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2004/4/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13136 Activity:high
4/12    well finally the us is finally releasing the death tool from recent
        activity. These bastards just didn't want to tell the public just how
        bad things got last thursday and friday, honestly I would not be
        surprised if the count just keep going higher
          the past 2 days have been somewhat calm, but there is a lot of talk
        about all hell braking loss. you just can't stop someone with a gun
        defending his home against unwanted invaders without massive deaths,
        I mean we are seriously on the offensive in a foreign land going up
        against defnde people- this is not a good situation. But alas there
        might be light at the end of the tunnel, Sadr is just trying to get
        power, that is how everything here is run- he knows he has to
        negotiate in order to get out of this alive with his power still
        intact, so would not be surprised to here of some "settlement"
        - kinney
        \_ ok, look.  If you're reallly reporting straight from Iraq to the
           motd that's pretty cool, but could you PLEASE provide context for
           these posts?  Are you in the army?  marines?  a contractor? tourist?
           where are you?
           \_ he mentioned Flur in another post, which probably means he's
              constructing infrastructure of some kind (I see mention of water<
              and electrical in central/south iraq) -chialea
           \_ civilian contractor working on iraq reconstruction. (our camp
              -fluor daniel-is located within camp taji)
        \_ This is the equivelent of political spam.  Instead of posting
           this whole guys blog here, why not just provide a link and let
           us read it ourselves?
        \_ Kinney is a contractor.  This is from one of his emails.  He does
           not have a web site.  Don't delete this. -dans
        \_ 4/11  [ I said, no spam, bitch.  Just post a link ]
           \_ He's not spamming the motd.  This is a first-hand report and he
              has unreliable net access.
2004/4/12 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:13137 Activity:low
4/11    Read the Presidential Daily Briefing for yourself:
        \_ Yeah, but this was during Bush's vacation. I know I don't pay
           attention to stuff on vacation.
        \_ If any of you were President at the time what would you have done
           differently that wasn't already being done and why would you have
           done so without hindsight to guide you?
           \_ I'd've solidified no-fly-zone policies nationwide, and I would
              have made it clear that shooting down a passenger plane or three
              is preferable to the use of planes as bombs.  I would have
              made it clear that any lack of communication between the FBI,
              CIA, and NSA not having to do with Congressionally legislated
              limitations would result in the immediate termination of the
              various directors involved. These are old problems, and they
              should have been dealt with.
              \_ No fly zones?  Wouldn't have helped.  A national order on
                 shooting down planes?  You wanted to be impeached?  You wanted
                 the various 3 letter agencies to communicate with each other
                 in VIOLATION OF THE LAW and bring the privacy nuts down on
                 your head?  Okey dokey!  So you'd be about as effective as my
                 dog as President.  Probably less so.  My dog is very cute.
                 \_ How wouldn't no-fly zones have helped? How does having a
                    policy on when it's acceptable to shoot down a plane
                    become an impeachable offense?  What part of "any lack
                    of communication between the FBI, CIA, and NSA not having
                    to do with Congressionally legislated limitations" is
                    in violation of the law?  When will you stop fellating
                    your dog and post something intelligent?
              \_ I'd have ignored it since they haven't killed enough people
                 to be significant. When they pass the magic total, I'll use
                 it as an excuse to create an American hegemony in the Middle
                 East. Perferably one with lots of oil.
                 \_ I'd also cut anti-terrorism funding because we all hate
                    swatting at flies.
                 \_ Magic total = 911 people?
