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2004/3/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12811 Activity:nil
3/22    Solider arrested for being horny and poor.
        It's not written there but supposedly the expense for conventional
        arrangement costs 5000 US$!
        \_ uhm... wow.  I'm glad I live in the first world.
2004/3/23 [Computer/HW] UID:12812 Activity:nil
3/22    Time on soda is ~ 10 seconds faster than my pc, which takes time
        from some time server (although I am not sure if it actually works).
        So is soda's clock synchronized with some time server regularly?
        \_ man ntpd
        \_ soda%> ntpq -pn
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
*    .GPS.            1 u  821 1024  377    0.783   -7.552   0.151
+    .GPS.            1 u  535 1024  377   73.467   25.477   0.091
+   .USNO.           1 u  534 1024  377   71.644   -4.707   0.020
2004/3/23 [ERROR, uid:12813, category id '18005#9.18625' has no name! , ] UID:12813 Activity:nil
3/22    What media bias?
        List on the page reads like a whos who of slimy Commies,
        oh sorry 'progressives', installed at your favorite
        media outlets.
2004/3/23-24 [Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:12814 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
3/23    William Hung Inspiration (iTMS Exclusive):
2004/3/23-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:12815 Activity:moderate
3/23    Car experts, I need some advice/help. Steering wheel vibrates
        slightly when car is stopped (after warming up), but vibration
        goes away as soon as I hit the gas padel. also at speed around
        75+ mph, does not seem to run as smooth as it did before
        (steering wheel vibrates very slightly) what could be the cause? i
        am fairly certain it is not the tire balance as these are new
        tires and I have another place check the tire balance and all
        4 are pretty good. so is this: idle speed adjustment needed?
        fuel injector cleaning? (dealer recommends it but i never did
        it, car is around 65k, 5 years maxima) all maintenance and
        service was up to date. thanks a lot. Engine tune up?? Thx!!
           \_ I suppose you think homeopathy doesn't work, right?
        4 are pretty good. so is this: idle speed adjustment needed?
        fuel injector cleaning? (dealer recommends it but i never did
        it, car is around 65k, 5 years maxima) all maintenance and
        service was up to date. thanks a lot. Engine tune up?? Thx!!
        \_ Are you sure that only the steering wheel vibrates or does
           the rest of the car too. I think the only link between the
           steering and the engine is the power steering pump. Vibrating
           steering wheel during braking is usually an indicator of
           a warped brake rotor which you would need to have replaced
           or refinished. Vibration during acceleration on a front-wheel-
           drive car is an indicator of a bad CV joint.
           \_ it does not vib on breaking, nor on accelerating.
        \_ easy first test - buy a pack of the chevron fuel injector
           cleaner from costco or grand auto (much cheaper at costco),
           and see if that helps.  Oh, and check your power steering
           fluid level.  Check ALL of the fluid levels, since it's easy.
           \_ dumb question, so i put the fuel injector cleaner into the gas
              tank and just drive as normal? my dealer wants $100 to do the
              fuel injector service. would the cleaner do the job equally good?
              \_ No, but probably 80% if you've never used it before.  Note
                 that it's a bad idea to overuse the cleaner as it can
                 corrode the rubber seals.  Since you're asking, I'd
                 \_ that's interesting, I didn't know that - where did you
                    hear about that? - injector cleaner recommender from above
                    \_  Various mechanics, as well as the warnings written on
                        bottles (varies from product to product).  One guy told
                        me I could double up on the regular "fuel treatment"
                        stuff (2 bottles/tank) for my older model car and it
                        wouldn't hurt, but I believe fuel injector cleaner is
                        somewhat harsher, and should only be used every
                        few years or so.  It's not as bad as those "seal
                        conditioners" or "stop leak" treatments, (which soften
                        the rubber and cause it to expand-- stops the leak but
                        the rubber will then rot away much faster), but
                        somewhat corrosive nonetheless.
                 recommend the cleaner over the dealer this time around.
                 Also, a little vibration is not a cause for alarm; I've
                 noticed this in a lot of cars.  If you're at a stoplight
                 for awhile, you can shift in and out of neutral without
                 pressing the button on the "shifter".  Oh, and as for
                 usage: pour in the bottle on a nearly empty tank, then
                 fill it up with gas. It helps to do this prior to a long
                 drive, because the additives can evaporate.
        \_ thanks a lot for all the answers. someone also suggested checking
           the spark plug gap, could the gap cause engine performance problem?
