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2004/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:12392 Activity:nil
2/24    Huzzah to the mighty motd censor!  Only boring threads remain!  Huzzah!
2004/2/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12393 Activity:low
2/24    Am I the only one who think Sex and the City is stupid?  Okay maybe
        no more stupid than the other shows but I don't have a TV and don't
        know.  I just caught an episode on a hotel TV while travelling aborad.
        Maybe with some sex it could actually be stimulating to the senses,
        but I just can't see what's so intelligent about it.  And it's further
        removed from the real world than the survival island.
        \_ You think that show's stupid? Try watching American Idol.
        \_ No you are not the only one. -- ashamed to admit watching an episode
           \- the people on the show are self-abosorbed, shallow and morally
              bankrupt hedonists [like in muriel's wedding]. it cant hold a
              candle to say seinfeld for smart writing or coupling [uk] for
              humor. --psb
              \_ Coupling, while occasionally pretty funny, has bad acting,
                 not-too-grandiose writing, loads of pruderie, and masks the
                 same sort of "moral bankruptcy" with a thin veneer of "we
                 are the BBC, we must be good".  On the other hand, there's
                 nothing wrong with a bit of moral banktruptcy... -John
              \_ I would watch a hedonist show if it had any depth, but ...
              \_ a lot of us happen to like self-absorbed, shallow, and
                 morally bankrupt hedonism.  besides, that passes for
                 sophistication in many circles.
        \_ The only episode I ever watched was one where one girl was bitching
           to another girl cause her jimmy choo shoes disappeared after a
           house party at the other girl's place.  whatever.
           \_ If you don't understand the importance of shoes, you don't
              understand girls.
                \_ That's as stupid as saying 'if you don't understand the
                   importance of football, you don't understand boys.'
                     -- ilyas
                   \_ Let the record show that ilyas does not understand
                      girls. ;-)
                      \_ Or boys, apparently. -- ilyas
                \_ Corroborated by girlfriend and other women.  -John
                   \_ I first read this as "girlfriend and other womAn". much
                   \_ well, my girlfriend LOVES shoes too, but getting
                      into a bitch fight for it is another story ...
                        \_ Has anyone ever stolen a shoe of hers?  -John
        \_ In short, yes the show is stupid and no one important will miss it.
           \_ Unless you're married....
              \_ My wife hates it too.
        \_ I (a male) also found the show distasteful. However more than a
           few women I know tell me Sex and the City speaks volumes to their
           lives as single women in their thirties. YMMV.
           \_ I am reminded of the Simpsons when Marge's sisters, Selma and
              Patti, are watching SaTC and Selma exclaims "Oh this show is
              SO us!"
              \_ In the same episode they described the show as, "four single
                 women who act like gay men"
        \_ Great thread when it manages to get psb to weigh in on a popular TV
           show. Sex and the City was, when it arrived, the best written comedy
           I'd seen on TV. Six Feet Under took that away a couple of years
           later, though, and got more into those "moral" issues, if that's
           what floats your boat. The better question is which of the four do
           you love/hate most? Incidentally, like any show. It varied a great
           deal ep to ep. It would be a mistake to call the show on a single
           episode. -- ulysses.
           \_ why?  partha watches trashy tv along with the rest of us.
              \_ First, interrupting is rude practise, son. Get over it. Other
                 than that, I'm just poking fun at the most pompous voice I
                 read on the motd. Lord knows I'm culpable myself. For the
                 record, I didn't watch TV until I started dating my wife. Now,
                 I'm afraid, I can describe the plots of most every show on
                 prime time cable. -- ulysses
                 \_ You watch prime time cable and you call people son?
                    They should be calling you son, I think.
                    \_ The shame...the shame! -- ulysses
                \_ psb makes a lot of sense if you imagine him speaking in a
                   voice like one of the bald dudes in "Dark City."
                   \_ This cracked me up.  Nice call.
                      \_ seconded.  this image should improve my motd reading
                         experience for years to come.
