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2004/4/20 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:13275 Activity:nil
        Jackie is HOT HOT HOT
        \_ If you say so. Not all of us are crazy for pr0n-friendly blondes.
                \_ what do you mean?
                   \_ Some of us like fat women with floppy boobs.
                      \_ obYerMom
           \_ Ah, be nice to him.  It's the only kind of girl he ever sees.
              \_ Not anymore!
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13276 Activity:nil
4/19    yay!  Next version of boost::regex will support more Perl-like (or
        Javascript-like) pattern matches:
        \_ what?  boost?
              It's a popular set of C++ template libraries.
              \_ Popular doesn't exactly describe it.  It's the short list for
                 inclusion into the next C++ standard.
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson] UID:13277 Activity:nil
4/20    JOTD: What's the difference between Michael Jackson and acne?
          \_ I got rid of acne after highschool ten years ago, but still have
             to hear about Jackson because of ass clowns like you.  That's the
          \_ None.  Both MJ and acne make kids put cream on their faces.
          \_ Acne makes blotches on kids cheeks.  So does MJ, just different
          \_ None.  Both MJ and acne come upon kids at the age of puberty.
          \_ None.  Both MJ and acne are an embarassment to kids everywhere.
          \_ One is a greasy scourge upon children everwhere.  The other is
             easily controlled by washing frequently
          \_ One comes upon kids at the age of puberty, and the other one likes
             to molest little boys.  DUH.
          \_ Acne usually doesn't come on a kid's face until he's at least
             13 years-old.
          \_ One errupts all over the face of a thirteen year old in a
             sticky white mess...and the other's a skin complaint!
          \_ Your lawyer doesn't smile after seeing  pictures of acne on your
             kid's face.
          \_ Kids wake up with acne, they go to bed with Michael Jackson.
        \_ Was this thread to prove that a motd.humor could be just as
           disgusting and offensive as motd.politics?
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13278 Activity:nil
4/20    I got this on a spam's subject: "cum like a port actor".  What is a
        "port actor?"
        \_ Port actors will destabilitze the whole middle east.
        \_ If it's anything like aft actor, I'd be amazed.
        \_ It's someone who performs a porn star-boarding.
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Humor, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:13279 Activity:nil
4/20    YA Unfortunate Headline: Gay Clergyman to Hold England Church Post []
        \_ If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of
           them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to
           death; their blood shall be upon them.
           \_ Do you plan on enforcing all the Old Testament laws now?
              \_ The simple execution of everyone working on the Sabbath
                 will suffice, and William Hung too.
                 \_ This is exactly the kind of attitude that will
                    destabilize the Middle East for years to come.
           \_ It's a joke boy. <Slap> A joke! "Gay Hold Post" Get it? Sigh.
              \_ A really bad joke, you mean.
              \_ Yeah I got the joke. I just thought an apropos excerpt
                 from the holy Word would be a nice addition.
2004/4/20 [Computer/Networking] UID:13280 Activity:nil
4/20    TCP DoS vulnerability.  Anyone at CanSecWest?  The guy's supposed
        to be presenting a paper about it there.  This is the big mysterious
        BGP vulnerability I was asking about last week that nobody seemed
        to know anything specific about.
        <DEAD><DEAD>  -John
        \_ BGP itself is one big vulnerability.  I fear the day when people
           will decide to attack the routing infrastructure.
           \_ Using MD5 can help here, at least in terms of proper
              authentication.  Yes, I know it's an administrative pain to
              setup this up with your peers, but "there's no such thing as a
              free lunch" and all that.
        \_ Yes, you can inject RSTs into TCP streams to maliciously cause
           the connection to be dropped. I fail to see why this is surprising
           to anyone. -gm
           \_ "Theoretically".  If you know of any working exploits, I'd
              be very interested.  It's my understanding that this was timed
              to coincide with Watson's paper at CanSecWest.  -John
              \_ You are correct: router vendors wanted to keep this under wraps
                 as long as possible.  I know of at least one exploit; don't
                 \_ I do ask--if you'd like to mail me, I'm very keen on
                    having a look at what's out there.  -John
                    \_ Isn't this an "exploit"?
           \_ Yes, basically the guy is rehashing what has already been known
              to anyone who has used TCP for a while.  <shrug>  Big whoop.
              Note draft-ietf-tcpm-tcpsecure-00.txt.
