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2004/3/18 [Reference/BayArea] UID:12738 Activity:very high
3/18    Why do union leaders become so aggressive whenever employers or
        contractors (specifically in construction jobs) choose non-union
        employees? Don't those dumbasses realize that there might be a
        reason the employer/contractor wants the non-union employees
        (the same way a hiring manager hires one applicant over another)?
        \_ is your entitled rich family still mad about the New Deal?
        \_ LOL are you really this naive?  It is commonplace for union
           thugs to beat and threaten serious injury to any non-union workers
           or any group that threatens their stranglehold on business.
           There have been recent political rallies where union thugs beat
           counter protestors.  It's not a coincidence that the two largest
           constituencies of the Dem. party are unions and trial lawyers.
           \_ i hate trial lawyers and unions. -liberal
              \_ me too. -another liberal
              \_ What about union lawyers? The mind boggles.
              \_ I hate trial lawyers too. Why can't the police just shoot
                 whoever they think is guilty? A fair trail is such a
                 stupid and outmoded concept. What were the founding
                 fathers thinking?
           \_ Yea, and the largest republican constituency are the KKK
           \_ OMG WTF LOL!
           \_ hah! and you think he's naive?
                \_ That's all you have to say?
                   \_ no, not really
                      \_ sure it is.  you've said nothing else.
           \_ Yea, and the largest republican constituencies are the KKK
              and oil company executives.  No, you are not naive, just
              \_ Ok, then who *are* the largest donors to each party?
              \_ Ok, then who *are* the largest donors to each party?
                 \_ for the 2004 election, top 2 republican contributors
                    seem to be wal-mart and sbc.  top 2 democratic
                    contributors are the unions and the trial lawyers.
                    \_ Wal-Mart and SBC vs. trial lawyers and unions...hmmm
                       Talk about Evil vs. Evil.  Wal-Mart and SBC have more
                       money though, so I guess I'll go with the underdog...
                       \_ there are $420 billion in union pension funds.
                          (from 2002 data)  who's richer here?
                          \_ PENSION FUNDS.  Don't be a dumbass.  What do you
                             think PENSION money goes to?
                             \_ who do you think *controls* the pension
                                funds?  how much power does controlling
                                $420 billion give you?
                    \_ did you posed the question and then answered it
                       yourself?  funny.
                                \_ Not a lot.  All that money is owed back to
                                   the people that paid into the system.  You
                                   can't just be giving it to political
                                   \_ you are either disingenuous or stupid.
                                      \_ I'm neither.  You're incredibly
                                         stupid if you think that the entire
                                         sum total of all union pension funds
                                         is available for Democratic party
                                         spending, which is what you're
                    \_ did you pose the question and then answered it
                       yourself when nobody took the bait?  funny.
                  \_ God donated his only son for them both. Amen.
        \_ ask around how unionization fucked over the Student Learning
           Center tutoring program by forcing out volunteer tutors.
           \_ So if eventually the SLC whittled down to almost no employees,
              and then shut down, would that be a better alternative? At
              least a union job puts food on the table and a roof over one's
              head. Not everyone is privileged in life like most students
              at Cal.
                \_ better that than to give it to corrupt union employees
                   who whine and bitch at the slightest need for
                   energy exertion. the SLC is for students, by students.
                   worthless unions have absolutely no place in there.
                   \_ Cal's greatest export is whiny bitchy graduates who
                      think they are better than everyone else in the world
                      because mommy and daddy told them so - withholding their
                      love until you believed it. Then you went out onto the
                      world hating everyone that didn't fit your mold of what
                      the world should be like. Unions? they are for ppl in
                      socialist countries - not the good ol' USA where it's
                      all about me, and just me.
2004/3/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12739 Activity:low
        Bush *laughed* and made a *joke* out of 9/11!  At fund raisers!
        \_ the same way the Passion reminds me of the Lord's sacrifice,
          the casket reminds me that we are still at war and it's not
        \_ I visit this site every once and a while for a laugh.  If you
           search google one finds repeated posts that
           wish for the death of US soldiers and further terrorist
           attacks because we deserve it.  They deify Castro, Che, Chavez,
           and de Silva. The site consists of the
           residual scum of the 1960's and counter-culture adolescents
           whose every third word is an expletive.  Their notion of
           of a meaningful political message is F*CK BUSH.
