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2004/3/8 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12557 Activity:high
3/7     Orange gives away free bike with cell phone contract in
        netherlands: []
        \_ Cool, how many of us are in the netherlands?
           \_ perhaps I should have changed the description to:
              "be jealous of people in the netherlands:"   -op
              \_ right. in america, i'm what you call a "liberal," but
                 if i had to live in the fucking netherlands i'd turn into a
                 raving freeper in about a week.  they have a 70% income
                 tax in the higher tax brackets, most housing is owned by
                 the government, and the crime is so bad in some parts of
                 rotterdam and amsterdam that the cops just leave at night
                 for their own safety.  fuck the netherlands.  i'll buy my own
                 cellphone contract, bycicle, car and maybe a boat with the
                 cellphone contract, bicycle, car and maybe a boat with the
                 money i save by not paying their income taxes.
                 \_ Where is crime bad in Amsterdam? I bet the worst
                    neighborhoods there are safer than most of America.
                    You are wrong about the housing, too. Most Dutch own
                    their own house. And the top rate in the Netherlands
                    is 60%, not 70%. The Economist Intelligence Unit
                    called The Netherland the best place in the world
                    to do business last year. In short, everything you
                    stated about The Netherlands is wrong.
                    \_ Most of America is incredibly safe.  Our crime is very
                       highly concentrated in high density urban areas.  We
                       used to call them slums or ghettos.  The top bracket
                       percent isn't as important as how much money it takes to
                       get to that bracket.  If 95% of the population is paying
                       over 30% and most of those hit the 60-70% range, thats
                       truly horrible.  If only 1-2% hits the 30% and very few
                       of those hit the 60-70% mark then it's a lot less than
                       in the US.  Let's get some facts before declaring
                       either way.  This is to the parent and grandparent of
                       my post.
                    \_ Actually, crime has been getting pretty bad in the past
                       decade ever since the easter bloc countries joined
                       the EU. Violent crime isn't as bad as it is in the
                       US, but property crime is pretty bad. Holland is also
                       very socialistic and there are pretty heavy taxes
                       levied on everything (including watching TV). As a
                       result the government has gotten progressively
                       poorer since the early 80's. And yes, I was born
                       and raised there.
                       \_ Violent crime is worse than before, but still better
                          than any American city, certainly not so unsafe
                          that police are unwilling to patrol it. I think
                          this guy is a freeper pretending to be a liberal.
                           \_You may be right about this guy being a freeper.
                             Your "any american city" comment is ridiculous.
                             There are plenty of US cities that have almost
                             NO violent crime.  Just not big ones.
                             \_ Depends on how you define "city" I guess.
                                I do not consider the likes of Sunnyvale
                                a city. Neither does the BBC:
        \_ But they don't say anything about the bike or cellphone.  Would you
           want it if the phone and bike both sucked?  I know the bluetooth
           charger/cradle is cool, but why not just give people a kit to strap
           on to their existing bike?
           \_ yeah, that's what I need.  Some dweeb on a bike yapping away
              on his cell phone instead of watching where's he going.
              \_ Getting hit by an idiot on a bike is going to be about as
                 painful as being in a car getting hit by an idiot in another
                 car.  But you won't have to get your car repaired.
                 \_ Are you kidding?  At minimum you're looking at a good
                    dent and several ugly scratches.  And woe to the
                    pedestrian run over by a cell-phone distracted bicyclist..
2004/3/8 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:12558 Activity:nil
3/7     Note to self: Debian cleans out /var/run on reboot.  This is a bad
        thing if you place Cyrus imapd's config directory under /var/run.
        \_ linux = sux0rz!
        \_ heh, it also cleans out /tmp -- which sucks when you work on
           some stuff on there, and then you kill your system =[
           \_ you should never work on anything important in /tmp as
              many systems use a memory fs for /tmp which will always
              be cleared on reboot.
              \_ yea... I know, bad habit... but speaking of tmp...
                 screwdriver: /var/tmp -> /tmp
                 Don't important things like editor recovery files end up
                 in /var/tmp?
                 \_ noone ever said screwdriver was run well.
