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2004/3/30-31 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12921 Activity:very high
3/30    Chen permits recount to proceed immediately, Taiwan stock market soars (NY Times, password needed)
        U.S. forensics team talks with doctors, note openness of investigation
        Same experts discuss common misperceptions about the ballistics
        Chen comments on China's predicted hard-line move in Hong Kong
        Moron complains about Taiwan election
        \_ CSI Taipei!  Was David Caruso there?
        Same experts discuss common misperceptions about the ballistics
        Chen comments on China's predicted hard-line move in Hong Kong
        Moron complains about Taiwan election
        \_ Given Chen's long history as a drama queen and the very close
           vote count, the opposition's peaceful and orderly demand for a
           recount and investigation into the shooting incident is totally
           \_ You should talk to the DPP college student getting beat on TV
              by 4+ KMT folks for speaking to TV reporters just outside
              their rally.
              \_ Is that the best you can come up with for a rally of
                 500k people?  how many people did the DPP mobs beat
                 up in its many rallies over the years?  These days,
                 in many places in Taiwan, if you don't speak Taiwanese,
                 you can get cursed and ostracized, thanks to DPP's
                 divisive politics.
                 \_ And how many of those people (who watch KMT-biased TV
                    coverage) believe in the faked assassination theory?
                    Your dismissal of KMT's televised violence is also
                    \_ feel free to post urls of any other violent
                       rally incidents from the multitudes of pro-DPP
                       newspapers as opposed to your so-claimed
                       "KMT-biased TV".
        \_ This entire thing has missed a huge point.  Extremely large
           number of military personnel were denied their consititution
           right to vote.  And it turned out that there is no legal basis
           for their detention.  Thus, by definition, this election
           result is invalid, and thus, the legimacy of this so-called
           democratic government is in question.
           \_ Are you talking about Taiwan or the US?
           \_ First URL, a viewpoint not well-covered by the KMT-controlled
              press:  "The opposition Nationalist Party on Monday publicly
              dropped its demand that the Taiwan military be allowed to
              vote again after a disputed presidential election a week ago...
              Mr. Chen and the Defense Ministry replied that the
              alert had had no effect on voting, because staggered shifts
              had made it possible for the servicemen and police officers
              to vote."
              \_ Contrary to what this guy is saying, KMT doesn't control
                 the press at all.  Chen and DPP is the government in
                 power, and has systematically moved to control the press
                 to silence the opposition.  Just recently, the owner of
                 a pro-DPP press told all its employees to vote for DPP
                 or be fired.
                 \_ URL?  'Cos the same rumor mill sez the KMT drinks the
                    \_ This is in the news a few weeks before the
                       election.  Go ask a few people in Taiwan and you
                       should find someone who've read about it.  Taiwan
                       related news sites don't seem to keep good
                       archives of older articles online, so I can't
                       find any url, unfortunately.
                    blood of babies.
                    \_ See "Formosa Betrayed" written by U.S. vice consul
                       during the 2/28 incident.  obGoogle.  There is a
                       similar book called "Formosa Calling".  Both are
                       published way back.
                       \_ errr .... 228 incident is 57 years ago.  Taiwan's
                          government, while under KMT, had admitted to the
                          wrong doing, and had compensated families of the
                          victims long ago.  Taiwan has been under pro-
                          independence presidents for the last 16 years.
                          yet, DPP supporters like yourself constantly need
                          to bring up 228 for political purposes to fan
                          hatred against mainlanders and their descendants,
                          most of whom has nothing to do with 228, or
                          \_ actually, I just bring up 2/28 to criticize
                             the KMT as a political party.  I think you're
                             being a bit prejudiced.
                          weren't even born then.
                    Search for "station".  You'll find other links on google.
                    Like I said yesterday, the KMT has had over 50 years of
                    total control of Taiwan to consolidate its power.
                    \_ snicker ... this starry eyed russian commentator has
                       no clue what he is talking about.  he portrayed
                       putin and chen as heroes of democracy.  I bet he is
                       real happy with putin and his rubber stamp parliament
                       and recent election.  chen of course, could not care
                       less about the development of democratic principles and
                       institutions.  he will bend all rules as long as it
                       helps him win.  the commentator also portrayed Lee
                       Teng-hui as representative of the big-bad KMT.  He
                       didn't even know Lee has always sympathized with
                       everything the DPP believes in, and made it his
                       personal life mission to destroy the KMT from within.
                       what a joke!  Of all things, you chose this
                       clueless commentary to post.
