  You can also put in four extra hours on weekdays and
           Saturday, and on Sunday, can put in a half-day.  You had
           no idea the other guys were leaving, the traitors.
            \_ this is really good. -phuqm
2004/5/14 [Health] UID:30224 Activity:nil
        Woman lives without portion of skull for nearly four months
        because of insurance snag, with pictures! (work-safe)
        \_ URL shortened.
        \_ Insurance snag?  You mean Ashcroft and the rest of the BushCo
           repulsiviKKKans conspired to personally ruin this woman's life!
        \_ "I'm a good person, just not as rich as some of them."  I beg
           to differ, drunk-driving without licence lady.
           \_ Not to mention not wearing a seatbelt and having no insurance.  I
              wonder why her mother's insurance company would pay for her.  I
              think the insurance company should sue her afterwards for causing
              the accident.
2004/5/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30225 Activity:insanely high
5/13    Washington Post Lead Editoral (
        "If you were shown a video of a United States Marine or an American
        citizen in control of a foreign power, in a cell block, naked with a
        bag over their head, squatting with their arms uplifted for 45
        minutes, would you describe that as a good interrogation technique or
        a violation of the Geneva Convention?" ... "I would describe it as a
        violation," Mr. Pace [vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff]
        said. "What you've described to me sounds to me like a violation of
        the Geneva Convention," Mr. Wolfowitz said. ... Now Mr. Pace and Mr.
        Wolfowitz have said the techniques approved by Mr. Sanchez would be
        illegal if used on Americans; Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Myers say they are
        fine as applied to Iraqis. But there are not separate Geneva
        Conventions for Americans and for the rest of the world. We learned
        this week that the Pentagon approved the use of hooding, stress
        positions, sleep deprivation, intimidation by dogs and prolonged
        solitary confinement as legal under the Geneva Conventions.
        \_ One thing I heard floated about is that Al Qaeda et al are not a
           state, and certainly do not subscribe to the Geneva convention
           themselves.  Thus treating 'terrorist' prisoners by the Geneva
           Convention would be nice of the US, but US is not required to do so.
           Of course not all Iraqi prisoners are 'terrorists' by even
           the most loose definition.
           Incidentally, I heard the Geneva Convention requires that POWs be
           paid a wage.  I wonder who actually does this. -- ilyas
           \_ I know the US did for German POWs during WWII.
              \_ Yes, POWs are to be paid for work they do.  Of course, if
                 you're naked for the majority of your stay with a bag on
                 your head, you probably aren't doing much work.
                 \_ What?  Naked cheerleading practice doesn't count?
                 \_ I believe they are supposed to be paid their regular wage,
                    whether or not they are working.
           \_ Iraqi citizens, terrorists or not, are covered by the GC.
              \_ How so?  If you fight a foe who does not subscribe to the GC,
                 you are not required to subscribe to the GC yourself when
                 treating their captured.  Unless I am confused about how
                 the GC works... -- ilyas
                 \_ The GC governs how signatories must treat the citizens of
                    an occupied country.  I don't know whether or not it
                    applies if the occupied country is not a signatory, and I
                    don't know whether of not Iraq is a signatory.
                    \_ Well, even if Iraq is ... it no longer applies because
                       (a) it has no legidimate government, and (b) some of
                       the guys ARE terrorists with no state allegiance.  Maybe
                       we need a new convention to govern hostile non-state
                       entities. -- ilyas
                       \_ It absolutely applies if there's no legitimate
                          government.  That's the whole point of protecting
                          civilians.  Otherwise as soon as one country
                          conquers another, if could just execute all the
                          civilians because there's no signatory government to
                          protect them anymore.  It also protects terrorists
                          if they are Iraqi civilians.  If they are *not*
                          Iraqi, they need to be treated under the regular
                          criminal justice system in Iraq, whatever that is.
                          \_ Ok, so why would one sign?  Say you are fighting
                             'partisans' or 'terrorists' who don't care about
                             the GC.  Why should you treat them well if they
                             don't treat you well?  It perhaps makes you
                             more humane, but it's not really a reciprocal
                             agreement anymore.  What about a nation state
                             that didn't sign, like NK? -- ilyas
                             \_ You want a purely Utilitarian argument for
                                respecting the Geneva Convention?  OK, imagine
                                we make a bunch of excuses and basically
                                ignore the GC for this war.  The next time we
                                we get in a war, the enemy will have no
                                incentive to treat our prosoners well.  They'll
                                just say "Look what those Americans did to
                                those prisoners! They deserve nothing but a
                                long painful death!"  Ignoring the GC now will
                                cause future torture and execution of American
                                \_ I think treating only signatory nation state
                                   prisoners by the GC is reasonable... -- ilyas
                                   \_ why is US in Iraq in the first place?
