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2004/4/28 [Computer/Networking] UID:13420 Activity:kinda low
4/28    TCP question:  I know sometimes a port is not immediately available
        after it becomes unused.  For a couple of minutes, the TIME_WAIT
        period it is considered busy.  But other ports are immediately
        available to be bound to after the last process stops listening.
        What is the difference?
        \_ SO_REUSEADDR
        \_ USE UDP!
2004/4/28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:13421 Activity:very high
4/28    Watch Out Berkeley, Ronald Reagan University will
        snatch all the smart kids in the country:
        \_ Hmm... They say they will only admit applicants with SATs of 1400+.
           If you have a 1400+ SAT, why would you want to attend a brand new
           university, and not one with an established reputation.  I guess if
           you really love Raygun...
           \_ and they expect 10,000 students
           \_ i had 1400 SAT and i hated berkeley
              \_ Too many commie pinkos?
                 \_ wait, is Pinkman a commie?
                 \_ Too many ugly women.
                    \_ That's changed.  Blame geordan and mice.
                    \_ With a 1400 SAT, you cannot convince us you had time
                       or skillz to meet women.
                       \_ Funny, but there are attractive, socially adept
                          people who aren't as dumb as you.
                          \_ Yes, true, but I somehow doubt you are one of
           \_ I thought 1400 was near the minimum now for Berkeley.  No?
              \_ I think median is around 1350.
                 \_ According to LATimes, average was 1342:
           (log/pwd: csuamotd/csuamotd)
                 \_ Median for EECS is significantly higher, I just read that
                    it's SAT 1460, GPA 4.45.
                    \_ That's interesting, but what does it have to do with
                       Ronald Reagan University?
                        \_ Why the comment here? The topic of 1400's started
                           up 5-6 posts ago.
              \_ I'm guessing you're a non-priviledged Asian minority type.
                 \_ Misinformed white guy perhaps.
        \_ What would they teach there?  How to get the best dollar selling
           missiles to Iranian terrorists?  Best ways to funnel money to
           illegally fund wars in South America? Top five ways to lie to
           \_ [formatting fixed so threads make sense]
           \_ How to do all of the above and still have people deify you.
              \_ ^people^stupid people
2004/4/28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:13422 Activity:high
4/28    I use astyle to indent my C code, but on some files it chokes and starts
        indenting some 13 spaces (instead of 3) at some point down in the file,
        usually write below the function definition.  I can't find anything
        that looks odd about the function or the code above/below it.  Any ideas
        as to what is going on?  tia.
        \_ 4 spaces is the standard!
        \_ To answer my own post, the function was "int returnStatus(char *buf)"
           Changing it to rturnStatus (temporarily) fixed things... I guess it
           saw the "return" part as a keyword.
2004/4/28 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13423 Activity:very high
4/28    Any recommendations for a good shell/web hosting provider for personal
        \_ check find my hosting . com
        \_ Yes. Who are you?
           \_ huh?
2004/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:13424 Activity:nil
4/28    Has anyone used Lindows?  (Now Linspire)  What are the advantages?
        Is it worth the money?  Do they have a free distro?
2004/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:13425 Activity:nil
4/28    Welcome to the *nix MOTD.
2004/4/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13426 Activity:nil 75%like:13415
4/27    sed "s/$var1/$var2/" file
        I need the double quotes so that it will use the the value
        of the variables, var1 and var2, rather than search for the
        string '$var1'.  However, these variables, themselves,
2004/4/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13427 Activity:high 57%like:13412
        [the wedding dress thing again]
        \_ Get over it.
2004/4/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13428 Activity:high
4/28    My sister's serious w/ a poor Viet guy who doesn't have a job, lives
        at her place, and does nothing except cleans up the house for her
        (he is a clean freak). My parents don't like him because he can't
        speak Korean and Idon't like him because he is a shy, weak ass
        pussy. Do you guys have similar problems and what do you guys do
        about it?
        \_ Has he actually wronged you in any way?  As long as your sister is
           an adult, she's free to make mistakes.  All you can do it tell her
           what a loser he is and hope she notices.
        \_ Hi lame troll.  Here's my lame answer: get off the motd and pretend
           there is something more important going on in your life.
