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2004/3/10-11 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:12592 Activity:nil
3/10    Someone here used to work for some company that let you install some
        broswer plugin that then let you read/write comments about the website
        you were on to other users who had this plugin.  Anyone know if that
        or something like it still exists?
        \_ I seem to recall, but they don't seem to be
           among us any longer.  -John
        \_ a friend of mine founded eQuill, which let you do just that. But
           he was never on soda. Perhaps I mentioned it once. But I dont
           think that software is around anymore--at least, I know he sold
           his company to M$... so perhaps you could expect some such
           similar plugin to be builtin to the next version of IE. dunno.
           Anyway, if you'd really like to get in touch with him for some
           reason, lemme know.                  - rory
        \_ is indeed one of the companies.  Died the death of
           no business plan after burning millions of VC funding.  M$ tried to
           use a similar technology after thirdvoice folded, but it eventually
           went nowhere either.  There was also an open-source project that
           would do something similar, but you had to view the web pages
           through their proxy (no need for a browser plugin). -ERic
           \_ we only burned like $5m or so.
        \_ That was thirdvoice.  3v has been dead for several years, the
           servers are long gone, "she's dead jim!".  There was a proxy-ish
           redirector service that annoted pages but all your traffic went
           through their server.  It was more like a student project than a
           real service.  I can't recall the name.  --ex-thirdvoice
           \_ did 3v ever have any revenues at all?
              \_ not that I'm aware of, no.
           \_ did you work with knchia?
              \_ if it's the guy I'm thinking of, yes, he was really cool.
        \_ what is thirdvoice again? Is it like slash dot?
           \_ annotate other people's websites.  later on it became a paid
              keyword search service.
2004/3/10-11 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Car] UID:12593 Activity:nil
3/9     Now that summer has arrived early, can anyone recommend a good
        place in the Bay Area (preferably south bay) that does automotive
        window tinting? That black interior is burning my ass.
        \_ don't worry, the fog will be back soon
        \_ my cousin's wife's brother can do it. By the way make sure
           they don't mess up your rear-window-defogger
2004/3/10 [Uncategorized] UID:12594 Activity:nil
3/9     \_ I wanna make the China version of Yahoo Maps / Mapquest.
           Anyone here has any experience?  eg. Worked at Navtech?
           We can start with like Beijing and move on from there.
           \_ In Taiwan right now, and talked to friends from the mainland
              regards to LBS service.  The main issue is that, unlike USA,
              which essentially gave out GIS map of entire country for free
              (TIGER db), in both mainland China and Taiwan, GIS Maps has to be
              purchased.  I am less familiar with what is going on in the
              mainland, but in Taiwan, first, the government actually holds
              copyright on these maps, secondly, the government impose a very
              restrictive license on how the map can be used, and charge a
              very handsome sum for "value-added redistribution."
              Second issue is less difficult.  There is simply no good Chinese
              parser out there to tokenize addresses.
                 \_ pain in the butt, nothing more, and there are issue of
                    chinese literal versus arabic numerals, full-width
                    latin characters, half-width characters, etc, etc.
                    to get things right, it requires some tedious work.
                    The main issue lies upon the avaliablity of GIS maps.
              In taiwan, life get even more complicated because maps are
              controlled by several different government agencies.

              The main obsticle is that Chinese people on both strait treat
              map as some sort of military secret, and very reluctant to
              release them to civilian use.

              If you are interested in this kind of things, email me, as I
              am in the process of getting street maps of Taipei to play
              with (which going to cost me $150 USD just for personal use).
              \_ You mean in Taiwan tourists can't buy somthing like "Map of
                 Taipei" at a bookstore for a few bucks?
              \_ I don't get the tokenize address part.  Just let the
                 user enter the address as seperate fields.  Take my
                 aunt's address (using commie romanization):
                 tai2 bei3 (taipei city), xin1 dian4 (subdivision), zhong1
                 zheng4 lu4 (road), wu3 hao4 (number)
                 If they write it all together, sure, but if it's entered
                 in seperate fields or with a delimiter, I don't see
                 what's the difficulty.
                 \_ apparently neither did the people who already made it
        \_ this is cute and all but what is your business model?
2004/3/10-11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12595 Activity:low
3/10    WMD found in Iraq!