           \_ let me guess, you are the anonymous motd freeper?
           \_ this is a high quality site which tells the truth about what
              is really going on.  if you can't deal with the truth then you
              get what you deserve when BushCo and Ashcroft finish destroying
              the few rights you have left you punk.
              \_ ahahah. the clueless abound
                 \_ Actually, that smells much more of troll than of clueless.
           \_ Do you actually believe this or are you being sarcastic
              again? Can you provide any evidence of any of this?
                \_ Yes I visit the board fairly often.  Search on Google
                   I'm not going to do it for you.  That guy Will Pitt
                   was going to appear on CNN in the months after 9/11
                   until the inflamatory anti-American rhetoric he was
                   spewing was publicized.
                   \_ you're not smart enough to understand the value the
                      site brings to the net.  you're also dodging the issue
                      raised by the op about Bush making a big fucking fund
                      raising joke about the 3000 deaths he caused.
                   \_ Give me a url that backs up your claims.
                      This was the first thing I read there:
                      It is not profane and pretty anti-communist.
                           \_ I'm not sure I get the point of this second
                           \_ Fair enough. I thought you meant in the
                              articles, not the discussion board.
        \_ Although I gotta say, the guy who wrote this webpage is
           freakin' nuts.  Reading this I can almost feel him foaming at
           the mouth and slobbering all over the keyboard as he writes.
           \_ OMG! There are people with extreme opinions on the internet?
              Shut it down, man! Shut it down before someone gets hurt!
        \_ Sounded like a reasonable and fair criticism to me.  Bush is "mean".
           \_ So you agree that we need more democraticunderground urls on the
              motd to keep the motd "fair and balanced"?
2004/3/18 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12740 Activity:low
3/18    Here's one we can probably all agree is bad.  Labour government in UK
        wants to bill wrongfully accused criminals for time spent in prison:
        \_ I think Terry Gilliam already thought of that one.  In "Brazil"
           the bill was for "Information Retrieval Charges."  In the director's
           cut he has to negotiate a loan to pay for his own torture.  -brain
        \_ It's worse than that-- it looks like they've actually sent the bills
           out and expect payment, and they're defending themselves in some
           sort of class action suit about the matter.
        \_ Still better than making your family pay for the bullet that
           executes you.
           \_ Um, what the hell are you talking about?
                \_ It's a china reference
        \_ Sounds like a great idea if the person can countersue for false
           imprisonment damages.  Of course, that will wipe out every job
           except lawyers and judges...
           \_ If you read the article, they pay for false imprisonment, but it
              is paid in installments.  The "defered living expenses" are due
              up front, and the gov't charges a whopping 23% interest.
              \_ That 23% interest is on the advanced payment of the
                 settlement, not the deferred living expenses.
        \_ Come now, they were arrested, weren't they?  They must have been
           guilty of something.  Only serves them right to pay for it.
           \_ And if it weren't for those damn Democratic trial lawyers,
              the police could have metered out the justice they deserved.
                                    \_ ITYM "meted"
              I hate those Democratic trial lawyers. Why should criminals
              have any rights anyway? Just let the police shoot them all.
        \_ Convicted criminals have damaged society.  They owe society a debt.
           Making them pay for part of the debt in cash restitution isn't at
           all shocking.  There are plenty of cases all over the world both
           modern and historic where someone gets jail time plus a fine.  Big
           deal.  boo hoo.
           \_ The only debt I can see that the criminal owes society is the
              overhead for his trial and incarceration.  The criminal owes
              _the victim_.  And yes, I think it's perfectly ok to make
              the criminal pay for his execution and grave.  Who else should
              pay for it?  -- ilyas
                \_ No, they have a debt to society as a whole as well as the
                   victim because their trial, police, prisons, and the
                   general drag on society criminals cause through fear,
                   waste, and inefficiencies costs all of us every day.  I
                   would think a good libertarian could see that.
                   \_ Yes... a good libertarian did.  He called it 'overhead,'
                      I think.  Although this 'drag' on society you speak of
                      is getting a little too abstract for me.  You charge
                      people for specific things they did wrong. -- ilyas
                \_ I know you're intentionally being inflammatory
                   and retarded but the people in jail in the original
                   article were later declared innocents by the courts.
                   the british mps are just trying to be as mean as possible
                   to potential IRA supporters, they weren't going to
                   get their votes anyway.