           \_ If I wanted to listen to the privledged white girls whine, I'd
              start going to Republican events.
              \_ Well you certainly spell like one. -dans
                 \_ Ph34r |\/|y 5p311!Ng Ph4|\/|3!!!!
              \_ I'm confused.  Are white Republicans rich and evil or poor
                 hick white trash?  Can you pick one slur and stick with it?
                 Thanks!  --Rich Evil Poor White Trash Republican
        \_ so are there any woman out there who do NOT like SatC?
           \_ I don't like it and don't hate it. I don't get HBO but if I
              did i'd probably watch it when I feel like vegging in front of
              the tv for a while. I don't have the type of female friends that
              get together every week to watch it but if I did I'd probably
              use it as an excuse to hang out and get drunk. The writing
              certainly doesn't "speak to me" or anything. -soda gal
        \_ You see or hear about any sex in Sex In The City? Did you expect
           hardcore penetration scenes or something???
2004/2/25 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:12394 Activity:kinda low
2/24    Canadian military going bankrupt.  I guess that's ok when you're
        living under the US military umbrella.  It's not like anyone is
        going to invade but does serve to further highlight their puppet
        \_ If they're a "puppet," how come they got into a pissing match
           with the US over Iraq?
           \_ Kids sometimes do this to their parents, but there is no
              doubt who is boss.
       \_ Oddly enough I feel no one is going to invade the US either, and
          yet they have huge military expenditures.
          \_ hahahahah!
          \_ That's because you're an idiot.
          \_ The illegals already have and still continue to do so.
             \_ That's right, whitey.  You need help loading your luggage
                on the next boat for Europe?
                \_ Why do people equate anti-illegal with racism?
                   \_ Because anti-illegal apologists tend to be masking
                      deeper anti-immigrant agendae.
                      \_ Why does anti-immigrant have to be racist? Regardless
                         of race I don't see why anyone should be pro-immigrant
                         right now. It doesn't help those who are already here.
                         There is no manpower shortage in America.
                         \_ They don't really think you're racist.  It's just
                            easy to toss around hot button words like that
                            instead of debating these sorts of very serious
                            topics.  Screaming, "RACIST!" is easy.  Doing
                            research and coming up with solid reasons for open
                            boarders and counters to the closed boarder people
                            is much harder.  Check this out: RACIST!  See?
                            that was easy.
        \_ Haiti right now is interesting example of what happens when you
           get rid of your military (they did it to remove the Coup threat).
           So now thy have a handful of ex-military rebels they are trying
           to fight with basically police.
                \_ Cool, so we should keep the military to (a) avoid having
                   ex-military people run amuck and overthrow the government,
                   (b) provide domestic security.  -John
                        \_ of course, you can't have ex-Military
                           without a military
                           \_ does it bother any of you idiots that the
                              premise of this whole debate is that Canada
                              is getting rid of its military, which just
                              isn't true?  They're having budget problems
                              and closing a couple of bases, and the op
                              turned that into a clever litttle troll.
                              that's all.
                              \_ OP 1, !OP 0.
                              \_ Bzzzt!  I never said Canada was getting rid of
                                 their military.  I said exactly what I said,
                                 nothing more and nothing less.  If you choose
                                 to make it into something else that's your
                                 business but not my words or meaning.  --OP
2004/2/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12395 Activity:nil
2/24    eric, how often do you record into motd,v?
        \_ email him or experiment.
        \_ its just motdwatch -- read the script source for yourself. -ERic
2004/2/25 [Recreation/Computer] UID:12396 Activity:moderate
2/24    A while back someone complained friendster was ass slow.  I just
        got on friendster after a long time, and it appears blazing fast!
        \_ that's because all the pissed off / bored users left. Reminds
           me of the dot com days when we ordered tons of machines to
           scale our web site before the <DEAD><DEAD> announcement, only
           to realize that it was a total waste because of all the pissed
           off users.
        \_ Try it at 8PM.
        \_ All the cool kids are on orkut now.
           \_ You mean I'm not cool?
