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2004/3/29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:12897 Activity:very high
3/28    Let's take some perspective on Dick Clarke.  He was the counter-
        terrorism point man through 4 presidents.  His ideology, whatever
        it may be, obviously wasn't offensive enough for Reagan to appoint
        and Bush I to keep.  So he voted for Gore.  Big fucking deal.  He
        voted for the VP of the administration that gave him his ear.  This
        somehow discredits him?  Does it not disturb you that his suggestions
        and recommendations were abandoned by Bush II?  Because he "wrote a
        book," his experience is negated?  mumble mumble emperor mumble mumble
        clothes... --scotsman
        \_ It disturbs me that some disgruntled book writer gets so much
           positive media attention which plays up his role as if he had
           actually had a successful track record and plays down the timing
           of his book and his bitter demotion and exit from government.
           \_ The only people putting this view of the man forward is the
              Bush admin and Bill Frist.  You're buying a whole lot.  How
              many people will they be able to convince you are slimeball
           \_ He has a positive track record-- during the Reagan, Bush I, and
              Clinton years, no foreign terrorist organization committed an
              act of terrorism on American soil.  From what it sounds like,
              he was demoted for wanting to do his job effectively instead
              of pushing the Iraq invasion.
              \_ Dude. Remember the first WTC attack? That was during Clinton.
                 \_ In the first few weeks of his presidency. And led
                    to his increased watchfulness on OBL.  Clarke's point
                    is that the numbers just weren't high enough for Bush
                    to take it as seriously as he should have.
                \_ Dude.  I guess you didn't hear his testimony at the
                        hearings?  The one where he says the Bush Admin wasn't
                        doing anything about terrorism, even the plan that
                        was put together under Clinton?  Not following their
                        OWN plan INSTEAD of Clinton's, they were doing
                        not a thing.  Nuthin.  Nada.
                   \_ Chill. I was noting that the first WTC happened under
                      Clinton. Your attempt to change subjects and ignore
                      facts has failed. Try again later.
        \_ I was actually fortunate enough to meet someone who worked in the
           upper echelons of the White House during the Clinton and Bush 2
           administration. She said something very similar to what Clarke
           said. Basically, Bush really wanted to distance himself from
           anything remotely "Clinton" related. Things like Middle East
           Peace and Terrorism were Clinton obsessions and so Bush really
           wanted to distance himself from them.
           \_ Clinton?  Focussed on terrorism and the middle east?  Clinton
              pushed so hard in the middle east that there's a fair argument
              to be made that he's partially responsible for the current
              uprising (at least the start of it).  On terrorism?  What was
              done after the *first* attack on the WTC?  After the Cole?  After
              2 US embassies in Africa?  Nothing.  Nothing happened.  BC went
              on TV and made pretty speeches but there was no intelligence
              action, no military action, no diplomacy either in the UN or
              country-country.  Nothing.  "I feel your pain".  BFD.  If I was
              the new President I'd want to distance myself from previous
              failure also.
              \_ Clinton did plenty of things after every attack
                 mentioned Your contention that he did "nothing" is a big
                 fat Republican lie:
           \_ I just thought that Bush Jr. and his neocons were too busy
              start another Cold war, with Russia and China at their
              crosshair.  The scrap of Ballistic Missle Treaty, dumping
              billions on missile defense just couple examples of where is
              Bush Jr's priority lies.  This is an example of how Bush and
              his *STUPID* ideology put entire nation in danger... and he
              got high approval rating as result.       -kngharv
                \_ You do realize that the Soviet's were never in
                   accordance with the ABM treaty right?  It was
                   meaningless gesture on the part of the NATO (U.S.).
                   How is theatre missile defense a bad idea?  The Airborne
                   Chemical Laser will be operation in a few years.
                   \_ And yet, the most likely nuclear attack is a smuggled
                      in dirty bomb. I'm sure your laser is real cool dude.
        \_ This commission is one big let's cover each others asses.  That
           said I base my opinion in actions not words.  Clinton had
           eight years, 5 attacks do something, anything.  Instead in
           every foreign policy arena he simply kicked the can down the
           road.  What was Clinton's pinacle of foreign policy success?
           Kosovo - where we effectively gave muslim insurgents a Balkan
           base by bombing Christian Serbs?
