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2004/4/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:13250 Activity:nil
4/18    In Southpark, there's an episode where the Black OC kids "serve"
        the kids by dancing to rap music. It's a pretty cool episode, but
        what movie/tv series is that from? And is that common in the 80s?
        \_ the movie is, unsurprisingly, "you got served".
        \_ Is Southpark to this decade what the Simpsons was to the last?
           \_ No way. Simpsons are still going strong in this
              decade (thus far).
              \_ The Simpsons are to this decade what Happy Days was to
                 the 80s. Until Fonzi jumped the shark.
        \_ Happy Days in the 80s?  Simpsons and Southpark?  No.  With 800000
           cable channels, there are no more shows that "everyone" watches.
2004/4/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13251 Activity:nil
4/18    ERic -- i think your motd archiving died sometime on Friday.
        \_ Anytime soda gets fux0red people have to restart their monitoring.
           Not to mention, it eats up part of their disk quota. Is there any
           chance of the CSUA powers to make a simple archive script and a
           little dedicated space part of the system? It's there for wall.
        \_ oh my goodness... you mean you haven't converted to
           \_ You should check its FAQ for its very severe technical
              limitations.  Among them is that it only logs 4 times a day.
              \_ that's more a policy limitation than technical.
              \_ The question is, why does it only log 4 times a day?
                 Why not use existing logging infrastructure that mehlhaff
                 uses, and combine it with the 'more userfriendly' UI that
                 kchang uses?
                 \_ Because it's running on linux.  We use freebsd here.
                    \_ You realize how dumb this reply is, right?  They both
                       probably use perl and that's it.  Moron.
           \_ what does this have to do with technical limitation? It's set
              to 4 times a day for a reason.
           \_ I talked to kchang and he was reluctant to increase the
              frequency as it'll increase the number of unfiltered trolls,
              but I got him to increase it to 8 times a day  -kais motd root
              \_ Just up the frequency some more, and I ll hack up a
                 statistical troll detector. -- ilyas
                 \_ riiiiiiight.
              \_ kchang is worried about trolls?  whatever.
2004/4/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:13252 Activity:nil
4/18    What's a good steak/prime rib place in the East Bay?
        If i was in SF i'd go to Harris Ranch or house of prime rib.
        I'd prefer somthing that is not any more expensive than those.
        \_ La Val's, Durant.
        \_ Not a steak place as such, but Cafe Rouge does a good steak.
           \_ wife wants prime rib.
              \_ i got some prime rib for her right here.
              \_ shoot the wife.  go to val's.
        \_ Vic Stewart in Walnut Creek. Be prepared to pay for it though.
2004/4/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:13253 Activity:nil
4/18    Ilyas:
        (While browsing on the wilson book, i came across this.) -pst
2004/4/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:13254 Activity:nil
4/18    Is there an easy way to mail an article or send an URL in safari?
        How about in X in general?
        \_ Safari->Services->Mail->Send Selection
           you can hotkey it with the keyboard prefs in 10.3
2004/4/18 [Health] UID:13255 Activity:nil
4/18    Has anyone else else got, or know someone who's got an insane sore
        throat, fever of up to 102 and like an incredibly painful TONGUE?!
        Am I going to die??????
        \_ in a word, yes.
        \_ how about some more specific information.
        \_ Go see a doctor, fool. -ausman
                \_ there is one crazy bump on the top of my tongue, and
                   the tip of my tongue kills whenever it touches anything
                   and it hurts too much to swallow except under the inf.
                   of massive tylenol!  is this strep throat?
                        \_ This all sounds really scary to me.  Go see a
                           doctor ASAP, or at least call an advice nurse.
2004/4/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:13256 Activity:nil
4/18    If one is already living in California, what more does it take to
        become a resident?
              \_ Not sure, but these are the rules the UC plays by:
              \_ No, it is different for voting than for UC residency.
        \_ Driver's License, Voter Registration, pay Utility bills, Library
           Card.  Oh, and a couple of years.
           \_ I had all these but UC still turned down my in-state
              residency application.  Reason?  I was out of state for
              family reunion during Xmas.
              \_ How did they know?  Did you move out?
                 \_ credit card statements are often requested as
                    the burden of proof.
                    \_ So you're not allowed to leave California even on
                       vacation?  There's a very solid lawsuit in this for
                       you if you can demonstrate that this was the sole
                       reason they denied you resident prices.
                       \_ " Your intent will be questioned if you return
                            to your prior state of residence when the
                            University is not in session."
                       \_ Yup, that was the only reason they gave me.
                          The guy was an asshole about it too.  He said,
                          "you are lucky I didn't ask you to show proof
                           over spring break and Thanksgiving."
                          \_ Call a lawyer.  You should be able to make back
                             the difference, assuming that was the only
                             \_ This has been a requirement for residency for
                                at least 10 years, probably much longer. What
                                makes you think there is anything illegal
                                about it?
                             \_ The UC determines your residency status on
                                where they think you will live after you
                                graduate. If you spend every holiday away
                                from California, they rightly think you are
                                just trying to rip off the California taxpayer.
                                I am curious, did you stay in state after
                                you graduated?
        \_ One interesting note is that if you attended a CA high school for
           more than 3 years and leave the state, you are still entitled to
           resident tuition fees vs. out of state.  This is working for me
           since I graduated Berkeley moved out of state and am now moving
           back to do a graduate program.
        \_ If you pay taxes for two years equivalent to the taxes you would
           pay if you made $20K in income, you can gain resident status.
        \_ Marry.  No, seriously, if you marry in California, you gain instant
           residence in the eyes of the UC.  I imagine they don't check nearly
           as rigorously as the INS does for green cards.