              \_ You really didn't need us to tell you that
                 \_ There are no cool people using orkut, friendster or any
                    other net.trash to meet people.
                    \_ So are you saying that anyone who posts to CSUA motd
                       is a loser?
                    \_ You don't even know what cool is.
2004/2/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12397 Activity:moderate
2/24    In a unix shell (tcsh/bash) how to do I tell the terminal how many
        spaces to use for a tab (e.g, more,less,cat,pico,vi,emacs)?
        \_ This has nothing to do with the shell.  less might have a
           configurable way of displaying this, but in general you'll be doing
           this setting in pico, vi, and emacs separately.  Really, you should
           use "soft tabs" (i.e. when you hit tab, it really hits space four
           times, then on multiples of 8 converts back to real tabs)
           \_ that's what I do, but I don't like it.  With code, there should
              be a single character representing a single layer of indentation.
              It's philosophical, yes; and astyle works very well.  But still.
              \_ That's bizarre and arbitrary.  The most important things are
                 consistency and readability.  If tabs do that for your group,
                 then tabs are the answer.  If spaces do, then that's the
2004/2/25 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:12398 Activity:nil
2/24    What happened?  It used to be that if I typed in my browser
        if would load correctly.  Not it only keeps
        saying "Making HTTP connection to".  And after a long time
        it finally loads.  If I type in it loads fine.  This
        started recently and happens on multiple client IPs and with Mozilla
        and lynx.  Gah, it started working again.  Is it some DNS problem?
        \_ Sounds like it.  Check your /etc/resolv.conf.  Make sure the first
           server responds in a decent amount of time (or at all...). -scotsman
2004/2/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12399 Activity:nil
2/24    dear motd psychologist, i'm happy with my current gf. however, i've
        been having a lot of dreams about my x-gf (happy dreams with her).
        why is that? does this mean i still like my x subconsciously, or that
        i don't like my current gf which is a contradiction, or what? any
        analysis you have would be appreciated, thanks.
        \_ Who's to say that you don't like them both for different reasons?
           Also, maybe you are trying to subconciously put a positive spin
           on a bad past relationship.  I sometimes have dreams about old
           roommates who I've had a falling out with.
        \_ It means you should try and have a threesome.
           \_ BINGO!  good call.
        \_ It's a resolution dream, your brain's way of resolving unresolved
           threads in your life. It's an expression of the way you wish things
           could have been, but it has no real bearing on your current life.
           Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
        \_ It's just a dream, fr[a]eud not withstanding.  Yes dream *could*
           have some relation with your real life, but rarely directly and
           the relation is often trivial.  Let it come and let it go.
           \_ if freud were such a fraud we wouldn't still be talking about
              him.  nothing substantial has replaced his theories.
              \_ Freud made it into a respectable field and helped shattered
                 many of the taboos.  He also made a permanent(ly wrong)
                 impression on the public and that's why we still talk about
                 it in popular culture, but his theory is not what is taught
                 in any respectable curriculum.
        \_ tell your ex about your dreams and see if she feels the same way
                \_ i did and she said no. however, she's been having a lot
                   of health problems so that's kind of understandable. -op
                   \_ i'd be pissed off too if you gave me herpes.  that would
                      be understandable.
        \_ A therapist would ask what your ex-gf represents to you. People
           in dreams are not always what they appear to be.
        \_ did you do it with your ex or your current gf?  if so, which one
           is better?
           \_ if you haven't had sex with someone that you're calling your gf
              and you're both adults then she's not your gf.
              \_ Yeah, I think the correct term is "friend from Bible study".
                         \- heh --psb
                 \_ Yeah, like the way those Catholic fathers study with those
2004/2/25-26 [Reference/Religion] UID:12400 Activity:high
2/24    well, this proves it I guess....
        \_ Proves what? That the film was made in Italy?
           \_  That God exists, I reckon.  I love that He gets third
                billing. -phuqm
                \_ where is this now?
           \_ It does help explain why Romans weren't harsely judged...