                                      huh huh.  Americans are weird.  They
                                      invade other countries, saying first
                                      it's WMD, and then changing it to like
                                      they want to bring freedom, human rights
                                      to Iraq, and then they torture
                                      Iraqis and justify it saying that the
                                      country didn't sign GC.  huh huh.  Of
                                      course, pseudo-intellectuals like ilyas
                                      don't really care about these things.
                                      He just wants a theoretical discussion
                                      about when it's ok to violate GC in
                                      his imaginary lala land.
                                      \_ speaking of pseudo-intellectuals...
                                      \_ You remind me of one my favorite
                                         intellectuals -- Beavis. ("I don't
                                         like things that suck, and I only
                                         like things that are cool.").  But
                                         adding to Beavis' mental clarity is
                                         your unusual grasp of the psychological
                                         nature of your opponent. -- ilyas
                        \_ It's hopeless to argue with ilyas.  I used to think
                           he is a troller, but by now I realize he has lost
                           his head without surgery or never had one.  For the
                           rest of us, the Geneva convention stipulates that
                           coutry at war need to treat the POW they take
                           nicely, and when one side won and take over the
                           other, treat the nationals of the defeated they
                           captured nicely (nicely is defined there).  If any
                           one violates this, he should (in principle) be
                           prosecuted for war crime.  Now this is law, whether
                           you want to adhere to it or break it is another
                           matter.  Anyway there is an advantage to US in that
                           US bars itself from being prosecuted for war crime,
                           so when US violates the Geneva convention, even
                           though it is illegal, nobody can (or dare to)
                           prosecutes it.
                  \_ This argument is moot, as Undersecretary of Defense for
                     Intelligence Cambone said the Geneva Conventions apply
                     "precisely" to Iraq.  To back up another point you made,
                     both Cambone and Taguba said the Conventions do not apply
                     at Guantanamo Bay.
        \_ Can you summarize your post in two words?  (hint hint)
           \_ I could, but I chose not to.  I already edited down for key
              points with appropriate supporting information.  I do think,
              though, that this one was hard to compress.
              though, that this one was hard to compress.  By the way, go
              rent The Fog of War.  Interview with 85-year-old Cal alum
              McNamara, who was Secretary of Defense for a while.
           \_ MASS GRAVES!!!
              \_ POGROMED JEWS!!!
        \_ Why don't you get a clue or are you still an FOB?  Americans are
           different from the dogs infesting the rest of the world.  Have
           you ever heard of the phrase "American Exceptionalism?"  America
           is the new Jerusalem and we are the real Israelites.
           \_ eh, you should be talking to the Washington Post, not to me
        \_ Missing the point that the GC is a treaty which doesn't apply to
           everyone.  Does cutting off some civilian's head violate anything?
           \_ Do you think, if we catch the people who cut off his head, that
              we *wouldn't* prosecute them?  -tom
           \_ "The Fourth Geneva Convention relates to the protection of
              civilians during times of war and under any occupation by a
              foreign power." -Wikipedia
              \_ Rush Limbaugh told me there was no such thing as
                 International Law.
2004/5/14-15 [Recreation/Travel, Academia/GradSchool] UID:30226 Activity:moderate
5/13    Some what related question:  I'm going to grad school in August.
        When should I notify my employer that I'm leaving?  Can they
        fire you for planning to go to grad school?  I don't think I will
        get fired.  I want pick a time which is equitable to both
        \_ If someone fires you *after* you've given reasonable notice without
           a *very* good cause you have an easy lawsuit.  They will not fire
           you even if they are the most stupid people in the universe.
           \_ The Vogons would fire you.
              \_ they'd probably put you out of an airlock and *then* fire
                 \_ but not without a poetry reading
2004/5/14 [Reference/Religion] UID:30227 Activity:high
5/13    The Pope speak out against women marrying Muslims.        (yahoo)
        \_ Technically, that article doesn't mention the pope speaking out
           \_ I think the pope himself has gotten too old to do much but wheeze.
              \_ We need a real Pope in Rome again, a warrior Pope,
                 to Christianize Asia once and for all. Are the missionaries
                 to scared to preach in Iraq?
        \_ I agree with him.
        \_ I speak out against women marrying any religious people.
           \_ That's sexist!  I speak out against all persons marrying any
              religious people!