                 \_ Contestant number 3, are you the son of a former
2004/4/12 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:13138 Activity:high
4/11    anyway- things here have quiting down a little, A LOT of people
        took off, fucking whimps, fluor might end up loking like the bad
        asses out here since we are sticking it out, hell even our client
        took off and just screwed everyone doing so, so while the fluor
        group is just kicking ass and taking names, the guys we work for
        (who are responsible for proviing power), just took off. The damn
        military is taking over the power situation which in a lot of
        sears really saves our ass from some maintance and warrantee
        situations.  we are all still
        ....  old message.. the fucking intenet here goes down like all
        the time.  hey maybe it is up again,
          work here has gotten really boring as of late, I use to be able
        to walk around the site and check out all teh action, as the
        controls guy that is my job- to know exactly what is going on
        everywhere and make sure I can report up to upper guys what the
        status is plus the game plan and time requirements for the future
        plus any snaggs in the way, I never had a car here and the job
        site is like a mile away but it was no big deal since I would
        just walk or hitch a ride, but NOW it is like impossible, since
        everyone is required to have their flack vest aand helmut walking
        out there is made quite difficult, everyone just keeps theres in
        the car, so ya I guess I could hitch a ride but i would be tied
        to that guy for the whole time which restricts his activities, of
        course 3 of the guys now have NOTHING to do since their sub
        contractors walke out of here today.  but still boss hasn't
        asigned a car to me.
          plus our mess hall is closed and now we have to use the miltiary
        DFAC for food, of course that means I have to hitch a ride with
        someone,god damn this place is filled with flys, anyway using the
        DFAC is ok but due to the shear number of troops on this base it
        is just so damn crowded you wouldn't believe it- this base is
        lieterally bursting at the seems
          opps there goes the net again,
        i'll tell you getting p3 installed on my computer is a god send
        (is that the right phrase- god send?) anyway hoefully I can use
        that to parlay into a decent paying job, it really sucks never
        have access to the cool software which allows people to do there
        jobs, its like you really need to hook up with the right company
        which will prpvide you the training ) and see that is the whole
        key or I should say problem- even though as of 2 weeks ago I had
        never touched p3, I would consider myself an expert- I understanf
        all the theory behond scheduling- just not the actual commands
        and where they are on the software product,
          people use train to train people on business fucntions while at
        the same time training them on software intricacies, that is BS
        the 2 are totally seperate, I understand all the thoery just need
        to know where to find ceertain functions, of course that is just
        because most people are just stupid.. that is really weird, I
        mean when i grew up it wasn't like I was that much smarter than
        everyone else, but know from my experience working I can walk
        cicles around these guys have you noticed that as well..
          anyway this delay is really bugging me again more later mor bomds
        are hitting later - kinney
2004/4/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13139 Activity:high
4/9     well looks like bits and pieces of what has happened are finally
        leaking out 1. us is suspending operations in Fallujah, well ya
        that is because we are getting our butt kicked and the fucking
        marines are probably blowing up some mosques.  2. 9 us guys die
        on convoy, it is really bad outside, hell it is bad in here
        god knows what else is going to be leaked as the day goes on, we
        can see some major fires on the horizon, notice how I gave
        everyone the heads up to this over the weekend- hell everyone
        here knew what was potentially going to happen and the damn news
        media was just clueless or chose not to report the threat
        a lot of contractors are being evaculated- of course us fluor guys
        are staying (for now) hell even our client is headed for the
        gate.  Can only imagine what the guys from bechtel and kbr and
        parsons are doing. Figure a lot of guys are heading out of here.
        Of course this is why they pay us so much- but nothing is worth
        The financial mess this will cause is just amazing- i figure we
        will face a 250K/day claim from our subs for delay and standby
        due to military action. That is going to add up very very
        quickly. of course fluor is just going to make 2-3% on everything
        we spend and it is all reimbursable (we hope).
          anyway all we need are some beers and lawn chairs- it's a
        beautiful day 95 sunny, just another day on the beach. - kinney
2004/4/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13140 Activity:high
4/8     yup another day of gun fire and bombs, can't believe this shit.