           \_ hey screw you. My sister makes over 100K and gets to inherit
                1/2 of my parents' estates and everyone except her can see
                that he's in it for the money. The only reason why she likes
                him is because "he treats her like a princess", but man,
                he is a loser and he's gonna get 1/2 of her shit. It is just
                messed up.                                      -op
                \_ I have a similar situation to yours.  There's not much
                   you can do, as far as i can tell.  If you act openly
                   contempuous towards the loser it can just make the situation
                   worse, but that doesn't mean you have to hide what  you think
                   either.  Sometimes good people marry bad people, and I don't
                   think there's anything you or me can do about it.
                   \_ Who says he is a bad person?  His faults are: 1) he does
                      not speak Korean (parents = racist), 2) there is no 2.
                      The op is getting all twittish because the guy wants to
                      be a house husband and the sister loves it.  Who is the
                      op to judge?  Would he be happier if his sister was
                      sucking some guy who had a job but treated her like
                      shit?  I'll do *that* for free and I won't even take
                      the parents money.
                \_ hahaha just like all the whores marrying men for their
                   money, your sister is one of the few getting screwed by a
                   worthless guy!  That's so great!  Anyway, it's all your
                   parent's and family's fault for not raising her to respect
                   herself more.  If you didn't all treat her like shit when
                   she was younger then she wouldn't put so much value on his
                   'treating her like a princess'.  --no sympathy
                   \_ It's good she gets the trophy husband early. This way she
                      knows what she wants in trophy husbands #2 and #3.
                \_ As the above guy points out, this is sort of routine for
                   women:  they do nothing but hang around the house in a
                   great many cases.  But no one rails against thair worth.
                   Why're you so against this guy?
                   \_ Those women are worthless too.
        \_ It depends on how determined she is. If she's a very self-sufficient
           person, then the only way she will change her mind is by herself,
           but if she's not, then you can be persistent and keep at it.
        \_ I will kick the loser's ass, and take over the duties of fucking
           your sister.  How much is this inheritance, anyway?  I will teach
           her the value of a strong man.
        \_ you know, Asians are pretty racist among themselves, and having
           brought up in a traditional Asian family I can totally understand
           your point of view. I mean, Viet + Korean??? what the hell is
           wrong with your sister?????
           \_ She's a Vietphile. Man, that's real embarrassing for your family.
              You should be ashamed.
        \_ Tell her, I think our parents think X, I think Y.  But it's your
           life.  Whatever you do, I'll try my best to support you.
        \_ As long as he treats her well, I don't see anything bad about.
           What if your sister dates a super rich guy who treats her like
           trash?  What's most important is how happy your sister is with
           this guy.  If the guy loves your sister for the wrong reason, then
           that's whole different story.
           \_ I believe op thinks that the shy guy is going to turn into
              an asshole or lose all of his sister's money after several
              years (e.g., she quits her $100K job to have babies), and be
              a poor role model for the kids.  op probably thinks that if
              the guy had a job and wasn't a "shy, weak ass pussy", then op
              wouldn't think this way.
              \_ "shy, weak ass pussy" doesn't mean he only loves her for
                 the money.
                 \_ did I say anything about "loves her for the money" in my
                    \_ if not, you shouldn't be too concern.  Your sister
                       is adult.  Let her make her own decision.  The more
                       pressure you put on her, the more resistance she would
                       have to leave this guy.
        \_ does anything think kchang is not a "shy, weak ass pussy"?
           \_ isn't he married to some hot chick?
              \_ see?
             \_ you guys are dumb. he is gay. that's why we made fun of him.
2004/4/28 [Recreation/Computer] UID:13429 Activity:very high
4/28    Why is it that hategroups all gravitate towards ASNs?  are there any
        on orkut too? (note his close knit friends)
        the Jessica chick there is the smartest (and scariest one).  in
        good ol' LBC.
        \_ ASN?  LBC?
           1. Artifical Social Network (friendster, etc)
           2. LBC (long beach, CA)
           I believe danh found a bunch of skinheads on friendster last year
        \_ What makes you think Jessica is any smarter/scarier than the
           rest of these retards?
        \_ What makes you think they "gravitate" toward them? I suspect
           they are equally represented.
2004/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:13430 Activity:high
4/28    Frederick is charged with maltreatment, assault and indecent acts
        for posing for a photograph while sitting on top of a detainee,
        striking detainees and ordering detainees to strike each other,
        among other things.
        Frederick wrote home to his family about the treatment of prisoners.
        He said in an e-mail: "We helped getting them to talk with the way
        we handle them. We've had a very high rate with our styles of
        getting them to break; they usually end up breaking within hours."