                 \_ Seeing as I was bit on the ass on /var/run, it would
                    be unfair of me to think you foolish for making the
                    same mistake with /tmp, but I kind of took /tmp not
                    being preserved across reboots for granted.  And to
                    whoever asked if editor recovery files end up in
                    /var/tmp, you shouldn't need editor recovery files
                    after a clean reboot.  Do you think it is reasonable
                    \_ Um..  Multiuser system, anyone?
                       \_ Um, if you leave your *unsaved* edits to your PhD
                          thesis open for hours at a time on a system that
                          someone else may remotely reboot, you get what you
                          deserve. -op
                    to expect editor recovery files to *reliably* survive
                    a catastrophic system crash? If you think it is
                    reasonable, could you kindly explain how it is
                    possible, and cite an example of an OS that does
                    this? -op
                    \_ Yeah, put the editor recovery files in each user's
                       home directory.  It's not rocket science.
                       \_ This will not preserve the files in the event of a
                          catastrophic system crash.  Modern filesystems
                          buffer writes in memory for performance. -dans
                          \_ If you're going to play *that* game then no
                             modern OS is 'safe'.
                    \_ Yes it is reasonable and most OSes do this. Examples
                       are Linux, HP-UX, and Solaris.
                    \_ the whole *point* of editor recovery files is to
                       recover work lost in a catastrophic system crash. -tom
                       \_ Someone take root away from the OP immediately!
                          \_ no, learning by screwing up is the best way.  im
                             certain op will never make that or similar
                             mistakes on any OS again.
                       \_ Actually, no tom.  The whole point of editor
                          recovery files is to recover work lost in a
                          catastrophic *editor* crash.  In a catastrophic
                          system crash, you cannot *reliably* reconstruct the
                          state before the crash so you cannot *reliably*
                          recover.  In order for an editor to be able to
                          reliably recover from a catastrophic system crash,
                          it would need to write its recovery log to an
                          ACID-compliant store.  I am not aware of any editor
                          that does this, nor am I aware of any widely
                          available OS that features an ACID compliant
                          filesystem.  Perhaps veritas makes something like
                          this, but such a filesystem would be of limited use
                          since its performance would be awful. -op
                          \_ are you a complete moron?  /var/tmp has been
                             around for longer than ACID or Veritas have been.
                             It's not meant to be some kind of bank transaction
                             rollback log, it's meant to be "oh shit, I was
                             working on something important, can I recover
                             any of it?"  -tom
                             \_ not on debian!  hah!  Sorry op.
2004/3/8 [Uncategorized] UID:12559 Activity:kinda low
3/8     tawei, do you have any children yet?
        \_ why do you say "yet"?  -!tawei
2004/3/8 [Reference/Military] UID:12560 Activity:nil
3/8     Someone forged the Master Sword from Zelda: A Link to the Past
        \_ yes there are lots of silly people with too much time on their
           hands walking around.  its an example of how incredibly efficient
           our society is that we can afford to have people do things like this
2004/3/8 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:12561 Activity:high
3/8     Are there any commands on soda equivalent to prtinfo/psrinfo/isainfo
        on SunOS 5?  Thanks.
        \_ The correct term is "Solaris", not "SunOS 5".
        \_ whats sunos5?
           \_ SunOS foo 5.7 Generic_106541-08 sun4u sparc
              \_ That'd be Solaris 7.
                 \_ It would also be SunOS 5.7.
                    \_ sure, if you want to sound like a newbie.
                       \_ We went from SunOS 4 to Solaris 2.x to Solaris x
                          and you think 5.7 sounds like a newby? You're
                          the newby.
                             okay, newbie?
                          \_ Using what other people in the field use makes you
                             !newbie.  Sticking to some oddball strict number
                             scheme which has no more value than any other
                             oddball numbering scheme makes you stupid.  I go
                             back far enough that I don't even want to tell you
                             what my first *nix was.  I say Solaris 2.x --or--
                             Solaris x where x = 7,8,9,10,etc.  Why?  Because
                             people understand wtf I'm talking about.
                             \_ I understand. OTOH, the OS itself
                                identifies itself as SunOS 5.7. To say one
                                is a newby for calling the OS what it is
                                is the sort of thing only a newby would say.