2004/3/10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics] UID:12596 Activity:nil
3/10    Yahoo! News - Mars Stinks:
2004/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12597 Activity:nil
3/10    "It is Nader's doing, more than anyone else's, that
        the federal bureaucracy includes an Environmental Protection
        Agency, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration,
        and a Consumer Product Safety Commission..." -The New Yorker
        \_ nonono, we were told right here on the motd only a few weeks ago
           that kerry has done far more than nader could ever dream of.
        \_ All he needs now is Slick Willie's charm and an intern scandal
           to prove it!
        \_ Was that praise or criticism?
2004/3/10-11 [Academia/UCLA, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:12598 Activity:low
3/10    Dear motd readers. I got sick and tired of turning up my AC to cool
        down my apartment because of all the power hogging servers I run
        24x7. I  decided to do something really different. I went to Home
        Depot to buy a exhaust/ventilation/pipe kit and hooked them up on a
        big fan to direct the hot PC exhaust outside. Voila! No more
        hot apartment (and it doesn't smells like a server room anymore).
                        -ucla student (and yes LA has been kinda hot lately)
        \_ Uh... congrats?
        \_ tell us about the stars ilyas!
           \_ Heh.  We went over this already.  There are at least 3 different
              csua people at ucla.  I never ever sign as 'ucla student.'.
              You think I am proud to attend a school which harvests organs
              for profit?  Get a life. -- ilyas
                        \_ who are the 3 UCLA students?
                           \_ I respect their privacy.  If they read the motd,
                              and care to do so, they will identify themselves.
                                -- ilyas
                \_ Umm, funny I think we are (were in my case) listening to
                   the same show (in any event this is on NPR right now)
                   and they make this seem all particularly sinister 'cause
                   it deals with lumps of human flesh, but, the only real/
                   reasonable issue here (as far as i can tell) is that UCLA
                   was NOT profiting.  The Professor was pocketing the cash.
                   \_ you mean the director of the program (who was earning
                      $56K salary and has a certificate in mortuary services)
                      was taking the cash
                        \_ umm, yeah, what you said.  Though, boy, 56k really?
                           Maybe the university is complicitous (in which case
                           it is just a perk and there is NO issue here). 56K
                           seems low for the director to be making.  How much
                           do directors of other programs make there?  -phuqm
                                \_ you guys are spoiled. 56K in Los Angeles
                                   can get you a LOT of goodies. -ucla stud
                                   \_ I hear the strippers will do nude
                                      lap dances for only $20 there. Is
                                      that true?
                                      \_ They are topless and in a G-string,
                                         but yes.
                                         \_ What are the best places to go?
                           \_ $20 will get you topless $40 nude, you can get
                              coupons for free topless lapdances by staples
                              center (Spearmint Rhino). However, i think they
                              used to grind you but then a no touching
                              ordinance passed. was that repealed?
                              LA Strip Clubs >> SF Strip Clubs.
                              \_ LA has move strip clubs than SF? =)  Anyway,
                                Strip clubs for the gents seems very boring.
                                If you goto, you'll see what
                                I mean.  (work UNsafe!)
                        \_ No professor was profitting on this...just the
                           director of that Willed Body program.
2004/3/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:12599 Activity:nil
3/10    How good are extra back protectors vs. the ones built into the jacket?
        Can you actually wear both, or is it meant to be worn with a light
        \_ I've been using the same front pocket protector for years without
           a single ruined shirt!  Everyone in my LUG uses them now!
2004/3/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:12600 Activity:nil
3/10    t'rowmail quesshun: duz anyone know how t'configure t'rowmail t'do
        sump'n likes pipe all incomin' mail fo' all users drough JIBE?
        \_ google for milter
2004/3/10 [Consumer/Audio] UID:12601 Activity:nil
3/10    iPod used in Murder:
        \_ try *that* with one of those cheapo MP3 players!  -tom
        \_ And I thought they were overpriced as music players.  That's way too
           much for a simple blunt instrument.
        \_ Notice this at the top of the page:
           RELATED NEWS
           Get great deals on the new Apple iPod mini. Starting at under $250
        \_ Amusing, but fake.  Try clicking on any of the link.
           \_ Well no shit...