           I remember repeatedly posting links in 2000 about BC's 'diversity
           quilt' policy at the CIA.  When Woolsey was head of the CIA
           he met with Bill Clinton alone twice, TWICE, in the span of two
           years; other administrations this would be weekly.  And this
           was after the first WTC bombing.  The running joke in
           Washington was that the Cesna aircraft that crashed into
           the White House was Woolsey trying to get a meeting with
           Clinton.  Sorry.  You can whine, spin, and cry all you want but a
           review of leftist policy the past 30 years is completely
           damning.  I've said it before: BC was too busy raising money
           from Chicom's and jerking off the Oval Office sink - we now
           now see the legacy of the Baby Boomer's quintessential
           representative.  BC's only anti-terrorism 'success' was immolating
           the 'religious fanatics' in Waco.
           Clarke was an integral part of BC administration - based on
           his testimony is directly culpable.
           \_ So you believe spurning our allies and sinking massive
              resources into nation building is a foreign policy success?
              \_ Good duck!  When someone says something and you try to turn
                 it around and point a finger elsewhere without disputing any
                 of it, you should understand that you're granting everything
                 they say is true.  Little one-off quips like this are weak.
                 \_ Pot, kettle...  Your answer to the question of Clarke's
                    credibility, and the terrifying nature of his character-
                    ization of this administration was "Clinton was a do noth-
                    ing, sex-mongering hippie".  4 presidents.  4. --scotsman
           \_ Way to avoid the question...
           \_ The best part was where you define "stopping Milosevic's
              genocide" as "giving the muslims a Balkan base".  Shine on,
              don't ever change.
                \_ So you swallow CNN's propaganda wholesale.  Fine -
                   Enjoy your dream world.  Even a cursory search
                   on google for Islam Kosovo Albania is alarming.
                   \_ The Balkans are a sump.  Unfortunately, you are both
                      right.  Rather, I'd give Clinton & co. credit for
                      helping to prevent an Islamic takeover in Bosnia. -John
                      \- Helo, I think the way the back and forth went
                         about "he's fishing for a job in the kerry campaign"
                         was great, i.e. when Clarke said in front of Congress
                         "I wont take the job". What some of the slow witted
                         democratic supporters should have said "Hey, isnt
                         Condi Rice et al also fishing for a job in the
                         Bush Admin." I think the "could 9/11 have been
                         prevented" part of this is a huge distraction.
                         There is saying "dont make weak arguments your
                         opponents can win" and 'split the difference' since
                         it's hard to make the case "well that's not the
                         important matter" ... they should have kept hammering
                         in the iraq fiasco. the dems still dont get how to
                         play dirty. Dan Qualye has no political career/
                         power now because of low politics. You should
                         try to do the same to Scalia for example. Lots
                         of people are talking about whether Cheney is a
                         liability now etc. --psb
                         \_ Rice *has* a job and she'll be keeping it.  She
                            doesn't need to sit quietly somewhere after being
                            demoted for incompetence and then retire just after
                            her 30th year in government (gotta get that next
                            big pension hike) and write a book in the middle of
                            an election from out of nowhere.  I find it really
                            sickening that you want politics to be even dirtier
                            than they already are.  There's a reason the % of
                            people who vote in this country is so dismal.
                            \_ You are right -- there is a reason so few
                               people vote in the US, but it is not because of
                               dirty politics. It's because of the asinine
                               pluralality-majority voting system we use.
                               \_ Are you refering to our Federalist
                                  voting system designed to thwart
                                  dictatorship by the majority?
                                  \_ No, i'm referring to plurality-majority
                                     voting systems (sorry about the typo):
        \_ I wouldn't say is opinion is wothless except he's so OBVIOUSLY
           playing partisan politics NOW.  I mean, here he is on the one
           hand complaing that Bush didn't care enough about terrorism
           (like good old Clinton did) and on the other saying Bush told
           them to kill Bin Laden at the first opportunity and such.
           In other words he says "Bush cared less, did more.  BTW Bush
           bad."  Uhhh right man.  Whatever.  Besides the plot was almost
           entirely underway by the time Bush took office.  The fixes
           would have had to have been instituted under Clinton to have
           done any good.  What the heck is with this "On September 9th
           I tried to tell Bush that we should pay more attention to
           Al-Quieda."  Maybe so, but BIG FREAKING DEAL!  Little late
           by then, don't cha think?