           \_ yes, that God exists of course... or that Mel Gibson is
              the most arrogant film-maker on earth.
              \_ Is that why he made himself into a crucified Jesus figure
                 at the end of Braveheart?
           \_ They removed the reference. Do a search for "God" under IMDB's
              people and it shows the artifact of Him being one of the writers
              for TPotC.
              people and it shows the artifact of Him being one of the writers
              \_ Is that why he made himself into a crucified Jesus figure
                 at the end of Braveheart?
              for TPotC.
              \_ YES!! I succeeded... after coming across this I submitted
                 a correction to imdb and apparently this listened. -op
              \_ Is that why he made himself into a crucified Jesus figure
              \_ I don't see what you're talking about.  It sounds like
                 the web page may have been revised?  "Aiya!" indeed.
                 \_ they removed the reference... read 9 lines up.
           It used to say Jesus, the Christ and now it says Jesus???
           That is it?
           \_ God is God and jesus is a prophet.  Get your religion right.
                 at the end of Braveheart?
                 \_ Christ imagery is common in literature/movies.  Cross
                    shapes are handy for stretching people out for
              \_ Credited as writing the novel.  It's a silly reference to the
                 Bible as source material.
              \_ YES!! I succeeded... after coming across this I submitted
                 a correction to imdb and apparently they listened. The
                 system works people.   -op
        \_ if the purpose was to show an actor listed for Jesus, there are lots
           of IMDB pages like this, e.g.,
           \_ Aiya! Look down a little. See Novel? See Authors? Kids these
              days. What did you score on the Verbal?
              \_ I don't see what you're talking about.  It sounds like
                 the web page may have been revised?  "Aiya!" indeed.
                 \_ they removed the reference... read 9 lines up.
           It used to say Jesus, the Christ and now it says Jesus???
           That is it?
           \_ God is God and jesus is a prophet.  Get your religion right.
2004/2/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:12401 Activity:moderate
2/24    Polling sodans who have moved out of california.  What state did
        you move to and why?   Thanks.
        \_ to someplace cold because I'm a fucking idiot.  I've dreamt
           about being back in california every night for the last week.
           You know what I dream about?  just not being cold.
        \_ south africa, wanted to find another charlize theron
        \_ southern california, for the money and cultural vacuum ;-)
           \_ not to mention intelligence. looks like you fit right in.
        \_ New Mexico.  Couldn't find a job which didn't suck in CA, in
           my area.  (Computational plasma physics.)  I've found that
           though my salary is 2/3 the going rate in CA for my job,
           housing costs 1/4 as much per sq. ft.  --PeterM
           \_ wow that's pretty cool. Do you get funded by DARPA/army?
              Do you research on atom bombs or some type of cool weaponry?
              \_ The MiB will be at your place soon to discuss the topic with
                 you at their secret facility in Cuba.
              \_ I help develop high power microwave devices.  These can be
                 used for non-lethal crowd control and destroying electronics
                 rather than killing people.  Say Saddam locates his control
                 center in a politically hardened location such as a hospital.
                 You destroy all the computers instead of killing everyone.
                 That is what I do.  --PeterM
                 \_ Couldn't clued-in bad guys just build a Faraday cage around
                    their command center?
                    \_ Yes, but that's harder than you might think.  And bombs
                       will still work....
                    \_ It's for crowd control, i.e. peanik or gay marchers.
                        \_ Partly right.
                        \_ big deal.  you'll destroy their wrist watches so
                           they'll miss the big protest?
                           \_ EM storm can cause flash concussion.
                 \_ How do you like the weather and life in NM? Does it get way
                    damn hot? Enough good restaurants and recreation? I've
                    heard people badmouth Albuquerque.
                        \_ I badmouth Albuquerque.  Still, it has its nice
                           parts.  Weather is dry.  Cold in the winter, hot
                           in the summer, not much rain, some snow.  I'm
                           OK with the restaurants and I like to eat out.
                           There is very good mountain biking and other
                           outdoor activities.  I go dancing on Friday nights.
