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2004/4/23 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:13342 Activity:high
4/23    Read "In Beijing's Crushing Grip" at to see how
        fucked up China is.  Oh wait, they changed the title to "China
        Tightens Its Grip" this morning.  No password needed.  Oh wait,
        the title is now "A Study Group Crushed in China's Grip". [URL added, yr welcome]
                \- You are being monitored: --psb
                   \_ I knew it, Partha, you treacherous bastard! --erikred
        \_ One thing such stories make me curious about is why do people in the
           grip of a judicial system that is simply acting as a part of the
           authoritarian state imagine that defending their innocence - or
           others' innocence is going to do anything but expand the umbrella
           of suspicion? I ran across numerous such examples while studying
           recent history in the PRC as an undergrad. Sure Li comes off pretty
           badly in this article but without connections to local friends to
           visit in jail, it sounds like the only sensible thing. Defending
           them would only have landed his own ass in jail as well. -- ulysses
           \_ You want a war worth fighting?  Deposing the government of the
              PRC is that war.
              \_ obviously you still don't get it.  deposing is easy,
                 finding something to replace it is the tough part.
                 also, it's a job for the PRCers, not for you.  if
                 you try, they will get confused, and all 1.3 billion
                 of them will fight you, thinking you are the enemy,
                 even though you are just trying to help.
                 \_ Sigh. You're right, and yet, of all the regimes I most
                    want to see toppled, this is the crown jewel.  I wouldn't
                    even care if they chopped it up into fifty tiny ethnic
                    \_ Okay. I'll bite. Since there are much much more brutal
                       regimes and kleptocracies out there, most of them in
                       Africa, why is the PRC your crown jewel? I'm no fan
                       but they pale by comparison with many others in terms
                       of their unsavoriness as a regime. Why them? -- ulysses
        \_ give us soda's login please
           \_, pwd=csuamotd
        \_ "Chinese Communist Party is engaged in the largest and perhaps
           most successful experiment in authoritarianism in the world."
           Largest maybe, but most successful?  Come on! Don't forget how
           much more effective NK is!
           \_ I am from Taiwan, and my first impression of the mainland
              is that I am impressed with the Communist's control structure.
           \_ Last time I check, USA wasn't able to rule Iraq too well.
              and Iraq is about 1/100 in size and only got 20 million people.
              \_ Well, yeah.  But what does that have to do with anything?
                 NK = North Korea
                 \_ large land mass, huge population, and different cultural
                    and ethnic mix make a land difficult to rule.  For example,
                    Singapore's government structure seems to work well with
                    Chinese, but it can not scale up thus can't apply to
                    the mainland.
                    \_ Yeah, whatever you North Korean playa hater.
        \_ "I am a liberal," he wrote, "and what I care about are human
           rights, freedom and democracy." Funny how in the US
           "liberal" means you're pro-communist!
        \_ In Communist China, School studies YOU.
        \_ Check out the picture.  Lu Kun has this big opportunity to show
           the western world her struggle... and what does she do?  Talks
           on her cell phone during the picture session.  Niiiiceee..
           \_ Hey, she told her computer geek husband she wanted a quiet
              life and that he should get rich like his buddies and settle
              into the middle class -- not start up a web site called
              "Yangzi's Home of Ideas" and join a pro-democracy group.
              \_ Huh, well I can't argue with that.
2004/4/23 [Uncategorized] UID:13343 Activity:nil
4/23    Does anyone have any in/direct experiences with the LoJack system?
        Does it do what it's supposed to do? Is it worth it? And how much
        does it actually cost? Thanks.
        \_ [Google]
        \_ Now that the message has been hacked:  OMG!  Do not install JLo!
           u totally can't uninstall it.  it totally alienates all yr pals.
           it makes you take leads in shitty movies!  I had to trash my
           system to get rid of it.  now I have MattDaemon, and I'm much
2004/4/23 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:13344 Activity:nil
4/23    American Idol: Racism or not?
2004/4/23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:13345 Activity:nil
4/23    JOTD:  What's the difference between John Edward and John Edwards?
        \_ who the hell is John Edward?
           \_ A guy who claims to talk to people's dead relatives.  He has a TV
              show "Crossing Over" and is the subject of the South Park episode
              "The Biggest Douche in the Universe"
        \_ One's a big phoney and the other claims he can talk to dead people.