                                I agree I also use Solaris more often. BFD.
                                \_ I'm not calling anyone a newbie but it
                                   does sound 'funny' when I sometimes hear
                                   someone say 5.7.  Usually it is a recruiter.
                                   I know a helluva lot about Solaris but I
                                   still meet people who have been around even
                                   longer than me or used it more extensively
                                   or whatever who know things I don't.  I do
                                   not call anyone 'newbie'.  Some people are
                                   more experienced than me and some are less.
           \_ dont be a dumb ass.
2004/3/8 [Uncategorized] UID:12562 Activity:nil 85%like:12552
3/8     Has anyone tried forwarding spam to  Any use?
2004/3/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12563 Activity:kinda low
3/7     chicks prepare to defend same-sex marriage by any means necesary: [nytimes]
        \_ by any means?  would they murder?  assassinate?  set explosives?
           suicide?  have sex with *gasp* men?  commit treason?  i doubt
           they're prepared to do -anything- by "any means necessary".
           \_ nah, that the style of the militant christian minority.
           \_ dude, its a JOKE. Did you even follow the link? Its a photo of
              some women with guns and a caption about a women's gun club
              in NYC... funny because they all look like lesbians.
              \_ it's the motd.  who follows links?  especially to unknown urls
2004/3/8 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:12564 Activity:nil
3/7     Mystery virus prevents AIDS:
        \_ not really
2004/3/8 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:12565 Activity:nil
3/8     One of my fuse in my apartment has started to trip quite often
        recently when using the microwave.  It hasn't tripped at all for
        about 2 years I've been there until recently, and not much has been
        added to the circuit.  The fuse switch for this cicuit has "15" on it,
        which I'm guessing is the amperage?  Would it be *relatively* safe to
        try switching it to say, "20" or is there something else I can do?
        Almost rest of the fuses in the apartment are rated at 20 and up.
        \_ Are they fuses or circuit breakers?  If the latter, you can try
           replacing the circuit breaker, IFF you are comfortable working around
           very high voltages-- the main line coming into the box is hotter
           than your average receptacle.
           \_ If it is a rented apartment you might want to call the landlord
              and get him to fix it.
        \_ sodauser-Mon-Hum-Mal-Cha died in His Apartment Building on level 3.
           Killed by 15 amps of current while replacing a fuse.
        \_ Yes it means 15.  Call an electrician since you obviously don't
           know what you're doing.  Touch the wrong thing and you can die.
           Or call your landlord and have him call an electrician.  I don't
           know who you are but I don't want to find out by reading about it
           in the paper.  "STUDENT FRIES SELF!"
           \_ it's not so much that he'll fry himself, it's that he may burn
              the apartment building down.  Frying himself would be evolution
              in action. -tom
              \_ no, it would only prove he is unsuited to an environment where
                 dealing with high voltage is a survival requirement.
                 \_ thank you, NERFAMC.
        \_ what probably happened is that you or your roommate moved the
           plug to one your fridge is hooked up to. try another plug.
           \_ or kill your roomie.  thatll save a lot of power, too.
2004/3/8 [Uncategorized] UID:12566 Activity:nil
3/8     Spalding Gray - RIP
2004/3/8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12567 Activity:nil
3/8     Bush gang is furious that they won't be able to steal Florida again:
        \_ I have to hear a rational response to this question: how did
           Bush 'steal' Florida - what is your evidence?
           \_ Supreme Court decision which effectively awarded Presidency to
              one side was unprecedented?  The vote was also 5-4, aligned
              conservative vs. liberal.
                \_ As reported below the key issue was decided 7:2, read
                   the decision.
                   \_ CNN:  "Broadly speaking, the 7-2 split was over the
                      question of reversing the Florida court, but the 5-4
                      split was over the termination of manual recounts."
                        \_ Please don't rely on CNN for vague explanations.
                           Read the decision, 7-2 the recounts violated
                           equal protection.  The 5-4 was the remedy.
                           \_ Which was one of the most perverse
                              missapplications of the equal protection clause
                              that I've ever heard of.  They basically said
                              "County A can't have recounts because you're not
                              doing a recount in County B, which doesn't need
                              one, and that somehow harms County B."