        The pictures 60 Minutes II obtained show an Iraqi prisoner who,
        according to the U.S. Army, was told to stand on a box with his head
        covered and wires attached to his hands. That prisoner was told that
        if he fell off the box, he would be electrocuted. In another
        photograph, prisoners' bodies were stacked in a pyramid - one body
        had a slur written in English on his skin.
        \_ What do you expect?  Right after 9/11, card carrying liberals
           (by no means all, but still) were speaking out to promote torture
           and brutality (some actually used these words), as long as we
           are the ones doing it.
           \_ now this is a troll
              \_ I guess you weren't paying attention back then.
                 \_ And this is a desperate troll.
2004/4/28 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:13431 Activity:high
4/28    What's a good excuse to kick out a roommate without pissing her
        off? She's just a mean bitch and a nice sodan's home is no place
        for such a bitch. --landlord
        \_ Try and sleep with her. She'll leave of her own accord.
        \_ In Berkeley, these are the "good cause" reasons for eviction:
           Pick which ever one applies and is least adversarial.
           \_ I just don't like her, and I have to live with her under the
              same roof. Can I just say something like:
              - I make enough $$$ now, no need to rent out rooms
              - I am renting out the whole house
              - I am making large repairs
              - my parents would like to live-in for a while?
              \_ "Renting out the whole house" and "My parents..." probably
                 both count as an OMI eviction, which would require you to
                 not rent to other people for >= 36 months.  If it's a single
                 family home, the rules might be different though.  You can
                 call the rent board and they might be able to answer your
                 questions better than I can.
              \_ Sorry, no such luck.  Either make a pass at her (as noted
                 above), or take some cues from that movie Pacific Heights.
2004/4/28 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13432 Activity:very high
4/28    Just got a core dump from pine - something about memory full.  I would
        investigate further, but gots to run.
        \_ prolly isolated incident
        \_ I just got a memory full error trying to log in.  tcsh failed.
        \_ How to you check how much free/used memory in FreeBSD?
2004/4/28 [Finance/Shopping] UID:13433 Activity:moderate
4/28    Has anyone purchased diamonds online? I just went through amazon's
        configurator and a platinum setting was $1500 cheaper than a 14k or
        18k gold setting. Seems really odd. Also about $2k cheaper than
        \_ The setting itself shouldn't cost more than about $2K at most,
           and that is with (little) diamonds on it. How can it be $1500
           cheaper with the same center stone? Did one setting have
           better/larger diamonds than the other? With no other stones the
           setting will be < $1000, even in platinum.
2004/4/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:13434 Activity:moderate
4/28    Move into the city.  Looking for a non-lame roommate:
        Drop me an email if you have questions.
        \_ Why are you living with a 51 year old man, Dan?  Is he your sugar
           \_ Duh.  Why would anyone live with a 51 year old man?  It's not
              like someone can have interesting life experiences or just be a
              good person.  No, Logan's run was clearly right, after thirty
              there's nothing left to do but be an old sugar daddy. -dans
              \_ That and have your guts splattered over an auditorium full of
                 teens and preteens.                        -mice
        \_ What if I am lame?
2004/4/28 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:13435 Activity:high
4/27    Is there a way to scale horizontal and vertical directions by different
        ratio when printing from Mac OS X?
              \_ print to PDF and work from there.
        \_ No method is provided because we at the Apple Mac User Experience
           Lab have decided that there is no valid reason to want to do this.
           \_ How would you do it under Windows?
2004/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:13436 Activity:nil
4/28    A bunch of control Gs!  How creative!
2004/4/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:13437 Activity:high
4/28    Why do people troll?
        \_ Do why troll people!
        \_ You're too stupid to understand.
2004/4/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:13438 Activity:nil 80%like:32719
4/28    Motd Nuked!!
2004/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:13439 Activity:nil
4/28    How do you make a pass at the girl who call you up and ask you
        to donate money to UCB? Are they cal students? - lonely sodan
2004/4/28 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:13440 Activity:nil
4/28    Does Outlook have any integration w/ WebDav? I just setup a WebDav
        server and can share w/ iCal (Mac) or Mozilla Calendar, but Moz's
        Calendar isn't quite up to par.
2004/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:13441 Activity:very high Edit_by:auto
4/28    What happened to the INSPEC database?  Where can I do a periodical
        search nowadays?
        \_ nothing happened to it.  you may be confused about what it is.
           it's a pay-for-use database that has no affiliation with the
           University, but which almost all universities pay to use.  That
           means that from an ip address on the campus of any major university
           there's generally some easy way to access it, often via web, but
           that off campus you generally have to pay.  I think it's possible
           to use your csua account to get access, but I've never bothered.