2004/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:12602 Activity:nil
3/10    Kerry backs gay marriage ban: (
        \_ flip
        \_ flop
           \_ Nice that you go the RNC memo, but you are full of it. Read the
              article moron. Kerry has consistently said this issue should
              be up to the states.
                \_ uh whatever, I've read his record and his past statements.
                   the only thing he's got going for him is the unnamed foreign
                   leaders who he claims support him. hehe.
                   \_ You apparently only read the "analysts" breakdowns.  He
                      hasn't flipflopped on this.  He's been almost superhumanly
                      consistent.  He supports preserving the current def'n of
                      marriage, but wants "civil unions" to be available for
                      homosexuals.  He also doesn't believe the federal
                      government should legislate the point.  This panders
                      to the general public and matches the polling numbers,
                      but is less than ideal in terms of progressivity.  Not
                      having federal protection for recognizing these civil
                      unions across state lines make this a pretty clear
                      "separate-but-equal" debate.  I expect you'll see a true
                      flip 5-10 years down the line because of this. --scotsman
                \_ states, shmates.  it's just an end run and an obvious one to
                   making defacto federal level gay marriage.  when you and
                   your husband move to a state that chose not to have gay
                   marriage are you going to try to force that state to provide
                   full marriage rights?  yep.  so transparent.  next!
                   \_ How can you "force" one state to enforce another
                      states laws? Laws can and do differ from state to state.
                      \_ Exactly, so what does your insurance company who is
                         based somewhere else do?  What happens if one of you
                         changes states and files for divorce?  Etc, etc.
2004/3/10 [Uncategorized] UID:12603 Activity:nil
3/10    Where's Waldo (takes a while to find)  Good with sound.  -John
        \_ gee, another totally unamusing "shocking image after 60 seconds"
2004/3/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:12604 Activity:nil
3/10    Anybody ever take a sensual massage class? Recommendations?
        \_ Yes, send your gf immediately!
2004/3/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:12605 Activity:nil
3/10    next american idol...NOT!
2004/3/10-11 [Health/Women] UID:12606 Activity:kinda low
3/10    Baby girl named Diot Coke... in 1379
        \_ Best name ever:  Wilson Willard Will III
           ... okay, Rip Torn is right up there. --scotsman
        \- one of my cousins had a classmate named "limca" ... which is
           an indian lemon soft drink [made by KO] ... the weird things
           was it was a  pretty well-educated, "bhadhralok" family. --psb
           \_ I know someone named Mike Olin.
              \_ My HS principal was named Mike Hawkes.
                        \_ Go Vikings!
                  \_ Hawkes, not Hawke
                     \_ I know, but that is better: Doctor my cock! get it??!?
                        \_ "Allow me to introduce you to Mike Hawke"
                \_ Someone in one of my classes is named Mike.
                \_ I met someone on the Internet named Barry McCockner!
                \_ I once knew a guy named John!
                   \_ I once new a guy named "I'm a fucking idiot."  Funny
                      thing, I think he had a soda account too.  -John
                      \_ Oh, sorry, I didn't think you'd take it as a personal
                         insult especially since you're not the only John in
                         the world.  Had your coffee yet?
                \_ My name is Mike! -Mike
              \_ My HS geometry teacher was Harry Dueck, legally changed
                 from Harry Dick.
                \_ poor guy. what fucked up parents he had, truly.
              \_ How has no one mentioned Dick Pole yet?
2004/3/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:12607 Activity:nil
3/10    Looking for a new career?,15704,598851,00.html?cnn=yes
        \_ There's no content here.  It just says you can have a better life
           if you're willing to have less money doing something you enjoy more.
2004/3/10-11 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:12608 Activity:high
3/10    Regarding donations, does CSUA take monetary donations? Why can't
        We setup a non-profit fund raising event & setup a bank/treasury and
        give more quota/cputime to those who donate more while keeping
        the same services for other members. I'm sure that'll really buy us
        a really nice machine, with gigabytes of RAID, fast quad processors
        (to run crackroot at night), etc etc. What do you all say?
        \_ You can't sell services; people can donate money, but you can't
           give them more disk space because they donated money.  (Though
           you could raise the quota for everyone).  But anyway, the CSUA
           could easily come up with the $400 or so it would take to
           completely eliminate the disk space problem.  (Or they could even
           use a joined filesystem that would mean there would be no problem,
           even with the current amount of disk space).  It's just a question
           of will.  -tom
           \_ I am fairly certain some people have more diskspace than others
              due to 'contributing to the CSUA', and I am fairly certain some
              of those contributions resulted in either making or saving money
              for the CSUA.  The line does seem a little faint. -- ilyas
              \_ Why should the quota be the same for everyone? I thought
                 you hated socialism.