              \_ Yes, dated April 19 2004.  -John
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13281 Activity:nil
4/20    Can we please have a separate motd.public for politics, tech, and
        misc? if we have separate motd.public, we can enable the
        by default for newbies (I'm sure they'll appreciate it) while
        disabling motd.politics which is usually filled with offensive,
        non-PC flame/troll baits.
        \_ No.
        \_ I think that's a good idea.
           \_ Do it then ass monkey. Make a file called /var/tmp/motd.boring
              and see how many people you can talk into using it.
        \_ proposal:
                /etc/          enabled by default
                /etc/motd.humor         enabled by default
                /etc/motd.politics      disabled by default
                /etc/motd.misc          disabled by default
                /etc/motd               concatination of the above files
           Enabling motd by default should encourage more people to
           participate on motd so if psb/tom decide to get a life (they're
           having mid 30 something crisis for heavens sake) there will still
           be motd continuation.
           \_ proposal:
              1) fuck off
              2) find some other online forum to ruin with your idiocy
           \_ Problem 1:  Trolls will only touch the files that are displayed
              by default.
              Problem 2:  Some technical posts inevitable spawn political
              threads, whice leads to the post's deletion.
              Problem 3:  Humor posts are semi-rare, and often offensive.  Do
              they really deserve their own file?  Why not merge into politics?
           \_ One of the purposes of the MOTD (and the csua) is social
              interaction.  I think, even more appropriate than tech posts
              are posts like "Volleyball 3-5 PM on Friday" or "CSUA
              movie run to see Monty Python at the Paramount".  One of the
              significant deleterious effects of all the anonymous trolling
              that goes on is that there's too much noise to get any
              signal through.  But splitting the MOTD up won't help
              with that.  I think putting it under RCS/CVS (so usage is logged)
              would.  -tom
              \_ Monty Python?  Volleyball?  tom, you are OLD.
           \_ Funny posts are usually not intentional and even when they are
              they are usually part of a post about one of the other subjects.
              so having a humor file doesn't make sense.
2004/4/20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:13282 Activity:nil
4/20    Mr. Ashcroft's Smear [in the 9/11 hearings]
        \_ For those who can't be bothered to log into the Washington Post:
        \_ This whole committee is a political sham and everyone knows it.
           \_ Well, as far as Congress members, only a couple
              Republicans have said that
              \_ What good would a political sham be if all the
                 politicians admitted it was a sham?
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:13283 Activity:nil
4/20    How does on change the indention level for Java Mode in emacs?
        I understand the C variable is c-basic-offset, but what's the
        Java variable?  (Hint: It's not java-basic-offset) Help?
        \_ Dude this has been posted like, the 10th time this year.
           Use the force, just f****** search!!!
           \_ Wow, you're a freaking genius.  That tells me exactly
              how to NOT do what I want.  THANKS!
                \_ dumbass, the fine print says: "do 'info ccmode' and look at t\
he section on hooks."
        \_ the following works for me, maybe you can try it:
(setq java-mode-hook
       c-indent-level 4
       default-tab-width 4
       c-basic-offset 4
       indent-tabs-mode nil
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:13284 Activity:nil
4/20    BBC: 70% of computer users would trade password for chocolate bar.
        \_ That is, 70% of computer users would make up a random word for a
           chocolate bar.
           \_ *snicker*
              \_ No.  Snickers.
        \_ eat bar, change password.
           \_ wrong order.  get bar, change password, eat bar.
             \_ (get bar - assume) , change password first could risk
                loosing the bar when they cant login
                \_ correct, trick is to eat the bar fast enuf to
                be able to change password before they try to login
                \_ converted into an interview question: you're fired!
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Media] UID:13285 Activity:nil
4/19    I really really really don't get Lost in Translation. Sure some
        parts are funny but what is the whole damn point? It's obvious that
        those lazy Americans feel lonely and lost-- because they don't
        **initiate**. They don't want to learn Japananese and hence they
        don't assimilate well. *********************************************
        ******************************************              -nissei
        \_ Most issei and nihonjin I've spoken too understood
           perfectly well that the movie was about the two people with downtown
           Tokyo as a backdrop. The matter of taking the three of four odd
           years time it takes to learn Japanese before visiting Tokyo for
           a mere week on an incidental business trip is another issue. It
           sounds to me like you interpreted the movie as poking fun at Japan.
