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2004/3/24 [Consumer/Audio] UID:12826 Activity:nil
3/24    Iriver owners:  Anyone know an attachment similar to the itrip that
        works on the iriver?  -John
        \_ The only thing "special" about iTrip is that it gets its juice
           from the iPod directly.  There's a lot of battery powered FM
           transmitters that can be had for about $20-30.  I got the Belkin
           one, but you can only select from four different frequencies: All
           of which are occupied whenever I drive over to my folks' in Modesto.
           So just get one that allows you to select more than 4 frequencies.
           \_ Yeah I know, but I was hoping for something as small as the
              itrip without cables to dick around with.  Thanks tho.  -John
              \_ The Belkin one has a very short cable, only about 3-4 inches.
                 I don't think iRiverhas enough pop culture status in US for
                 any US companies to make the effort.  I have run across a
                 Taiwanese company that made rubber skins for iRiver stuff,
                 so you may have to look into Asian markets for such a product.
                 You have it iHP?  Are the headphone plug and the power plug
                 on the same side?  That's what made sense for iTrip.
          \_ Speaking of the iTrip, it seems to give a stronger signal
             when I also have the iPod plugged in with a car charger.
             Kind of makes me wonder if the combo transmitter/charger
             unit from Monster would be even better ... more juice?
2004/3/24 [Uncategorized] UID:12827 Activity:nil
3/23    I seem to be getting sniffles from one of my pillows.  Does that
        happen to anybody else?  What are the pros and cons of feather and
        foam pillows?  THANKS.
        \_ You are probably developing an allergy to chicken feathers. Switch
           to a hypoallergenic pillow or foam and see if it goes away.
           \_ foam has significant amounts of chemicals (e.g., formaldehyde),
              and these chemicals are showing up in breast milk of all
              places. foam is bad!
        \_ on a side note, anyone know where to get cheap posturpedic-style
           pillows? the ones sold at Brookstone are such a ripoff.
           \_ i bought a buckwheat pillow at walgreen's for $10. is that what
                you are talking about?
        \_ try washing it more often?
        \_ stop fucking it!  you pervert!
2004/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12828 Activity:nil
3/24    Anyone know of an xterm that can be moved between X servers? --jwm
        \- emacs used to be. not sure of current status. --psb
           \_ what a helpful response.
              \- why dont you let jwm decide that. this is the advantage of
                 non-anon help requests. i know jwm and know is he capable of
                 investing this if worthwhile to him. he knows me and can
                 decide whether to mail me. you, sir, are the swine in this
                 casting exercise. --psb
                 \- BTW, I went to look something up in the emacs info node
                    and looked this up too. You can google for "emacs mutiple
                    displays create frame" for starters. --psb
                 \_ You are an imposter. The real psb rises above all slights
                    and simply, smugly knows he is superior. -- psb #53 fan
        \_ its not *exactly* the same thing, but you can get a similar result
           with screen run inside of any xterm.  screen -a to start the
           session. Go to other X server, open up an xterm and then 'screen -r'
           to attach to the terminal session in the first xterm.  you can use
           screen -r -x to multiply attach to the same xterm session.
           SCREEN RULES!  -ERic
           \_ ERic R00LZ!  -John
           \_ that teaches me for not reading the man page throughly.  I
              never knew about the -x option!  Thanks dude!
2004/3/24 [Reference/Tax] UID:12829 Activity:nil
3/24    Are you having trouble with TurboTax and TurboTax State?
        \_ efiled everything over the weekend. no problems.
        \_ my stock losses actually helped me this time.
2004/3/24 [Uncategorized] UID:12830 Activity:nil
3/24    Anyone know a place in downtown Berkeley that serves a Thai fishball
        noodle soup as good as the one at Wat Mongkolratanaram?
2004/3/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:12831 Activity:nil
3/24    I'm being asked convert a simple ASP script from IIS to Apache.
        The script is written in VB and all it does is echo back the cookies and
        query string params of the HTTP request, along with a hardcoded body.
        What's the easiest way to write something to do the same thing using
        Apache.  Ideas or pointers to sample code is appreciated.