                   \_ I don't think I am being either.  The poster below is
                      right, I am not really talking about this particular case.
                      I am addressing the common misconception that (actual)
                      criminals owe a 'debt to society.'  I think that's
                      silly.  -- ilyas
                      \_ I guess they would in crimes that aren't against some
                         particular person, like espionage, traffic violations,
                         tax evasion, gambling, prostitution, possession of
                         illegal firearms, etc.
                         \_ That's true.  -- ilyas
                         \_ No, even crimes against individuals cost us all.
                            The simplest example: a criminal murders someone.
                            Suing the criminal for damages or even executing
                            them will not bring that person back and the rest
                            of us have lost out on the benefits of having that
                            person here.  A children may have lost a parent,
                            fellow co-workers may have to work harder, some
                            brilliant invention may not be made, and their
                            last purchase is their own coffin from their
                            estate.  Crime hurts society.  Criminals owe all
                            of us for their crimes.
              \_ Why don't you guys start your own thread if you want to talk
                 about this subject?  The URL was about the *wrongfully
                 \_ What are you, the thread police? -- ilyas
                    \_ Citizen, the computer is your friend.  The computer
                       tells you what to do.  Disobeying the computer is
                       evidence of communism and treason.  Are you a
                       communist traitor?
                 \_ In Soviet Russia, topic changes YOU!
          \_ OP was talking about the wrongfully accused.  How'd you come up
             with this response to that?
          \_ OP was talking about the wrongfully accused.  How'd you come up with
                     this response to that?
                   \_ GARRIAGE!
             \_ What are you smoking? The wrongfully accused owes society
                even more!
                \_ Easily.  It's the motd.  I didn't like his topic so I'm
                   making my own.
2004/3/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:12741 Activity:nil
3/18    What's wrong with
           \_ actually it was my firewall.
              \_ no it wasnt.
2004/3/18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:12742 Activity:nil
        Presential election of Republic of China (aka Taiwan) is this
        Saturday.  The NY Times article highlight some of the
        "de-sinofication" movement which has torn the Island apart.
        On one hand, this election is extremely unprodictable, which I gathered
        as a good thing (oppose to Russia's election last week).  On the
        other hand, with electroal commision being pressued to make all sort
        of procedural compromise due to president's political pressure, there
        is a slight chance that the result of election will be in question.
        What would happen if significant number of people start to questioning
        the result is anyone's guess.
2004/3/18 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:12743 Activity:nil
3/18    I love this.  What do we do when we found out Pakistan was selling
        nuclear technology to N.Korea, and other so-called "rogue nation?"
        We forgave 480 million USD of debt.  How ironic we actually invade
        Iraq for the same reason.  Moral of the story?  This is not about
        WMD, it's about being on the good side of USA.
        \_ Well duh, we're the good guys.
2004/3/18-19 [Consumer/Camera] UID:12744 Activity:moderate
3/18    My camera can save a jpeg with normal, fine, or superfine
        compression.  Does anyone know numerically what this corresponds to?
        For example, maybe superfine is 99%, fine is 95%, and normal is 80%
        \_ It seems from your numbers that you're thinking backwards.  JPEG
           uses a lossy compression.  Normal would be more compressed (poorer
           quality), where super fine is probably uncompressed, and thus much
           higher quality.
        \_ not really sure, but i've noticed very few differences in quality
           on my camera (canon S45) on those jpeg settings. i save everything
           in RAW format anyway.
        \_ On mine it's roughly norma;=150k, fine=350k, super=1M
        \_ There is no standard for such numerical values.  What does "99%"
           mean?  99% of the size of the uncompressed image? (Commonly used
           compression levels give ~10:1 reduction in size.) 99% of the signal
           represented accurately in comparison to the uncompressed image?
        \_ how about you take the same shot 3 times and just look at the
           output file with a jpeg info viewer?
2004/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12745 Activity:nil
3/18   Dear Dedicated Grandma of 5-Year-Old Boy:
       I saw what you did. And I applaud your determination to teach your
       grandson right, I really do. Its so refreshing these days, in a
       country where most parents work and leave their children to the care
       of strangers, that in some families a grandparent steps in to pass on
       their values. You are such a hero, Grandma. And Grandson will be all
       the better for it.