           \_ Sen. Edwards, during a trial on behalf of a dead child's family,
              did claim in front of a jury that he was channelling
              the deceased kid. --elizp, big-time Edwards supporter
              \_ what exactly do you find appealing about Edwards?  Aside
                 from being a young southerner who looks good on TV, he
                 strikes me as some of the worst of what the Democratic
                 party has to offer.
                 \_ (1) Electability (getting a Dem into the White House
                    is about pandering to the South and/or the Midwest;
                    never appreciated this until I moved to Southern
                    Indiana 8 months ago); (2) my lust for class warfare.
                    Were merit & positions my primary determinants, I would've
                    gone for Kerry or Kucinich (and Kerry's still got that
                    doesn't-play-well-with-others-in-the-sandbox problem).
                    But this time I wanna win. --elizp
                 \_ Heh.  I thought that was John Kerry?  Or was it Dean?  Oh
                    I forgot, whichever Democrat is under discussion is the
                    "worst the Democratic party has to offer."  All Democrats
                    are evil.  Heil Bush!
                    \_ actually, I voted for Kerry in the primary, and would
                       have voted for dean had he not dropped out.  I also
                       like Clark.  None of them are protectionists, and
                       all of them have a clear message.  Edwards is an
                       extreme protectionist with, as far as I can tell,
                        \_ Edwards' positions on NAFTA are more moderate
                           than his "two Americas" stump speech suggests.
                       one clear message "hey, y'all! I'm southern!"
                        \_ His best "clear message" parses the implications
                           of Dubya's tax cuts for the very wealthy: that
                           shifting the tax burden from capital to labor
                           marks an egregious change in national values
                           regarding social opportunity and responsibility.
                           It's a shame that Edwards' class analysis got
                           dumbed down in "two Americas" (which, while
                           resonant, didn't do much to counter his Breck
                           girl image). And I still don't know what Kerry
                           stands for! For more on Edwards & class:
                       and to top it all off, he's a fucking trial lawyer.
                       \_ What were Clark's problems?  I thought he should
                          do a better job of not flip-flopping.  I hear
                          some people found him a little creepy.  But I
                          thought he looked good overall.
                 \_ Gotta wonder.  The guy made millions milking malpractice
                    insurance by suckering juries with emotion over science.
                    \_ Yeah, he should have made his millions through
                       securities fraud like GWB
2004/4/23 [Transportation/Car] UID:13346 Activity:nil
4/23    Where do you guys go to check out used cars for possible purchase?  Someplace else?
2004/4/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:13347 Activity:high
4/23    Man choses playstation 2 over hot date:
                \-"it takes a lot of ploygons to approximate spheres" --psb
                   \_ is that some kind of obscure Flatland reference?
                  \_ Spheres are overrated. Complex curves are much better.
                  \_ Ah, but with NURBS...
        How many of you would do the same?
            \_ at least one person would choose otherwise:
        \_ I'm happily married to a hot woman.  I'd take the ps2.
           \_ What he said.
              \_ Hotter than Jordan?  Let's see a picture.
                 \_ Jordan is fat.
        \_ Jordan is hot, but you can always get hot girls but PS2 is free
           and lasts a while
        \_ Hot chicks are over-rated.
        \_ That person is an idiot who will regret this later when he
           can't even get a woman under 40 to talk to him. All the girls
           in college who were "fat" or otherwise less than perfect start
           to look better and better the older you get. Woman aside, why
           not go out instead of spending more time in front of a CRT?
           \_ Why not pursue a relationship based on mutual interests with a
              normal person than an expenses-paid dinner with a chick who's
              crazy enough (or shrewd enough) to take an all-expenses-paid
              dinner with whichever shmuck happens to sound better in a
              random draw of the audience?  Get the playstation, then tell
              the next girl you date you took it because you weren't
              interested in some meaningless fling.  You can thank me when
              you wake up next to her the next morning.  Then you can go
              play Final Fantasy X.
2004/4/23 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:13348 Activity:nil
4/23    Any good Free SSH server for WinXP?
           \_ the only servers i'm aware of for windows are
              openssh under cygwin, and's windows ssh server (which
              might have a non-comm version, but i doubt it).
2004/4/23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast] UID:13349 Activity:nil
4/23    This country is the biggest threat to world peace. Anything else pales
        in comparison. Shut the fuck up.