        \_ I think you'll need a scriptng language along with Apache.
           Try a PHP or Perl/CGI script.
        \_ PHP has a phpinfo() function that will print out the entire
           environment for you, if you're just looking for a debug tool.  If you
           really need to port this specific page, PHP is still a good candidate.
        \_ I think you need to learn how to format properly.
2004/3/24 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:12832 Activity:nil
3/24    I have an interview at google soon for some sort of sysadmin
        position.  The HR person said google has "the google way" of
        interviewing.  What does that mean?  Are there any google people
        here or people who have interviewed there recently on the motd?  What
        should I expect?  I'm scheduled for about 4.5 hours including lunch
        with a manager.  Thanks!
        \_ The have a set of problems they want you to solve and will split
           them amongst the sets of people who will interview you. They then
           hand off the checklist from group to group. Some of the questions
           are very random "thinking process" type questions and some are
           actually applicable to the IT slot you are interviewing for.
        \_ think of random names that you can drop to show your knowledge.
           you'll probably have at least one stanfurd or cal grad... so you can
           make an acute reference to P&H and how that relates to sysadminning.
           this sounds like an asshole maneuver, but the purpose is to bond
           with the interviewer and make them nostalgic of the good ol college
           days. also, it's always good to touch up on random puzzle questions.
           -!google employee
           \_ Dropping BS in an interview is a great way to get a job you don't
              want.  Be yourself, think of some good questions and don't take
              any crap.  Remember, you need to decide if *you* want to work
              there, just as they need to decide if they want you to work
           \_ What is "P&H"?
              \_ Patterson & Hennessy I'd guess.  Textbook for cs61c.
                 \_ If you need to reference a lower division text to
                    impress someone on an interview, don't.  Your interviewer
                    will not be impressed.
                    \_ They use that book in CS 152 and there is also a
                        graduate version of the book too. You can reference
                        Sussman&Sussman if you think you're elite.
                        \_ Do they use Patterson & Hennessy in CS152 also?
                           How weak.  I thought they used to teach H&P in
                           that class.
                        \_ Just avoid referencing text books in general.
                           Text books are not impressive.
                 \_ I can never keep P&H and H&P straight.
           \_ Um, what the fuck does P&H have to do with system administration?
                           \_ If I say fuck, I mean fuck.  Please don't censor
                              it ``for the children.''
              - worked as a sysadmin, TA'ed with Patterson, and guest
                lectured for 61C
              \_ doesn't p&h cover the basics of "what is a processor",
                 "what is a disk", "what is io", "what is memory", etc.?
                 probably useful for your advanced sysadmin.
                 \_ Sounds more like a requirement to call yourself an
                    advanced sysadmin.
        \_ Expect them to ask you for your GPA and SAT scores. No joke.
           \_ They never asked me this. -- ilyas
              \_ IIRC they didn't offer you a job either.  Perhaps they didn't
                 feel the need.
                 \_ Perhaps.  I would be surprised if they asked this of
                    anyone, they seemed more clue-enabled than that.  Also
                    I know some google employees, and their GPAs...
                      -- ilyas
2004/3/24 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:12833 Activity:nil
3/24    When are Bay Area home prices going to drop again?
        \_ When interest rates go up, home prices will drop.
        \_ never any significant amount.  prices drift up and down a bit but
           it's a game of 5 steps up, 1 step down.  repeat until priced out
           of market.
        \_ After the "Big One" destroys most of the region's infrastructure
           causing the local economy to collapse, forcing the feds to bailout
           big insurance companies despite the fact that most homeowners didn't
           buy earthquake insurance and are taking a total wash on their red
           tagged homes, the prices will dip for land. However it will be
           impossible to build a home to replace it during the next five years.
2004/3/24 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:12834 Activity:nil
3/24    Clarke told reporters different story in 2002 background briefing
        \_ Okay, now try a news source that isn't rabidly right-wing.
           \_ Cnn is rabidly right-wing.. umm whatever Lenin.
              \_ Sorry my sarcasm was too subtle for you.
                 \_ Apology Accepted.
2004/3/24 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12835 Activity:nil
3/24    Kansas City Kerry - at 1971 meeting where plans to assasinate
        US Senators were discussed.
