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2004/3/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12655 Activity:nil
3/14    It really is time for the truth to come out:
        \- you know as i agree with this person in sentiment and she does
           name a lot of names, unlike say seymour hersh's reliance on
           unnammed sources, i was hoping this would have been a better
           article. i read her link on the 100yrs war, that that is so
           much garbage [] it makes me think
           her a dullard. which is too bad. --psb
           \_ psb, would you please put some of your work online so we can
                decide whether you're a dullard or not?  Thanks.
2004/3/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12656 Activity:high
3/14    Australia has their own Bush poodles just like Britain and that
        weakling sycophant Blair.,5744,8966351%5E7583,00.html
        \_ Yup, he sure was a weakling standing up to both houses of the
           \_ yeah to be Bush's little poodle boy.
2004/3/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12657 Activity:high
3/14 goes
        a long way to proving why the media bashes Bush.  Because he's a
        monkey and fucks up everything he touches.
        \_ But Kerry is a lying crook who made more bizarre and corrupt
           votes than Ted Kennedy... funny they never meantion that...
           \_ Kerry is as good and honorable a man as Kennedy and don't you
              forget it!
        \_ d00d, they need Fox in that study
2004/3/14-15 [Reference/Religion] UID:12658 Activity:high
3/14    To the fellow who believes Mormons are not Christian, and wonders
        why Mormons believe they are:  I believe we are having a problem
        of defintion.  So, I will seek to define the word Christian. The
        first definition on Christian: "Professing
        belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the
        life and teachings of Jesus."  By this definition, Mormons are
        obviously Christian.  Since this is the widely accepted
        definition of Christian, Mormons will argue that they are Christian.
        Apparently you have a different definition, I would like to know
        what it is.  -jrleek
        \_ Preposterous. Islam believes that Jesus existed and was a prophet.
           I doubt any Muslim would call themselves Christians. Your
           thinking fails. Also, religion is a complex, messy subject.
           You can't simply whip out an internet dictionary and
           try to "define" Christianity. You should cease attempting
           to define things you know little or nothing about. -- williamc
        \_ in the Mormon religion, who is Jesus Christ?  And who is God?
           \_ I'm not sure I follow your question.
        \_ Well, it says "following the religion based on...". This religion
           is pretty well established in its various forms. Mormons add a
           large other set of religious stuff, incidentally not unlike Islam
           in my view. So there it is. I'm not a Christian btw.
           \_ Fine, and it's not like I haven't noticed the similarity
              myself.  But we don't believe Christ was just another
              prophet.  He is/was the son of God, and out connection to
              the father.  Our church is based on his teachings.  The
              additions are simply as restoration of what was lost, not
              new additions.
              \_ Christians believe that Jesus *was* God. This is a
                 fundamental tenet that Mormons reject.
                 \_ Not "God", "God the Son".  Very important.
                    \_ This has been the basis of "heresy" from the Church
                       in many forms.  Some say God the Son, some say Son
                       of God, some say God as Son, and some say Son
                       become God.
              \_ They are new additions to the religion. No other
                 Christians accept them. None. Only Mormons. This makes
                 Mormons unique. It's not like a denomination. It's an
                 entirely new religion. Someone else pointed out how
                 Christianity and Judaism and Islam are related. In the
                 same way Mormons are related to Christianity, but they
                 are not Christians. They have fundamental teachings and
                 beliefs that Christianity rejects. Here is one web site
                 to read, but there are others. The definition you use is
                 too broad, because the "life and teachings of Jesus" are
                 at the center of the debate:
                 \_ You just don't get it.  The "new" things are those that
                    were there in the first place, but lost in the translation.
                    JS rediscovered them.  In a sense, only the Mormons are
                    complete, whole christians.  The other ones are missing
                 \_ Not to meantion, this link is wrong in many respects.
                    It is full of red herrings and non-cannon (and wrong)
                    references.  Not to meantion as far as I can tell
                    the intro has nothing to do with the body
                    or conclusion.  This debate is stupid anyway.
                    There are equally huge differences between say,
                    Catholics and 7th day Adventists.  Are Mormons unique?
                    Of course.  Are Mormons Christian? Of course. I still
                    want to see your definition of what makes a religion
                    Christian.  Does it have to accept the Niciean creed?
                    Does it have to be logically consistant?  What?
                    \_ Simply that they don't add a bunch of *new* holy dogma,
                       certainly not to the point that they add a whole new
                       holy book. I'd say no re: nicene creed, as that
                       involves interpretation and church structure.
                 \_ More to the point, do you consider the Gnostics to be
                    Christians?  If you do, then the Mormons are also
                    Christians.  If not, then just about anyone not Catholic
                    doesn't count as a Christian.
                    \_ Well I'd say Gnosticism may be different enough so as to
                       not be what is called Christianity. If history had been
                       different and Gnosticism spread everywhere then perhaps
                       that is what we'd call Christian. But it didn't.
2004/3/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:12659 Activity:nil
3/14    When I visited Salt Lake City some years ago, I noticed many large
        families (with lots of kids) dressed in suits walking on the streets
        layed out in Cartesian coordinates.  The girls tend to look cute, but
        the boys almost always seem retarded.  So here are my two questions:
        do mormons tend to reproduce a lot?  are they prone to inbreeding?
        \_ hey, if you find a city laid out in elliptic coordinates or
           hyperbolic coordinates, could you please post its location?
        \_ what do Cartesian coordinates have to do with this?
           \_ The motd is slowly becoming an Umberto Eco novel.
           \_ If you have been to SLC or looked at its map, you would know.
        \_ Nice Troll.
           \_ Maybe it is to you, but this is also a puzzle for me for many
              years.  Do you have an answer?
              \_ Ok, Yes. No.
        \_ yeah, those damsn mormons... everyone else in the world uses
           POLAR coordinates...
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