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2004/2/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12371 Activity:nil
2/23    My snapfish account is expiring and they want to delete all my photos.
        Anyone have a nice wget/curl script to get my images?
        \_ You could do something really weird like actually *buy* a photo
           or two.  It might cost you all of 50 cents so they continue storing
           your zillion gigabytes of photos for another year.  If you wget them
           you're not getting the original images, btw.
        \_ always save your photos on cdrom or dvd. if you need to store
           online, try getting a cheap web hosting solution like
  (?). no bandwidth or storage space limit.
           they have a setup fee, but afterwards it's $1/month.
2004/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:12372 Activity:nil
2/23    Do you think My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance was cruel?
        \_ Yes, but seeing how fuckin stupid Randi was,
           saying "I did this all for you, my family" was
           the most pathetic line ever muttered. That trash
           (girl + family alike) deserves what happened.
           \_ There was nothing wrong with the family.  She was undeserving of
              a family that cared for her so much.  At what point were any of
              the Coy family trashy?  --Coy family defender #1
                \_ I agreed with you, until the end when they said it was
                   all ok since Randi did this all for them. They're either
                   gullible as hell, or Fox did a great job of editing.
                   \_ I think that was some clever editing and the Coys trying
                      to make the best of a *really* ugly situation that their
                      stupid daughter and the producers put them in.  Did you
                      expect them to say they'd never talk to her again?  I
                      saw a mini-interview with her which said she and her dad
                      are 'working on their relationship' or some such thing,
                      so although the show ended with peaches and roses, the
                      off screen reality is much different for the Coys.  I
                      think Steve made the show funny, she was a total loser
                      and the Coy family were 100% victims and decent people.
                      \_ I agree that the Coy family were 100% victims and
                        decent, good people (except Randi?)
                         \_ yes, except randi who was a totally selfish bitch
                            and a loser as well.
2004/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:12373 Activity:kinda low
2/23  Happy Soviet Armed Forces Day! -- ilyas
      \_ ah yes the good ole Red Army and Navy.. I miss it much.
      \_ I don't celebrate Roman or Aztec Armed Forces Day anymore either.
         \_ Why you're not even worthy of sacrificing to Queatzalcoatl.
            \_ Yeah, I don't think the Aztecs played netrek to determine
               who got sacrificed.
      \_ how did they distribute military equipment after the USSR broke up?
         \_ Looting.
2004/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:12374 Activity:nil
2/23    Sorry I missed the answer to this last week.  Reposting...
        [Search motd archive]
2004/2/24 [Recreation/Pets] UID:12375 Activity:nil 66%like:11664 66%like:11699 50%like:12007 50%like:13096 50%like:30147 50%like:30208
2/23 (work safe)
2004/2/24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:12376 Activity:nil
2/23   there is talk about some southern states wanting to suceed because
        of the liberalism in california
        \_ yermom can't be in two places at the same time
        \_ Yeah, and everytime a Republican gets into office Alec Baldwin
           says he's going to move to Canada. Never going to happen.
           What's your point?
2004/2/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12377 Activity:high
2/23   Washington Post/ABC News poll shows only 38% of Americans support
       amending the constitution to ban gay marriage.  58% said it should
       be left to the states to decide.  Bush is on the wrong side again!
        \_ So should I point out the bias of your source or point out that
           the issue has barely hit public conciousness so the poll is invalid
           or should I point out that like a lot of fuzzy feel good issues the
           public is always willing to go along until they see their little
           girl playing with the little girl across the street who lives with
           2 lesbians and their little girl wants to spend the night there?
           I'd go find the polls from last month that show the opposite but I
           really don't care.
           \_ Which judges?  Are you just pulling stuff out of your ass?  The
              only court that's made a ruling on this so far was...wait for it...
              a STATE court.
           \_ Which judges?  Are you just pulling stuff out of your ass?  The
              only court that's made a ruling on this so far was...wait for it...
           2 lesbians and their little girl wants to spend the night there?
           I'd go find the polls from last month that show the opposite but I
           really don't care.
              a STATE court.