           \_ Depends.  Have you been following the normal maintenance
              schedule?  Have they changed the spark plugs as
              described in that schedule?  What brand car is it?
              \_ yes. yes, the spark plugs was just changed at 60k (car
                 now at 65k). one of my car friend mentioned this to me, not
                 that I really know what it means. the car is a Nissan Maxima.
                 \_ it means that the gap between the anode and the cathode
                    (where the spark fires) needs to be the right size.
                    You can find the proper gap size in your owner's manual,
                    and there are tools for bending the prong to the right
                    position if it's not there already.
                 \_ Not likely. A gap problem would be occuring during
                    acceleration or coasting. This sounds unrelated.
        \_ Perhaps a mount has broken. This is usually more obvious at
           idle and low speeds than high speeds.  --dim
        \_ This problem could be caused by several problems.  As you mentioned
           idle speed adjustment, spark plug gap-ing, but it could also be
           valve clearance, fuel flter, timing belt/timing, etc...also, you
           should read the manual on using gas treatments and fuel injector
           cleaners. I remember my friend's maxima manual specifically said
           try not to use any gas treatments.
        \_ tighten the steering wheel.
2004/3/23 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12816 Activity:high
3/23    True Southern Comedy of the Day:
        McCallister, Oklahoma: The presiding judge in the Oklahoma trial
        against Terry Nichols (already serving a life sentence on Federal
        charges) stormed onto the bench an hour late yesterday and berated
        the prosecution because 3 of the jurors were related to one of the
        prosecutors.  Said a representative for the prosecution, "dang, I
        s'pose you'd like to try'n find 12 people in Oklahoma that warn't
        relations?"     (--via NPR)
        \_ McNichols?
           \_ I forgot to celebrate St Patrick's day and I'm compensating.
           \_ He's being brought to McJustice
        \_ What a knee slapper!  Those hicks in flyover country sure do make
           great targets for vicious humor!  Thank g-d they're all white
           because talking like that about anyone else would be racist!
           \_ How is this racist?  It's just a judge making fun of people
              in Oklahoma.
              \_ 1) it wasn't the judge, 2) it was npr, 3) i question if it
                 happened at all or was taken out of context.  It's just more
                 of npr's holier than thou bullshit.
                 \_ Actually, the judge stormed up to the bench and berated
                    the prosecution for this.  The prosecution did not make
                    the aformentioned remark concerning relations.  Neither
                    did NPR. All dubious comments were added by the op for
                    questionable humorous effect.
                    \_ Ok, so the racism is home grown on the motd.  Thanks
                       for clarifying that.  I wasn't able to find it on the
                       \_ Anytime.  Gotta ask, though: have you ever really
                          listened to NPR?  If you have, where do you get the
                          idea that they would even broadcast something like
           \_ I don't think it's racist to make fun of your own race.  Since
              whites are the majority, anonymous posts can be assumed to be
              white people unless there is evidence to the contrary.  I'm not
              offended by that joke, but if it was written by a non-white I
              might be a little offended. --Whitey
              \_ "White" is too broad. So many people count as whites, from
                 nordics to mediterranean people to slavs and arabs and jews.
                 Clearly these groups don't all identify with each other.
                 But regardless of race, we can all make fun of poor rural
              \_ At Berkeley, especially in CS, you can assume it was written
                 by an Asian and in any event it is *not* okay to make racist
                 remarks about *anyone*.  And in this case, even if it was a
                 white on white attack, it is still an insult to people in the
                 mid-west because "we're better than they are, they're just a
                 bunch of racist white ignorant inbred christians!" which is
                 exactly the sort of label that no one else would or should
                 have to tolerate or accept.  If blacks were 51% of the
                 population would you think calling them all niggers was ok?
                 I suspect not.
                 \_ I didn't say it's OK to make fun of the majority.  I said
                    it's OK to make fun of your own race, and that when
                    someone's race is unknown, it's reasonable to assume they
                    belong to the majority. --Whitey
                    \_ That's fine.  The assumption here should still be
                       Asian and making fun of your own race is not ok because
                       it only furthers stereotypes and hurts not only your
                       race (stupid word but I'll go with it) but people of
                       other races by reinforcing their ignorance as well.
                 \_ I gather that you are an asian, but let me tell you there
                    are plenty of whites in CS and you refuse to notice.