           Consider that the movie was using the wierd experience of suddenly
           being in Japan as a way of showing in contrast the two characters'
           alienation. The fact that that alienation was basically entirely
           their own fault is another issue. The movie was simply about being
           in that state of alienation, however one got there. If that doesn't
           resonate with you at all, so be it. -- ulysses
        \_ editted for those who have not seen the movie
           \_ It's been out for almost a year.  Spoilers at this point are OK.
              And I wouldn't have expected the thing that did not happen, so
              I'm not sure it even is a spoiler.
                \_ If the old man Murrey had seduced and slept with the
                   cute girl it would have been a much better movie.
                   \_ This is exactly the kind of attitude that will
                      destabilize the Middle East for years to come.
        \_ I haven't seen the movie, but from the review I read that about
           sums it up.  It's supposed to feel like there is no point to
           any of it.  I don't know if it comes out in the movie (probably
           not) but it should polint out that their lives suck, but it's
           all their fault.  (Your marriage sucks?  Your fault.  You can't
           get around in Japan? Your fault. etc.)  Usually this can only
           be done with some well placed foil characters.  A lost art
           these days.
                \_ yeah, lazy Americans like the blame game.
        \_!  Only thing good about it is
           Bill Murray, who probably got cheated out of his last chance to
           win an Oscar.  Oh well.
        \_ Actually, the point of the movie is the sense of alienation. Tokyo
           lends itself to this sort of thing because so much of it is
           alienating even to Japanese people. Add a touch of severe jet-lag,
           and you get surreality coming out of your pores.
                \_ yes, and the sense of alienation is their fault. They
                   didn't take the initiative to get used to Japan.
                   \_ This is a valid charge, but it's also overly simplistic.
                      Scarlett Johanson does try to "get used" to Japan by
                      visiting Kyoto and hanging out with her Tokyo Boys, but
                      she's really not there long enough for any of it to
                      really sink in. Bill Murray is feeling alienated from
                      life in general and only begins to feel some sort of
                      connection midway through the film-- it's short-lived,
                      though. In the midst of all this alienation, they find
                      a connection with each other, tenuous and alien as it
                      may be. --erikred
                      \_ And it needed more sock puppets.
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:13286 Activity:nil
4/19    partha, my ass hurts whenever I eat spicy food, does this happen
        to you and how do you deal with it? Should I ask a non-Bengali,
        Southern Indian instead?
        \_ Tamil food is the best Indian food!
        \_ Stop whoring your ass out for food.  ok tnx.
        \_ Said an Indian friend of mine, "on the whole, it's good, but on
           the hole it's very very bad."  -John
        \_ My asshole hurts all the time these days. You get used to it.
           \_ Get out of the chair and get some exercise, fat sysadmin!
           \_ eat fiber!
2004/4/20-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:13287 Activity:nil
4/20    Job postings for Juniper Networks in /csua/pub/jobs/Juniper
        \_ It's jobs like this that will destabilize the middle east for years
           to come.
2004/4/20 [Uncategorized] UID:13288 Activity:nil
4/20    In Soviet Russia, Tron becomes YOU.
        \_ mmm, male cameltoe
           \_ On the front AND the back!
              \_ Bruce Boxleitner he isn't but the lightup fabric is cool.
                 \_ Did you know Peter Jurasik was also in Tron?
                    \_ Yes, as an everyday wonk sort of program, IIRC.
2004/4/20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13289 Activity:nil
        How can Wolfowitz claim with a straight face that he has
        not been planning to attack Iraq for years?
        \_ This whole WMD was a brilliant republican smokescreen for
           the masses. Now another republican wants to reintroduce
           the draft. If that happens, let's see how many of you
           draft-age neo-conservative diehard republicans will go,
           and who won't. Prob mommy and daddy will know someone who
           knows someone and you'll get to stay home even though "you
           wanted to go".
           \_ I don't know about brilliant.  I don't think anyone believed
              it.  All the people I know who wanted to invade Iraq
              (including myself) had better reasons.  As for the draft,
              I've heard that out of far more democrats than republicans.
              It also seems pretty clueless to assert that all
              republicans have connections to get them out of a draft...
              \_ You don't think *anyone* believed the WMD thing?  are you
                 really that dumb?  Fine, I believe you and your freinds didn't.