              \_ Well we might need an amendment that says the courts
                 they can't make legislators pass _new_ laws.  Seems
                 pretty obvious already to me, but sometimes you need an
                 amendment to drive the point home.  Maybe another one that
                 says once a law is passed, government officials have to obey.
                   -- ilyas
              \_ No one said anything about judges.  What are you talking
           \_ Agreed, brother.  The constitution also finally needs to be
              amended to stop all that flag burning, to keep people from
              driving drunk, to make sure software jobs don't go to India,
              to make sure people follow speed limits, yeah!  -John
           \_ Oh my god!  We all know all lesbians are child molesters!
       \_ what about filing Federal Taxes as a married couple? it
          should be on a federal level
       \_ Unfortunately, those 58% won't have their way if the judges have
          their way.  The only way for those 58% to get their way is to have
          the constitutional amendment.
           \_ You don't care so much that you overwrote three other people's
              posts!  Way to go asshole!  You're also claiming that the WaPo
              has a liberal bias which makes you an idiot AND and an asshole.
        \_ Serious question and not a partisan troll: Is the primary reason
           why conservatives keep wanting to add all sorts of crazy
           amendments to the Constitution a direct result of judicial activism
           by the Supreme Court during the 60's? That is, are they just trying
           to pre-empt justices legislating from the bench?
           \_ You don't care so much that you overwrote three other people's
              posts!  Way to go asshole!  You're also claiming that the WaPo
              has a liberal bias which makes you an idiot AND and an asshole.
              \_ Overwrote?  Nonsense.  You was nothing new here the split
                 second before I hit save.  The rest of your reply is just
                 ad hominen ranting trash.
2004/2/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:12378 Activity:nil
2/23   I need to come up with some sort of scriptable solution for controlling
       various hardware-- we already have an interface that accepts
       string-based commands over a socket, but no way to control it via script
       (e.g. with variables, if/then/else/while, error recover/reporting).
       Would perl be good for this sort of thing, or are there simpler, more
       focused languages/modules available?
        \_ I'm not exactly sure what your situtation is, but FORTH is often
           used as a language to control hardware. It's small, effecient
           and easy to write interpreters for (there are quite a few
           embeddable forth interpreters out there).
        \_ Python 1.5 runs on vxWorks, if you are running that OS.
        \_ Expect.
        \_ perl is good to know in any case.
2004/2/24-25 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:12379 Activity:nil
2/23    I have to rebuild a machine, and I must use Win2k and Internet
        Explorer. Given that, what are some things I can do to minimize/
        prevent adwares and spywares from overwhelming the computer?
        \_ Please use motdedit or be more careful; you overwrote my post.
        \_ Not Freeware, but PopUpCop is well worth the purchase. I haven't
           had any major spyware creep into my system since I've installed
           it, only the occasional cookie. Oh, and it blocks popups really
           well, but you can always use Google Toolbar to block popups.
        \_ spybot search&destroy, ad-aware, turn off all the automatic download
           and run crap on IE.  Most people don't need java or javascript for
           most sites.  You can put those few sites into a different security
           zone and enable it there if you want.  you *cant* use mozilla?
        \_ Win2k + IE + GoogleToolbar + SpyBot is a decent combo. 95% solution.
2004/2/24 [Recreation/Food] UID:12380 Activity:nil
2/23    eric, how often do you save the motd entries? And do you save them
        more during lunch time (when it's more active), or do pure random
        sampling with equal time distribution in the 24 hour period?
        \_ why don't you email him to ask?  or use brain: what are the odds he
           sits there during lunch manually saving the motd?
2004/2/24-25 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12381 Activity:nil
2/23    With Comcast, when I ping remote hosts at a rate > 3 pings/sec, I
        experience up to 98% packet loss. The stupid regular windows ping
        program that can only send 1 ping /sec.  They say they don't
        support Linux. Could somebody recommend a Windows2000 program that
        can send multiple pings per second?
        \_ why would you want to ping faster?  see iperf in udp mode if
           you want to measure loss rates of IP.