                    \_ It's simple math.  He said whites are a majority and
                       therefore (his logic) it is ok to say hateful things
                       about whites.  I've already responded to the second part
                       about all racism=bad.  Here's the math part: whites are
                       not the majority.  Asians are.  Thus his assumption that
                       a white was writing the post based solely on the numbers
                       is incorrect.  Anyway, why the hell do I have to tell
                       *anyone* from Berkeley that racism is bad?  There is no
                       such thing as *good* racism.  Why the heavy handed
                       insistence that some kinds of racism are ok for various
                       random 'reasons'?  Go find something that is actually
                       funny without abusing someone for merely being different
                       from you.
2004/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12817 Activity:very high
3/23    What's the easiest way to find all files on a unix box that contain
        both the words 'imap' and 'pop' on different lines. I'm trying to
        find a courier authd config file that I swear had lines for turning
        on and off different protocols (pop3 and imapd) but I can't find it
        anywhere. and I can't find any references to it. -brett
        \_ hrm.
        egrep -ri '(imap|pop)' / | grep -iv 'imap.*pop' | grep -iv 'pop.*imap'
          \_ your grep only matches if they are on the same line.
             for speed, i recomend using file to *not* check binaries.
             \_ Picky picky.  use egrep -I, then.  and no, it doesn't match
                "only if they are on the same line".  man egrep.  And no, it
                doesn't guarantee that both are in the file, but i've set you
                on the road to recovery.  For the task at hand, this should
                be sufficient.. --scotsman
        \_ find / -type f -print0 | xargs -0 fgrep -iIl imap \
           | perl -pe 's/\n/\0/' | xargs -0 fgrep -iH pop | fgrep -iv imap \
           | cut -d: -f1 | sort -u      --dbushong
           (this doesn't work for files w/ : in the name; i'll think about
           \_ I think I must by smoking crack, be cause the file that I'm
              searching for doesn't appear to exist. I thought there was a
        \_ I think I must by smoking crack, cause the file that I'm searching
           for doesn't appear to exist. I thought it was a courier authd
           file, but maybe I'm confusing it with something I only half remember.
        \_ this is a terrible approach.  strace/truss the daemon and see what
           files it tries to read.  -tom
           \_ Unfirtunateley courier has a bunch of different daemons and
              I don't know which one reads the said file.
              courier config that controlled what serviced either
              authdaemon or couriertcp would allow connections from. Maybe
              I'm confusing it with something I only half remember. -brett
              I'm confusing it with something other file that I only half
              remember. Is anybody here familiar with the courier-ssl
              pop/imap auth daemon? -brett
                \_ Nevermind, I'm totally on crack. The file doesn't exist,
                   Thanks for helping me determine that. I got it to work,
                   I had the wrong userdb name: "poppw" instead of "pop3pw".
        \_ This is a terrible approach; strace/truss the daemon and see what
           files it accesses.  -tom
2004/3/23-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:12818 Activity:nil
3/23    Do you tip when you get togo food?  Like if you pickup a large pizza,
        or get $15 in chinese togo?
        \_ I tip the girl at the local pizza place.  She's a cutie.  The
           ugly green haired chick at starbucks with the bad attitude gets
           \_ pixP (just the cutie)
        \_ No. Why would you do that? They didn't do any service. Do you tip
           cashiers in other stores?
                \_ sometimes they're nice.
        \_ Not as a general rule; but sometimes, yes. For ex, there is a great
           deli I go to where the sandwhich guys cut up a huge roast beef in
           front of you and make pleasant conversation... I usually tip a
           buck on a $12 sandwhich just to say thanks for the good service.
        \_ I usually leave my change in the tip jar.
           \_ One time I tipped a pizza delivery guy and tried to say "keep the
              change", but I guess he thought I was being patronizing because
              he suddenly got all pissed off and threw the change on the ground
              and went away. So now I'm afraid to give people small amounts of
              change for fear they'll feel humiliated or something.
              \_ Pizza delivery requires at least a two dollar tip.
                 \_ you're asking the pizza guy?  $1 or 10%, whichever is
                    greater.  -tom
                    \_ I gotta agree with the pizza guy that they're in the
                       same boat as waiters, but worse.  I generally do 15%
                       unless it's a huge order.
2004/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:12819 Activity:nil
3/23    What is a reasonable NFS transfer rate (cp file . for example),
        100 BaseT?
        \_ How busy is your network? What is on your network? What's between
           the two machines on your network?
           \_ Let's assume an unloaded net.  The two machines are on the same
        \_ For unknown networks when I just need a reasonable number I figure
           10-20% overhead for tcp, NFS, and random bad luck.