                 Neither did I.  But Joe Sixpack not only believed the WMD
                 line, they believed Iraq was responsible for 9/11.
                 \_ Ok, perhaps *anyone* is a little strong, if there
                    are people dumb enough in the world to believe in
                    Wicca, I suppose someone might have believed the WMD
                    thing.  And I'll believe that Joe Six-pack believed
                    it, as stated by the President.  But not this "There
                    are big piles WMD everywhere in Iraq, and we'll just
                    waltz in and find them!"  THAT was a retarded strawman
                    set up by the Dems.
                    \_ "We know where they are. They're in the area around
                       Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north
                       somewhat." --Donald Rumsfeld, 30 March 2003
                       \_ Which is "We know where they are.  They're somewhere
                          inside Iraq."
                          \_ The UNSCOM team repeatedly asked the US to share
                             their intel with them to help them in their search.
                             Did we give them anything?  "We know where they
                             are" is very different from "We know there are
                             stockpiles somewhere in Iraq."
                    \_ no, it was set up by e.g. Donald "we know where they
                       are" Rumsfeld and his merry men.
                    \_ Wasn't it something like over 75% of Americans believe
                       in a literal Hell, but only .1% believe they will end up
                    \_ There was one very loud and opinionated Bush backer
                       who posted repeatedly in the motd that "everyone"
                       believed that there were WMD in Iraq.
                       "Ok, asshole, back here in the real world, the
                       entire world is on public record as believing there
                       there were WMD in Iraq in the 198 post-inspector era.
                       Thank you."
                       Don't you remember him?
                       \_ Yeah.  Officially, the CIA thought Iraq probably
                          had WMD -- there was lots of circumstancial evidence
                          but no smoking gun.  Cheney, however, departed from
                          this and said Iraq had them.  You can expect the
                          rest of the world probably felt what the CIA felt.
                          Tenet, though, I don't know where he got "slam dunk"
                          case on Iraq, though.
                     \_ Why are you picking on Wicca?  It's no more ludicrous
                        than any other religion.
                        \_ You, my friend, don't know much about religion.
                           \_ Arrogant fuckwad.
                           \_ Ok, prove me wrong.  What about Wicca is more
                              ridiculous than most other religions?
                              \_ the purpose of religion is to enslave and
                                 brainwash the masses and to make money
                                 for the leaders.  hence succesful religions
                                 include christianity, islam, judaism,
                                 and scientology.  Wicca is a failure.
                                 \_ That's just one category of religions.
                                    Other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism,
                                    and ancient Greek/Roman religion didn't
                                    have greedy priesthoods at heart.
                                    \_ heh heh heh .. yea right.
                                       \_ well, ok nevermind.
                                    \_ Read up on medieval Tibet theocracy
                                       sometime. -- ilyas
                                       \_ or talk to anyone who's dealt
                                          first hand with the horseshit
                                          politics and ego tripping that
                                          goes on among the cult leaders
                                          in a typical American Zen monestary.
                              \_ Fer starters: The origin.  Most religions
                                 at least attempt to trace their origin to
                                 some authority.  "So-and-so communicated
                                 with god and learned this:" or "So and so
                                 WAS God and said this.." etc.  Wicca is
                                 just some people who thought druids were
                                 cool, and made up so rituals that might
                                 be sort-of like what druids did.  Maybe
                                 admitting that just makes them honest,
                                 but personally I think it makes them
           \_ Not to mention, he's right on every point.
              \_ Except for the whole "containment not working" thing.
                 \_ I'm not sure by what mesure containment could have
                    been considered working, except that he didn't attack
                    Kuwait again.
                    \_ No WMD. Not a threat to his neighbors. That is what
                       is usually described as "working."
                       \_ MASS GRAVES!  GASSED OWN PEOPLE!
                          \_ Give me a timestamp, and let's see how we felt
                             about the regime at the time.
                          \_ Even conservatives say that although the reasons
                             were just, the execution on post-war Iraq has
                             been terrible.
                             \_ Come on guys, if anything needs its own motd
                                shorthand its the ranting about mass graves
                                and gassing of the Kurds.  Its certainly more
                                common than any true threads about RIDE BIKE
                                or ED IS THE STANDARD.  In conclusion, MASS
                          \_ Our friend in the fight against the Ayatollah.