        \_ Gave up on the Drudge Report intern rumor, eh?
           I see you found an even more respectable publication
           to follow.
2004/3/24 [Reference/Religion] UID:12836 Activity:nil
3/24    NYTimes' William Saffire on 'Under God' in the Pledge of Allegciance
        He says the guy who brought the suit is an idiot, but the words
        'under god' should never have been added, but we shouldn't take them
        out because it would offend religious people.  I don't get it.
        \_ WILLIAM SAFIRE, The New York Times' in-house "conservative"
           -- who endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992 ....  -- Ann Coutler
        \_ What's with the "indivisible" part of it? Why isn't the USA
           divisible? That's against my religion.
           \_ They tried dividing it, and there was a big war.  Nobody wants
              to try again.
              \_ speak for yourself.
           \_ there isn't even justice for all. only the liberals who
              control the courts
              \_ yeah, those masters of puppets. we should kill 'em all.
        \_ time to stock up on bullets for the coming Civil War
           \_ Eight months and counting...
           \_ What civil war?  The religious types run the military, and
              the whiny athesits don't have guns.  If it comes to that, I
              suggest you find Jesus real fast.  The atheists ain't gonna
              last long.  They exist by the grace of the Christians.
              \_ So you're saying atheists exist because Christians are being
                 gracious enough to not murder them?
                 \_ More or less.  See how long a true Atheist lasts in
                    the Middle East.  (I was refering to the context of
                    a civil war, Christians vs Atheists, doofus.  A
                    little too tounge in cheek for ya'?)
              \_ I'm an atheist *and* a good shot buddy.
        \_ I think it's pretty obvious.  It was put in by the legislature
           (I assume) and found constitutional then.  It's not forcing
                          \_ Um..  read up on the process of judicial review.
           religion on anyone, it's the universal conept of God.
           Therefore taking it out by the supreme court is overbearing and
           just increases the "activist judges" claims.  Take it out by
           legislature if you want it out.
           \_ It forces the idea that there is a god.  You know the religious
              types would claim they're being opressed if the pledge said
              "without god" instead.
              \_ As I said, make that argument to the legislature.
                 \_ The Supreme Court should enforce the law that says
                    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
                     religion..."  By inserting reverance to a single god into
                     a government document, that seems like a violation of
                     the constitution.  It's the job of the courts to defend
                     the constitution from lesser laws that conflict with it.
                     \_ excuse me, Goverment documents != Laws - sorry
                     \_ please name the Statute or Ordinance where it
                        forces people to worship God?
        \_ okay, what is the specific law that they are talking about
          that is forcing people to say "under God"?
          \_ Nobody is forced to say it.  The controversy is about the fact
             that it is a commonly-used government text.  In many states,
             school children are required to listen to the pledge.
             \_ then it's not unconstitutional, no law was made that
                established a religion or God
        \_ why are people forgetting that laws are specific Statutes or
        Ordinances that are enforceable by the Executive Branch? the
        Pledge of Allegiance is not enforceable and there is no
        punishment for not stating it.
        \_ In a lot os states, there is punishment for a school which fails to
           lead its students in the pledge.  The students are effectively
           required to listen to the idea that the US is a 'under' or subject
           to monotheism.
           \_ that is up for the States to decide, "Congress shall make
              no law" refers to the Federal Level. States should be
              able to do whatever they want
           \_ well if there is a God, the whole universe is subject to it.
           \_ so putting up the 10 commandments is also forcing people
              to listen to the idea that a God exists?
2004/3/24 [Uncategorized] UID:12837 Activity:nil
3/24    Study: Undergrad enrollment in engineering/CS dropped 19% last year.
        \_ Wahoo!  Now we can have fun again.
        \_ Good riddance. Those 19% probably were mostly "make money fast"
        \_ Cal students should ignore the trends when picking majors.
           "Berkeley" carries lots of brand recognition & respect among
2004/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:12838 Activity:nil
3/24    Okay, so I've got a potential employer asking for a code sample after
        an apparently successful second-round interview.  Any suggestions on
        what I should send them codewise?