                       \_ Uh ... the point is that the KMT controls the major
                          TV stations, and stirs up anti-Chen sentiment in
                          order to get the KMT back into office.
                          I just want to make sure you see this.
                          \_ I am sorry, but if this Russian commentator is
                             so clueless about the above, you can't
                             expect anyone to accept his unsupported
                             assertion the Taiwan's media is controlled
                             by the KMT.  Besides that piece of clueless
                             writing was from 4 years ago, kind of
                             outdated.  I don't know about TV, but
                             contrary to your belief, most of Taiwan's
                             \_ So what would you say if I provided a URL
                                that showed the KMT controls the major
                                TV stations?  Does it suffice to say that
                                most newspapers are pro-DPP, and most
                                TV stations are pro-KMT?
                                BTW, it was my mistake way above.  When
                                I said "press", I meant to say "TV".
                          I just want to make sure you see this.
                    \_ snicker ... this starry eyed
                             newspapaers are actually pro-DPP.
        \_ btw, someone broke see motd entries above
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12922 Activity:nil
3/29    I missed the thread on Kerry and Catholics and all that but I didn't
        see anyone point out that Kerry is really a Jew, not a Catholic so
        it doesn't matter what the Pope or anyone else says about his faith.
        \_ He also is from France and has a history of pretending to be
           Irish to attact voters in Taxachussettes.
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12923 Activity:nil
        This speaks for itself.
        \_ The little know issue of party fundraising is that the Reps.
           traditionally receive small donations from a large number of
           contributors. Dems on the other hand receive large donations
           from two primary groups - trial lawyers and unions.
2004/3/30 [Uncategorized] UID:12924 Activity:nil
3/30    I love how the freepers delete discussions as soon as they are
        conclusively proven to be wrong.
        \_ Actually, the deletions seem to be more of a self-pronounced garbage
           collector.  The freepers just stop responding.
        \_ As the only person to post links from FR I can tell you I have
           never deleted a thread but have had literally hundreds
           \_ No you are not.
2004/3/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:12925 Activity:kinda low
3/17    In Perl, how do I make variables have static types and type check
        for valid parameter/actuals? I realize that variables are untyped
        in Perl ($var can be 0.001 or "hello") but I'd like to have more
        strict checking so that errors would be caught ahead of run-time,
        Thanks,                                                 -java guy
        \_ use java.  Seriously.  You don't use perl if you want strong
           typing.  If you want to clean user input, use regexps.  But
           the closest thing perl has to typing is its data structures.
           The content of those structures can be... anything. --scotsman
           \_ Oh yes, as opposed to those lists of Objects Java has, where you
              have to use instanceof and casting to get what you want.  Java is
              bad.  Naturally any language in the ML family will work, as will
              Lisp strangely enough.  Yes, Lisp actually has a fairly powerful
              type system that most people never use (using 'declare' and so
              on).  -- ilyas
              \_ I only said "use java" because he signed as "java guy"
                 \_ You know, Ben, just because someone signs as
                    'heroin addict', doesn't mean you should give him bad
                    advice. -- ilyas
                    \_ You're always coming down on heroin, Ilya. -geordan
                       \_ That's "coming down off heroin," geordan.  Get yer
                          drug lingo right.
              \_ you don't use java much, do you. it's not great, but it's not
                 that bad either. i very rarely use instanceof, and 1.5 has
                 parameterized containers.
                 \_ You are right, I no longer use Java much, I am proud to
                    report.  While I am happy you almost never use instanceof
                    and casting to get things out of lists in Java, it turned
                    out to be a common enough problem that made them add
                    templates.  I mean my example is precisely the one given
                    on Sun's site to explain why templates are useful.  There
                    are other problems with Java's types, for instance you can
                    google for 'type spoofing.'  I won't even get to other
                    things wrong with Java.  I think Paul Twohey has a long
                    rant stored somewhere on this subject, on everything from
                    primitive type handling to floating point. -- ilyas
                    \_ Java Generics are not templates...