        \_ Agreed, let's vote him out!!
        \_ You fool!  Don't you know this country could destabilize the middle
           east for years to come?!
           \_ you mean destabilize it enough that terrorist wouuld come
            over to the US and fly planes into our buildings? already happened
            \_ Why do you hate America?
2004/4/23 [Health] UID:13350 Activity:nil
4/23    Is there a way to check if some drugs are safe to use?  How to I google
        that?  Do all drugs sold in the US have to have FDIC cert labels?  If
        that is true, I can just check for FDIC labels right?
        \_ If the label says "increase your manhood 3 sizes." I'm guessing
           it's not safe.
           \_ From your personal experience?
                \_ LOL, good one.
                   \_ OMG WTF?!
           \_ doesn't those drugs FDIC regulated as well?
           \_ You Fool!  Manhood that large will destabilize the middle east
              for years to come!
              \_ Why do you hate America's Manhood?
        \_ Remember that erections lasting longer than 4 hours (though rare)
           require immediate medical attention.  Word of the day: "priapism".
           \_ bullshit.
           \_ Erections like that will destabilize the middle east for years to
              \_ Why do you hate America's Erection?
        \_ FDIC? Do you mean FDA?
           \_ yeah, FDA, FDIC is for banks. haha
2004/4/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13351 Activity:nil
4/23    I've estimated that on average, motd is managed by 5 people, some
        of which have split personality giving motd the illusion that it's
        editted by ~10-15 users. The only people who really post are:
        tom, psb, ilyas, and others who average to ~2 users/day. Total: 5
        \_ I estimate the actual number who post with any regularity is
           at least 20.  A much bigger number reads regularly. -- ilyas
        \_ You're not paying close enough attention.
        \_ on what do you base this estimate?
        \_ missed me!
        \_ You're saying 5 users a day?  No way.  -jrleek
           \_ Mormon alert!
              \_ We're everywhere. -emarkp
                 \_ Ahh! Run for the hills!
                 \_ So what did you guys think of "Orgazmo"?
2004/4/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Python] UID:13352 Activity:nil
4/23    What's a twink point?                                   -newbie
        \_ run ~tom/bin/twink_warriors
           \_ sucky interface
              \_ /accounts/tom/pub/twinks
                 \_ Wow, what's cmlee's claim to fame?
        \_ What is a "twinkish statement?"
           \_ "how many attachments can I send in a hotmail e-mail?"
              \_ Wow, so my above statement is recursive.  Do I now have
                 infinite twink points?  Or is there a recursion limit
                 like in Python?
        \_ I like this line:
        tom                       1                       1
           \_ I earned one for a bug I introduced into my script.  -tom
              \_ But naturally none for anything you have ever said. -- ilyas
              \_ boy, it looks like you spend a lot of time on this.  Why not
                 archive the offending statements as well.  I'd love to see
                 the particulars.
                 \_ don't be a twink
        \_ You missed me!  Either I'm not a twink, or I've managed to stay
           pretty anonynmous.
2004/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13353 Activity:nil
4/23    In unix, if I nice a job and it backgrounds other processes, are
        those processes niced as well?
        \_ yes, nice values are usually inherited.
           \_ If only that were the case with people, too.
              \_ Yes and with people if you kill a parent he doesn't
                 try to kill his children before he dies either.
                 \_ No, he just leaves zombies all over the places that need
                    to be killed manually.
                    \_ remember, aim for the head.
                       \_ BRAAAAAAAINS!
2004/4/23-24 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food, Health/Sleeping] UID:13354 Activity:nil 54%like:13249
4/23    For the person who was asking about why dogs eat their poop:
        \_ Am I the only one who suspects that that pinworm bit is just an
           attempt to get people to stick tape on their asshair?
           \_ sounded like a stretch to me, too
              \_ I think most people have pinworms at some point in their
                 lives, usually as children. Most people outgrow sticking
                 their fingers in their mouths. (Not me btw, I do it
                 all the time, so I guess I should check)
2004/4/23 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:13355 Activity:nil
4/23    Why buy an SUV?  Why did you buy an SUV?  (two separate questions)
        \_ skiing and camping.
           \_ You could do that with any car.
        \_ to feel like a Big Man.
        \_ i'm very short.  related to big man above.