        cnn should be taken off the air, the only thing they are reporting is
        the fucking 911 BS when peope are getting fucking shot and killed left
        and right out here we are at fucking war and it is like no one gives a
        but you know the us is fucked no matter what if - we stay massive more
        people are going to get killed if we leave iraq totally falls into
        civil war and 10's of thousands of guys will die and it will be our
        fault for leaving it will because WE started it- oh man this is
        really rewally ugly and the fucking news in the states isn't reporting
        a damn thing they say 6 poepl died.. fuck that, it's not how many
        people DIED it's how many people can die - one hit at the dining
        facility and 100-200 guys will go down in one shot- that will sure
        wake people up to the shit going down here - kinneY
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:13141 Activity:nil
4/12    Numerous dates fixed.  Don't you people have a calendar?
2004/4/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:13142 Activity:moderate
4/12    Kerry makes up his own measure of the economy to criticize Bush:
        (Historically, the "Misery Index" is unemployment + inflation.)
        \_ Really people, is it that hard to shorten a freaking URL?
           \_ I prefer not to shorten them.  Please don't delete my URL.
2004/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13143 Activity:nil
4/12    Ok, I am not anonymous, and I will nuke kinney's stuff on sight.
        Pages worth of his barely coherent ramblings are not something that
        should end up here.  That it is about Iraq does not raise their
        usual quality.  What primarily pissed me off was the volume.
        Perhaps this is obvious, but kinney does not have a soda account.
        Aside from a link to his stuff, or a reasonably sized quote in the
        context of a larger discussion, he gets no real estate here.  This is
        the motd, not the motk. -- ilyas
        \_ oh, the irony
           \_ hi tom
        \_ Drivel from both ilyas and kinney should be nuked.
           \_ Hear hear.
        \_ look down at the passwd file fool
        \_ How can he be posting here if he doesn't have an account?
           \_ I was under the impression he wasn't posting himself.  I stand
              corrected on his account, however. -- ilyas
              \_ He should do what psb and others have done, when writing long
                 pieces, just put it into another world-readable file and post
                 the path. (We actually have /csua/tmp/motd.kinney too.)
        \_ Kerry and Bush don't have logins either, but their shit shows up
           all the time. Can I munch them too?
           \_ Yes, feel free to munch Bush.
2004/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:13144 Activity:nil
4/12    What's up with kinney stuff? Wasn't he squished?
        \_ grep kinney /etc/passwd
        kinney:*:10956:100:Darrin Kinney:/home/apollo/kinney:/usr/local/bin/tcsh
        \_ Probably why he's not able to post his stuff himself.  Read the
           blog at:
        \_ If you can't finger someone, it may be because they have a
           .nofinger file in their home directory and you are not using
           /csua/bin/finger*.  Put /csua/bin earlier in your path, and
           hopefully there will be less confusion.
        \_ let's squish him again.
2004/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13145 Activity:nil
4/12    A small reminder, automated adding stuff to motd is a squishable
        \_ The rule is:
           "Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
           method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination
           of your account.  Making the motd extremely long is not cool either.
           Don't be a hoser." /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd
           \_ unless you're paolo.
                \_ paolo is god. He works at Intel Berkeley Research Lab.
2004/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13146 Activity:insanely high
4/11    erikred, stop spamming kinney's shit on the motd.  post it on the
        web and give a link for those who give a shit.
        \_ identify yourself, censor
           \_ it isn't censorship.  it is restoring sanity.  stop abusing
              the motd.
              \_ then identify yourself, "sanity restorer"
                 \_ It's at least 2 people, possibly more.
              \_ And yet you deleted the whole motd. Let's be reasonable. When
                 has the motd REALLY been sane?
                 \_ No, I restored it after someone else zeroed it.  There's
                    a difference between the usual gamut of stupid shit on the
                    motd and countless pages of kinney's crap which could just
                    as easily have been posted by URL instead of full text just
                    like most everything else here.  If the NYT only gets a
                    link, kinney doesn't get 25 paragraphs.
              \_ It's better than reading you whine. Quitcher bitchin.
                 \_ Agreed.