                       Java Generics are not templates...
                       \_ Yup, weaker than C++ templates.  Though you know,
                          the word 'template' is pretty ... generic.  It's not
                          like it applies exclusively to C++ stuff. -- ilyas
        \_ One way to find mistakes in perl is to 'use strict;' and to run
           with #!/usr/bin/perl -wT. At least this way you can find the
           obvious mistakes with input validation. Once you fix those, the
           only other thing you can do is to perform input validation in all
           of your subroutines.
           The biggest problem I find with perl is the lack of prototypes,
           which forces you to manually check @_ in every subroutine to make
           sure that the correct number of args were specified. There are
           extensions to perl that add this, but they aren't available on
           every system which makes it hard to write portable perl code using
           \_ You make this sound so difficult.  "warn if (@_ != n)"
                \_ That doesn't do type checking for you. If you need the
                   first two entries in @_ to be ints, the next two to be
                   string, &c. its not do-able without manually checking
                   each entry in @_. Prototypes (ansi-c style) provide that
                   level of support for you.
                   \_ Irrelevant.  This is perl.  use something else if you
                      want typing.
           BTW, for the java-types, sometimes you don't have a choice. Ex. if
           you need to write a cli program java is a terrible choice due to
           the jvm startup penalty, the resource requirements (jvm needs ~
           10mb of ram compared with 700k or less for perl), and its lack
           of integration with libc (using Runtime.exec() in order to change
           file ownership, create symlinks, remove files, &c. is not workable).
           \_ So write in in C and stop bitching about it. -williamc
                \_ I used to write everything in C, but having to roll
                   binaries for every odd-ball os/hw type just became
                   a pita. Perl was a compromise, it is portable and
                   has just enough system support for the things that
                   I need to do.
           \_ Um, prototypes are built into perl and have been for a while:
              sub foo($$@) { ... }
              foo takes two scalars and a list
                \_ WHAT? What is the name of the variable then? It's a lot
                   more clear if you use "sub foo($a, $b) { ... }"
                   \_ The variable is, as always, @_.
2004/3/30 [Uncategorized] UID:12926 Activity:nil
3/17    What are some condescending sites?
        there's slashdot,, what else?
        \_ The Bay Area?
2004/3/30 [ERROR, uid:12927, category id '18005#8.51625' has no name! , ] UID:12927 Activity:kinda low
3/30    Kerry's family is an immigrant success story.  Their history is
        \_ Cool story, esp. when Kerry's brother "returns" to Joodaism.
        \_ Why are Jews so concerned about bloodlines? That's pretty racist.
           \_ Awww, no one is biting on your troll!  Poor widdle troll.
           \_ the only racist on board is you
        \_ Cool story, esp. when Kerry's brother "returns" to Judaism.
2004/3/30 [Science/Space] UID:12928 Activity:nil
3/30    More space tourism:
2004/3/30 [Uncategorized] UID:12929 Activity:nil
3/30    Try to put in, and vise versa. FUN!!!!!
        \_ Bored recursively, are we?  Gotta admit, though, it's perversely
        \_ Great, now is down.
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12930 Activity:nil
3/30    Rice to testify in public, under oath: (BBC)
        Bush and Cheney to testify in private.
        \_ you mean not under oath?
           \_ All under oath. Just Bush and Cheney are not done in public.
              \_ Because it's executive privilege to lie to the public.
                 \_ [Thanks for the penny]
                    \_ [No, thank you!]
2004/3/30 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:12931 Activity:nil
3/30    France goes socialist!  Yes!  Less foreign competition for US goods
        and services now.
        \_ Wait until Wednesday before casting aspersions.
           \_ What happens on Wednesday?
              \_ They reconstitute the government.  The man charged with doing
                 so is unlikely to hold onto his position in the next
                 election, so he has an opportunity to do some radical
        \_ French product/services are competitive?
           \_ French wine.
           \_ Lots of big French companies doing well, like Vivendi.
           \_ Airbus.
           \_ Ocaml!
2004/3/30-4/1 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12932 Activity:nil
3/30    My spankin' new Windows 2003 Server doesn't come with the wonderful
        "NT LM Security Support Provider" service, which is required by the
        Message Queueing service, which I need.  How do I install that
        service?  I don't see it anywhere under "Add or Remove Windows
        Components".  Thanks.