                              \_ If you actually read the decision you
                                 would understand the justification.
                                 You're right in the sense they didn't
                                 even need to invoke equal protection,
                                 they should have stuck with Article 2
                                 of the Constitution.
                                 \_ I don't see what in Article 2 would have
                                    stopped a recount.  Only that the electors
                                    must give their votes on the day set by
                                    congress.  It seems like the SC had no
                                    grounds to stop a recount, only to compel
                                    the electors to reach a decision.
                                    \_ So you would have been happier if the
                                       (R) controlled Florida legislators had
                                       a vote on it instead?  That was the
                                       other option at the time which seemed
                                       more legal to me.
                           \_ Yes, I understand 7-2 was about violating equal
                              protection, and 5-4 was about the remedy.
                              However, I still think the 5-4 decision was more
                              important than 7-2 -- as indicated by all the
                              media I've seen, conservative and liberal.
                              Please provide one relatively non-partisan URL
                              which says otherwise, since your viewpoint is
                              the one that differs from the accepted view.
                              \_ The accepted view?  As defined by who?  I
                                 don't "accept" that view and neither does
                                 anyone else who has actually read the court's
                                 decisions and followed it closely at the time.
           \_ Katherine Harris scrubbed 57000 legal voters, almost all
              black and Democratic, from the rolls.
                \_  Actually, the majority of the voters removed were white.
                    Given the preexisting rampant voter fraud in Florida
                    clearly some sort of reform was in order:
                    Is it your contention then that most felons, pets and dead
                   people vote democrat?
                   \_ Suarez, who committed all these crimes, is a Republican.
                                \_ Suarez was a Democrat at the time.
                                   Carollo was the Repub. candidate
                                   \_ Nope Suarez was independent at the time:
                      my bad
                   \_ 90% of the purged voters were black. Read the link.
                      "My office carefully went through the scrub list
                      and discovered that at minimum, 90.2 percent of
                      the people were completely innocent of any crime
                      except for being African American. We didn't have
                      to guess about that, because next to each voter's
                      name was their race."
                        \_ Step back a second and read his quote.  90.2
                           of which people - he doesn't specify.  He is
                           either stretching the truth or lying.  The best
                           the ACLU could was 54%, in one county.
                           57,000 legal voters were not removed as you stated
                           above, that is also a lie.  The people removed were either
                           felons, dead, or did not exist.  I reassert what
                           I said before - a majority of these 57,000 were white
                           \_ At least 57000, maybe more:
                      They were removed from the polls for having names
                      similar to felons and for being the same race.
                      Salon says "half were black":
                        \_ Christ its another article by the same guy.  Talk
                           about being tautological.  First he says its 90.2
                           percent then more than 50%?  Very convincing source..
                           \_ Here is another article then:
                              Do you have even one source that says that
                              most of the purged voters were white?
                      NAACP says "a larger percentage of Black voters
                      than white voters"
                      The Nation says 200,000 were either scrubbed
                      or had their ballots thrown away:
                         \_ Again you are not referring to the 57,000
                            people removed.  Clearly errors were made, but
                            your article names only 5 people.  Given the
                            massive, pulitzer prize documented fraud in
                            Southern Florida clearly reform was necessary.
                            \_ That was voter fraud committed by another
                               Republican. What a surprise.
                                \_ Suarez was a Democrat at the time.
                                   Carollo was the Repub. candidate
                                   \_ Wrong. Suarez was never a Democrat.
              \_ According to Palm Beach Post (as quoted in,
                 ~43k 'probable' and 'possible' felons were identified.
                 Out of that, 6500 names were not exact matches.  From that,
                 5400 appeals were filed, and 2500 were upheld.  After the
                 election, "at least 108" who were purged were later proven
                 to be legal voters.  There were also 996 convicted of
                 crime in another state, who should have been allowed to
                 vote in FL, but were not.
                 \_ From the results of the Federal inquiry:
                At least 8000 were removed that should not have been
                for sure, according to Florida state testimony:
                "Other voters were disenfranchised because a company
                hired by the Department of State to match voter
                rolls against other databases to ensure that felons
                and the dead could not vote did not properly do so.