           \_ So you think around 10MB/sec?  I'm getting 3.6MB/s.
              \_ yes as a *very* rough estimate.  it assumes your net is
                 reasonably clean, your source and target hosts are powerful
                 enough to deal and not overloaded *and* that both src/tgt
                 hosts can retrieve and store the data on/from disk at that
                 speed.  What's the write speed on your target hd?
                 \_ Thanks for your comments.  Write speed is apparently good
                    beacause I was able to cp via NFS 10M/sec to it from
                    a RAID array.  Apparently it was read speed on the disks
                    I had previously mounted via NFS.
        \_ I got around 4 MB/s on a test just now over 100baseT full duplex
           to a relatively robust solaris server w/ 100s of clients and
           gigabit connectivity to the backbone from my linux desktop PC.
           I get 12 MB/s for things like scp in the same LAN.
        \_ If your disks can push it, I have seen 10MB/sec on such a
2004/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12820 Activity:nil
3/23    SCO targeting LLNL and NERSC for using Linux:
        NERSC is part of LBNL which is managed by the UC.  The UC holds
        copyright to BSD, so in a way, SCO is suing the Lab for using its own
        \_ BSD is going down!
2004/3/23-24 [Reference/Tax] UID:12821 Activity:nil
3/23    Self-employed sodans, is there any advantage at all in getting a
        Fed Tax ID when you are not required to, i.e. when you don't employ
        anyone else?  I know the obligatory "it's beyond stupid to seek
        * advice on the motd" but I have done some research and I do think
        there are sound advice from the motd, sometimes, and advice for which
        I pay $$$ is not always reliable.  tia.
        \_ I should add that one lawyer claimed on his web page that getting
           a Fed Employer Id can protect your asset even when you have no
           employee but I cannot verify that claim on any IRS regulation.
           \_ It would help if you decide to incorporate (not a bad idea) or
              if you MIGHT employ somebody. The IRS calls these Employer
              Identity Numbers (EIN). Look up:
                \_ "me too" - making yourself a closely-held corporation is
                        easy and the taxes are easy to do yourself too- look
                        into the S election for small corporations.     -brain
                   \_ Really?  Did you get a lawyer when starting up?  Some
                      books claim paperwork would be onerous.  And what about
                      double taxation?
                      \_ the paperwork is not bad; I recommend one of the Nolo
                         books... the hardest part is drafting your articles of
                         incorporation.  In my case, I did hire a lawyer, but
                         most of my friends said I was a sucker for doing so!
                      \_ S-corps are for small businesses. some berkeley
                         printing company makes do-it-yourself books for
                         this kinda thing. S-corps are pass-thru income
                         like LLC's and partnerships. the regular corps
                         (C-corps?) you can get double-taxed.
                         \_ See for books.
                        \_ if you are the owner there is no reason you should
                           get double-taxed in a C-Corp even... there is no
                           dividend tax until 2006 !  Yay evil republicans!
                      \_ The best thing is that you can protect your assets
                         if something terrible happens to or at your job.
2004/3/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12822 Activity:high
3/23    Clarke: Iraq Teamed up with Bin Laden to Produce WMDs
        ... yes the same Clarke
        \_ Clarke is no longer significant.  May be you should concentrate
           on Bush's facination with Iraq now two of his staff pointed out
           the same thing.
           \_ If Clarke is right then Bush's fascination is appropriate.  I
              think it's funny that you simultaneously believe we shouldn't
              listen to Clarke and use Clarke's own statements as proof that
              we should focus somewhere else based on what Clarke said but
              whatever you do don't listen to Clarke.  heh, I love the motd.
2004/3/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics] UID:12823 Activity:nil
3/23    How come MS can get away with violating NDA and industrial espionage?
        \_ They're just innovating.  STFU.
        \_ We don't know.  IBM was facing anti-trust charges when it controled
           40% of the mainframe market in the 1980s.  For some reason,
           the government never really bother with Microsoft eventhough it
           controls 95% of the desktop market, and repeatly using its market
           dominance to stiffle competition.
           \_ Why do you hate capitalism?  Microsoft should only be restrained
              by market forces.
              \_ because true hands off capitalism generally leads to monopoly.
                 Look at the railroad monopolies of the mid-late 1800s for
                 examples of what unrestrained capitalism leads to.
                 \_ You've just been trolled
                    \_ BA BAM!