              \_ I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.
                 -- Governator
                 \_ bleah, they are violating the sanctity of gay marriage.
2004/5/14-15 [Industry/Jobs] UID:30228 Activity:very high
5/13    Are employers in the Bay Area paying so incredibly low these days? I
        still have an inflated dot-com era salary from 2000 and I'm realistic
        about taking a 20%-25% cut if I were to switch jobs. But even then, it
        seems that when I give a potential employer my adjusted minimum, I
        never hear back. Are places really hiring people with >5 years exp
        for $70k?
        \_ I recently took more than a 1/3rd salary hit to leave my old place.
           I expect/hope that my new lower income is temporary and in time I
           shall return to near what my old salary was.  The plus side is that
           I now work with really great people, the company is making money
           and the company long term focus is to make the company attractive
           to big buyers so maybe our options will have value some day.  It's
           a risk but I'm happy in the meantime and making enough money.  I
           miss the mega salary but I had to learn the hard way that money
           really isn't everything.  A certain income level is required to pay
           the bills and have savings.  After that?  Be happy.  OTOH those of
           you who have 5+ years in anything technical and hate your jobs and
           make less than $100k need to go job hunting.  There's no point in
           waiting for some magical date to start looking.  You can find the
           great job at any time.  Start now.  I started at the very beginning
           of the recent upturn.  Do not expect things to return to 1998
           levels ever again in your lifetime.  Place offering $70k for > 5yrs
           who aren't giving you some other reason to signup are fucked.  Just
           move on.  You should ask them their range before giving up yours.
        \_ economy is picking up, be patient.  Many places is starting to hire.
           yeah, I took a pay cut, at exactly $70k now.
           \_ Ditto.
           \_ wow, i am 70k too, 7 yrs out of school.
           \_ What do you guys do?
        \_ Where should I be after 18 months out of college, EECS?  I like my
           job, just curious.
           \_ Ditto.
           \_ Start at $58K, you should now be at $63K?
           \_ Where should I be after 72 months out of college, EECS?
        \_ I got a 20% raise in 2001 when I switched job after the previous
           company went Chapter 7.  After that, 2% raise last year and 3% raise
           this year at the same job.
           \_ yeah.. seems that changing jobs is the fastest way to boost
              your salary, especially if you're being underpaid
        \_ Are the figures on still accurate?  Or were they based
           on salaries from 2000?
        \_ I don't why someone keeps censoring this (I am using motdedit)
           but $70K is very underpaid for the Bay Area. In the LA area
           *civil* engineers who work for the *government* are getting
           $100K+ after 10 years. You guys at 7 years out should be near
           or over $100K. If you love your job that's fine, but if not LEAVE!
           \_ I have a MS, and I'm 7 years out of school. I make >$110k, but
              was just offered a job for $80k. I hate my current dot-com job,
              but I don't think I hate it by >$30k. -op
              \_ Have you considered saying to them something along the
                 lines of "I'd really like to take the job, but I'm afraid
                 I couldn't handle the pay cut."  They might up their
                 offer.  If they don't, no loss.
           \_ Civil engineers are paid more than programmers these days.
           \_ Which branch of government? Certainly not federal or state.
              \_ County, but federal pays pretty well too.
                 \_ I find this suspect. Do you have a URL? Government
                    salaries are supposed to be public knowledge.
                    \_ Well, why should I care if you find it suspect? I
                       know two civil engineers. However, here's one job:
                       You might start at $6-7K but by 10 years+ you will
                       exceed the stated $8K mark.
                       \_ Thanks.
        \_ SAGE has the best report for syadmin salaries out there.
           For SF Bay Area, they report $86k median for 5-9 yrs
           experience. $98k for 10-12 yrs. Are you a programmer or a
           experience. $98k for 10-14 yrs. Are you a programmer or a
           sysadmin? BTW, I get paid $90k in salary and a stock grant
           worth $23k at current valuation for 10 yrs experience.
           \_ Does it have figures for programmers as well?
              \_ nope. I don't know of a similar study for programmers.
                 From and anecdotally, I would guess that programmers
                 used to get paid 10-20% more, now probably about the same. I
                 have no idea if this is correct though.
           \_ and are you a programmer or a sysadmin?
              \_ shouldn't matter.  the pay ranges are almost exactly the same.
                 \_ This is not going to remain true over time.
                    \_ I think it will, but what's your theory?
                       \- i think it'll fluctuate in both directions. currently
                          the hip thing to do is outsource programmers. the
                          effects of outsourcing might actually be to incraease
                          average salaries, bc the low end jobs won't be here.