        \_ lol, you idiot, dans was posting kinney's email.  He said as much.
           I'm the one who suggested that he create a blog for Kinney at
           blogspot. --erikred
        \_ It pisses me off that cool shit gets posted to the motd on the
           weekend and as soon as the first grumpy old man logs in on monday
           morning, it's all toast.
        \_ What, is less on soda broken? -dans
2004/4/12 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Health/Women] UID:13147 Activity:high
4/12    Canada soon to slaughter 300,000 seals.
        \_ I guess all the yeti baseball really got that Canuck blood going.
           \_ I thought those were penguins
              \_ If you can't wack the one you love, wack the one you're with.
        \_ I wonder if I can get a job clubbing baby seals?
           \_ Maybe I can go clubbing with baby seals.
        \_ I guess all that yeti baseball really got that Canuck blood going.
        \_ Wouldn't it suck if you were an endangered species and NOT cute?
2004/4/12 [Computer/Blog] UID:13148 Activity:nil
4/12    USE BLOG! -dwc
        \_ ok
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:13149 Activity:nil
4/12    Hey ilyas, did you like the Tobler book?  I did a couple of classes
        with Roendel daggers and lichtenhauer's take on 'em it was nift. - pst
        \_ Good stuff.  Eerie similarites to 'The Art of Not Dying'.  Of
           course that's just 'the convergence of what works.' -- ilyas
        \_ Tobler chocolate is the bomb but I prefer Scharffenberger.
2004/4/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13150 Activity:high 50%like:13181
4/12    So what happened to soda? I see nothing in Official.
        \_ yeah, wha'appened?
        \_ I heard soda had a power outage --scotsman
           \_ Campuswide power outage, haas isn't even back yet. - pst
              \_ it wasn't campuswide. at least some parts of south side
                 had power the whole time.
              \_ That's why I couldn't get to the main
                 page either.
        \_ What type of machine is soda now? Does it have a UPS?
              and no. - pst
           \_ A UPS that could last the 2 minutes it would take to do a clean
              shutdown and send an automated message to all logged on users
              about it might cost as much as $75.
              \_ Genuinely curious: how do you determine how long a UPS will
                 support a machine off the grid?
                 \_ A UPS should have a rating of AH (amp-hours) or WH (watt-
                    hours).  Also, mAH are milli-amp-hours.  1000mAH = 1AH.
                    1 Amp-hour at 120V = 120 Watt-hours.  If your
                    whole system is drawing 500 watts, it will stay up for 1
                    hour for every 500 watt-hours your battery has.
                    Oh, also, the VA (volt-amp) rating tells you the maximum
                    amount of power you can draw.
                    Of course, having soda stay up doesn't help much when all
                    the routers go down.
                    \_ this is why you use apmd, and only get enough battery
                       to shut soda down safely.  As was said above, it's cheap
                       and effective. --scotsman
                    \_ The routers aren't on UPS?!
                       \_ that would cost another $49.95 per router to survive
                          through the length of most power outages.
                          \_ I think your number is a bit low.  Routers draw
                             a LOT.  Generally a good deal more than any
                             tower case.
                             \_ It all depends on the size of the router.
                                My router at home is 20W, tops.
                                \_ Hrm.  Last I checked, we were talking about
                                   SODA.  Useless...
        \_ um, whatever happened to the Soda alumni donation thing? My
           guess is that most of them got cheap and paid... ZELO DOLLAH!!!
           \_ I think what happened is that the students got picky. The
              recent thread where it was said CSUA needed 40 terabytes of
              disk, an LTO2 tape silo, and 14 3.6 GHz CPUs (or something
              almost as ridiculous) turned me off.
              \_ amen, brother.