           \_ New York Senator Charles Rangel, a Democrat, wants to reintroduce
              the draft
2004/4/20 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13290 Activity:high
4/20    Has anybody ever been able to profile a labwindows program?  I'm
        leaking memory and Windows handles, and consuming 99% CPU.
2004/4/20 [ERROR, uid:13291, category id '18005#5.94375' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:13291 Activity:nil
4/20    Latest Zogby presidential race polls:
        \_ Why do you hate America?
           \_ MASS GRAVES!
              \_ GASSED JEWS!
                 \_ Hi ilyas.
2004/4/20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:13292 Activity:nil
4/20    Can someone tell me why Araft and the PLO have been yelling about
        Israel getting out of the West Bank and Gaza for as long as I can
        remember, and now that they're getting it they don't want it?
        I must be missing something.
        \_ You're missing that Israel isn't really getting out.
        \_ Yes, you did. You must've been under a rock for the past five
           years. Arafat was offered what essentially amounted to
           a Palestinian state following the peace accords that were
           signed when Rabin was PM. After he won the Nobel Arafat
           basically did a 180 and said the agreement wasn't up to snuff
           because it wouldn't allow for repatriation of displaced
           Palestinians back into Israel. Essentially he used a small
           technicality to sink the deal. Arafat probably felt that if
           negotiated peace did come about it would essentially mean the
           end of the PLO since I think he's lost a lot of support by
           the Palestinians and he most likely wouldn't have won the
           leadership of the Palestinians if he had to go through a vote
           (or at least he would have a plurality in which he would have
           to share power). This is the reason why the international
           community has abandoned Arafat and the PLO. It's also why
           Sharon (an Israeli hardliner) is in power now.
           \_ And don't forget that the only reason "Arabs have a great
              hate for America" is because all they hear as "news" is
              vile propoganda.  Of course, laying out the facts in an
              understandable manner isn't exactly big in the American
              press either, but it is a HECK of a lot better here.
           \_ Right of return wasn't nearly the only issue.
              Why do you insist on holding to stupid justifications?
              \_ yawn, how about "you're vastly misinformed by the mainstream
                 press" instead of "you're a liar".
                 \_ Well, whatever. When someone spews off a long paragraph
                    claiming to be an authority, and with an obvious interest
                    in the subject, it's more than "misinformed by press".
                    I don't see that in the mainstream press. I'd grant that
                    he probably just gets his info from one-sided sources,
                    like any partisan listening to other partisans.
                    \_ I'm fairly neutral and read a lot of press coverage
                       from the major sources, and I remember they blame
                       Arafat for backing off at the last moment because
                       of the right of return.  And that's "vastly
                       \_ Well it's obviously an oversimplification.
                          I would imagine that could be true, if Israel was to
                          recognize right of return then probably Palestinians
                          would accept a lot of other compromises since after
                          all that would make most other things moot. Israel
                          has moved the negotiating away from right of return
                          altogether but to Palestinians this is a perfectly
                          reasonable right and was recognized by the U.N.
                          To them, the right of return is huge because it is
                          the whole basis of their position, the fact that
                          millions of Palestinians were expelled would imply
                          that some form of compensation could be expected
                          in a peace settlement even if no actual Palestinians
                          would actually return.
        \_ cuz nothing short of death to all jews is not good enuf
        \_ Palestinians are angry because the U.S. just traded the right of
           return and six blocs of the West Bank for withdrawal from the
           other parts of the West Bank and Gaza.
           \_ There was no right of return.  Anymore than Jews can ever
              return to their homes in the Arab countries they were kicked
              out of or fled from.
              \_ Tell that to the Palestinians
                 \_ I do believe we just did.
                    \_ Well, Bush did.  Anyway, hopefully this explains
                       why the Palestinians are angry.  Whether or not they
                       have a good reason to be angry, well, I'm not saying.
                       The Palestinians sure thought the right of return
                       was a legitimate point of negotiation, as well as
                       the return of all the occupied territories.
              \_ Two wrongs make a right? Because someone down the street
                 does me a wrong, makes it okay to do the same thing to
                 my neighbor? Plus, most Arab countries are welcoming
                 Joos back these days.
            \_ "six blocs" == about 1/3 of the West Bank
               \_ thanks, I didn't know that, but it sounds like a lot, and
                  I've been reading about the non-contiguous nature of the
                  remaining portions
           \_ Actually, I'd first like to see the "right of return" of
              Palestinians to the Arab countries they were kicked out of.