        \_ Get yourself a real server OS.
        \_ Call Microsoft. You paid for support.
        \_ ditto above.  don't expect community-style support when you
           use Microsoft product.  It's a cultural thing.
        \_ USE LINUX!  RIDE BIKE!
           \_ I don't know how this originated but this is the stupidest
              thing posted on the motd. Even if it was funny at one point,
              the same joke told 50 million times gets old.
              \_ ENJOY JOKE!
              \_ It's there for a reason.  It has a purpose.
                 \_ Whatever, Morpheus.
        \_ dont listen to these twinks, microsoft website has newsgroups
         found your answer in 10 seconds, but you must learn to google
        \_ Here's a nickel kid, get yourself a real computer.
2004/3/30-31 [Reference/Religion] UID:12933 Activity:low
3/30    God's own lamb:
        \_ Mmmmh.  Kebab.  -John
        \_ I'm sure you mean, "The Lamb of God"
           \_ How much you want to bet someone drew that on the fur with some
              caustic agent?
           \_ Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us
        \_ what about the cow born in idaho w/ GWB birthmark on it?
           \_ I'm pretty sure that was yermom's ass.
              \_ he said cow not mule.
                 \_ I thought he said asshole; oh, you're talking about the
                    animal, not the personage....
                    \_ Every cow comes with one asshole.
                       This cow came with two.
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12934 Activity:nil
3/30    English majors are all lefties!
        \_ Starts out fun, but then launches into uncalled-for, irrelevant
           ad-hominem attacks on authors championed by the liberal Liberal Arts
        \_ No shit sherlock. It's always the dumb humanities kids who start
           and take part in all the protests. Useful idiots indeed.
           \_ Humanities students are no more or less dumb as a group than
              engineering students.  Propensity for blatant generalizations,
              \_ prove it.
                 \_ Thanks for your comment, demonstrating that engineering
                    students can be just as dumb!
                    \_ can't prove your assertion, can you?
                       \_ I don't have to.  The assertion that must be
                          proved is that humanities student --> dumb, which
                          is patently ridiculous.
                          \_ "patently ridiculous" means you have no factual
                             proof against the claim, right?
                             \_ Correct!  There is absolutely no way to prove
                                humanities student --> dumb, its just small
                                dicked engineering student smug superiority
                                syndrome rearing its ugly head for the
                                zillionth time.
                                \_ how about entrance exam scores?  or
                                   relative performance in "neutral" classes?
                                   or post college achievement?  none of them
                                   are perfect measures, but they would tend to
                                   make claims of patent ridiculousness
                                   \_ Yeah, but none of them would prove the
                                      assertion at all.
                                      \_ The assertion that humanities students
                                         are dumb, or that they're no more or
                                         less dumb?  Certainly the first
                                         assertion is the one requiring proof.
                                      \_ by again refusing to answer the
                                         question, i assume you realize that
                                         while my suggestions would not
                                         perfectly prove or disprove the
                                         proposition, it would make your
                                         claim of "patently ridiculous", well,
                                         patently ridiculous.
                                \_ of course, you have completely misinterpreted
                                   the post you replied to.  a claim that dumb
                                   humanities students do something does not
                                   imply the claim that all humanities
                                   students are dumb.
                          \_ Actually, the claim is that, as a group,
                             humanities students are as smart as engineering
                             students.  To disprove this, you just have to
                             show, as a group, that one group is smarter than
                             the other, using some accepted metric
                             \_ great.  what are the relative entrance
                                exam scores between the 2 groups?  what
                                is their relative performance in "neutral"
                                classes?  how do the post college achievement
                                of the 2 groups compare?
                                \_ Come to think of it, the claim is "no
                                   more or less dumb".  This implies the metric
                                   is "common sense", not intelligence in
                                   general.  In this sense, it can be
                                   reasonably claimed that humanities and
                                   engineering students as groups have
                                   similar levels of common sense (are no
                                   less dumb than the other group).
                                   \_ Why yes, that's pretty much what I meant.
                                      At least someone gets it.  For some
                                      reason as soon as you say "intelligence"
                                      some people here automatically assume
                                      you must be referring to "ability to do
                                      second order differential equations."