           \_ No, he said very little of what you attribute to him here. It's
              good to know that your lack of attention to details will assure
           \_ I didn't realize Scott McLellan had a csua account. [Delete me
              again, and watch your little screed disappear.]
                   on google for Islam Kosovo Albania is alarming.
                      helping to prevent an Islamic takeover in Bosnia. -John
              me of a job for quite a while. Thank you.
2004/3/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12898 Activity:nil
3/28    How to connect 2 WinXP machines together to share files? I have
        them connected into a hub, and each has the same workgroup name,
        but they can't see each other. thanks.
        \_ How many times has it been brought up on motd that you don't
           start a question with "How to..."? I say this not because
           I'm trying to be an ass but because I'm embarrassed when I
           go to other countries and they make fun of how bad people's
           English is in this country. I'm even more embarrassed that I
           graduated from a supposedly world-class university where
           people lack command of the English language.
           \_ How to speak the English language?
              \_ Write everything in the form of a question requiring a boolean
                 answer, then append P.  You will be answered with #t or #f.
        \_ How to speaking Engrish goodlyness asking to question on motd?
        \_ start|run \\ipaddress\sharename -- network neighborhood is broken
        \_ WinXP has something called "Simple File Sharing", accessible through
           Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View.  Generally
           turning it off resolves my sharing issues (and brings it to
           behave more like Win2K -- obGoogle for detailed info).
2004/3/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:12899 Activity:nil
3/29    Are there going to be new episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force?  I heard
        the most recent episode was fully titled "The Last One (of 2003)"
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12900 Activity:nil
3/29    No freedom of press for you:
        \_ But...we have always been at war with East Asia!
           \_ s/East Asia/Oceania/ ?
2004/3/29-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:12901 Activity:very high
3/29    What do these taste like? (chicken, beef)
        Horse -
        \_ somewhat stringy, but mostly like beef.  Like flank steak.
           \_ did you have to go to Europe to try this?
              \_ When horse eating is outlawed, only outlaws will eat horse!
              \_ Japan, actually, and I had it raw.
        Whale -
          \_ like a very thick venison.  Not as good as dolphin IMO -brain
        Ostrich - beef. Go to any Fuddruckers for ostrich burger. Lean and
                  high protein content.
                \_ totally.  Warning- it's also HEAVY like beef.        -brain
                                                      Are you chinese? _/
        Rabbit - chicken.
               - Firmer and gamey-er than chicken.  Tasty but lots of bones.
        Frog Legs - softer than chicken
                \_ kind of like a cross between fish and chicken   -brain
        Dog - black goat
        Escargot - like oyster. Put lots of melted butter to kill the taste
        Goat - is it the same as lamb?
        \_ No, I can't stand lamb, but like goat.
           \_ It depends on how prepared. It's normally gamier than lamb.
              \_ what does it mean to be "gamey?"
                 \_ I'd say it's a combination of tangy, musky, and rich.
        Alligator - rubbery. There's a Cajun place in Sac that serves this
                \_ kinda like pork... easily overcooked; choose your chef
                        wisely!         -brain
        \_ like fish.
        Snake - chicken
        \_Mine was burnt, but tasted like chicken.
        Beaver - Unless it's fresh, kinda like ahi
        Soylent Green - yermom
        "Long pork" - Like tube steak
        Whale Sperm - like Vanilla milk shake
        Whale Sperm -
        Kangaroo - Gamey
        Homosapien -
        Homosapien - sweet pork
        Placenta -
        Antelope - like venison but super gamey and sagey, almost inedible
        Venison - like really lean beef but with a gamey skunky quality
        Elk - like good lean beef, really delcious
                \_ are you a hunter?  Where do you hunt?  What weapon
                   do you use?
                   \_ I'm a Level 6 hunter with a +3 vorpal 7mm rifle.  Why?
        Moose - ditto, but not quite as lean, so more tender
        Bear - a cross between duck and pork, but gamey
        Homosapien -
        Placenta -
               the time I ate it it was way overcooked
        \_ How do wild turkeys differ from farmed?
2004/3/29-30 [Consumer/Audio] UID:12902 Activity:nil
3/29    Has anyone tried skype?
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:12903 Activity:nil
3/29    Cigarette lighter and ash tray for you PC:
        \_ Customers who bought this item also bought:
           a pack of marlboros
2004/3/29 [Uncategorized] UID:12904 Activity:nil
3/29    What classic movie are you most like:
        Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: .