                 \_ Certainly it should not.  But drawing the line at 'buying
                    diskspace' seems stupid, as it is already essentially
                    bought.  "In Soviet Russia, socialism hates you." -- ilyas
        \_ Er, I don't know if "$400" is enough to get the disk we want.
           The current tech/vp cabal (mainly njh and erikk) are looking at
           much larger disk arrays (in terms of number of disks or whatnot -
           $400 will only get you ~2-3 good sized disks) with good RAIDing and
           backup and whatnot - ie, fibre channel, scsi, etc etc - at least
           this is what we did to fix the office accounts disk space problem
           (which seemed more dire at the time, if I remember right). These
           kinds of things usually take a fair amount of planning, time, and
           cash to get right and be fairly future proofed, from what I have
           seen. Any time, money, or hardware alumni kick in will be
           appreciated (unless it's a 5 disk, 80GB SCSI RAID array...). There
           is no pay for play, that just won't happen. --jhs
           \_ I'm not sure what disk you want, but the disk you *need* isn't
              anything near that.  Even right now there is about 100 GB of
              spinning disk on soda and only about 50GB of usage (half of
              which is backup instead of primary usage); reallocation
              would solve the immediate problem, and you could easily triple
              the disk space available for very little money.  -tom
                \_ If that is the case, I think it would be reasonable to
                   ask alumni to donate for a couple hundred GB drive to
                   expand to, I would donate some $ to that to increase
                   quotas.  I'm not convinced w.r.t. the fibre raid, though.
                   \_ I'd be perfectly willing to contribute $50-$100 if it
                      were easy and straightforward.  I suspect other alumni
                      would be as well.  -emarkp
                      \_ me too: ...
           \_ The new CSUA'ers sure are picky.
           \_ jhs, what the fuck are you talking about?  This is something that
              anyone who has done before can set up in an afternoon.  And why
              isn't there pay to play?  We've done it in the past, it's all
              just a matter of semantics.
              - Has set up good raiding and backup several times, and can
                now do it in an afternoon
              \_ Feel free to send mail to the masses of members who have the
                 time, skill, desire, and spacial locality to soda to set up
                 the system you think is best. I'll enjoy the larger
                 quota and defer to your greatness. --jhs
                 \_ I'll be at the next politburo meeting and I'll offer to
                    do it on the condition that you stop naysaying and
                    shooting down ideas that you basically know nothing about.
                    - Has set up good raiding and backup several times, and
                      can now do it in an afternoon
           \_ out of curiosity, what is "good backup"? Raid is easy but
              backup is the screwy part. --not a sysadmin
              \_ You can do very clever things with any number of pieces of
                 software.  A second large array and using incremental dumps
                 or rsyncs (my preference) is easy, cheap, and effective (and
                 less of a pain than rotating tapes) --scotsman
        \_ How 'bout a little paypal donate button on the web page?
           \- what is the point of adding disk to soda?  i'm not saying there
              isnt one, but i dont see the case being made. --psb
              \_ I don't know what everyone else's problem is, but the
                 current soda disks (the TDAs) scare the hell out of me. The
                 disks in the array are probably ten years old, and as far as
                 I know there's no redundancy in the disk array (other than
                 the backup disks, which aren't really redundant). These
                 drives are nearing the end of their useful lives, so we may
                 as well come up with a new storage solution as we look at
                 phasing out the old disk. I'm much more concerned with
                 reliability than space, but I hardly use my soda space
                 anyway. -gm (!root)
                 \_ And wisely so.  Why anyone would really need more space
                    on soda is beyond me.  Soda could at any moment go poof and
                    arch over and take out the backups.  Don't keep anything
                    on here that you're worried about.
        \_ Dick Hyman is a famous jazz musician. pianist?
2004/3/10-11 [Reference/Tax] UID:12609 Activity:nil
3/10    I hope that the large number of sodans who paid AMT in 99-00
        understand that they now have an AMT credit that should be
        helping lower their tax bills. Use it or lose it:
        \_ fuck that, they should be paying amt every year!  tax the rich til
           they aint rich no more!