              \_ if you got a chance, read Adam Smith and various classic
                 text on capitalism.  You may find that "perfect competition"
                 is the fundamental building block of working capitalism.
                 Those who advocate competition are actually those who
                 prefer capitalism.
2004/3/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:12824 Activity:nil
3/23    Is it me, or soda crashes quite often lately?
        \_ soda crashes quite often lately.
2004/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:12825 Activity:nil
3/23    A friend is going to create an email account for her small business
        and post it on the net.  Assuming she would get lots of spams, she
        wants to know whether spam blocking at hotmail or yahoo is any good
        or whether she should use a domain hosting service.
        \_ Why does she want to post it on the web? Just make her a
           comments form and and cgi/php script that sends her email.
           Commercial spam blocking services suck ass.
           \_ There are various simple b2b sites that let businesses post ads
              with contact info, like a bulletin board.  So it's beyond her
              control.  Many such sites are not spam-smart yet.
        \_ I know this is not what you asked, but I highly recommend you make
           some sort of "contact us!" page for the business with a HTML form,
           rather than post her email address on her site.      -brain
        \_ Spam blocking at yahoo and hotmail is waaayyy too overzealous for
           this sort of thing.  I have a box set up to do
           ``what you want'' (TM) for email, i.e. IMAPS, non-destructive
           spamassassin with well trained bayes filters, SMTP+AUTH over SSL,
           redundant MX hosts, etc.  As long as your friend is not going to
           bandwidth hose or attract DOS attacks I would be willing to host
           her email inexpensively.  If your friend's business is something
           cool, e.g. non-profit working to promote human rights, I'll do it
           gratis.  Drop me an email. -dans
                \_ What method and server software do you use for SMTP+AUTH?
                   \_ Pretty much everyone is running Cyrus SASL for the
                      authentication layer.  All modern MTA's that I am aware
                      of have the necessary plumbing to support SASL.  I run
                      postfix, but I've also done it with sendmail (I wouldn't
                      want to do it again). -dans
           \_ My friend is selling bio weapons to third world nations so they
              can play on a level field with the evil Western powers.  It is
              entirely non-profit and advances the rights of women and the poor
              in the third world.  What do I need to do to get a free account?
              \_ One meellion dollars in small, unmarked, non-consecutively
                 numbered bills. -dans
           \_ Thanks.  Are you running a commercial hosting service?  Is there
              any commercial hosting service that does it?  (presummably with
              a shell account?)
              \_ No, I am not running a commercial hosting service.  I just
                 happen to have several boxes set up to do this, and offer
                 service to friends, family, and friends of friends.  Mostly
                 it is an evil ploy to get my friends off of shitty webmail
                 services like Hotmail and Yahoo so I don't ever have to
                 update my address book, resend messsages when they bounce due
                 to quota, etc...  In particular, email account != shell
                 account on my boxes.  Most people don't need shell accounts,
                 and most people lack the clue to use a shell account in a
                 responsible manner that won't compromise system security.
                 \_ I guess that is why almost no low cost hosting service
                    offers a shell account.  But if I have a domain hosted
                    with email acct., is there a way to route the incoming
                    emails there first to a place where I have shell acct.,
                    say soda, filtered it w. spamassassin, and then route
                    back to that domain?
                    \_ No, I think it's mostly that shell accounts aren't in
                       wide demand.  ftp is sufficient for most people's needs
                       so it's not cost effective to provide shell accounts.
                       You *can* route it to a place with a shell account and
                       filter it with spamassassin, probably easiest to do
                       with /etc/aliases, which I can set up.  Pushing it back
                       to the original box is tricky to do without creating
                       mail loops.  Of course, if you read what I wrote,
                       you'll note that my box is already running
                       spamassassin.  Also, I've got my box set up to allow
                       mail filtering without a shell via sieve. -dans

        \_ I have a yahoo account, and I seem to get a lot less spam than my
           family and friends who use hotmail.
2004/3/23 [Uncategorized] UID:29877 Activity:nil
3/23    The Matrix in 2 minutes.  Headphones are recommended.
2004/3/23 [Uncategorized] UID:29878 Activity:nil 50%like:12715
3/22    [ Deleted.  Fix your attitude and try again. ]
2004/3/23 [Science/Space] UID:29879 Activity:nil
3/23    Are the Periodic Table Elements the same on other planets?  For
        instance, if there was still spring water on Mars could I drink it like
        spring water from Mt Reiner.  Or are elements fundamentally different
        because they are on other planets.
2019/07/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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