              \_ me too.  current offers of alum donations that are being
                 sniffed at and turned away as useless crap are way way better
                 than what was available for real class work, in the labs, or
                 previous  incarnations of soda when we were students.  you
                 don't need hundreds of top end cpus, peta bytes of storage
                 and 10 gigabit switches to run a student login, motd, wall,
                 and smtp/imap/pop box.  if there weren't so many snotty
                 greedy unappreciative brats here there'd be more alum help.
           \_ Hey asswipe, I gave $500 last time the CSUA passed the hat
              and would do it again, if the Politburo would get its stuff
              together and make a proposal. -alumnus
              \_ Curious, did anyone even thank you?  I got zippo thanks for
                 my last donation.  -never again alum
                 \_ No, but I would still give again.
                \_ dude, please give me $500. I'm poor and starving and
                   I eat cup-o-noodle every other day just to save money.
                   And Westwood rent is a rip-off       -ucla cs student
                   \_ Weren't you just bragging about all the 19 y.o.
                      hardbody LA chixs you were nailing? Don't expect
                      any sympathy from me.
                      \_ You'd think that an enterprising young ucla cs
                         student would have recorded his exploits and sold
                         access on his website.
                         \_ Yeah! uclacsstudent #1 fan
        \_ where can we get a list of the donation record? I'd like to
           see something similar to opera where there's a sheet of top
           X million $ donations, followed by Y million $ donations, etc for
           building/funding the opera house.
           \_ Top donor gets their name stenciled onto the CSUA bat in gold
              letters.  Second highest doner gets their name spelled out in
              slices of pepperoni on the next pizza given away at a General
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:13151 Activity:nil
4/12    S A T O R
        A R E P O
        T E N E T
        O P E R A
        R O T A S
        \_ yay mithras!
        \_ Would someone explain this?
           \_ "Arepo the sower holds the wheels at work"
              \_ Would someone explain this?
2004/4/12 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:13152 Activity:nil
4/12    Can anyone recommend a good USB hub keyboard? I prefer clicky
        keys like the old IBM PC's. I prefer not to have internet shortcut
        buttons also.
        \_ All the clickey boards I know (model M) are PS/2.  You could get a
           PS/2->USB adapter...
           I have a clicky IBM PS/@ keyboard which has a "trackpoint" mouse in
           the middle, like on thinkpads.
        \_ I heard there's a really good mac compatible keyboard with the
           features you're looking for.
        \_ Pricey but good:
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:13153 Activity:nil
4/12    Wierd Al's parents die of accidental CO poisoning.
        \_ Dead Parents Aren't Much Fun.
           \_ Not true; sometimes they challenge you to contests of skill.
2004/4/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13154 Activity:nil
4/12    What's a good perl module (cpan) that strips off all the html
        tags and javascript crap? And perhaps be smart enough to strip
        off menus and ads? Thanks.
        \_ lynx -dump <pagename>
        \_ s/<[^>]*>//g
2004/4/12 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:13155 Activity:nil
4/12   Motd restaurant review:  Liaison Bistro, Berkeley
       Decor was pleasant, if perhaps a little overwrought in its attempt to
       recreate an authentic French bistro(t).  Service was polite and
       attentice, without being solicitous.  Roast leg of lamb was excellent;
       fairly strong sauce complemented the meat nicely without overpowering
       it.  Duck confit was very good.  It was moist and flavorful.  I would
       have prefered some vegetables in the presentation.  Marinated artichoke
       was good and the presentation with citrus and fennel complemented well.
       Sauteed spinach also good.  Not too special but well done.  Desserts
       were mixed.  Tarte tatin was good but not special.  Side of rum raisin
       gelato went well.  Crust was a bit soggy.  Poached pear was poached in
       red wine, served with very rich vanilla ice cream and slice of puff
       pastry.  Topped with excellent dark chocolate sauce, which unfortunately
       distracted from the rest of the dessert.  Creme brulee had excellent
       custard with a lot of vanilla, but the sugar was too thin so it didn't
       form a stiff crust.
        \_ hello tawei. learn to indent.