                Database Technologies included in their list the names
                of more than 8,000 voters who should not have been
                removed from the voting rolls. However, by the time
                the error was caught, it was too late for the counties
                to fix it; in fact, the first time many of these voters
                realized they had been removed from the voter rolls
                was on Election Day."
                Still waiting for your evidence that a majority of
                those scrubbed were white. Do you have any evidence?
                        \_ Look I have no idea how to respond to you.
                           You are all over the map changing your position
                           every time you add something.  First it
                           was 90.2 percent were black and were removed.
                           Then it was 50%, then .. fuck if I know.
                           I'd look forward to responding to a coherent
                           argument, were it put forth.
                           Please don't continue
                           this neurotic stream of consciousness of
                           links and babble, count to
                           10 take a deep breath and read my comments
                           \_ I have posted from differing sources to
                              prove the overwhelming evidence that makes
                              my point: a majority of those disenfranchised
                              were black. Not every source agrees on the
                              exact percentage and I suspect that your
                              reading of Palast's 90.2% is correct, but
                              ALL agree that a majority were black. You
                              on the other hand, have not posted one
                              iota of evidence to support your contention
                              that most were white. Balls in your court.
                               \_ I figured you would actually be familiar
                                  with the USCCR report...
                                  'Furthermore, whites were twice as
                                  likely as blacks to be placed on the
                                  list erroneously, not the other way
                                  around.'  But she's a liar right?
                                  You can find the rest of the info
                                  for yourself.
                                  \_ That was from the dissent, not the
                                     conlusions. Only two commissioners
                                     signed the dissent out of eight.
                                     You want me to find it myself, eh?
                                     In other words, you can't find it,
                                     mostly because it doesn't exist.
                                     \_ Are you aware of the make up of this
                                        so-called investigative panel?  Or
                                        any of the hateful racist shit that
                                        came from these people?
                                        \_ And here's the switch to attacking
                                           the source of the report!  Right on
                                        \_ Let me add that is part of
                                           testimony presented before the
                                           Senate - are you implying
                                           Thernstrom perjured herself?
                \_ i'm the palm beach post guy, not the white voter guy.
                   however you cheat.  you merely quoted the
                   report QUOTING fl state senator daryl jones and state
                   rep chris smith.  you are not quoting the report itself.
                   tsk tsk.  the report also stated that clayton roberts,
                   director of the division of elections, stated that the
                   problem was addressed and "no person was removed from
                   the voter rolls based on tat erroneous information."
                   \_ Fine I will quote the report then:
                The most dramatic undercount in the Florida election was
                the uncast ballots of countless eligible voters who
                were wrongfully turned away from the polls. Statistical
                data, reinforced by credible anecdotal evidence, point
                to the widespread denial of voting rights. It is
                impossible to determine the extent of the disenfranchisement
                or to provide an adequate remedy to the persons whose
                voices were silenced by injustice, ineptitude, and
                inefficiency. However, careful analysis and some
                reasonable projections illustrate what happened in Florida.
                The disenfranchisement of Florida's voters fell most
                harshly on the shoulders of black voters.
                \_ note that you are now beating a hasty retreat from your
                   own 8000 number.  i am not contesting that eligible
                   voters were left off the list.  my contention is that
                   1) the original 57000 was not backed up by fact,
                   2) the number was way smaller, quoting tampa bay
                   post "at least 108".  i will merely observe that even
                   8000 is an order of magnitude less than the claimed 57000,
                   and now you've even backed off from the 8000.
                   \_ I am not "backing off of it" at all. Everything I
                      have seen indicates that the vast majority of those
                      57000 scrubbed were not guilty of any crime. Do you
                      have any evidence otherwise, other than partisan
                      sniping by Republican election officials?
                      \_ 1) i quoted quoting tampa bay post
                         with "at least 108".  2) i refuted your bogus claim
                         from the usccr report.  give me something credible
                         that says 57000.  if i could find a
                         ref, you can find me something non obviously
                         partisan, and we're even.