        \_ pinging faster is just going to test their ICMP rate limiters, which
           obviously throw icmp data over a certain rate.  Keep the icmp rate
           low and you won't see the loss.  What're you trying to prove, that
           the rate limiter exists?
           \_ I'm trying to use mtr to determine the location of an outage.
              If it is limited to one ping per second, it takes far too long
              to collect enough useful statistics. Any suggestions for
              an mtr-like program that doesn't use ICMP?
              \- you know there is a tcp/udp "ping" or "echo" service. that
                 is what those lines in the inetd.conf file are. i would
                 try to help more but you are posting anonymously and using
                 windows. --psb
                 \_ wow, the penalties for posting anonymously are brutal!
                    you don't get psb's help without which the world will end
                    but at least you know *why* the world is ending.  thanks
                    for letting us know, partha!  you're the best!
                    \- when multiple anonymous people are posting it is
                       difficult to know if you are talking to one or
                       several people. hence the confusion of "is this
                       about windows or not?" if someone asks me to spell check
                       my walls, i ignore them. if i am asking someone for
                       help and they tell me to spellcheck my email, i probably
                       would. i might even help if you sign with a hash of your
                       login. there are a couple of leeches on soda i probably
                       would not help. --psb
                       \_ its your choice of course.  no one is trying to force
                          you to help anyone but your holier than thou thing
                          is done.  what exactly is a soda motd leech?  there
                          are some people here who know stuff, a lot who don't
                          and a whole lot who both provide answers and ask
                          questions.  this isn't a warez board.  there are no
                          leeches here.  is there an upload/download quota
                          like when i had a 300 baud modem calling dialup
                          bulletin boards?
                          \- there are a number of people who you never
                             see around except when the want consultation.
                             i am not saying you have to do me a favor
                             but you ought to make an effort to be part of
                             the community. also helping people is simpler
                             when it is "stateful" as i said before. if some-
                             body has some anonymous question about sex, i
                             understand. an anon question of this flavor seems
                             pointless. and people do email me for more
                             detailed info. some kinds of help just wastes
                             the helpers time to do via motd instead of
                             interactively via email. --psb
                 \_ I'm using linux. mtr does not run on windows.  I'm
                    looking for a windows program because I want to give
                    the comcast technician's supervisor an example of why
                    this is not a linux-specific issue. Can you recommend
                    a tcp/udp "ping" or "echo" linux program? --brett
                    \- use Net::Ping;
                       as a general note, using tcp ping is not a bad idea.
                       for example a sun that has crashed will probably
                       reply to icmp pings on the same subnet. i use a
                       really fast ping program to map classB sized networks
                       but it is pretty much customized and optimzied for
                       lblnet. if you have an interesting project i can
                       send you the codes but you have to mail me. --psb
                       \_ What percentage of internet nodes respond to
                          utp pings? tcp pings?
                          \_ unshielded twisted pair?
                             \- i mean between machines that are known
                                quantities ... this wont work if people
                                turn off the inetd echo service. i am just
                                sayin gif the point of the ping is to see
                                if the machine is up, icmp ping can be
                                misleading in the example i gave ... L1+a
                                a sun and icmp ping it from the same subnet
                    \_ grep echo /etc/services .
2004/2/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12382 Activity:nil
2/24    Kerry fucks over POWs/MIAs from the Village Voice:
        \_ Damn that right wing conspiracy.  It's even infected the Villiage
2004/2/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Sleeping] UID:12383 Activity:high
2/24    Yahoo! News - Half of Young Americans to Get Sex Diseases -Study
        Holy cow!  I'd better stop sleeping around.
        \_ I pity the poor dumb bastards at school now.  I fucked my way
           through school and didn't catch a thing.  I used about 5 condoms
           the whole time.
           \_ How many other guys' semen have you indirectly touched with your
              \_ it wasn't so indirect...
              \_ Uh oh, homophobia hits the motd.  None probably but if one or
                 more was slutting around and dripping with cum and I didn't
                 notice I think I survived.  Thanks for caring!