        Schindler's List:             .
        Apocalypse Now:               ..
        The Godfather:                ..
        The Third Man:                .
        Easy Rider:                   ..
        \_ I changed the response of one question from a Neutral to a Agree
           and it went from Easy Rider to Schindler's List. the quiz sucks.
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12905 Activity:nil
3/29    U.S. Helping bring democracy to Iraq:
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12906 Activity:nil
3/29    What kind of database does use?
        \_ I think mysql, but you'd have to ask dbushong to be sure. --scotsman
2004/3/29-30 [Health/Men] UID:12907 Activity:moderate
3/29    I usually have to shave once a week, but lately I've noticed that
        I have to shave at least once every other day (that, and other
        symptoms like needing more deodorant and an urge to look at porns
        more often). Anyways it's getting really annoying & I'm thinking
        about switching to a good electric shaver that is small and
        reliable. What do you guys use?                         -asian man
        \_ puberty finally kicking in?
        \_ I've used an electric shaver for several years now and have gotten
           to the point of needing to shave everyday, even though I am
           nowhere near being a hairy guy - annoyed asian guy
        \_ A 3-circle rotating Norelco.  It's pretty old.  I'm not too happy
           with it, but I do like that it doesn't use batteries.
        \_ Skip the electric.  Use a blade.  You'll get a much closer shave.
           \_ not needed if he's asian. i use a blade. -hairy man
           \_ I'm asian, and I'm hairy. -hairy asian man.
              \_ are Indians allowed to call themselves Asian?
                 \_ Sorry.  It's against the law.
        \_ I use a shaving blade.  I shave everyday, but I don't use
           deorderant even though I smell like a barbarian.
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:12908 Activity:nil
3/29    Socialists take over France too.
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/Theory] UID:12909 Activity:kinda low 60%like:29886
3/29    What's the typical way to represent a DFA (or any other FSM) in text?
        \_ +-------+                  +-----+
           | start |---------0------> | end |
           +-------+                  +-----+
        \_ state transition table...
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12910 Activity:kinda low
3/29  What does Condi have to hide?
      \_ yea, she's Black, she must be hiding something..
      \_ What do YOU have to hide?  Why do we have that pesky 4th amendment?
      \_ What did Clarke have to hide?
            possible news program talking about the same topic.
         \_ I think the distinction here is that Clarke wasn't going on every
            possible news program talking about the same topic.  This is a
            drudgereport flurry over absolutely nothing.  Nobody is contesting
            the claiming of separation of powers concerns.  They haven't
            subpoenaed her or any others.  But members of the commission from
            both sides of the aisle are urging her to come forward.  The
            distinction is not small.  Now, if Clarke had criticized her and
            the administration for doing this, that could be a legitimate
            flash-in-the-pan topic, but this more of the same drudge drivel.
            \_ She has offered to come forward in closed session.  Only
               grandstanding politicians are insisting on public testimony.
               Specifically, Lee Hamilton said:
               "But there's another whole dimension here, and that dimension is
               the public dimension -- and I think the American public would
               benefit from hearing Condi Rice testify under oath."
               Isn't the panel trying to find out what happened?  Why does
               Hamilton think it needs to happen in public?  Answer:
               grandstanding politician.
               \_ Except he is no longer a member of congress.
            \_ she is National Security Advisor, i wouldn't want
                her to divulge anything that might help the terrorist
                alter their plans.
                \_ but if it helps get Kerry elected..let the terrorist win
                \_ I agree with you, but I don't see how this precludes her
                   testifying publicly.  She's free to say, "I'm sorry, that
                   would violate National Security" if it comes up.
                   \_ no, that's exactly why it's a priviledge for NSAs
                   to not testify publically.
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:12911 Activity:kinda low
3/28    Let's take some prespective on Dick Clark.  He was the host of
        American Bandstand through 7 presidents.  His emcee style, whatever
        it may be, obviously wasn't unpopular enough for his show to
        get on the air under Eisenhower and remain under Reagan.  So he's
        really old.  Big fucking deal.  He played the music of the bands that
        were popular.  This somehow makes him a sellout?  Does it not disturb
        you that his show is no longer on the air?  Because he hosts the
        New Years celebration, his experience is negated?  mumble mumble player
        mumble mumble haters...