                   \_ more quoting fun from teh report,
                      "Although the Commission.s record reflects that
                      some supervisors of elections registered general
                      complaints regarding the use of the exclusion lists,
                      the record does not reflect that the Division of
                      Elections was flooded with specific examples of
                      Floridians erroneously identified as felons."
                      note that i am quoting the CONCLUSION of the report,
                      instead of dishonestly quoting the report QUOTING
                      a partisan polician.
                      \_ No, that is not the conclusion. This is the
                         I can't even find the line you quote. What
                         section is it in?
           \_ God, this is such old news.  It's like the abortion or death penalty or
              other hot button issues.  Blacks were denied voting rights, well
              so were people in the panhandle and the military, the USSC gave
              the election to one side 5:4, well no, the key issue was decided
              7:2 and the FLSC had previously given it to Gore 5:4, blah, blah
              blah until we all drop dead of age and partisanship.
              \_ None of these other people had their right to vote
                 taken from them. Everyone who wished to vote in the
                 Florida panhandle and showed up on time was able to.
                 Florida bent over backwards accepting military votes.
                 They even counted votes that came in late. All the FUD
                 in the world can't change these facts.
                 \_ Exactly, blah, blah, blah.  It's like abortion or the
                    death penalty.  This is a huge troll going nowhere fast.
        \_ Thank you, anti-Bush person, for deleting my post.
           \_ I did not delete your post. The coward that refuses to use
              motdedit did it.
              \_ Fuck motdedit.  In the ear.
        \_ Miami Herald report: http://
           Lead: "Republican George W. Bush's victory in Florida,
           which gave him the White House, almost certainly would have
           endured even if a recount stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court
           had been allowed to go forward."
           \_ I agree that 4+ out of 5 articles I've seen on this topic say
              "Bush would have won anyway".  Anyone have well-supported URLs
              against this?
              \_ This is about the recount. This has nothing to do with
                 all the voters being scrubbed from the rolls.
                 \_ So, find a URL talking about roll-scrubbing in this case
                    being illegal, and how Gore would have won otherwise.
                    Points if the URL isn't from ACLU, NAACP, Salon, etc.
2004/3/8 [Uncategorized] UID:12568 Activity:nil
3/8     Is there a procedure to get more than 110v from the wall receptacle?
        Do I need to be rezoned industrial and have specialized equipment
        installed in my building?
        \_ Just run an extension cord from your dryer or cooktop.
        \_ No, you just need an electrician.
        \_ You should be able to get 220v installed.  It's used for some major
        \_ Ever heard of a thing called a "transformer"?
           \_ Robots in disguise!
2004/3/8 [Uncategorized] UID:12569 Activity:nil
3/8     Perception / optical illusion tests (which are the same color, which
        is bigger, etc.).  If you want to report, please post first scores
        only.  You'll need like 10-15 minutes.
        \_ What a stupid site.  God, I hate the BBC's approach to "Science"
2004/3/8 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Media] UID:12570 Activity:nil 55%like:12590
3/8     Anyone have a video of the Chapelle Show skit "What if the internet
        was a real place?"
        \_ It's on the ComCentral website, but it's not detecting my RealPlaya

           \_ then try: rtsp://
2004/3/8-10 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:12571 Activity:nil
3/8     What is an acceptable temperature in a computer case? I'm asking
        because as summer is approaching, my case is already 90 something
        farenheit, and I know that it'll probably jump to 100 something
        during the summer. My CPU is currently 134F and system (mother
        board) is 96F. I'd hate to fry my CPU and HD. Should I be
        concerned and get those fancy heat exchange things from Frys?
        \_ Dear posters, I bought a heat paste from Frys (it was a whopping
           $8.00) and got the CPU to go down to about 122F. Thanks. Now I
           worry about my HD because that's where the data is, but that's
           gonna be another post.
           \_ Consider placing the HDD in the lowest available bay and moving
              optical drive(s) as far away as possible.
           \_ do you have case fans in the front? you should have a 1:1 ratio
              of fans sucking air in and fans blowing out. i have my HDD
              directly in the airflow path. it never reaches above 42C.
              \_ Why do you need front case fans?  As if the rear fans won't
                 draw air through from the front?  They'll create a complete
                 vacuum inside your case?