2004/4/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:13257 Activity:nil
4/18    New words for old things:
        Spanish Rice = Freedom Rice (now that's ironic)
        Spanish Harlem = Spanish Harlem (Republicans don't care about Harlem)
        Spanish Eyes = PATRIOT Eyes
        Spanish Moss = Bush Moss
        Spanish Armada = Spanish Armada (they lost)
        Spanish Galeon = Sunk Ship
        \_ "hey, baby, want to try some freedom fly?"
        \_ President = Half-literate Child King
           \_ w00t!
        \_ Cute.
2004/4/18 [Uncategorized] UID:13258 Activity:nil
4/18    Am I the only one who thinks that Tony Blair sounds like the guy
        who plays Ford Prefect in the old "Hitchhiker's Guide" BBC radio show?
2004/4/18-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:13259 Activity:moderate
4/18    Sodan backpackers/campers/tentowners I have questions for you.
        1. Is REI Overpriced?
        2. I found a 7' 8" x 6' 8" x 48" h.
        hexagonal tent  at (Item # 01113) for $30,
        it could either be a great deal, or $30 of crap.   My uses aren't
        for backpacking or cycling,  I just need a tent to stay over for
        car-camping stuff (drive to location, stay overnight, pack up in
        the morning).  It is known to rain where I am at - about 45% of the
        time; it's more of a sudden downpour and then dampness and then hot
        sun.  Just wanted to get your opinions on 1. and 2. (is that tent
        worth $30?).  Thanks in advance.
        \_ Yes and no.  You pay a premium, but they have a great warranty.
           If you ever have a problem, you take it back.  I've done so
           years later, and they've "made it right," so it has been worth
           it for some items.  Plus, if you're a member you get 10% back
           eventually (dividend).
        2. I found a 7' 8" x 6' 8" x 48" h.
        hexagonal tent  at (Item # 01113) for $30,
        it could either be a great deal, or $30 of crap.   My uses aren't
        for backpacking or cycling,  I just need a tent to stay over for
        car-camping stuff (drive to location, stay overnight, pack up in
        the morning).  It is known to rain where I am at - about 45% of the
        time; it's more of a sudden downpour and then dampness and then hot
        sun.  Just wanted to get your opinions on 1. and 2. (is that tent
        worth $30?).  Thanks in advance.
        \_ Seems reasonable for the purposes you list.  Many of the REI
           tents are more geared towards backpacking, I think, so you'd
           be paying for lighter weight that doesn't benefit you.  You
           might check places like and
           to see what they have cheap as well.  BTW, I'd assume a tent
           like that should be free-standing, but they don't list that in
           the description... (along with how difficult it is to set up)
           It also disturbs me that they don't list weight at all (just as
           a general principle - yes, it doesn't matter to you in this case,
           but that statistic should be there for all of the tents!)
           \- basic tent factors are 1. price 2. design/strength
              3. weight/size. if you are not hiking with it, you can
              afford to get a heavy, large/comfortable tent for cheap,
              although one concern may be the large tents may not do
              well in high winds. i also like free standing tents.
              i domt know how cheep tents do in rain. the cheep route
              for water proofing is to sacrifice breathability ... which
              is probably a bigger deal in a small tent. if you are looking
              for a walmart tent, dont go to REI. i also like tents with
              2 doors, but also a bigger deal in a small tent you are
              sharing with gear and such. --psb
2004/4/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13260 Activity:nil
4/18    csua has a tradition of making fun of people. Take kinney, kchang,
        dickeylee, and many many many others for example. Who is our target
        now?                                            -bored alumni
        \_ How about root?
        \_ Give us your name!
        \_ Your jackal kind sickens me. -- ilyas
                \_ I believe our target is ilyas... There was a time when
                   csua was pretty vicious (and more interesting) and the
                   corrupted politburo members squished people like flys
                   but those days seem to be long gone. Anyways,
                   tell us about the stars ilyas!!!
        \_ Give us your name, and it can be you!
                   \_ Care to explain that motd-meme?
        \_ I said it before and I'll say it again.  I'll take on all you
           little snots.  One-handed.  Whoop!  -Fuzzy Bunny
2004/4/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:13261 Activity:nil
4/18    Disney to make Hitchhiker's Guide.
        \_ Good thing my Ford Prefect troll was deleted so we could talk about
           serious stuff like this.
        \_ Hmm, i doubt Disney can pull it off.   The BBC series was just
           so-so, and I bet the disney version will be worse.
           \_ Disney has numerous production studios.  I doubt they're going
              to turn HHGTTG into an animated musical with talking animals.
              \_ HHGTTG is very difficult to do in film. The book is
                 very dependent upon wordplay and just does not lend itself
                 well to a screen adaptation. I already tend to think that
                 HHGTTG has already been "done" in the sense of series
                 like Red Dwarf or Futurama, which rely much more on
                 one-liners and visual gags.
                 \_ did you like the bbc on-screen version?  It was pretty
                    cheesy, but I liked it.
                 \_ HHGTTG started out as a radio show...
                 \_ Maybe they'll just use all the people that did Treasure
                    Planet to do HHGTTG
           \_ Disney is just extremely hit-and-miss when they make ANYTHING.
              As long as they avoid princesses and politically correct
              rewrites, they seem to come out ok.  I give them about a
              30% chance of pulling it off well, and a 50% chance of making
              something completely unwatchable.
           \_ All due respect to Mos Def, but I have my doubts that this cast
              and this director (making his debut, no less) is up to the
              \_ Wasn't he in "Carmen: A Hip-HOpera"?
              \_ I do kind of like the idea of Ford Prefect being a black guy
                 though - puts an interesting twist on his view of Earth and
                 \_ Yes, it's always interesting when it's The Other's view.
                    \_ What are you babbling about?
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