                           It gets way damn hot, but it's dry, so not that
                           miserable.  Y'all can ask me further questions
                           directly if you want.  --peterm@soda
                 \_ Any good looking women in NM?
                        \_ Yes.  --peterm
                 you a their secret facility in Cuba.
        \_ southern california for the food, culture (we have more classical
           stations and museums than N Cal you know?), women, and education.
           Go BRUINS!!! Speaking of bruins, am I considered a bruin bear
           or a bear bruin?             -happy (but stupid)
           Go BRUINS!!! Speaking of bruins, am I considered a bruin bear
           or a bear bruin?             -happy (bruin bear) or (bear bruin)
           \_ There is education in socal? -- ucla student
           \_ So I take it you're a fan of plastic boobies then...
                \_ no, but I make sure I don't date them by not dating
                   blonds and Korean girls who drive nice cars.
                            \_ you'd prefer flat korean chicks in nice cars?  i
                               think it's good they're putting in some effort
                               to overcome their shortcomings.
                   blonds and Korean girls who drive nice cars.
                   \_ Korean girls mostly have plastic boobies?
                   \_ Korean girls mostly have plastic boobies?
                      \_ no, they drive nice cars.
                         \_ In LA they sure as hell have both.
2004/2/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:12402 Activity:nil
2/24    Greenspan: Consider Social-Security Cuts
        This is the price you and I need to pay for a war which is not
        needed to be fought.
        \_ (1) Get your tenses straight.  (2) Social Security is a pyramid
           scheme and everyone knows it.  This would have happened without
           the Iraq war.
        \_ I like how Greenspan was a big deficit hawk during Clinton, and said
           nothing about this.  But now with Bush he won't say mum about the
           huge tax cuts which have helped create this mess - instead, we've
           got to cut Social Security benefits!  Where was this advice in the
           '90s, Al, hmmm?
           \_ Greenspan is experienced enough to know not to say anything
              nor making any drastic interest rate move during an election
              year.  He is still a deficit hawk, even if it means abandoning
              dividend tax cut which he favors.
           \_ tax cuts didn't make this mess.  it's been known since before you
              were born.  this wasn't news to anyone who has read a newspaper
              in the last 30 years.
        \_ The SS problem is from now- or soon-to-be-retiring baby boomers.
           So I assume the "war which is not needed to be fought [sic]"
           you're referring to would be WWII?
        \_ Social Security system was flawed fundamentally, but we do had
           a fiscal surplus which we could of fixed it.  Instead, we blew it
           on tax-cut for the wealthy and the corporation *AND* war on Iraq.
                \_ 'Could of?'  You can't be bothered to learn to form
                   sentences, but you are a political critic already?
                \_ Lies there was never a surplus.  It was Social Security
                   receipts being used for general expenditures.  Guess
                   under whose administration this was started - Johnson.
                \_ You're so blindly distracted by Iraq and very recent tax
                   cuts.  Was 2003 really your political awakening?  None of
                   this was news today.  It has been known for decades and
                   some would say since SS was started that this would happen.
                   It's a Ponzi scheme.  Go vote for Dean and let the clued
                   worry about the issues.
2004/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:12403 Activity:nil
2/24    Is there a way for a shell script to set its return status?  return
        can only be used for sourcing or inside a function.
        \- you mean like "exit #" --psb
           \_ Yes I do and I guess I have been malnutritioned.
2004/2/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12404 Activity:nil
2/24    Is this the end of DeBeers?
        \_ wasn't this in Wired like 3 months ago?
        \_ DeBeers has been aware of the threat of synthetic diamonds for a
           while now.  They've responded by putting micro-etching on the rim
           of natural diamonds gauranteeing their origin.  They also started a
           PR program to convince people that synthetic diamonds are like
           cheating by buying a cubic zirconia and that if you really love your
           woman you'll get her a 'real' diamond.  They have also started a
           program to help jewelers tell the difference between natural and
           synthetic diamonds, mainly that synthetics are 'too perfect'.
