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2004/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13001 Activity:nil
4/2     Excellent motd guys!  Very long length, lots of ranting and rambling,
        and IlyaLunacy (tm)!  Good show!
        \_ Lunacy certainly plays a part, but idiocy and the total lack of
           awareness thereof are more dominant traits.
           \_ But at least I have the motd to set me straight. -- ilyas
              \_ If it wasn't for the motd, no one would know the truth.
2004/4/3-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:13002 Activity:moderate
4/3     I'm thinking about getting either vmware or vpc for windows in order
        reduce the number of test pc's we need in our lab at work. I'm mostly
        going to run Linux (RH/SuSE) and Win2K/XP in the virtual machine.
        Does anyone have experience with either of these products (how many
        vm's can I run at once, how fast are the emul. systems for network
        only access)? The main system running vmware/vpc will likely be a
        2x2.8 GHz P4 box with 1-2 GB Ram and WinXP Prof. (though we may want
        to run it on slower 2 GHz boxes as well). tia.

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        \_ Used vmware a couple of times to install various OSes. Make sure you
           have LOTS of RAM and a fast harddrive. It's very slow otherwise.
           Also, I've never figured out networking to my satisfaction.
           It tends to sometimes work and sometimes not work. The
           documentation is somewhat lacking. I suppose it's good for
           driver development, but I got somewhat tired of the speed issue
           and went back to a live machine. --williamc
        \_ using vmware and loving it.  I've got a linux server running as a
           guest OS; my host is a Windows Laptop.  VM memory takes up space in
           RAM, so you can only run as many VMs as you've got spare ram to
           allocate.  I was running two vms w/ 128 mb each and things were
           working fine (I've only got 512 total on my laptop).  I can testify
           that both the debian testing (net install) and the knoppix family
           (gnoppix, pollix, etc) have no problem running inside VMware.
        (gnoppix, pollix, etc) have no problem running inside VMware. --darin
           \_ Do you know if vmware works with debian as the host os?
              I know it isn't officially "supported" but ... --brett
        \_ I installed XP as a guest OS on win2k box running on a p3-700.
           It took about 16 *hours* for XP to install.  Once it was running,
           it functioned but wasn't usable.  A faster cpu would've helped but
           it also beat the shit out of my 5400 rpm bog standard maxtor drive.
                \_ Thanks for the pointer. We will be using 10K or 15K RPM
                   UltraSCSI(?) 320 drives and might even consider using a
                   box with dual 3.06's and 2+ gb of ram (with 256 mb per
                   vm it sounds like I will be able to run 3-5 vm's with
        (gnoppix, pollix, etc) have no problem running inside VMware. --darin
           \_ does vmware work with debian as the host os? I know it isn't
              officially "supported" but I wonder if it works anyways --brett
              I know it isn't officially "supported" but ... --brett
                   reasonable performance).
2004/4/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:13003 Activity:high 60%like:13006
4/3     Set your clocks forward tonight.
        \_ Why? Isn't that what xntpd is for?
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