              After that we can start to talk about Joos.
              \_ Nah, Israel / the Palestinian territories is where there is
                 currently an occupation
                 \_ I'm not sure if this was sarcastic or not.
                    \_ It isn't.
                       \_ Soooo... It's ok for me to implement ethnic
                          cleansing if... what.  I'm confused.  All I'm
                          getting here is Jews can't do it, but Arabs can,
                          or "Ethnic Cleasers must have been the dominant
                          racial group for the last 1000 years."
                          \_ I think you've summarized the position of a large
                             segment of the world's population quite well.
                             Arabs are perpetrating a genocide this very moment
                             in Sudan, and no one seems to care.
                             \_ Do you think Sudan's a good point of reference?
                                Hail Israel! At least it's better than Sudan!
                                \_ Certainly if Sudan is worse than Israel, the
                                   world community should start there.  Fix
                                   the biggest problems first.  -- ilyas
                          \_ I'm not sure what you're saying, but
                             the basic idea is that the West Bank and Gaza
                             are currently being occupied, whereas
                             Palestinians aren't saying they are being
                             occupied in other countries.
              \_ What are you talking about? They are from Palestine, not
                 some other mythical "Arab countries" that is why they
                 call themselves Palestinians.
        \_ JOOS BAD! ARABS GOOD!
           \_ L4M3R! ARABS BAD!  JOOS GOOD!
              \_ YOU SUX0R!
                 \_ ARABS ARE HYPPOCRITES!
                    \_ YOU SUCKS AT SPELLING, JEW LOVER!@%@#!!
                       \_ W00t!
2004/4/20-21 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:13293 Activity:nil
4/20    What is __attribute__ used for in gcc?
        \_ do 'info gcc' and search for it, duh.
        \_ Encyclopedia Galactica (aka google) found this for you:
2004/4/20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13294 Activity:nil
        Like I said the very day they did it, disbanding the Iraqi
        army was a huge mistake, and shows gross ineptitude.
        NYTimes above and a recent full page WSJ article both
        supported this view, which is obvious in hindsight.
2004/4/20 [Uncategorized] UID:13295 Activity:nil
4/20    mehlhaff, can you please make your archiver more user friendly? ok thx
        \_ why don't you do it? he's not your archiving bitch.
2004/4/20 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:13296 Activity:nil
4/20    I am a relatively recent California homebuyer, so I have
        tended to poo-poo these talks of a real estate bubble.
        But this factoid makes me nervous: 64% of new home buyers
        in the Bay Area now use ARMs. What are they thinking?
        \_ "I can't get 10% down. Prices have continued to go up despite the
            bubble talk. Everyone else is doing well in real estate. Land is
            is a better investment than the stock market."
            \_ "I have been talking about a housing bubble since 1998, and
                now I'm pissed that I've missed out on 80-100% gains in
        \_ Why wouldn't you use an ARM if it is your first "starter" home and
           you plan on moving within 5-7 years? On a separate note, if you put
           10% down and your home price drops 25%, when does it make sense to
           let the bank foreclose and not lose 150% on your original investment?
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13297 Activity:nil
4/20    ROOT: var is full!
        df -k .
        Filesystem  1K-blocks   Used Avail Capacity  Mounted on
        /dev/da0s1f   1016303 935181  -182   100%    /var

        I can't email root because var is full
2004/4/20 [Computer/Rants, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:13299 Activity:nil
4/20    I just learned that Sun Microsystems signed a non-aggression
        pact with the Evil Empire Micro$oft. Since when did McNealy
        becomes Bill Gates' bitch?
        \_ "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
        \_ This happened a couple of weeks back.
2004/4/20 [Politics/Domestic] UID:13300 Activity:nil
4/20    Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department
        CHEYENNE, WY
        After attempting to contain a living-room blaze started by a cigarette,
        card-carrying Libertarian Trent Jacobs reluctantly called the Cheyenne
        Fire Department Monday. "Although the community would do better to rely
        on an efficient, free-market fire-fighting service, the fact is that
        expensive, unnecessary public fire departments do exist," Jacobs said.
        "Also, my house was burning down." Jacobs did not offer to pay
        firefighters for their service.
        \_ This better be from the Onion.
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4/20    Mom sues Coor's over sons death:
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