           \_ I'm not tawei
              \_ restaurant/movie reviews with no attribution are worthless.
           \_ tawei hasn't logged in for a month
       \_ I haven't eaten at Liason in over a year, but I recall it was quite
          good.  They had fresh oysters on the half shell as a specialty
          appetizer which was excellent.  Portions were niggardly (no that's
          not a slur, look it up), but the meal was enjoyable nonetheless.
                \_ Oh dans, you are so smart and manly, can I suck your
                   cock please?  Pretty please with sugar on top?
                   \_ Geez, you're really hostile.  You should work on that.
                      You'll forgive my defensiveness, but college professors
                      have been kicked off campuses because some reactionary
                      elements choose not to use dictionaries.  In this case,
                      it was the right word.
                      \_ college professor?  I thought it was some city
                         official on the right coast.
          Personally, I prefer Gregoire on Cedar.  The food is comparable to
          that at Liaison, and, though not cheap, much more reasonably priced.
          Decor is, however, nonexistent. -dans
          \_ The portions seemed fine last night.  Probably depends on what
             you order.
             \_ I'd believe that.  As I said, I haven't eaten there in over a
                year.  A lot can change in a year. -dans
       \_ So wait, Kinney's stuff is bad, but this excretion is ok?
          \_ basically, kinney's stuff is much longer, and he is known for it.
             personally I like his posts, though.
             \_ me too.
2004/4/12 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:13156 Activity:nil
4/12    Sorry, I just don't get the idea of a guy blob. The idea of a guy
        blob is gay, and the idea of reading a guy blob is gayer. Kinney
        is gay.
2004/4/12-13 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:13157 Activity:nil
4/12    I don't get the logic of those suing google about Gmail.  It's an
        invasion of privacy?  But it's a choice.  For a free 1 Gig email
        account, what do I care if some automated non-human searches my
        mail and spits me out an advertisement.  And if I don't like it, I
        don't need to use Gmail.  I just don't see the logic of the lawsuit.
        \_ What lawsuit? I have heard nothing about this.
        \_ kinney!!1!1
           \_ Quit crucifying him already.
              \_ The Passion of The Kinney.
2004/4/12-13 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:13158 Activity:nil
4/12    Is is common but implicit in computer repair to use used but
        *working* component to replace bad components on the unit you gave
        them?  I took a Powerbook Pismo to we-fix-macs and was told to shell
        out $351 for reburbishing the processor boards (actually the genius
        said they would repair and refurbish the CPU!).  If so, it doesn't
        seem worthwhile to reapir at all!
        \_ Mac people... hehehe.  If it was a PC, you'd spend less than that
           to get a new motherboard and cpu and end up with a better computer
           than you had before for less money instead of the same computer with
           equally old parts.  Did they also change your fan belt oil and the
           power supply equalizer?  What about your cam shaft bearings and the
           differential rotar terahertz storage display?  *snicker*
           \_ I remember trying to fix parts on my old PC.  You'd replace
              one thing and Windows wouldn't boot normally, so you'd go to
              'safe mode' and see that not only does windows insist on trying
              to find stuff on your old motherboard, it has your mouse device
              loaded like 8 times, still is looking for a sound card you
              replaced last year, and the only sure way to clean this up is
              to reinstall from scratch.  And reinstall DirectX.  And the
              endless rebooting..
              \_ It's generally better now.  You can tell it "that part
                 doesn't live here anymore"
              \_ I'm still using my old PC except since I first built it I've
                 changed every part except the floppy, a few cables, and what
                 little remains of the case and PS.  Nothing you're talking
                 about has ever happened and I didn't spend $351 to get my
                 cam shaft rotorhertz drive pixelation problem refurbished at
                 some rip off joint that survives by screwing endless
                 generations of mac wielding english major freshmen.