           \_ You believed it the chick said she was on the pill?
           \_ What's the incubation period of AIDS again?
        \_ Wow, this sounds pretty tin-foil condom to me.
        \_ while I think condom is safe and all, I don't use them anymore.
           When I started screwing this chick who was on the pill, I never
           wanted to go back to condoms again. It just feels sooooooo much
           better without the condom. It's like the difference between
           getting a massage with a hammer vs. getting a massage with bare
           naked hands. Having sex without condom is like, drugs, once you're
           on it you get hooked forever.
           \_ Agreed.  And I take care of the safety issue by marrying a
        \_ Americans have the highest STD rate in the industrialized world?
           But what about those amoral French?  This can't be Tr00000!
           \_ the french have sex-ed!  Ignorance Is Truth!
           \_ the french people i know seem to be quite priggish about sex.
              \_ Er, I was kidding?  You guys are a swift bunch here in
                 \_ the promiscuity of the french seems to be an enduring
                    \_ Yo.  Dude.  I was kidding.  HELLO.  EARTH TO STUPID
                       \_ you know, the world doesn't quite revolve you.
                          the fact that you were kidding is mostly
                          coincidental to the point that there is an
                          enduring stereotype.
                          \_ The world doesn't revolve me?  Whoa dude,
                             that's like profound and shit.
                             \_ Of course the world revolves you. If it
                                didn't you would fly off into space.
2004/2/24-25 [Computer/Rants] UID:12384 Activity:nil
2/23    I'm looking at microsoft's career page.  I'm surprised that there
        are very few SW development jobs in India.  It's all support and
        and services.  Almost all their development is done in US around
        I remember reading some article that quoted Bill Gates
        saying that he's not moving jobs overseas because "Microsoft is
        not about making windows 5% cheaper."  Anybody know more about this?
        Action speaks louder than words.  I'll work for Bill if
        he means what he says about not moving jobs overseas and
        continues to hire in the U.S.   The real evil empires are run by CEOs
        who move jobs overseas to cut cost and keep prices high so that they
        can give themselves giant bonuses.  As John Kerry calls them,
        "Benedict Arnold CEOs"
        \_ You're looking at the wrong page.  Try MS's India page.
        \_ ob economics 101 and ownership of public companies discussion.
        \_ I didn't know M$ hires PRs from CSUA.
        \_ I think Microsoft *contracts out* a lot of development to firms
           in India.
                \_ Yep - like Wipro:
           \_ just watch for the chinese to mass hire indian microsoft
              subcontracters for their own windows-clone os.  coding with
              tar... just love it.
              \_ Except they won't.  They clone with a CD burner.
2004/2/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12385 Activity:moderate
2/23    Whoa, check it out.  Looks like Andrew Sullivan's love affair with Bush
        is well and truly over:
        \_ He's a conservative. The power of the Republican party is that, no
           matter how pissed people get, they'll always keep voting Republicans
           into power. Check back with him after the race has boiled down to
           purely Kerry vs. Bush. He'll be wishy washy for awhile and then
           he'll throw in his lot with dubya despite it all.
           \_ You guys just don't get it do ya?  You're gonna lose!
              \_ Who is "you guys"? I'm what you would call a dubya-hatin'
           \_ If this were a spending or military issue, I'd say you were
              right, but this is an issue that directly impacts Sullivan's
              life and liberties.  He may not be as understanding, forgiving,
              or docile as the Bush administration is hoping.
              \_ I'd like to agree with you but, lemme see, how long did he
                 take to get over Rick Santorum's little proclamation and
                 take to get over Pete Santorum's little proclamation and
                 Bush's reply a few months back? I think it took him about a
                 month before he had completely moved on. This will take a
                 little longer.
                 little longer.
        \_ Conservatives complain about Bush, but when presented with
           a liberal, the conservatives will back Bush for sure.
