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2004/4/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:13132 Activity:high
4/11    Ya a fucking bomb went off 200 yards from where I was (2 of them).
        I had heard people got whacked but of course haven't head nothing
        on CNN, last night everyone just watched the report and didn't say
        anything I had never seen such silence before everyone intendtly
        glued to the screen. - kinney
        \_ huh?
        \_ Oh, my God, they almost killed Kinney! But seriously, where
           were you located?
        \_ could you seriously elaborate on this?
2004/4/11-12 [Reference/Tax] UID:13133 Activity:nil
4/11    Turbo Tax imported my previous year's tax return, which i have $XX
        state refund. it considered it as income. but I also received a
        1099-G from the government for the same money. If I type in the
        1900-G, my tax is increased. Is this right? I feel like I am being
        counted twice for the tax refund. If I don't report the 1099G, am I
        at risk of being audited? thx.
        \_ No one here is a cpa.
        \_ Did you try looking it up in TurboTax? That's part of the point
           of spending money on it, it's supposed to answer small questions
           like this.
        \_ 1900-G? The 1099G is for unemployment insurance. And yes it is
           taxable by the feds.
           \_ I got a 1099G for my state return, too.
              \_ My boo-boo. It covers the state returns too. The money is
                 federally taxable. TT automatically adds it as income. You
                 don't need to send the 1099-G form.
                 \_ Wasn't the money already taxed by the Fed govt in the
                    previous year?  Why would the refund be taxed again the
                    following year?
                    \_ Thanks!
2004/4/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:13134 Activity:high
4/11    Bush knew!  He's going down!  Kerry'04!
        |_ restored after you can't deal with the truth
        \_ go fuck yourself.
2004/4/11-12 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/Investment] UID:13135 Activity:nil
4/11    Housing Bubble about to burst?
        \_ I can hardly see how it wouldn't burst, sometime.  I had the
           same kind a quesy feeling in the 2 years preceeding the
           dor-crash.  Everyone says that housing prices never crash, they
           just stagnate, but... what, are they gonna stagnate for the
           next 30 years?  That's just a protracted crash.
           \_ The market crashed about 15 years ago. It didn't stay down
              very long. If it falls then I am going to buy a second home.
              Don't let Chicken Little keep you from your goals. I know
              people who have bought high and low both - and in all cases
              they came out way, way ahead in the long term. In a place
              like CA this will always be the case.
        \_ Crash?  No.  It's called an economic cycle but overall in the mid
           and long term no one has ever lost money on real estate.
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