        \_ I had a MB/HD death when the case was 150 and the cpu was 190 --oj
        \_ You're getting into the danger zone.  CPUs in the 60-65C range will
           run normally but ocasionally have 'soft' errors.  You will have
           shortened CPU life also.  Try to keep your CPU under 50C (122F).
           A MB temp of 96F doesn't sound too bad, but the ambient case temp
           affects your HDD temp.  Try running with your case open and see how
           it helps...
        \_ Why go fancy?  Just go low-tech and buy a $10 fan from Walgreens,
           then open the PC case and blow on it.  It's going to carry away more
           heat than most fancy PC fans.
        \_ I agree, < 50 deg C is good for CPU temperature.  You should
           buy some thermal paste and re-seat your fan with it.  Remember,
           just enough paste to make a very very thin layer is all you need.
           What CPU are you using BTW, and does it already use paste
           or some kind of heat-transfer pad?
        \_ I run an open case.  The heat sensors say my cpu is ~105F and the
           case is barely above room temp.  When I ran it closed I was at
           ~130F cpu and about ~108F on the mb and didn't get any errors.  I
           have it open for easy access because I change hardware a lot, not
           because I was worried about heat.
        \_ 100 is probably a good upper bound.  If you can track your CPU temp
           125 is a good upper bound, and 140=fried.
           If it's really hot, I'll take the side of my case off.
2004/3/8-10 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:12572 Activity:kinda low
3/8     anybody know how to get mozilla 1.6 to put the cursor at the
        top of the message when replying? Currently it puts the cursor
        below the "on Saturday, Jim Bob wrote > and the message"
        seems backwards.
        \_ Yes. Under Edit->Preferences or Mail & News preferences, find
           'Composition' and select 'start my reply below...'  -John
            \_ This version of Mozilla 1.6 (on Windows 2000) does not
                have that option!
        \_ anybody know how to configure mozilla 1.6 to NOT use its email
           when i click on a mail link??
        \_ what are you, one of those annoying "top posters"?
           \_ top posters rule!  ill bet you squeeze the toothpaste from the
              wrong end, too!
           \_ I used to be a bottom poster, except when I was replying to a
              reply from a top poser.  Then I switched job to a company where
              we use Outlook and everyone else is a top poster.  Now I'm
              converted.  I guess it's because Outlook defaults to top.
           \_ Yes! Put the new stuff at the beginning. you're not writing
              a novel, and I don't want to scrool down to the bottom to
              see your message.
2004/3/8 [Reference/Religion] UID:12573 Activity:nil
3/8     Why are some of the active religious discussions being censored?
        \_ haha. funny is you.
        \_ Because Xtians have nothing to do with Linux.  It isn't censorship.
           It is purifying the motd of unclean influences.  Who cares about
           Jesus when you have Linus?
           \_ Let's start a Mohammed thread.
              \_ And then a motdedit thread!
2004/3/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:12574 Activity:nil
3/8     How do jewelers clean jewelry?  Ultrasonic bath?  Steam?  Anyone
        have any tips on how to clean a diamong ring with lots of little nooks
        and crannies?
        \_ Didi Seven
         ultrasonic can knowck the diamond loose if you have a prong setting
         ultrasonic can knowck the diamond loose if you hae a prong setting
         (like a tiffany's setting) so most suggest using steam.  a cheap way
         is to get an espresso/cappacino maker.  check for
         more info.
2004/3/8-9 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12575 Activity:nil
3/8     solaris NFS question.  I have two servers A and B.  Both of them
        mount each other's disks.  I disabled nisplus and modified the
        vfstab.  It works fine.  But if the machines are rebooted, it'll hang
        waiting for each other to come up.  How do I configure NFS to time
        out and not keep retrying?  I can't even get a login screen if
        machine B is down when I reboot A.  Thanks.
        \_ Don't do this. Say no mount at boot for machine A. After you boot
           machine A boot machine B. Then manually mount on machine A. You can
           obviously write a init script and stick it with the appropriate
           runlevel that check for machine B before it mounts.
        \_ Soft mount, but this seems like a rather kooky setup.
        \_ I've had to do stupid shit like that.  What I did was write a
           startup script that only tried to mount if the remote machine was
           already proven up (pick your favorite network test).  If not then
           it waits 5 seconds and tries again.  Put this on both hosts.