           \_ Like I said, you're gonna lose!  I'm going to enjoy gloating on
              the motd for awhile after it happens.  The Republicans tried to
              run on a culture war in 1992 without a record on the economy
              and they lost.  This issue is a big loser.  Naked bigotry is
              not pretty.
              \_ How'd we do in 94 after everyone saw Clinton's first 2 years?
              \_ How'd we do in 94 after everyone saw Clinton's first 2 years?
                 \_ Didn't the Republicans win Congress?
              \_ nothing more bigotted than the gay agenda
                 \_ Ah yes, the ATTACK OF THE GAY AGENDA!
              \_ Gore was a better candidate than Bush and he lost because
                 of this "But Bush is an idiot" effect. Bush is an idiot, but
                 I think Kerry is an even weaker opponent than Gore was.
                 \_ I think you're wrong.  Nyaah nyaah!  What an intellectual
                    debate we're having.
                    \_ What part is wrong? Gore being better than Bush or
                       Gore being better than Kerry?
                       \_ Once someone actually writes "Nyaah nyaah!" you
                          should just let it go.
2004/2/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12386 Activity:nil
        Wired has a ling (5 pages) article on the Grand Challenge
2004/2/24-25 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Security] UID:12387 Activity:nil
2/23    Is there a web based free email compatible with lynx?
        \_ kinda curious why you'd want this... if you have access
           to a command line, can't you use a command-line mail
           program or log into a box that has one?
           \_ it's useful to have throw-away mailboxes.
              \_ throw away mailboxes don't have to be web-based...
                 that said, I use an extra netzero account for throw
                 away mail... it has POP3 mail.  Perhaps there's a
                 reason they want web-based?
              \_ why not use sneakemail for throw-away mailboxes?
           \_ It's nice to have an email acct. that is 1) fully functional
              with SSL login, 2) completely disposable and anonymous,
              3) can be accessed anywhere, whether from a comand line host or
              public library shared web machines.
              \_ sure, that's nice. it's also not profitable, which is why
                 you don't see that kind of thing. free email services
                 need to serve ads, which are predominantly graphical.
              \_ find a non-free service that satisfies 1 and 3, and then you
                 use sneakemail to satisify 2.
2004/2/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12388 Activity:nil
2/24    ...its been asked before, but.... anyone have a suggestion for
        a good data recovery program for windows? My girlfriend seems to
        have corrupted or deleted some crucial file. hopefully cheap or
        with a free demo or something.
        \_ GetDataBack.  Worked a charm for me.  Otherwise find a friend
           who does security forensics and ask him if he'll run EnCase for
           you.  -John
2004/2/24 [Recreation/Pets] UID:12389 Activity:nil
2/24    Freeze-dried pets:
2004/2/24-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:12390 Activity:nil
2/24    OpenSSH 3.8 released:
2004/2/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:12391 Activity:nil
2/24    Recreational grieving.
2004/2/24-8/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:12725 Activity:nil 66%like:35793
2/23    php upgraded to 4.3.4; bugs to erikk
2004/2/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29829 Activity:nil
2/23    Say I want to nuke the motd with an ascii picture of the atomic
        blast mushroom. Where do I find these cool ascii pictures? Thanks.

                 ,---,_          ,
                  _>   `'-.  .--'/
             .--'` ._      `/   <_
              >,-' ._'.. ..__ . ' '-.
           .-'   .'`         `'.     '.
            >   / >`-.     .-'< \ , '._\
           /    ; '-._>   <_.-' ;  '._>
           `>  ,/  /___\ /___\  \_  /
           `.-|(|  \o_/  \o_/   |)|`
               \;        \      ;/
                 \  .-,   )-.  /
                  /`  .'-'.  `\

        \_ /csua/share/hosers/ascii/
2004/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:29830 Activity:nil
2/24    gimble proctor lemma pi?
        arslan yurgle bomar sty.
        von in herlein stewmer roe,
        klammar pocksnar dingle toe.

        Es nicks las doorknob jumping lingle,
        Sten door hicksville lemming pringle.
        Guns have boring lives, it's true;
        But they at least won't die like you.
2020/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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