2004/3/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:12912 Activity:nil
3/29    Dude, James, those were still active threads.
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12913 Activity:kinda low
3/29    Kerry self-imploding. Haha. 'faith but no deeds' about Bush
        then gets kicked out of Catholic church by Bishop because
        Kerry has no deeds that are Catholic.
        \_ he should quote scripture "remove log from own eye before
           removing spinter from GWBs"
        \_ I'm just waiting for Kerry to say he's a metrosexual
        \_ Who says it's about Bush? It was a scripture quote within a church
           where no funds were collected. The Bush-Cheney campaign is way too
           paranoid. And you obviously have no idea of what the RCC considers
           good deeds. Sigh, Christians. So ignorant of what they stand for,
           so misguided. No wonder your God has spurned you.
           \_ so "current administration" != Bush? during an election?
           yeah right moron. also, I guess the Bishop has no clue
           either, since he's the one that said Kerry can't take
           Communion in the Bishop's entire state.
           \_ he said ""our present national leadership.", that sure
           isn't Bush..
        \_ Kerry's pro-choice stance has been known for years.  The RCC's
           position on abortion has been known for years.  The RCC is trying
           to have an influence on American politics; a Catholic Senator stood
           up against this, and now you're calling this a self-implosion?
           This is a fine show of his moral character, and it stands in sharp
           contrast to Bush's lip-service to the Religious Right.  Faith but
           no works, indeed.
           \_ wow. never believed how blind people are. america is going
              into the dumper soon
              \_ soon?
              \_ Yes, it's amazing that conservative Christians can be duped
                 into thinking Bush is with them when he has as much chance
                 of getting an anti-gay marriage amendment passed as they do
                 of being taken seriously.  The piper leading the blind....
           \_ I am not an expert on theology, but can you be a pro-choice
              catholic? -- ilyas
              \_ Most Catholics are pro-life but most Catholics I know are
                 pro-choice. You can disagree with Vatican dogma and not be
                 any less Catholic. I don't know if the same is true of, say,
                 being Seven Day Adventist or Mormon though. -- ulysses
                 \_ But see, I don't understand.  The Pope, according to
                    Catholics, is the divine representative here on this Earth.
                    Questioning his dictates is questioning God.  Wouldn't that
                    make you ... a bad, sinful Catholic? -- ilyas
                    \_ Perhaps, but you'd still be Catholic.  You're only not
                       a Catholic (of your own free will) if the Pope
                       excommunicates you.
                 \_ there are liberal and conservative catholics.
                    Liberal catholics are those who don't really practice
                    Catholicism and are just borrowing the name, like Kerry.
                    \_ So the only true Catholics are the ones who follow
                       Mel Gibson's brand of pre-Vatican II Catholicism?
                       \_ there are a lot of Orthodox Catholics out there.
                             \_ irrelevant
        \_ do you have the URL?
        \_ Do you really think that The Bible belongs to the GOP?
        \_ no, but GWB didn't use scripture to tear down opponent
         like Kerry does, is Kerry above us all? He's perfect in
        his religion. *cough*
        \_ all in all, Kerry said he has freedom of choice, and his
        answere is "f$ck you pope, I can do whatever i want"
        \_ i dunno, he went skiing on Sunday instead of going to mass.
        \_ One thing about Catholics is that they represent a broad spectrum
           of voters. You have gay Catholics, conservative Catholics, etc.
                                \_ aka Priests
                                   \_ isn't that the Epsicopalian bishop?
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:12914 Activity:kinda low
3/29    So I just got back from Taiwan.  You know nearly all TV news stations
        are controlled by the opposition party (the same coverage being beamed
        into the Bay Area)?  It's no wonder you have all these people
        frothing at the mouth.  I'm ashamed to think that most Taiwanese
        people are stupid enough to believe the faked assassination theory.
        They just can't believe that their party lost, and they're annoyed
        at their stock holdings taking hits during Chen's presidency.  Lien
        beat his wife in grad school, his wife lies about it on TV, the
        opposition party has suggested that Chen's wife's accident in 1985
        was staged as well, and the opposition party is synonymous with
        corruption, vote buying, and organized crime.
        \_ huh? Lien is bad so Chen must be good?  What is your superior
           source of information?  I'm an American, trying to follow this
           in the English-speaking international press and I'm curious why
           you're so sure that the conspiracy theories about Chen are
           false, even if Lien is totally evil.