       You: elderly female, riding the L Taraval with your five-year-old
       grandson, sitting up front in those seats that face inward. Me: male
       in my late twenties, from a farm town in Southern California,
       unaccustomed to the ways of "the big city," sitting in the middle
       section of the train, in a seat that offered an open view of yours.
       There was a woman next to me. The train was moving, the scenery was
       dull. I looked over at your seats. And just in time.
       Your grandson reached deep inside his nose with his index finger and
       pulled out a huge, juicy nose fruit. He then began to contemplate
       eating it. This intention we could all see in his eyes, and it was
       confirmed as he slowly drew his adorned finger to his mouth. You,
       grandma of the quick reflexes, SuperGrandma I'll call you, you stopped
       him just in time! You grabbed his finger, removed the nose goblin,
       and. . . . ate it yourself.
       A nose nugget is a difficult thing to dispose of, to be sure --
       especially a nugget of this size and obvious quality. So YOU ATE IT
       YOURSELF. Priceless.
       What was that boy thinking, not offering it to you first?
       Congratulations, Grandma. Lesson taught! Never mind that the woman on
       my right turned to me and said, Did you SEE that? Never mind that she
       then moaned, Im going to vomit. Never mind that I stopped riding the
       MUNI that very day, and decided to contribute to every kind of
       polution you can name by driving to work instead. What is important,
       Grandma, is that you taught that boy an important lesson in etiquette.
       N'est-ce pas?
        \_ Craig's list or your own experience?
        \_ This is fantastic.  Thanks for making me laugh out loud.  -John
        \_ you should consider a career in writing.  this is good stuff.
        \_ I'm glad someone is teaching the next generation a lesson in
           sharing.  That was heart warming.  Thank *you* for sharing, too!
        \_ I prefer the one with Grandma getting her canary off in Savage Love.
2004/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:12746 Activity:nil
3/18    In Perl, I'm using a hash of a hash like the following:
        my $w=$CATEGORY{$c};
        my %w=%$w;
        But after turning on strict, it no longer works and reports
Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at bin/ line 72.
        What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
        \_ What does $CATEGORY{$c} return? A hash?  you probably want a
           reference to it, not a copy.  And that would help you sort out
           the access on the next line.
        \_ You probably mean "%w = %{$w}", but why not just use the pointer?
                \_ I'd like to use %w like $w{$key}=$val. So can I actually
                   reference/deference in Perl? Problem with Perl is I don't
                   know when I'm copying by value or copying by reference...
                   \_ Well, the first line there is copying by reference.  My
                      correction of the second line copies by value.  The %{}
                      is a dereference as well as a "cast". -scotsman
                        \_ same problem even with cast, whats wrong?
                        \_ ok I just found out that when I set to use strict,
                           %CATEGORY becomes empty even though I made it
                           public by "use vars qw (%CATEGORY)". So now
                           I'm just scratching my head...
                NEVERMIND I found it's a logic problem and _/
                has NOTHING to do with use strict. I really
                like "use strict"! I've caught a lot of bugs
                with it.
2004/3/18-19 [Finance/Investment] UID:12747 Activity:moderate
3/18    I flipped open my WSJ today and there are two articles on the
        front page, one saying that commodity prices are shooting
        through the roof, the other saying that asian countries may
        be slowly diverting their trade surplus investment from US
        treasuries to their own economies.  Does that mean inflation
        is coming and interest rates will be rising?
        \_ I dunno. If you do, you could be the next Soros. But I think
           it is a pretty safe bet that interest rates will be rising
           sooner or later.
            \_ It's not enought just to know that inflation is coming.
               You also need to know how to make money off that.
               \_ If you think bond interest rates will rise, you could
                  short bonds.  If you're wrong, you're screwed, of course.
                  If you think there will be inflation, buy some stable
                  commodity's futures on margin.
            \_ Soros is a scumbag.
               \_ Mmmm.. unsolicited insult.  Go motd.
                  \_ unsolicited?  since when are insults ever solicited?
                     you are a fucking idiot.  you managed to solicit an
                     insult with your incredible stupidity.
                     \_ I will explain.  You tossed a pointless statement
                        into a discussion with nothing to tie it in.  Do
                        you like being ineffective?  Or do you just like to
                        rant?  Maybe Tourette's?