                                      Sorry, I should have been more clear.
                                      \_ Guy, you don't even understand that
                                         the claim of stupid humanities kids
                                         doing something is not equivalent to
                                         a claim  that all humanities students
                                         are stupid.
                                   \_ Does the common understanding of
                                      "dumb" imply a lack of common sense?
                                      Well, dumb originally meant the inability
                                      to speak, as in "deaf and dumb".  Does
                                      that have anything to do with common
                                      sense?  "Dumb" came to mean, from WordNet
                                      via dict, "slow to learn or understand,
                                      lacking intellectual acuity".  Does that
                                      have anything to do with common sense?
                                      Are you ascribing new meaning to the word
                                      just to make your claim plausible?
                                      \_ Someone please shoot this guy.  His
                                         pretentiousness is starting to make
                                         my head hurt.
                                      \_ Dewd, he already said sorry for not
                                         being clear.
                                         \_ Was he unclear?  Or did he just
                                            latch onto some non-plausible
                                            excuse that would make his claim,
                                            well, less "dumb"?  I suspect the
              however, can be found in almost any group of students.
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12935 Activity:nil
3/30    Condoleeza Rice had a green monochrome CRT at her desk. retro cool?
        \_ All the white cabinet members have at least CGA graphics.
           \_ Even as parody that was in pretty bad taste.  But, I guess
              that's the idea of satire (if anyone these days could
              remember the definition.)
              \_ I'm not so sure about the bad taste, considering the real
                 life not-trying-to-be-funny bs that's been flying around.
                 There was a clip on the daily show last night of Bob Novak
                 asking a guest if he thought that Clarke was coming forward
                 now because he didn't like Condoleeza Rice, a black woman,
                 as head of national security.  The guest was so shocked that
                 he asked him to repeat the question.
                 \_ Bob seems like he would be a perfect Monday night
                    football commentator
                 \_ Ann Coulter was the first to bring this up. Scary stuff.
                 \_ Sounds like they're taking a page from da Ali G Show.
                    "So, Richard, why do you hate black people?"
                 \_ Haven't the Republicans been complaining for 40 years
                    whenever the Dems try to play the race card? I guess
                    it just goes to show you that the Republicans can
                    be just as idiotic and craven when given the chance.
                    \_ More evidence that political language tends to migrate
                       from left to right.
                    \_ No, it just goes to show that there are partisans on
                       both sides of the aisle.  Partisans of both major
                       parties should be exposed as useless groupthinkers.  Bad
                       behavior in one group doesn't excuse bad behavior in
                \_ isn't it fun when the tables are turned?
2004/3/30-31 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:12936 Activity:nil
3/30    Has yahoo mail service been extremely slow and flaky for any of you
        lately?  It times out quite often.
        \_ nope, but other websites seems sluggish. in fact, the net seems to
           be quite flaky the past 2-3 weeks.
2004/3/30 [Computer/Networking] UID:12937 Activity:nil
3/30    I am buying a modem card for use while travelling abroad but I want
        to test it before I go.  I don't have any dial-in account.  Are there
        free 56K compatiable terminal line numbers that I can dialin to test
        a modem?
2004/3/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:12938 Activity:nil
3/30    Tomehardware has a piece on switching to Linux. Thly shoud re-run
        their CPU comparison test on Linux. It could now include the 386
        and 486.
        \_ Linux is for people who enjoy building, installing, and configuring
           for its own sake.
           \- and not doing any work since that has now soaked up all
              your time.
2004/3/30-31 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12939 Activity:nil
3/30    How can I tell what has been compiled into my postfix binary?
        For example, I want to see if it has mysql support built in.
        \_ If you know what you're looking for, you can probably use
           strings/grep (assuming you have just the binary.)  Or you
           could just roll your own... -John
        \_ Try ldd if dynamically linked, or nm postfix | grep mysql
           if static. --scotsman
        \_ If you installed with a package it should say.  If you installed
           from source, look at the makefile and config files.
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:29886 Activity:nil 60%like:12909
3/29    What's the typical way to represent the GOP brainwashing in text?
        \_ +-------+                  +---------------------------+
           | start |---------0------> | more Fox News and Freeper |
           +-------+                  +---------------------------+
        \_ state transition table...