           \_ Dude, where do I say "Lien is bad so Chen must be good"?
              Re the assassination attempt, obGoogle for details, and think
              about how it could have been staged, and everything necessary
              for that.   Anyway, obGoogle for these keywords in various
              combinations:  KMT controlled television stations vote-buying
              organized crime 2/28.  You will find links to books too.
              Also, if you go to and search for
              Taiwan, you will see a story on a U.S. investigation into the
              shooting and the preliminary opinion.
        \_ So I just got back from America.  You know nearly all TV news
           stations are controlled by the Democratic Party?  It's no wonder
           you have all these people frothing at the mouth.  I'm ashamed to
           think that most American people are stupid enough to believe the
           Florida vote fixing theory.  They just can't believe that their
           party lost, and they're annoyed at their stock holdings taking
           hits during the Dot Boom.
           \_ People love a conspiracy.  The most ridiculous the better and
              more frothy the better.
           \_ The KMT has controlled Taiwan ever since it was transferred
              from Japanese control in 1945, until in 2000 when Chen won.
              The KMT has > 50% ownership in the three major TV news stations.
              As for Florida vote-fixing, it was decided by the Supreme Court,
              which was a first for a Presidential election.
        \_ I'm sure there'd be just as much outrage if the "opposition" party
           (isn't that a nice name) won, given the number of pro-independent
           Taiwan people around.  People just hate any sense of impropriety
           in important things like presidential elections
           \_ If the KMT had won, the DPP would be complaining about KMT vote-
              buying, which would be a respectable position.  Now that the
              DPP has won, the pro-KMT are complaining about a faked
              assassination, which is pretty damned dumb position to take.
              Like I said, it's the effect of KMT control of TV news, and
              people being upset about their stock holdings and their candidate
              suddenly losing when they thought they would win.
              \_ it's not *only* the faked assassination, from what I've been
                 reading.  I could care less about that part.
                 \_ So what do you care about?
              \_ The KMT is now (inexplicably) for reunification with the PRC.
                 How is this strange reversal in their position being viewed,
                 and are they getting any help/support from the PRC?
                 \_ The KMT has *not* been for reunification with the PRC
                    as of the 2004 election year.  This equals political
                    \_ Okay, so the KMT has just been Independence-neutral?
                       Is that why the PRC has been favoring them?
                       \_ The KMT is for direct trade links / better business
                          with China, and has indicated more flexibility
                          on the independence issue than the DPP.
        \_ Taiwan President Chen is like Chavez of Venezuela.  He is a
           demagogue.  Very dangerous person.  He likes to play divisive
           politics pitching taiwanese against people who came from mainland
           China in 1949 with the KMT.              - tainan taiwanese
           \_ The KMT is just plain bad.  Refresh your memory on the 2/28
              incident, and more recent stuff on vote-buying and organized
              crime links.  You may be watching too much KMT-controlled TV.
              As for China, China is bad too, in case you need reminding.
        \_ If Lien can't even out smart and out maneuver Chen in this election,
           how can the public trust him in representing taiwan in negotiations
           with PRC?  Lien is responsible for the downfall of KMT.
           A bian, A bian, Go Go Go.
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12915 Activity:low 71%like:29884
3/2  9    In mysql, I'm getting huge files like the ibdata1, logfile,
          bin files, etc. How do I compact them? Thanks.
        \_ philcompress
2004/3/29 [Uncategorized] UID:12916 Activity:nil
3/29    BOOM.
        \_ Pika!
2004/3/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:12917 Activity:very high
3/29    Isn't the PRC fascist? Why do people still refer to it as communist?
        It fits perfectly with fascism but is not communist at all. Right?
        \_ american is fascist too.
                \_ Cool!  ChiCom troll is back!  I was afraid he'd been
                   sent to re-education, or promoted to peoples' regional
                   secretary for truth or something!  Hi, ChiCom Troll!  -John
                   \_ this is your problem.  Saying PRC is a fascist is not
                      considered as troll, but saying American is fascist
                      \_ Was I commenting on your content?  Your reading
                         comprehension is as poor as your grammar.  Doesn't
                         speak highly for ChiCom peoples' education.  Welcome
                         back, ChiCom troll!  -John
                         \_ You're being silly.  He is not the real chicom
                            troll.  Just arrived at work, eh?