        \_ They're just station wagons really, for most users. I'm sure you
           understand the market for those. For SUVs then you just compare
           looks and price, plus SUVs sometimes have things like 4WD or
           towing capacity. There do exist people who take SUVs offroading.
           \_ So why aren't then people buying station vagons instead
              of the usually bigger, bulker, and more expensive SUVs?
              \_ Some are.  I am a happy subaru owner.  Subaru > SUV, unless
                 you have 'unique needs' and then it's probably hummer > SUV.
                 Most people I know who own SUVs are women who like the feeling
                 of safety.  I should add, I have nothing against SUVs or
                 people who ride them.  They are just not really my aesthetic.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ Subarus can't really tow or offroad, and are rather small
                    for family purposes.
                    \_ Heh.  Ask geordan about offroading subarus.  Also,
                       some subarus are quite large.  Forester is essentially
                       a station wagon built on a sedan body.  Another thing
                       I forgot to mention is the way SUV emissions are
                       classified -- an SUV lets you get away with a bigger
                       engine, which some people like. -- ilyas
                       \_ I think they call the Forester an SUV. But no Subaru
                          is "large". Forester is tiny compared to Acura MDX
                          let alone a Suburban.
                     \_ Hmm, ever heard of rally racing?
                        \_ rally racing is done on dirt roads.
                           \_ A subaru certainly offroads as well as most
                              SUVs currently on the market, and likely better
                              than a few.  Most SUVs made today are made for
                              roads. -- ilyas
                              \_ All SUVs are made for roads. But I say your
                                 "most" statement is wrong. I can think of
                                 quite a few that will be much better. It's
                                 not relevant that some may not be better.
                                 \_ A Jeep Wrangler and that boxy Mercedes thing
                                    which costs 70k are not made for roads --
                                    they are a horrible ride on roads, but
                                    they are great for offroading.  We should
                                    compare SUVs to Subarus.  The Subaru
                                    bottleneck is relatively low clearance,
                                    the SUV bottleneck is the high center
                                    of gravity -- both bad things. -- ilyas
              \_ I just said. Consider a couple examples of car-based SUVs,
                 Toyota Highlander and Honda CR-V. They're not more wasteful
                 than the Camry or Civic they're based on. I don't think there
                 even exists a Civic wagon. The last Camry wagon I saw was butt
                 ugly and I doubt it offered 4WD or had as much room. QED.
                 \_ What are you smoking?  Go look at, and look at
                    mpg for a CR-V vs civic.  CRV gets 10 mpg less, and has a
                    bigger engine (to push its greater weight...).  Civic wagons
                    were great, alas phased out in 91 (I own one) - but you still
                    see them all over, because they were very reliable and
                    versatile.  Too bad they quit making them...
                    \_ Ok CR-V has a 2.4L, 160hp engine. 23/28 mpg. The
                       Civic Si, also 160hp, has 26/30. The Civic can't tow
                       anything and has a lot less room, and doesn't offer AWD.
                       Here's the Highlander difference:
                       Highlander: 3.3L 230hp, 19/25
                       Camry SE V6 3.3L 225hp, 20/29
                       By the way I don't even have an SUV, I'm just arguing
                       out of boredom.
                       \_ I should mention that mileage and AWD are a tradeoff
                          because AWD is heavy.  This is part of the reason why
                          subaru mileage isn't as good as that of comparable
                          cars.  Incidentally, what is this 'can't tow
                          anything' thing?  What do you want to tow?  Other
                          cars?  Elephants?  I've seen any old sedan (subaru
                          including) towing those two-wheel cargo things with
                          boats, and all sorts of other stuff.  -- ilyas
                          \_ I've never seen a Civic towing anything. Some
                             people have large stuff to tow. Subarus actually
                             have more towing options than most normal cars,
                             but couldn't handle large trailers.
                          \_ Ilya, remind me to start some elephant-towing
                             threads sometime.
        \_ I think Subarus and Hondy CR-Vs are good alternatives to
           the larger SUVs.  I know that some people have a true need
           for larger SUVs, but what about those who think it just looks cool?
        \_ Vanity is the only reason to buy an SUV, that and increasing
           the risk of killing other people or killing your entire family
           in a rollover. If you need passenger space, get a van. If you need
           4WD get a sedan or truck. If you carry cargo, get a truck.
           The only reason to buy an SUV is vanity.