        \_ Write a web server in postscript.  It worked for jwz.
                 \- jwz's rule of software engineering: programs add features
                    until they can read mail. rule of jwz software engineering:
                    jwz adds features until it takes up all memory and cpu
                    resources --psb
                    \_   "\_" is not "\_".   "\_" is ugly. use SHIFT.
                        \_ psb predates shift.  learn how to space correctly.
                           \- spacing correctly wastes space. 80 col trumps
                              double spacing after "." "-foo" is ugly.
                              use "--foo". --psb
                              \_ I'll use "--foo" if you'll use "\_". --dude
                        \_ The laws of men do not apply to the gods.
           Alternatively, write something traditionally thought of as hard or
           complex in an elegant way using a lesser known language like scheme.
           For example, you can do cooperative multitasking in scheme using
           the callcc primitive in about forty lines.  Ask nweaver if you've
           never seen this.
2004/3/24 [Reference/Religion] UID:12839 Activity:nil
3/24    if just hearing the word God sqinches your panties, then you
        are definately religious
        \_ What if it makes me wet?
2004/3/24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:12840 Activity:high
3/24    Moroccan Jewish Leader: Killing of Hamas Founder "An Act of Bestiality"  -- 3 chars shorter!
        \_ If you look hard enough, you will always find people who hate their
           own people, like the jews who collaborated with Nazis.  They're
           known as self-haters.
           \_ That's right. Just like how the Democrats hate America.
           \_ Why ya gotta be a player hater?
2004/3/24 [Recreation/Computer, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:12841 Activity:nil
3/24    Oh, where is the outrage?
        \_ From the article, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be
           outraged about.  He's a lying journalist, fire him, put him in
           prison, whatever they do these days.  I don't care what COLOR
           his is.  What's with all this crap about him being white?
           \_ Because dearie, when Jayson Blair was caught with his pants down
              the race card was played in full.  The column was satire, if you
              hadn't noticed.
              \_ Yeah, but that's because old Blair had played the
                 racecard to get where he was.  (Or at least the people
                 around him had.)
                 \_ Sorry, not taking your bait...
2004/3/24 [Reference/Religion] UID:12842 Activity:nil
3/24    acknowledging God != religion
        \_ More to the point, acknowledging God != establishing religion
        Religion is a very exact way of trying to approch God.
        Atheist acknowledge the absence of God , whether he exists
        or not, they are establishing the fact that he could exist
        and that is either religious or not religious, Either way,
        not stating God is either establishing atheism as a religion
        or stating God is not religious but acknowledging he could
        \_ Not stating God is not stating Atheism.
           Stating there is no God is stating Atheism.
        \_ I think you're confusing Atheism with agnosticism.  Atheism is
           a religion.
           \_ 'Strong' Atheism = "There is no God."
              'Weak' Atheism = "The case for God remains unproven."
              \_ I think you're confusing Atheism with agnosticism.  Atheism
                 is a religion.
                 \_ Religion: 1. The outward act or form by which men
                    indicate their recognition of the existence of a
                    god or of gods having power over their destiny.
                    So, atheism is by definition not a religion.  -tom
                    \_ Definitions of religion and atheism are fluid and
                       sticky. Here's one way to look at it: religion can be
                       defined as a belief system based on faith, not proof.
                       An atheist believes God doesn't exist even if it can't
                       be proven that God doesn't exist. A Christian believes
                       God exists even if it can't be proven that God exists.
                       So both are religions. Agnostics are actually less of
                       a religion, since agnostics aren't sure either way and
                       need some sort of proof to make up their minds.
                       \_ alt.atheism agrees with you, tom is a twink
                          \_ alt.atheism claims that atheism is a religion?
                             I think not.
                       \_ Well I believe religion involves a system of belief.
                          Not just existence/nonexistence. You could say that
                          simple theism isn't a religion, and I'd could agree,
                          but who is just a theist without any further belief?
                          You'd be believing there's a god without any notion
                          or system of behavior associated with it, which is
                          pretty rare, basically impossible depending on your
                          definition of what god is.