                            \_ ChiCom troll is not person, it attitude.
                               Back to highschool, stupid american.  -John
                               \_ nah, he's the best friend you day dream
                                  about everyday at work.
                                  \_ Yermom's not a day dream, and she's not
                                     my best friend, she's on my lap.
                                     \_ masterbating at work again, eh?
                               \_ nah, he's your imaginary best friend
                                  you day dream about at work.
           \_ Along with Republicanism...
        \_ no.
        \_ Communism is just one insidious type of fascism.
           \_ Not really. It's just that people choose to keep calling
              something communism that isn't communism.
                \- helo it is an interesting question whether communism and
                   fascism, call them totalitarian ideologies, are essentially
                   identical due to structural factors or the "substance
                   of the ideology" rather than the structure [say class vs
                   nation/ethnic focus] plays the dominant role in defining
                   its character. you may wish to read "Revolutionary Change"
                   written by Chamlers Johnson before he went insane or this
                   book by R. Paxton: ok tnx. --psb
                   \_ Communism is not a totalitarian ideology per se, it is
                      an economic system which can only be achieved by
                      compulsion.  (One wonders sometimes if this is true, to
                      some extent, of any civilized economic system which
                      relies on abstractions such as property).  Fascism is a
                      more complicated concept, but I don't believe it needs to
                      be necessarily totalitarian either.  Most people who
                      accuse people or states of fascism these days (e.g. "Bush
                      is fascist!") have no idea what the word means.  I don't
                      believe fascism and communism have anything in common,
                      aside from the fact that they lend 'color' or 'charge',
                      if you like, to government.  Twentieth century made a
                      convincing case that governments should remain as
                      colorless as possible. -- ilyas
                      \- per se, communism isnt communism per se. --psb
                         \_ That's nice, Partha. -- ilyas
                            \- not as good as: "The women at fandom cons are
                               bi and large, by and large." --psb
                      \_ What does it mean? that's my real question. I did do
                         some reading on it now and I see why the PRC doesn't
                         really fit that term. But, I can also see how aspects
                         associated with fascism can be used by both PRC
                         and USA (appeals to nationalism, fearmongering,
                         scapegoating, militarism/patriotism, propaganda).
                         But I think authoritarianism is intrinsic to fascism.
                         The only communism we've seen is the Stalinist brand
                         of totalitarianism. Modern China with its economic
                         ventures seems to have abandoned communism.
                         \_ yes, China have abandoned communism since 1985,
                            *YEARS* before Berlin Wall came down.
                            \_ nonsense.  the government still controls the
                               entire economy.  just because you're now allowed
                               to own an apple cart or a small factory that
                               makes a few widgets doesn't mean they've
                                \_ ussr?  ussr is no more.  otoh, russia under
                                   putin has wisely decided to follow in
                                   china's path of capitalism under strong
                                   authoritarian rule, reversing russia's failed
                                   experiment with democracy.  this was also
                                   the proven path followed by many US allies
                                   such as japan, s.korea, taiwan, singapore.
                                   and the world is voting with their hard
                                   earned money pouring them into russia and
                                   china.  check out stock symbol mbt or vip,
                                   i am buying a beemer using earnings from
                                   those stocks.  the only people who can
                                   attain democracy and capitalism in the
                                   reverse order are the indians, and even
                                   then, it's under strong nationalistic
                                   leadership of the BJP party.
                            *YEARS* before Berlin Wall came down.
                               suddenly turned into a capitalist society.  they
                               have only just caught up to where stalin's
                               ussr was more than 50 years ago.
                         \_ Actually I take it back.  Classic, Mussolini-style
                            fascism cannot help but be totalitarian in human
                            societies. -- ilyas
                                      \-YMWTGF(ant, spider, bee, bacon) --psb
                            \_ human societies?
                               \_ The Bugs are facist by nature.
                                      \-YMWTGF(ant, spider, bee, bacon) --psb
                                        \_ bugs aren't totalitarian.
                                  \_ Not necessarily bugs.  Humans are just not
                                     collectivist enough, they like small packs.
                                     An interesting take on how a collectivist
                                     human society would come about, see
                   book by R. Paxton: ok tnx. --psb
                                     collectivist enough, they like small packs.