2004/3/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:12610 Activity:moderate
3/10    Will something like this help UC Berkeley's fiscal crunch?
        \_ no, the only thing to do is follow UCLA's lead and start selling
           body parts from freshmen found drunk after bad parties.
           \_ too bad we don't have a medical school or the facilities
              that UCLA has or it would mean $billions!!
              \_ what? the budget cuts are so steep we can't even afford a
                 UC hack saw?  what more do we need?
                 \_ it's hard to get people to donate bodies when there
                    isn't a hospital.  maybe we can work out a profit-
                    sharing scheme with UCSF?
                    \_ no problem really, just hang out frat row after parties
                       and at all hours during rush and haze weeks.
        \_ One of the most effective teachers I've ever had did this
           regularly, even though the school and area was well-to-do.
           She also made us wash overhead transparencies every couple weeks
           when they ran out.  It's not horrible to expect students to
           contribute a bit toward the day to day operations of the classroom.
           A box of kleenex may not be within the reach of *every* student,
           but I'd bet 99% can afford it.
           \_ no this is bullshit.  my taxes are already paying for the
              school system and I don't even have kids.  the kids and their
              parents shouldn't have to add even more on top of that.  CA is
              about in the middle of the pack for school spending per student,
              how do other states manage to purchase supplies and educate
              their studENTs without trading grades for kleenex?  sheesh.
              \_ I'm not sure about the UCs, I'm having trouble finding
                 comparative data, but K-12 is (cost-adjusted) 46th by
                 state in spending. (32nd in absolute $) unfortunately, your
                 taxes really /aren't/ paying for it, and the teachers (who
                 are not exactly mtakinm that much to begin with -- and note the
                 story is about Palo Alto, where the district is comparatively
                 extremely well funded) are expected to make up the gap and
                 buy all sorts of things. -chialea
                 \_ Stop interefering with the libertarian fantasy that
                    public schools are already receiving too much money! You
                    must not obstruct the march to vouchers!
                    \_ whatever, no one said a word about vouchers.  please
                       try to pretend not to troll. it makes for better trolls.
                       \_ Ah, well I flushed you out into the open pretty well,
                          now, didn't I?
                 \_ Very true.  I have a friend who teaches at an elementary
                    school and is living with two other teachers.  They often
                    have parties where the guests are encouraged to bring
                    school supplies.
                 \_ I don't know where the hell all these poor teachers are
                    coming from or where they're working.  A friend who
                    worked in Hayward for 5 years and quit was taking in almost
                    $80k when she quit.  She wasn't a Berkeley grad or Phd or
                    anything special.  Just someone who couldn't do so she
                    taught.  I get the feeling there's some Big Lie(c) being
                    told and retold but we'll never see real spending numbers
                    broken out.
                    \_ But isn't that curious. I have a friend who is
                        *currently* teaching junior high in Hayward with 5 yrs
                        seniority. He is making about $52K before taxes. I've
                        seen his stubs. Perhaps we should compare notes before
                        you take your Big Lie idea much further. --ulysses
2004/3/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12611 Activity:nil
3/10    Anybody know how to split a stream between a program and it's children?
                ->echo "cat\nRepeat this please." | tcsh
                Repeat: Command not found.
        \_ your example doesn't work for a number of reasons. maybe if you
           give us an example of exactly what you want to do this for, we
           could be more helpful.
                \_ I'd like an AIM bot to function like a shell, in order to
                introduce young kids (who chat alot) to unix.  See
                   \_ for a single command, you can use
                      tcsh -c "echo Repeat this please."
                      I assume you meant echo rather than cat.
                        \_ No, I really did mean cat.  I want the AIM bot
                           switch context into functioning like cat when
                           issued to message/command "cat".
                           \_ oh i see. then your script and tcsh need to
                              share a pipe. you can't do it with echo
                              because once it sends out what it's supposed
                              to, tcsh will read EOF and quit.
                \_ CoolDude69> Hi Mr. Unix  A/S/L
                   Mr. Unix> zsh: command not found: Hi
        \_ expect is made for stuff like this
                \_ I think that's what I wanted.  Thanks!
                   \_ also, man chroot.
2018/08/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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