                 \_ My main expectation with a repair is that I should get
                    new parts replacing the broken ones, instead of some
                    parts just as old or even older salvaged from other
                    dead units bought over ebay.  -- op
        \_ well, every warranty I've seen says that the manufacturer could
           use refurbished parts
           \_ but can the "refurbished" part be from another computer that
              has been equally old but just hasn't failed yet?
              \_ yes
                 \_ Are you talking about out-of-warranty repair?
                    \_ in-warranty ... out-of-warranty, they can still
                       be refurbished, but the implication is that the
                       refurbished parts need to be "recertified".  Guess who
                       determines the part is recertified (hint: not the
                       manufacturing company).
                       \_ I always thought that repair means replacing bad
                          parts with new parts, and refurbish means checking
                          and repairing new or almost new (returned by
                          unhappy customers with 30 days) units.  Guess I was
                          \_ I've found that typically, a warranty means if
                             it breaks, you get one that works.  Not
                             necessarily a new one.  As far as I can tell,
                             the only difference between in-warranty and out-
                             of warranty is in the latter, you pay for more
                             than just shipping it to them.
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:13159 Activity:nil
4/12    One step closer to the ultimate input device...
        \_ urlD was here
           \_ Bah! --op
        \_ the monkey experiments remind me of System Shock 2
2004/4/12-8/5 [Uncategorized] UID:13160 Activity:nil
4/12    campus power outage at 2:32 PDT; soda up by 3:50
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:13161 Activity:nil
4/12    POR
2004/4/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:13162 Activity:nil
4/12    I'd like to create a web page with javascript that pops up a small
        help window when you go over certain URLs, where do I start? I've
        googled but there were too much crap out there. ok thx.
        \_ google onmouseover
                \_ thank you. I got it now:
2004/4/12-13 [Reference/Military] UID:13163 Activity:nil
4/12    Even baboons learn to solve conflicts through diplomacy rather
        than war:
        \_ until another band of baboons comes along and kicks their ass.
           \_ Huh huh huh.  Hey Beavis, pull my finger.
        \_ only within their troop, they do battle other troops
        \_ They've also mastered the art of in-tribe psych warfare and will
           purposely inflict stress on lower ranking members.  You know:
           kind of like how your boss gives you stoopid documentation
           assignments when the brass chews him out.
2004/4/12 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29915 Activity:nil 54%like:29908
4/11    "My prediction: Bush will take California and win in a landslide."
2004/4/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign] UID:29916 Activity:nil
4/11    Bush foreign policy
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29917 Activity:nil
4/11      \_ 4/11  [ I said, no spam, bitch.  Just post a link ]
           \_ He's not spamming the motd.  This is a first-hand report and he
              has unreliable net access.
              \_ Oh yes he was.  Were you still asleep when there were 5 or
                 6 'blog entries' from him on the motd?  No, whoever posted
                 his rants was spamming.  It's interesting to get a perspective
                 of someone who is there, but not more interesting than lots of
                 other Iraq-based bloggers, who generally have a much better way
           \_ I'd've solidified no-fly-zone policies nationwide, and I would
              have made it clear that shooting down a passenger plane or three
              is preferable to the use of planes as bombs.  I would have
              made it clear that any lack of communication between the FBI,
              CIA, and NSA not having to do with Congressionally legislated
              limitations would result in the immediate termination of the
              various directors involved. These are old problems, and they
              should have been dealt with.
                 with the written word than kinney.  As is, the spam pisses me
                 off, so his crap will get deleted on sight.
              \_ Since the AMC has taken offense at this, could you blog-ify
                 it for us?  Free hosting at
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29918 Activity:nil
4/11    Ok, I am not anonymous, and I will nuke kinney's stuff on sight.
        Pages worth of his barely coherent ramblings is not something that
        should end up here.
        \_ oh, the irony
                                  That it is about Iraq does not raise their
        usual quality.  What primarily pissed me off was the volume. -- ilyas
2004/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29919 Activity:nil
4/12    AMC STrikes again!
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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