           The manufacturers fight back by calling them 'created diamonds' to
           emphasize the craftsmenship and the fact that they were not dug out
           of mud by people working for peanuts to finance some civil war.
           One other thing is large synthetic diamonds, if cut into flat pieces
           would make an excellent substrate for microprocessors.
                \_ "some civil war" and slavery and the drug trade, too.
                \_ It's true that diamond would make a nice material for
                   microprocessors, but there's a lot of materials black magic
                   that has to happen to make a current CPU.  It's not clear
                   how hard it'll be to replicate all the black magic on diamond.
           \_ Synthetic diamond is not quite up to the par just yet.  The
              gem-quailty diamond has a natual yellow tint. The funny thing is
              that in the past, natural yellow-diamond cost a bundle.  Until
              these guys managed to make gem-quality CLEAR-colored diamond,
              DeBeer is not really being threaten.
                        --one who hate DeBeer more than Microsoft.
              \_ they can manufactur clear colored diamonds. they however
                 found that they can make the yellow ones faster and charge
                 about the same, so they focus the manufacturing on yellow
                 diamonds. also, debeers wont come after them quite so fast
                 for now. you should read the Wired article, it explains this
                 very well.
              \_ Neither synthetic nor natural diamonds have to have a yellow
                 tint.  There is no 'natural' diamond color, although some
                 colors are more frequent than others.  Clear and yellow
                 (various shades) are most common, blue and red (I think) are
                 the rarest.  The price tends to rise with rarity of color.
                   -- ilyas
              \_ The colors come from impurities (non-diamond minerals).
2004/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:12405 Activity:nil
2/24    for the guy trying to check freely available email accounts
        from the command line, i suggest you use "links"
        instead of "lynx", i've gotten "links" to work with yahoo mail.
        \_ w3m
2004/2/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:12406 Activity:very high
2/24    Is there a way to check your CSUA account with Yahoo or Hotmail?
        When I try to connect using Yahoo it says "
        unexpectedly terminated the connection. Please try again."
        \_ So you put your csua password into some idiotic yahoo/hotmail form
           in your browser??
           \_ Not sure about the 'idiotic' part, but yeah, you have to
              enter your password otherwise Yahoo can't check the e-mail.
              \_ but soda requires an encrypted connection.  somehow I doubt
                 Yahoo sends passwords in anything other than plaintext.  good
                 \_ which is why yahoo can't get it.
                 \_ Is that why it's not working?  Is there a different
        \_ .forward
           \_ Yes.  In your .forward file, you put your csua username on the
              first line and your yahoo email on the second line.  You can
              then save a copy of your email on csua.
              \_ not quite.  you just made a mail loop.
                    CSUA SMTP address that will allow me to check the
        \_ .forward
           \_ But then I don't retain the mail at CSUA, I won't the mail
              at both Yahoo and CSUA.
              then save a copy of your email on csua.
        \_ Yahoo uses POP or IMAP to check your email.
2004/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:12407 Activity:nil
2/24    Another (more focused) script question- what's the best language to
        quickly wrap a (1) C library (eg, socket manager) (2) C++ class?
        Does (2) get any easier if I use non-virtual methods?
        \_ python
2004/2/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29831 Activity:nil
2/24    Anybody reads the comic strip "Blondie"?  She has such a nice figure
        for a mother of a teenager.  And her daughter is pretty hot too. :-)
        I fantasize about fondling her body all the time. Is it wrong to
        salivate over a comic strip woman?  -csua virgin
        \_ time to learn how to draw.
        \_ C'mon, what happened to all the decent trolls?
        \_ Go watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
           \_ Noise.  Go see "Heavy Metal".
        \_ you wonder what she ever saw in dagwood
           \_ this is where we need BDG to tell us about how women only marry
              for money and what a whore Blondi is.
        \_ Cartoon chicks is one thing. Watching too many daily hours of
           afternoon cartoons probably does subtle things to a child's
           development. I had the hots for April O'Neil. But what about
           cartoon animals?
2018/12/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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