                       \_ Religion cannot be defined as "a belief system based
                          on faith, not proof."  Well, you can define it that
                          way, but your definition will have no validity
                          outside of your own skull.
                          \_ m-w has 4 definitions for religion, one of them
                             is "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held
                             to with ardor and faith", and one of the
                             definitions of faith is "firm belief in something
                             for which there is no proof", so I don't think
                             the definition given is "invalid". I understand
                             that it's not your definition, and that's fine.
                             \_ In addition to having no clue theoolgically,
                                you also can't read a dictionary.  -tom
                             \_ Good point.  And while I do not believe in
                                Santa Claus, I have no definitive proof that
                                the occasional present that noone has any
                                idea who gave it is not, in fact, from
                                Santa.  So, I guess I am religious.
                          In addition, believing something *does* exist, with
                          no proof, is not the same as believing something
                          *doesn't* exist.  The burden of proof is on the
                          person who claims that something exists--if there's
                          no evidence that something exists, why should
                          anyone believe it does?  So atheism isn't even
                          a belief system--it's just an examination of the
                          available facts.  -tom
                          \_ Why is it more natural to assume that something
                             doesn't exist than to assume it does? -- ilyas
                             \_ because the set of things that exist is
                                finite, and the set of things that don't
                                exist is infinite.  -tom
                                \_ The set of things that exist is not
                                   necessarily finite.  No one knows how large
                                   the Universe is.  Also, a more reasonable
                                   rule is that the burden of proof is on
                                   the person whose hypothesis is more
                                   'expensive'.  For instance, I think the sun
                                   exists, and someone might not.  The burden
                                   of proof ought not be on me, it seems.
                                   You can argue that God is more expensive to
                                   assume than no God, but that's a whole
                                   separate discussion.  Personally, I believe
                                   even that rule is too rigid, and that
                                   the burden of proof is on anyone who
                                   proposes anything, regardless of what
                                   their hypothesis claims. -- ilyas
                                   \_ Just because a set is finite doesn't
                                      mean you can't add to it.  Besides,
                                      God is more expensive because he
                                      wants 10% of your income.
                                \_ huh? how can you quantify things that
                                do not exists?
                                   \_ set of possibilities != existing
                                \_ take a math course please
                                \_ haha= so ZERO = INFINITY?
                             \_ Because there's no evidence for it. Things that
                                exist have evidence for their existence.
                          \_ so why do you ignore the fact that millions
                           if not billions of people believe in God?
                           That was be circumstantial evidence to prove
                           that you must as an atheist acknowledge the
                           the possibility that God does exist.
                              \_ What other people believe isn't relevant to
                                 truth. We know lots of cases in history
                                 where people believed something untrue.
                                 Additionally, the fact that all these people
                                 can't agree on the nature of god, and have
                                 lots of variations, and often don't act as
                                 if they truly believe what they say, and
                                 when asked admit they don't really know for
                                 sure and rely on faith, can be seen as
                                 against the existence of god. In fact,
                                 observational evidence tells me there's no
                                 sign of any god and never has been.
                           \_ Are you trying to convert me by speaking in
                              tongues?  Millions of people believe that
                              Britney Spears has talent, that doesn't make
                              it true.  -tom
                        \_ alt.atheism agrees with you, tom is a twink
                 \_ I'm not confusing anything.  I simply offered a definition
                    that you disagree with.
                    \_ him and the entire secular society that knows anything
           \_ "There is not Santa Claus"  -Would you say this is also a
              religion, by your above definition?  How about "There are no
              underpants gnomes"?
              \_ just stating the existance of something doesn't make that
                 a religion.
              \_ I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at here.  All
                 I'm saying is that it's difficult to prove the
                 nonexistance of anything.  Atheists believe there is no
                 God.  Religion is just a question of existance that is
                 so important it defines a person's view of the universe.
                 I don't think the existance or nonexistance of Santa
                 Clause carries the same wieght.
        \_ Huh?  What kind of circular run-on talk is this?
        \_ If you're not informed enough to know the distinction between
           an atheist and an agnostic, why should we listen to your poorly
           worded and convoluted thoughts on religion and presumably its
           role in government?
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