                  \_ fuck you! -motd
                     \_ Done. -yermom
               \_ just because he tossed millions to to create
                  negative ads about President Bush...
                  \_ no because he made billions destroying economies.
                     \_ what soros did to se asia economies was fantastic.
                        force those economies to become more transparent
                        and less corrupt.       - se asian
                        \_ hahaha yes how ethical of him to grab a few
                           billion along the way.  im sure he did it for the
                           \_ nothing unethical about it.  if it's un-
                              ethical, then all traders and the whole
                              free market system is unethical.
                           \_ someone is going to do it
        \_ the biggest US treasury bond holders are Japan and China.  If they
           stop buying US assets, the US will run out of money.  The only
           way to seduce (for lack of better word) investment back in US
           would be to raise the interest rate, but this would come at the
           cost of the domestic economy, and everyone who has to pay off their
           loan either in mortgage or credit card.  It really comes down to
           whether foreigners continue to "lend" to us.  (Of course, this
           excludes the political and military chips we have which no one
           else in this world has).
           \_ raising interest rates will have *zero* effect on current
              mortgage holders or most CC holders who have locked in rates.
              so you think japan is going to do what?  invest in their own
              zero rate bonds?  go to the EU?  China is going to do the same?
              very nutty....  i love the motd.  some of the most pompus are
              the least informed but don't let that stop you.
              the least informed but don't let that stop you.
              \_ Most CC holders have locked in rates???
              \_ yea but I have noticed that in the past, people have been
                 getting 30 or 15 year fixed but these few years, it
                 seems that everyone I asked has been getting 5-year
                 ARM so they may very well get hit if interest rate goes
                 up.  As for Japan and China, they may use the money to
                 bail out their debt-laden banks, which is one way
                 to invest in their local economies.
                 \_ anyone who gets an ARM when fixed interest rates are
                    \_ the problem is if things turn bad, it's going
                       to hurt the whole economy.
                    below 6% is a fucking moron who gets what he deserves.
                 \_ do you understand that an ARM doesn't instantly go up?
                    a 5 year arm is rate locked for (guess what?) 5 years.
                    after that the rate is allowed to rise a small amount
                    every year until it hits a maximum amount which is not
                    allowed to be too far above current rates.  people getting
                    5 year arms are either selling in the next 5-7 years, are
                    putting the money saved back into the loan which will
                    dramatically reduce the total cost over term or are
                    blazingly stupid.  As for J/C, their banks should *not*
                    be saved.  Especially in Japan, there is a direct link
                    between their multiple attempts to waste money trying to
                    save their inefficient and poorly run banks and their
                    current dismal economy which has been in the dumps for
                    more than 10 years.
                    \_ there are many ways to "save" the banks.  even
                       if you do it the right way (like in the US S&L
                       bailout), it requires money, money potentially
                       diverted from US treasuries purchases.  As for
                       5 year ARMS, many people are already a few years
                       into it, and the interest rate can go up by
                       like 2.5% at the 5 year juncture which is a 50%
                       jump if the rate is originally 5%.  Many
                       people are stretching thin on mortages, buying
                       bigger houses than they should, thinking
                       that housing price will increase and they can
                       just sell and make a profit after 5 years.
                       We saw plenty of "blazingly stupid" behavior
                       during the internet bubble, so I am not
                       surprised at all.
                       \_ if they're a few years into an ARM, they can get
                          \_ ARMs were not very popular, but are getting
                             more popular.
                          a fixed-rate mortgage at probably the same rate
                          they're already paying, so they should refinance.
                          Do you have any documentation of the idea that
                          there's a huge glut of stupid ARM holders?  -tom
                          \_ ARMs were not very popular, but are getting
                             more popular.
2004/3/18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29873 Activity:moderate
3/18    How is it that I attach a 167k jpeg to send via yahoo, and once
        it's attached, it's now 222k?
        \_ because it encodes the file in a format that isn't as compact
           \_ So when yahoo or hotmail says there is a 500k limit on the
              size of an attachment, are they referring to the original, or
              the encoded version?
        \_ because it came in contact with one of the spam mails advertising
           to grow your member.
2004/3/18 [Uncategorized] UID:29874 Activity:nil
3/18    [techie thing purged]
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