           \_ Safety is a good reason.  SUVs ARE safer in non-rollover
              collisions.  It's also easier to armorplate an SUV if you are
              into that sort of thing.  Easier emission standards for SUVs
              is yet a third reason.  Did you read anything in this thread?
              \_ please post your name so i can go laugh at your funeral.
                 \_ Dumbass.
2004/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:13356 Activity:nil
4/23    Does anyone care to share any experiences they've had with *nix
        virus scanning software for email (I have sendmail in mind)?
        Free packages are preferable, stability is very important,
        execution speed and very frequent updates not as important. Thanks.
        \_ This is not a troll, but why do you need virus scanning on *nix?
           \_ Unix mail server for Windows clients?
        \_ I really like sophos.  I don't think you'll find any free suites
           out there, but Sophos MailMonitor has a very small footprint, is
           updated very frequently, and is easy to maintain.  It also has a
           very transparent appearance to the end user.  They allow you the
           full version for trial.  I think the cost was about $23/mailbox/
           year, with a 50% discount for buying ahead 3 years. --scotsman
        \_ I like what I've seen so far of clamscan, but I just installed
           it and haven't used it much yet.  -phuqm
        \_ Don't use Symantec SMTP Gateway for Solaris. It sucks ass.
2004/4/23 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:13357 Activity:nil
4/23    I'm currently renting an apartment in Berkeley on a month-to-month
        basis.  If I'm going to give 30 days notice on moving out, do I have
        to pay for a whole months rent, or can I say give notice on 5/15 and
        pay a pro-rated rent for 6/1-6/15?
        \_ It's pro-rated.  See for this
           and lots of other useful information.
           \_ Thanks
        \_ Are you renting from your cute roommate or geting rent deduction
           based on your service?  I wonder how you could do it since neither
           of you will go very far on *that* basis.
2004/4/23 [Uncategorized] UID:13358 Activity:nil
4/23    Have there been any halfway serious attempts to explain why my
        armpit sweat output is asymmetric?
        \_ try using your left hand sometime
           \_ it happens in many different situations, and i'm a leftie.
              \- me too. --different leftie
        \_ i'm ambidextrous while you're ambiordorous
2004/4/23-9/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:13359 Activity:kinda low
        \_ republicans critisizing kerry for his war record is pretty
           funny, it makes them seem cranky insane and stupid, keep
           up the good work!
        \_ Go figure. It's registered to some douche bag from Texas.
        \_ agreed.
        \_ It seems JK has gotten many medals in Vietnam, while Bush
           can't even seem to make himself show up in the National Guard.
           I mean what else do you people need?? On one hand, you have this
           rich boy who manages to fuck up everything he gets his hands on,
           and on the other hand you have this dude who actually was in the
           military and has gotten some medals. I don't know about you, that
           is enough for me.
           \_ As the John Kerry camp says every time JK is critized for
              his service: We'll put JK's service record up against the
              other parties' existant or non-existant service records ...
        \_ Bush: hmm, now that I've gotten elected, let's find a good enemy to
           spend all those surplus on. Let's see, China!! the perfect target!
           Until Bin-ladin shitted on his face. You don't hear so much about
           the China threat theory now a days do you? Despite being the 'free'
           media we are led to believe, the government can influence what we
              \_ Taiwan and Iraq are not equivalent at all
              \_ Because WE CAN, so bite me!!
           \_ formatting to fix please, how to set 80 cols?
        \_ Oh the horror... the Bush campaign advertising
           that Kerry is unprincipled and the most liberal Senator in
           Congress.  How about this part of his 'heroic' record
           that the media seems to ignore:
           \_ Most liberal?  You make it sound like proposing health care
           reform is worse than being talked into preemptive war, or cutting
           taxes and then telling soldiers that they'll have to take up the
           slack by cutting benefits.  Oh yeah, and if you get wasted over
                \_ He is rated the most liberal by a number of sources,
                   here is but one:
                   \_ He serves a very liberal area as a senator.  A senator's
                      responsibilities are very different from a president's.
                      I'm more concerned whether he means what he says.  That
                      he will be up front about where things stand.  That he
                      will work with the government rather than try to sell
                      them/us a bill of goods.  That he won't stifle or simply
                      ignore dissent.