        \_ you could automount. it would avoid your problem also.
           \_ automount is incredibly buggy and has other problems.
              \- automount hasnt been a problem for me in solaris8 era.
                 dont use nis+ tho. --psb
                 \_ A whole lot of people are still on 2.7 or earlier.  But
                    unfortunately op didn't tell us what version.
        \_ Either use automounter or use the background mount option
           \_ bg is going to fail out and never mount but will at least allow
              the machine to boot.
        \_ thank you all for your help.  The servers are running solaris 2.5.1
           and it's a very small company (10+ people).  So doing stuff like
           this is acceptable.
           \_ ack!  do *not* use automount on an old solaris like that.  kludge
              it with well tested scripts and forget about it.
2004/3/8-10 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:12576 Activity:nil
3/8     I've finally got it so I can't hear anything at all from the 3
        computers in my home office.  I just got 4th one which is so incredibly
        loud it completely drowns out the other 3!
        \_ Get a new quiet power supply.
        \_ Could be the CPU fan too.  Anyway, newegg sells an Enlight 360 watt
           for $25 which is quieter than the $60 PC Power & Cooling Silencers.
           (Yeah, I have both.)
        \_ It's a 1U server which has a vacuum cleaner volume fan that blows
           over the fanless dual cpus and mb chip.  It's so loud I can hear it
           2 rooms aways with the door closed.  Now that I have it on the net
           I'm going to finish building it out remotely and then move all the
           parts to a mid-tower and put a pair of $5 cpu fans in the case. It
           is going to replace the mid tower which I'm still using so I can't
           put it in the tower and then build it out.  BTW, any suggestions
           for *quiet* cpu fans for a 1.0 ghz p3?  thanks!  --op
           \_  I have 4 computers running with their stuff.
              There are typically 4 sources of computer noise:
              1) case fan(s)
              1) case fan
              2) power supply fan
              3) CPU fan
              4) hard drive.
              Fix all four and you'll be happy and able to think more clearly.
                \_ Thanks!  My drives, case and ps fan are all quiet enough.
                   I'll check out that url.
2004/3/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:12577 Activity:nil
3/8     Stop dwelling on the Floriday election people - it doesn't matter
        that people were scrubbed from the voters rolls- elections are
        determined by those who actually vote.  You can only guess at
        what these others would have done, or if they even would have
        showed up.  Although, imo, scrubbing should be done before the
        primary, not in between.  That gives those improperly knocked
        out time to raise hell.  FL is just like San Francisco - the
        election machinery is a joke.  Here we just don't have close races,
        or even races at all.  I vote absentee and avoid it all.
        \_ good point, voter fraud is fine.
           \_ Nah, it's only bad when a Republican won.  There was (apparently)
              hardly any voter fraud to worry about when Clinton won, or during
              any other race that wasn't close.  Because you know, if there
              _was_ voter fraud then, I am sure you diligent non-partisan
              folks would have been screaming about it at the top of your
              lungs too.
              \_ anything specific, or are you just talking out of your ass?
                 \_ Nah, I am sure it was nothing.  I think republicans
                    invented presidential voter fraud in 2000.
                    \_ What is your point?
                       \_ My point, my frothy friend, is that if you dislike
                          voter fraud, you should have been yelling about it
                          all these years.  As it is, your serendipidous
                          discovery of this unfortunate malaise on our
                          society, and subsequent outrage seem a little too
                          well-timed to be well-intentioned (or honest).
                       \_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                \_ Kennedy/Nixon, 1960. Illinois. Texas.
                   "[T]he Chicago Tribune concluded that 'the election
                   of November 8 was characterized by such gross and
                   palpable fraud as to justify the conclusion that
                   [Nixon] was deprived of victory.'"
                   \_ yes, yes, so what?  Kennedy was a better man so we got a
                      better President out of it.
2004/3/8 [Uncategorized] UID:29860 Activity:high
3/8     Careers, sex, religion, politics, tech.  What else am I missing?
        \_ housing
        \_ food
        \_ water
           \_ not many discussions about water.
             \_let's do drinks then...
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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