        \_ What do you mean by brainwashing?  Everything they say is true.
2004/3/30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:29887 Activity:nil
3/29    Take a political compass test. Also here's where those democratic
        primary guys fell on their scale:
        Based on that scale, China does fall closest to fascism, since it's
        authoritarian but economically going towards center-right.
        \_ Check out the wording on those questions.  Most impressive.
             -- ilyas
           \_ Well, they also have a FAQ. I think it placed me correctly
              (slightly left and libertarian).
              \_ "Why are you throwing tomatoes at yourself?"  Let's look at
                 this gem of a 'proposition' as they call it:
                 "Many personal fortunes are made by people who simply
                 manipulate money and contribute nothing to their society."
                 Now, let's say I put in 'disagree.'  How will they read this?
                 Will they read it as "I think many personal fortunes are NOT
                 made by people like that" ... OR "Manipulating money
                 contributes something (loans provide value)".  The question
                 is so loaded and faulty that any possible response will likely
                 be incorrectly interpreted.  Their test, btw, incorrectly
                 placed me as basically a moderate republican, which I am
                 certainly not. -- ilyas
                 \_ Right, well, I would hope that the intent of that question
                    would be a judge on economic left-rightedness, where
                    agreement implies that some control should be put on these
                    useless capitalists. Based on their rationale I don't think
                    it has to be flawed, but it obviously can't be perfect and
                    they likely have a bias anyway.
                    \_ Except this question does not judge any such thing.
                       I could be a card-carrying liberal and still believe
                       most personal fortunes are not made by manipulation
                       of money (in fact, I don't have handy statistics on
                       this matter).  The question is stupid, as is the entire
                       test.  You have to phrase things a lot more carefully
                       and 'wordily'. -- ilyas
                       \_ it didn't say "most" it said "many". Although many is
                          a relative term. Anyway though I agree, their agenda
                          appears to be to have right wingers take the test and
                          discover they're somehow actually lefties. But the
                          background stuff surrounding it seems sound. And the
                          bias they do have could be justified if it tests
                          discrepancies between what someone thinks they think
                          and what they actually think, if they haven't thought
                          about it much already. (notions of pol. correctness)
                          \_ See, you don't understand the nature of my
                             objection.  A test like this only works when a
                             given response to a question actually
                             differentiates political views.  I gave an example
                             where the same response could be given by both
                             a fiscal liberal and a fiscal conservative.
                             Anyways, it's late, and I am tired of explaining
                             the same thing three different ways.  If you think
                             it's a good test, that's great. -- ilyas
                             \_ well you're basically quibbling with the word
                                "many" in that example. anyway, fine, motd
                                censor will clean this up before long, g'nite.
2004/3/30 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:29888 Activity:high
3/29      I'm installing binaries for both OsX and Linux and I'd like all the
          users to have /usr/bin/<files> to be accessible. I thought about
          /usr/bin/<files> for generic stuff (like scripts) and
          /usr/bin/<platform>/<files> for platform specific things.
          What is the correct approach to this?
        \_ there are obviously several ways to do this, and "correct" is mostly
           relative. what you describe is probably the most typical way to
           do it though.
        \_ FreeBSD way: put all the base stuff in /usr/bin.  Platform supported
           stuff goes in /usr/local/bin (eg, ports and pkgs).  If you're not
           using the provided pkg management stuff, put it in /opt.
        \_ multiplatform support is a sysadm nightmare. Enjoy patching?
           Upgrading Perl/CPAN/emacs and all that crap? Now you've got
           2X the problem. There is only one correct way to deal with this.
           One OS, nothing else. The correct OS to use is FreeBSD.
           \- while the above post begs the question, i think there is
              a lot of be said for not worrying about having a shared
              dir for "sharable" codes. disk is cheep so i'd just ask soon
              a lot to be said for not worrying about having a shared
              dir for "sharable" codes. disk is cheap so i'd just ask to
              have disjoint os specific trees and not worry about duplication
              or keeping them in sync. --psb
        \_ Why would you want to do that?  Darwin and Linux do not have RW
           compatible drivers except for old fashioned HFS (no +).
2004/3/30 [Uncategorized] UID:29889 Activity:nil
Motd censor hazard level today: SOMEWHAT HIGH
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