           \_ I forgot to say that I meant melvyl's access to INSPEC.  Now
              it's gone, as is CC (current content).  Actually it seems all
              auxillary databases are removed from melvyl now.
              \_ Transfer to a less cheap ass school.
                 \_ You know, it's *possible* that someone might actually
                    *not* go to school for their whole life, but still want
                    to look up journal articles.  It's also possible that
                    someone goes to a school with access via their library
                    computers, but wants access at home.
2004/4/28 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:13442 Activity:nil
4/28    This is why Japanese girls are trying to marry outside Japan:,4057,9416321%255E13762,00.html
        \_ Step 3: Profit!
2004/4/28 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:13443 Activity:nil
4/28    So what do people think of Arnold? Is he doing a better job than
        \_ You couldn't do a worse job than Davis. Arnold should but won't
           address issues like borrowing more money to pay for the debt
           while we still have the highest cost for incarcerating people
           within the Union.
           Perhaps we should be looking for more cost effective ways
           to house criminals like perhaps we can ship them off to
           another state which is willing to accept them in trade for
           cash. Or maybe we should really review our 3 Strikes policy
           and think about reforming the reformable instead of turning
           them into even worse criminals through the current system.
           He should also push hybrids and fuel cells more aggressively
           and renew investigations into energies such as nuclear and
           \_ It's too bad all the people who know how to run the state are
              too busy driving taxicabs or cutting hair. -- ilyas
              \_ Ahnold's detractors believe this is all he is qualified
                 to be doing, and are incredulous as to how far he's come.
                 \_ I think that's an exaggeration.  Even the Arnie-haters
                    have to admit that Conan the Barbarian kicks ass.
                \_ How about forcing Mexico to pay for housing, healthcare
                   education, and incarceration of the 5+ million illegals
                   in California.
2004/4/28-29 [Consumer/Camera] UID:13444 Activity:insanely high
4/28  Is B&H a decent place to buy a lens (compared to other online
      vendors)? tia.
        \_ I bought a sony TRV-22 and was pleased with result.
           \- yes. --psb
        \_ yes, B&H is good.
        \_ yep. I bought one from em yesterday. You can look at reviews
           at, and might want to use the clickthrough from there
           to support them (it's a very useful site). -chialea
        \_ I've blow over $1500 on them.  They can be trusted, though their
           electronic products are expensive.
                        - the guy who bought stuff from them predated their
        \_ Yes, they are extremely reliable from my experience. Another
           good vendor is Adorama. You just have to decide if you want
           black market or the real USA product.
           \_ damn, yuen, you beat me in that regard ---kngharv
           \_ gray market.
        \_ I've bought stuff from B&H about 20 times.  Lens, cameras,
           accessories, film, camcorder, etc., both USA and gray market.  Very
           reliable.  Their staff doesn't work on commision, so you can feel
           comfortable getting advice from them. is
           reliable too, but they only carry popular items and their film is
           expensive.  --- yuen
         \- bhphoto is the IBM of the photo world.
            or in soda-speak "bh is the standard". --psb
            \_ "Nobody ever got fired for buying B&H"
      \_ I've ordered from adorama and b&h.  adorama can be cheaper on some
         lenses, but they are slower and will put your order on hold to try
         to sell you more stuff.  But if you're patient, I think they can be
         trusted.  b&h has excellent service and much faster than adorama.
         But I've bought most of my lenses used from craigslist.
2004/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:13445 Activity:insanely high
4/28  I was looking at the iCal spec and noticed that it was written by
      microsoft and Lotus. Do any MS products support iCal?
        \_ No.  Try to hook up Mozilla Calendar with Exchange, you will know
              \_ Microsoft's business model is based upon "embrace, extend,
                 elimate" open standards.  Rather they came up with the
                 standard or not is irrevelant.
           what I mean.
           \_ I'm sort of going for the reverse. I want to use Outlook to
              publish to a WebDav server bc Mozilla Calendar is functional,
              but not as polished as Outlook. Why do they publish a spec and
              then work in the exact opposite direction?
              \_ It's part of their Innovation 2000 Five Year Plan.
            \_ It's what the customer wants!
2004/4/28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:13446 Activity:nil 52%like:13454
4/28    Al Qaeda's Poison Gas - The foiled attack in Jordan might have
        killed thousands.
2022/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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