                        \_  Well obviously he doesn't mean what he says
                            given he takes every position he can on the same
                            issue.  He has espoused leftist beliefs
                            his entire life - predating any political
           there in the desert, we'll make it policy to keep the public from
           seeing your coffin, because we want them to support the war that
           killed you. Or perhaps we'll just talk about the "patriot" act,
                \_ This has been military policy for decades, nothing to
                   do with Bush.
                   \_ It had to do with _a_ Bush.  Policy was set in '91.
                      Hardly "decades". --scotsman
                        \_ Moreover, it was not enforced until 2000.
                           \_ You mistyped 2001.
           the religious dichotomy we've set up, where you're either with us
           or with the terrorists.  How about "free speech zones"?  How about
           DOJ that thinks porn is somehow a priority?  Kerry fought with
           bravery, and yes, heroism, and he came back and was principled
           enough to tell the entire nation that the war he fought was a
           mistake.  Meanwhile, you see fit to assert that war crimes weren't
           happening, that little kids weren't going nuts and killing women
           and children.  Bravo.
                \_ You lost me here.  I reject the structure of your argument.
                   If Kerry wants to wrap himself in the mantle of Vietnam
                   'heroism' you can't be selective.  He should commended
                   for going.  That said receiving a purple heart for a
                   bruise and another for an injury that required what
                   was effectively neosporin is suspicious.  As discussed
                   \_ Um.  Soldiers don't request purple hearts.  The military
                      give medals along their own guidelines.  Try to talk
                      away a silver star.  --scotsman
                        \_ This is besides the point, it is what he did when
                           returned that is the subject of the site.
                           You can read the purple heart forms, one is
                           for a contusion = bruise, the other required
                           topical treatment of an ointment = neosporin.
                   on the site linked his subsequent actions were borderline
                   traitorous and perpetuated numerous myths about
                   the war in Vietnam, some you apparently still buy into.
                   South Vietnam was free and democratic
                   after WWII and after the Treaty of Paris.  I'm not
                   interested in liberal platitudes but would be
                   happy to debate factual statements.  BTW, Bush's
                   is different as he has never portrayed himself as a
                   hero, but simply as a member of the Air National Guard.
                   \_ This was already answered yesterday, but someone
                      deleted the whole thread soon after the reply.
                      \_ And I actually answered it again, and it was
                         deleted again.
                \_ And since when do libs care about the military.  Clinton,
                   the prototype liberal today, wrote how he 'loathed'
                   the military and everything it stood for.  Why the
        \_ go the the FAQ, and scroll down to his excerpted hate mail.
           funny.  It makes the motd look pretty high class.
2004/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:13360 Activity:nil
4/23    Has mehlhaff officially suspended his motd rcs script?
        -r--r--r--  1 mehlhaff  csua  3396797 Apr 20 13:04 motd,v
        I know about kchang's motd archive, but it misses many things.
                                                   \- being worked on --psb
        \_ yeah it misses a lot of trolls and non-PC and controversial
           threads that other people delete because they find it offensive.
           \_ Unfortuunately, quite a few useful technical answers are being
              missed, while quite a few stupid trolls are getting throug.
        \_ You bunch of whining lamers.  It's just a cron job and a few
           cvs/rcs commands.  I'd tell you to 'write' your own, but it isn't
           even a real project.
2004/4/23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:13361 Activity:nil
4/23    Good thing the UN defines International morality!
2004/4/23 [Reference/Tax] UID:13362 Activity:nil
4/23    TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) seemed like a good
        deal until I found out you have to pay taxes on inflationary
        adjustments on the PRINCIPAL when they happen.  So let's say you
        buy a $1000 TIPS and inflation is 10%, and you get 12% return because
        of that.  Your principal would be adjusted from $1000 to $1100, and
        you would have an interest income of $120 but pay taxes on $220
        ($100 principal adjustment + $120 interest).  Numbers are approximate.
        This doesn't seem like a good deal if you are interested in having
        a steady inflation protected income...
2004/4/23 [Uncategorized] UID:13363 Activity:nil
4/23    I have a cute roommate, but she's not interested in me. How do I do
        \_ You don't.  Be nice to her.  Prove to her that you're a good guy.
           In time you might even become one.  Then you'll meet her friends.
           \_ but i don't really want her friends, i want to do her! :)
              \_ just go up to her and start doing her.
              \_ Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
2004/4/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13364 Activity:nil
4/23    Thorough insight into Clark's career and American politics. (long)
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2004:April:23 Friday <Thursday, Saturday>