              \_ sysadmin
        \_ That's a bit low.  Economy has picked up -- companies _are_
           hiring.  Certainly, it depends on your skills and attitude...but
           $70K is on the low side now.  fyi.  --chris
2004/5/14 [Computer/SW/Security, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:30229 Activity:high
5/14    Strong case for Freeper complicity in Berg's death. I had to
        grab it out of Google's cache, because of course, it has been
        "Freeped" off the air:
        \_ freepers turned me into a newt!!
        \_ Not a very strong case really.  Tin foil hat territory actually.
           Let's list the irregularities about Nick Berg:
           1) A Jew in Iraq, without any personal security (not exactly the
           safest thing in the world--but it appears he was motivated to help
           the reconstruction, and I respect his resolve for that).
           2) Had a Koran in Arabic and anti-semitic literature with him.
           3) Had an Israel stamp on his passport, and then stamps from other
           countries that typically don't allow people in if they've been
           through Israel.
           4) Zaccarias Moussaoui used his email in 2002.  In Oklahoma.
           5) He refused help from the US government to get home.
           That doesn't add up to a conspiracy, but it does mean that it's not
           a surprise that he was picked up by Iraqi police, and was
           interviewed by the FBI.  It also suggests he might have been a prize
           for Al Qaeda.
           \_ is there anything weird about the death video? like i read some
              stuff about how it looks edited or whatever. i haven't seen it.
              \_ ...and without missing a beat, we're right back in tinfoil
                 hat land.  nice.
2004/5/14-15 [Consumer/Audio] UID:30230 Activity:moderate
5/14    Anyone used Sennheiser HD580? Is it worth $159? Thx.
        \_ I have a pair of Sony MDR-EX51LP (available now on slickdeals for
           $30) that I like; they're comfortable and fairly good at filtering
           outside noise.  I considered the Sennheisers but realized I wanted
           a cheaper pair of ear sodomizers to try out before dropping bucks.
           \_ I don't like the sound quality of Sonys except for the very high
              end models.  I like the Sennheiser HD212 ($60 and strong bass),
              Sennheiser NX100(?) (small and good sound quality) and the
              Grado SR60 and SR80.
        \_ I have the HD590's (newer model? higher model? not sure). I love
           'em to death. One huge plus is that it is the most comfortable
           pair of headphones I've ever worn. I tried a bunch of Sennheisers
           and Sony's @ Magnolia Hi-Fi before deciding which to buy online.
           \_ Did they give you dirty looks?
              \_ Salesmen generally ignore me, probably because I look too
                 young or too poor to be a serious home theatre buyer.
           \_ Since they are 'open air' type, does the sound leak out?
              ie, will my next cube neighbor hear it?
              \_ All open-diaphram headphones can be heard by neighbors.  It's
                 usually not a problem unless you have 1. Extremely offensive
                 taste.  2. Very close quarters.  3. Very sensitive neighbors.
                 Closed phones insulate you from external noise, but they tend
                 to be a bit warmer and somtimes less clear sound.
2004/5/14-15 [Computer/HW, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:30231 Activity:moderate
5/14    Anyone have any experience using a modded Xbox as a "media center" PC
        and/or networked video jukebox?  Any pitfalls or suggestions?
        Can it mount external USB drives?  Can it act as a SMB server?
        \_ Don't know about the software featured on /. yesterday, but a lot
           of people use xbox as a frontend for mythtv, which is a linux
           based project, so yeah, you can do both of those with linux.
2004/5/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:30232 Activity:moderate
5/14    whack jobs of a feather flock together (reform party endorses nader):
        \_ I'm voting for Nader - he rocks.
2004/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:30233 Activity:high
5/14    What's the difference between counting semaphore, binary semaphore
        and mutex semaphore.  I thought there is only one kind of semaphore,
        which blocks if the value is 0 or negative and you try to grab it.
        Otherwise it doesn't block when the value is positive, and you try to
        grab it.
        \_ I've never heard the term "mutex semaphore" before, but there's no
           qualitative difference between a binary and a counting semaphore.
           The difference is, with a binary semaphore you have a convention
           that its value will always be either 0 or 1, while a counting
           semaphore may take on other (nonnegative) values. The underlying
           system doesn't care; it's all in how you use it. -gm
           \_ Thanks!  It's been 13 years since I took 162.
               \_ partha is that you?                            -psb #2 fan
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        Got Milk? Work-safe Britney pic.
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