                                       -- ilyas
                                     Herbert's "Hellstrom's Hive" (yes, same
                                     Herbert). -- ilyas
                                     \_ if humans were collectivist like bugs
                                        we'd be doing about as well which is
                                        to say not very well at all overall.
                                         \- sort of like france :-) --psb
                   \_ Why nobody ever complains that psb write incoherent
                      English sentences?
                      \_ because we know he could form coherent sentences
                         if he wanted to. otoh, we can and do complain that
                         he's a lazy bastard.
        \_ nah, it's better described as authoritarian planned-economy
                 \- sort of like france :-) --psb
                    \_ "A specter is haunting Europe..." -- ilyas
2004/3/29-30 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:12918 Activity:nil
3/29    Is it typical for cellular providers to offer a waiver of activation
        fees? Do you have to go to a local dealer to get a deal like that,
        or what? Thanks.
        \_ tmobile doesn't, but instead you can get huge rebates that cover
           it and more instead.  Search for tmobile on
           \_ i've bought cell phones for friends and family from
                and both offer great prices, but letstalk lets
                you talk to a person. this is helpful if you want to do family
                plans where you are transferring 2 numbers or other non-
                standard business. they go back and forth on who offers better
                \_ so in general, do you guys prefer getting service from local
                   dealers or online places, and why?
                   \_ Ob-I prefer getting service from yermom.
        \_ Order online for waived activation fees
           \_ one year or two year commitment?
2004/3/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:12919 Activity:nil
3/29    Didn't one of the internet map engine thingies used to include
        overhead maps from satellites or something?  Where'd it go?
        \_ i think microsoft had something called terraserver.
        \_ this is the best:
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:12920 Activity:high
3/29    I'm installing binaries for both OsX and Linux and I'd like all the
        users to have /usr/bin/<files> to be accessible. I thought about
        /usr/bin/<files> for generic stuff (like scripts) and
        /usr/bin/<platform>/<files> for platform specific things.
        What is the correct approach to this?
        \_ there are obviously several ways to do this, and "correct" is mostly
           relative. what you describe is probably the most typical way to
           do it though.
        \_ FreeBSD way: put all the base stuff in /usr/bin.  Platform supported
           stuff goes in /usr/local/bin (eg, ports and pkgs).  If you're not
           using the provided pkg management stuff, put it in /opt.
        \_ multiplatform support is a sysadm nightmare. Enjoy patching?
           Upgrading Perl/CPAN/emacs and all that crap? Now you've got
           2X the problem. There is only one correct way to deal with this.
           One OS, nothing else. The correct OS to use is FreeBSD.
           \- while the above post begs the question, i think there is
              a lot to be said for not worrying about having a shared
              dir for "sharable" codes. disk is cheap so i'd just ask to
              a lot of be said for not worrying about having a shared
              dir for "sharable" codes. disk is cheep so i'd just ask soon
              have disjoint os specific trees and not worry about duplication
              or keeping them in sync. --psb
        \_ Why would you want to do that?  Darwin and Linux do not have RW
           compatible drivers except for old fashioned HFS (no +).
2004/3/29 [Uncategorized] UID:29883 Activity:nil 50%like:12894
        10-10 plan with no monthly charge/minimum?
           This stuff's pretty cool. You need a decent broadband connection
           but you can say goodbye to SBC for almost everything (you still
           need them for DSL). I used my friend's box to call Germany and
           it worked like a charm. The line quality was crystal clear and
           it worked transparently. There's a $15 monthly charge. I think
           Circuit City has a promotion.
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:29884 Activity:low 71%like:12915
3/29    In mysql, I'm getting huge files like the ibdata1, logfile,
        bin files, etc. How do I compact them? Thanks.
        \_ philcompress
2004/3/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29885 Activity:nil
3/29    motd has been kind of dead lately. What's going on?
        \_ New Fry's opened at Concord. Anime porn half off.
           \_ Who cares about anime porn. How about those booth babes.
           \_ mmm... tentacles...
                     \_ Eww!
           \_ are anime and manga the same thing? or does manga only refer
                to comic books? and hentai is japanamation porn?
                No definitions found for "bukkake"
                \_ 'Hentai' means 'perv' and refers to sexually-explicit comics
                   'Manga' is comics
                   'bukkake' ... google it (NSFW)
                    \_ what is nsfw? not safe for work?
                       \_ yes
              \_ anime is video; manga is comics.  As for definitions:
2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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